Post-game interviews


John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Ryan Callahan:


I may have audio from Alex Ovechkin … but here’s part of what he said:

“We don’t want to stop playing. We don’t want to finish the season. We knew we could beat them. It was very intense  … their top D played lots of minutes. We are going to have our chances. We had our chances. But Lundqvist played unbelievable again in the third period. Same as Holtby.”

And Braden Holtby:

“It’s a big one. I think we earned it in a way that is going to benefit us in the long run. We played a very solid team game. Very gutsy effort and we got rewarded tonight.”


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  1. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    First, Carped, Repost:

    Latona, that was my point to those claiming the effort wasn’t there.

  2. Lloyd Braun on


    I agreed with you about the effort. Unfortunately, Tortorella did not.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on


    I thought I would skip all the hand -wringing, blasphemy and other bull carcillo. We didn’t lose a thing tonight.

    Let’s Go Rangers! Game Seven. Believe.

    Oh, and FIRE SATHER!

  4. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I figured you were interpreting it that way, Gravy. I agree. I also agree with you and Lloyd about the effort. And I agree with Carp about the coaching for Game 7.

    Sorry for the bickering before Lloyd. I don’t have anything against you.

  5. Lloyd Braun on

    LaTONYa from Miami

    I’m sorry for my part. I get annoyed when idiots (not you) resort to the tired line about how I’m hoping the team loses. Those same people seem completely unable to ever criticize the team or accept criticism from others without it being some admission of hatred for the Rangers organization. I’ve loved the Rangers for, I dunno, 26 or 27 years. I’ve invested more time, emotion and passion (and money) in them than any other organization in sports. I’ve also developed more agita from the Rangers than any other sports team. So, it’s only fair that I give back once in a while. :-)

  6. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Oh! I thought you two were going to be drinking jet fuel and flying around Rochester all night long…didn’t know there were cars involved in the evening…

  7. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I figured that you both were going to fly around Cally’s home up there all night long, until the sun comes up..

  8. Wow – it gets sad in hear sometimes

    Mike May 9th, 2012 at 9:49 pm
    This team has no killer instinct. They think they can just go to game 7 and win again. The fact is keep playing with fire and you will get burned. *The Caps will close us out on Saturday night.*

  9. We would have but she has stuff to do in the morning and my stuff is scheduled to come at 9am, so we couldn’t do that.

  10. Look. I said this game was a test to see where this team is at. We had a chance to see if this team could win without desperation. They cannot. Hopeully they learned something.

    I thought they were flat and tight from the start. I take it as a sign of youth and a lack of maturity.

    That said. Keep trading games and don’t lost back-to-back games and we can get there.

  11. effort wasnt great but by the same token the Caps are playing their best hockey of the year right now.

  12. Lloyd Braun on

    that early penalty and Ovechkin getting what wasn’t a particularly good goal didn’t help. rough way to start a game when the home team is fighting for their lives and finds themselves in the driver’s seat before you’ve even broken a sweat.

  13. Ughhh. Really wanted this one. That four minute power play just killed us.

    Bro and I went to the Flying Puck for the first time tonight. Wow. Great place. Gotta start going their regularly.

    Believe. Rangers in 7.

  14. LaTONYa from Miami on


    You can refer to me as Latona, we’re one and the same. Just changed my handle to support our ailing Boneheads.

    I was only criticizing those who cited a lack of effort tonight. They were definitely off their game, but they tried. The PP was deplorable as usual. I’m all for just criticism – I’ve spent plenty of time and money on this organization too. They’re the only team I have any vested interest in.

  15. JimboWoodside on

    >>>so we couldn’t do that.

    OK Mickey – I hear ya. Well, better luck on Saturday.

  16. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Now it’s on to the garden and let’s win there.

    I still say we sweep the crappy crapitals. Must win game. My money will be on the blueshirts.

  17. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Mckenzie on waseka ticked me off a bit there.

    Another front-runner hockey-media type. Washington will suck for him if they lose on Saturday. He’s into the NHL “star-worship-system” like the rest of them all are.

  18. I don’t necessarily think it was a lack of “effort” but I do think they were tight and a bit stand offish in the beginning and the Capitals really Capitalized (pardon the horrendous pun). They finally started hitting towards the end and man, Green gets rattled easily. Better come out swinging on Saturday. Which I expect they will. Their maturity level functions well when their backs are against the wall.

  19. JimboWoodside on

    If Skidney can’t be on top, then it’s OK for Ovie to be the league superstar.

  20. Lloyd Braun on


    Sorry, was just copy-pasting.

    I’m not a big believer in power play % (I actually think it’s one of the more overrated stats in hockey), but it’s so hard to get anything going for yourself when you basically give a team four free minutes the way they did tonight. Added to which, Washington generated better scoring chances killing the double-minor than did the Rangers. I was not happy with Tortorella’s personnel moves tonight. Dropping Krieder down to 4 was foolish. Playing Mitchell and Fedotenko on the power play was foolish. And that he didn’t seem willing to adjust much of anything throughout the course of the game was equally foolish.

    I think Washington has as good of a chance of winning Saturday as do the Rangers; I don’t think that was remotely the case in game 7 against Ottawa. Washington has not only upped their level in the playoffs, they’ve taken it up another notch in this series. What we’ve seen from them now barely resembles the team from game 1. And let’s not forget the Rangers are a last second prayer from being on their way to a golf course right now. I thought this Washington team would be dangerous leading up to the playoffs if they ever hit their stride and I think they’ve hit it something fierce in this series. Rangers will have to play at their absolute best on Saturday to win.

  21. JimboWoodside on

    Seems like Torts was annoyed with Stralman for taking that early penalty, but what in hell was he supposed to do? Let Chimera go in all alone on Hank? He tried to check the puck away, but he missed – what else could he do?

  22. My first thought when considering the rangers being out: no more nbc sports network :)

  23. LaTONYa from Miami on

    A successful PP to me creates or sustains pressure and momentum and in the best scenario capitalizes on it. NYR’s man advantages often have an antithetical effect.

    Let’s win on Saturday! LGR!

    Night all.

  24. Lloyd Braun on


    Dunno, really. Was it his fault that Chimera was able to streak in like that? Quite honestly, I had just walked in the door when that went down and pretty much only saw Stralman sweep the leg like Johnny Lawrence.

  25. Rangers reality on

    Rangers are lucky to be in game 7. Ovie’s post in OT Game 3…a prayer with 6 seconds left…Caps should be up 5 games to 1. Game 7 is a loss……Prust has tee times Sunday…he told me.

  26. Lloyd Braun on

    the agony of performances like tonight are compounded by having to hear Mike Emrick’s voice. only thing missing is Chico Resch telling us how sexy Holtby is.

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Emrick must have one hell of a knife collection. They were knifing pucks all night long. About every 30 seconds…

  28. Whoever got around Stralman to draw the penalty should never have been allowed the edge like that. Lazy defense on that occasion.

  29. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rangers will sweep the CEO’s on saturday

    Bet the ranch.

  30. The Rangers PP has been and is abysmal. Why do the points play on their correct side? Why is Brad Richards playing left wing? With this setup and the team u are playing, you cant get 1 timers. The PK’ers will let u pass d to d all day, or give the 1 timer to the lefty on the left wing.
    This loss is on poor penalties and poor coaching.

  31. The worst part about Rooster Emrick is he uses the same phrase in different situations. Specifically *canceled out*

    He uses canceled out when a guy hits a guy against the boards in a puck war. He also uses when someone clears the puck out of the zone. He also uses it when someone blocks a shot. He makes no sense. Im pretty sure he’s senile.

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    Also Emrick says “A DRIVE” anytime anyone takes a shot from anywhere on the ice. Annoying as hell.

  33. in Mike Emrick’s world: all motion of rigid bodies lead to ricochets, hockey players carry knives, pucks go “AHHFFF THE PIEEEEEEEPUH,” goalies carry waffleboards and Martin Brodeur is Jesus Christ.

    he needs to find something else to do with his time.

  34. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on! Game seven. Home Ice. Last change. Crowd noise. Line matchups. Lundqvist. Tortorella.

    Like E3 says, “Bet the Ranch”

  35. Ted Sheckler on

    Tiki, Rob – I’m partial to “knifed down by [player]”, “squibs on by”, and “the probing continues”. He also says “surge” over 10 times a game, and how many times did Pierre have to say “bang on” tonight?

  36. NYR & their fans expected another lucky magic win to just fall into their lap again. One of the worst games of the playoffs.

  37. Emrick is one of those guys who, like John Madden, are just a paradise for simpletons. They feel they’re getting an authoritative perspective on a sport they probably know nothing about and revel in every bit of nonsense they spew forth. Just like to the even quasi-knowledgeable football fan hearing John Madden tell you about how muddy a guy’s butt offers nothing in the way of insight, listening to that awful bespectacled crow shout about “squibs” is utterly pointless.

  38. JimboWoodside on

    Lloyd, I don’t recall who Chimera got away from to get that break down the wing – it was very early in the game, and I was settling in myself – but maybe Torts felt like Hank would have been able to deal with a shot from Chimera – but he’s had a lot of success against us.

  39. I think they put up something tonight that said Chimera’s scored 5 of his 7 career playoff goals against the Rangers. If you add in regular season performance against the Rangers, his career total has to fall just short of Gordie Howe.

  40. I didnt call you a jerk, Lloyd. I said you can be a real jerk sometimes. You asked if *ilb* had to seat people in a restaurant. And obviously you dont know him personally, but he’s probably the best person I know in this world. So I take any negative comments directed at him personally.

  41. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Chimera’s scored 5 of his 7 career playoff goals against the Rangers.

    Five goals in 9 career playoff games against the NYR – just awful.

  42. Jimbo, it was Stralman that whoever on the Capitals got around and Stralman took him down.

  43. JimboWoodside on

    And he drew the penalty that Ovie scored on – pretty good production for a journeyman player who has a beard like a billy goat.

  44. last 15 minutes yet. desperation not there. rupp sucks slighlty more then mitchell. kredier on the 4th line is a total wast. put him with stepan and cally. move boyle down to 3rd line with feds and prust. sub anisimov in on 2nd and 3rd lines….

    mdz sucks on the PP, makes lot of bad decisions..

    they will win saturday…….

  45. just did a little research…

    Chimera is a UFA in 2014-2015. So, the Rangers basically just sweat out the next two seasons and sign him for what, 4 years at $3 million per? He’ll only be 36 at the time.

  46. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Might be a blowout 5/0 ranges win. Of course, it could be 3-3 and 5 OTs. These rangers like to do tomorrow what they should have done today.

    Hank will shine. In a 2-0 win.

  47. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, yeah – Doc usually says “he sky-hooks that one down the ice”, most often in a PK clearing of the puck…

    OK, Tiki – well, it was Chimera who got around him, and Strals took him down. Guy’s been killing us.

  48. Lloyd, the guy is a leader. If he were on the Rangers, he’d be Callahan, but with significantly more skill.

  49. by the way, Chimera’s point total would have made him the sixth leading scoring on the Rangers this year and fourth on the team in goals. He also put up 34 more points than Mike Rupp.

  50. JimboWoodside on

    Chimera is reminding me of another old Washington Capital (and also a Penguin) Russian or Ukrainian player who ALWAYS, and I mean *always*, scored on the Rangers in playoffs practically at will back in the 90’s. What was his name??…..GONCHAR, Sergei Gonchar – that Bastard must have scored 20 goals against us in playoffs for various teams – he had an uncanny eye for the Ranger nets!

  51. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Bring on the devils – in fact, here is one better:

    Captain Ryan Callahan, come get the Stanley Cup

  52. Honestly, Im just sick of Henrik’s shtick. I know, that’s blasphemy. But as Salty said, thats the 3rd time this series OV punked him. He did make a load of awesome saves to keep us in the game, down 2-0! Teams get carried to Stanley Cups all the time by their goalies. Tim Thomas carried his team last year, and he’s significantly lesser of a goalie than Henny, and 7 years older.

  53. Jimbo:

    Dude, Gonchar is 140 years old and he still put up a goal and three assists against the Rangers in the first round.

  54. Rangers reality on

    Agreed Tiki, Henrik is just not a playoff performer…he hasnt stolen a game..decent but not Stanley Cup material…and he commented on the teams play? He should be ashamed…stop pucks and shut up.

  55. JimboWoodside on

    Is he the guy I was thinking of? He’s still playing? – that ancient SOB!

    He lit us up year after year – God, I hated having him on the opposition team!

  56. I don’t think Lundqvist has been exquisite in this series. The game winning goal from Green should have been stopped. The Ovechkin goal tonight was basically shanked and probably should have been stopped. There have been a few others where his concentration has seemed to dip. But, let’s be real…this team wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs without Lundqvist. And they certainly wouldn’t have made it past Ottawa and wouldn’t be in a position to play a game 7 against Washington.

  57. south of saskatoon on

    I think Emrick’s old man got a shiv in a prison fight. that is the only thing that can explain his fascination with knives. every player “Knifes” the puck. he has not yet learned that in hockey it is called a pokecheck.

  58. Rangers reality on

    I disagree Lloyd, Marty Broudeur would have the Rangers in the the East finals already.

  59. Lundqvist has been good. He’s always been very good. Just waiting to see him become great, even if only for one playoff run to a Stanley Cup.

  60. Martin Brodeur barely got his team past Florida. Florida handed the Devils a 2nd round berth by starting Scott Clemensen and Jose Theodore.

  61. JimboWoodside on

    Hank seems to excel in shots around the net – low shots, ones where he needs to go from post to post – but on bullet shots, ones from a bit of a distance, especially high shots, not so much.

  62. goalies now are looking down at everything. their movement starts with down; even on lateral moves, the eyeline drops and the body moves from to the left or to the right. I understand why they do it, and given how most players are unable to elevate shots with any consistent accuracy, the high percentage move is to take away the bottom. but it does mean if you can elevate a puck and get it on goal, you’re probably going to score. I happen to think Hank’s glove hand is the weakest part of his game and a bit weaker than other top goalies.

  63. Rangers reality, Caps fan, right? Or Devils?

    because if you’re a Rangers fan and really think that about their best player, then you’re an asshat. He didn’t steal Game 3? He didn’t steal Game 5?

    Are you really, really blaming him for a wide-open, uncontested Alex Ovechkin one-timer from the slot that goes in about an inch inside the post? Really?

  64. Frankly and ultimately, Lundqvist probably costs us this series. That’s the reality here. He’s been really good, but not good enough. He has not been our MVP thus far. OTT should not have gone 7. This series should not be going 7.

    Live by him and die by him.

  65. Salty:

    Ottawa shouldn’t have gone 7 for reasons that have nothing to do with Henrik Lundqvist. Again, this team doesn’t even make the playoffs if Martin Biron plays 65 games.

  66. JimboWoodside on

    Calm down, Carp – it’s after a loss – all hell breaks loose then, as you always observe!

  67. Are you really, really blaming him for a wide-open, uncontested Alex Ovechkin one-timer from the slot that goes in about an inch inside the post? Really?


    one time, no big deal, it’s Ovechkin…3 times…okay still Ovechkin.

    Some of the other goals…that mishandle, Green’s game winner….that’s not a championship performance. Lundqvist needed to be THE difference in this series and he hasn’t been.

  68. Put Holtby on the Rangers and Lundqvist on Washington. Rangers are gone in 5 after 4 blow out losses.

  69. Lundqvist has been very good. Like Salty said, very good. But he hasnt carried us yet with Conn Smythe performances. You know who has, Mike Smith and Jonathan Quick.

  70. Mike Smith’s probably scored more goals (thanks to his constant mishandling of the puck) than any Ranger.

  71. JimboWoodside on

    Ah well – off to watch some TV, and NOT the NHL Network or God forbid, NBC SportsNet, who seems to have a perpetual hard-on for the Rangers, including the anti-Ranger nitwits on NHL Live at 5 pm.

    Goodnight, ‘heads.

  72. I think Lundqvist has been bigger and better in the playoffs of past years when the team didn’t have the sack the win. Buffalo series comes to mind. Even when we were up 3-1 vs Caps that year, those were Hanks personal wins. That was a man stealing games.

    Kovalchuk will be hitting that glove corner ALL DAY if we even get there. Prove me wrong please.

  73. Ted Sheckler on

    1.73 GAA, .936 SV percentage. It’s insane that anyone’s making this argument.

  74. Called Rangers in 7, though have to admit I’m not so sure. They just can’t penetrate Caps D for quality shots, and this has been the case all series beginning in Game 3.

    The fact is they lack top line offensive skill. Yes the power play is letting them down but that is just a manifestation of an overall subpar offense.

    Whether or not they win game 7, this summer they must deal from strength and make every effort to package players and non-Kreider prospects for a top-end difference-making forward.

  75. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Rangers have the only PP that actually makes them lose momentum on a regular basis. 0 for 5 isn’t gonna cut it. Hopefully a better effort next game from both players and coaches on Saturday.

  76. lundqvist has been more then adequate. the ycant score that is the bottom line.

    kreider wasting on a line with rupp and mitchell.

    boyle cannot receive a pass ever notive that? he cannot cleanly receive a pass on his stick.. btw boyle has done jack in this round..

    they need to play there game on sat. thight check, forecheck like crazy, limit the mistakes… they are offensively challenged so that is there only option.

    gabby is soft on the puck. feds also has done zilch in this series. i know dubi is not playing on sat but if he was I sit rupp ove rmitchell, at least mitchell can win some faceoffs.

    all you need to know about the ranger offense is john mitchell gets some PP time…………………….

    he sucks btw……..

  77. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on


    I think what they really need is someone at the point that can actually get shots through and hit the net. No clue why Girardi is out there on PP, and MDZ looks very confused

  78. Ottawa shouldn’t have gone 7 for reasons that have nothing to do with Henrik Lundqvist.


    my memory is already foggy since this series is again going the full distance and its been weeks now, but did LQ not blow 2 OT games in the first 5 mins vs OTT? How does he usually do in playoff OT?

    Thank god he didn’t have to face any shots in game 5 OT.

    I’m not counting them out…but I’m disgusted with tonight’s game regardless. Team played like a joke, and once again the 2 “Ranger Killers” got their kills.

  79. Lloyd Braun on


    Pretty much right on point, I think. I’d also add that the lack of a real point man (the same problem the Rangers have had for what, the last 17 years) is a huge issue. Washington was a bad match-up because they hold a huge advantage in talent over the Rangers. Add in their ability to play the Rangers style as well as the Rangers (and better at points in this series), and you’ve got a huge problem. The good news is that if they can find away past this team – and admittedly that’s a pretty big if – they wouldn’t be playing a team that’s abundantly talented either. All bets are off against the west, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

  80. Lloyd Braun on

    Hey Orr

    It’s a shame you weren’t here to tell us how great Mike Emrick is and say Let’s Go Rangers!! four hundred times.

  81. I guess Washington didnt get the memo to lie down and let their butts be kicked at home in an elimination game by the Rangers.

  82. I think the Rangers have overachieved this season. They are a strong team and showed the most consistency during the regular season but the playoffs are a different animal. They were always lacking that offensive threat i.e. Kovalchuk or Ovechkin. They grind away and try to outwork the competition. The problem is that the Caps are matching that and beating the Rangers at their own game. They also have the offensive threats that the Rangers are missing.

    I don’t blame Hank at all. He got us here during the season and he helped get us past the Sens and to this game 7. If someone were to tell me at the beginning of the season that the Rangers have one game against the Caps at home to see who plays in the Eastern finals I would take it in a heartbeat.

    There’s still a chance for a win and a place in the finals.

  83. Lloyd agree that the Caps matchup is challenging because they are strong defensively while having top end difference makers. I do think the Devils are similar to the Caps though- Kovalchuk and Parise are better than any Ranger forwards, and they have several others. Devils are actually pretty strong offensively as crazy as that sounds. I think if we get by the Caps we’re looking at another 7 gamer. Difference I think would be Hank.

  84. Jobi with MDZ becoming a restricted FA I could see him being part of a package for the offensive player, and then if cap room allows we sign Suter as a FA to replace MDZ.

  85. But honestly I’m getting a little ahead of things here, I just want to focus on game 7.

  86. Ted, when other goalies have a high save percentage and GAA against us, people just dismiss it as the Rangers shots arent quality shots.

    stuart, of course Lundqvist has been more than adequate. He’s been very good. Unfortunately, our team struggles to score, and Henny is going to need to step his game up to an even higher level and carry this team if we are going to win the Cup. That’s the reality of the situation.

  87. Salty, I remember those 2 first games against the Caps a few years ago, when we went up 2-0 in the series, Lundqvist played insane in those games. He stole those games for us.

  88. Lloyd Braun on


    You’ve watched all the games in this series, right? Do you really think Holtby has outplayed Lundqvist? Sub-question: has Holtby even come close to having to play as well as Lundqvist?

  89. Holtby has allowed more softies, for sure. And hasn’t been tested at all. He’s made a handful of very good saves. He hasn’t been the reason for any of Washington’s three wins.

  90. Frankly, though he’s showed some guts as a rook in a tight series, I don’t think Holtby is better than Biron.

  91. I love Lundqvist but I don’t think he’s at the top of his game right now, that’s all. Even if that’s 99%, it’s not enough. We have seen better. I want to see him bite Carlson’s *camel* face next time he gets near the crease. I want to see an ankle shattered.

    Quick and Smith look like they want their names engraved. Brodeur is already on there 3 times, at least a few of those were with lesser teams than what the NYR’s are right now.

    Yes, I am on the ledge.

  92. Lloyd, just ignore him. Everyone Im friends with from here has told me that he’s an antagonistic jerky child.

    And read what Salty just wrote “We have seen better.” That says it all. We need to see Henny at his absolute best if we’re going to win the Cup. Simply because of our scoring struggles.

    And Carp, I never said Smith and Quick won Conn Smythes. Please dont take my words out of context. I said they have given a Conn Smythe performance thus far this playoffs.

  93. Oh, its ok Carp. Im not angry or anything. Not sure whats wrong with me, but Im surprisingly calm and not angry. Maybe its the meds…

    Lloyd, Mike Emrick’s boyfriend.

  94. Lloyd Braun on

    look, I’d never take Lundqvist over Richter, but right now, statistically, he’s having a better playoff run than Richter did in 1994 and he’s playing on a team that’s not even in the same universe as the ’94 squad. cut him some slack.

  95. Lloyd, Ill always have the guy’s back. And if a fan of another team insulted him to me, Id take his side and defend him all day long. I just want to see the Henny I know he’s capable of being. Right now, he’s playing very very good. I want better because I know he’s capable of it, and Im sure Henny knows he’s capable of better too.

  96. If it wasn’t for Hank this series would be long over. Caps have had far more quality chances since beginning in Game 3 and Hank has made some outstanding saves. Yes there were a couple of goals we wish he stopped but that happens to all goalies. I feel bad for him that this team can’t score, it must be so frustrating for him to play with such a minimal margin of error.

    And you know what if Rangers win Game 7 Hank is the Ranger MVP through first 2 rounds and therefore very much in the running for the CST.

  97. I cant believe ilb is not gonna get to see the game on Saturday. I feel really bad for him. I know he wont like it, but if we win, Ill text him (even though he wont like it) to spare him the 3+ hours of being nervous watching on the DVR. LOL I reall hope I get that chance to text him WE DID IT!!!!

  98. “I cant believe ilb is not gonna get to see the game on Saturday.”


    I envy that. I’m gonna have to page *Planet Xanax* just to get through that one.

  99. Lloyd Braun on

    here’s a question for whomever knows such things:

    has a player on the Stanley Cup Finals loser won the Conn Smyth? and if so, when was the last time it happened?

    so, two questions, actually

  100. Lloyd, wikipedia page “he trophy has been awarded to members of a losing team five times, the most recent being Jean-Sebastien Giguere of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in 2003”

  101. Salty, I see your point. And if ilb were sleeping or under anesthesia for it, Id agree. But he’s gotta be at a special event, all dressed up in suit and such, and probably has to mingle with people. I couldnt mingle with people while my team is in a Game 7 and I have no idea whats going on in the game. Id be preoccupied the whole night, sick to my stomach, and most likely angry.

  102. Lloyd Braun on


    Thanks. I’m a bit surprised by that, actually. You’d think, Rupp’s contribution being what it was, he’d have been a shoe in.

  103. Matteau, “The only non-goaltender to win the award in a losing cause is Philadelphia’s Reggie Leach, who won it in 1976 as he had set a league record for most goals in the playoffs” Wiki page Conn Smythe

  104. Just checked wiki it was Leach I was thinking of. I was thinking goalie because Parent won year before when the Flyers won the cup. Either way wasn’t most recent as noted in post above.

  105. Yep saw it Tiki. Leach was a scoring machine those playoffs but the Hab dynasty was just beginning.

  106. Lloyd Braun on

    I’m not going to get on Rupp, though. I think he’s been better this round than multiple Rangers forwards who supposedly have much higher expectations placed on them.

  107. During the regular season, I generally wasnt afraid that we couldnt score goals or come back from a 1 goal or 2 goal deficit. But this playoffs, I actually fear the lack of scoring. We just need Henny to shut them out for as long as humanly possible on Saturday. We came back from down 1-0 in Game 6 Ottawa, so at least if we fall behind, I can still be calm. But if we fall behind by 2 goals, the fear factor will set in.

  108. The moment I saw them begin to adopt their dump and chase I knew it was gonna be a dark night. They had very few good chances against Holtby, and he’s a very good goal tender, especially for a tyro.

    Lundqvist is and has been somewhat over hyped in my opinion. For one thing he’s fallen back on a style that he used early on in his career of constantly dropping onto his knees and goal tending from his knees. And he has in two games now, let in 3 almost identical goals. The shooter lines up and he moves to his right, the shooter shoots from the left and the net.

    Somewhere along the line some kind soul has to tell him…”don’t do that.” He anticipates where the goal is going to come from, and 3 times now has guessed wrong.

  109. If they don’t have a PP regimen, don’t blame the players, they only do what they have been trained to do and what they know how to do, if they still keep playing along the boards and behind the net, without ever a shooter in front of the, why go on.

    And of course that jolly little trick they have of making lateral passes to one another along the Caps blue line WITH CAP CHECKERS RIGHT ON THEM, just watch what happens to them if that keeps up.

  110. “because if you’re a Rangers fan and really think that about their best player, then you’re an asshat. He didn’t steal Game 3? He didn’t steal Game 5?”

    it can be said maybe that he stole game 3…but 3 overtimes, someone was bound to score. in OT1 brouwer missed his open net wide and ovie hit the post…hank didnt do anything there.

    and hank stole game 5???????????? you’re an idiot. joel ward handed you that game. hank had nothing to do with it. 6.6 seconds and he would of had a loss that game…can’t wait to come troll your blog after the game 7 win.

    -the DC radio host you almost had fisticuffs with…
    “i don’t want any trouble pal, my recorders off, i’m leaving”

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