Rangers-Capitals Game 6 in review



1) During and after this game, I thought about a lot of stuff that didn’t completely have to do with the game. For instance, no matter how much we think we know, we don’t know. Example: Many of us thought Washington would be a much easier matchup that Ottawa. Many of us thought, well, the Rangers will have a much less physical series against Ottawa while Philly and Pittsburgh are beating the crap out of each other for seven games; and then we thought the same about Devils-Flyers. And here are the Rangers playing their second seven-game series, each with two OT games, while the rested Devils (who had a physical bye in the first round) await.

2) And another thing. I wondered if these playoffs — which might turn out to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before in history — might make next year’s trade deadline different. Because, right around the deadline, Phoenix and Washington were thinking about being sellers instead of buyers. I know the Capitals were going to sell if they didn’t think Nick Backstrom and Mike Green would be healthy this year. Look at those teams now. And Buffalo did sell and missed the playoffs on the final day. Who’s to say the Baby Buffaloes wouldn’t still be playing if they hadn’t sold and just got in? Oh, and the Rangers got John Scott.

3) I’m pretty sure (very educated guess) that John Tortorella’s fines have muzzled him, because when I asked him about the icing before the Jason Chimera goal, before the timeout before the Chimera goal, he didn’t want to discuss it. I wasn’t asking him to criticize the officials. I just asked if there was some confusion or thinking that it shouldn’t or might not have been an icing.

4) Because Stu Bickel had played the puck toward the blue line, and there was a Ranger there, with Roman Hamrlik, and the puck went right through Hamrlik’s skates and down the ice. How can that be icing? Did I miss something? Also, the NHL’s official play-by-play sheet said that play was reviewed? Has anybody ever heard of an icing being reviewed? If somebody did review it, well, they’d better stop reviewing such things, because they effed that up. And how about the long-time hockey writer from Canada asking Tortorella what the timeout was about — when it was obviously because they iced the puck and his players were gassed?

5) I’m not trying to coach (Pat Leonard reference), and I’m not second-guessing, and I certainly don’t want to sound like one of you guys who love to talk lines, because I don’t. But I just don’t like the Rangers’ lines the way they are. I don’t mind Chris Kreider on the fourth line because the kid’s had some struggles lately. I just think, in my humble opinion, that Ryan Callahan should be playing with Derek Stepan, who had a pretty decent game … and I don’t care who’s on the left, though Artem Anisimov makes sense, especially when you need some secondary scoring. And I think, in so many cases this year, especially the Ottawa series, that Brian Boyle with Brandon Prust, and usually Ruslan Fedotenko, gives them so many good minutes and such a good forecheck. Maybe there’s a matchup situation I’m not seeing. But I didn’t care for the lines they used last night.

6) That Alex Ovechkin goal? If Callahan doesn’t blow a tire, that probably never happens and maybe it’s a totally different game.

7) This has got to be the longest the Rangers have gone without a fight. Not that Prust wasn’t trying to rile up the Capitals. He speared The Great Eight in the ovechkins, and he shoved around Jason Chimera, who embarrassed himself by diving backward … though the officials embarrassed themselves more by falling for it.

8) Yes, the Capitals have exploited Henrik Lundqvist’s glove in this series. But it’s been some pretty good shooters who solved it. And these deep-in-the-net, butterfly guys are always susceptible to glove shots … just like bad-angle shots.

9) Going back to the icing that led to the second Washington goal: That’s a lousy break, because it shouldn’t have been icing; then after the timeout, Richards lost a draw. Then John Carlson’s shot hit the toe of Nick Backstrom’s skate boot and hopped right to Chimera … who now has five of his seven career playoff goals against the Rangers.

10) Matt Hendricks is Washington’s MVP in this series for my money. Ironically it was he who lost the draw on the GWG in Game 5. But he’s done everything else, including shut down Marian Gaborik’s line for long stretches, and kill penalties (the Rangers helped him) and won so many faceoffs. And squished people. Like a clean Chris Neil/Zenon Konopka combo platter.

11) Did you see Mike Green cough up the puck right over the glass because Boyle was coming?

12) Tortorella ripping the effort, to me, is him already coaching Game 7. Because I didn’t think it was about effort. Maybe in a few cases. Do I think this was their best game. Certainly not. But overall, it was Washington’s ability to score on the PP, and the Rangers’ inability to do the same. Tortorella did agree that the four-minute power play “sucked. It killed us. It sucked.”

13) You guys missed some near fisticuffs between yours truly and a radio clown in the tight quarters of the visiting lockerroom (my second such close encounter of the playoffs). Unfortunately I had just turned off my recorder. Well, maybe fortunately considering some of the vocabulary I used. I would have been banned from the blog.

14) Finally, and maybe this should have been No. 1 … we all saw first hand how difficult it is when all these teams are so even, for a team to match the desperation of the team that’s actually in a more desperate situation. We’ve seen it time and time again in these playoffs. That said, I expect the Rangers will not not have to manufacture desperation and will win Game 7. But not easily.

15) Just wanted to see if you’re still paying attention. That’s a photo of the last time the Rangers clinched a spot in the Eastern Conference final. And the last time that guy played was the last time they had a good power play.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Derek Stepan.
2) Brandon Prust.
3) Henrik Lundqvist.
Gravy’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Dan Girardi.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Ryan McDonagh.

AP photos, above.

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  1. obviously we’re gonna need more info on #13

    does it bother anyone else that #70 takes his mask off between EVERY SINGLE PLAY? That screams amateur hour to me. I can’t believe how good we are making that clownhole look.

  2. Gretz sure looked great as a Ranger didn’t he? It would also be a crime to see the Kings go the distance without him laced up in Black/Silver out there. One must wonder how he feels about the WCF matchup. Serious ties to both teams.

  3. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good way to hartnelling early all! Thank you for #14 Carp….from your keyboard and blog to whoever can make that happen!!

    Salty, I swear I was thinking the exact thing all night! Take a drink though your mask like a real goalie you neckless beard!!

  4. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Why why why why does NBC decide to finally air a Saturday game at night when I can’t see it!!! HARTNELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Its seems that the Caps are doing so many more things right and the NYR ,well just seem out of sync .
    I didn’t see too many blocked shots a trademark of the NYR this year but instead the Caps are the shot blockers victimizing the NYR.

    As far a Hank’s glove side, he’s always been weak , perhaps playing soccer instead of baseball as a kid has something to with it , or maybe the glove is wee bit heavy and slows him down a few milliseconds ? Call Jeter for a tutorial at the stadium today ,NOW !!

    And Hunters troops seem to have the edge and are playing the lead while Tort’s has the rangers playing catchup..

    Carp , curse in Italian but leave the recorder on .. tell the strunzo where to go.managgia

  6. I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s next in this years playoffs. Think the caps are playing more the way they want than we are. Our lack of size up front seems to be an issue, as well- can’t get to the front of the net. Agree with Carp that Green is just about ready to go. Home ice seems to be as huge an advantage as any in this series- matchups have been a key in stifling both teams top offensive players- certainly wouldn’t want to playing this in Wash- both teams have won 2 of 3 at home and could certainly feel they should have won all three. It’s good that there’s in between periods so Holtby can actually see some those “great” saves he’s made for the first time (like the pad save on the Stepan deflection that he “kicked out” well after it went off his leg)- still not convinced about him. On to game 7…

  7. Said a few times during the third period that tge boys looked a bit lost. The final ten minutes were better. Holtby played a solid game. With all of that said this team has been too consistent since October to go out Saturday night. Close nail biter it may be but you gotta stick with the boys here. Rangers in seven as steve somers always says

  8. Gonna be a long 48 hours til Saturday around here though. Just on beer drinkers opinion

  9. Interesting how the Rangers skate past the net for the first 59 minutes, and actually PLAY at the net in the last minute. Why did Arty let up on every hitting opportunity he had until the last shifts in the game? Fatigue is obviously setting in. But for all the NYR conspiracy theorists out there, you should thank the NHL for the extra day off. This team needs it. If the extra day gives the NYR a little more juice to finish checks on the forecheck and to actually stop at the net in the O zone, then we have a great chance Saturday night.

  10. Well Prust was a jackass that entire exchange. He had slashed and poked, and then Chimera flopped. Refs called it because he was digging and looking for trouble

  11. Great review as always Carp! Right on target.


    1. “Honest”= either an Icelander, debbie or cap fan=Douche Nozzle

    2. Very disappointing game, but not unexpected the way these playoffs have gone

    3. Disagree with Carp about Kreider. I know the kid has made a few defensive mistakes. But the VETS make defensive mistakes as well! on a team that is desperate for offense; you don’t take a weapon and bury it. IT IS TIME to reunite the Step-Cally-Krieder line!!!

    4. I now officially DESPISE the Caps fans. I thought I heard a 1940 chant at one point? Did anyone else hear that? ARe you freaking kidding me. WHEN we win game 7 I want a full throated ” 19-NEVER” chant at MSG!




    RANGERS IN 7!!!!!

  12. Carp, more details on the locker room dust-up. Nice shot of Gretz. I agree, keep the goalie mask on, he must be tivo-ing the game and want to see himself on tv. Watch him closely. he makes basic saves then adds the theatrics after he has the puck, like catching it in front of him then throwing his arm way up in the air. This guy just isn’t that good. put someone in front of the net for the first two periods, put one shot off his cranium, and he will start letting shots in.

  13. Great review, CARP.

    Next time, clock that guy.

    Rangers are utter bush-league and will get embarasssed in Game Seven.

  14. Honest ” if there is a god we lose game seven”. That’s hysterical. First of all if there is a god he she or it has way bigger things to worry about than a hockey game. Did I miss the snark or are you trying to be Miami. There is only one Miami. You sir or ma’am are no Miami. Lay off the morning pibbers. Let’s go rangers!

  15. How many times must Anisimov get taken out on the boards before he responds with some hitting of his own? For a player of his size= Pansification. And that lazy puck he swung behind the net and around the boards and..on to the Caps stick going the other way? This guy has been a liability all year.
    I counted 3 times in the 1st where Chimera, with his blazing speed, skated right around a NYR defenseman?
    Have we seen a poorer game from Callahan? He was off all night, skating around in circles not covering anybody for stretches of time. But this has been the only game all season he looked off, so can’t blame the guy. maybe he couldn’t recover from the unfortunate fall that led to the first goal.
    If your stars don’t show up then yes, you move Kreider up off the 4th line.
    Carp absolutely right: you can’t manufacture desperation in the playoffs, and the most desperate team won Game 6

  16. Carp -just knock the Bufglein out of the guy and get it over with – at least we will be able to talk about some spark from someone in the Rangers corner.

    What we have not talked about is the invisiable players in this series – I agree on the lines Carp – at least for the Boyle-Prust-Feds line. These guys need to be togeher because I think they really spark the rest of this over-achieveing team. The other guy who has been quiet in my mind is the Captain. Someone, he is not really winning the match-ups that they have thrown at him. I expect he will be a major force for our game seven. Arte sure looks like he does not belong at times – he really does, Other times he can be a force if he plays that way. My prediction: last game as a Ranger if the ship goes down.

    Can someone please fix this PP? Please

  17. I agree with the HockeyRodent that Anisimov is a liability and needs to go.

  18. RangerSwede on

    Great review Carp!

    My only concern is that we really struggle to create scoring chances on this Craps team. We need to solve that pile of the 5 Craps players collapsing to net and get some GOOD shots through. We got one through, it got to the back of the net…

    I do believe that some of the issues last night comes from not getting the match ups that we want (or need) to get some of the guys going (Butt-chin?) and I agree with Carp, why not go back to some of the lines that worked before…

    Rangers in 7…

  19. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Yes, there is an old axiom stating “the fourth win is the hardest to get” in a 7 game playoff series. And last night, as many on this blog have said, the Rangers did not match the intensity of the Craps.

    When teams are so evenly matched, in a long series, the incompetence of the officials is magnified, because it is they who now become a huge factor in deciding the outcome of games. Even with a blown icing call – thats how close these teams are.

    I think playing at MSG with an extra day of rest will be beneficial to the Rangers. The extra day, the extra line change, the MSG crowd… Although I think the Rangers may also need toi summon some of the “MSG ghosts” to assist them in this game 7.

  20. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I will also say this:

    Lets give the Craps some credit, too. They deserve a 7th game (their fans dont). They have played a clean, tough, tight checking, defensive game. They have not cried when they lost games, and they have not talked smack when they won.

    I’m still not sold on Green being a tough performer. He reaks of Nedved #93. And I’m not sold on Holtby being this great stopper. He’s made important saves, but I dont think he has been tested by the Rangers. And he wasnt tested by the Bruins.

    Getting shots through? Not blocking enough shots? The craps are doing to the Rangers EXACTLY what they did to the mighty Bruins the previous series. Dont blame the Bruins, dont blame the Rangers, as much as I dont want to, the Caps must get credit for where they are.

  21. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    …and as strange as this may be for some of you to think about:

    The Rangers are playing with HOUSE MONEY. The Rangers, being one of the youngest teams in the league, came within one point of winning a President’s trophy. The Rangers are now one game away from the Eastern Conf Finals. The young Rangers are now learning what it feels like to be an “ELITE” NHL team.

    The Craps have gone a number of seasons as an “ELITE team” before finally getting to play a Game 7 in the second round.

    This is a learning process. Whatever happens the rest of this season, the Rangers youngsters will be better, will have some great playoff experience under their belt. I would also expect the Rangers to take measures to improve their PP and offense for next year over the summer. This is a great time to be a Ranger fan.

    Enjoy Game 7!


  22. “And how about the long-time hockey writer from Canada asking Tortorella what the timeout was about—when it was obviously because they iced the puck and his players were gassed?”

    Yeah, you can forgive Torts for his answer on that question but I thought he was out of line for most of the others. For example, when the one reporter asked Torts something about Stepan and Torts’ response was simply to say, “Stop coaching”. Huh?

    As I said on the ESPN board, watching this Rangers offense trying to score goals is like watching two old people try to screw.

  23. As I sit here with my coffee overlooking the bay …

    I cannot but think that I would have put these Mickey Mouses back home on the slower Northeast Regional after last night’s debacle.

    No, scratch that … these no-talents deserved to return on a Chinatown bus (which conveniently departs from just outside the Verizon Center). I would have let them “enjoy” the rat-infested cabin while they watched the driver eat a hamburger and drink a milk-shake while steering with his knees.

    That experience and the 6AM arrival back in NYC would have been enough to wake up these clowns to the reality that a) they played like complete amateur-hour, b) they will lose the series by an embarrassing score if they replicate their utter propensity for bush-league in the final match.

    That’s my pre- Game Seven coaching.

  24. the line combos need to be changed. gabby richy hags stepan kreider cally top 6. i dont care how u play them and with who. boyle prust feds. mitch arty rupp need to be constant.

    step playing with feds and prust last night limits step ablities.

    prust rupp mitch feds scoreless in 13 games
    hags scoreless in 9 games
    cally 1 goal in last 9 games
    boyle scoreless over last 8 games.

  25. The bottom line is that The Kreider must get 30+ minutes in Game Seven … or we have no shot.

  26. Tristateyankee on



  27. Thoughts = those are the best lines.

    But the moron is too dense to realize this.

  28. per djoos

    are you lost playing with house money. when you have the season they had u need to make a run in playoffs at least to conf finals. losing in round 2 for me doesnt validate this reg season at all

  29. Tristateyankee on

    The lines last night were horrific…no action, no forechecking, and no distractions for the goalie of the century. They need to banzai-attack the livin’ hell out of the net and just play havoc-style hockey. Enough of this pansification bs. Time to lock ‘n’ load all the missiles on the netminder from Saskatchewan.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    Also re: House Money

    There’s no guarantees for next year. Guys can get injured. Things can happen. When you have lightning in a bottle you need to act on it NOW. It might not still be there next year. While I agree it is a good time to be a Rangers fan, it won’t be consolation if we lose game 7 cause there is a world of things that can happen to make next year less successful. We have the team to do it this year, let’s do it this year.

    Also, the world is ending in December. Haven’t you heard?

  31. As was set out last night, Lundqvist has to steal this next game, unlike how he failed to steal last night’s by scoring a goal or three.

  32. In no way should this season be seen as an embarrassing failure if they lose on Saturday, but it’s absolutely a missed opportunity, since there isn’t a single team left that the Rangers would be significantly outmatched offensively, which was the main concern going into the playoffs.

  33. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    too much criticism and not enough review/recap
    too much personalizing and not enough Rangers

    Not a good game for McDonough and Callahan. They are two of our best players and need to play like they are for us to be great

    Line combos were in fact (yes I agree with Carp here) off, did not like them early, and then stayed with them way too long when they did not produce

    Rangers in 7……..!!!!!!

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Please get off the ‘scoreless’ and count only goals.

    Getting on the score-sheet includes assists as well, more importantly, primary assists. Not “the MDZ shot, the puck deflected off a caps players, Cally whacked at it twice and then Richie poked it home” secondary assist.

    Hags, Richie, Gabby
    Kreider, Step, Cally
    Feds, Boyle, Prust
    Artie, Mitch, Rupper

    tight game and McD goes over 30. Put him on PP, he makes smart plays with puck, especially over Girardi, PLEASE! McD’s TOI was 19 mins last night and 25 mins in game 5, time to let this guy go!

  35. P Djoos — Excellent post. House money is right. The long view is the right view. And
    the best part is they are still alive now.

  36. Still don’t understand Mitchell out there on the power play. He is playing well for what he does but down 2-0 we need someone who can bury the puck.

    Also remember when Torts was a three line coach? Saw allot of the fourth line out there while down 2-0. I know they played ok but again we need a goal.


    My stupid Devils fans are already texting me thinking the Rangers were eliminated last night…idiots!

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    In the unlikely event that the bush league Rangers win Saturday, when is game 1 against the Devils?

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Intersting PP TOI:

    Hags – 0
    Kreider – 0

    Mitch – 2:31
    Artie – 2:33

    McD – 1 second – seriously – 1 flippin second
    Girardi – 6:43

    Biggest problem is we play patty cake with our passes and the caps chuckle to themselves as they correctly predict where every pass is going and slide over. How bout putting gabby or bucky in high slot between circles like Caps did with Ova

  39. Love him or hate him (right now, we ALL hate him), this guy Chimera is a MONSTER – maybe we should start calling him Gamera (Godzilla reference on the blog)

  40. I think Kreider up on the top 2 lines is a must. The Caps are having real trouble with his speed, and he’s been able to manufacture some chances. Gabby has been effective enough, but if the top lines get shut down on both teams, the weight of Offensive production will fall on the 2nd and 3rd lines. Rupp and Mitchell, while hey have created some good chances, lack the finish and haven’t produced. A 4th line that crushes people and can play shut down minutes would ultimately be more effective, since neither would show up on the score sheet.

    The last change with home ice in game 7 can’t be overstated. Will keep Ovechkin matched against Ranger top defenders and NYR top lines against more favorable matchups.

  41. I don’t want to sit here and criticize the effort of our heroes. I can say that this is a sign of their age and maturity level (or lack thereof). A more mature team, and maybe one with more skill, could shut the door. This is the first time this group has had a chance to close out a team without their back against the wall and they simply couldn’t match the other teams intensity, skill or luck.

    This was my humaingous like big fear about the Capitals: They suck the snarl and grit away from anyone they play. That -Red Sox player lookalike- idiot Princess Chimera diving on Prusts little shove was all-time pathetic. We have to generate our own fear and snarl and grit. Maybe the guys should slap each other before they go out there? Just got to HIT.

  42. Much has been made about the Caps being 4-0 following overtime losses. Here is the dirty little secret NBC won’t tell you. Do you know what the Caps record is following those four wins? They are 0-3 with Game 7 pending. Could it be a reverse-momentum trend in effect? Hey, we have two plus days to Game 7 and I am trying to find ways to maintain my sanity :-)

  43. banzai-attack the livin’ hell out of the net and just play havoc-style hockey.


    *Tristateyankee* please be here more often. Classic. Bonzai-attack is a keeper.

  44. If you look at the last couple of games and how the Rangers have scored it is apparent what will work. Get players in front of the net. Not off to the side – in front. Screen the goalie. Get rebounds.

    There were chances last night for rebounds, but nobody was in front of the net.

    Look at the last 3 goals scored. Last night’s only score came from a shot with two Rangers in front of the net and the puck deflects in off the defenseman. The winner in game 5 was a shot from the point with players in front of the net screening the goalie. Holtsby never saw it. The tying goal was off a rebound that Richards pokes home. I could go on, but shot from the point are useless when the goalie has nobody to screen him and there’s nobody to put back a rebound.

  45. I want to criticize two player.

    1.) Callahan: What in the world is he thinking taking that HORRENDOUS penalty. The one where he tripped someone when he was the only guy back-checking. Huh? He was nearly invisible and that simply CANNOT be the case.

    2.) Gaborik: Many of us expect him to be Ovechkin and he simply isn’t that strong, fast or powerful. He cannot do anything with the puck if he’s in solo. He needs support which is why he needs to be paired with Hagelin who can dig the puck out and hit him when he has a bit of space. Man, he cannot do anything when he’s outnumbered and with the puck. So, he’s not Ovechkin, Semin or Backstrom. Let’s not expect him to be.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Just showed replay of game on NBC sports – in last minute, Girardi on ice for final O push – sorry, just dont’ get it.

  47. I can’t take too much more of this. But it’s clear that there is NO carryover from game to game. So my girlfriend is really pissed (another Saturday night), and I expect a win…but in double OT…or Tripple OT. Nothing comes easy for the Rangers and their loyal fans!

  48. Eric: and when you had a season this good despite having a pathetic PP, there’s no excuse for Sathers only trade deadline acquisition to have been John Scott.

  49. We should have gotten *Gaustad* and *Iginla* at the trade deadline. Both would have fit really well.

  50. Beer belly: “Chimera” actually is a type of Greek mythological monster. I think he has a tattoo of one I’d I’m not mistaken.

  51. Manny: on those notes, for years, I could never understand why we traded Mike Gartner for Glenn Anderson. Now, I know.

  52. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to cave in my TV when they came out last night flat

    BUT, in some strange way, I am a little happy there’ll be another Game 7 for everyone to enjoy – more explosions and memories at MSG as we ever-so-slowly follow the Yellow Brick Road to Bowling Green! This has the makings of a great Saturday Night!

  53. Hagelin-Stepan-Iginla

    Me likey.

  54. If we do go out to the Caps, I fully expect $$$ to be spent in the offseason, most likely on Ryan Suter.

  55. I know this sounds crazy but…..Karlsson is having trouble reaching any sort of reasonable price with the Senators and we have cap space…..If they aren’t going to match…

  56. DJK – yes. Iginla has one more year. Which is why I LOVE trading for him. You might notice that I omitted Dubinsky and Anisimov from the lines because I would assume we would move them for a guy like him and/or Gaustad.

  57. I think we can all visualize that Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Anisimov, Rupp, Fedotenko, Eminger, Woywitka, and John Scott won’t be back next season.

  58. That was supposed to be Hebrew. Not a bunch of question marks. Sorry everybody. #epicfail

  59. I wanted Iginla at the deadline too. Oh hey you’re Jewish and an attorney too? It all makes sense, Manny.

  60. Check out the CCM Tacks in that photo. Aside from Gretzky, that’s how you know it’s old.

    Good review Carp. Thanks for bringing some clarity to what has become a very emotional series for some Ranger fans. Some good emotion and some really bad emotion. It’s amazing how you can ignore some of the fate that lead to that loss when you’re really down on a team like some people are right now. And it’s amazing how so many people can get so down on a team after such an incredible set of wins in this series.

  61. I can’t believe some of you are already thinking about the post-season. That makes me sick.

  62. phil – we are talking about the trade deadline past. Just what we wish we would have done.

    We just have to keep trading games and not lose back-to-back games and we move on. Devils anyone?

  63. Manny – Yes, Hebrew won’t work on here, but I understood the phonetics. It’s our sense of humor that sustained us as a people for 3000 years. No wait, make that 5000

  64. Carp – you forgot, the 05-06 and 06-07 the Rangers had a top 10 PP in the league. The Jagr-Nylander-Straka unit had a bunch of success, especially with Nylander skating in circles until Jagr was open on the half boards or Marty was open in front of the net.

    Mind you it was the first 2 real pansified seasons so there was much more open ice, but it was still over 18%.

  65. “3,000 years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandry Koufax you’re byfuglien right I’m living in the Hartnelling past!”

    I think we all know that VinceA reared his ugly head yesterday and forced the Rangers to play like Europansies.

  66. I still think we should have gotten something more significant than John Scott at the deadline. Standing pat was good enough to maintain the hold on the #1 seed but it’s hurting us now.

  67. I’m positive that this has already been mentioned numerous times but that’s not going to keep me from saying it.


    This is two games in a row where the Rangers had to scramble with under 5 minutes left in order to try and muster some offense. What happened in both games? They scored. Why? BECAUSE THEY SENT GUYS TO THE NET!!!

    These NBC boneheads keep telling us that Holtby is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Granted, he has been solid. But he is allowed to see every puck right into his glove. He can control every rebound because there is NO ONE IN FRONT to distract him. Lundqvist has had to make tremendous save after tremendous save. But all we hear about is Holtby. Not to mention being shown bios of #8 Alexander Ovechkin. Could this network want the Caps to win any more than they already do? Is it THAT hard for Mike Miserablebury to say ONE positive thing about the Rangers? Yes. Yes it is.

    The Rangers look tired.

    I am hoping that 2 days off and a 3 alarm Tortarella fire under their asses will wake them up enough to score a few goals in Game 7.


  68. Would anyone expect anything different? This team tends to do things the hard way. Keep the faith people…REALLY need a goal or two from feds, rupp, prust, someone who hasnt scored…HAVE to find a way…

  69. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Thanks for the review, Carp.

    I was between McDonough and Prust for the 3rd star. I thought McD generated some chances and played a relatively sound defensive game. That said, I obviously cannot do the stars again since they lost. I think it was Lev who is 2-0? Hope he’s lined up for game 7.

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Can’t be at the NET when all three are behind the net. Biggest challenge is Hags and sometimes Kreider are the only ones to win 50/50 battles along boards and come out with possession of the puck to make a play. The ONLY ones.

  71. @ Stranger Nation “Can’t be at the NET when all three are behind the net.”

    That’s exactly correct. You can’t spend ALL of your time and energy in the offensive zone cycling the puck. It’s really great that you possessed the puck for 45 seconds but what good is it if you didn’t even get a shot on goal. New strategy – just send one guy to the front of the net no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT! If all of their shots are going to be from the outside then at least have a guy there to screen Holtby or get to a rebound. They need to work the puck to the middle. They have to or else Game 7 is going to be a repeat of Game 6 and 5 where the Caps just keep everyone to the outside, the Rangers get crappy, easy-to-stop shots, Holtby sees every puck clearly, no rebounds, etc. Crash the net. Crash the net. Crash the net. Get this KID off of his game. It IS possible. They’re just not even trying.

  72. billybleedsblue on

    A Chimera is any mythical creature made from parts of other creatures…

    Manny, you’re not alone in disliking this guy. I’m trying to put together what he is made of, but I really can’t think right now. Something about a turkey (possibly the stupidest animal in the world), a skunk, an ass, a dodo, and Kim Kardashian come to mind… still kind of forming it in my head though.


  73. That sounds about right, Billy. That awful facial hair is very Turkey-esque. I think you’re right on point. Dude is a Cryptid.

  74. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    I am starting to think cally is playing with a broken finger

  75. billybleedsblue on

    My boss is totally tormenting me about the Caps winning. It’s pretty funny though (at least for the moment), I’m in a conference session right now and he’s in the same room and has already texted me a few times, busting-chops. This is going to get old really quick…

  76. Matty'Believe'Boy on

    Tough loss last night. An icing here or there, the PP “sucked”. Perhaps a suggestion, Torts. Please switch McD or Step with Danny, or ask Danny to SHOOT THE FREAKING PUCK. Except for defensive purposes, it makes no sense for him to be there.

    Hank kept us in as usual in the second with some killer saves. Holtby just had a couple of important ones. No slot, no good shot. No rebounds, no slot, no good shots, no in close goals.

    Hope the guys, many of whom looked exhausted, can rest up and muster the strength to win game 7. THen what? What a great position for the Debbies. Rested, Easy non-physical games, waiting to pounce like vultures and panthers.

    I don’t like the way this is setting up even if we do win on Saturday. Boys looked like and had to be tired. It doesn’t bode well, IMHO, if they were tired for a game that we needed to be up for if we wanted to be ready for the conference finals with some rest.

    On the bright side, this has been a GREAT RUN, Great season, the future is awesome. I hope Sather continues to listen to others in the off season to make this team better.


  77. DJK – what would we have gotten at the deadline that would’ve helped us right now without giving up a bunch? It’s like any key pieces moved that altered any of the current playoff teams’ ranking. I’d argue the only key trade that was made at the deadline was the Devils picking up Zidlicky.

  78. billybleedsblue on

    I’m thinking that when we win Saturday, and we get back to the office next week, I’m going to need to rig some sort of contraption in my boss’s office that explodes blue confetti everywhere, or something like that. I’m still kind of developing this idea… I kind of like ‘building a better mousetrap’ but I’m also into simplicity, so…


  79. IMO from the drop of the puck in last nights game the rangers looked slow and tired. That was the worst game the rangers played in the playoffs. I hope the extra day re-energizes the rangers or else it won’t be pretty around here on Sunday.

  80. LMAO at “He speared The Great Eight in the ovechkins” heheheheeeeheheeee oh the mental imagery almost hurts…i bet they do look just like dangling Ovis.

    Dear Rangers, in case I forget to tell you on Saturday night, I had a great season.

  81. I do not mind -Joe- Dan Girardi a/k/a The Blockness Monster on the PP. The dude at least puts the puck on net. That’s more than I can say for most of our guys. I think he’s not shooting because he can’t find a lane.

    What is making me insane is that every person on the PP is getting the puck on their BACKHAND. No one receives a puck in position to shoot. Even if they are on their shooting side, strong side, the puck is usually in their skates and they have to fumble with it before getting any semblance of a shot off.

  82. The Rangers are playing with HOUSE MONEY.


    Excuse me, while I catch my breath, from rolling around on the floor laughing at this comment, so I can say “No”.


    Realistically, you may never see an opportunity like this again in your lifetime, let alone these players playing with “house money”. The clock is ticking on every single one of them. The more the playoffs evolve and the seemingly “better” teams get knocked off…the bigger this opportunity becomes.

    HOUSE MONEY!!! LOL. THE #1 SEED going 7 games with the 8th and 7th seed. House money!!!

  83. I cant muster any hate for Kirk Holtby. The way I judge a player is based on how he performs against Boston. And he showed up then and knocked them out. Chimera, not sure how he performed against the Bruins, but that sickening excuse for facial hair makes me sick.

  84. agree the lines are messed up. also think kreider can play some more minutes.

    gabby, richards, and hagelin

    cally, stepan and aa or kreider

    feds, boyle, prust.

    the rest. don’t understand why not those lines.. stepan is a passer…..3rd line is a checking line.

    rupp sucks………..does almost nothing. miss dubi…………………….miss sauer. if sauer at full strength he would play at least 15 minutes per…bickell is not ready….

  85. Boston Bonehead on

    Let’s hope the crowd for game 7 is crazy and give them the lift they need to win!

  86. Tiki – Chimera looks like a member of the 2003-2005 Red Sox team. You can hate him for that alone. I hate him for his faces and his pathetic diving and europansiness

  87. billybleedsblue on

    Tiki, your brand of metrics always find a way to entertain me, seriously — I know you’re totally serious, and I am too. I am always entertained by your abject hatred of Boston.

  88. Can someone please explain why Tortarella insists on dressing Bickel and giving him virtually no ice time instead of dressing a very capable Eminger who could give the other defensemen more of a rest? Some might say that “Torts likes Bickel’s JAM” or toughness or whatever. But 3 minutes worth of toughness isn’t worth it. Unlike the Senators series there have been ZERO fights. This is not as chippy a series. Dress Eminger and get your defense more balanced and rested. These dudes are gassed.

    Obviously this doesn’t solve the offense problem but it is an easy lineup change to make, no?

  89. czechthemout!!!! on


    Happy to read that you are coming around to what I’ve posted now since the first period of game four. The lines suck! They make zero sense and have made an offensively challenged team totaly inept. You have Cally playing with Boyle a true warrior but also someone who barely had 10 awaits this season. Cally needs someone to pass him the puck to be effective on offense. Clearly, Boyle isn’t that guy. Than you have Stepan, a playmaker, playing with Feds and Prust, both guys between them scored less than Stepan did this season exactly who on that line is the finished or go to guy for Stepan? And then Torts complains that Step and Cally have to give some more on the offensive part of the game. Exactly how can they do that given who they are playing with.

    Totaly disagree on Kreider. He made one glaring mistake that LQ should have cleaned up. And maybe one or two coverage mistakes. So what. Many of the players this series and last made numerous mistakes and were not benches nor should they have been. Kreider was instrumental in three straight playoff wins so far this year. Not bad for a kid who started his career in the playoffs right out of college. He is a better option on two broken legs than six other forwards on the team.

    The powerplay has sucked for probably 85 of the 94 games played so far this seaeon. Yet they still continue to basically do the same damn things. Why not try to play the point man on the off side of where they shoot. Example was Staal’ s goal or Carlson’s goal in game five. Remember, Strahlman aided Staal to switch to the off wing before the faceoff.

    Mdz has had a mostly brutal series and his play on the PP has been terrible. He has no shot and the other teams know it. They easily block almost every shot he takes. McD needs to he given a chance here. Taking it a step further, given the right player coming back here to help the woefully inept offense, I would have no problem at all with him being shipped out to make the trade happen. Especially if they sign Justin Shultz.

    Don’ t understand the complaining about Hank. He had a so so game in game four but again our inability to score has never haild him out all year.

  90. People are complaining about Lundy? The dude’s GAA and SV PCT are phenomenal. Better than the almighty HOLTBY. The Rangers score one goal per game. They’re awful. One goal is not gonna get it done. These aren’t the ’95 Devils. We don’t have that kind of defense.

  91. billybleedsblue on

    Yeah Carp, give us a hint who the radio clown is please so we can make a web campaign of pain…

  92. Carp Thought 1 Very profound. it’s amazing how things play out. Line balance is a good point. With the length of this series though, Torts needs to roll four set lines and stop playing his top 8 players in critical situations. They were all gassed by the end of the game. I agree with your lines with the exception of Kreider. He should be on the 2nd line with Cally & Step (who he’s play with before) & put Anisimov on the 4th. Boyle, Prust & Fed have always done well as a 3rd line (2nd line in Sens series. In retrospect, we should consider ourselves lucky because without those miracle couple of minutes on Mon. nite we should have really lost 4-2 and playing golf tomorrow. Let’s see what role fate plays for us on saturday night. Interesting point as to who has more pressure on them; the Caps or us.

  93. Plain and simple the pp starts with the point men. When u have no big time shot or a presence back there the pp won’t work. Del zaster shot is avg at best and his pass pass pass mentality all the time is a major problem.

  94. Thanks, billy. Manny, thats why I mentioned his facial hair, I do hate him. I bet the guy has scored 0 points in 48 career games against the Bruins.

  95. czechthemout!!!! on

    Sorry in advance for all the mistakes. Damn cell phone.

    Also, torts needs to reunite Cally Stepan and Kreider. Along with Boyle Feds and Prust. AA should be used on the fourth line and as a rover to be used if any player on the top three lines is having a bad night.

    That said. I think the Rangers are due to score some goals. Of course that hinges on Torts reuniting lines that actually make sense. And stop coaching scared!

  96. I know there are detractors here in the blog, but we really miss Dubinsky! Any Dubi sighting? He must have a broken foot. There is no information anywhere. The only info was that Zook tried to use his wrist and left practice early.

  97. I think the best shot on the Defense is Strahlman so get him on the PP and put him on a side where he can SHOOT. Not on some side of the ice where he has to always have a backhand and then pass. Then make sure people pass him the puck on his stick and not in his skates.

  98. I am with you Dubeliveau. I really miss Dubinsky. I know that the team certainly does.

  99. Nice and balanced review, Carp. I thought they lacked a little energy, but they were fine until the Ovechkin goal. The call on Stralman could have gone either way, too, IMO. Yeah he took the guy out, but we’ve seen worse penalties not called in these playoffs.

    I don’t like these lines either. It’s like Torts decided to use Renney’s line generator or picked them from a hat. Would love to see the Kreider-Steps-Cally and Feds-Boyle-Prust lines reunited. Although I wonder if Cally’s finger is bothering him enough that Torts dropped him to a checking role on purpose.

  100. Joekuh - 9 more.....GBTaMP! on

    well, i called for the series to go 7, so im not surprised the craps won last night. the pp has to move the puck, and themselves, FASTER. 5v5, we were getting good looks starting from behind the net into the slot. i remember hagelin to richards in particular, where rich just shot it somewhere into the sky. if you cant stay in front of the net, drive with purpose to it as the puck is getting there. we dont have the size to sit there all day, but there are oppurtunities when you’re moving your feet.

    ps. i hope all ranger fans were spared during vinceA day yesterday. all other europansies though…..

  101. phil May 10th, 2012 at 9:26 am
    Check out the CCM Tacks in that photo. Aside from Gretzky, that’s how you know it’s old.

    They look like CCM 652s

    Also, Gretzky is wearing Nike Air Accel Elite skates in that photo (I own a similar pair).

    Can’t believe that 1997 was the last time we were relevant and played in the ECF against Lindros and the Flyers.

  102. Billy… Ceiling poster? Thought you had mirrors on the ceiling. Maybe Dubi was abducted by aliens.

  103. A troll. Awesome. I wonder if it’s Chimera, he looks like one with that beard of his.

  104. Whats going on here? Im supposed to be the one that talks about cuties! And Eli is very cute. Mcdonagh slightly resembles Eli if u look closely at McD’s facial features.

  105. I thought they lacked a little energy, but they were fine until the Ovechkin goal.


    so, fine for less than 90 seconds?

  106. I agree. Stepan should not be playing the 3rd line with Prust.

    I love Boyle as much as the next guy, but he should be on the 3rd line. Stepan obviously has more upside offensively than Boyle. Our 2nd line line looks/feels more of a checking line rather than a secondary scoring unit.

  107. Good lord, that was only 90 seconds into the game? Damn. I must have drunk more than I thought last night.

    So, err, they were fine for the warmups? Hahaha

  108. Oh and why the Byfuglien doesn’t Hagelin get powerplay time when he’s been a factor in almost every game and proven he can create? Baffles me.

  109. very disappointing game from cally. he hasnt had that great of a series. hasnt been cally. although i want eminger over bickel that wouldnt have made any difference last night. caps wanted and needed the game more last night, and they looked that way. no big deal, win it at home. after the kind of season this team has had i have full confidence. but in case they do suck on saturday im glad ill be at a wedding and will miss the game :)

  110. iDoodie machetto: get well Tony on

    My ticket group is looking to sell our tickets for game 7. We have great seats in section 341, first row, aisle seats. Before they get put up on Stubhub I thought I would offer them to the boneheads first, although there’s anpretty significant markup. The tickets aren’t actually mine so I can’t set the price, but since my father’s friend doesn’t know Carcillo about computers, I can negotiate here before they go on sale.

    Asking price is 350 a ticket x 2 tickets. If interested, dmachetto@yahoo.com. I’ll check my e-mail at 1 pm, first come; first serve. If 350 per is too high, make an offer, but i don’t know what he would accept. If it was low enough, I would have just bought them myself.

  111. Also, that “jew” comment wasn’t from me. That was someone else posting with the same name.

  112. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    RANGERS will win game 7……Tremendous theater. Incredible drama. Rangers will sweep this series.

    Remember the name STU BICKEL….he is your game 7 hero


  113. iDoodie machetto: get well Tony on

    Actually it really is me. I dont really know how to prove it, but I assure you it’s me.

  114. Stranger Nation on

    E3 – go Bickel – those aren’t boos – those are Stuuuus

    Kid should get more TOI – best passer out of zone cept for McD IMO

  115. Pretty funny how you can tell which posts are that of the troll. Spelling mistakes in every post! Doodie, Mickey, and all, obviously NOT ME.

  116. iDoodie machetto: get well Tony on

    Seriously, it’s not going through? Manny can verify that he has emailed me there before.

  117. As if I would get tickets for Game 7 when I’m still moving in and 6 hours away. HAHAHA. So funny, troll.

  118. Doodie, I did NOT email you about the tickets. I can’t go. It’s the troll at work again.

  119. I am here to *verify* that I have had e-mail communications with Doodie at his address. He is a great person to e-mail with and a potential mentor/life-coach.

  120. Hey Manny, Doodie and any other lawyers we have around.. can I sue my moving company for being a bunch of greedy jackwagons who don’t know good customer service from a hole in the ground? AND can’t tell time? Cause I really want my $2400 back.

  121. Devils/Capitals ECF = Devils in Five
    Devils/Kings Finals= Devils in Six
    This just might be Brodeur’s last stand…ugh….as much as it pains me to say….

  122. Carp is prolly on his way back from DC, sleeping in or doing his other/real job at the paper. I’m sure it will be cleaned up shortly. Or at least I hope so.

  123. boyle cannot receive a pass. his stick skills are terrible.

    stepan should play with some guys who can receive a pass and shoot such as callahan…

    torts needs to get his head straight on these lines.. he is using the top line to much and not giving others a chance. when i mean others that of course excludes mitchell and rupp 2 plumbers………

  124. Well Mickey.

    That doesn’t sound like a legal cause of action to me. I could look into what the case law in the stat of New York says about greedy jackwagons though. That said, if they perhaps damaged some of your furniture in a careless manner and their performance was not up to the common standard practiced by similar companies, and provided your waiver that you surely signed, isn’t enforceable then sure.

    At that amount you could take them to small claims court which would be easy for you and a real hassle for them to fight you so they might just refund your money. I would make a few phone calls first and perhaps write a strongly worded letter that I am sure all of us Attorneys would love to edit for you.


    Manny, Esq.

    CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: This -email message- post and any documents accompanying this –email transmission- post contain information from Manny, Esq. which is, “Privileged and confidential attorney-client communication and/or work product of counsel.” If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution and/or the taking of or refraining from taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this e-mail information is strictly prohibited. Please reply to the sender advising of the error in transmission and delete the message and any accompanying documents from your system immediately. Thank you.
    IRS Circular 230 Notice: To ensure compliance with certain regulations promulgated by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, we inform you that any federal tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purpose of (1) avoiding tax-related penalties under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, or (2) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax-related matters addressed herein, unless expressly stated otherwise.

  125. What’s awesome is that the post at 11:46AM isn’t me! Nice job troll. You can tell because I would never say “moderators” or “ya” and I would never put a space BEFORE a comma.


    Manny May 10th, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Comment at 11:46 not mine, this is stupid, where are the moderators today. See ya, dudes, if anyone with my name is getting through , it isn’t from me. Be back when things return to normal.

  126. Doodie, i DID NOT email you. looks like they cleaned this place up and deleted the troll’s comments so you can see it wasnt me.

  127. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, Tony, MSG on Saturday, and all!

    thanks for the review. Couldn’t agree more (I strenuously agree) with points 5 and 7. We need to do more of 11, agree on 12, and would have loved to have seen/heard 12!


    I honestly thought one of the key points of the game was right before the 2nd caps goal the puck is behind our net and staal is engaging a caps player and the puck goes behind both of them behind the net, bickel is in front of the net alone and sees it, he skates around the net (hank’s left side) to retrieve the puck that is sitting all alone about one or two feet behind the staal battle. Staal looking for the puck in his feet while engaged with the cap finally sees it and kicks it….the WRONG WAY!! He doesn’t kick it back towards an unimpeded bickel (who could have moved it out of trouble easily IMHO), but kicks it to hank’s right and into trouble and we all know what happens next.

    Whether poor communication by staal and bickel or just a bad decision by staal, it the little plays that make a big difference.

  128. Thanks Manny. Also, damn, I really wanna sue them for being jackwagons. And slow. And stupid. Gah, I think I’ll slander them all over the interwebs too. Awful, awful service at that price.

  129. How can people be sitting around playing the blame game right now?

    Look, our big scorers are Gabby, Richards, Cally, Stepan, Artie – those guys have all produced. Gabby gets the majority of his goals off the rush, or with really quick hands off of rebounds and lots of that stuff gets taken away in the playoffs. However, when it hasn’t been taken away he has buried it, in game 3 OT, in game 4, and again last night, and damned close a few times in game 5. Alex Ovechkin, when left alone to take a shot, generally buries said shot. And 3 times in this series that has happened – one tim Cally fell, another Boyle got interfered with off the faceoff, and the third Kreider gave him the puck. Sounds pretty even to me.

    It is just really tight out there right now. Do I desparately want them to win? Of course. But I am not gonna sit here and say we SHOULD beat them because they are the seventh seed or get pissed off at this team if they don’t win this series. I have had more tremendous nights at the Garden this year than I can ever remember having in the past. And the Caps struggled for awhile this year but they are the same team that won the East last year with a better goalie and a much better coach, now completely healthy and more committed to what they need to do. And the Rangers, a year after being totally outclassed by a much lesser version of this team, are right there with them, and this series could easily be ours still.

    Sometimes it isn’t someone’s fault. Sometimes nobody needs to take the fall. These guys have fought hard and proud pretty much every step of the way, and I have a tough time pointing at anyone but the other team if this ends Saturday.

  130. I will, however, agree with one real thing you can crush Torts about – fixing the PP. In games like this an awful lot comes down to special teams because on the PP is the one time where you can really get pucks to the net without it having to go through 8 guys. There is plenty of puck movement but as soon as there is an open lane the Rangers, on the PP, need to get the puck to the net like its the last 5 seconds of the game instead being too tic-tac-toe about the whole thing. The Caps PP has scored whenever they needed a big goal (at least 2 game winners and first goal last night). Outside of game 5 the Rangers PP has been pretty useless. That’s the real difference in the series, or I guess I should say that’s why the series is even.

    I dont think it is much more complicated than that. And I’m not even convinced personnel always has a ton to do with it. Mitchell wins faceoffs, gets us possession in the zone, and goes to the net. Works for me. It’s not just a bomb it’s how quickly you can get it to the net. Stop making the extra pass on the PP – that’s your best time to just get the damn thing to the net.

  131. Sorry 1994, Caps are NOT going to MSG and winning. We have enough left in the tank to beat those jackwagons

  132. You’re right on most accounts Peter. The PP crap is unacceptable. The Caps took some stupid penalties including that 4 minute one that led to a momentum crushing crap of a 0-shot PP

  133. I am not confident about Saturday and I am not NOT confident about Saturday. I’m possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that they undeniably may or may not win Game 7. I do or do not know what they shouldn’t probably do. If that indeed isn’t what doesn’t happen

  134. Don’t get discouraged Boneheads! As Carp would say no MO from game to game. Get the first goal – score a couple 5 on 5 goals and move on to face NJ. Gotta have the Garden rocking!!! No negative vibes.

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Carp , Carp Carp are we gonna have to bring out the “shoeshine-box” for you???

    What did that radio clown do ? Did he start pushing you and was being rude?

  136. @kausatoday@ USA beats Belarus at the world championships. usat.ly/J0vIrY

    SUCK IT Europansies!

    U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!

  137. Sioux-per-man on

    WOW!!! Not a fun read today, but to be honest I’m a little to busy to read everyone.

    We have another GAME 7 at the Garden. Perhaps the Rangers will play with more desperation than the Capitals this time. I thought the Caps goalie played extremely well, and perhaps won this game on his efforts alone.

    The Rangers lines did not click. Kreider is going to have to get more ice time. He is simply to fast to have on the 4th line. How many times did the Rangers get out skated to the puck last night? Far to many.

    We need more skill on the Power Play. If they can’t find a way to score on special teams, this could be the 1 goal we lose by, in a 7 game Series.

    Game 7. At Home. LOUD RANGER FANS. Against the team that has knocked us out far to often.

    Richards, Cally, & Gaborik will all score a goal. This TEAM will win on Saturday!!!!

    Just to play another 7 game series against the Devils :)


  138. I don’t think the PP falls all on Torts/Sully. I would say its 60 percent on the players who are ‘playing’ the PP and the other 40 percent falls on the coaching. And like 10 percent falls on Sather for not getting the team the PP personnel it needs.

    Yes, I know that is 110 percent. But all PP’s should be 110 percent :P

  139. doesn’t anyone want to think positive and look forward to the Devils series with me?

    I mean, I’m not standing here being fat for nothing!

    Man up and get your optimism on.

    I say we start the series with 5 synchronized fights

  140. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/10/paul-pasquarosa-lottery-ticket-misprint_n_1506214.html?ncid=webmail1

    “Imagine holding what you believe to be a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million, only to find out that the ticket was printed in error and is worth nothing more than a good story to tell the local news.That’s what happened to Paul Pasquarosa of Boston, an unemployed father of two, who spent $10 on a lottery ticket the day before his birthday. (Hat tip to Time Newsfeed.)Upon uncovering three red words on a scratch-off Cashword ticket, Pasquarosa believed he’d won the lottery’s $1 million prize, according to CBS Boston.“I’m looking at it; I have three red words. It says three red words wins a million dollars. I called my son and told him things were gonna be OK,” Pasquarosa told CBS Boston.But Pasquarosa’s joy was short-lived. When he showed the ticket to his lawyer, it was revealed that there was a “offset in the printing,” according to CBS. Evidently, of the 20 million tickets printed, 2,200 of them were defective.”

    YEAH!!!!!!! I know Im gonna get punished for laughing… but yeah!!!!!!!!!

  141. I never want any Boston sports fan to be happy about anything from now until the end of time. I do not think that is a punishable offense.

  142. Go Fat Guy!!! I just meant punished by bad karma. I try to never laugh at any of their misfortunes, because it always comes back to bite me in the aasen.

  143. Joekuh - 9 more.....GBTaMP! on

    lol manny… thats the spirit! its vinceA day every day!

  144. Tiki – I agree, but this isn’t a misfortune. The guy is no worse off than he was before he bought the ticket, except for the fact that the whole episode probably took 5 years off of his life (and the lives of his credit card company). The kid who fell into the wood chipper – now that is misfortune. As a father, it’s unbearable to even think about that again.

  145. Byfuglien me gently with a chainsaw!

    The Kreider will score GWG Saturday Night.

    He has come. He has risen. He will score again.

  146. What an awful story that boy dying in the wood chipper was. Im not a father, and I cant imagine that happening to my son. The grief must be unbearable.

  147. I know what this teams needs. 10 minutes before the game. A visit by one of the best supporter’s of the Rangers. A star in her own right, but also a star born on HBO this winter:

    Cally’s Grandmother!!!!!!!!

  148. Whichever team lost, Carp. Men don’t lose. Europansies lose.

    I hear Hank played Soccer when he was younger. Pathetic.

  149. south of saskatoon on

    totally agree Carp on the line combos. this current setup has gone stale as stale can be. something like 144 minutes of 5-on-5 futility except for the Stralman goal which was a soft goal on Holtby.

    Boyle belongs with his compadres Prust and Feds. Boyle does NOT belong with Cally, as Boyle is not a playmaking, puckhandling , offensively creative-enough centerman

    Stepan’s passing talent is wasted playing with grinding, non-scoring wingers.

    and Torts is playing right into the hands of Hunter by keeping the line combos because it makes the Hunter matchup job so much easier and effective for him

  150. I still cant figure out the entire bonehead language and what a lot of u are saying. Who is VinceA, was he a poster on here?

  151. At some point late in the second period, when we have a comfortable 2 goal lead, the Caps are going to start getting the feeling that their season is about to end…then one of two things will happen:

    1. they start taking the lazy frustration penalties – frustrated with our D, with our crowd, with Henry, with our relentlessness, with how handsome I am
    2. They turn it up a notch like only them and the Pens can do, draw penalites of their own and maul us for the last 25 minutes.

  152. Good afternoon, suicidal boneheads!

    I agree, it’s pathetic they lost on VinceA Day. Get rid of all Europansies: trade Hank, AA, Feds, Hagelin, Gaborik, Stralman, and we are good to go! Tortorella is Italian too. Fire him!

  153. I hop this team is ready to pre-tear their facial skin because we need all the PP help we can get. Make ALL penalties double minors. Pre-Tear your skin you wimps.

    Tiki: May 9, 2011.

  154. Captain Europansy himself!!! So Swede of u to miss the game on Saturday. I expect Henny to do the same. ;)

  155. Carp, the game broadcase by the NBC jackwagons was so bad (save for Doc), I watched the game without sound (as I could not get a good feed from Bloomberg radio). I heard the broadcast was a Caps lovefest. I guess we all can play goal as well as Holtby if we don’t have to make any strenous saves…

  156. Actually, Manny, Ive always wondered why our guys dont carry something in their uniform, then when they get high sticked, go down to the ice, and cut themselves above the lip, or have fake blood ready to go, or something like that.

  157. Yes, old rusty razor blades hidden in our pads! Make our games like the WWF to draw 4 minutes!!!

  158. Yeah, Tiki, I already told a few docs who are Rangers fans to stay away from me on Saturday if they plan to follow the score. I’m DVRing the game and watching late. And if anyone here is even *THINKING* about texting me during the game, you will be very sorry you were ever born!

  159. I was so proud of Mitchell for bleeding. Win faceoffs, go to the net, block shots and BLEED!

  160. “Better get vaccinated for tetanus boys. Gonna be a bloody one out there.” – Rammer while handing out rusty razorblades.

  161. How ironical. We’re actually being out-Rangered by the Caps. Need Stepon back out at the point on the PP. Re: earlier post Cally has had a few critical mis steps in this series, however, how can he be critized with the amt of effort he displays game in and game out. Henik needs to be at his best.

  162. nyrmessier011 on

    It did suck. We did tie for first in the league on the PP in 04-05 though……

  163. Sioux-per-man on

    Game 7 at home in the Garden. Rangers win!!!!

    Shift by shift

    Every Period hard and fast.

    Rangers will grind the Caps out of town.

    Parise / Zajak next.

    Three teams left with Fighting Sioux Players. Odds are the Cup is coming back to the land if the Fighting Sioux!!!

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