Rangers-Devils Game 1 in review



1) Ya boys sure do stick with it, don’t they? And at 0-0 in the lockerroom after being pretty much pinned in the second, they sure must have felt that they would win this game. And then they did. Not surprised.

2) Dan (Block Ness Monster) Girardi had a couple of rough shifts, didn’t he? And he came out with another facial welt thanks to the boarding penalty in the third … on which he made them pay. Good for him, scoring the goal, getting the assist, having another shot that Marc Staal nearly buried (the D-man bailed out Martin Brodeur), and wearing the Broadway Hat.

3) It seems the Rangers, bad as their power play is most of the time, always score when one of their guys gets fouled hard, or hurt. Doesn’t it? Or is it just me?

4) Again, I have no idea what words to use about Henrik Lundqvist other than: best … goalie … in … the … game. Now he’s doing it on the big stage for the first time. Stand up and take notice all you non-Rangers fans and non-Sweden fans across the continent.

5) Speaking of outstanding, and of making big game-saving plays, how about Ryan McDonagh’s two plays to chase down Future Ranger Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk? Just to make you guys happy, I want to point out this: Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Michael Busto for Ryan McDonagh, Marian Gaborik, Brandon Prust, Pavel Valentenko and No Scott Gomez. I don’t even know why that makes me happy.

6) Future Ranger Parise looked good in spots. Kovalchuk looked good in spots, Patrik Elias looked good in spots. But I don’t think any of them played great at all. And in fact, Elias and future Ranger Parise were standing flat-footed when Girardi came off the bench and yelled to Chris Kreider for the puck on the 1-0 goal.

7) What is up with the dumb, dumb questions during post-game pressers with John Tortorella? And he hung in there through the dumb questions, the phone ringing, more dumb questions, a microphone that wasn’t working. And he answered questions. That’s twice in three games that somebody who’s been involved in hockey all their lives has asked about a timeout after an icing. HELLO? Unoffically, 90 percent of all timeouts in the NHL now are after icings, because you can’t change players.

8) Chris Kreider is really a special player. The kid is huge under that shirt, too. He was funny describing the Girardi goal, saying he thought Girardi was hollering for the puck, but allowing that he might have been hearing voices. Then, when asked about settling in, this is what he said: ““The last thing I want to do is settle in. I don’t want to be complacent, especially at this level. If I get complacent for a second, next thing you know I’m minus-2 and giving Ovechkin a one-timer in the slot. So, I’ve got to stay extremely focused, obviously.”

9) That Ron Duguay thing before the games is embarrassing. I mean, how does he then pretend to be an analyst?

10) Martin Brodeur was better than I thought he’d be.

11) Eight o’clock games suck.

12) They still show that stupid clip from “Network” you know, the one where the guy says, “I want you to all get on your feet …” And we in the pressbox were kind of updating it for today’s crowd: “I want you to all get off your Blackberries, stop texting, stop ordering food from waitresses, stop trying to catch T-shirts …”

13) Been thinking about this while watching this Rangers teams do the things it does and the way it does them: Glen Sather is going to have to be very careful when they make trades or sign free agents going forward because it’s going to take special types of players to come in here, accept the way this team plays, commit to playing that way, and do it selflessly. Because anybody who doesn’t fit, well, won’t fit.

14) I still expect this series to be 1-1 after two games. As I usually do.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Chris Kreider.
3) Dan Girardi.

AP photos, above and below.

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  1. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    I hear someone named Puddy is painting his face for Game 2…

  2. Its almost impossible to sleep. Thoughts just keep running thru my head. We’re so close, im gettin wayy ahead of myself, but i can practically taste it.

    Btw did anyone hear that fool emrick say back to jerry, george and kramer in the studio. There was an espn mag article recently talking about he created a whole hockey lexicon. I know Carp likes him and i respect his opinions, but this guy makes me angry, disgusted and sick at the same time. How did he become a the voice of hockey? How did this travesty occur? For whatever sakes, he looks like a damn rat and he squeals like a pig. Ah, who knows, maybe he’s half man, half animal, a manimal.

  3. Fischler really needs to retire…what an embarrassment. I couldn’t believe when that nobody asked about the timeout…the fact that “The Hockey Maven” asked the exact same question is astonishing.

    Lundqvist looked like a different man to me tonight. It’s like he’s been specifically waiting for Marty. I think deep down, he wanted it.

    It’s still sinking in the the Rangers are in the ECF. Against the Devils. Wow.

    The ice tonight, was UNBELIEVABLE. It seemed like 7 on 7 hockey or something because the puck was so unpredictable, very frustrating to watch. Then it dawned on me, the ice at MSG hasn’t seen this time of the year in a long time…bad ice to begin with….add the increasing spring temps…makes for ugly hockey between NYR & NJD….but how about the possibility that the bad/worsening ice at MSG could *potentially* help slow down a very fast *potential* Los Angeles opponent in a few weeks?

    Food for thought….at least 4 games of hockey left for NYR.

  4. yes as bad and out of touch Fischler is…the fact that Emerick is THE voice of hockey bothers me to my core. It just always feels like he’s there to specifically “unhockey” the sport in the most annoying voice possible.

  5. better beans on

    Another amazin’ display. Why some of us said no way to Nash, or any “big” deal.
    Let’s see what this group can do. They’ve earned it.
    What kinda juice are they usin’ in the second intermission?:-)
    The generalissimo, faced with a talent-thin roster, has been sellin’
    will-power. The kids have been buyin’. Hats off….
    Glad they got at least one of first two – they’ve diminished, at least,
    the importance of Devs’ extra rest, and can look forward to the
    extra day after Wednesday’s test.
    Lucky, too, for both sides, that travel not part of the equation.
    An accident that players with limited TOI the last few weeks were at
    the heart of the scoring?
    Present Hank – positioning, confidence, reads, quicks – looks, finally,
    to this skeptic, like December/January all-world version. Can he keep it up?
    Stay tuned….

  6. better beans on

    Hags pass to Brad, Game 7 Caps, Chris the K’s pass to
    the resurrected Dan G last night – perfect touch under
    great stress. Right pace, right place. Wow!

  7. Carp: Again, I want to thank you. IMHO, you are the best in the business! There is nothing I enjoy more than reading your game reviews!


    1. I know some of you here are new parents or have young kids. I infected my oldest daughter (one of my 4 kids) with ranger fandom at an early age. She is now home from her Freshman year of college. Getting to watch the game with her was so special. Made the night even better than it would have been due to a key victory.

    2. Such an impoortant win. The Rangers were outplayed for significant stretches of the game and STILL won.. WOW!

    3. I thought the 2nd period was the Rangers worst period in this post season. They looked like they were skating in quicksand. To come out and completely dominate the 3rd as they did shows what Carp has been saying about this team all year. They are a special, special bunch! They have the heart of a lion as a collective bunch.

    4. HANK! (There are no words)

    5. I despise Uncle Daddy Fatso; but that save on Staal was as good as it gets. OTOH, when it comes down to the 2 goalies, at this point in their careers, Hank is just plain better!

    6. Ryan McDonagh consistently makes me shake my head in disbelief. He pinches on offense, gets caught deep, turns on the jets, catches the skater, uses his stick to knock the puck away on a semi break away, deposits the Devil in our net and doesn’t take a penalty. He is 22 or 23 years old!

    7. I LOVE CHRIS KREIDER! As czechthemout and I have been saying; on this offensively challenged team, this kid MUST get minutes! He has the ability to be a game changer. He has the size, he has the speed and unlike hags who is clearly not a natural goal scorer.. HE IS A FINISHER!

    8. I know I have said this before, but during the dark days between 1997 and the lockout, I used to PRAY for a young RAnger team full of homegrown talent. I used to pray for a team that seemed like it cared. I LOVE THIS BUNCH! THEY ARE A VERY SPECIAL GROUP…




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  8. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    The rangers played a game completely focused..

    we used to complain that guys have to” step up” now we see the results when they do.

  9. Carp – (longtime reader, infrequent poster here) First – LETS GO RANGERS!!!
    second – you do a great job here, game after game for the ‘heads and are patient with the jackelopes. thanks very much.
    third – i hate NBC and their coverage. How about showing the National Anthem for goodness sake?!?!
    or comenting on the FDNY Drummers – it is NYC after all?!?! Just venting there – they add no local flavor(i know, national broadcast) but local is what makes New York Great.
    Fourth – LETS GO RANGERS!!

  10. Can someone post a link to the NHL video recap since I could only listen on the radio

  11. I hate 8:00 starts too Carp! I have to get up at 5:15 every morning. LOL I’m glad the game didn’t go to overtime. Anyway, I am so in love with this team!! They are definitely a special group. LGR!!!

  12. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Great morning all! 8 p.m. starts are for carcillo! Rangers in 4!!!!

  13. Oleo.. Replay on as we speak on NBC .

    McDonagh deserves a star..was by far the best D-man in this game and I would argue he is playing the best D in the tourney. Without his chase downs, this is a very different game.

    Good review Carp, except I love what Duguay does.

  14. Magoo punch on

    Where would we be without play by play including: HIT THE PIPE WITH THE SHOT! Because hitting the post is more exciting than actually scoring. Or the all encompassing DRRRRRRIIIIVVVVEEEE! Would you like waffles with that board?

    8 Pm starts are the worst. Blackberries? I thought those people just go to the game to instagram everything they see. When did MSG install those dragon nostrils behind the goals? Is a playoff win not exciting enough we need all these balloons and confetti and smoke shooters to get people pumped up? I thought this was hockey not a 5 year olds birthday party.

  15. Carl, love the review…. Hate number 14!!!!! :-(
    I hope this once they win game 2

  16. RangerSwede on

    #11: It’s hopeless and probably why I didn’t become a fan of a WC team 20 years ago when I was first allowed to stay up and watch a game. I’m eating breakfast now, should be done lunching… but I go through it, why Al? Because it’s the Cup

    I think this one actually will be 2-0 after the next game, Fatso will give up a stinker or two in this series, look for that to happen in the next game. Then we loose the first one in Newark and go on to win it 4-1 ;)

  17. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Well done by the good guys…..I think Rangers go up 2-0 but not because of momentum…but because they truly have a home ice thing going on and they are better than the Devils by a bigger margin than they were better then the Caps or Sens….just sayin….

  18. Boston Bonehead on

    Thank you Magoo for highlighting the bells and whistles after goals/wins. It seems they add something every round. I’m almost afraid of what they have planned…

  19. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Yeah. – you’d expect to see dragons and smoke machines at places like the Pebble or the Nausoleum, or Nashville.

    I dont see the Rangers losing Game 2, Carper!

  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Great read Carp.

    My three Stars:

    1- Lindqvist
    2- Kreider
    3- McDonagh

    McDonagh game saving speed last night breaking up two break aways was something special.

    #5 – Still makes me chuckle. Deal of the century. Wow I can’t imagine who gave up McDonagh, and does he still have job in Hockey.

    Wow does Parise look like a future Ranger or what? Hardest working Devil on the ice. He was that way in college.

  21. Although the addition of the smoke machine was NOT welcome (this is NYC, not Raleigh) thankfully they reduced the constant bombardment of “make some noise” messages that reached an all-time high the last two games of the Caps series. As someone who has been going to Ranger games since the late 70’s, no one has to tell us to make noise. And kudos to Carps for calling out Duguay. Enough of this nonsense. Smoke, fireworks, tickertape, towels? We don’t need it.
    Rangers in 5.

  22. Re-post:

    Another great night in a whole season of them at the Garden. Just awesome, what a ride this is. This, right here, is exactly why I have had season tickets for the last 13 years.

    And this team has a great chance to win the whole thing – you know why? Because nobody else can match their will and they just win. Nobody else has as much will as these guys have and nobody else imposes their will to win so effectively.

    Plus they have Henk….

  23. Carp – great review as always. However, Brodeur got that Staal shot in his glove, not the defenseman. As much as I hate to say that as a Ranger fan. Brodeur was certainly a lot better than many of us thought.

    I think that shot by Kreider really surprised him (that he shot when he did).

    And how great has Marc Staal been? Crazy.

    Also, very nice to see the Rangers win a game with 0 points from the Richards/Gaborik/Hags line. Richards had 0 shots on goal. Wow.

  24. Great review, Carp! They find ways to win!

    Lundqvist = ELITE! Right, bull dog line?

    Btw, what Ron Duguay thing? I missed the pre game

  25. To save on the cost of the ticker tape, they should just shred a few of Duguay’s jackets and spray the pieces from the rafters.

  26. Does anyone have a copy of the Daily News with the back cover “MIRACLE” (day after Game 5 in Caps series) for sale? Definitely interested.

  27. Holy Gomez Carp!!! As bad a signing that was, along with Deaden and Dreary instead of Brierre, give Slats credit for getting McD who is incredible and only will get better. The Parise play was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    “This, right here, is exactly why I have had season tickets for the last 13 years.”

    you could have just gotten season tix this season and saved a boat load of cash

  29. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Did anyone see Henrik flexing his knees before the faceoff with 1.5 seconds to go in the game? He didnt do his usual hit the posts with his stick after his shutout. Maybe im just being too analytical. Any thoughts?

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Brian Leetch on The Kreider’s goal: When coming in on goalie alone, you need to shoot *in stride* so the goalie does not get completely set. Leetchie is a gem. And that, my friends, was a goal scorer’s goal. The biggest difference between The Kreider and Hags was the young man from BC can snipe! We’ll keep both thank you very much.

    Duguay is Hot Tub Time Machine 1978 – Fashion backward via Austin Powers – yeah baby!!

    Thought chico was going to cry last night. :Post game player interviews had Debbies players in that weird seat between Steve “I get to sit at the adult’s table” Cangelosi and Chico Wretched. We get this clown show every post-game? pathetic.

    Debbies won puck possession battle, but could not cash in. Too many NYR Dmen trying to play goalie – please stay off the ice, tie up a man, and let Hank worry about the puck.

    Gabby had more room last night, then he did all of the first two series. Debbies’ D is not too good. have some Offensive skill, but do not like getting hit so the physical fore-check is key.

    Feds should get a star – won’t show up in box score, but he had a great game – very physical along the glass, especially against Zubris.

    Need Game 2 and this could be over early…because we have *MOMENTUM* – that is a *GUARANTEE*

  31. AGAIN, the Rangers owned the third period. Do you know why? It’s because they’re a young team. If this were a bunch of 30-something vets then the grind of the schedule would get to them, but not this group. They’re young so they don’t get tired as easily. Plus, you have to think that Torts has them in top shape for just that reason – to dominate the third period.

  32. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    morning ILB, Tony, Miami, and all!!

    great review per the norm…re #13…IGGY!!!

    Kudos to torts for putting rupp and prust out there at different times during the last minute or so to make sure there were no shenanigans (I think).

    I wonder how long it take deboer to put in janssens or boulton ala the sens and carkner to try and change the play?

    way to to boys, great game!!!


  33. Another CLASSIC Leetch quote:

    “McDonagh is a better skater than I was”


  34. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Cross Check…Hank kind of talked about that post-game…credited the team’s work ethic since the start of season. Said talent isn’t enough, you have to have the work ethic, and as a team, our boys sure do……

  35. Good morning, boneheads!

    Feels good, eh?

    Great review, Carp! Not surprised. *And #4. PLEASE READ IT, YOU DOUBTERS!* Enough with questioning his heart.

    I am, admittedly, getting annoyed with constant mention of them playing 2 seven-game serious, and looking *tired*. People who really believe this have no idea about their conditioning, the way they are able to recover, and what physical and medical resources professional sport teams nowadays have to help them. And them being a young team is crucial too. If you really believe they were tired during first and second, then how do you explain the burst and domination in the third? Look, the difference is that NJ had almost a week to concentrate on NY. The Rangers played 7 games against Washington, finishing them off 48 hours or so prior, and had very little time to switch and adjust to a different team, different tactics, different players, goaltender, etc. But once they did, oh boy….
    This one is far from over, but the Devils have much more questions to answer. They now know it isn’t the Flyers or Florida, and what worked against them may not work here. They killed the Flyers with their forecheck and constant pounding of their defense. Apparently, the Rangers can take that, and then some….Like Fran said:”Just a simple word or so for Devils fans…be afraid…..be very afraid.”
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  36. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Ed, try calling the News….sometimes papers will sell you back copies if available

  37. Somebody forgot to do their stars………..

    I won’t say anything about the negatives I will just say HOLY CRAP HANK! Wow. He’s unreal. Who thinks we have no shot against the Kings based on Jonathan Quick’s goaltending? Who has more Shutouts? Who has a better GAA?

    The most horrendous thing of the night was hearing the moronic Doc Emrick all night. Pierre saying Girardi saw a lot of bench in the second but he, “had no idea why?” Really? Maybe this is why you didn’t get that GM position.

    Thanks the sweet lord that Girardi did not get hurt and thank the sweet, sweet lord that Hank didn’t pull a groin on one of his ridiculous push-offs that ended in yet another spectacular save.

  38. Yeah Carp, to echo what the others said, Brodeur made that stop. I thought it was Volchenkov as well, until they showed the replay. Marty snagged it with his glove on a great save. He played well, even though they lost 3-0. This is going to be a long series because both him and Henke looked to be on their games.

  39. Carp, your predictions are normally spot on, so I fully expect this series to be 1-1. Also, any thoughts on the smoke machines when the Rangers score? Kind of silly, and I’m sure Torts hates them.

  40. Yev – your first point, about your daughter, made me misty-eyed. That’s really, really great. I look forward to that one day myself!

  41. Yeah sorry carp I think u need to lighten up about Dugay haha what a game though. Can’t believe this is happening. One game at a time though. Still think Rangers in 6

  42. My pregnant wife gets *tired* easy these days. She was asleep when they scored, and of course I woke her up screaming. “Sorry, honey…” She goes genuinely:”Oh, it’s OK!” BECAUSE IT’S THE CUP!

  43. I don’t want Parise…or anyone not named Iginla. The last thing this team needs is another bloated contract that drags on for centuries. Save the money and keep our talented youngsters around. Heck, give the money to Prust or Torts. They deserve it.

    Anybody else excited for Sullivan to leave and coach someone else and then have Fedotenko become Torts’ assistant!? (joke)

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great game! LGR!

    Awesome Kreider quote.
    #10 great point about Marty, agreed. That has got to scare NJ Devils fans considering that that is as good as he will be able to be.

    2-0 by Thursday AM.

    Let’s go Heads! LETS GO RANGERS!

  45. Great post Carp!!

    I am so proud of this group!!! I hope they can continue! I love what Kreider said, shows his smarts for the game & maturity.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  46. @Manny:

    There is nothing like it when one of your kids shares your passion for the teams you love. for the past 5 years, my oldest daughter and I (it is one of her christmas presents) have been going to Philly to catch a Rangers Flyers game. (we didn’t this year because she was in college). There is a total bond between us in terms of our love for the Rangers. It really is awesome and something you should totally look forward to!

  47. Am I the *only* one that is sick of this *BELIEVE* crap? First of all, that’s the Mets thing from ’86 and I wish teams would stop stealing it. Second, we are NOT underdogs. We are the only remaining #1 seed in the playoffs. We get home ice as far as our skates will take us.

  48. I have a very good explanation why I do not get bothered and upset with what seems to be so annoying to almost everyone on this blog, to an extent that people spend half to two thirds of some threads talking about how they hate Doc, Chico( I do hate him though), and all other announcers. I work in an environment where all I hear all day long is young, sick children screaming, crying and whining. I’ve learned to tune them out over the years. Apparently, I do the same with the announcers once they start annoying me. I simply don’t hear them :-)

  49. Very interested how many devils fans were in the building???? If you go to Devils fan sites, they are BEGGING Devils fans to NOT sell their playoff tickets to Rangers fans.

    LOVE IT!!!

    I sure hope their is a large contingent of Rangers fans at the pebble.

    Love that there is no travel for our guys this series.

  50. That’s so cool, Yev. They always say on those commercials, “talk to your kids.” It’s great that you, unlike many parents I know, have an actual MUTUAL INTEREST with your daughter. You’re very, very lucky.

  51. Yev, I second what you said about our kids. My son and I created that passion long, long time ago, since he was 10. It’s an unbelievable feeling. My best games is when I take my son and my 85 year old father to the games. Unfortunately, my father doesn’t go too often anymore.

  52. “That’s twice in three games that somebody who’s been involved in hockey all their lives has asked about a timeout after an icing.”

    I’m going to give the Maven the benefit of the doubt and assume that he asked jokingly asked that question in imitation of the other reporter who asked it seriously. Right, Stan, right?

  53. The Kreider on

    I am the best.

    This team is nothing without me.

    I mean, seriously, where would these clowns be without my superior talent on the ice.

    My speed alone makes these no-talents seem as if they should be honing their skill in the Mexican league.

    If I don’t come in and execute as I’ve done, then these amateur-hour bush-leaguers are out playing golf right now.

    All hail me, The Kreider.

  54. Let’s put things into perspective… Enough bitching about the smoke or the fireworks or the confetti and now the BELIEVE,…. Holy crap people, conference finals and this is what your upset about?
    The kids love it, so get over it Grandpas.

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    Re: Leetch quote about Kreider: Leetch is a BC guy too, no? Not so subtle call out there. And yes, the kid can snipe

  56. The kids love it, so get over it Grandpas.


    Pure genius. Two words: you win, I lose.

  57. Great win. Referring to our conversation last week, for those of youse who couldn’t decide, “kid’s events or the rangers game”, I gave up my 2 seats (at face value) to go watch my son play a trumpet in his 6th grade spring concert last night. I bleed ranger blue, been a ticket holder for over 20 years, but some things are just more important. LGR!

  58. nyrmessier011 on

    Aside from network, how about the embarrassment suddenly about what we do after wins/goals. How in one months time did we get to lighting off fireworks after a win and that stupid smoke thing the florida panthers probably do after a goal. Wow

  59. Actually your right the more I think about it…. How dare they put BELIEVE on shirts and such, just childish. I think I everyone should boycott the games until they remove this absurd BELIEVE.


  60. JohnnyBoy – it’s because that stuff is usually saved for when the team finally wins something. But instead its a huge gimmick and it’s annoying. I can’t imagine Torts is too happy with it. Winning game 1 means nothing. You shouldn’t throw streamers and fireworks just for that.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Devils take game 2. They dominated the 2nd part of the 1st period and most of the 2nd period. That long change in the 2nd kills the Rangers. They were holding on for awhile there until the 3rd when they started to push the pace again.

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    The fog machines at MSG are so embarrassing. I hope Torts reams out whoever’s idea that was and the things are gone sooner than later. Leave them in Columbus or Phoenix, not in New York

  62. Thanks for a great write-up Carp. Spot on as usual!
    I loved the fact that none of our “super stars” scored last night & we still won. IMO it creates motivation for them to get more involved in the next game, and at the same time takes a little load off their backs in terms of scoring pressure, knowing that others can contribute.

    And 8 o’clock games + Emerick’s annoying voice = double carcillo!


  63. FiveFootZero on

    C Giacomo…I hear you about kids events. Game 7 vs. Capitals…my husband was in a wedding so we had to go (not kids event, but relevant). Last night my husband worked and my daughter was sick…Couldn’t go. Wednesday, my daughter has communion practice, can’t go. AND, last but not least, Saturday is communion…so we’ve decided to turn the communion party in to a viewing party as well…LOL. She’s OK with it…and since our family is divided 1/2 Ranger fans and 1/2 Devil “fans”…it should be interesting!

    I’m so proud of these guys I’m gushing today…!!! I tossed and turned all night last night because I kept hearing the GOAL horn…true story!!!

  64. I thought Brodeur made the two best saves of the game, both times he dove across the crease from post to post. The first time he somehow avoided the puck from going in the net and the one against staal he dove like a baseball player and caught it in his glove.

  65. And the other thing is that the Rangers are an Original Six franchise. Those stupid things are saved for franchises looking to appeal and bring in a fan base. Teams that struggle with attendance. The Rangers are better than that. You would never see Montreal, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, or Toronto do something stupid like that.

  66. Johnny D…
    I guess what I’m saying is as adult fans we know what is going on, and that winning a game 1 is just the beginning. But, if it puts a huge smile on my kids faces, watching all the smoke and streamers, then what the heck is the big deal.? We should be able to look past the streamers if it enhances the experience for the younger ones.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Found myself going crazy watching game last night and realized unlike the Caps and Sens, this series is personal. Losing to the Debs would be absolutely heart breaking, because we are the better team. Just like in ’94 when we smacked the Isles and then beat Debs, this feels like destiny.

    If we lose Game 2 the bandwagon will have a few less on it, the ledge will get more crowded and all the blog haters will be back!

    All hail The Kreider!!!!

  68. I’m going tomorrow night! I hope I catch a T-Shirt! Maybe the Rangers will win too!

  69. That’s not for the younger ones though. That’s to please the Blackberry crowd (which to be fair, I guess I am included in now haha) to make them feel like they are at a party. It’s to keep them semi interested in the game. It’s not for the kids.

  70. I must have missed all the pyrotechnics that everyone is upset about. I was enthralled about the way Lundqvist handled that game.

    As for after goal explosives, there is always Brass Bonanza as per Whalers of old, ( or do they still use it) It sure used to jar on the nerves of visiting teams.

  71. When was the last time the rangers were on the back page of the NY Post 4 days in a row?

  72. Carp, as always, I enjoyed your perspective. Am i detecting just a smidge of affection in addition to your admiration for this team?

    Anybody else agree that their physical play has slightly increased with each round? Forecheckers were finishing their checks with quite a number of hard hits from the drop of the puck. I love how hard and clean this team plays (okay, Prusty got a little high on his penalty, but that’s the exception not the rule).

    That was one spectacular save by Mr. Krispy Kreme last night on Staal but can he play at that level for this entire series? Our boys are going to be moving him around and I don’t believe his 40 year old legs can take the abuse. Imagine two stacks of 40 jelly donuts holding up a keg of beer…

    Another aspect to love about this team is their emotional control. Not too high, never too low. In control. Games over, time to focus on the next task at hand. The proper time to celebrate is in June when you’re holding a 34 lb. silver cup over your head. This team gets it.

    While I usually agree with Carp, would anyone be surprised if the series isn’t tied after the next game? I have a suspicion that Mr. Kreme’s basket will have more biscuits in it than the King’s!

  73. Rob in Beantown on

    Well after every game 1 thus far I’ve disagreed with Carp and thought it would be 2-0, but each time I’ve been wrong. That said, I think it will be 2-0.

  74. Do we really want to sign an ex-Devil? How did Gomez, Holik, Driver , and Malakhov do? With Duguay doing is pre-game cheer Rangers are 3-0. Don’t change the luck. How would you fit JP’s son under the cap? Who will you not resign to give him the money? You plan to hold Stepan, Hagelin, Kreider back to give Parise the big $$$? What happened to building from within?

  75. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Yes, someone please tell me what Duguay does pre-game… I don’t watch any of that stuff, just the game itself (and post-game).

    A few other thoughts:

    1) I do believe they were confident going into the 3rd period, especially after that not-so-great 2nd. If this team is truly mastering the 3rd period, they are going to be hard to beat.

    2) McDonagh is unreal. That trade may go down as one of the best Ranger trades in decades.

    3) It’s nice to have some other guys score some goals, we are going to need that. Cally has cooled off some, but you know he will be heard from soon, too.

    4) I love (just love) how the guys were focused on getting the next one in their post-game interviews. I heard Staal and Boyle and others mention that they have learned from the previous series (plural) to try and seize control and not go 1 for 1. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if they won game 2.

    5) Hank’s saves on Parise were crazy. And yes, Marty can still stop them (how many of you thought that after the Staal save the Devils were going to tie it?), but you just get the sense he’s not as quick and agile as he used to be, and he might even cheat a bit to one side or the other.

    I am starting to get confident about this series. I still think it may go 6 (or longer), but I like the way they came out and took this game. And I think the players can taste how close they are to the Finals, but they can’t get complacent. (Torts won’t let them… last point– watched the NHL Network coverage around midnight and Kevin Weekes showed a clip of Torts berating Stepan and poking him in the back (must’ve been on CBC coverage) and then Stepan blocking a shot and limping off, and then Torts patting him on the back. Awesome!)

  76. Johnny – that’s the BEST point. Original Six. Go with classy, classy, classy. None of this pomp and circumstance garbage.

  77. For those asking: Duguay appears with a mic on the ice in the corner at the visitors ramp entrance and delivers a motivating speech about how this team wont be intimidated rah, rah, and then leads the Garden into a let’s go Rangers chant. I find it kind of funny and am not bothered by it. Actually makes me wonder if he was one of the more vocal guys in the room when he played- I would have pictured him as kind of quiet.

  78. Yes Marty did make that save and it was great, but I didnt see him as real good last night, infact he was shaky handling the puck and to me not comfortable. I stated earlier he will be the reason they lose, no doubt he will have a great game, but way too many breakdowns over the long haul. If Hank gave up that 1st goal some of you guys would be killing him and that was the game right there. Whoever blinks first. HUGE game Wed. we win and its a short series and we need some rest and less games and shotblocking, they will fold we go 2-0. It will be a war on Wed. though

  79. These guys never stop amazing me, it’s crazy how much energy they had in the 3rd. Every guy plays his heart out.

    There is no question they were tired in the 2nd and very much on their heels. But it’s the same formula, Hank holds them in, and they find a way.

    It’s a bit early to say frustrated but you could sense the Devils were thrown off a bit by their falling behind after dominating.

    Sorry NJ, this aint Universe you’re up against!

  80. >>14) I still expect this series to be 1-1 after two games. As I usually do.

    I was hoping you wouldn’t close with that. On the bright side, since you’re two for two, you’re due for a miss.

  81. hey FiveFootZero,
    Very imaginative with the viewing party! Congrats on all the events happening in the past few weeks. Fans like us are true blue! LETS GO RANGERS!

  82. I am very interested to hear from anyone who was in MSG if there were a lot of Devils Fans in the building?

  83. Did anyone else catch Chico’s comments after the game where he said Stepan bumped/interfered with Marty on the first goal but Marty is taking the high road by saying he wasn’t bumped. What a tool.

  84. Stall18 – Malakhov went to the Devils AFTER he was on the Rangers. Also Holik, Gomez, and Driver did EXACTLY what they did with the Devils, they just got paid more money for it.

    Rangers signed Holik to be a top line center when he was really a 3rd line center. He continued to put up his career averages with the Rangers, just got paid way too much money for it. Gomez was the same thing. Guy averaged 55-60 points a year with the Devils and with the Rangers he put up 70 in his first year and 58 in his 2nd year (above his career averages actually), he just got paid a ton of more money for it.

    Not sure why Rangers fans always felt like those players did poorly here. They didn’t meet expectations because they were unrealistic expectations due to the amount of money they made. If someone says “I’ll give you three times as much to come work for me in the same job you had”, you’d be an idiot to say, “No, that’s ok, I’ll keep my current salary”.

  85. Yev there were a fair number of Devils fans but it was hard to tell exactly how many because they didn’t have a lot to cheer about.

  86. >>…Emrick…How did he become a the voice of hockey? How did this travesty occur?

    How old are you, itiki? Just because you do not like the man doesn’t mean he had not earned his stripes.

  87. I never post here usually usually just read, but i wanna ask this. why do the rangers play ny ny by Sinatra BEFORE the end. i figure the Yankees already made precedent for Sinatra you have to earn Sinatra. playing ny ny during the game is bad luck.

  88. Healy said he was bumped too. It was Callahan. He made minimal contact with the stick and Brodeur was about 3 feet outside the net. Marty didn’t see the shot anyway so it didn’t hinder his chance of stopping the puck.

  89. >>Did anyone else catch Chico’s comments after the game…?

    I would have had I not muted the TV. That man has absolutely nothing to say about hockey that I’d want to hear. NOTHING!

  90. Jonny it looked to me like the stick contact was before the shot and I agree it didn’t hinder his stopping the puck so it just highlights the fact that Chico was being a tool because he came pretty close to blaming the goal on the contact.

  91. Good question, Amos. I don’t really know. There seems to be a ton of ridiculous hooplah surrounding the game now.

  92. Rangers were doing Sinatra at the end of game way before the Yankees. And don’t get me started on the Let’s Go Yankees.

  93. At the end if the game its fine. last round i heard it during the 3rd when they were losing that’s not right

  94. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Matteau, actually, I think they were crediting him with giving two carcillos about the game.

  95. “My speed alone makes these no-talents seem as if they should be honing their skill in the Mexican league.”

    HAHAHAHAHAH i heard the Mexican league is taking over the #2 spot from KHL, Alex Semin may sign with the Mexican league this summer.

  96. How about Brodeur’s quote, from Tom Gulitti about “Hopefully we’ll be able to hurt a few guys hitting one-timers off their foot and their head or something.” Real Professional Marty!!

  97. Chico was visibly upset in that ridiculous 3 way the Debbies were doing. His panties were in an uproar and he was accusing Stepan of bumping into his wet-dream ally, Marty. He was suggesting that the Devils needed to bump Lundqvist and maybe go “over the line.” Then admired Marty for taking the “high road” in his interview and not admitting that Stepan bumped him. Later on he retracted a bit when evidence suggested that Stepan accidentally got the knob of his goalie stick, but he kept on sobbing and going on about the Wangers being aggressive toward wittle Marty.

  98. Carp, I know Dolan would love this round to go seven. I “BELIEVE” in Game 2 . 8pm Starts does change the routine , but once your in the building who really cares. Its the T.V.prime time bosses that suck. I miss Sam and Joe( Sammy more) and the MSG Network so much. Bleed Blue Stay True. 7 more wins.

  99. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone think that Sam Rosen does play by play at home when hes not at MSG? With the TV volume down.

  100. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JP’s Kid and Avery for Nash over the summer…and we be all set for the next 5 cups

  101. NYRanger4Life on

    Yev, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter who has become my families unofficial Rangers cheerleader. My father in law and I were in the car on the way to the game last night, and we had to call her just so she could sing “LETS GO RANGERS.” It’s amazing to here her scream it.

    I’ve got another girl on the way, but rest assured, I will have two die hard Rangers fans. Cant wait til I can sit down and enjoy the games with them when they are older, like yours.

  102. For those who are asking, there were Devils fans there but they were either a) not wearing devils stuff or b) not cheering because they scored 0 goals. I would imagine some of the “suits” or those wearing Yankee gear instead of Rangers shirts/jersey would probably have stood up cheering should the Devils have scored…

    Garden was electric again last night. Why shouldn’t it be? We don’t need smoke mosters either, to make us cheer.

    BTW those who were watching on TV, did you hear the “Uncle Daddy” chants? Oh I am not even lying about that one…

  103. Matteau!

    Thanks for explaining. And I thought Duguay did something embarrassing…he’s a fan! Nothing’s wrong with that!

  104. Regarding the enjoyment of the Rangers with your kids…
    My husband and I have 4 grown kids, three of them live a fair distance from us and it is rare for us to get together for a game, but it sure is s special feeling when we do.

    My husband and I watched game 7 vs Washington with our ten year old son. At the end of the game, we were all holding hands on the couch, counting down, then jumping up and down with so much jubilation. It was a really special moment for us, getting to share this special season together.

    Boy, is he going to be tired for school the next few weeks :)

  105. NYRanger4Life –
    When I was a little 4 year old girl my grandfather watched me a few days a week while my parents worked. He always was watching the Rangers. I caught on quick and that was the beginning of the end for me. When the Rangers won the Stanley cup in 1940, my grandfather was 10 years old. Then at the age of 64 he got to celebrate again… with me, then 10 years old. He told us (his 6 grandchildren) that it was incredibly special to share that moment with all of us. We all caught the bug- all season ticket holders and we celebrate together… There’s nothing more special than this tradition.

  106. Winston, he’ll be fine. I was 10 in ’94 and I never slept. I spent that spring in a haze, but it was worth it and I survived :)

  107. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    I still thought it was great when malakhov kicked Nathan horton’s aasen in that fight when he was with the rangers. He and girardi remind me a lot of each other in a pugalist sense!

  108. Manny – that still can be considered goalie interference though. They’ve called it plenty of times before and it does technically hinder the goalie from making a save. But in that case he didn’t see the shot and was way out of the net.

    Stall – That’s fine, but it’s not the players fault they were paid more. The fact is they were paid more to do something they couldn’t do. Scott Gomez was a 55-60 point player. He was being paid to be a 90+ point player. Thats extremely unrealistic. It’s like taking a paralegal and making them into an elite trial lawyer overnight. It would never happen.

  109. I grew up in CT going to Whalers’ games with my pops. We used to drive to Hartford and see a few games a season. Luckily, my Aunt married a guy from Canada and was previously married to a New York sports guy. That made a nice combination of Hockey and New York for my upbringing. My grandfather played semi-pro hockey and my dad could skate almost as well. I was taught from a young age to skate around on the ice pushing the barrel in front of me.

    It’s not as great as your stories everybody but man….I really remember those days well no matter what age I was.

  110. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Some of you guys crack me up…..just have to complain about something!

    Hey Carp, I’m on assignment in Mamaroneck today…totally psyched for lunch!!!!

  111. Johnny – I think you are trying to refer to Matteau!! and not me! I wasn’t arguing nothing, copper!

  112. rangers d is much better in there own zone with the puck then the panthers or flyers, that should reduce the effectiveness of the debbies forecheck.

    this team is going to the finals against the kings…….that is no longer a wish but a realistic prediction.

    this team is loaded with talent. not high end scoring talent but good pieces.. kredier of course has to play legit minutes with some skill guys, to take advantage of his abilities.

    the rangers have 3.5 really really good d men. mdz is not quite their defensivley yet. that is a huge thing….staal, mac truck, and girardi change everything.. the debbies do not have any d man that can play like those 3….sure the debbies have more skill up front but our stud d men neutralize that.

  113. I went down to Bowling GReen this morning, and I wrote my name with White Out on a lamppost to claim my spot for the parade. You Blackberry crowd better sya away and go get your own spots.

  114. as much as I’d love to make the proclamation that they’ll finally win game 2 of a series, I can’t do it. I thought the Rangers looked so much better than Ottawa & Washington after those game 1s and they basically came out and crapped the bed in game 2. I’m quietly confident about what they’ll do tomorrow night, but I’m not going to say anything about the outcome until the game is over.

  115. iWicky "Rupp Yours". LGT!!! on

    So they call mcilrath the Mac truck also. When he and mcdonut are on the team , who gets the nickname?

  116. I love the Kreider quotes. Kid is very bright and a great communicator. The collective IQ of the Rangers went up when CK joined the team…so the did the goal scoring ability….

  117. Speaking of IQ, I took Kreider to task a bit last night for not being able to identify any of the Rangers whose good plays lead to him getting the puck to feed Girardi and Anisimov getting the puck to feed him for a goal. That’s something he should (and no doubt will) fix.

  118. good point by Wicky – to clear up any confusion and avoid future conflict, I hereby declare that McDonagh will now be forever known as The mickety mickety mickety mickety Mac Daddy

  119. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Yev and NYr4Life, I have a 14 year old daughter that has caught the bug, too. Her older brothers like the game and have enjoyed our seats over the years. Their younger sister knows all the stats, emails, texts, blogs, is so into it. It is a great thing to share and enhances the bond!

  120. iWicky "Rupp Yours". LGT!!! on

    The team should all put on those sticky backed convention name tags next time in the lockerroom to give kreider crap

  121. I think McBust is a better nickname than Mac Truck. Mac Truck doesn’t really define McDonagh. Mac Trucks are not fast, their brakes often fail and they hit things with force. McBust is really fast, really agile and doesn’t hit that hard.

    McBust and Del Zaster are AMAZING nicnkames

  122. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Carpy, great review. Always look forward to it.

    I go back and forth on AA, but that was a great ‘no-look’ pass to Kreider, who finished (that was a word lacking in Rangers fan’s vocabularies!!! Wow, HE FINISHED!!!! THE KREIDER!!

    It was nice to see Feds unselfishly pass the puck to AA for the empty netter. Typical unsung hero being team player. AA deserved the goal, too. Good job.

    The look on Fed’s face was ‘boyish’. He had a great game all night. Steady, solid play.

  123. iWicky "Rupp Yours". LGT!!! on

    My 3 and 4 year olds walk around the house chanting lets go rangers all the time

  124. ENG was Feds –> Boyle –> Anisimov

    Good one, Winston. I like that. The Wrath of Mcllrath.

  125. Manny – you are right, I was commenting on Matteau. Too many M’s here haha.

    Also, they call him Mac Truck because he skates through everything. He’s just a beast. Takes hits, throws hits, blocks everything, and also because some of those hits where you think he’s seriously injured (see: Ference/Boston), he just gets up and skates away. Pretty sure that’s where he got his nickname from.

  126. When Staten Island was still the country, I played hockey on the frozen pond behind my house – the ENTIRE neighborhood was there. I clearly remember playing goalie and flopping to make a save, only to get hit on my knee cap underneath my catching shin guards. I still feel the pain even now…but it’s not as painful as knowing how slimy Staten Island is now.

  127. Jonny my only point about Chico is the contact had nothing to do with the goal but he implied that it did. Whether it should have been a penalty is debatable and it wasn’t called so why make a big deal about it if it didn’t affect Marty anyway? Because he’s a homer tool.

  128. the energy in the Garden when Kreider scores is incredible. you get an eruption whenever the Rangers score in the post season, but it’s next level when 20 puts one in the net.

  129. Best line of the night (that i can quote here) Elias down at center ice after taking a puck to the grill: “Hey you’re bleeding on the Logo get up”.

  130. Matteau – if Marty was trying to use his stick to make the save (which he does a lot to push pucks into the corner), then it did affect him. I don’t think it affected the end result because he didn’t see the shot, but it is a valid point Chico and Healy made. I just think he was so far out of the crease, it really shouldn’t matter there. If he was in the blue paint, a no goal call I’d be OK with.

  131. Anyone catch Milbury talking about Boyle needing to pick-up his game? ” He has’nt been the same since his “suspension””. WTF??

  132. We need to get rid of: the smoke machines, the streamers, the clap your hands things, the doofus with the fake beard and cow bell, the zamboni race and dancing harry. bring back the puck race, Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton and air horns in the blue seats. It’s just that simple.

  133. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Stranger…..Walter’s for dang sure!!! Been way to long since I’ve been…..scandalously so!

  134. Jay Beagle broke his foot while blocking a shot in Game 5 against the Rangers and needed surgery.

    … McPhee said D Tom Poti, who missed all season injured, “may have played his last game in the NHL.”

  135. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Little ‘atmosphere’ story for those that couldn’t be there last night….I took the NJ Transit train in last night. Going home, hundreds, if not over a thousand blue shirted fans (and a handful of red-faced, jerseyed, NEW JERSEY Devil fans) directly after game. Quiet high fives as people entered, jovial, but relatively muted train ride. We get off, and in the Secaucus station, fans let loose by the turnstiles to the exit of the building, two loud chants FOR MINUTES…..you should have seen the looks on the unsuspecting civies:

    Marty takes it ….(blah, blah, blah)…doodah, doodah

    and Let’s Go Rangers….

    Also, leaving the game through the main, 7th Avenue, entrance, tons of LGR chants, MAR-TEE, MAR-TEE, etc.

  136. I have a strange feeling that this Rangers team finally earns CARP’s love and adoration and turn him from impartial pro writer to one of us who really cares.(still with eagle eye and firm writing hand for fair analyses).

  137. Watching yesterday’s game…
    The way how Rangers play, I suspect, it is not just collapse in their own zone, nail biting and frustrating to watch, but rather deliberate and confident tactic (kind of “knowhow”), based on their defensive skill play, counting on inevitable bounce from blocking shots which lead to fast transition to attack cutting off opposition players stocked deep in our zone. It looks risky, but rewarding, if executed perfectly? I’m not talking about situations when other team’s puck possession skills and/or desperate pressure create visibly similar picture. Could it be (in theory) or it sounds too insultingly stupid for your great hockey minds?

  138. Blast Tyrant on

    I’m not a fan of all of these special effects at the games either. It’s taking away the individuality of the Garden (like the rest of the city) and making it like every other lame arena in the league. I live in LA. I expect this at Kings games, where the biggest chant of the game is “We want ice cream,” during the McFlurry minute in the 2nd period. Leave this crap to the teams with brain-dead fanbases. Keep it out out of NY.

  139. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    I am totally in agreement about all the unecessary crapola that MSG does to ‘create atmosphere and loudness’. It’s offensive. The arena would be LOUDER without all the fake scoreboard chants, smoke, etc.

    Yes, texting, rally towels, shirts, all that stuff, quiets the arena, but nothing worse than the fans starting a chant and it gets drowned out by scoreboard noise. That works in Carolina.

    HEY DOLAN, we are knowledgable fans. Shut down the piped in stuff!!!

  140. Carp, Rangers can’t lose game 2… it needs to be 2-0 going to the Rock … Close series will start catching up to them … I pick them in 5 …

  141. McIlrath’s nickname is “THE UNDERTAKER”

    Not sure where this Mac Truck thing is coming from?

  142. I really did NOT see the interference on that play at all. If the goalie skates out of the crease and initiates the contact, it’s not interference.

    Marty was actually doing the right thing there – he was trying to get as close as possible to the man in front in case of a deflection, so it didn’t have a lot of time/space to change directions without hitting him.

    Gomez Addams should know better. So sick of listening to him make excuses every time Marty gives up a goal. It’s never Marty’s fault according to Chico.

  143. Ted’s for lunch – hot dog w/ mustard, onions, & relish. Sooooo good.

    Tiki, if you want Pepperoni Boy to get kissed, you’re gonna have to do it yourself.

  144. @Matty:

    Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more. The incessant artificial noise sometimes drowns out chants that have started organically. Wish I could tell the people who run the Garden that they are doing a disservice to the fans with that incessant noise and “GET LOUD” nonsense!

  145. Stranger Nation on

    mama – bon appetit – 2 doubles, curly fries and a black/white shake is not a bad thing…

    bring an umbrella

  146. I just heard from a very well respected and prominent NYR alum who agreed the Duguay thing and the whole smoke-machine, confetti stuff is embarrassing to the NYR.

  147. Stranger Nation on

    And the white *BYFUGLEIN* towels – are we *surrendering????*

    Stand up, clap, stomp and scream until your

    head hurts worse than Elias,

    your hand worse than Callys

    and your feet worse than Beagles.

  148. Carp, any chance they do away with that stuff now or are we stuck with it for the remainder of playoffs?

  149. I don’t mind the confetti, smoke machine, fireworks, etc. The way I see it, it can be much worse. You know, like a Blue Man Group performance featuring Ace Frehley. That’s a nightmare right there!

  150. “Chris Kreider is really a special player. The kid is huge under that shirt, too.” Kotalik’s forearms!

    Anybody find out anything about the dollar bills up against the glass?

  151. 4ever – it’s not how the Rangers want to play, but it was the 2nd period (long change) and they had guys who were out there and got caught in the zone. Many players in that type of situation would try to make a lunge at the puck to get it out and get a change. The Rangers don’t do that. Instead, they let the puck stay around the outside and protect the middle. They try to block everything that goes on net.

    It’s a great tactic because it helps them regain energy and not waste it by chasing the puck when they are tired. This way when they do get the puck, someone has the energy to skate it out and make sure it gets deep so they can change all 5 on the long change in the 2nd period. It’s by design when in those situations.

    If you notice, the times when they are usually caught in their own zone like that for an extended period is when they are defending the far side of the ice (2nd period, OT, 3rd OT, etc.)

  152. At least the Rangers don’t have stupid Ice Girls and Half-Nude dancers in the stands. That would be the most embarrassing.

  153. The only thing I think those dollar bills could be for are for Lundqvist (possibly have his face on them) or just to say “we are the 1%”. Either one is hilarious haha

  154. Why are so many Devils fans and anti-Rangers fans pointing out how MDZ put his hand on the puck leading to that goal? He was tripped right before that happened, directly leading to him being on his fannie. So a missed call on both sides.

  155. Leetchhalloffame on

    This series is different Carp. Rangers win the first 2 instead of 1-1.

  156. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Holy hartnell Stranger! That’s almost exactly what I just had! The shake was just chocolate though….I am stuffed to bursting but soooooo happy!

  157. Jbytes, Im 26! And I know Doc survived cancer, just as Miami Pimp is going to, and I applaud him for it. Just disagree that he’s earned it.

    ilb, Hank will never care!!!!!

    Sally, 7 more wins til you have to give Orr his first ever kiss!!!!

  158. 2 + 1 = 3
    The Devils outplayed us for 2 whole periods, but after Rangers scored 1st goal in 3rd period everything change momentum. Lunqvist was a King again and surprisingly after game end didn’t show any emotion like he did before. I think he wanted to say “Not a big deal, just do my work as usual”.
    I also surprisingly was so relax when watched that game. Most nervous games were against Ottawa.

  159. Odd, it always takes the Devils and Marty to bring out the best in Henrik. Im pretty sure the 2 teams he’s performed best against throughout his career are the Devils and the Bruins.

  160. Beating Cancer does not make you a great announcer. Apparently doing something for a really long time on the national, international or NHL stage doesn’t either.

    Emrick stinks. Who cares if he’s earned it. What is this? A pension? The Army? You don’t just get stuff because you have done it for a long time and put in your dues. Ask all my friends who have toiled in law firms for years only to get laid off while recently married, with children, with extensive loans and now no income. Some of them were better at their job than Doc Emrick is at his.

  161. DZ closed his hand on the puck. If they called that on Volchenkov in the first, they should’ve called it on DZ as well. However it would’ve helped the Rangers score anyway since we know they are terrible 5 on 4. So it didn’t account to Flyder’s goal.

  162. Here’s another point I would like to bring up. MSG (especially now for the playoffs) comps athletes and other celebrities who wouldnt know their Emrick from their elbow in terms of hockey knowledge. Then they show them on the big screen and all the suits put their Blackberries down long enough to cheer them. So if you are a real fan don’t cheer for them. Unless its a female country music star. I can live with that.

  163. Tiki + Manny = Vibin’

    It’s just annoying to me. Some people get to “earn” things by just doing it for a long time (postal workers, Doc Emrick, Joe Buck and many senior military officials). Other people can work forever at something and never get a promotion for whatever reason. What about the NHL players that have toiled in the AHL or on the borderline of the NHL for years? Have they earned the chance to play on the first line in the Stanley Cup finals merely because they have “tried” for a really long time?

  164. Spider/Charlie, Del Z wasn’t tripped, he went down on his own. That “hand pass” definitely should have been a penalty. You can whack the puck, but you can’t cover it with your hand, and he did it for, what, two or three seconds?? NYR definitely got lucky there.

    If it happened to NYR, the fans would definitely be crying aboot it endlessly, so I don’t blame Devils fans for being so upset aboot it. Refs screwed up, as always.

  165. Mike- From the LEDGE on

    While I am very excited about the possibility of going to the Stanley Cup Finals, the reality is if you have watched any of the King games you will see we have no shot of beating them. They have 3 very good scoring lines, a bigger and tougher defense and a goalie as good as Lundqvist. They are steam rolling teams and are 6-0 on the road.

  166. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Carp, after each first game series win you have predicted a loss in game 2. Can you explain the reasoning behind that? Is it specific to the individual series? Is it specific to this Ranger team?

    Thank you.

  167. I am willing to fight both NYR_FAN and ORR right now! Back to the days of people threatening to fight on the blog. Well threatening, on the blog, to fight. Not fighting ON the blog but elsewhere the physical fisticuffs will take place. Too confusing.

    Simplified: Fight me, Orr and NYR. NOW!

  168. True professional? Dude can’t even get the names right. Which is understandable because he usually mixes up a player with the same 1 number (i.e. Gabby and Stall/ Anisimov and Boyle) and I can’t imagine broadcasting at such an intensity but cmonnnnnnnnnn.

  169. Manny, you can fight NYR. But I disallow you from fighting Orr, its not right for grown men as yourself to fight children. :)

  170. High Desert Roberto on

    I’m no Marty lover but that save on Staal looked like all glove to me..dont see how the d-man bailed him out

  171. Manny, as I type this, I’m kicking you right in your balls!

    Wutwut, maybe you don’t watch many other hockey games, so you don’t know, but +EVERY ANNOUNCER IN THE LEAGUE MAKES THOSE MISTAKES+

    All joking aside, all you people whining aboot Doctor Emrick, I have something extremely useful to tell you, that you probably don’t know. If you look on your remote, there’s this little button called “Mute”, and when you click it, the most amazing thing happens, the sound on the TV goes out. It’s like magic. Then you can hear what ever you want to hear. Whether it be the sound of wind chimes, the screams of a psychotic guy wanking, what ever, it’s up to you!

  172. If I was smart I would just purchase DVR and sync up to the radio feed because Kenny and Dave are even better than Sam and Joe to me. But I am a lazy American and we like to complain about stuff.

  173. i dont care how good the kings are playing, to say we have no shot agaist them is laughable.

  174. Doc didn’t just get put on center stage because he’s been doing it for awhile. Ask anyone in the business at the amount of work he does to prepare for games and events and they’ll tell you that nobody works harder. You may not like the guys voice, but he worked extremely hard to get where he is right now. Strader did the same thing, hence why he’s #2 on the NBCSN behind him.

  175. Thanks Charlie! Harpo! That’s me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get ready for a pounding boys! Here come the fisticuffs of insanity.

  176. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “not as many extra circular activities after the whistle in game 1”

  177. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the devils are going to have to score some goals if they expect to win the series”

  178. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the rangers took commend (sic) of the game from the opening”

  179. Doc gets players names wrong on the Rangers because they are impossible to see at home with the blue shirts and red numbers. Jack Edwards mentioned it awhile back about how games at MSG are the toughest since it’s hard to see who is who in those jerseys.

    The numbers on Rangers jerseys are notorious for annoying visiting/national broadcasters since it’s extremely hard to see from the MSG announcing booth and on the TV. Sam is starting to get it wrong (routinely mixing up Anisimov and Hagelin because of their similar skating strides, even though Hags is faster), but not as routinely because he sees the players every night and knows what their tendencies are.

  180. JR on the other hand, is absolutely terrible. He’s funny, but doing analysis is sooooooo bad. Even Milbury is better than him.

  181. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the rangers were dominatoring in their own end”

  182. Mike- From the…wherever,
    You are The Defeatist, you know that. Besides, it seemed, you never watched Rangers this season, including this PO. They proved more times than not, and become particularly famous, beating teams, which LOOKED (key word) much better (like Philties-6:0 for example), more skilled, having more depth, etc. What’s more, they did it in the best way exactly under pressure in a very important, stressed situation. I would say, if nothing else, it become their Team’s ID. So, get your tail from between your legs and look in the future with well based hope and optimism, if you’re really Rangers fan. Be worthy your team, which trade mark is Never Give Up!

  183. How long before Kreider gets a sangwich named after him at the Carnegie, Stage and Katz’s?

  184. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “krieder is the mostest fastest skater in the NHL today”

  185. Stranger Nation on

    E3 – my brutha! The Kreider be illin on the Debbies. Had Marmy leaning a little right and snap! wrister to the left.

  186. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “rangers win every game like game 1, and they will advancement to the finals”

  187. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Marty won the lottery with the Staal save. Yep, it’s a great save. He swept his glove and the puck found it. Good positioning.

    I was 10 rows off the ice on the Devil’s goal side, first and third periods. I have to admit that save happend so quick I couldn’t see until video replay how good it looked.

    My take on Fatty was he is still quick, but very floppy. He is reduced to being a good goalie, but he makes his mistakes at this point. There are holes in his armour. His puck handling, once his major attribute, was shaky, very shaky. Let him go behind the net. The percentages are with us!

    I also think Henrik was in a zone. He will stop most anything direct. The Dev’s, in the past, have hung out low slot for angled point shot deflections from 10 feet out or put more men in front. If they don’t do that with Hank, they will not beat him.

    This guy wants to beat the Devils. He wants to beat the organization, the last decade’s ‘best goalie’, etc. It will be hard to get the best of him.

  188. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    s. nation, my brutha…The kreider be eriously ick out there…aight

  189. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “by stopping every shot, Henrik, managemated the shutout”

  190. “If you look on your remote, there’s this little button called “Mute”, and when you click it, the most amazing thing happens, the sound on the TV goes out. It’s like magic. Then you can hear what ever you want to hear.”

    Yes! And, there’s also a thing called a radio which has an exclusive Rangers broadcast on 98.7FM and an exclusive Devils broadcast on 660AM. So, you have options, if you don’t want to sit in silence or listen to the True Professional, Mike “Doc” Emrick!

  191. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “in my opinionated opinion, the rangers should be compensatory in the finals”

  192. Jonny Marty’s strick got bumped, but it was outside the blue and it did not affect the goalie on that play. So why bring it up after the game in context of explaining the loss, other than to make lame homer excuses?

  193. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Doc Emrick ” ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  194. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    eddie, The Kreider jerseys now on sale at MSG as of last night. There will be a sea of Kreider jerseys in MSG in no time.

    The kid can play.

  195. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Matty – i love The Kreider – my favorite player along with McD and Avery

  196. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    sally – if you are mostest fastest, you are really really really fast

  197. Yeah, there’s always the radio! I can’t listen to the radio cause every time I hear Kenny’s voice, in my mind, I get the image if Marv Albert in panties chomping on a prostitute. Makes it hard to focus on the game.

  198. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the determinatory fact of game 1, is the rangers combustulated the devils”

  199. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ditch Duguy! Can the Confetti!

    Bring the Ice Queens!! (Get it? Hanks the king … dur. Ok. Lame)

  200. Yeah, what was with the question to Torts about the time-out after an icing? Was that some guy who covers football and has nothing better to do? Talk about poking a bear with a stick.

  201. I don’t know why people here spend more posts discussing (mostly in disgust) all commentators.
    OK, some of them are biased, some making some mistakes – it is nature of that business. I, personally, can tolerate most pretty well. Doc Emrick annoys me only when he tries to elevate a level of excitement, by shriek, yelp and squeal like slaughtered pig for EVERY shot TOWARD the net. Other than that he is, of course, very creative pro.
    But, I have an exception – so called, CHICO is real disgrace to all Hockey. He is emetical, vomitive prick. Period

  202. You know, I will hand it to the YES Network for showing all the playoff games and refusing to give up their rights to their team’s games. You get the same people all year and are not subjected to a drunk Rick Sutcliffe, Joe Buck and any random old baseball player aside from Rick Sutcliffe.

  203. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the rangers series from from over, they still need to win 5 more games to get 4”

  204. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Chico – “marty was better than hank in game 1”

  205. I am sure some of you old-timers can remember Sam actually getting to call the Rangers playoff games. Right?

  206. Manny, YES doesnt. And its not their choice. MLB playoffs are all exclusively nationally televised and the NHL playoffs after the 1st round are all exclusively nationally televised. They have no choice in the matter.

  207. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Matteau, no way Marty was effected. Realize this guy has flopped on every sheet of ice in North America. He is always complaining. Always.

    He is as bad as Neil after MDZ’s hit in game 7. You know, the sack of potatoes for 1-3 minutes, then get up and skate away.

    Don’t listen to anyone who complains about Marty not getting his due from the refs.

  208. Really. Tiki!? So my argument stinks! Why do I remember a lot of post-season calls by Kay? Maybe I am confusing that with listening to the Radio?

    I am going to go beat myself up. Fisticuffs of Insanity.

  209. No problem, NYR!

    I agree, Chico is the worst. The way he kept bringing up that “bump” on Brodeur, even after Brodeur said himself, it wasn’t much of a bump.

    He’s the worst in the business.

    I don’t care who’s calling the games, as long as they’re unbiased, and Doctor Emrick is 100% unbiased. At the end of the day, I’m focused on *watching* the games, not listening!

  210. Dont beat yourself up. I despise Kay as I despise Emrick, but Id rather listen to Kay than be forced to hear the likes of Ron Darling, Joe Buck, Tim Drunken McCarver, formerly Chip Caray.

  211. Matteau – because Chico is a goalie. Glenn Healy said the same thing during the broadcast for CBC because he too is a goalie. So it’s just defending the goalie more-so than anything. It’s not why they lost (which is exactly what DeBoer said).

    Chico is bad. Other announcing crews that are terrible include Pittsburgh, Colorado, and San Jose.

  212. As the Rangers inch closer to the franchise’s 5th Stanley Cup, please think about the children here and abroad that suffer and die from starvation every day.

    $1 feeds 4 children. If everyone donates $1, imagine the lives that help be saved.


  213. BroadwayRoe on

    “Don’t sell your tickets to Rangers fans. “Blogs such as Fire and Ice, In Lou We Trust, and HFBoards provide you with outlets to speak directly with other Devils fans who are looking for seats. This will ensure you are selling ONLY to other Devils fans. You can ask for pictures or meet them to deliver tickets, to ensure where their loyalty lies.”

    I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!

  214. Worst broadcasters in hockey.




    The biggest homers in all of sports….

  215. “You can ask for pictures or meet them to deliver tickets, to ensure where their loyalty lies.”


    I love this reasoning.

  216. I thought Emrick POINTEDLY slipped in a few jabs at Lundqvist. He said, more than once, that Hank was flailing. Someone else mentioned he said Girardi “sashayed” back to his own zone.

    And why can’t we, once, just for fun, get to see Milbury take off his shoe during the in-between period discussion and beat Emrick (or Pierre) over the head with it?? That would be old time hockey. It’d be a publicity/ratings bonanza! C’mon NBC, strut those peacock feathers…

  217. Rob, it depends, in part on what happens in game 2. If Rangers win, it could be possible 40% Ranger fans

  218. He uses flailing to describe Marty too. He just means when they dive/reach for a puck.

    And NYR_FAN, the worst part is that Steegy and Errey work on the same broadcast! If I have to hear “WHAT A MOVE BY SIDNEY CROSBY!” again along with them completely going quiet whenever a Pen does something bad, I’m going to blow up my TV. Luckily I have Center Ice now and they usually have both broadcasts (unless it’s on NHL Network).

  219. Lloyd Braun on

    Emrick was a colossal homer when he did Devils games. You don’t spend that many years ingesting Brodeur’s waste products without some residue.

  220. Have any of you guys read about the Devils’ “No Blue” campaign? What a joke.

    Also, did anyone at the game last night see the guy with the ponytail in a Brodeur jersey getting arrested? Perfect ending to a great night.

  221. People were mugged leaving a concert in their building last weekend, and they’re worried about Rangers Fans?

  222. Lloyd Braun on

    Dan LD:

    Haven’t really heard about it. Assume it has something to do with allowing no one to wear Rangers attire while in MSG West.

  223. Sally, did you hear about the other new drink/shot?

    It’s called “a Shot of Semin.”

    …it’s a white russian with no NEED for a cup!

  224. Lloyd Braun on


    Last night’s Devils loss must have hurt huh. Don’t worry bro, I’m sure your boys will rebound tomorrow night.

  225. Lloyd Braun on

    I just wish Resch could be doing the game where the Rangers knock his beloved Devils out of the playoffs (and in NJ) like at the end of the Avery-Brodeur series. Someone has to have a youtube link to Resch’s meltdown when he heard an overwhelming majority of the crowd cheering for the visiting team.

  226. BroadwayRoe on

    Zubov- They didn’t mind taking my money in the past… in fact they call me about 2x a year for devils season tix. All I did was buy tickets to a Rangers/Devils game 5 years ago.

  227. Lloyd Braun on


    The last few Devils-Rangers playoff games I’ve attended were embarrassingly pro-Ranger crowds. Roughly my entire section were wearing Ranger jersey and the cheering for Ranger goals dwarfed anything the Devils did. I can understand them wanting to save face, I just don’t see it working.

  228. They could save face by admitting bankruptcy and moving the team to Quebec where people will root for it. They don’t get fans even when they are winning. If winning doesn’t work, nothing will.

  229. i think Emrick calling Brodeur’s giveaways “embarrassing” further confirms that he is a “homer”….more apt to express disappointment and make negative comments when you are emotionally invested in a team. I don’t mind Emrick though…clearly a smart guy, especially when you compare him to other teams’ broadcasters, like that doofus in Washington or any of the West Coast guys. Emrick is probably trying a little too hard to sound impartial, which makes it that much more embarrassing for him.

  230. Barney Fife the hockey announcer on

    It is not about being a homer. they purposely avoid that, and they even said so. No, it is about incompetence, and their defenders on here are just plain wrong, because they too often cannot tell one player from another, (confusing Boyle for Hagelin is inexcusable), they too often do not know the rules, (why is that not icing Eddie?) they too often do not know hockey terms, ( Knifed the puck, shovel shot, etc etc) and some have never even played hockey in any form ..( Emrick)

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