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A few notes you may have already seen from me on Twitter (and won’t find in the Rangers’ game notes):

Marian Gaborik was benched for a good portion of the third period. He failed to clear the puck, then failed to block Bryce Salvador’s shot that was deflected for the tying goal by Ryan Carter late in the second period.

“On the second goal, I didn’t get the puck out, I guess,” Gaborik said. “You’ll have to ask him.”

That, of course, meant John Tortorella, who, of course, would not comment on the benching. Gaborik returned with about eight minutes remaining but failed to register a point for the second straight game and for the eighth time in 16 games this postseason.

Chris Kreider matched Gaborik’s goal output in these playoffs when he scored his fourth on a deflection. That matched an NHL record for the most goals scored before having ever skating in a regular season game.

Ryan Callahan has now gone without a goal in six straight games, matching his longest streak of the season. He also has just one goal in his previous 12, which is his quietest 12-game stretch of 2011-12.

Of note: The captain has just that one goal (and three points) since he appeared to injure his hand blocking a shot in Game 6 against Ottawa.

Marian Gaborik:

[audio: gaborik.MP3]

Marc Staal:

[audio: staal.MP3]

Zach Parise:

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  1. If anything, Torts’ conduct in conferences should just be indicative of how brilliant a coach he is. Look how much time the media spends talking about him and ripping him. He’s protecting his players, and I’ll take that any day of the week, especially when most of the questions are beyond stupid. Thank goodness for Carp!

    Sens in 5.

  2. LOL! Great point, Orr! Howser *is* desperate!

    Wow, I didn’t really see how amazing that save was on Gaby by Marty at the game….holy shishkebob

  3. Can’t make up my mind how I feel about Torts’ pressers. Part of me says “unprofessional” and part of says he’s protecting his players for the good of the team.

    Either way, Gabby needs to step it up

  4. Sat in Section 104 tonight (near Rangers goal for two of the three periods), 10 rows from the ice so had a clear view of all the action. Regarding the Rangers, they were outplayed, outhustled, outhit and outmuscled. Simple as that.

    As was the case with both Ottawa and Washington, much of the time the game was played for long stretches in the Rangers end. Also troublesome was the Rangers’ continual inability to win battles along the walls and clear the puck out when necessary. Big added problem playing the Devils, however, is they forecheck like hell and the Boys in Blue were constantly a step behind. Combine Devils’ forecheck with Rangers inability to win the battles in their end and get the puck out, I think we are going to have problems winning this series if Torts does not come up with a way to overcome these issues.

  5. JimboWoodside on

    For some reason, this one really hurt tonight – Fatso basically put both Ranger goals in his own net, he had a couple of posts help him (but he also made some very good saves), and once our guys tied the game and went ahead, it really hurt to give up that lead.

    If we had never tied the game I might feel better about it – but taking the lead and then coughing it up really leaves me feeling badly.

    I would SO have liked for us to go into the Swamp with a 2-0 lead – now, we’re the ones behind the 8-ball.

  6. JimboWoodside on

    We *lost* the game in the third period – and that is not something that we’ve done very often during this wonderful season.

  7. hey Jimbo

    thanks to wyshinski retweeting my tweet about devs holding/hooking
    i then received a bunch of hate tweets from devs fans.

  8. i’m sure wys didn’t retweet when i admitted that we were outplayed
    part of me wants to suffer through the 3 periods again
    and mark down each devil uncalled infraction.

    laughing because devs fans saying that its the Rangers that do that sort of thing

  9. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha! Well, jpg, you knew it was gonna happen – and you were correct!

    Don’t know why we have to have the “enemy” point-of-view up on out widget – I don’t know who’s idea that is, but it’s like having to put up with Al Jazeera reports coming in over New York TV right after the World Trade Center was blown up…

  10. High Desert Roberto on

    Fonzi blew his top tonight..should have been less emotional in managing Gaborik’s ice time me thinks..

  11. JimboWoodside on

    This one hurt tonight, jpg – after such a masterfully-played game on Monday, this one really was disappointing to see.

  12. from what i heard about al jazeera
    it actually is pretty neutral and offers viewpoints
    that we’re missing
    as for
    wyshinski………not so much

    i didn’t know that he was a devils fan
    just a jackassen at times
    now i understand

  13. JimboWoodside on

    I see Wyshinski called somebody a dickhead – probably a Ranger fan who only saw his sorry-ass tweets because they’re on this blog…

  14. Stranger Nation on

    They never replayed the Boyle penalty on TV. That and the BS call on Hags must have had certain unhinged fans completely unhinged.

    Fact is Debbies played desperate hockey taking the body and forechecking like crazy. They were intent on crashing our D.

    Personal highlight was Dtaal obliterating Clarkson in 3rd.

  15. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve heard that about Al Jazeera too, jpg – but I put it in the context of immediately following the WTC attacks – I’m sure they weren’t neutral that day.

  16. Stranger

    there was another crusher in the 1st period at our blue line (looked like it but camera moved away)
    that was never replayed after all the devils hits were.

  17. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Personal highlight was Dtaal obliterating Clarkson in 3rd.

    Not well enough – he got to walk out of MSG on his own 2 legs.

  18. i have no idea how it was then
    just going by now
    i do recall that in the days that followed
    there were candlelight vigils
    and prayers said around the world
    including Arabic countries

  19. okay enough with the news

    let’s get back to bitching about wyshinski and our pee poor play
    and scoreboard hockey


  20. Just back from the game. Tough loss. Are they ever easy? But when ya have the lead, you would like to win. Most these Rangers do, some they don’t, especially 2nd games of 7 game series…..

    The Debbies had a better game plan today and it worked. I saw some more physical play, esp. on our ‘d’. Staal just got bent right in front of me in the third. McD took 2 big hits I saw. He was limping for a while.

    Judging by what we have to replace our big ‘four’ d=men, it aint much. So it’s smart to hit us but good. down low.

    I also thought the strategy of looking for deflections was the right way to score against a hot Henrik. It worked.

  21. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Fact is Debbies played desperate hockey taking the body and forechecking like crazy. They were intent on crashing our D.

    Certainly true, Stranger – but can’t our guys counter that in any way? And Kovalchuk – does anyone ever try to HIT HIM and crunch him along the boards anytime? He’s always out there like one of those little table-hockey figures – shooting, shooting, shooting – can’t someone catch him off-guard and send him into another dimension for awhile?

  22. i’ll be interested to see Carp’s 3 stars later
    and Kreider should be in there
    compared to so many others

  23. i doubt Torts would answer the question
    one of the things that’s continued to drive me crazy
    is the Rangers inability to get the puck out of their zone

    they did a GREAT job in game 7 against the caps
    and made efforts tonight
    that obviously didn’t work

    the worse part was that they made numerous bad decisions
    in their zone, taking too long to decide where to go and/or sending the puck to a dev
    makes me wish 24/7 was around for the video session.
    gonna be UGLY!

  24. SOOooooo boring.

    I was at the game. My friends and I made our own fun, otherwise it was, I hate to say it, it was kinda lame if not boring.

    Callahan is injured, I think he took a puck to the hand last series and probably has a broken x bone.

    MAYBE the rangers had five totally quality chances…otherwise there wasn’t a whole lot going on.

    Where is the hatred? Where is the tenacity? Where is the rivalry? Where is the fire? Where are the scrums after whistles? Ok, so teams are playing on eggshells not wanting to get penalties but right now it could be NYR vs __________ (anyone).

  25. In wys’ defense, he only called someone a d***head after they called him that, and it seemed like he was just mocking them. I got into it with him earlier – it’s annoying to go to what should be a neutral NHL blog and see it become Fire & Ice – but I think in the end he is just a fan with a blog and it’s hard for a fan to be unbiased, so I am trying to cut him some slack. No disrespect to his blog either, which i generally like, but I figure he was a Devils fan before his blog and it’s understandable to still be one after. That being said, I am all for removing him from our widget for this series.

  26. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, jpg – and everyone’s going “ga-ga” over the fact that our D Men have 10 goals in these playoffs, and that’s *good* – but considering the fact that we don’t score many goals in the first place, when are some of the *FORWARDS* gonna start chipping in some goals!?

  27. the facts. BOyle has been playing like crap, the guy is in slomotion.

    callahan has done zilch, I assume he is hurt.

    the rangers did not celar the puck when they coulod have and should have and that killed them tonight.

    btw they miss dubi ove rmitchell, rupp and other crap..

    gabby is a soft euro end the story. feds played horrible tonight, did not clear the puck when he should have also.

    poor media not happy with bully Torts, get use to it whiners…………

    could have buried them but they did not show up and lost……playing with fire………

  28. JimboWoodside on

    Don’t know, Hartford – just don’t know…it is a mystery how differently they played tonight vs. Monday.

  29. debbies 4th line has 5 goals in the plkayoffs. mitchell, rupp, and prust have zero combined…

    boyle has done jack since coming back from the concussion. hagelin has played well but has zero goals…

    the wall play killed them tonight. big culprits were feds, gabby,rupp, and boyle who lost battles all night long……….

  30. Love Torts as our coach, but his behavior after a loss is bush league. I don’t want to hear about protecting players … they are grown men, they can handle the heat. That’s why guys like Ryan Callahan, Henrik Lundqvist, Brian Boyle and others patiently sit there and answer questions from the media — win or lose. Of course, Torts is more than willing to chat after a win. Can’t have it both ways …

  31. The two goals started because of some good ol’ Tom Renny era cute in your own zone BS instead of just clearing it.

    Both goals could have been avoided (potentially) if you just slapped it the other way and took the damn icing and maybe get hank to get his mask fixed.

    BTW- What is the point of Bickel being in if he isnt going to fight someone and he will ride the bench? I would rather see Emminger and Strallman get 10-15min each so we don’t have to ride the top 4 all game.

  32. feds, gabby, and otherslike to go south in there own zone with the puck. then when you do not get it out then your screwed……

    the rangers got out toughed tonight..

    did richards play tonight??????

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