It’s Go Time!


Rangers-Devils Game 1.

Here we go again. Another series, another Rangers-Devils series.

As you know, the Rangers have won four of five all-time playoff series against the Devils, and three of four against Martin Brodeur (who actually played also in the 1992 series, which was a Rangers victory).

We anticipate the same lineup for the Rangers tonight.

The Rangers recalled goalie Cam Talbot, forwards Casey Wellman, J.T. Miller, Kris Newbury and defensemen Tim Erixon and Dylan McIlrath from the Connecticut Whale. They will skate separately to be ready in case of emergency.

Let’s Go Tony!


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  1. N.CountryNYRFan on

    1st!!! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CJP, great post on previous thread, I’ve been saying that since round 1 game 1.

  3. It’s funny how fans on other sites are poo pooing the rangers’ speed and work ethic. It’s as if they’ve never watched this team play. A lot of them seem to think Sandy McCarthy and Eric Carins are still out on the ice.

    Can’t believe I have to miss this game.

  4. Wellman=the answer.

    I’m not surprised that fans of other teams don’t think much of the Rangers, when so many Rangers fans think they suck every time the other team gets a shot on goal.

  5. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    So, I made the mistake of putting on the NBCS pre-game show, and I got an earful of how great the NJD team is, and how well this series should bode for them against our beloved Rangers.

    I just don’t understand the hatred that these aasen-holes seem to harbor for the Rangers – is it because they’re former Flyers and Bruins, or is it that they’re being paid by *Mr.* Snider’s company? Rangers aren’t playing Filthy in this series, but the team that *eliminated* that toxic franchise from the playoffs!

  6. NYR’s keys to the series:

    1) Jam

    2) Bite

    3) Bickels as big as the building

    4) Mantaining *surges* and *momentum*

    5) *body language*

  7. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    So Carp – all those players that have been brought up (since the Whale has been eliminated), there still are limits as to how many players can dress for each game, correct? Having them up here doesn’t mean that they can be used in a game-situation, right?

  8. duckbill platypus on

    carpster says, “I’m not surprised that fans of other teams don’t think much of the Rangers, when so many Rangers fans think they suck every time the other team gets a shot on goal.”


  9. Jimbo, you answered your own questions.

    Have they even talked about the Rangers ONCE in the NBCS pregame?

  10. I don’t mind other team’s fans giving our team no respect.

    I DO mind so-called “experts” giving what I can only call a biased opinion based on their obvious dislike of the blueshirts.

    Watching the pre-game, if I’m a newbie to the sport, I think the New Jersey Devils are the greatest team in pro hockey and the Rangers are about to get run out of the building.

    C’mon boys…pound them into the glass tonight. Crash Uncle Daddy until condiments fall out of his blocker


    And yeah, this 8 pm start blows

  11. Its not surprising that people keep underestimating our Rangers. They aren’t flashy, not overloaded with talent, they sometimes don’t make it look pretty but they succeed because hey play as a TEAM. where all parts work together for the greater good.
    I love this team and am so proud of them!

  12. Are you listening to these three clowns? All of a sudden number one team in the East became a heavy underdog to high power Devils? Honestly, I like it that way.

  13. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Jimbo, correct. Still 20 player limit per game. 18 skaters, two goalkeepers.

    thanks, Carp – so, we basically have a few more folks in the stands – not much help to the boys on the ice!

  14. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    ilb, I cannot believe these nitwits! Have they not been watching our team all season long? WTB are they thinking, or are they just being ruled by prejudice and hate!?

  15. Short series. You heard it here first. The Devils will be exposed and it will not be pretty. The Rangers are going to pinch themselves with glee at the open ice they’ll have contrasted to what they have seen to date in the playoffs. The Devils had so many brain-dead nights during the regular season — those experiences will prove to be the rule, not the exception. Lundqvist is wildly, unconditionally better than Marty, who has let in six absolute stinkers so far this post-season.

    Do not be shocked if the NYR do this in five games, going away.

  16. I think the Rangers need to play this pregame show before each game this series.

  17. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I’m *not* listening to them – I have the radio feed on, with Don Lagreca on the pre-game, which is bad enough, since he’s a lifelong NJD fan, no matter how much he tries to hide it!

  18. Too much slobbering over the Devils by the talking heads. Time to flip to the Mets game.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    I want a win , thats all I care about…and TONY!!!!!!

    TONY TIME!!!!!


    3 periods of non stop hockey action!!!!

    I love this team , you love this team , we all embrace the Rangers and tonight we will be heard!!!!!


  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!more playoff Rangers hockey tonight!!!!!!!!

    Lets go gogog oggog ogg og gog ogog!!!!!

  21. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Is there a game on tonight or is it a Martin Brodiva special tonigh?!? WTB!

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah baby , tonight is our night bro!!!!


  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on





  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    8 wins to the cup!!!!

    oh yeah!!!!

  26. My New York Rangers brothers and sisters, sit back, have faith in this team, and enjoy the game… much as you can enjoy 100 mini strokes in 60 minutes.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

  27. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good evening all! Phew!!!! JUST made it home in time……LGR!!!! LGBT!!!!!!!!

    and yes, turning on tube and being confronted by bad Marty…..blech

  28. Their graphics open with a shot of the Devils logo??! WTB! Did I dream that the Rangers are the top seed in 2012 and it’s really 1995? JEEEEEZ

  29. I hope the Rangers win this series with plenty of goals, just to stick it to Smarty Pants, and his fawning announcers who consider him the greatest goaltender of all time, bar none, the rest are all amateurs.

    of course, the years of trapping, hang back , all d all the time borefests had nothing to do with it.

    and we are supposed to forget all about the numerous wraparounds and series losses to the Rangers, Canes, etc etc

  30. I’m okay being the poor, ignored and most importantly, underestimated contestant in this battle. We won’t enjoy being underestimated in the future. Lace them up and let’s get to it! LGRs!!!!!!

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I gots gooosybumps!!!

    lets go gogog ogoggo goooo!!!!

  32. Ahhh, the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY chant starting early. Gotta love it.

  33. Apparently, I was A LOT younger in ’94. This year is killing me. Bring it on! :)

  34. lmao the man just texted me and asked to give him score updates because the gym does not get versus!!!

  35. Here it comes – my movable heart attack…Please, pray for Rangers victory…and me, sordid. Hopefully at the end, if survive, I’ll be happy as a bastard in a Father’s Day!

  36. Did they mention they were playing in MSG? I’m confused now…..What is all this, a joke?

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!! I loveeee this!!!!!

    lets go RANGERSS!!!!

  38. Rollin Dubious on

    “here I am I’m your rocket queen…….”

    Little pre game GNR….

  39. mo boss just saw me at work put my rangers jersey on and I go ” it is ok, I have a collared shirt on under it” and he goes ” it’s ok, i don’t care”.

    because it’s the cup

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    YEAH mesa a psyked!!!!


  41. YEAH!!!!!! LETS DO THIS!!!!



    LETS GO TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Woo, balloons!

    So, what’s the big deal!? We all knew that Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty was going to start the game! ;-D

  43. ilbzo, he’s getting into it! i think he loves watching me make a complete and utter crying fool mess of myself when they win a series.. he abhors the ‘intent to blow the whistle’, and he notices when they are setting up! It only took 9 years to get to this point!

  44. When we beat Marty twinkies should rain down from the rafters instead of streamers.

  45. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Yeah, we blew the chance to score on Maaaarty on the first shot, unlike the other night!

  46. Come on crowd!!! GET UP!!!!!!!!!

    Since you all hate the Devils a lot, a little less than I hate the Bruins, I hope youll have no problem if I wish a few players dead and Doc Emrick dead later tonight. I kinda had a bad day.

  47. They seem surprised that Bickel hasn’t played yet. I swear, they haven’t seen a single game in the playoffs, nor did they do their homework before the game.

  48. Just in case anyone cared, thats the voice of Californication actor Stephen Tobolowsky doing that Discover 5% cashback commercial.

  49. Gregm-section403 on

    Hey Carp, I’ve never seen the press box that packed. Where do you put your laptop? And your soda?

  50. Hey announcers,

    Stop assuming what’s happening on the ice is dictated by what you’re saying. It’s the other way around. That penalty was obvious to everyone but you.

  51. Can we just start calling it a 2:00 play for the Rangers? Power is so inaccurate.

  52. terible. but great saves by hank! we gotta get a pp qb d man this offseason. caber!!!

  53. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Too bad Prust didn’t try the “Matteau wraparound” during that play…

  54. Kind of funny, Doc Emrick doesnt even know the hockey rules. He questioned why there was no icing, it was because Marty came out of his crease to play it, then chose not to. Once the goalie comes out of the crease, the icing is waved off.

  55. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Fatso looks shaky, but he also did against the Cats & Flys – gotta get more pressure and shots on him.

    Makeup call!

  56. its the ice thats why brodiva cant handle it good. now he knows why hank has trouble.

    now this pp will be full 2 minute pressure. must kill!!

  57. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Can’t we take some slapshots at Kovy sometime? Even if he doesn’t try to block any shots!?

  58. Rangers need to raise their game beyond their opponent, not just lock into a battle of parity with them.

  59. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>I’d bury my face in that Phoenix fan.


  60. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Hey, you guys hear about Hunter quitting Caps and going back to Ontario….hahahahahahahahaha! Goodbye!

  61. WTB is wrong with this stupid crowd? I guess theyre content with the Conf. Finals appearance. Hey idiots, you dont get this opportunity every year.

  62. He wants to go back to his farm, Mama. He is a warm, family man according to the Canada press. It has absolutely nothing to do with #8.

  63. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Why do people pay a fortune to see a game and then act as if they’re comatose…..I don’t get it.

  64. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    For true, Mama!? If so, he must have had his fill of dealing with Ovechkin and his pouting and tantrums…another coach bites the dust in DC!

  65. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I wish we could get a CBC feed down here – I’d drop this NBCS crap in a NYC Minute!

  66. Freaking NBC won’t show a replay but will show a busted nose being readjusted on the bench.

  67. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    McDonut to be interviewed between periods on the radio feed..

  68. Carp, crowd’s *body language* looks lousy tonight…..Why is that? And do you think Torts has been out coached yet?

  69. LOL Jimbo. You have to inflict pain to win a series like this. Any means necessary.

  70. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    For true Jimbo….heard it on the radio.

    Guess what else I just learned….the GREAT Adam Gravey sent Tony a box full of Rangers stuff with a personal get well card!!!!!! Gravey rules!!!!!! Wish I’d been there to see Tony’s reaction!!

  71. Mama, Hunter -was given his walking papers- left the Caps voluntarily because be beat the Bruins and lost to us. Management was overheard yelling at him “Its supposed to be the other way around, you hartnelling idiot”

  72. i saw that pic earlier Laurel, that’s just beyond outstanding!!

    miked, does that culminate in a fly by at the Macys thanksgiving day parade, with a bunch of people dressed as donuts holding the lines??

  73. The NBC analysts, Milbury and Jones, talk as if they’re trying to help analyze how the Devils can win. It’s amazing. It’s totally partial and, stupidly, to the smaller market team.

    That said, the Rangers didnt look as energetic as they need to be. Wish they’d had time off.

    Hanks looks great, though.

  74. would be nice if the MSG ice was better, bouncing puck makes it tough on the skill guys.

  75. Crowd is a little quiet so far… Expected more. Teams both look to be trying to find their rythem and so far it looks as if the Debbies are winning in that department , it’s plenty early though… Marty chants have been ongoing!

  76. Tiki, you’re bloodthirsty tike. Eli is a grandpa of Czech’s players. Can’t lose whatever little left of his blood.
    BTW, my newborn granddaughter is louder then MSG tonight.

  77. Czechthemout!!! on

    Decent period. Devils look very beatable but it’s still very early. I thought the Rangers looked a little tired at times.

    McD is a n absolute star! Just tremendous.

  78. I think the real question surrounding this series is how many times Doc Emrick can mention Tim Thomas and the Bruins during it…

  79. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Guess what else I just learned….the GREAT Adam Gravey sent Tony a box full of Rangers stuff with a personal get well card!!!!!! Gravey rules!!!!!! Wish I’d been there to see Tony’s reaction!!

    Mama, what a *wonderful* thing to report! Too bad these idiots on NBC couldn’t get a hold of a story like that – but, no, they’re so far up the anus of the NJD’s that they wouldn’t report such a thing!

  80. If the Rangers can continue to dominate faceoffs, they’ll win this series handily.

  81. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Belated congrats 4ever!!!!!!

    I always listen to radio during intermission…..

  82. LOL 4ever. You know how I am. Stomp on the throat and rip out the larynx… which Id pay $10k to do to Doc Emrick.

  83. Adam Graves yet again proving that he’s the most wonderful, caring person on the planet. That is a wonderful story, Mama!

  84. cant stand that msg doest do any games past 1st round. just what if we got to the finals and was in position to win it? we have to hear doc the whole rest of the way?? i cant believe that garbage

  85. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good grief! Is there a crowd there? I think I just heard someone sneeze ….

  86. Glenn Healy just pulled off the rare tiredness, home-ice advantage, momentum trifecta in a single sentence.

  87. Stralman never actually played for the Devils, so bury one against the team that wouldn’t sign you after having you on a tryout in the preaseason!

  88. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Correct, Spider – they didn’t think he was good enough to sign – get even, Strals!!

  89. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>hamfisted brodeur

    If that was the case, he’d eat his own hand!

  90. this asshat yelling LETS GO on the canned in music crap is so freakin bush-league

  91. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    What happened to the NHL Guy who is the ice expert? He inspected the ice before game 7 and said it was in fine shape…

  92. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lundqvist for having relations 31 years ago.

  93. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Radio guys talking about how Torts is *roasting* a few of his players (Stepan, Bickel) on the bench after bad plays..

  94. Funny that people keep talking about how the Rangers have played two 7 game series, but they actually played an 8 game series, essentially.

  95. agree czech. seein the 4th line out there alot too. theyre doin better than the other lines, they should be well rested too

  96. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    NJD’s first series went 7, with a couple of OT games – it’s not like they won both series 4-zip! These guys are just trying to give them an excuse to have an edge in the series..

  97. cant believe im saying this in an eastern conference finals game but im bored….

  98. Czechthemout!!! on

    Tough game for Girardi so far. At least three almost deadly mistakes. Two cleaned up by McD.

    If they can survive this period, they may have a shot.

  99. i dont think its about waking up mickey. they got 43 hoursof rest compared to almost a week fr the devils.

  100. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    La Greca saying how masterful Fatso is in aiding the NJD offense – too bad we don’t have a Ranger fan working for the Debbies…

  101. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Torts’ head is gonna explode if they don’t stop all the icings…

  102. Rangers are getting overwhelmed. They can’t maintain this without giving up a goal or taking a dumb penalty. Thinking Torts wasn’t correct about the exhaustion factor.

  103. Guys ARE tired – making unusually stupid simple mistakes in D.
    I’m not going to tolerate debbies long, sustained stay in our defensive zone!
    As for McD – he is Sather indulgence for years of sins.

  104. It’s like we’ve been on the penalty kill this whole period, but without anybody in the box. Feels like it will have to be one of those “found a way to win” games. Let’s Go Rangers! Pick it up!

  105. Anybody else’s Tv signal freezing and stuttering constantly?

    And yeah this has been a brutal period. Lucky it’s still no score

  106. Rollin Dubious on

    Oleo where are you staying? Once spent a week in tel aviv at the intercontential hotel on the water. Had a blast…

  107. Based on what I see so far, you don’t want even a single OT today for our boys, that’s for sure…

  108. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Keep your pants on folks, we’ll score on the PP

    Pants? What pants!?

  109. Fair enough, Carp. But there has been a lot of leaning in, a lot of falling down, and a lot of half-ass weak passes from low in the D zone, and some sloppy turnovers. Like that one. Often symptoms of being winded.

  110. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    And NJD fans, there is your difference in goal between your loser opponents and US!

  111. Could the ice be so bad that it’s causing the Rangers defencemen to mishandle the puck?

  112. Im on birthright in golan heights. Cant get slingbox to work but gotta love espn radio app

  113. Czechthemout!!! on

    The garden should be ashamed for providing this disgrace of an ice surface for a semi final game.

    And Prust with his customary dumb ass penalty.

  114. I would gladly give my left testicle for Ranger’s goal right now, but am afraid it has no tradable value. Besides, there are more games ahead and I will be out of ammunition too soon.

  115. Yeah, the Garden will be shamed as soon as they stop counting up all the gate and concession money from home game No. 9.

  116. Rangers might well be tired, but hard to tell when people have been saying they were tired from about Game #10 of the entire season.

  117. Is it true that Broduer is so old he played old time hockey with Eddie shore?

  118. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    OK! We got them just where we wanted them!!! *BIG* 3rd period for us!!

  119. ibleedrangersblue on

    any idea why there are dollar bills posted on the boards behind broeduer?

  120. It’s ridiculous that these Rangers refuse to “sling” the puck when in these prime positions.

  121. Is it just me or does Pierre always sound like he’s depressed?
    Maybe it’s just his voice in sharp contrast to the screaming banshee we call doc.

  122. Do they re-start beer sales if the game goes into OT?

    And, yeah, the ice is awful. More pucks on edge than flat.

  123. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    One of my friends on FB just said Girardi is the most overrated defensemen in the entire league. How could anyone say that? (He is and Islander/Sharks fan)

  124. i’ll donate mine too carp. anybody wanna donate one more? for an orr trick?

  125. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    They looked tired- the past 14 games look like they caught up a bit.

    That said, it is still 0-0 and anyone’s game.

    Boring game?? Well, guess what – this is the NJ Devils Hockey.

  126. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Just “rope-a-doping” them so far – 3rd period will be ours!!

  127. Girardi is far from terrible, though he is doing a very good impression of terrible tonight. Still
    time to fix it though!

  128. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Now Donnie Pucks is interviewing Ken Dumbneyko – earlier he had Holik….and Rupp, who was on both teams….

    Why? Why? WHY?

  129. It’s not just physical tiredness, they still have to find their game(s) rhythm and become more systemic then sporadic, like now. But I’m sure they will get to it. Just want this rather sooner than later.

  130. Girardi isn’t terrible. I would characterize him as a top two defenseman with sporadic brain farts. His great plays are equaled only by the atrocities he sometimes commits.

  131. Fatigue is finally setting in. They are sloppy and making mental mistakes. They are playing physical, but with the puck they are thinking to much, which is the first sign of mental fatigue.

    Hopefully they can pull one out, but the Devils have been the better team so far tonight.

  132. ThisYearsModel on

    Just got out of an all-day meeting. Guess I haven’t missed anything. LGR!

  133. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Milbury’s profile looks like Fred Flintstone – he may be a missing link early hominid… Woah.

  134. Rinaldo Jones on

    I gave up my dinner reservation to watch this game – they better score in the third period and win this game!

  135. Yeah, NYR. It’s not like the majority of Girardi’s mistakes result from him trying to do the right thing. He usually succeeds at that. But his errors are most befuddling; I can rarely determine what he was attempting to do.

  136. Yeah, Czech thinks Stah’s overrated, but I’m pretty sure Doodie kept saying Girardi is overrated, early in the season.

    Then of course a lot of people complain aboot Del Z.

    Why not just trade half of the defense and start over??

  137. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Hey Carp – has Dave asked you to be a radio guest yet? Please say YES to him so we don’t have to hear LaGreca interview any more of his boyhood heart-throbs…

  138. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Fatigue – suck on some oxygen between periods – and start to put some pressure in NJ defense…

    It seams like the ice tilted after Girardi’ gaffe behind the net. Wow did Hank bail these guys out….

    At worst this is a learning experience against an older, more experienced, rested team.

  139. Ken Daneyko – brilliant analyst…, guy is dumb as a tree stump. The small portion of his brain, left after years of abused by unforgiving elbows, he dump in endless cloudy glasses of who knows what in a dimmed, swamp new jersey’s bars.

  140. Hey Rangers,

    Score goals this period and shut out the Devils.

    Your fans

  141. better beans on

    In spite of the anti-Isaac Newton Brigade, led by Generalissimo
    Tortorella (the physical laws of the universe don’t apply to this
    year’s Rangers), I expected a tired, clumsy performance tonite,
    hoping the Devil “rust” would be enough to let the home team score
    early, perhaps.
    They are tied on sheer guts and will, and Hank. They could really have used the
    extra day (see Game 7, Caps); the every-other scheme has been hard
    for them a while now (see Game 6, Caps).
    Hope they can split first two; get a little recharged with the extra time before
    Game 3.

  142. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on


  143. G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I forgive you for everything so far

  144. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  146. Funny that he was having his worst game in months through the first 2. Typical of this team, really.

  147. HENRIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Thats a PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME ONE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. If the Rangers are pinned in the d-zone for a long time, you can assume that the Boyle line is on the ice.

  150. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Let’s decline any further penalties – we play lousier defense during them!

  151. Dangir, except that one of those was the Stepan line and one was the Richards line. But otherwise, you’re probably correct occasionally.

  152. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CROWD IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HENRIK IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Carp, scoring a goal = redbull on crack. Let’s just hope there isn’t a crash.

  154. WOW! The Rangers must have gone to the 5 hour energy in the locker room…or had Torts rip into them…

    OR, more likely, they knew they needed to turn it up a notch and have they ever!

    Gotta love this team. And love that Girardi got the goal after a handful of total brain farts earlier in the game.

    C’mon boys!!

  155. Carp. Agree but the last couple of games they have been the line pinned the most by far.

  156. notice that richards and prust are shooting now, must have gotten the message from the coach.

  157. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Girardi blocked a shot with his knee – hurting, but still there…

  158. CBC going with the “Rangers have been magically transformed” narrative.

    Because no team has ever played badly for a period then played better for a few minutes.

  159. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    We need a Chris Neil type of player who can lay a massive hit on Kovalschmuck…

  160. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    They’re trying to kill Girardi – you can’t hurt that tough Canadian-Italian guy – forget it!!

  161. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Wow!! Marty B looking like he did ‘94!

    Which means, he loses to us!!

  162. Gregm-section403 on

    Marginal boarding call. plus, do we really want a PP? We have up 3 shots on the lay PP

  163. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on


  164. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  165. man, if DZ get learned to get his shot on net, imagine how much more awesomer he would be

  166. This piece of carcillo Edzo whining for a penalyt. Shut your mouth you whiny filth.

  167. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    OK Boys – let’s get a shortie and totally demoralize them!!

  168. Look, Torts is gonna have to accept the bad with the good. Kid has a great assist and a sniper’s goal. Who else besides Richards is doing that?

  169. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Hags needs to practice his aim in the off-season after we win the Cup!

  170. God, if Hags had Kreider’s nose for the net, this team’s future would be sick.

  171. From Cap Geek: “Was going to wait to tweet this, but it’s timely now. #NHL #NYRangers Chris Kreider gets $175k bonus if he plays in two more playoff games. Kreider has already earned $125k in playoff bonuses during this playoff run, and the $175k bonus is the last one for him to collect.”


  172. Healy just said Lundqvist could match Brodeur “pound for pound”. Not sure if that’s praise or an insult.

  173. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    WHO told you peoples about how we were coming out in the 3rd? WHO!?!? ;-D

  174. (10 empty netters during the season. Callahan 4, Gabby 3, Richards, Fedo and Mitchell 1 each.)

  175. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BIG WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We were gassed to begin with, but we dug down and found a way to win.

    Thats what championship teams do.

    Find ways to win when theyre not at their best.

    They play like champions, Tony fights like a champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Thank you, now I can sleep like a baby for a couple of hours before its lunchtime…..


  177. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Watch out for some dirty stuff at the end of this game by the skunks…

  178. It always takes the Devils to bring out the best in HENRIK!!!! I wish he thought he was playing them in every game!!!!!!!!

  179. FIRST ECF for HANK.. SHUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hank is ANTI-MATTER!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Better Beans- do you have any Isaac Newton explanation why right after your “tired” post ( your anticipation is remarkable, by the way, except it did show up in the third, as opposed to before the game) they not only immediately scored a goal, but also looked like they in the mid season form physically?

  181. Henrik loves to outplay Fatso. he had their back the first 2 periods, and they got the cobwebs out in the third

  182. OK, pretty horrible second period, but it was still hardly the worst bombardment of quality shots I’ve ever seen. The Devils would’ve got 30 scoring chances in that period against the Flyers.

  183. Good things happen for the NYR when Zdlicky is on the ice for the Devils. Just a thought.

  184. Sorry I said we would lose tonight. Glad as heck that I was wrong. Great third period.

  185. Phoenix Phoenix are u kidding me HL only had to make 21 saves……. Love these guys

  186. Carp, do you really need to put a Devils fan in the Twitter feed at the top of the page?

  187. jpg's sister on

    ilb, Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family. If your baby is born on July 20, we can share a birthday. :) a blueshirt fan and future one

  188. “Did the Party City check bounce?”

    True story: In high school, I got fired from Party City for an attitude detrimental to the work environment. I didn’t take the job seriously and “everyone around (me) want to work less”. This happened the week before Halloween, which was the busiest time. While none of this was inaccurate, I was also one of the few people they had not stealing anything. After firing me, they told me I could work the final 4 hours of my shift unloading a shipment if I wanted to make the extra money. I said sure, waited 5 minutes and left out the back door. All of this happened while I was wearing a ninja costume.

  189. Czechthemout!!! on

    So now I have to give kudos to Torts for putting Kreider on the PP. hope he’s there to stay. Good job.

    Great third period again for the second straight game.

    McD is the most underrated dman in the NHL, period!

    Good game for AA.

    Hank was great . What else is new?

  190. I am in shock.. Mike Milbury and Keith Jones LAUDING the character, grittiness and toughness of the NY Rangers!

  191. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Yev, you must have mis-heard that! Are you SURE that’s what they said!? :-)

  192. …and talking heads was saying Rangers have no second scoring. Hah? “Terrible” Girardy, “rookie inexperienced in NHL” Kreider and “underperformed” Anisimov.

  193. look, given the way this team plays, this is as close as we’re going to get to a blow out so we need to relish it.

    the garden was unbelievable tonight, best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in there. now the Rangers need to finally win game 2 and put some really pressure on this squad of humps who know they’ll be headed back to MSG West down 0-2.

  194. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Kreider even gives a great interview…..I love this kid.

    OK all, I don’t know about the Rangers, but I am very tired……til tomorrow! LGR!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Ovi,the entire city of Filthy,cindy crybaby, Cooke, malkinstein, disrespectful doubting Thomas, chris Neil, all still suck and they are still out. Loving it.

  196. Parise can take his undersized frame and (sure-to-be) oversized contract and spend the rest of his career in jerkwater markets for all I care.

  197. does baldy Pierre realize that the players would “have some fun” if they didn’t have to talk to him?

  198. Only caught the 2nd and 3rd periods and saw an unbelievable display of goaltending by Hank! He kept them in it until the rest of the team woke up after Girardi’s goal! That should deflate the Devils a bit, hopefully!

  199. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Ovi,the entire city of Filthy,cindy crybaby, Cooke, malkinstein, disrespectful doubting Thomas, chris Neil, all still suck and they are still out. Loving it.

    “I’m JimboWoodside, and I endorse this message”!!

  200. oh, so we’re going to hear endlessly that the Devils dominated this game for 40 minutes which is b.s. Devils played well for chunks of the first two and may have had the edge overall, but domination? Not even close.

  201. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Goodnight, Mama! watch out for Tiki hiding under your sheets!! ;-D

  202. Game 2 is so very very important. We win and it’s a short series and we need some rest especially Hank, MDZ, Staal McD. We lose and it goes 6. Kolvapuke will be ready to quit down 2 zip.

  203. Why am I seeing Chico Resch and that other weirdo on a Rangers’ post-match telecast?

  204. Resch calling for Devils to run Lundqvist now. Someone needs to knock that awful toup off “Chico’s” ugly head.

  205. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    My question exactly, jpg!! We have Devils fans and ex-players on “our air” all the time – how many ex-Rangers are on the Debs TV and radio coverage!?

  206. How do you like this little pig – Chico telling Zubrus to take it on Hank? Edgy, you moron, on his face? How about taking some tacos and chicken fajitas on YOUR face. Or couple punches will be better? Idiot!

  207. How about 35-21 outhitting them and we are the tired team. Don’t want to play us….

  208. jpg's sister on

    my poor brother, jpg had a headache and missed the entire game. after a nap he is watching the post game.

  209. Linda:

    Look, we know the guy’s level of homerism dwarfs even the most ardent fans on this forum. But that he’s so passionate about a franchise that’s done little more for him than sign a paycheck makes me sick. That I’ve had to endure his nonsense about “Mardy Brudurr” for what seems like 150 years is enough to drive anyone insane.

  210. Stranger Nation on

    Debbies didn’t like getting hit all game. Body blow, body blow, right to the chin!

    did kovalchoke play in the 3rd?

    hags penalty was weakest I have seen yet.

    Love Rupp running guys at end. trying to get TheBoor to start Janssen next game.

    what a 3rd period!

  211. i feel badly for you guys having to listen to the verbal diarrhea that spews out of chicos vocal chords. someone needs to put him in a home

  212. a couple of months ago, I said Ryan McDonagh would be the best defensman on the Rangers within a year; it only took a couple of months.

    guy is flat out awesome.

  213. Torts telling Stan fish head that ur not allowed to. Change players on icing. LOL so rude PRICELESS

  214. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>my poor brother, jpg had a headache and missed the entire game. after a nap he is watching the post game.

    Sis, send him our condolences, and tell him that we hope he feels better soon!

  215. Bill jaffe Rangers played perfect 10’s in their last two third periods. You got that right.

  216. Stranger Nation on

    Never had such a good time
    in my life before
    I’d like to have it one time more
    One good ride from start to end
    I’d like to take that ride again

  217. just one minor note of criticism to Chris Kreider,

    you may want to start paying attention to the guys on the ice with you, especially when they’re making good plays that result in goals.

  218. you guys seeing all these press conferences,

    I’ve had MSG on since I got home and not a single press conference so far. what the hell

  219. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Its gross – not only Chico (ex-fishstick), but Daneyko (carcillo of NJ), and deb Plaxey (also fishstick-related).

  220. jpg's sister on

    jpg said thanks for good wishes. I think I woke him up three times from his nap when we scored and I screamed.

    He said he’ll take a nap the next games to help us win, just hopes he doesn’t get another headache.

  221. Gregm-section403 on

    Lloyd, Ryan McD can flat out skate. So fast. And we got him for Gomer! LOLOLOL!

  222. Greg:

    You were there tonight, right? How amazing was the ground he covered and the distance he closed to shut down Parise on that breakaway?

  223. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Jimbo… INSANE!!!!

    Who? ME!? I’m just a sweet little old guy….. ;-/

  224. how does Trautwig figure Brodeur got some help on that diving save on Staal? The puck went straight from Staal’s stick into Brodeur’s glove? If anything, Volchenkov was just in Brodeur’s way.

  225. did MSG air the Tortorella press conference, like, immediately after the game ended? I got home at 10:50 and have had their coverage on ever since. No Tortorella.

  226. 3rd period was HUGE!! MSG woke up!! Lundqvist was great all game especially on Parise in the 2nd… Gerardi redeemed himself after a few defensive bloopers with a huge goal. Kreider stepping up was also a big part of this victory. Stepan and Mac were great as well!!! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!! Win the next one!!

  227. here’s the press conference finally. Tortorella talking like the Rangers won a game against Anaheim in October.

  228. lol Tortorella just made a fool out of the guy who spent about 5 minutes babbling some lame cliche about BC players

  229. jpg's sister on

    jpg should be on the board by Wednesday. Now he is awake and he has to finish an album review for a deadline and then drive a friend 6 hours for surgery tomorrow.

  230. Gomez Addams needs to shut the byfuglien up. Marty was OUTSIDE the CREASE! “He took the high road”… please! I can’t stand this homer.

  231. Chico Resch once again calling for the Devils to run Lundqvist. Brodeur probably made better saves tonight than Lundqvist did. Should the Rangers knock the crap out of Brodeur on Wednesday, Chico, you miserable homer.

  232. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    He’ll whine that whoever their goalie is “He’s no Maaarty BRO-DURR!!”

  233. Orr,

    How awfully annoying is Chico? If Chico looks he’d see maaaaarrrtttyyy was out of the crease. Step has every right to be there

  234. hey “Chico,” see how no part of “Mardee” is in the crease? see how men go bald and don’t put bird’s nests on their heads to cover their shame? die.

  235. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Brodeur played like crap in both his first 2 series – if the Panties or the Flys put any real pressure on him, we wouldn’t be beating the Debbies in this one!

  236. lmfao birds nests on their heads… you guys are too much

    chico is old and senile. him and stan need to ride off into the sunset

  237. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>chico is old and senile. him and stan need to ride off into the sunset

    “Brokeback Aasen-holes?”

  238. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I’m reading this about Chico by Lloyd braun, and I’m literally crying with laughter:

    “Lloyd Braun
    1 min ago
    hey “Chico,” see how no part of “Mardee” is in the crease? see how men go bald and don’t put bird’s nests on their heads to cover their shame? die.”

  239. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Now they’re gonna show Farty’s highlight reelsave all night on TV….

    Marty the Whale was harpooned tonight. Kovalchoke stunk, too.


  240. GregM_section403 on


    Yes, i saw him recover on the Parise play. And just before he did, i thought, “holy cow, McD is caught deep…one 1 dman back. this is trouble” i think McD covered 80 feet in 3 strides!

    Every game I go to he seems to do something like that. He recovers so quickly and he has great instincts.

  241. That”s that.
    Blogmama needs to go to a remedial course “how to communicate with the blogchildren”.
    Linda is a mercurial non-sequitur, puzzling all regularly.
    There is some incestual relationship between ILB and oyhers, some undergroundn sharinng of a private info and best wishes for trivial events in the lives of blog strangers {?!!?}.
    And there is “Byfuglien” and “Hartnell” infantile substitutes for our beloved expletives that are not allowed by the BLOGFATHER, who, in infinite wisdom knows alone, what is right. To allow substitutes for #%^^ and %*(*_ , just makes for a semblance of a more “intelligent” clientelle.
    Yeah, right. The Phillistines rule….

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