It’s Go Time!


Rangers-Devils Game 2.

I fully expect the Devils to be much, much, much better tonight, and obviously more desperate. And it will be up to the Rangers to be much, much, much better and try to match that desperation.

But as I’ve said, I expect this series to be 1-1 after two … only because most series between teams that are pretty even are 1-1 after two, and because there is no such thing as home-ice advantage in the playoffs. In fact, I truly believe it’s easier to be the road team, especially early in a series.

No changes for ya boys. Devils probably will move future Ranger Zach Parise up to Kovalchuk’s line, and insert D Peter Harrold in place of Adam Larsson.

Let’s Go Tony!


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  1. Finishing dinner with my son, then going to my house to watch the game together. LGR!!!!!

  2. Peter Harrold needs a new last name.


  3. huge game tonight, lets goooooo.

    And Carp, while I agree that home-ice doesn’t really mean anything in these playoffs, I do think that if either game 7 was played outside of the Garden, there could have been a much different outcome.

  4. theyre really not stopping with the blocked shots argument. unreal. itsnot something new

  5. One team is better than the other. Time to impose the will for a full
    sixty and let nature take its way!

  6. i agree game 7’s do mean something mor at home. the crowd and last change do help

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    No home ice advantage? No momentum? What’s next? No comment from torts?

  8. Blocked shots have been going on for a long long long time . . . they just need to grow up.

  9. AND, whoever blocks more shots in game 7 wins automatically, so thats that mattress man

  10. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    ilb and ilb jr……love it!!! I just rearranged furniture in my house….antsy…NO!

    LGR! We will win tonight!!!!!

  11. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Don’t be mad if I pop in every now and then…..grrrrrrr. toooo much tonight……LGR!!!! And Tony, Pimp, Sally and alll!!!

  12. I sure hope Carp is wrong this time! He has been so on target though…. Would love to go up 2-0 in this series going into MSG west.




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  13. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on


  14. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    1-1 after two games? Wrong attitude. You’re not bringing that trash into my house.

  15. Sally – *no capital letters*

    Carp- *no update*. I’m watching live. LGR!!!!!

  16. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Fire & Ice”” and “Wyshinski” on Waseka!? WHY, WHY, WHY??

    Is there a “Fairness Doctrine” directive that is being applied to *Rangers Report*?

  17. Just turned the game on. Err, the pre-game since we all know the puck won;t drop til 8:12ish

  18. Come on Hank…stand on your head again! This team wont have a chance if you dont…Ride the lightning…

  19. Izzy, you think you’re better than me?

    nobody told me it was bolted down.

    No blocked shots tonight. NHL outlawed them. Like the Avery rule.

  20. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Why would MARTY bring anything? Or… why WOULD Marty bring anything?

  21. Anyone wish a player would just punch Pierre during his interviews? That would be better than his questions.

  22. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I have to listen (which I do) to Amirante on radio….never on tv??? WTB?!

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Dam I was typin on the wrong thread!!!!


  24. High Desert Roberto on


  25. now that play stopped
    a quick HELLO
    to all
    and thanks for the be well wishes.

    a bit of headache this early morning but not too bad now


  26. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    OK, we’re weathering this early storm, but we gotta do some striking back ourselves!

  27. High Desert Roberto on

    man who could ever accuse the rangers of playing a boring style?

  28. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Did Cally hit Elias in the beak!? ;-D

    Make ’em pay, boys!!

  29. Yeah, interference on thee fasttestr guy on the ice goes uncalled. And that “holding” was no holding. If they wanted to call it interference, fine. But they were both going for that puck.

  30. “On Saturday, Rangers official airline Delta will FLY fans on a plane from LaGuardia to Newark for Devils game. Flight Time: 20 mins!” – Darren Rovell

  31. Dumb penalty by Boyle. He had two chances to get it out of the zone and failed!

  32. This is exactly what fans pay $500 a ticket to see, referees being jerkoffs. Filth.

  33. High Desert Roberto on

    what’s on tap tonight sally? santa fe happy camper ipa here..delicious

  34. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I guess we’re gonna get see a bunch of “ticky-tacky” penalties called tonight…

  35. I’m not impressed with their play so far. They look too much like Game 1’s first two periods. This cannot be a good thing.

  36. They get a PP and put 7 shots on goal. We can barely keep the puck in the zone on our PP.

  37. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we deserve to be down by 1

    awful job getting puck out of zone that led to penalty
    and then Girardi did same on pk

  38. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    That’s it. Trade Henrik for Nash. Bring Mike Dunham out of retirement.

  39. why cant we b the ones playing like that after a win? why do we have to wait until something bad happens?

  40. We couldnt clear the puck. The Devil at the line caught it with his glove and held it in. He’s got a better glove than Henrik.

  41. Not their best game so far, but looked like Elias sure interfered with Girardi there.

  42. Torts lighting into the team on the bench.. Good! they need to wake up!!!

  43. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Mickey, how’s the new place coming along!! I am so stressed, I am in major Mary Tyler Moore mode tonight!

  44. Im already in a volatile mood today. These piece of crap referees and that dirt pile Kovalchuk. What a disgrace it is for him to have that 1st name. Id like to shatter every bone in his face.

  45. boxcareddiehospodar on

    That’s what happens when you play undisciplined hockey and run all over the ice!

  46. >>He had two chances to get it out of the zone and failed!

    I’m telling you, it must be by design that never get the puck out on first try. They either “eat it” along the boards, or make an extra pass.

  47. devils look fast passing/skating the puck around tonight. On the other hand, not so much for the rangers. Hopefully that changes and hank keeps them in the game.

  48. Not bad, Mama. Still unpacking though. Love where I love, literally 10 minutes from lake ontario.

    Devils are interfering all over the ice.

  49. High Desert Roberto on

    Uncle Daddy wont stop them all, gotta keep the bad angle shots coming on him

  50. ok besides the pp it hasnt been that bad carp. its been ok, but not for playoffs.

  51. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>What a disgrace it is for him to have that 1st name.

    Come again, Tiki? What does his first name have to do with anything!?

  52. Carp
    we were okay in first half even when devs were pressing
    the pp was pretty awful
    and since then the devs have been beating us to the puck
    and we’re doing an AWFUL job of getting puck out of the zone
    (leading to penalty, leading to goal)

    i’m not on a ledge
    but i’m not please either

  53. These pieces of crap are thrwoing themselves down constantly trying to draw penalties.

  54. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Sweet Mickey……starting out in a new place is always awesome…..

    if anyone leaves now or goes on ledge after this score, I will cease to know you!!!

  55. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Torts is gonna be a proctologist during the break – lots of reaming will be going on….

  56. were outta the zone!!!! jeesusr u kidding? think they know they have to win 3 more?

  57. I think the crowd was booing. How about you boo yourselves because u didnt show up and cheer your team u hartnelling wastes of space.

  58. boxcareddiehospodar on

    we have not won one single one on one battle so far.

    lucky to be down one.

    good thing is devils can;t play like this all night.

  59. Carp: the Rangers didn’t have a shot on goal for the last 9:30 of the period! Was that a bad period? YES!

  60. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    ick…..too much panic and NN’ing……see you later … sigh

  61. It’s one thing to play hard and create chances, it’s another to play hard as you get your ass kicked. Sadly, the Rangers are doing the latter. They need sustained offensive zone possession, they need better clearing, they simply need to be better.

    But they’re lucky to be down only one. Or, if not lucky, they’re Hanky.

    One shot is all it takes to make it a new game. LGR.

  62. Take a breath. The Devils weren’t going to be shut out in this series. They will play better.

  63. >>good thing is devils can;t play like this all night.

    They need only to play well enough to keep Rangers off the scoreboard.

  64. ick…..too much panic and NN’ing……see you later … sigh

    like, omg!!!!

  65. Rollin Dubious on

    We are gonna be fine…..undisciplined penalty by Boyle caused that. LGR!!!!

  66. Gregm_section403 on

    Bend over boys. You’re about to receive a reaming from your coach. And a well deserved chewing out too.

  67. High Desert Roberto on

    2 more periods to go here. Boyle not available for intermission interview with Don..Torts is letting the expletives fly!!

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Thanks Mickey , me was BANJing. DOH!!!

    GO RANGERS , come on Gaborik get the LEAD OUT!!!!

  69. >>One shot is all it takes to make it a new game.

    It also takes one shot to put it out of reach. The way this is going, I don’t see them scoring more than one goal.

  70. There is as much chance as not that this next period is played as successfully as the 3rd in game 1. LGR.

  71. High Desert Roberto on

    a bunch of fearful forecasters in here…give these guys a little credit it’s the ECF!

  72. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    whats with the nickleback plug at the beginning of the game..? UGH

  73. No one on NBC pointed out how Elias held up Girardi’s ability to get across on the PP goal? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  74. boyles penalty caused what dubious? us to be outplayed the whole period? huh?

  75. Rollin Dubious on

    Eventually clarkson is going to scumbag this series up, until then I remain calm…..LGR…

  76. High Desert Roberto on

    i don’t understand why the nhl got all tangled up with nickleback..horrible idea

  77. it just takes getting pucks in deep, and getting the forecheck going in their end, what they did to the Rangers in period 1. turn the tables.

  78. High Desert – I agree, somehow Nickelback has a foot in the door with the NHL, but they are really the antithesis of what I think the NHL is all about.

  79. Czechthemout!!! on


    Did you think they played a good period? Torts sure didn’t.

    They were beaten to almost every puck and lost just about every battle along the boards.

    They only had one shot on goal in the last 10 minutes of the period.

    They failed to clear the puck out of the zone on numerous occasions. Even when it was easy to do so. One of which was Boyle who failed twice on the same play and than took a stupid slashing penalty.

    They failed to hustle back on the PP after a devils clear. LQ yelled at MdZ to hustle back faster.

    It’s only 1-0, plenty of time left but if they don’t step up their play, they will lose tonight and once again be sweating out a long series.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers played like garbage and we are only down by two…I like our chances!!!!!

  81. Czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, this exactly how the Kings play so if we can get by in this series, it should give us a lot of practice on how to play the Kings.

  82. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks. Just trying to be as objective as a biased fan can be.

  83. Carp

    is it a legit question. why can’t this team be consistent with its intensity of play?
    expected the devils to be pushing matters but we were beat to the puck
    A LOT of the time in all 3 zones.

    here’s to hoping it changes in 2nd AND 3rd period

  84. Czech, no, I didn’t think they played a very good period. But they could easily have been 1-1 with McDonagh’s wrap-around. Whatever. I don’t understand how the hell people go all bat-carcillo when one team outplays the other for a short stretch of a game. It makes me think those people only understand the scoreboard and not the game. There probably hasn’t been a game since the Gretzky/Mickey Mouse game where one team didn’t get outplayed for a stretch of the game.

    But people here act like it’s their first game …. oooh, we got outplayed for seven minutes, they suck, they’re not trying, there’s a conspiracy.

  85. if things don’t go well, it is Carp’s fault because he said above …. “But as I’ve said, I expect this series to be 1-1 after two … ”

    it’s all your fault Carp ……(:

  86. Olga Folkyerself on

    Torts! Get out the big fat red whiffle bat.

    Boink! “Pay attention”
    Boink! “Clear the zone”
    Boink! “Skate Dammit, Skate”

    Boink! Boink! Boink!

  87. btw,

    funny (as in, it’s not!)
    that nbc didn’t bother to show the check at the Rangers blue line
    where the devs player was sent backwards
    (and on his back?)

  88. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    grabby…..WTB???? Valley boy……and fyi, It’s bursting with love….

  89. The graphic on the tv said Devil’s penalty . . . .see even they know the Rangers have no powerplay

  90. Carp
    don’t get mad at me

    i’m just giving my opinion as to how the Rangers played
    the period.
    i said in an earlier post that they played the first half of 1st period

    i’m not freaking out
    and scoring just now helps
    we need to have some snarl, urgency and intelligence

  91. TheMessiah11 on

    Anyone know Why there is money along the boards behind hank in the first and third?

  92. anything at his feet just off the side of the net gives Fatso fits. rebounds, wraps, bad angle shots at his feet. he is shaky on all of those.

  93. TheMessiah11 on

    Grabby- it looks like little doper bills along where the board and glass meet

  94. Carp, they are like the retarded guy on Waterboy lol. Which is in FX if any of you guys can’t handle the ups and downs of playoff hockey.

  95. The Rangers have won at least three neutral zone draws so cleanly, the puck has ended up deep in their own zone, then they’ve given possession up on clearing the zone again. Maybe the Devils should do that on purpose.

  96. Rob in Beantown on

    Glad Kreider shot and didn’t try to pass. Was the right play in this situation. Back during the Ottawa series he would have passed. The kid needs to be more confident.

  97. HockeymanRangers on


  98. I really don’t understand . . . I bet I coulda gotten this door open already

  99. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Find Malik and have him stand there as a human pylon instead of repairing the boards.

  100. This is THE turning point of the match. If Rangers lose, this penalty box delay will definitely be the reason.

  101. pierre only wants him to sit with him cuz he went to university of north dakota

  102. Pierre, they ask you a simple question, and you go into your encyclopedia mode, telling us where his father went to school, and what his nephew ate for breakfast.

  103. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    “A rather large policeman…” lol. Imagine hockey was a lot more interesting in 1948.

  104. Excuse me, but I must utter these words given the situation at hand:

    This is absolute amateur-hour and bush-league

  105. ThisYearsModel on

    These guys must be union members and getting double time. Look how many of them it takes to fix this.

  106. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on


  107. SCOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  109. Carp

    here we go!!
    2 positive things

    the Kreider. GREAT screen!!
    he may not have scored…..yet
    i REALLLY like Prust’s play tonight… far.

  110. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I had a feeling at the beginning of the game that tonight was Mitchell’s night to get a goal – I hope I’m right!

  111. btw,
    as far as Doc’s “professionalism”
    Staal run into by gionta?!?!!?
    Staal did more to eliminate hits by 2 devs
    than what they gave him.

  112. Rangers need this lead going in the third. We know Devils have some more push coming.

  113. Ranger should have taken that dev down
    for that shower
    (probably didn’t know it happened)

  114. The outcome of this game might *hinge* on that delay. The Devils couldn’t *handle* that PP and Kreider answered the *bell*. Maybe the *knob* of Brodeur’s stick was *knocked* again.

  115. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Guys tearing Gaborik a new one for failing to clear the puck…

  116. boxcareddiehospodar on


    it is easy.

    1 Devil in the corner 2 rangers on him 1 devil always open. undisciplined hockey.

  117. I know Carp would argue that these games (and series) are bound to ebb and flow, but man is it frustrating that this team’s killer instinct is non-existent. They seize momentum (not between games) and then ease off the gas. Not intentionally, of course, but it always seems to happen.

    Finish this game hard. LGR.

  118. the Richards line needs to pick it up. they were out there for that Devils goal by their 4th line, and the richards-gaborik line just has not gotten anything going in this game.

  119. Need another good 3 rd, we have been excellent in the final one for a while now. Just push n skate

  120. refs allowing devils to do what devils do
    which led to goal
    buttman must be happy

    are the devils owned by the some international mobster organization?
    either that or lou must have photos
    of all the owners with ______, __________, and ____________
    since the team’s allowed to get away this crap
    year after year after year after….

  121. Need to come out with JAM and a lot of Chris Kreider! :-)





  122. CBC making a big deal about the Devils sealing off the wall, keeping all these clearing attempts in and the Rangers not adjusting by going up the middle instead.

    Seem to remember one of the games in Boston this year where the Rangers had the same problem.

  123. So better second period, except the last 3 minutes. Gotta bring the pain and domination in the third again.

  124. Yeah, it would be great if Gabby could have a goal like that Kovy one. That isolation play he scored on is sweet (even if it requires some mild interference).

  125. NYR_FAN via Android on

    The ice is even more adismal tonight, than it was on Monday…probably has something to with the failed clearing attempts on both sides of the “ice”.

    I guess ice doesn’t have to be frozen for it to be ice….fascinating

  126. This John Mitchell Experiment is gonna pay off in some dramatic way at some point, right? Right?

  127. I thought Gabby’s failing to get the puck out of the zone was WAY more heinous than not blocking the shot. Those are the kinds of blocks, when successful, lead to offense.

  128. Gregm_section403 on

    These NBC “analysts” are total stinking Schmidt. But Dingleberry does have a point about Gabby….he should’ve got down to block that shot.

  129. LW

    Rangers have had the SAME trouble that cbc mentioned in EVERY series
    so far
    other than game 7 against caps

  130. This John Mitchell Experiment is gonna pay off in some dramatic way at some point, right? Right?

    I’ve been thinking that for months. Must believe in Tortorella, I guess!!!!

  131. i think it’s time for a game-winning goal
    the Kreider
    or Mitchell
    time for Carp to be wrong for a change.

  132. Gregm_section403 on

    Yeh, as much as I love Carp, I want him to be wrong tonight. Just once. Please?

  133. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    They had a lot of pressure on there right after that second Ranger goal, but they couldn’t pop in another one while the Debs were scrambling around – they need more of a “killer instinct” when they have the advantage.

    I expect Torts to have them coming out hard in the third….Dave is still broiling Gabby for his failures at the end of that period..

  134. Folks, you make it sound like the other team doesn’t exist. The Devils went down 1-2, of course they’ll push. The third period is when they usually play their best.

  135. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good period until they took the lead. Once again, took their foot of the gas and a fourth line Devil,scrub scores a goal. We need to get something, anything from our fourth line.

    Kreider once again outstanding and is the most dangerous player on the ice for the Rangers.

    Richards line having a horrible game. Can’t do a damn thin tonight. Can’t even get out of their own zone which caused a goal.

  136. here we go again. he sucks, he sucks, he sucks, no effort, not trying, don’t care, blah-blah-blah … you guys embarrass yourselves.

  137. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Ok….fug, the flamingo…..they are cool in zoos…move on….! win in third!!!

  138. ILB, have you been watchin the Rangers’ 3rd periods lately? Devils better bring their best because that;s our Boys best period!!!

  139. OK, I think I’ll go for a nap and wake up after the series is tied at 1. I can do without the nervousness in the next hour.

  140. I predict that either Gaborik or Richards will get a goal in the 3rd. they know they are in the doghouse,and know they need to step up.

  141. Czechthemout!!! on

    Need to come out and win this period and demobilize the Devils. They cannot play any better than they ar playing tonight. So if we can take them, it will be big.

  142. >>Where’s Linda tonight?

    Somewhere far away from the computer and TV, being smarter than the rest of us.

  143. lmao. i’m going to be ripping some of you guys if you attempt to celebrate when they win this series and/or the next.

  144. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    hahaha all,…Linda is traveling….en route….oh, I think you’ll hear from her when she lands….

  145. Oh Pierre, Id like to introduce your stupid hartnelling aasen to my brass knuckles.

  146. I wonder if this worthless dirt bag Pierre will “sense a surge coming.” This bald headed brainless criminal.

  147. oh, how wonderful
    now it’s time for real devs hockey
    pile up in neutral zone


  148. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    OK, there’s still time for our boys to make some magic – seems like Hags and Gabby are benched, according to Dave & Kenny…

  149. Enough with the Gabby bashing!!! Get behind our Boys instead of freakin complaining!! Carp is right, you can’t celebrate if they win if you always bitch when something goes wrong! Geez!!

  150. boxcareddiehospodar on

    i know we want our forwards to block shots but until they stay up higher the devils will pinch us in all night.

    why can’t tortorella understand this!!!

  151. This tool Emrick can pronounce Parise correctly. But he cant be bothered to say Artem correctly. Toolbag

  152. We got extra rested players, so shorten your bench one goal down with the guy that can even it up quicker than anyone. Na play the Capt with a broken hand until he dies on the ice. Free Gabby

  153. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gabby should be sitting because his play on the ice is no different than siting on he bench.

    I just don’t get the flat period so far.

  154. Little undisciplined by MDZ on that replay too.. chased a Devil to get a shot in on him instead of clearing Clarkson away.

  155. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Torts seems to be bashing Gabby, not us – he’s nailed him to the bench…

  156. Carp

    i’m not jumping off a ledge
    and i really don’t mean to get you angry
    how can you deride “scoreboard hockey”
    in the end
    the score is the most important thing

    if the score holds up right now
    the series is tied
    if the Rangers come back with 2 goals and the devs none
    it’s an important 2-0 lead in the series despite being outhustled for much of the game.

    i appreciate that the Rangers DON’T QUIT but if they played the RIGHT WAY at the beginning of the period than we wouldn’t be falling into the devils TRAP

  157. I see3 a surge by the Rangers, but I guess that criminal Pierre doesnt see a Rangers surge. Bald headed steaming pile of filth.

  158. Id like to strangle every last breath out of Pierre. Id like to bash his face in as I strangled the life out of him.

  159. that is why Torts is a successful coach. he does not play favorites, and he sticks to his system. it is up to Gaborik to earn his spot, just like everyone else.

  160. boxcareddiehospodar on


    exactly right.

    I love torts but he has not adjusted to the devils tonight.

    stop pushing the puck up the sides.

    benching gabby plain stupid@!!!!!!!

  161. Terrible b’ing penalty. Man, the first minute of these periods really does seem to indicate how they’ll go.

  162. “Carp May 16th, 2012 at 10:08 pm
    lmao. i’m going to be ripping some of you guys if you attempt to celebrate when they win this series and/or the next.”

    You won’t, atleast by name, but you should.

  163. if anyone deserves to be benched in these playoffs it’s Anisimov. maybe Bickel can play on the PK now.

  164. i will say this
    i truly wish that Torts
    would pay SOME attention
    to the devils positioning and set plays.

    after playing ’em enough times this year
    you’d think he and Sully would have a solution to the half board/points clogging
    eventually come up w/ similar plays that we could use on them

  165. yeah,
    i know i write too damn long in all of my posts.

    listening to Fishbone
    not nbc

  166. I don’t mind that penalty. Should you just let Elias get his stick down there and deflect it in? Anisimov’s been fine.

    I’d like to chalk up the failed clears to the bad ice; that’s really the only thing I can complain about tonight.

  167. Gabby may not be excelling, but it’s not exactly like his linemates have been getting him room or shots.

  168. Gregm_section403 on

    Ok, richie. Time to do your thing. That’s why Dolan pays you the big bucks. Get it done.

  169. The referees just allowed Henrik to be run over, and then they almost scored a goal because of it.

    Just run over brodeur. Take your stick and club him in the head, kill him. Who cares if its called a penalty.

  170. If anything goes, then have 2 of our guys take Brodeur, pick him up and throw him out of the goal, and score itno an empty net. Anythign goes apparently.

  171. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Fug you…..See you Saturday…..grrr,……arghhhh……hartnell! Carp!!!! Stop making predictions!!!

  172. ORR!!

    why should the refs bother with that call
    when they allowed clutching holding hooking
    throughout the game?

    the hold on Hags is one of the reasons the puck was kept in the zone
    and allowed devs to tie

  173. Rangers Reality on

    How can we expect to advance when the refs are out to screw us each and ever game? If the refs call it fair, we dont lose…have not lose all year unless we get scammed.

  174. Gregm_section403 on

    I’m sorry carp, but rangers were a step slow, sloppy with passes, and off their game. Again, rangers miss another chance to go up 2 games on an opponent.

  175. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pay no attention to the score board because this game was not at all reflective of what went on on the ice, especially the first and third period.:)

  176. That wasn’t a penalty. He tried to stop and there was contact.

    The refs didn’t screw anybody tonight. NYR just couldn’t get the puck out at critical moments. That’s really the only difference.

  177. “How can we expect to advance when the refs are out to screw us each and ever game?”

    Yeah, just like they did in game 1, when they let that Devs player get away with a delay of game penalty, which led to a goal….oh wait, that was in NYR’s favor…

  178. Devils 4th line took it to our top line – Gonna be a tough next two games if we don’t solve that mismatch in our favor!

  179. Crappy game. top line failed bigtime. 4th line devils beat us. no cally, no gabby, no richie, no prust??? even mitchell was kept scoreless!!!

  180. Saturday;s another day. I’m exhausted and my back hurts so time to grab a shower and pass out.

    Later all you NN’s :P

  181. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Well, Devs came out on fire in the third in this game, and they took our home-ice advantage away.

    Had a chance to maybe get a couple in that flurry in the second period, but couldn’t take advantage while the opponent was scrambling around…

  182. Ted Sheckler on

    Definitely total slop tonight. Couldn’t clear anything; puck handling in the defensive zone and outlet passes looked pretty bad.

  183. boxcareddiehospodar on

    someone explain to me the timeout on the icing?

    how important to draw up a play.

    One word describes tonights game


  184. Stop blaming the refs – they had nothing to do with the outcome! We had a 2-1 lead and were pressing, and then took our foot of the gas. The Devils took it to them in the first period and half of the third.

  185. Thisyearsmodel on

    These guys came up small again. Will they ever learn? What a poor, poor effort.

  186. Olga Folkyerself on

    Do you people want to snivel and whine your way all the way to the Cup Finals?

    Let it go. We’ll get them next game.

  187. 1-1 after 2? Familiar scenario… wish they would go up by two this series… oh well… regroup and back to battle on Saturday! Too bad i won’t be able to watch anymore games unless it goes full seven games since i am leaving on Friday for a week and wont be back till next Sunday. Hopefully they can knock the Devils out before i come back!

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  188. Czechthemout!!! on

    I will be at the game Saturday cheering the boys on with my two daughters and about half the arena.

    If any one wants to stop by and say hello, I will in sec132 row six seat 4-6. My playoff record at the garden sucks! Hopefully it will be better in the Prudential better be because this is costing me $750 bucks for the fix.

  189. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Seriously, why is that wyshynski guy on the twitter feed?

    >>>Can we get the fire and ice guy off the twitter widget?

    And LaGreca off of our radio coverage? How many Devil supporters do we have to stomach here?

  190. Man that was a real poor effort by our team. From DZ to Giradi and Mcdonagh to the whole first line. Let’s not forget InvisaBOYLE. No effort.

    Does Gabby contract say he doesn’t have to go down to block shots?

    Our first line could do nothing against their 4th line. WTF?

  191. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    And now the Devil assholes on the MSG coverage? I won’t be tuning in on that idiot-fest…

  192. Tiki

    i was being sarcastic
    about why should the refs call that penalty

    that’s why i mentioned all the other penalties that the refs didn’t bother to call

    i’ve been spending too much time tonight tweeting complaints about
    how the nhl ALLOWS the devils to play in this manner for over a decade.
    we didn’t deserve to win because we were outplayed for much of the game
    their style is a cancer on hockey and being allowed to get away with it
    is DISGUSTING!!!

  193. Best news for Rangers about this game… Brodeur didn’t quite play bad enough to get pulled. (If Rangers win this series he will get pulled in one of the games.) Badly outplayed- a lot of passengers-still only lost by a goal. Need two days off.

  194. >>How many Devil supporters do we have to stomach here?

    Since those Devils supporters don’t have too many Devils fans to follow them, they’re soliciting our help.

  195. The Rangers, it seems, whenever they talk about having to “match” the other team’s desperation…just never do it.

    Still, this was a one goal game. If Gabby doesn’t do the flamingo it’s tied…couple bounces here and there.

    The Rangers certainly didn’t play well. Not by a longshot. Some decent stretches for sure but not a complete game by any stretch of the imagination.

    The two days off, hopefully, will help. And we’ll get ’em back Saturday.

    These Rangers bounce back….ESPECIALLY from a poor effort. And Torts and the coaching staff are gonna have quite a highlight tape from tonight.

    G’night all!

  196. did Gaborik get off the bench in the 3rd? I don’t remember seeing him at all.

  197. Jimbo

    i’ll give him credit for retweeting this from me
    or i’ll be expecting LOTS of devs fan hatred coming my way

    @Wyshynski gonna do a column on how NJ has been allowed to hook and hold its way thru games for past decade-plus? #refslookotherway

  198. IMO, sometimes when evenly matched teams play one team gets the breaks. Well, the Devils got the breaks tonight. Two of their goals were deflections. Rangers hit the post twice and had another two roll over Martys shoulder and just miss. The hockey gods did not smile on the NYR tonight. That said….Kreider and McDonagh should not be your best players with the roster the NYR have. Too many forwards not contibuting enough.

  199. >>did Gaborik get off the bench in the 3rd?

    He was on the ice in the third. I cannot tell you if he actually played, however.

  200. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Good one, jpg! I just don’t understand why we need to have their presence on this blog – this is RANGERS REPORT, not NHL Local Teams Report…

  201. well gee, i wonder who lets devil bloggers on a ranger blog. im with latona, im outta here. have fun at this shiny happy place all. peace

  202. Thisyearsmodel on

    Can someone locate Brian Boyle the hockey player? Ruslan Fedotenko? Marian Gaborik? Carl Hagelin? Can someone please lose Stu Bickel? This is the cup semi finals. How can these guys not show up? Will Feds contribute anything this playoff year? Will Boyle contribute anything post his concussion? Really, these guys took the night off.

  203. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I think Gaborik didn’t get on the ice in the third until there was about 8 minutes left – and nothing much happened.

  204. >>Too many forwards not contibuting enough.

    I’m willing to give The Captain a pass since he’s been so incredible during the season, but he better show up soon if this team is to advance.

  205. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    LaGreca doing the post-game, with Devil-love in his voice – I’m outta here, and the radio & TV goes off now, too.

  206. Days off will definitely help them. They’ve been playing a lot of hockey.

    How embarrassingly bad was the ice tonight? Just horrible! Sigh…

    Two deflection goals…tough break. But Richards must be better here…he’s been quite in both games.

  207. Best things about this team is the goalie, youth, speed 3 studs on defense and most of all the way they hit, block shots, pay the price and over achieve and that is due to there coach. This is. The rangers for god sakes, thank you Torts. But I got to tell you a lot of this tonite is on the coach, no way you bench Gabby, especially for the power play, scream at him in intermission, and how about changing Bickel in his own end when you had the chance. It not Monday morning QBing it’s coaching. I’m not chicken little Carp, but that game was Huge, now we got a long series and it looks like LA may be short. Torts will have them ready and they will win this series, but it may have cost them in the long run. I know we are resistant but eventually it may catch up.

  208. Boston Bonehead on

    Despite my protest of the Fire and Ice twitter, I’m still here. Re-group and come out with a purpose for game 3. Not exactly backs against the wall yet. LGR game 3!

  209. The Rangers will win because Marty is shaky and giving rebounds, his luck won’t hold out.

  210. >>…TV goes off now, too.

    Mine went off at the buzzer. I’ll wait for Carp’s audio clips to hear what my favourite coach had to say.

  211. watched Torts presser

    i’m sorry Carp
    but those questions were awful
    i ask questions for a living too
    and several of those could have made the same point
    but only if they were worded differently.

  212. Torts gets the most out of these guys but sitting Gabby when he’s one of the few legit scorers? This ain’t the preseason.

  213. Torts was asked

    When asked if team brought proper amount of effort into Game 2: “no”

    the answer to that is soooooooooooooo obvious
    that i don’t know how that could come out of someone’s mouth

  214. Can someone please explain to me why Michael Del Zotto has become Sullivan’s go-to Defenseman when we get a lead? I haven’t seen him win a one on one battle on the boards since round 1. And it was no coincidence that every single time we got pinned in our zone, Del Zaster had his stick on the puck and failed to get it out.

    He’s offensive minded, I get it, so why don’t we consistently put him with a stay at home D? He has a different partner because they don’t play Bickel. Everytime I turn around he’s with Strals, Staal, Bickel, McDonagh. WTF?

    And for those, who i see on twitter, who laud Del Zaster for every point he gets, for every goal he gets, or makes happen, or every PP he actually is an effective QB (probably the same percentage of Mark Sanchez in that). But nobody calls this kid out for the mistakes he makes? He has 9 points this postseason, he’s been at fault for at least 9, probably many many more. 2 tonight alone.

  215. I am eagerly awaiting the moment one of the nitwits who posts here begins clamoring for Brandon Dubinsky and claims the Rangers would have won 100-3 if he played.

  216. Oh look…Marty is on a naughty chair! How fuggin AWKWARD is that set up?

    Two nuts and a prick in the middle.

  217. The fault on all three goals needs to go to inability to clear the puck and missed coverage. Those are team responsibilities.

  218. Bad ice, bad officiating (2 obvious penalties on NJ in the final 2 min not called – even the NBC dipsticks had trouble covering up for the refs on those) but the bottom line was bad play by the Blueshirts. They had a chance to really take control of the game and the series and came up small. That worked against Ottawa and Washington but NJ is better – a lot better – than those teams. It’s not the end of the world but if the Rangers want to go further in this postseason they need to stop fooling around and step on the neck when the other guy is down.

    BTW – who was that guy wearing #19 tonight and what has he done with Brad Richards?

  219. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok, so the Devils are getting contributions from the bottom of the lineup throughout the playoffs. We have gotten nothing from Mitchell,Rupp,Prust,Feds, and for the last two series Boyle has done nothing on the score sheet. I know that it maybe sacrilege to criticize these guys, but we need to get something from them in the next two games on the score sheet. It would help if Stepan came through with a goal or two.

    To me, this was Hags worst game of these playoffs.

    MdZ reverted to well, MdZ. No urgency, little hustle and poor decision making and positioning. And that is my biggest problem with him. He is just not consistent enough for me.

    Who ever said it earlier, I too would like to see Erixon in there for Bickel. He is just too slow against the Devils.

    Mike Rupp is a joke of a player. Watching him liumber around the ice against a much faster team is embarrassing. Like I said all year long. He brings nothing to the table. Nothing.

    I hope the extra day of rest helps them and also maybe gives Dubi a chance to come in in place of Rupp. Dubi could be big in this series.

  220. I think those bottom line guys have played about as well as they can. The problem is that none of them ever score. It’s nice that the defensive forwards seem to put out consistently high effort, but not a one of them could put the puck in the net if his life depended on it. I haven’t ripped on the Fedotenkos and Rupps of the world in the last few weeks because I see the effort they put in, and it’s good for the team that they’re out there trying hard…but jesus h, they never score.

  221. Exactly Latona. And i think the reason why Gaborik was benched in the third is because he was the one who had a chance to clear the puck but couldn’t and it ended up in our net late in the second.

  222. I agree, Lloyd. It isn’t their job to score, but I think as an NHL player, you should be expected to score occasionally.

  223. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dubi would be a much better option than Rupp. I am sure you would agree. He also plays well against NJ and uncle daddy.

  224. I think so too CCCP. I think him failing to get the puck out along the boards was way worse than him failing to block the shot.

  225. Czech:

    I’d rather have Rupp in there playing a handful of minutes than Dubinsky playing 20 minutes of abject mediocrity and idiots telling us how important he is.

  226. “I’d love to see Erixon get a shot, but it’s such a risk.”

    Me too! It’s also a risk to have Bickel on the ice, it seems. Prust sayin’!

  227. “Can someone locate Brian Boyle the hockey player?”

    Do you mean InvisaBOYLE

    Bottom line thewhole teamhad very little energy tonite. I can’t remember the last time so many players had an off game on the same night. Here’e hoping the extra day’s rest helps.

  228. Czechthemout!!! on

    On the bright side, how good was Kreider tonight? Virtually every shift he took resulted in a scoring chance tonight. Good move by Torts putting him in fron of the net on the power play. I would like to see a lot more of that. The kid was the best Ranger on the ice tonight by far.

    Also, like I posted earlier, this is about the best the Devils can play and yet we only lost by a goal and had two bad periods because several of our top guys had a bad game. I have to believe that we are more than capable of taking one out of two games in NY/NJ.

  229. Gaby should be hogging the puck; he is an underrated passer. Gaby is NOT a threat if he doesn’t have the puck. Richards is not very good at carrying pucks. Neither is Hags.

    Dump and chase is the way to grind out wins. But, great teams have true game breakers that step up and score skill goals. It’s that simple.

    Gaby needs to be that guy.

  230. >>Call up Avery?

    We first must send in divers to retrieve his skates from the Hudson River.

  231. It’s also pretty effective as he takes the talk away from the team and takes the blame for his poor showings at the press. Smart move.

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