Tortorella: “I have a ton of optimism about our club”


John Tortorella didn’t say much this afternoon in a conference call with reporters, but don’t take that as a lack of confidence for Game 7.

“I have a ton of optimism about our club,” Tortorella said. “Our club has gone through a lot of different things as far as momentum.”

As our buddy Carp is wont to remind us of, momentum is a figment in the NHL playoffs. For the Rangers, the season has been more about dogged consistency than sustaining — or reversing — momentum. They lost two straight just six times all season, including Games 4 and 5 against Ottawa in the first round. Only once did the streak extend to three.

Tortorella wouldn’t discuss much else, namely what his club had in mind to awaken a sleepy offense. “We’ve discussed that as a team,” he said (actually twice). “We’ll keep that in the locker room.”

Chris Kreider had provided a boost, but he’s been relegated to the fourth line after defensive struggles in Games 3 and 4. Could he return to an increased role in Game 7? You’ll have to wait until Saturday night to find out, of course.

“He’s a young man trying to learn the game,” Tortorella said about Kreider’s defensive adjustment. “I think he’s improving and we’ll see where it goes.”

For the rest (and there isn’t much), check out the audio below.

The team returns to the ice for practice at 11 tomorrow morning.

John Tortorella:

[audio: torts.MP3]

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  1. Sorry, Manny.

    I cant wait for “WE DID IT!!!! EFF YEAH!!!!” to be texted to a certain party Saturday night!!!

  2. Certain party is strongly considering hiring a hit man at the moment, Tiki….

  3. GregM_section403 on

    repost: re ticket prices:

    My daughter has an event on Saturday evening (sorry, but family always comes first), so i can’t go to the game. I just sold my 2 seats on Rangers TicketExchange, which i paid $95 a piece, for $250 each.

    BTW, if the Rangers win, thank me. Every game that I did go to this year (regular season AND playoffs) has been a Rangers LOSS. I’ll stay out of MSG for game 7, thank you very much :)!

  4. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Just a reminder: 341, first row, aisle seats, $350 each for two tickets. At 5 PM they are going on Stubhub. Bonehead special offer first.

  5. If we were scoring a lot of goals, I would agree with putting Kreider on the 4th line. BUT, we need some offensive JAM! Kreider has shown that he can add some offense.

    Sure hope Torts puts that Cally-Step-Kreider line back together. They had chemistry and we need some offensive chemistry in the worst way..


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  7. loneranger May 10th, 2012 at 2:05 pm
    loneranger May 10th, 2012 at 1:46 pm
    How ironical. We’re actually being out-Rangered by the Caps. Need Stepon back out at the point on the PP. Re: earlier post Cally has had a few critical mis steps in this series, however, how can he be critized with the amt of effort he displays game in and game out. Henik needs to be at his best.

    Talking about being stooped, I’m paying close 6G just for the play-offs & over 7G for the season. Gee thank God for the 10% discount. really makes difference. Two points; the press complains about the Garden not being as loud as it once was. Answer too few Blue seat fans who could afford to go and too many suits with their Vodka on the rocks. And how can it really be loud when they give you those freeken towels. How to you make a lot of noise clapping
    I’m constantly being new posted wow considering that as much as I like doing this I have to work.
    Re: Nice Torts, leave Kreider on the 4th line and teach him the basics during the summer months when we need his critical speed now enthusiasm now. It’s the last freeken game. Hello

  8. They need to play bigger with the jam they played with all year. I feel most of the time, the Caps have dictated play to Our Boys instead of the other way around. Their goalie, when he’s not taking his mask off and on during stoppages so we can all see his neck hair, hasn’t had to be great. With his huge equipment and positional play, pucks hit him more than he makes saves. And a good goalie should be positionally sound but he’s not being forced to make big saves. Power play movement has to be improved to get the PK off our arse before we can make a play. If the Rangers (I feel stupid saying “we”) can hold the puck a little more & forecheck like they used to do, I feel they can out-Ranger the Capitals in Game 7!! Geez, just typing Game 7 starts the stomach acid churning!!!

  9. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I see the offensive problem as being too much to the outside, to the points, and behind the net. And the Caps play defensively out wide in those areas. If someone would just skate up the gut and attack the goal, we would score.

  10. Josh, 26, Why didn’t you ask a question?
    And where is Sam? We need him for Game 7.
    Carp – has there been any tougher NYR coach in a presser than Torts?

  11. CrashTheNet on

    What amazes me about these insane ticket prices is that this is only the second round! I’d sort of understand if it were the Stanley Cup Finals but these prices are ridiculous for a final game of the second round. Let’s see… $500 for Rangers 2nd round tickets orrrrrr a new lcd hd tv that I’ll have for years. Tough call.

  12. Nobody knows how to pass and nobody is ever ready for a pass.

    Pass. Pass. Pass.

    Score. Score. Score.

    Get Zuccarello in Game 7 and you will see improvement on the PP. The Rangers can beat anybody when their PP is going. FACT.

  13. You scalpers absolutely *disgust* me. You don’t have any friends or family that are die hard Ranger fans and would like to go to the game for the FACE value of the ticket, which is already absurd?


  14. That’s what I’ve been saying NYR. Vibin’ (obv.). Especially on the PP guys are always taking passes in a position from which they can’t shoot and even if they get a pass when they could it ends up in their skates. So many guys overskating passes or just not looking when they pass (including Hank).

    Cool Runnin’s Mon.

  15. Salty – there are some awesome people on here that *do* sell tickets for face value or slightly below to boneheads because we are all in the same boat and we, as Billy Joel said, will all go down together.

    Other people I cannot speak for.

  16. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Salty, I am a die hard that would love to go for the face value. Unfortunately, the person in my group who has these tickets is selling them for above face value. Instead of me going for face value, it will be a die hard that’s willing to pay an inflated price.

  17. I’ll be honest, I’m just not concerned about game 7. It’s pure excitement.

    When a team demonstrates a level of commitment and an aptitude for winning, it doesn’t get any better than a game 7. This squad knows how to win and while they won’t be accused of making it easy anytime soon, my confidence couldn’t be higher.


  18. czechthemout!!!! on


    I agree. That line has great chemistry. They were outstanding in game 1 and game 2. The Caps had no answer for them. Just because Kreider made a mistake which LQ should have cleaned up, Torts has worked himself up into a tizzy and mixed up lines two and three to the point of stupidity. Torts should pick up his skirt, grab his balls and go and let them won this series.

  19. My stuff is here.. and being delivered by Europansies. Should I be worried???

    Also, got charged 5% for using a credit card. That I was never told about. WTB?!!

  20. czechthemout!!!! on

    Capitalism. The root of all that’s evil. And of course the system that’s made the USA the single greatest nation in the history of the world!

  21. Yev

    I agree. That line has great chemistry. They were outstanding in game 1 and game 2. The Caps had no answer for them. Just because Kreider made a mistake which LQ should have cleaned up, Torts has worked himself up into a tizzy and mixed up lines two and three to the point of stupidity.

    I AGREE!!

    Especially about the Step-Cally-Kreider line. Our scoring line is getting checked to DEATH! A legit 2nd scoring line increases the chances that we win game 7. DO IT TORTS!

  22. What do Europansies do with extra tickets? Read them? Idiots


  23. I am totally jazzed for game 7. The caps just won their stanley cup by extending this to game seven. I wonder what this blog would have looked like after the 3-1 and 4-1 drubbings the rangers took from the devils in games 4 and 5 in 1994. Or the 6-3 and 4-1 pastings against the canucks? Just wow!

    Lets Go Rangers! Beat the Caps. Enough is enough losing to these guys.

  24. south of saskatoon on

    ” I wonder what this blog would have looked like after the 3-1 and 4-1 drubbings the rangers took from the devils in games 4 and 5 in 1994. Or the 6-3 and 4-1 pastings against the canucks? ”

    Game over. season over. Life over.

    Over over.

  25. I remember the day of Game 7 of the Cup Finals in ’94 being so completely nervous and shell-shocked that I considered driving out to Montauk where I would, hopefully, not get a radio signal and just sleep in the car til morning.

    Back then, the thought of coming so close and blowing it was as bad as it got. Because that team HAD to win it all.

    These Rangers, I go back and forth. They’ve had a tremendous season. A memorable one. But a loss Saturday, to me, just means another second round exit. And with the Devils/Kings/Coyotes being the other teams left alive???

    Someone said it earlier, you might not get a better chance in a decade than how this playoffs has opened up with so many “elite” teams knocked out.

    What happens next year when we have to face the Pens in the playoffs and they beat us like they always do? What happens if Hank suddenly gets injured? What happens if our putrid PP ends up costing us valuable points and we start LOSING those one goal games next year?

    Does anyone doubt that this team can beat Uncle Daddy and the Debbies?

    The Caps are standing between us and the Stanley Cup Finals. Bet on it.

    That’s why last night was so disappointing and disheartening. And why Saturday night will be absolute torment if they lose.

    But, hey, back in ’94 we were all saying the same song: “Just once before I die. Just once. I don’t care if they never win it again”

  26. Guys it’s not Doodie who is the one selling the tickets. He is offering them up for someone else. At 5 PM those tickets will be on StubHub and probably even more expensive.

  27. Lloyd Braun on

    That’s fine. It doesn’t mean $700 to sit in the corner is money well spent either.

  28. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Do they still have those viewing parties at the Theatre at MSG? I went there for both Leetch and Graves night.

  29. Say it ain’t so, ANF!

    I can’t afford to go to regular season games let alone playoffs. I just have to try and deal with Doc “I won’t Shut Up and can’t tell players apart” Emrick and awful camera angles that are sometimes dizzying.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Does the league really want Caps/Devs/Yotes/Kings – try marketing that pile of carcillo during prime time? Ova is not a draw, sorry not these days – unless hairy guys with crooked teeth and bad accents are now a hot commodity on Madison Ave.

    Rangers – Kings will be the best Cup final, everyone knows it. Imagine Yotes-Devs – who is going to watch that byfuglien piece of hartnellin carcillo?

    Not buying the idea that this is our only chance. With our youth, King Henrick and league parity, we should be in the top 8 or better the next three or four seasons.

    Still it is a great chance and given all that went on this season (Europe, WC, John Scott) and who is left in this tourney, the opportunity is there to be had.


  31. US Secret Service on

    $700 for two hours of people banging into each other, screaming with delight and hoping for a quick score?

    In Columbia that will buy you 11 hookers, 2 donkeys, and a midget.

  32. Matty'BelieveinMiracles'Boy on

    Been thinking….sorry to be a debbie downer, but I am not pleased with the loss last night. Great teams put away their opposition. We did not. The Devils put Philly out so they could be ready for the conference finals. We did not. They sit ready to pounce and have had two much easier seried. I really think they kept themselves hovering in 6th place so they could play Florida in the first round. Lou is so smart.

    Our guys have done the unthinkable already this year. 82 regular season games and who, really who, thought they’d finish first in the east? Overachievers they are and they’re playing a taxing system with not much depth. It’s been a great year, and I am so proud of them and expect so many great future things, but I am not so sure they can muster up the strength to win Saturday night. Or, if they do, I am not looking forward to what the Debbies do to them come Monday.

    Sorry, Washington beat the champs, albeit a diluted champion team, but they did, IN Boston, and in game 7. Ovie played like a superstar last night. We don’t have one like that. I could see it going either way, but I don’t see us getting by the Devils if we do win Saturday, anyway. Chose your poison!

    Prove me wrong, Rangers!!

    Never thought this team gets this far way back in September/October. It’s been awesome! Whenever it ends, Saturday or next couple of weeks, or June, we have a lot to look forward to. Great job, boys! Great job, Torts!

    Fire Sather!

  33. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Joe Girardi is mother theresa to John Tortorella says Michael Kay.

  34. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Tortorella’s press conferences after playoff losses are an embarassment and disgrace to the league, Michael Kay says.

  35. Good points Matty! While you propose a pick your poison approach, I would much rather get to the Conf Finals. I am sick and tired of losing to the Caps and Ovechkin who over celebrates an icing, let alone a goal.

  36. I’m sure Torts gives a crap. I don’t like being treated like that, but I can see why Tortorella doesn’t concern himself with looking good for the league’s sake, especially when the league has carcillo’d on him every time he opens his mouth about the crybabies.

  37. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Thanks Carp. Lagreca said he felt bad for the daily news writer, Pat was his name? Torts said – “Dont coach Pat?”

  38. cindy-rella on

    I love how Torts expects his players to act professionally when he doesn’t.

    Fines for behavior, embarrassing press conf, suspension for throwing water bottle at fans etc.

    hard driving coach, yes.

    poor person, definitely.

  39. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Lloyd, it’s the corner, but it’s the first row, so it’s pretty sweet.

  40. honestly…what is he going to say in a press conference that most people dont already know? I have no problem with the way he acts…he puts all the attention on himself and away from the boys. If he speaks the truth he gets fined…he is damned if he do and damned if he dont…This is nothing new. If you dont like too bad because he aint changing any time soon…Lets go boys!!!

  41. WEll I’ve seen the last game, and read all the commentary and explanations, and suggestions, but one thing I do know…….This team had better bring a hell of a lot more to this next game than they did to the one the other night, and this goes for ALL of them…without exception…including Torts.

  42. cindy-rella on

    he refuses to answer legit questions about line combos and PP personnel. those are of interest to the fans and have a definite bearing on how well the team does.

    I wonder the reaction if a Ranger player being interviewed just sneered something and then just walked away, you know, like his coach does.

  43. Good evening, Carp! Sorry I missed your almost-fisticuffs.

    Had a blast hanging out with Mickey last night, at least most of the time.

  44. In case anyone was wondering, I am in a BAD MOOD today. I’m optimistic about Saturday. But just in case things go all wrong… I get to be like an angry, drunken fetus-baby all curled up in her lap.

    Moms ♥

  45. That should also say I’ll be watching at mom’s house. She’s the one that gets to deal with my tantrum if we lose.

  46. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I like how people think the Rangers will win on Saturday. It’s cute. They’re toast.

  47. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Official prediction:

    Capitals win by double digits, Holtby has GWG, and Rangers somehow score negative two goals.

  48. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    When the series is over, they will modify the result to be Capitals sweep Rangers in three games.

  49. Funny hearing Michael Kay call anyone a name like that, Michael Kay’s existence is disgraceful to humanity.

  50. Look, admittedly, I do not approve his behavior in front of the media, on one hand. On the other hand, it doesn’t bother me much. He isn’t here to entertain, even though it is somewhat entertaining. But you want him to talk about line combinations and PP personnel? During the playoffs? Really? Which coach has done that? Look, if you dislike him, just say it. But don’t hide it behind a dumb explanation.

  51. There is only one Miami. I wonder if Greg L and miami are fraternal twins? Somehow someway this team gets it done Saturday.

  52. If you think what Tortorella says matters, you’re a sucker. Tom Renney would sit there and TALK AND TALK AND TALK. He sat there after losses and sold you snake oil with fancy words with a friendly demeanor that the media loved.

    But he was an idiot and sucks at leading men to do a job.

    If you really need to hear Tortorella sit there and stroke the media and the fans off, just do yourself a favor and go buy some lollypops, you’ll be better off. The guy doesn’t want to talk, I think that’s great. I’ve had enough lip service.

    I think it’s great when he blows off the media. You can lead a horse to water…

  53. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, you gettin’ a cut from this ticket exchange you have goin’ on here or what? :D

  54. For all you iPhone users and people who like to shoot Nazi’s: Wolfenstein 3D is available for you iPhone and/or iPad and it’s marvelous. It’s also FREE. So go download it immediately and shoot Nazi’s.

  55. billybleedsblue on

    Hey, I didn’t realize Miami Pimp wasn’t ok? Miami, get well, pal. Sorry we couldn’t link up while I was down here. I actually had the chance to get out to the beach for all of 2 hours today, then the rains started — total amateur-hour. My flight leaves pretty soon and let me tell you, I can’t wait to get out of this bush-league mickey-mouse state of yours!

  56. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Downloading now. Gonna play on the subway ride home.

    I recently jailbroke my phone since my warranty is just about up anyway. I’ve been playing a lot of Playstation and arcade games lately. Wolf3d will definitely be a welcome change.

    My only complaint will be that I won’t be able to use the cheat code for 100% health and all of the weapons. Man, I used to love that game as a kid.

  57. Lloyd Braun on


    That would be awesome. The downside is that the iPad’s memory is unable to handle anything more graphics intensive than text files.

  58. JimboWoodside on

    NYR_FAN, how do you like the Android platform? I just picked up a tablet that runs Android 4.0, but I haven’t played around with it much, yet – maybe sometime we could discuss the OS sometime offline from RR?

    I’m going out in a few minutes, so I can’t do it now, but I’d be interested in your opinions. Again, I have a tablet, not a phone, so maybe that makes a big difference in how the platform can be useful?

  59. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Lloyd, Wolfenstein is less graphic intensive than text files. It’s from like 1992. It runs great on my phone, so I’m sure an iPad can handle it.

  60. Lloyd Braun on


    If you’ve used an iPad, you know what I’m talking about

    Still, I would love to play Wolfensten again. I used to be all over that carcillo back in the middle 90s.

  61. Lloyd Braun on

    also, just checked the app store and it seems Wolfenstein was last updated August 23, 2011, so not exactly breaking news or anything.

  62. And for all other iDevice people:
    NOVA 3 (brand spanking new FPS) is out and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been out.

  63. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    I have 2 seats on the ranger bench I am selling for 10,000 each. There isn’t a better seat in the house. Also, if you wear a ranger jersey, you might just get play if tapped on the shoulder.

  64. So people’s panties are in a bunch cause Torts isn’t kissing the fans and medias assesns? Please. I’d rather he be the way he is than a bootlicker. Could he use a little more couth in doing it? Yeah, but I’d rather his attitude than a coach who gives away the family secrets in the media while putting out a mediocre product.

  65. Or what Salty said much better than me.

    God, I’m tired and brain dead. But at least I have my stuff and can sleep in a bed tonight!

  66. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Play ec and ww and scoring goes up

    Also, recall Avery

  67. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Shooting nazis is far too kind. Creative torturing much better.

  68. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rangers will sweep the crapitals.

    Let’s go rangers, Tony, and the pimp

  69. TSN really wants the rangers to lose. Must be still smarting about us knocking out a Canadian team.

  70. Gregm_section403 on

    Personally, I think Tort’s pressors are great! Very entertaining and brutally honest. I don’t lke the way he treats the reporters but you certainly know what he’s thinking. His post gsme is much better than The usual drivel from some of the other coaches in town who “say all the right things” and are totally PC. Zzzzzzzzzzz boring!

  71. ive been asked to help sully with the pp. it starts with taking del zaster of the point on first pp unit.

    second SHOOT third thing SHOOT SOME MORE.

  72. we are officially 48 hours away from puck drop. i am contemplating sitting in the bathroom stall all night at the game.

    could be a little less tense there.


    if we lose can you drive me home?

  73. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good evening all! Heck of a day at sea I’ve missed here today…..

    Some quick thoughts….if I had tickets to sell, I would not gouge. And you wonder why “real” fans can’t make it. I understand free market, enterprise lalala…..but whatever. And, ahem, don’t ever not call me a true fan because I can’t afford to spend rent on games…..

    Sally, LOL!

    As a reporter, would I like to hear more from Torts. Yes. As a fan? Yes. If he said anymore would it mean anything. No. I love Torts.

    eric, Carp takes the train….

    I had more, I think, but enough for now……how some of you live and be up at 4 a.m. or earlier I’ll never figure out……

  74. E— my buddy Diego will take you home. He powers down g and ts and then blasts judas priest. He’s partial to victim of changes. It’s a tradition after a win. His wifes a huge metal head so she won’t mind! Let’s go rangers

  75. Captain Europansy ilb goes to bed probably around midnight and is up at 4am every day, Mama. God bless that man.

  76. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I know its a new post post but ONE CUP IN 72 Years and counting ? BE REAL TORT’S

  77. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Tiki, agreed….do NOT know how does it….and he’s like, 27!!!!

    fyi, ilb may be the captain, or a pansy (doubt that) but he’s definitely not Euro :)

  78. And he may be 27, but he looks like like he’s 26! Of all the bonehead guys Ive met or seen pics of, he’s gotta tied atop the hot list with Nasty. Nasty is very kind to the eyes! Sorry wicky, Manny, Gift…

  79. Hey guys – how’s the Wolfenstein going? I have to restart on a harder difficulty setting. NOT ENOUGH NAZI’S TO KILL!!!

  80. Aw! Neckby Holtbeard is a papa! That’s adorable… and I we do him a favor and send him home to enjoy these early days with his baby.

  81. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    LOL tiki!!! whoa! But you are forgetting C3…..he is hotter than Peggy!!!! :)

  82. “Harder difficulty setting”? When I used to beat Star Soldier on NES it would reward me by telling me to try the “Harder difficulty setting”.


  83. BTW the brown uniformed soldiers in Wolfenstein allegedly say “Achtung!” but it sounds like “HOT DOG!”

  84. So I was at my daughter’s gymnastics practice tonight, and I had on one of my many NYR sweatshirts. A nice girl comes up to me and says, “Tough loss the other night huh?” I could tell immediately she was a fan and after talking for few minutes I could also tell she knew her stuff. After talking about the team for a few I mentioned that I come to a blog often and don’t post as much as I used to but I still read every day. She asked which blog, and of course I said Rangers Report. Well her face lit up and she said, “WITH CARP!!!” Long story short, it was 5foot0 blueshirt. I told her I was Nasty 1, and the rest is history. What a small world. She even remembered my beard from last year, because I was explaining why my beard was so disgusting when we first started talking before the blog had even been brought up. I thought that was pretty damn cool.

  85. Carp, I want to look like Captain Lou Albano when all is said and done. Rubber bands and all.

  86. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Nasty!!!!!!!!! Great story…..

    I’m out all…..til tomorrow…TA!

  87. MAMA!!! Thanks!!!

    No hockey on TV feels weird. “No sir, I don’t like it.”

    Who can tell me where that quote is from????

  88. Speaking of Nasty, he appears! Hey Nasty, just want u to know that youre eye candy for the ladies!

  89. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I instantly thought of Ren & Stimpy upon reading that, Nasty. Cool story as well.

  90. FiveFootZero on

    Nasty beat me to the blog!!! What fun that was meeting a fellow Bonehead without even knowing in advance! Can’t tell you, and im sure you all know alreadyknow, its really such a small small world. So nice to met you tonight Nasty…and I’ll see you next Thursday!

  91. HAHA, thank Tiki.

    FiveFoot, it was a pleasure meeting you as well. Hopefully when I see you next Thursday it will be with happiness and we will have a 2-0 series lead on NJ.

  92. Yay bonehead love!

    Mickey, I’m glad you finally got some furniture. Can’t wait to hang out with you again!

  93. Will be in Miami Saturday, staying near the airport. Don’t know if my hotel has NBC Sports yet. Anyone know of any bars in that area where we can see the game?

  94. Nah, Latona. You are just a mysterical creature. Oooo, maybe YOU are a chimera….

    Thanks, Sally! It will be glorious to sleep in my bed again!

  95. Speaking of bonehead loe, who’s the first bonehead couple on here, if not Tony and Rose???

  96. Aw! Tony’s phone just randomly called me! It was good to hear his voice! Sounded like he probably wasn’t wearing any pants…

  97. Way to ruin the mystery. Okay, I’ll tell you who the real bonehead couple is. It’s me & Pepperoni Boy. That’s why he’s hated Dubinsky so much this whole time. But we’re really deeply, madly in love. It’s true.

  98. Haha, Sally! Pepperoni boy needs to make it out of high school before he can even think about the ladies! :)

  99. Hey guys!

    That was NOT me before!

    But I’m back now.

    BILLYBLEEDSBLUE: thanks for the kind message. We’ll link up next time you’re down in this amateur-hour zoo of a state.

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