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Don’t mind the clanking during the Henrik Lundqvist press conference. They were cleaning up the Garden for Game 2. Pretty sure the Knicks aren’t playing tomorrow.

Lundqvist and Mike Rupp talked about Lundqvist stealing tonight’s 3-0 win, especially during a poor second period by the rest of the team. Lundqvist said that’s when his teammates need him — not in the moments he feels his best, but whenever they don’t. He also talked about being inspired to skate against a player like Martin Brodeur, who he grew up watching in Sweden.

Henrik Lundqvist:

[audio: hank.MP3]

Ryan McDonagh:

[audio: mcd.MP3]

Mike Rupp:

[audio: rupp.MP3]

Brad Richards:

[audio: richards.MP3]

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  1. GregM_section403 on

    Josh, 26, not cool… I was ‘Joshed”:


    Carp’s bringing his playoff “game” to these post games!!! Nice.

    I guess you gotta expect a lot of idiotic questions when 90 percent of the people in the room, except for you, Zip, Jessie, Andrew G and Brooks, have just been assigned to cover hockey (ice hockey, not field hockey).

  2. bazinga ;-)

    Thanks for the great work tonight CARPY! looking forward to your happy recap!

  3. kinda not buying this whole “Lundqvist stole the game” thing. Hank played well, but the team as a whole upped their game in the third and basically didn’t allow anything. Lundqvist was excellent for those stretches in the first and second where the Rangers weren’t playing as well as the Devils, no doubt, but Brodeur could just as easily have been said to be stealing the game for the Devils most of the night, too. Rangers played a solid team game and earned the win as a team.

  4. that’s not a knock on Lundqvist either. to say Lundqvist stole the game minimizes what the entire team did and presents a false picture that the Devils dominated the Rangers. they played better at times than did the Rangers, but they didn’t dominate and they certainly never came close to inflicting the kind of sustained pressure the Rangers put on them for the third period.

  5. Too many Garden moronic azzholes enjoy chanting at and deriding Brodeur instead of cheering their own heroes.

  6. Congrats Rangers on once again getting lucky.

    This team is on the cusp of disaster. I can smell it.

  7. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Go get ’em, Miami!! Never let them rest! ;-D

    Hank made a few great saves when he needed to – like on Parise and Kovalschmuck..

  8. Yea, Lloyd, ‘steal’ is a bit much. But he did stone some Devil’s with some big saves. Parise, Kovie, Zajac. First two, especially 2nd period, he had much tougher action than Fatty. Third period, he faced 4 shots.

    That third period was pretty special, team-wide.

    BTW, for a first game, the crowd was pretty good.

  9. See, MATT’s got the right idea. He knows that these clowns are going to lose in five.

  10. The “clowns” are the ones on the wrong side of a 3-0 score, goofball. Go back to Newark.

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Stole, my aasen!

    The Rangers were running on fumes by the second period. But they were slightly better or even with the Devils in the first. The third? They totally dominated and could have score five or six goals.

    By the did I mention just how great a dman McD is? He is also the most underrated in the league. Although I think that will end after these playoffs.

  12. Another great night in a whole season of them at the Garden. Just awesome, what a ride this is. This, right here, is exactly why I have had season tickets for the last 13 years.

    And this team has a great chance to win the whole thing – you know why? Because nobody else can match their will and they just win. Nobody else has as much will as these guys have and nobody else imposes their will to win so effectively.

    Plus they have Henk….

  13. “Because nobody else can match their will and they just win. Nobody else has as much will as these guys have and nobody else imposes their will to win so effectively.”


  14. Joekuh - 7 more.....GBTaMP! on

    was i the only one who laughed when emrick said fatso has the athleticism of a 25 year old?

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