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I’m sure you saw that Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan were elevated to a line with Ryan Callahan in practice today, with Brian Boyle being reunited with Brandon Prust (Artem Anisimov on the left) and Ruslan Fedotenko dropped to the John Mitchell-Mike Rupp line. FWIW.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


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Brad Richards:


Brian Boyle:


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  1. Cally needs to have a good game. His horrendous penalty as well as shooting the puck wide from about a foot out cost the Rangers on Wednesday.

    Hopefully the two days off help his finger. We need the Captain to perform in the biggest game of his career.

  2. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp could you ask Torts if he reads the blog cause he finally put the “roaring 20’s” line back together and thats all that was talked about yesterday? Credit to Manny I think for the “roaring 20’s” line.

  3. I would love the credit but that sounds too intelligent for something I would say.

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers-Kings Stanley Cup? is that something that happened in your NHL 2k12 game? Rangers will be shut out on home ice Saturday, again, and practicing their long putts come Sunday morning

  5. Rob in Meantown,
    keep going with that carsillo, our mascot jackass, that usually bring us luck, just pick up your snots.

  6. Like I said, I never want any Boston sports fan to ever be happy about anything, from now until the end of time. Now you see why. I hope Beckett gets another 30 starts this year so you can pencil him in for 20+ losses, 3 injuries, 4 scandals, 6 insults to Sux fans and 100 rounds of golf

  7. LOL Fat Guy, I like you! Trolls from all teams come on here, not just them. And I beg you to not laugh at Beckett. He’s the greatest human being and pitcher to play the game, seriously.

  8. I’m with Tony. He is having a speech therapy. The girl asks:” What season is it?” Tony:”It’s hockey season!”. The therapist:”What year is it?” Tony:”It’s the year the Rangers win the Cup, what are you talking about? 2012!!!!”. LMAO, he is something!

  9. nyrmessier011 on

    to repeat what i said over at HF. Hard to pin it on one game, but particularly for guys like Hank, Staal and Cally that have been here from the beginning of it all–This game could be a defining moment for them and a bunch of other players that have been around, as well as front office guys, scouts, supporters. It’s been a long time since one game had this much importance.

  10. torts finally wakes up and puts the lines like they should be. hopefully it is not too late.

  11. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    You Manny are actually one of the more BRILLIANT poster’s on here ;-)))

  12. mu, hockey genius.

    Fat Guy and Tiki, aren’t there a few Boston guys you’d like to see happy about something on Saturday? (Tortorella, Boyle, Kreider?) :)

  13. My hope:

    The extra day off gives the Rangers more time to reflect on what they have done this season and what they HAVEN’T done in this playoff series.

    The extra day off gives them a chance to rest and clear their minds.

    The extra day off gives them a chance to ask themselves “Am I ready to go home on Sunday?”

    No excuses whatsoever for them to not give 100% Saturday night. Every shift. Every player. Without fail.

    I’m thinking to Game 7 against the Sens…how Hank was explosive out of his net at times to make the save. The hunger the team showed.

    They realistically haven’t played tough since Monday. Wednesday, they admit, they just didn’t give the proper effort.

    No excuses tomorrow. I just was at Home Depot and saw a woman drive by with LETS GO RANGERS scrawled across the back window.

    I’m thinking of all the people in Rangers jerseys I’ve seen out and about lately. The feeling that hasn’t been there in a long time.

    Do it boys. Just do it.


  14. stick rupp and boyle in front of the net on the PP – nothing else is working might as well have to big bodies to try and set a screen…Kind of when Keena put Beuke out there!

  15. Of course, Carpster!! I didnt say that, he did!! And dont forget Sully and Leetchie!!

  16. Boyle does block Rupps’ shots…Boyle kills penalties its not like he’s that much of a liability, he knows how to defend…Rupp had a little PP time in Nj and Pitt so its not like he would be new to it…just a thought…need to score somehow…

  17. I’m expecting a lot more snarl and hunger tomorrow night. Plus some bloot, freng, dreffle and other meaningless buzzwords.

  18. We have to remind our players to pre-tear the skin on all vulnerable areas to extend all penalties to the double minor length.

  19. By the way, watching the Players’ golf yesterday, and in a matter of about 10 seconds they went from talking about momentum to talking about “Euros.”

  20. Golf is another spot that does not have momentum. Not even between rounds. Maybe not even between holes. Or maybe it has momentum but that can fade in an instant.

    hHw many times do you birdie a whole and triple bogey the next?

  21. Only about 29 hours left until the clowns leave the MSG ice with their heads down …

  22. I thought we’d have the mental edge after the Games 3 and 5 win. I thought the Caps would be devastated, I know Id sure be devastated.

    But in re: to momentum, forskin Maguire said that momentum and home ice is key in the playoffs, therefore he must wrong on both counts. He also said the sky was blue, so it must be green!

  23. High Desert Roberto on

    When I came home last night
    You wouldn’t make love to me
    You went fast asleep
    You wouldn’t even talk to me

    You say I’m so crazy
    Coming home intoxicated
    I say just want to love you, I just wanna love you, baby
    Guess that’s why I’m so elated, come on, girl

  24. why won’t the organization give an update at all on Dubinsky…no other organization in sports acts likes this….its really unprecedented and uncalled we pay good money and invest a lot of time following this team and obviously care to know, what it all about?

  25. On T.V. last night they played the 1993 western conference final Kings vs. Maple Leafs game. It was interesting to watch the game back then in comparison with today’s game. A few things I noticed:

    The refs were bad even back then. They called too many men on the ice on the Kings when the sixth player didn’t touch the puck even the commentators noted it. (Gretzky went on to score shorthanded).

    Overall today’s game is much faster and the hits are harder. It felt like watching an AHL game.

    The goalie pads have gotten ridiculously larger these days. Kelly Hrudey and Felix Potvin look bulimic compared to today’s goalies. That goes to show how good those goalies really were.

    Marty McSorely had mad skills back then. I just remember him as a goon.

    Anyway, go Rangers!

  26. No other team acts like this? Pretty much every other NHL team discloses next to nothing on injuries during the playoffs (not defending it, but it’s true).

    And the Rangers are a lot more forthcoming on injuries than most during the regular season – hardly ever get the lower/upper body crap from them.

  27. put John Mitchell on the PP, that should help with the goal scoring right?

  28. I keep trying to recall who it is that Miami Pimp reminds me of, and now I’ve got it.

    Recall all those pictures of early Rome,when the conquering leaders and their warriors came home in triumph in a chariot and a slave stood behind him and held a wreath above his head, and kept intoning the dirge,” remember… thou art mortal”. If they could do it for Caesar, the ycan do it for Torts

  29. steve

    are you basing your decision on whether to purchase tickets or watch/listen to the game based on the availability of Dubinsky?

  30. PP Dream Team: Forwards= Fedotenko, Rupp, Mitchell and Prust. Defense = Bickel

    26 71 34 8 41

  31. Every team withholds information on injured players, and its the right thing to do. You dont want opposing players trying to exploit your team’s weaknesses. Their obligation as an organization is to win, not to let their fans know the extent of their players’ injuries.

  32. steve just because the imbecile Amare Stoudemire wanted to reveal every single thing he cannot do because of his hand that he punched a fire extinguisher with does not make it the right thing to do.

  33. Just a thought guys…setting up a screen was my only thought on it…2 big bodies thats all…

  34. These game 7’s are taking a toll on me. Definitely affecting my sex life. At my age I need to be focused, and not having things like Kreider, Dubinsky, Prust, Torts and Carp popping up in my head at the worst possible moment. LGR

  35. Dubeliveau, thats why you should always give up sex for playoffs. Keep your mind focused on whats really important, the team! I wont go visit my gf during playoffs for that reason, I feel having sex or enjoying myself in any manner is bad karma for the team!

  36. Dubeliveau, anything you can do to keep me out of your head in those moments would be greatly appreciated.

  37. I purchased tickets and am psyched with or without dubi, but its been a while and most teams actually give updates

  38. definitely agree with the idea of screens on the PP, dore, but I think it has to be somebody like Callahan, who can actually do something with the puck if there’s a rebound or a chance for a deflection. Boyle would be OK. Not Rupp — unless it’s an outdoor game.

  39. steve no playoff teams give updates. They usually say upper body/lower body, day to day. Which to me is more like lying to your face than saying, “no update.”

  40. Carp

    when will you have some interviews from the break up day since the season is over already…according to many.

  41. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    So I’m on my lunch break and I go across the street to get a cheap polish dog and a churro from Costco and the place is packed. I get the last open table and the guy at the table next to me looks exactly like judge snails from caddyshack… Right down to the flowery shirt….I can’t stop looking and laughing

  42. “Nice story on McIlrath….sounds like he is making a good transition to the pros”

    McIlrath will never make it to the NHL… he’s been diagnosed with RR-know-it-all-zitis.

  43. I tend to drink more PBR during the playoffs, not less. Visions of Rangers goals float through my head. I am going to stick with 3-0. Goal a period. Leave it on the ice. No one wants this season to end, except maybe the trolls. Even our negative nancies want the boys to win. They just hope their negativity negates ranger suckitude.

  44. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    Ok, so karma just punched me in the onions about judge smails…this old guy comes up and asks if he can share the table so I say sure and he hasn’t shut the fugg up since he sat down.

    He is literally talking to me right now as I post this…unfugginreal!!!

  45. I hope every Ranger who scores tonight pulls out the Anisimov rifle celebration and points it right at Holtby’s mother in the stands

  46. I’m trying to think of who it is that FRAN reminds me of …

    Have you ever seen those clowns who enter a roundabout and then stop to let drivers into the circle?

  47. “Ah, this is the worst lookin’ hat I ever saw! I bet you buy a hat like this you get a free bowl of soup, huh?…Oh it looks good on you, though”

  48. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    Don’t tempt me bro

    He’s like that guy from the old bud light commercials…”hey how ya doin, just got into town yada yada yada”

  49. Wicky – Tell him politely that you can’t talk because you are on a stakeout, and that it might not be safe for him to stay there

  50. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    Fat guy
    I just told him Perkins restaurant was starting their senior buffet early today and he left

  51. iWicky "Rupp Yours" on

    I did tell him that my playoff beard was making me thirsty, I don’t think he got it

  52. Wicky – If only that was true about Perkins. I would have beaten him to the front of the line while hacking up a lung. Half the people there are only one Greek olive away from a heart attack.

  53. Wicky, if I were across from you running my mouth, u couldve told me u were bostonian, and I wouldve either A.)committed a criminal act or B.)gotten out of there faster than Kreider can skate the length of the ice.

  54. LMAO @ you, guys! I’m having two in a row LMAO session. The first one was with Tony. An hour of speech therapy was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. He is cracking up jokes left and right, and if I attempted to post most of them, Carp would ban me in a heartbeat. Let me give my injury playoff update on Tony- he definitely *DOES NOT* an upper body injury!

  55. Bet you Miami feels that the clowns from in NY wouldn’t even be able to “score” in that league, Chopper

  56. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Rob the masshole’s comments are good kharma for us
    Carp…way to early to hate on McMonster

    Love the lines they practiced in….

    All things look lined up for victory tomorrow night…need Henrik to play like the King

    I am thinking the moment is too big for Holtby

    Hope the refs call a good game

  57. Of course they wouldn’t be able to! They’re already playing against a bunch of women (read: Washington Capitals) and they can’t score …

  58. Mia culpa, Latona. I was going to comment on high sticking penalty in that league, but since I’ve been reprimanded, I’ll refrain.

  59. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Tomorrow nights game may be the best game we have seen the Rangers play all playoffs long!

  60. But Kenny, Doodie says we’ve already lost tomorrow night, and he’s never wrong. Sens in 5!

  61. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    If he’s never wrong, than Doodie would be a millionaire , killing it on Jeopardy every night! Ken Jennings who?

  62. insider article for those without it.

    “There were times during the regular season when frustration set in pretty heavily. Before suffering his concussion last season, New York’s Marc Staal had been one of the best young defensemen in the NHL. At least one opposing coach thought Staal was on his way to a Norris Trophy.

    In his return from the concussion this season, Staal didn’t reach that level of play often.

    “The games I’ve seen him, I haven’t seen signs he’s getting better,” an NHL coach said shortly before the playoffs began. That’s concerning.

    During the regular season, three Rangers defensemen — Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh and Michael Del Zotto — averaged more than Staal’s 19:53 of ice time per game. There were games, as John Tortorella leaned on his other defensemen, when Staal saw considerably less time than that. That’s the challenge when you start your season in January while everyone else is in midseason form.

    Now, we’re witnessing the payoff of that plan.

    Staal has recaptured his high-end game and is doing it during a time of year when the wear and tear of a long regular season can be a heavy burden on a defenseman’s shoulders. It’s absolutely crucial it continues with the Rangers’ season on the line Saturday during Game 7 in New York.

    “No one understands that injury unless you go through it,” Rangers center Brad Richards told colleague Katie Strang. ” I’ve gone through one [concussion], and I didn’t miss half the season and jump into it, so the benefit of the doubt goes to him all the time, and he’s gotten nothing but better.”

    Staal’s agent and friend Paul Krepelka was on the receiving end of some of the frustrated phone calls when the Rangers defenseman was easing his way back to the level of play we expect. Krepelka used to cringe when Staal would take a big hit, worried that it might spark a relapse. But those days are long gone. Watch the way Staal is physically going toe-to-toe with Alex Ovechkin, exchanging big hits, and it’s evident the hesitation is gone from Staal’s game.

    It might have been a painful process, but the plan to slowly work him back into action, rather than skate him for 25 minutes a game in January, paid off.

    “Throughout the year, you’d see games where the minutes weren’t high. The Rangers had a plan to ease him back in, which I agree with,” Krepelka said during a Thursday phone conversation. “Sometimes the players don’t agree with it because they want to do more. They want the immediate. … You want your minutes back. You think you have a right to them.”

    Staal has now earned that right.

    The Rangers are in survival mode and, in this tight series against the Capitals, have pushed Tortorella to lean heaviest on his top four defensemen. It may be enough to get New York to the Eastern Conference finals, but there’s definitely concern that fatigue will wear this group down, making Staal more important than he already is.

    The top three players in ice time this postseason are Girardi (361:40), McDonagh (354:43) and Staal (329:28). Del Zotto is also in the top 10 overall in playoff minutes.

    “Those D are employing a lot of minutes. A lot of minutes,” one NHL source said. “I see a tired group.”

    If the Rangers win Game 7, that could be a huge factor against a Devils team rested up and ready to go. Their aggressive forecheck and high-end offensive players will jump at a chance to exploit any sign of fatigue.

    Two years ago, Vancouver GM Mike Gillis watched the way the Blackhawks took advantage of a thin and overworked Flyers defense during the Stanley Cup finals and made sure he added depth on defense that summer, signing Dan Hamhuis and trading for Keith Ballard at the draft. Vancouver didn’t win the Cup last year but came awfully close. During the Canucks’ playoff run last spring, they ended up getting significant minutes from nine different defensemen because of injuries and suspensions. Nine.

    Right now, there’s no room for error on defense for the Rangers. It’s on the shoulders of the guys who are out there. On guys like Staal, who has found his game just in time.”

  63. Imagine that feeling for the Boston fans…that hard working, blue-collared team went up against all the odds, and brought home a large silver cup for the city. That doesn’t happen very often, for a team like that to defeat the odds. That’s a proud championship.

  64. the team that scores first has won every game in this series, and the team that scores first in game 7’s has won over 70% of the time.

    so obviously we look to see who scores first.

    and, the road team is 18-17 in OT in game 7’s, so you want to close them out in reg

  65. Matchups- matchups- matchups. When both teams could reasonably make the case that they could easily have won all three of their home games in the same series- last change has to mean something. Now, all six games have been so close that only games one and six were clear wins IMO (although I thought NYR played best in the game 2 loss)- so the home ice edge is minimal- but it is there.
    How can NYR get a four minute PP one game and hardly register a shot, after having one the game before and scoring twice in what amounted to about two minutes? First, they began with a 6-on-4 skating advantage-but more importantly there were only 26 seconds left. There was an urgency to get the puck to the net that is entirely absent on the normal PP. Anyone doubt that if that was a normal PP with plenty of time remaining that the puck would have gone on its usual “around the perimeter in 80 passes” tour? Rangers’ love of puck possession is killing them on the PP- the guy at the short boards needs to react when he is pressured by both the pk guys on his side not by making a safe pass to the point or behind the net, where options are limited and committed pkers have time to recover- the puck needs to go to the middle where the Rangers must outman the opposition with a 3 on 2 down low- (of course this would mean rotating the foward from behind the net to the front as soon as the back guy commits)- it also might require some bigger forwards down low to tie up remaining pkers- will it be pretty? No. Is it a set play? No. Is it harder to defend than the game of keepaway we play now? Maybe… at least it would lower some of the predictability quotient that we all find so frustrating now. I know I’m wasting my time…but I can’t stop thinking about it. Couldn’t we at least try something different? Even if the pass is picked off and the puck is cleared- you’ve given the opposition something to think about.

  66. How come a team like Oilers gets a documentary special “Oil Change” done two years in a row now and New York Rangers doesnt? WTF is SO special about the Oilers?

  67. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp do you know yet who the refs are for tomorrow nights game?

  68. Dan O’Rourke and Chris Rooney, Ria.

    Be careful on that first goal (6-0) stat. Very coincidental and possibly misleading. In five of the six games, the team that has scored first has been tied or trailed at some point in the third period, and won anyway.

  69. I’m going to be home alone tomorrow night so I’d like to hang out in here during the game. Can we make a pledge that, if things are going poorly, the quitters will simply walk away from (or use a hammer to smash) their computers rather than double my annoyance?

  70. looks like the Board took the Brown Acid.

    good thing i’m keeping busy and trying to catch up
    with other matters in life.

    Serenity Now!!!

  71. Wouldn’t that be delightful, Mister D? Not going to happen. This season will have been a disaster, Lundqvist will be a choker, Tortorella will have run them into the ground during the season and have been outcoached by Hunter and he messed up by getting rid of Avery, Gaborik will be a stiff they have to trade in the off-season, Del Zotto will be back to being Del Zaster, Anisimov=bust, Sather should have given up the farm, including Kreider, for Nash, blah, blah, blah.

    Never mind those 58 wins and that this young team, which is going to be really good for a long time, arrived a year or two earlier than expected.

    That said, they will win tomorrow.

    Hedberg, but I’m hoping Phoenix wins for Don Maloney, for a much better place to have to go for Games 3, 4 and 6, and maybe to visit Tony from AZ.

  72. Blogmama Go Tony!!! on

    Quick good evening all! Tony, you are so the man!!!! LMFAO!!! LGR!!!! Gotta run…..later!

  73. I want you all to rest assured that they Rangers will win tomorrow night, and I will tell you how I know. I am not going to be home for the start of the game, but I will make it home before the end of the first period. I have a unbeaten streak in such games. There you have it. Step away from the ledge, and just sit back, crack a bottle of your favorite drink, and enjoy the game.

  74. Blogmama Go Tony!!! on

    me too Nasty!!! I’m with you Mister D!

    eyeshadow…a wicky…my mama is gonna whoop me…..

  75. carp

    can you drive me home tom and tell me its going to be ok

    this is the most important game the this franchise has played since the night they won the cup.
    18 years later. anyone else think of another game more important then this one

  76. No, eric, I can’t drive you home, unless you want to be on the train with me … yes, I can tell you it’s going to be OK (very strongly believe ya boys will win) and yes, I can think of another game more important than this one … April 26, 2012. Because if they lose in Game 7 in the first round to the No. 8 seed, you guys go absolutely bat-carcillo. Much worse than if they lose tomorrow.

  77. On the other hand, if they win tomorrow, that’s the most important win since ’94 because of where it puts them.

  78. i have played this game out 3 times in my head

    1. caps win in ot on a goal off the skate of del zaster
    2. rangers win regulation on a 3rd per goal by feds(undefeated in game 7)
    3. caps win big 4-1 get up early and the garden is a mogue.

    if u notice i dont see rangers winning comfotably. i dont see how thats possible

  79. nasty

    yes feds wrap around or something close and yes i did call in xm today. i am in sales so i am in car all day and listen to nhl home ice

  80. HAHA, as soon as I read that I knew it was you. I call in on that show a lot too.

  81. Neil from Jersey

    I called in the other day to take a shot at Denis Potvin for saying that he dislikes Hags. Potvin of all people. What a joke. And the Rangers haters on the show pretty much backed him. Ha

  82. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    I use the name dick fitzwell on every show I call in on

  83. LMAO Wick! Most of those guys that host the shows do not like the Rangers, and you can totally tell from the carcillo that they say.

  84. by the way
    dan o rourke and chris rooney have been a pair this round and worked game 3 the triple ot game and to be honest to be that was one of the better officiated games of the playoffs i have seen. they let the boys play.

    one could only hope they have a repeat performance

  85. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    I know, I called in once a few years ago on my then hour and a half commute to work and talk to EJ, he was actually pretty funny. I think I talked about crease clearing D men!

  86. He does the feeds for Ottawa, and he doesn’t like him because of his hot on Alfie. Which I find a complete joke coming from that guy. Give me a break.

  87. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Ah, right, I forgot he worked with them. That’s a tremendous shame.

    I agree that the triple OT game was well officiated, eric.

  88. I guarantee you all that the Rangers win tomorrow night. I stake my life on that.

    I decided today that I can no longer be held prisoner to my superstitions for my teams, and that I have no effect on their success or failure. But my brother is superstitious and will be pissed at me that I booked my flight today for May 18th, so I can meet Linda, and visit my gf. He’s gonna be pissed when we win tomorrow night, and then I tell him, so we are guaranteed to win

  89. Brian Leetch on

    I just signed a one game contract for game 7. I will only be on the ice to anchor the power play. The brass is currently working on my suggestion of also signing David Wells to park in front of the net for me.

  90. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Why you Leetch? They could’ve signed Zubov for less, and he had more points than anyone on the team in 94.

    Zubov rules!

    Worse trade by Neil Smith was dumping on Zubov.

  91. “Never mind those 58 wins and that this young team, which is going to be really good for a long time, arrived a year or two earlier than expected.”

    This is the most salient point of a great post. We weren’t supposed to be a 1 seed this year, or even in contention for a 1 seed. Its awesome that we were, but it was both (1) too early and (2) somewhat misrepresentative given all of Pittsburgh’s injuries. I reality, we were on the high end of the 4-8 range that was initially expected and we got a break. Even if we lose tomorrow, there’s no way that everything that happened in the regular season (minus the awful injury to Sauer) and the two Game 7s, including a 3-2 series comeback, aren’t a tremendous building block. I’d love to win it all this year, but anyone who quits or trashes the team has not only missed the point of this season, they’ve missed the entire point of loving being a fan of a team like this.

    In summary: Please, don’t suck. If we lose tomorrow night and some people are pulling the scorched earth/roster or “I cared more than the players did” routine, I’m going to lose my mind. I apologize in advance for that, Carp. Even though I know you’ll be nodding along with me. Atleast until I slip up on a 4 letter word.

  92. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Mister D –

    I said 2 days ago after the loss the Rangers were playing with ‘house money’ – in that nobody expected the Rangers to be a number 1 seed this soon, and so young. I also said the Craps are the now team – they have flirted with 1 seed for a few seasons while doing very little in the playoffs. The pressure, in my opinion, is on Washington.

    A few people blasted me for this thinking – but I’m glad you and Carp agree – Rangers are young and accomplished a lot this season quite quickly.

  93. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    And all thanks and praise be to John Tortorella:

    When is the last time a Rangers team has played with this much commitment, accountability, and work ethic?

    I can’t think of any team. Including 1994.

  94. Its not about what we were supposed to be, its about what we are. We are the 1 seed, in a year with pens injured and bruins out, we must capitalize and give ourselves a chance. Its on henrik tomorrow, plain anc simple, shut that team out anc we’ll score a goal.

  95. And ya know what, he will. I cant imagine anyone wants the stanley cup moe0re than him. He’s gonna shut the door on ovechkin early, and thatll propel us to a W

  96. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Ltiki –

    Craps have leaders, too. They will step up as well.

    It’s not about wanting it. Or number 1 seed vs 8. The regular season means carcillo at this point.

    May the more talented, more fortunate, more deserving team win tomorrow.

  97. nyrmessier011 on

    Carp not sure if you were response responding to me on or not with the two weeks thing, but that game 7 and this one are very different in importance IMO. Whole different world when you’re talking about this core group advancing to the semifinals for the first time

  98. Its less about the regular season and more about the competition left in the playoffs, and this being our very real chance, being the best team left in these playoffs.

    Tim thomas had a shutout or fail mentality in game 7 last year, and on the road against a team playing for its 1st stanley cup,he shut them out

  99. Melrose’s pick for the best player of the second round: Nicky Backstrom (as Barry called him)
    Yeah cuz Brady Richards’ 3 goals (including 7.6 seconds tying goal in game 5) and 5 points are totally irrelevant…much like Barry Melrose’s himself.

  100. You do realize the difference between a 4-1 win and a 1-0 loss is not “the goalie’s mentality”, right?

  101. Still incredibly upset that im missing tomorrow’s game and dont have dvr. Have to rely on stupid text updates. This place will not be fun tomorrow if our boys are down and there is no mr. positivity ilb and Mama to keep everyone in check. I expect them to win.

  102. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp @8:51 “that said they will win tomorrow” = BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    The competition left in the playoffs?

    All real good teams. None clearly better than the next. Except the LA Kings – who pile-drived through 2 supposedly superior opponents in 9 games.

    The Cup is NOT there for the taking. The team that wins the championship is gonna have to outwork some real quality teams to get it.

    The Rangers have as good a chance as any team to win. But whatever they do, they are a young team that should be good for a long time. This team is no flash in the pan.

    Just ask the craps.

  104. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I remember watching the Devils broadcast during the 1994 Eastern Confetence Finals.. Peter McNab was their color commentator. McNab basically said the Rangers and Devils were basically playing each other for the Stanley Cup, due to the fact Vancouver was a much weaker team than eithe the Rangers or Devils…

    Well, 8 or so games later when the Rangers won the Cup, it wa apparent that McNab was soooo wrong about the Canucks (8th seed, btw).

    Caps are no joke. Ranger have ha their work cut out for them this series… LGR!

  105. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Melrose is a complete buffoon.

    Ask any fan of the fishsticks.

    Ask Bryan Berard.

  106. Ok Ranger fans, listen up. Read this article and relay what you think of it. It really pokes at the Rangers mentality as a team even though it’s meant to encompass the author’s (and I use that term lightly considering his usual crappy fare) feelings about the lack of what he thinks is exciting hockey.

  107. Carp, now that the Whale are eliminated, will some players remain in Hartford conditioning in case of call up emergencies? Or will they actually have select players stick around the Rangers Practice facility? Or do they just simply go home?


  108. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Once again, I have a dinner conflict. Taking the mother-in-law out for Mother’s Day tomorrow night. Planned this earlier in the week in hopes the Rangers would end this in six. I really need to think these things through more.

  109. You really do Gravy! LOL! Is your marriage, or your mom-in-law really that important? ;)

  110. Eric

    Yes I heard you call into home ice today with those scenarios and wondered if that was you.

    The Rangers are winning this tomorrow.

  111. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    so pulling out all the stops tomorrow, 94 locker room cup t shirt is the winner!

  112. Yeah, my family is doing the mother’s day thing tomorrow night too. Mom, Grandma, Aunt… all those mothers….. lol

  113. 1stTimeLongTime on

    Who the heck is David??? Dubinsky??? How can anyone joke at a time like this?? I hope this is a joke because I already aten most of my fingernales.

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