Live Game 1 Chat at 3 p.m. … or you can replay it not live later


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  1. For some reason I feel like Hags has played well against the devils this season. Does anyone know if this is true?

  2. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    So I’m working and thought I better do this now

    LGLC, LGT, LGM, LGD, and LGR!!!

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Looks like *LEN* won the round 2 predictions contest. 4 for 4. Impressive, congrats Len!

    Miami P, did you write in for the ballot “Devils in 2.5 games?”
    In your third round predictions, I want GWG to be listed as Brodeur.

    Everyone else,

  4. Was just looking at the archives on the right for something in 2008 and noticed that this was the second to last blog in the archives from June 2009 at bottom of page.

    Update from Jane: Got off the phone with Kreider and want to clear up some bios, which say he is Boston College-bound in 2010. He’s moved it up to this fall after getting advice from a lot of people saying that he should play at a higher level sooner.

    It was a long crazy day, but Kreider said he’s excited to come to New York.

    “I’m just on cloud nine,” Kreider said. “I’ve been told it’s the greatest city in the world. I’ve never been there but I’m looking forward to it. I have a lot of friends who are Rangers fans.”

    Pretty funny


  5. 2.5 games?

    You guys are complete Minnie-Mouse. My pick is Devils in 1 game.

    The clowns are going to be so utterly embarrased tonight that they only recourse is forfeit after the first match. It’s called “saving face” and that’s what these no-talents will have to do to ensure they’re not scored on by Brodeur every single match.

    Tonights, it’s Devils 9-0 with a Brodeur hat trick. You read it here first.

    Now go weep.

  6. So this looks like the list of players called up by the Rangers:
    Cameron Talbot
    Tim Erixon
    Steve Moses
    Kris Newbury
    J.T. Miller
    Dylan McIlrath
    Casey Wellman
    I can see rewarding Talbot for his good play even though there is no chance he’ll play even a second. I have to say, really surprised V-Tank is not on the list. He must have really made his mark this training camp. He is anywhere but at the Ranger’s training camp come September.

  7. Thanks so much for doing the chat, Carp!

    Off to the first kickball game of the season! *Go Thunderballs!*

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    With a score of 9-0, is it a Brodeur hat plus 6 other scores? The Brodeurtrick (goaltender version of the Ovechtrick) would make so much more sense though.

    Have you seen him stick-handle? Years and years of Yodel, twinky, and tasty-cakes wielding has made him a skilled player with that puck.

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