Some really, really stoopid ticket info for Game 7


Got these tidbits from TiqIQ ( ), regarding Game 7 tickets (and it scared the bejesus out of me):

  •     The average ticket price for Game 7 is currently $718.42, up 9.02% ($659) since the Rangers win in Game 5
    The current get in price for the game is $279, which is up 16.74% ($239) since the beginning of Game 6
    The most expensive ticket available for Game 7 is $4,999 for VIP Section 2 Row 2
    Game 7 Rangers v Caps is the most Expensive game in the NHL so far this year (2nd-Rangers @ Flyers-Winter Classic-$521.85)
    This game is also the most expensive game since the 09-10 regular season (including all conference quarterfinal & conference semifinal games)
    This game has the second highest average price in the NY metro area over the last 12 months (Knicks v Hawks-2/22-$742.31)

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  1. ilb, I apologize in advance. But I will be texting u immediately following the game if we win. So for all intensive purposes, youll know whether or not we won by the end of the night. If I dont text u, that obviously means the worst has happened.

  2. How much for the seats where the guy is lying down under the ice surface looking up everyone’s uniforms?

  3. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Speaking of which, My two tickets are on sale. They seem like a bargain after reading that at $350 each for front row aisle seats in the 300s. They are going on Stubhub once I get home tonight unless I get an offer here.

  4. Feel like a bargain then that I am paying $115 per tix. Ironically my brother in law may have to work. I may have extra. Anyone interested.

  5. Either way, it sounds like you should say goodbye to your family starting Saturday morning, Tiki..:-)

  6. I remember being able to sit on the floor for free at a couple of Knicks games with my high school “press pass.” I wonder if that would still work if I dug it out?

  7. I wonder how many hardcore fans (whose support is surely needed) will be priced-out?

  8. Sounds like a plan, ilb! Oh come on, do u really need the extra 3 hours of stress watching and wondering? I didnt think so!

    I cant believe Mama is gonna miss it too. She’s got a broadway play to see with Mama’s Mama!

  9. Just notice, LMAO@ stoopid! Hey, my English was supposed to improve after I joined the blog, and it has deteriorated! I don’t know when to use “there”, “their”, “they’re’, “to”, “too”, “two” anymore. Sounds like byfuglien Europansies took over the blog! :-)

  10. Doodie, face value of my seats are $170 and that is in section 223, I know it is game 7, but 350 a piece is a bit high?

  11. loneranger May 10th, 2012 at 1:46 pm
    How ironical. We’re actually being out-Rangered by the Caps. Need Stepon back out at the point on the PP. Re: earlier post Cally has had a few critical mis steps in this series, however, how can he be critized with the amt of effort he displays game in and game out. Henik needs to be at his best.

    Talking about being stooped, I’m paying close 6G just for the play-offs & over 7G for the season. Gee thank God for the 10% discount. really makes difference. Two points; the press complains about the Garden not being as loud as it once was. Answer too few Blue seat fans who could afford to go and too many suits with their Vodka on the rocks. And how can it really be loud when they give you those freeken towels. How to you make a lot of noise clapping with one hand.

  12. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    The tickets aren’t mine to sell.

    And when the cheapest ticket being offered online is $279 (which is undoubtedly in the 400s, and probably limited view), $350 for first row aisle in the 300s seems pretty damn fair.

  13. GregM_section403 on

    My daughter has an event on Saturday evening (sorry, but family always comes first), so i can’t go to the game. I just sold my 2 seats on Rangers TicketExchange, which i paid $95 a piece, for $250 each.

    BTW, if the Rangers win, thank me. Every game that I did go to this year (regular season AND playoffs) has been a Rangers LOSS. I’ll stay out of MSG for game 7, thank you very much :)!

  14. the front row of the 300’s, with the little tv screen for you to watch is $91.00. At $350, you’re just as bad as the scalpers outside. maybe worse ’cause you are trying to sell them here. my tickets for this round are $168, section 112. I sold my extra for face value to a friend.

  15. Very curious how the heck the average price for a Knicks/Hawks game was over $700. I don’t follow the NBA much, but what could possibly push tix for a regular season basketball game that high?

  16. the beautiful people, like splice lee and the rest of the clowns who think its classy to pay that kind of money to sit so close to a bunch of losers.

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