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Headed to the Rangers’ practice today as they return from their one-day respite. Will have some audio later on.

We’re at that point in the playoffs now where there are nights with no hockey. Awful. Then NBC stretches it out an extra day. More awful. So we’re here to try to help you get through two says with no playoffs. Yeesh.

Those looking for good signs: Rangers 4-0 at home all-time in Game 7s; Ruslan Fedotenko 5-0 all-time in Game 7s. Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik, each 3-0 in Game 7s. John Tortorella 3-1 in Game 7s.

More, courtesy of the NHL:


NEW YORK (May 10, 2012) — The New York Rangers host the Washington

Capitals in a winner-take-all Game 7 Saturday night at Madison Square

Garden in the finale to their rousing Eastern Conference Semifinal series

(7:30 p.m., ET, NBC Sports Network, CBC, RDS).

The winner of Saturday’s showdown will face the New Jersey Devils in

the Eastern Conference Final beginning Monday, May 14.

The Capitals’ 2-1 victory over New York in Game 6 Wednesday night

extended both clubs’ exciting playoff roller-coaster ride this spring:

* Three times the Rangers have led their series against Washington, winning

Games 1, 3 and 5. They won Game 3 in a marathon triple overtime thriller

and captured Game 5 early in overtime after tallying the game-tying goal

with 7.6 seconds remaining in regulation.

* Three times the Capitals have fought back against the Rangers, winning

Games 2, 4 and 6. Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby improved to 6-0 with a

1.24 goals-against average and .960 save percentage following a loss in the

playoffs. Including the regular season, Holtby has gone 29 consecutive

starts without suffering back-to-back defeats.

* Twelve of the 13 Capitals playoff games have been decided by one goal,

while the Rangers have played 10 one-goal games in their 13 playoff


* The Rangers and Capitals have been tied or separated by one goal for 90%

of total playing time in their series.

* Washington ousted the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins in the

first round, capturing the first playoff series in NHL history to feature

seven one-goal games. Four games were decided in overtime.

* The Rangers also needed seven games to eliminate their first-round

opponent, the Ottawa Senators. In the first Game 7 played at Madison Square

Garden since they captured the Stanley Cup in 1994, the Rangers edged the

Senators 2-1 on goals from Marc Staal and Dan Girardi, marking the first

time since 1950 that a team won a Game 7 without a forward scoring.

The Rangers are 4-5 in nine Game 7s in franchise history, including a

4-0 mark at Madison Square Garden. The Capitals are 3-7 in a Game 7,

including their first-ever road victory on April 25 at Boston on an

overtime goal by Joel Ward.


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  1. I can’t stop worrying about it. I can’t sleep.

    The Rangers may have already scored their last goal of the season.

  2. Oh god with the panic. They will come through. They have all season. Pbr celebration Saturday night when they win. Keep the faith. Henrik will not allow this team to lose game seven at home!!

  3. david dubinsky on

    I know you guys like to knock the play of david dubinsky, but he is missed in this series.

  4. All I can really say fellow boneheads is I’m worried, I am supper effin worried about Saturday nights game. I’m praying we come out on top, but the fact we havent been able to score on holtby 5 on 5 and the fact that our special teams have been terrible are not helping the situation. I wish this team would make it easy on us this one time and beat the caps 3-0

  5. Amen Lucky…please give thousands of over medicated hearts a rest, and give us a 4-0 win.

  6. It’s all gonna revolveon how much they want it. Enoughj to set aside the silly stuff they pull.i9ke diddling with the puck at the opponent’s blue line, losing it and sending off an attack solo against LQ? Enough to start making smart passes instead of dumping the puck in and hoping they collect it? Like taking a hard smash, overlooking it and go on with the attack, and without taking a penalty?

    Like stop making mile long passes and skating skating skating?

    We’ll see……………..and Pimp you are so close to being right it scares me.

  7. I had a vision on the stairmaster. A goal a period for a 3-0 win and then i see Lucky Luke’s post and i am convinced it will happen! IT WILL HAPPEN! If i write in all caps it will cover up my fear that it won’t but like the pollyana that i am all along i gotta stay positive. This will not be the first ranger team to lose a game seven at home. They have come through all year. The King gets a shut out. Saturday night pibber party!!

  8. ummmm….Let’s Go Rangers?

    You know, I have no idea what’s going to happen Saturday night. No clue. Except, I do know that this team has come back from losses all season and played very well and I expect that to happen Saturday night. I just hope that translates into a win.

  9. i had a dream the puck went off del zaster skate in ot last night. god that better not happen.

    one shift one period one game. win or this reg season isnt validated in my mind

    we have 7 of 16 victories needed. hard to believe with 5 teams left at moment we still arent half way there.

  10. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good morning all! Well, mama’s mama is in town, and she’s dragging me into city through tomorrow night. So, limited blog and NO GAME 7!!! I am beyond perturbed….


  11. Good morning everyone. I’m extremely nervous about tomorrow night, but they’ve come back from losses all season. Tomorrow should be no different. Believe!!
    Have fun in the city Mama!

  12. TheMessiah11 on

    I am sure they wont, but – IF they come out flat tomorrow night, its all on Tortorella.


  13. I was actually prescribed anti-anxiety medicine yesterday … I’m sure it had nothing to do with these clowns toying with me and taking this to seven games …

  14. I can’t concentrate on anything other than Ranger hockey. I find myself looking at this Blog more now then at the trade deadline and I know there is nothing new to be reported.

    Can’t wait for the game.


  15. Rob in Beantown on

    TheMessiah, if a team comes out flat for a game 7 I don’t know what to say. A coach shouldn’t need to motivate his guys to play hard in an elimination game. I don’t think they’re going to suck today– unfortunately, I don’t think Washington will either. Will likely be a tough game

  16. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, Tony, and all!!

    I have decided that I will watch the game live so I can text our captain live score updates while the game is in progress ;)….lol

    I actually will have to dvr the damn thing as well!

  17. TheMessiah11 on




    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tom Foolery on

    I really think this extra day off helps the Rangers. They seemed a bit worn out and frustrated after Game 6.

  19. If I have to see a link posted to, or the video of, Ovechkin shooting while spinning around on the ground one more flipping time….I swear….I’m gonna…….

  20. FiveFootZero on

    I’m nervous, but its a good nervousness…if there is such a thing. I can’t even watch the game since I’ll be at a wedding…will have to rely on my updates on my phone. I have to say though, meeting Nasty last night HAS to be a good omen…what are the chances?

  21. Amen Messiah! I’m not saying the rangers can get past NJ or even LA for that matter, but they should be able to beat Wash. I’m sorry, I’m not sold on Holtby. Whenever he has been under pressure (which has not been a lot of times), he has wilted and been out of position.

  22. Where am I? Who are you, people? Bunch of whining pussies, lost in the woods? I’ll show you the directions: MSG, Tuesday at 9:30, to watch flying carsillo from beaten Debbies in first game of new series, just for starters…LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is Greg ZzZzZzZZZ, when we need him the most?

  24. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    BBQ tomorrow with some beers. Doesnt get better than that!

    I agree Manny,the league gets on their knees for guys like Ovi and Cindy. It aggravates the hell outta me.

  25. Count me among those who won’t be able to watch the game because of family commitments. Which SUCKS.

    Holtby has had a ridiculously easy time of it this series. And the Rangers, more so than the Capitals, have made it so. Lame, weak shots from the outside with nobody in front.

    It’s asinine to think that in Game 7 of the second round these players still don’t get it. But in Game 6 they waited 59 minutes to disprove that theory.

    My hope….

    The Rangers realize they’re about to blow a golden chance, get angry, get pumped up, and REFUSE TO LOSE to a team that’s ended our season twice in the last three years.

    I believe, duh, it’ll be a one goal game. But since the Rangers have allowed it to get to a Game 7 there’s the possibility of a fluke. A mistake. A tip. Something Rangers defensemen have loved doing to Hank in seasons past.

    I firmly believe if we win tomorrow night we can beat the Debbies. Get Uncle Daddy flopping around the ice like a fish out of water.

    But the Rangers and their coach have to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves “Is this all we’re capable of?”

    Because Game 6, which many of us said during the game and were chastised for, the Rangers failed to compete. The players and coach admitted so afterwards.

    They have no excuses.

    Full speed ahead. Crash the net on EVERY CHANCE. Make the Caps understand that their time as contenders is over.

    This is OUR TIME.


    And if they fail….well, I’ll likely throw my iPhone out of the car.

  26. Let this cotton red army of craps experience the crashing wave of real Blue Rage! Make MSG a hell and a sepulchral vault for their last hope! Lit ESB in blue and white for our GARANTEED VICTORY today! LGR!!!!!

  27. My daughter told me this mroning that she had a dream they lost in OT. I immediately called her school to say that she wouldn;t be coming in today, and I chained her up to our dog’s runner in the backyard. Can one of you stop by later to check on her and give her some water?

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp since Feds is 5-0 in game 7’s, perhaps he could chip in a goal or two around the net! Gabby gets the get’s a Power Play Goal, and Richards will net another Game WINNING goal.

    The Garden faithful will be LOUD, and the Rangers will Win!!!

    This is a special season, you just have to believe!!!

  29. Absolutely fivefootzero. I believe in Omens too, and what are the chances? If I wasn’t wearing my rangers sweatshirt, which I wasn’t going to wear, we probably would not have met. Good omen! Definitely! There are Boneheads amongst us, ha. Let’s Go Rangers!!

  30. I feel like we haven’t been critical enough of Hank’s horrendous puck movement last game. Can someone get on that?

  31. We ain’t goin’ out like that, we ain’t goin’ out like that

  32. I’ve found that this playoff year the Rangers have been most successful when my family is apart. Seems like every time we’ve tried to all get together for a game they’ve lost.

    My parents will be traveling and may not be home in time for the game.

    My brother will be at work. Watching the game, but he’ll be at work.

    I’ll be in New Jersey with my fiancee without access to a tv. Or, at the very least, the only tv I can watch won’t have NBCSports/VS/Horrible Freakin’ excuse for a sports network

    What does this mean?


  33. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I put my tickets on stubhub last night at 350 per ticket. They sold in under 30 minutes. I should have asked for 450.

  34. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    BTW, Stubhub had the comparables for my section. The average sale price was $274 a ticket and the highest anyone had managed to sell for was $306. So I thought the 350 was about my ceiling. Nope!

  35. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    well, Doodie, it better not be Caps fans that are doing the buying!!

  36. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    I am another fan that can’t get to the game, after being at ALL playoff home games. This Saturday night crapola on graduation weekends has to stop!!! GRRRRRRrrrr……

    But, then, there is Stub Hub…wondering what my tix can go for.

  37. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    Da boys are gonna find a way….
    Da boys are gonna find a way….
    Da boys are gonna find a way…

    Doo dah….Doo dah…….

  38. The extra day is the best thing for the Rangers so stop whining.

    Also, the Rangers chances of winning hinge solely on their ability to stop Ovechkin. He is the only reason why this series isn’t over already…

  39. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    So, hey, Torts is getting creamed on NHL Radio. They said TSN did a video of all his unkind statements.

    Ya know what I say? Go gett’em Torts!!! You da best! Aight!

    This league has a bunch of buffoons reff’ing and in the front office. Be consistent!! We have seen so many BS calls on and off the ice.

    Do your jobs or listen to the complaints. Get it right.

  40. Matty"IBelieveinMiracles!!"boy on

    He has had a great, superstar-type few games under very adverse conditions for him. Give him some credit.

    Oh, if you say so, Oleo. I think we kinda bought one or two of our 9 lives with some ‘miraculous’, fortunate breaks, like a high stick double minor (or it woulda been over), and a wear em down triple OT. It’s a tight series.

    Love the day off for our guys. They seemed like the length of the season, and key players being overused, is getting to them. A day for the tired team is a beautiful thing.

    GO BOYS!!!!!

  41. I’m waiting to read a post about Ovechkin and Backstrom being involved in a collision during practice; a collision that knocks them both out of tomorrow’s game. Any news on that yet Carp?

  42. “I’ll be in New Jersey with my fiancee without access to a tv.”

    I don’t know which is worse, being in NJ or not having access to the game.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Clearly stuck with the fiance is the icing. Certainly, fhe whole thing is more maddening than a Britney Spears radio single.

  44. i guess that was a silly question since those who knew where the best ledges are already jumped off of them… and their secrets left with them!

  45. Matty

    I would love for someone to find this out, but what percentage of Washington’s goals have happened with Ovechkin on the ice. I know it’s at least 50%.

    Sure the Rangers have gotten some luck, but without Ovechkin, this series is likely a sweep, just like if we had Biron instead of Hank in net…

    Sure Washington does a tremendous job blocking shots, but Ovechkin is their offense and without him, they can’t score. When he’s not blasting the puck top corner, he’s creating havoc that leads to a goal.

    They need to find a way to stop him as they did in their 3 victories so far…

  46. czechthemout!!!! on

    I dont agree with alot of what Brooks says but he is dead on on this one. I have been saying it on here and to a bunch of my friends that these lines are killing us! Torts needs to reunite the all American line and the Boyle feds and AA lines. I like Prust as much as anyone here for many reasons. But he is a fourth line player who is offensivly challanged.

    Also, they need to do something different in order to improve the PP. No more MDZ!

    I also want to comment on us exceeding expectations this year. While true, that is no reason to justify and accept a loss tomorrow. The Lightning won the cup totaly not expecting too. They were as surprised as anyone. torts said so. We are one step away from the semifinals. An case can easily be made that we are a better team than anyone still there. In many ways, we are under performing our capabilities both on the offense and PP. Er are better than the Kings,Coyotes,Devils,and the Caps. They could not contain our top two lines through game three. Thier goalie has not stolen a single gamei for them. We have made it easy for him by the way we attack and our inability to get in from of the net. There has to be a more concerted effort by everyone on the team to get in Holtby’s line of sight. They must stop the endless cycling and start throwing the puck in front of the net. We can and should win this game and than go on to the next round and beyond. Only we can stop us. Not the Caps.

  47. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I hate this waiting. Waiting only to be disappointed. And no matter how hard I try and brace myself for this loss, it still hurts.

  48. High Desert Roberto on

    it would be nice if the NYR could win a game by more than a goal for once..maybe a 2 or 3 goal lead going into the 3rd? just once?

  49. I did it myself. Ovechkin has been on the ice for 7 of the 12 goals Washinton has scored this series. 58%

  50. Jesus, you’d think for once they could just score early and score often. Then we could actually enjoy the game and not have to deal with the battery acid in our stomachs. COME ON BOYS!

  51. “And no matter how hard I try and brace myself for this loss, it still hurts.”

    oh so we already lost the game? how come nobody told me?

    jeez… i am definitely staying away from here tomorrow night…

  52. If they don’t go to the net in this game I’m blaming no one but Torts. I’m tired of them making Holtby look like God’s gift to the goalie position. If all you do is play in the corner guess where the puck is going to stay? That’s right! In the corner! Go to the net. Shoot at the net. Crowd Holtby. Don’t let him see every shot taken from the blue line right into his glove without obstruction. Make him work for his saves. PLEASE!

  53. cw,

    Yeah, Brooks is dead on today. Torts should unleash The Kreider and let Step loose a little. It’s funny that older Torts has gotten so far away from “safe is death.”

    And the Rangers need to take less stupid penalties because their PK just doesn’t look as good against the Caps. I hate to give Dunothingsky any credit, but maybe his absence is part of that.

    Anyway, LGR. Come on, Hank. Seal it. Come on, Feds. Score one goal, one time.

  54. Not only stuck in NJ, I’ll be moving there after the wedding in September.

    The saving grace is this: She’s a native New Yorker and HATES Jersey people. She has road rage issues that only a New Yorker can have. And since we’ve been together she’s gone from a hockey novice to a raging Rangers fan who gets more pissed than I do during a game.

    And she looks great in my old Graves jersey. ;-)

  55. AGrossRecord Chris Kreider off the fourth line at Rangers practice, skating with Derek Stepan and Ryan Callahan on a second line.

    Wow, has Torts actually removed his head from his aasen? We can only hope.

  56. like the practice lines. of course the rangers miss dubinsky he is muck better then mitchell and rupp and prust. he can win faceoffs, can skate, hit, etc.. jsut cannot score this year but neither can the 3 guys I mentioned abouve.

    dubi is also good winning puck battles on the wall., his ankle/foot must be bad. been out 2 weeks already.

    good news is if they move on zucc and dubi should be ready soon, that gives them fresh bodies and a offensive upgrade over others…..

  57. Rangers Reality on

    Rangers jumbling lines…Caps keep everything the same…I wonder which team is dictating play, and which one is fishing for answers?

  58. Crash

    Save your ink….I’ve been moaning for the past several years about the absence of Rangers in front of the net…they’re usually all scrumming along the sideboards and behind the net, with no one out front to pass to..
    i don’t know just who to address the reason for this unless it might be the ghost of Renney past.

  59. You know what? I can’t let it go …

    The Rangers have won, what 58 games by juggling lines all the time. Washington has juggled its lines throughout the series. Pay byfuglien attention.

  60. Hey Carp – who do you think the Devils fans and the Devils themselves would rather play in the Eastern Conf. Finals?

  61. Torts *NEVER*, _ever_ in his tenure juggled his lines. He must be desperate now and fishing for answers…

  62. It’s one thing to juggle lines.

    It’s another thing to have 2 lines comprised of offensively-capable players playing with offensively incapable players, in a Game 6 in a series in which the entire team has struggled mightily to score as it is.

    Kreider with Mitchell and Rupp, and Stepan with Prust and Fedotenko, are inexcusable line combinations. Period.

  63. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Marz to add onto your comment, if there is one change i would want made it would be switching Boyle and Stepan. the Boy-Prust-Fed line was good during the reg. season.

  64. You know what Kenny? I wouldn’t mind that too much. I just don’t want to see anything as egregious as Wednesday night. You know, things like I mentioned earlier. Or Carl Hagelin, who’s only one of the best players on the team at working the boards, getting a grand total of ZERO minutes and ZERO seconds of power play time. Yeah, that was another brilliant decision.

  65. czechthemout!!!! on

    The all America line back together. Watch the difference in the amount of real scoring chances we get from the last two games.

  66. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    To add to Carp’s comments above. I agree with you. At the end of the day, as long as the Rangers can play disciplined hockey giving 110%, they should come out on top. The Stralman penalty killed any possible momentum we were going to establish in period one although we outshot them in the first. The 2nd period goal was a lucky deflection off Backstrom’s skate to Chimera. Those things will happen.

  67. The Devils would much rather play the Caps because they’ll have home ice advantage.

  68. I honestly feel that the Rangers are the only team remaining that has any shot at beating the Devils. Which makes tomorrow night’s game even more of an agonizing thing to endure!

  69. Thanks Mike S. That’s a good answer. Personally I think the Caps matchup horribly against the Devils.

  70. You guys are so funny. There is absolutely no predicting who will win tomorrow. None. The Rangers can’t score? Well, they have more goals than the Caps, who were actually built to be an offensive juggernaut. Whatever wins the game will be something small, a tiny fraction of some thing or another thing, a decision by a player or a coach or a great play or a not so great play, and so much of what ends up happening is random and chance here.

    These 2 teams are still part of the “final eight”, but they are still playing into game seven because they are among the “final five.” They are both very good teams playing very good hockey going toe-to-toe. Every stat in the series points to them being completely even. Nobody is dictating play, nobody is dominant. And in fact, whoever wins, I think it will be nearly impossible to string together a story line of “this is why the Rangers won” without it being complete nonsense. At this point it really is all hockey gods stuff. Someone will get a break and someone will end up on top. Simple as that.

  71. Caps matched up horribly vs the Bruins and Rangers. You guys do know most people picked Caps to lose in 5 to both teams right?

  72. I agree Peter…it’s really a coin toss at this point. Regardless of who wins, it won’t come as a shock to anyone.

  73. Just playing Devil’s Advocate somewhat, oleo (and I think Ovechkin gets a lot of unwarranted criticism), but as Carp was probably just about to say…Ovechkin’s 5-on-5 Corsi numbers compared to most of his teammates this playoffs are not so good.

    So the Rangers and Bruins have perhaps not been camped in their own end every time he’s been on the ice (and by eye, he’s not been the same threat to score at ES that he’s been in the previous playoff meetings), so I’m not sure it’s quite as simple as “No Ovechkin=Rangers sweep”.

  74. Barry Weiss from Storage Wars on

    Peter – Funny? You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little messed up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?
    what the **** is so funny about me? Tell me, tell me what’s funny!

  75. Agree Peter, but there have been several hundred people who have waited since October to really stick the boot into the coach, so tomorrow’s disgraceful, inexcusable defeat will be as good a time as any.

  76. Matteau poster above is not me. Torts does juggle lines but it is not a wrong observation that the Rangers are in search of answers while the Caps are probably fine with how things are going. In their minds but for a fluke they just won 3 games in a row.

  77. czechthemout!!!! on


    I think its more of the fact that upon further reflection, torts found his balls again!

    But just in case he is reading. Maybe they should try playing the point men when on the powerplay on the opposite side of where they shoot from. They looked their best when they did this a few times this season including the Staal overtime goal. It also allows Mdz to shoot of the pass and let’s them have a better look down low to try and make a play. And perhaps bringing a forward to the high slot with some movement would help as well as an additional pp option.

  78. I for one am not going to question the insight and decisions of our professional hockey coach. He has forgotten more about hockey this morning than I knew from the last 40 years. He must be doing something right, and with Sully and the team’s input (maybe even Mess?), I’ll trust whatever he decides to put on the ice tonight. Personally, I like to see guys storming the crease like D-Day, so we’ll see what happens. Either way, he knows the personnel inside and out, so leave him be and let’s go rock the house

  79. Game over season over do we resign prust and biron next year.

    I have decided I will sit 1st per in the bathroom staal at the garden. If all goes well I will bring enough reading material for game worth.

    What sucks Tom if we lose is I won’t care about outcome of sporting event until sept 9th week 1 of NFL when my only other team I root for the pathetic eagles play.

    Please rangers win don’t let me be miserable on mday. My wife would divorce me

  80. They def need fwd in high slot and dmen chip it over the charging PKers sticks into the gap

  81. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    FWIW, logically if the rangers don’t go any further than what they already have, this season should be viewed as a success (especially when most, myself included,were picking this team for a 6-8 seed at the beginning of the season)

    As just an emotional fan, anything short of a cup win and I will be bummed!

    For many, it is too fine a line to separate the logic and emotion.

    Text MSG!

  82. That was mean actually. I do care about him. Re-sign him. You’re not going to find a better backup unless you’re in St. Louis or Boston or Vancouver.

  83. I have to agree with Wicky. We are the last remaining #1 seed. Heck, we are the last remaining seed above what…a 3! Thus, I will not freak out if we get knocked out. It will be sad, awful and filled with violence from me against the nearest wall but all-in-all this season was a success.

    Now go get me *IGINLA*

    That said, Screw next season let’s WIN!!!!!!!!

  84. Hey Barry, go get your shine box!

    Vegas has correctly favored the winning team in every game so far. That can be good, that can be bad. You decide. I think it’s good – when boatloads of moolah is involved, those guys get it right.

  85. Matteau not Matteau! on

    No, the Matteau Poster above is not you Matteau! and I am not trying to be you. Although not often, I have been posting as Matteau since the Sam days.

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