Henrik vs. Marty: King in his Prime vs. Hall of Famer


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Here’s my preview of the series, focused on the goalies, from The Journal News and LoHud.com:

(It’s the unedited version, so apologies in advance for any mistakes or typos).


By Rick Carpiniello
GREENBURGH — They’ve done this dance one before, the Rangers and the Devils at this stage of the Stanley Cup playoffs. And the one common thread is in goal for the Devils.
Martin Brodeur, now 40, was a rookie when the Rangers won that apocalyptic seven-game series on Mark Messier’s guarantee and hat trick in Game 6 and Stephane Matteau’s double-OT wrap-around against Brodeur in Game 7.
Of course, the Rangers went on to win their only Stanley Cup in the last 72 years. The Devils and Brodeur went on to win it the next year, and twice more.
Brodeur was asked Sunday, on the eve of the Rangers-Devils 2012 Eastern Conference final which begins at the Garden tonight, if that series, that goal, kept him awake at night.
“No, I grew from that,” Brodeur said. “It hurt, no doubt about that. I never hide it, that it didn’t affect me. I think I was the first one to say that was probably one of the toughest losses I ever had. But if I didn’t have that loss, maybe I wouldn’t have become who I became, or even our organization. It’s not just myself. And I think sometimes you need to hit the hurdles before you’re able to go over them pretty easily. And I think that was one of them in ‘94. But … it doesn’t keep me up at night at all.”
These Rangers have barely reached those hurdles, much less hit them or cleared them. This is their first time at this rodeo. They are here, in large part, because of Henrik Lundqvist, who is just hitting his prime at 30, but hasn’t yet scratched the surface of what Brodeur has accomplished, and will play in his first conference final.
Yet what Lundqvist has done is carve a dominance against Brodeur and the Devils. In 34 regular-season games against Brodeur, Lundqvist is 23-6-5 with a 1.73 goals-against average and .935 save percentage, plus five shutouts.
The Devils swept the Rangers (Lundqvist was 0-3) in the 2006 playoffs; he and the Rangers returned the favor in a five-game dispatch of Brodeur and the Devils in ‘08 — and all-time, the Rangers have won four of five playoffs against the Devils, three of those wins with Brodeur in goal.
Brodeur spoke Sunday as if Lundqvist is the new sherriff in town.
“Well, I mean, he’s a Vezina candidate,” Brodeur said. “He’s the one that’s been, I don’t know, he’s unbelievable. He is lately. He’s kind of the top goalie in the NHL right now, and I think I was in that position once. I played against Patrick (Roy), played against Dominik Hasek, I played against all the guys that maybe, you know, the top years in their career. But for me it’s kind of nice to be able to compete against them, regardless of what’s going to happen. I’ll do my best to match up, but it’s going to be pretty hard. He’s a pretty good goalie.”
Brodeur, though, made sure to note that such things come around and go around.
“I think (Lundqvist’s record is) because of him,” Brodeur said. “I don’t know how many times he’s shut us down and played so well. I didn’t think I played that bad. … I think circumstances — you could talk about my record against Mike Richter and we’ll probably flip-flop the stats. At one point it (was) pretty lopsided.
“So you play long enough, you can make the stats read whatever you want. And that’s something I don’t really pay attention to. Like I said, he’s a goalie at the prime of his career right now. He’s playing really well. I think he’s cherished the challenge to play against the Devils and really the only thing I could say (is) I’ll do better in the plyaoffs.”
Lundqvist talked around it, but kind of admitted that he does, indeed, cherish that challenge: Him vs. Brodeur.
“There are so many things that are making this series special,” Lundqvist said. “First of all it’s a conference final. That’s No. 1. It’s a great feeling to be there; we worked really hard to get there so it’s exciting. Then playing the Devils — you know, we face them a lot and know what to expect — but it’s a special feeling, absolutely. And then, on top of that, playing against a guy, Marty Brodeur, there’s a lot of things that make this series a little bit special I think. Everybody’s looking forward to it and we’re excited we’re there. And we’re going to do whatever we can to beat them.”
When told about Brodeur saying Lundqvist is the top guy now, he smiled.
“It’s enough pressure as it is,” he said. “I don’t have to add anything more. I can just say it’s a great challenge for me to play against him, against them.
“It’s going to be a battle, that’s for sure.”

Illustration by Chris Brown/The Journal News.


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  1. All kidding aside, some classy comments from Brodeur. Gotta respect that.

    With that said, Let’s Go Rangers!!! Kick their Aasen back to the Dirty Jerz!

  2. Good morning, boneheads! 
    Great story, Carp!
    Bring on the Devils. Should be a great series. 

    So, I want to make it official on the blog and tell everyone that ilb will be a father again. Mrs and I will have a new addition to our family sometime by the end of July. It’s a girl. Can’t wait. This is my second child, I have a 28 year old son ( shuddup ), first for mrs. So here we go, another bonehead is about to arrive. 

  3. Congratulations, ilb!! What a blessing for you and your wife.

    I enjoyed your article, Carp. And I’m glad you don’t have to travel a lot or stay in hotels for this series.

    I really love this team. What a nice weekend they made it, and it all starts again tonight!! LET’S GO RANGERS!!

  4. Let’s Go Rangers!! Get it done boys!!

    ILB, congrats to you and the Mrs. Great news! And nice family planning that she will be born after the season is over ;)

  5. Good morning, Carp!

    Mazel tov ilb & Mrs ilb!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in a couple weeks! Have you picked a name yet? May I suggest LITTLE HAMBONE?

  6. Congrats ILB, those first few minutes when you find that little bundle and hold her and look into those little eyes, and know that she’s going to be a big part of your life, is really something magic. I have three daughters, and each one was a totally different personality, and it was evident even at that earliest age. Our middle daughter was born with a full head of hair, and each hair was
    light tipped, as though it had been done in a beauty parlor…it sure made her different. I called her my funny girl, and so she turned out, a real comedienne who has still in her 40’s a way of keeping us laughing .
    She lives now across the river from us here and came to the house yesterday for dinner with her teen aged son, and she still has the ability to create laughter.

  7. Sioux-per-man on

    Top 10 on a game day!!!

    It’s going to be one he’ll of a series, and probably the toughest one yet if that possible after the Caps series.

    Rangers vs Parise / Zajak kind of a win win series for this Fighting Sioux Fan. My favorite team vs on of my favorite all time Sioux players.

    Carp you realize the only team left that does have a Fighting Sioux playing is the Rangers. To bad Miller himself on his decision to bail on the Sioux. He has know idea of the tradition he passed up on.

    If only the Rangers drafted Parise when they had the chance. It would have made my year. And this fan can’t wait to have the Ranger sign him in the off season. He is that good. And he is even a better person.

    Let’s go Rangers!!!

  8. Congrats ilb…just added my second boy a couple months ago. They make your world a better place for sure.

    Game Day !! LGR !!!

  9. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    Sioux —

    I love Parise, too. He is absolute heart and clutch. I’ll never forget the game-tying goal he scored vs. Canada in the 2010 Olympics. I had a feeling he would score and he did!

    It would be an honor for him to join the Rangers, and like Brad Richards, would elevate those around him.


  10. Rob in Beantown on

    LGR!! I’ve barely come down from Saturday night, and now we need to do it all again. Two quick wins at MSG would be huge, but I’ve learned not to take anything for granted with this team. I’m picking Rangers in 7, because at this point I’d feel like an idiot if I didn’t.

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    ^The tired thing is what keeps me up at night about this series. If only Philadelphia weren’t a bush league group of scrubs

  12. Congratulations to the ilb’s!!! How exciting!
    LGR!! Bring on the Devils. We can handle them!

  13. All indications are that this team is ready for the golf season.

    The only player who could single-handedly win this series for us is The Kreider.

  14. Keys for the Devils: Score 3 or more goals per game (if they can score 4, there’s no way these Rangers are scoring 5 goals in a game to win). Try to get the Rangers to take penalties. Don’t let the Rangers bump Brodeur.

    Keys for the Rangers: Play shutdown defense. Pepper Brodeur with shots; get under his skin. Stay out of the penalty box.

    Prediction: Rangers in 7 (home ice saves the day!). The last three series between these teams have lasted 5, 4, and 5 games. It’s time for another 7 game series.

  15. Hey Carp: Cool cartoon you drew there. Never knew you were so talented! Great job.

    Ilb – Congrats. Mazel Tov. From my family to yours. May your daughter be born under the miracle of a Rangers’ Stanley Cup much like Mark Twain was born under the 76 year miracle of Halley’s Comet.

  16. ilb: nothing compares with the birth of a child.. nothing.. I have 4 of them.. But, just wait till you write that first college tuition check.. OY!!! ;-)

    Carp: Great article above and GREAT analysis in the prior post. The Dev’s are an EXCELLENT team, but I really believe they will learn that there is a HUGE difference between the defense and goaltending of the Rangers and the D and goaltending of the Panthers/Flyers!




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  17. No easy quick series for us. But we will prevail again. Listened to the Dubinsky audio. He said that he’s not close to skating. Maybe for the finals vs the KOPITARS. LGR

  18. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good morning all!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! Another baby bonehead!!!! Major congrats to our captain and mrs. captain!!!!!

    So, who thinks this series will be free of fighting? Not moi……LGR!!!! Send those fools to the swamps of Jersey!!!

  19. ILB – congrats to you. Are going to have a naming contest? How about Carpina? or Linda! LOL.

    Carp – great article. My guess is that, like regular season records, when it comes to the playoffs you can throw out the goalies records too. It’s gonna be another nailbiter!



  20. I don’t even think its completely hit me that they’ve made it this far. And the puck drops tonight. This is going to be historical. LGR!!

  21. what’s with all the TGfireandice on the twitter feed? infiltration by the Devils media?

  22. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    Morning ILB, tony, and all!!!

    Congrats to you and the mrs, that is awesome news!!! Get ready for diapers!!

    I thought little hambone was just for us lol?


    Great article!!

  23. Oh good point. What is the broadcast team. Could it possibly be Doc Emrick and Joe Micheletti?

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Congrats, ILB!!!

    That’s exciting news. I completely expect this day to be book ended with good news now.

    Good day, Heads.

  25. congratulations, ILB, on your new child. I wish the very best for you and your family.

  26. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone have any predictions for how long Francesca will talk Rangers Hockey today compared to Yankees/Mets?

  27. about one-eighth of the time he spends of the Miami Heat or whatever basketball team we’re supposed to care about

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, any idea why the 8 o clock start tonight? I preferred the 7 o clock starts to the 7:30 because even that is late.

  29. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! Awesome news captain!!!!!! So happy for u and the mrs!!!!

    May i suggest a name, Jaromira or Jara (the female version of jaromir)?

  30. The only other person I’d rather have over Emrick for US TV coverage is Dave Strader. Nobody other than him and Emrick really deserve the national gig, at least from the US guys. Otherwise I’d take Jim Hughson.

    Also for those who think JD was really good at being the color commentator, I’d go back and listen to some of his broadcasts. I thought he was so much better than Joe, but I went back and listened to some of his commentary and it really wasn’t all that much better. I just feel like for most, he’d been around the longest so we just automatically assume he was the best (doesn’t help Micheletti used to do Isles games either).

  31. Wyshnyski says the Rangers are a boring trap team? Um… does he know what a trap is? Take away the two-line pass and it is really difficult to do a trap.

    The Rangers are an aggressive fore-checking, defensively responsible team that doesn’t score a lot of goals due to a lack of top-end skill. Trap teams don’t attack, they sit back, clog the NZ and counter. That is definitely not this team. That is a far cry from the Devils teams that utilized the trap along with obstruction to win their cups. I think somebody needs to show this dude what a trap is and how it is played.

  32. when Rosen retires, elevating Albert and Maloney to the TV broadcast should be automatic

  33. Dan – I have begun, about three weeks ago, to despise Wyshynski. I used to think he was funny but his hatred of the Rangers has crept into his reporting and it’s kind of sickening. Why can’t everybody be like Carp?

  34. I added Tom Gulitti to the widget because he can provide us with stuff about the opponent between and after games. I can’t do that. Plus he’s my buddy and he rules (we covered the Rangers together for years).

    The 8 p.m. starts are all about NBC.

    Congratulations again on the much-anticipated new alternate captain of the blog, ilb!

    Sioux, we don’t use words like that here. OK?

    Johnny, sometimes you say something like that just to be nice. And Guy, he does have his own show.

  35. Looks like Sergei Fedorov has officially retired from hockey and will become the gm of CSKA Moscow, the team he defected from. One of my all time favorite players. His shot going through Redden’s legs will forever be in my mind.

    Also r.i.p to Boogaard. Cant believe it has been a year already. Hope the boys win it for you this year and acknowledge you in some way.

  36. Speaking of Zach… Pretty nice to have 3 out of the 4 teams left being lead by American players, and 2 of them from upstate NY.. USA hockey has come a long way.

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    Sorry Carp. Thanks for taking it out. Wrote it from the iphone before I got out of bed.

    First thing one has to do in the morning if he going to make the top 10 :)

    Great article. Nice to see Marty have some class. I can’t believe he’s been in the net for 18 years. Wow how time flies.

    Have a great day Boys….. see you over chat for a late lunch!!!

    Per Djoos that was a great goal. To bad I had to watch it with all my Canadian friends on that day, not the end we had in mind for that game. But I will never forget that feeling when he scored that goal late in the 3rd period!!!

    So my question is . . . . . does this series go 7 games?

  38. So close, yet so far!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the chills!!!!!!! Tony needs this! Yay for Jara ilb!!!!!!!

  39. well, I had the rangers in 6 against the sens, it went 7 games. I had the rangers in 6 against the caps, well it went 7 games. I’m predicting rangers in 6 against the Devils, well, I know what that means.

  40. congrats ilb. your the true captain. may have extra pair for wednesday. my buddy asking $250 per seat . 330 so $500 for pair. face on the tix this round is $150. let me know if interested. some seats in 400 level going for same price so prob a good deal.

    email me baum27@aol.com

  41. Oh man! I just realized that i missed recording the WHL Finals Game 7 last night. Carcillo, nobody’s gonna have that. Bastage!! I fell asleep at 7, I was soo tired. Byfuglien!!

    Ill forget about it if ilb promises me Jaromira for the name!!! The least I deserve for not updating him during Game 7!

  42. Thank you, everyone!

    Sally- *no hambone*
    Tiki- *no Jara*
    Manny- * no nothing* :-)

    Peter Deboer did a great job adjusting after they lost Game 1 to the Flyers in trying to run and gun it. He figured he couldn’t match their offensive output, even with erratic Bryzgalov. Instead he decided to forecheck the heck out of Flyers defense and expose their weakness, thereby also decreasing the amount of puck possession by their forwards, who also aren’t very diligent backchecking.

    Well, they are not facing Flyers defense this time, in fact I expect the Rangers to forecheck the heck out of Devils defense, which while maybe better than Flyers, is still far inferior to NY. Marek Zidlicky had too much time and space against Flyers, but I’d like to see what he does when he gets hit hard every time he looks at the puck. should be a great series, I think it will again come down to the goaltending. LGR!!!!!

  43. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    ilb, we’ve spoken about it before over e-mail, but congratulations again.

  44. I expect Bickel to get more ice time in this series than he did against the Caps. I think his size and grit will be key against the Devils.

    Am I wrong?

  45. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Manny, you are wrong. Torts is going to roll 4.75 defensemen. The top 4 are the 4. Stralman is .5. Bickel is .25.

  46. Might be kind of odd to start a game off fighting, on the anniversary of Derek Boogaard’s passing. So will there be any tribute tonight before game? Or will that get the rangers off their game?

    Do the teams start the fight squad? Or start skill?

    I imagine the devils prefer the skill and the physicality will probably only benefit the rangers. Wonder if they’ll even dress Jannsen and Boulton.

  47. Dress Avery, in a sharp suit, where the goal judge used to sit, right behind Marty. Every period. Buy him some stub hub tix for behind the net at the Rock too.

    Emrick seems like an awful nice guy but man I hate his doing this series. Give us a non-devil association there. I watch game on tape delay, so I can’t listen to radio feed.

  48. Seaking of Bickel. How funny that Boulton and Jahnsen haven’t play a single game these playoffs, Carter has been used in a couple of games. On the other hand, the three participants of that infamous triple fight from NY played in every single game. And contributed too. Not much has been said about it, but Rupp gave them some quality minutes, and Prust, I thought, was very good against Washington.

  49. You really think he will be that afraid of the Devils bottom two lines? Crap. Maybe I should be more worried than I am.

  50. Wow

    @RealKyper @#SNPlayoffs. #NHL Dale Hunter #Caps coach will step down @ noon today.

  51. Manny- I think Leonsis just showed Hunter Ovechkin’s contract this morning….

  52. It’s now past noon. I have officially begun to not be able to focus. Every few minutes I glance at the Daily News and read the next feature of the Series or surf the Web looking for something to read on it. Wow am I pumped.

    I gotta say, Saturday Night I don’t think there was a period of more than 2 mins before the game and 2-3 mins during the game when I actually felt concerned about the game. That is how well I thought the team played.

    Now we go face the Devils and who have had a relative cakewalk. The Devs played well and are good, no doubt. But the Panthers with 3 or more/Clemmensen as their goalies? Please. And the Flyers shot their bullets against the Pens. They had nothing left in the tank. I expect the Devs to be fresher in the first two games in this Series as a result.

    I think we have to come out quite physical. The Caps’ series was not extremely physical. The Sens’ one was hugely physical. I think this one HAS to be and WILL be. It is how we play. We must outhit them. We must block more shots than them. I expect this series to be between the previous two in physicality. There will be a few fights. If one team goes up by 2 games, I expect quite a few fights.

    The area I am most nervous on with the Devs is their transition, esp off of our mistakes. That is where the balance of scales will be tipped IMHO. If we commit less turnovers and mistakes than them, we take this series in 5 or 6. If we take bad penalties that lead to PPG and/or we make self-induced mistakes or gaffes, this series goes to 7 and it’s a coin toss.

    LGR! I am pumped.

    SUPPORT your team with Rrrr’ ANGER!
    Ultimately, GOOD always beat the D’ EVIL!

  54. Congratulations ilb on the upcoming new addition!!!!

    may i suggest the name Seven.

    think about it
    think about it!

  55. Of course, the guy beats the Bruins in the playoffs, so he’s being forced to step down for not doing his job (losing to the Bruins).

  56. for some reason i was actually quite calm
    of course it helped a bit that by the time i was able to
    start watching Richards had just scored
    and our player was very dominant.
    even so
    i didn’t get too nervous even after the caps scored their goal.
    who knows?
    hopefully it’s catchy and sticks around.

    thanks for asking!
    how did you fare?

  57. ILB, just read about…
    Nothing could be better than that, even SC, which, of course, would be a great addition and dedicated gift to this remarkable event and will stay with for a lifetime! So great that it is girl also. Having son already, you will have now full package, not to mention a joy, new experience and kind of insurance in a long run. It’s like to start fresh again with new purpose in life. Trust me – went thru personally. Give my congrats and absolutely the best to Mrs., who is one of the warmest and kindness person I met in my already long life. Easy labor to her! I’m very glad and happy for you, guys.

  58. I may have issues selling that name to mrs, jpg…And I can’t tell her it’s a common Russian name either because he can just ask my parents. But I think I’d love it….

  59. I wonder what the Caps will do with Thomas Vokoun. I also wonder if he played his way into a backup role next year.

  60. You don’t have to miss it, ORR. Just turn on the World Hockey championship next time Russia is playing.

  61. Sioux-per-man on

    ilb2001 – Congrats on the Baby.

    Henrik – would be the name I would toss into the hat for the new Baby Bonehead!!!

    How could you go wrong naming him after the King, the future Conn Smythe, & Stanley Cup winner. It could be the year of the King.

  62. I think they should re-sign Vokoun, if he’s interested. He was much better than Noy-Vair. Obviously Holtby is their starter next season, but if he gets off to a slow start, Vokoun is the better option to take over than Noy-Vair.

  63. Doodie,
    As I may disagree with your Eastern Conference pick, I whole-heartedly endorse your Stanley Cup winner.

    The Kings are deep at center (later on that). They are fast, gritty and down-right nasty up-front. their young call-ups (Dwight King reminds me of Sergio Momesso from the ’94 Canucks)and trades have filled some of their known holes.
    You cannot fault their goal-tending and their defense (although this may be their one achilles heel, since I don’t have any idea how Scuderi is doing it on the 1st pair and they seem to have a number of no-names after Doughty and Mitchell, but they have been getting it done all year). They have a first rate captain and a coach who has proven to this point he knows what it takes to win

    On top of that – There is NO ANSWER for Kopitar. He is a MAN-BEAST MONSTER and will be the next NHL superstar, once the Kings win this year. He has taken a lot of heat off Richards and there may not be a pair of centers on one team in the entire league.

    This is tough for a die-heart Ranger fan to admit but . . . . NO CUP FOR YOU, RANGERS

  64. Just in case…To satisfy Spanish and Russian speaking equally, my daughter’s name is Anna and oldest granddaughter – Isabella. Henrietta, as a female version of Henrik is questionable but funny.

  65. Hahaa he does, ORR. Maybe you can find out what his family business is that he’s going to go dedicate himself to. Maybe you can see him there?

  66. after reviving the caps season i didn’t expect
    Hunter would be shown the door and walk out of it.
    wonder if some other club will hire him

  67. tares:

    I would imagine we won’t see any call ups with MZA close to returning, Emmy can play forward or D, and Wywiwiwiwiwiwka can play D–oh and who knows if Dubi will be back this playoffs–maybe. I would imagine if there are enough injuries where the Rangers have to dress Scott or call somebody up–that we will see a call up.

  68. This just in: Dale Hunter named to replace Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock!

    Semin expected to retire and become his secretary.

  69. Sioux-per-man on

    Ulfie28 – The Kings vs The King. Now that’s a match made in “Ratings Heaven” for NBC.

    King vs Quick would be 7 game series for sure, but we have 4 more wins before that series starts.


  70. i’m hoping that Carp or someone else
    asked Torts
    if Bickel was going to take the opening faceoff
    since his average is 100% against the devils

  71. The Kings have a lot of bandwagon fans at this point (I gather) from the whole NBA lockout thing where the Clippers season ticket holders were invited to purchase discounted Kings tickets. I don’t know how much actual support they have but I think that helped water down their fan-base.

  72. jpg, Good to hear. Im doing well. Was relatively calm during Game 7. I knew Henrik would step up and shut them out.

  73. I must say, Manny, the Staples Center has sounded very quiet during the majority of Kings games.

  74. Who wants to bet that Vokoun is wearing a Lightning Sweater next season? He might be a bit too young for them though….

  75. Yes they have already called up a bunch oh Whales. Havent seen the list yet. But they will practice separately in case of emergency.

  76. That team’s gonna have to do something. They shot themselves in the foot letting Smith go for nothing.

    Some other UFA goalies this summer, Harding, Clemmensen, Montoya, Gustavsson, among others. Not the greatest selection.

    Then there’s Luongo. The only real decent starter, but that will cost them a lot, imagine.

  77. Mrs. ILB going to take the delivery to Game 7? Or will she make quick work of it so ILB can get back to watching the game?

  78. Did any of the “experts” picking the Devils to win bother to watch the Flyers/Devils series? The Flyers played like GARBAGE with a sieve in net, an atrocious defense, and forwards who couldn’t spell backcheck, let alone do it.

    I keep reading predictions online and among the oft-repeated comments are “The Devils handled the Flyers easily, while the Rangers needed two 7 game series to eliminate lesser foes”

    I wanna see the Rangers crash the net and get in Uncle Daddy’s face. He doesn’t react well to that, as we’ve seen in the past. He’s also old and fat, so get him moving. Weak shots from the outside won’t work. Get him moving. Get him huffing and puffing, wondering if Chico saved him some hot dogs in the back.

    And I’ll be turning OFF the volume on the tv and synching up with the radio feed. NO WAY am I gonna suffer through Emrick for this series.

  79. He’s also old and fat


    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Good one, CJP

  80. I’m at a loss for the West. I didn’t see this final coming. Thought Phoenix would lose to Chicago and the Kings would lose in the second round to the Blues. It was Blues vs. Preds all the way with Nashville going to the finals. I totally nailed it!

  81. Lloyd Braun on

    not only Mike Emrick but Mike Emrick with the primary object of his affection, Martin Brodeur. Going to be a putrid seven games on television.

  82. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Ranger forwards need to be extra careful. As soon as they cross the blue line, Marty stops flopping like a wounded, but bloated, fish.

  83. The garden is going to be electric tonight! The days drag so long when there is a game. I expect our boys to come our prepared and feed off the crowd. Let’s Go Rangers!!

  84. CJP – “are “The Devils handled the Flyers easily,”


    The Rangers did too, in the regular season. In case they forgot, the Rangers swept the Flyers. And, in case they forgot about the first round, the Devils had a tough time with Florida who everybody knew was the weakest team in the playoffs despite their #3 seed.

  85. Lloyd Braun on

    Panthers were basically playing the same boring trap hockey the Devils were playing – something else that makes these comments about the Devils now being the high energy team somewhat laughable. The difference in that series was Brodeur played well after getting pulled and Florida gave contracts to Scott Clemensen and Jose Theodore.

  86. BroadwayRoe on

    Cross Check Charlie –

    “The Rangers did too, in the regular season. In case they forgot, the Rangers swept the Flyers. And, in case they forgot about the first round, the Devils had a tough time with Florida who everybody knew was the weakest team in the playoffs despite their #3 seed.”

    I’ve been saying this all along. If the Devils think that steam rolling the Flyers means they are going to beat the Rangers, they are sorely mistaken. I think it’s going to be a rude awakening for them to hit Henrik and our defense after playing the flyers and their terrible defense/goaltending.
    Oh and thanks for making me smile!

  87. Sally,

    If you truly made a Maaaarty-shaped pancake as you so erroneously claimed, you wouldn’t have been able to eat it in one bite.

  88. BroadwayRoe on

    Carp, can we start the chat soon? I can’t focus on my work and that will help me pass time until 8pm.

  89. Okay, if that’s the case, I don’t see how it’s any different than a normal pancake.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Marty is eatting pankcake right about now…..

    IlB !!!! New Baby!!!! Whoaaaaa thats awsome news!!!!! I have one girl who has turned 20 !!!
    Being a new poppa is the best!!! Fathers day is still my favorite day of the year!! Congrats to you and your wife!!!! Btw ilb , that Ranger report blog tshirt ya sent me…it fits now!!!! SUPER SWEET!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

    Marty is eatting chocolate cookies right now….

  91. BroadwayRoe on

    Sally, I’m listening to sports talk radio and bitting my nails. I can’t handle this!

    BTW, did the pancake complain to the refs about interference?

  92. I think it’s time for new shirts. That would be fun!

    BR, are they saying anything good? The pancake ate a box of donuts then got jiggy with its pancake-sister-in-law.

  93. Americano panini — grilled chicken, fresh mozz, roasted peppers, balsamic vinegar on a toasted panini bread. give it to me, Latona.

  94. BroadwayRoe on

    Sally – Not at all. Mike Francesa has no idea what he’s talking about. He just said something along the lines of, “I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this, but John Tortorella’s press conferences are very short. I don’t know if he did that during the season because I don’t watch regular season hockey. But during the playoffs they’ve been short.”

    Earlier today though Joe & Evan had Brian Leetch on, so that was great. And apparently later this afternoon Michael Kay will have on Richter. ’94 well represented today.

  95. LOL! Dale Headhunter quits as coach of the Caps. Dale says Ovechkin had nothing to do with it, apparently. Haha, yeah right.

    OvechCANT = Glide Mode for 9 more years at $9.5m

    Good Luck! Bwahaha!

  96. Low-fat Tuna Salad on stone ground whole wheat bread with some carrots and string beans on the side (raw). Don’t give it to me.

  97. BroadwayRoe on

    FYI boneheads –

    Richter on at 5:30 with Michael Kay. Daneyko on at 3:30. Bah, I’m definitely sticking with Carp and the live chat instead.

  98. The rangers have a couple players, Richards and fedotenko, who have cleared these hurdles before and besides Marty who on the devils has gotten this far? So it’s pretty even on playoff experience me thinks

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