Rangers-Capitals Game 5 in review; Live Chat today at noon


First things first: Whew. I thought I was going to have to bring some shrinks with me for the Live Chat today at noon. Thought I was going to be talking people down. Now I am going to have one happy group.

Be there at noon, with questions, comments, whatever. Or else. This one should be fun.



1) Look, I told you guys dozens of times this season that this group is something special. A lot of you didn’t want to believe me, and a lot of you only wanted to believe me until something went wrong … and I’m sure a lot of you are going to forget that, or won’t appreciate what this team is when things go wrong down the road. I’m not even saying that these Rangers are going to win this series, because there sure as hell is no guarantee they will. None at all. But it’s a special group.

2) Because part of our jobs as reporters still has to do with newspapers and deadlines, we have to write early, or “bulldog” stories to put into the paper if the game runs late or goes into overtime. A lot of time it’s filler stuff, leftover quotes that you cobble into something, just in case they need it. Well, my Game 5 bulldog was about Brad Richards. And that strikes me two ways. A) Perfect timing. B) The guy is a bulldog. He is clutch. He scores huge goals (9 GWGs during the season, don’t forget, including the Winter Classic winner and the one in Phoenix with 00:00.1 left; and he scored seven GWGs in the 2004 playoffs on his way to the Conn Smythe). He’s money — and that has nothing to do with his $60 million. Oh, and there seems to be some discrepancy about the time of Richards goal. There were 6.6 left when he scored, but they put a second back on the clock after review; yet the official box says there were seven seconds left, which means 6.6 is somewhat official.

3) Speaking of Conn Smythe … not a chance in hell, but a guy who’s been really valuable in these first 12 games is Anton Stralman.

4) Veteran players know you can get away with a lot, especially protecting a lead in the final minute of a game when the opponent has pulled its goalie and is creating havoc in front of the net. But Joel Ward took it way too far and didn’t get away with it and earned himself a pair of goat’s horns. And because he cut Carl Hagelin, he not only helped lose the lead, but also the game. Also, that’s why that has to be an automatic call — just like flinging a puck over the glass. It has to be a call the referee will make every time; has to make. Wonder if Ward will face any further discipline, because to me, it’s not much different than what Aaron Asham did in Round 1. Spin the wheel, Shanny.

5) I didn’t write it down and it’s late, and I’m having trouble remembering who Dan Girardi lit up. (Was it Mike Green? I think it was, because I recall him complaining). I thought Girardi left his feet. People who saw replays insist he left his feet after contact. You know what? Tough. First of all, the refs and the league owe him one shot like that. Second, the league has obviously legalized and approved leaping, leaving-your-feet hits to the head. Goes around comes around

6) That was one helluva start for ya boys. I mean, as bad as they were at the start of Game 4, that’s how good they were to start Game 5, even if Washington threw a couple of big hits early on. And the Rangers continued to dictate right to the final shot, even if they easily could have lost this game. They were in control.

7) But, boy, does the power play need to be better than it was in until the final minute. Because it had zero shots until the sequence before the Richards goal. Somebody told John Tortorella that John Mitchell thought the power play had some chances and wasn’t bad those first three tries. Tortorella’s comment is in the post-game audio. Let’s just say he disagreed. And Mitchell, who continues to get PP time that I don’t understand, passed up two good opportunities to shoot and instead passed during the earlier PPs.

8) Also, I agree that part of the problem with the PP, which hasn’t been very good most of the time all year (and since Wayne Gretzky retired), in this case, is the pressure the Capitals PK applies.

9) Michael Del Zotto took a pair of penalties. But otherwise I thought he was really good, and very physical against the most physical Caps: Jason Chimera, Matt Hendricks, Troy Brouwer. Just like he was against Teflon Chris Neil. That said, there needs to be a little more leniency on those interference penalties when the guy chips the puck past you. Del Zotto’s needed to be called, but sometimes the D-man has to be given a chance to get a piece of the guy. IMO.

10) That 1-1 goal by Brooks Laich, which was off a faceoff tie by Brian Boyle eventually possessed by the Caps, was yet another of many goals in this series created by random deflected passes/shots that wind up on somebody’s stick by accident.

11) Unrelated, but funny, My friend Ira Podell of the Associated Press told me that at the Devils home games against the Flyers they show clips of Rocky movies — you know, the Philadelphia icon — and in every one he’s getting his aasen kicked. Which I find pretty clever and hilarious.

12) Seriously, I expect some of you guys to jump ship and you didn’t disappoint in this game. I can almost predict who and when. But for the life of me I can’t figure out why so many actually left the game before the final minute. I mean, it’s 2-1 in Game 5 … and this team has shown all year that it doesn’t stop. I don’t get it.

13) Brendan Shanahan explains his suspension decisions … but I would love to hear him explain how the Claude Giroux head shot is so very different than the Chris Neil head shot or the Alex Ovechkin head shot. … or the Shea WWEber head shot … or the Chris Phillips head shot … But good thing they got that goon Hagelin. I would also like to have Shanny do videos of why he’s not disciplining somebody like Ovechkin for his assault.

14) If you weren’t in NYC last night, you probably aren’t going to believe this. But the Empire State Building was lit in orange. Swear to God.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richards.
2) Marc Staal.
3) Ryan Callahan.
Dore33’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richards – CLUTCH!
2) Mark Staal – Hopefully he is back 100%
3) Carl Hagelin – was all over the place tonight.

AP photos, above.


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  1. 4everanger 4 Tony and Miami Pimp on

    One of the longest and most profound Carp’s post. Ata boy, Carp!

  2. True fans bleed rw&b on

    I knew it! There was probably even windows lit up in strategic mosaic to spell out ’28’ on the ESB!!

    WWEber, clever.

    Great points. Shanny is a clown. It angers me so much, this leagues officiating on the ice and from the front office has hit the carcillorator. I disliked the interference on MDZ, we’ve seen so many caps take 2-3 steps mirroring rangers for interference purposes, but only because MDZ lays out Ward with a shoulder after one extra step he get called. It’s Missing the intent of the penalty.

  3. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Girardi hit Green. NBC somehow strategically placed one replay of the hit. I don’t believe he left his feet.

    However, there was a play around 9.45pm after an odd man rush where MacD followed ovie into the corner (to hanks blocker side) and i could’ve sworn Ovie leaped and elbow’s Mac in the face.

    The NothingButCrosby network was too busy to show it, they were definitely just finding ways to substitute Crosby’s picture over Radulov at the time.

  4. 4everanger 4 Tony and Miami Pimp on

    On my way to visit my son and grandkids in DE and elimination game in DC tomorrow. We survived the Red Rage before, in former Soviet Union, so, hopefully, will malevolently spit in so called red sea or whatever they called that stupid event in Verizon Center.

  5. Can’t sleep. That was historic. So glad I took my 84 year old dad. Took me to my first game in 1971, Rangers vs California Golden Seals. Rangers lit up goalie Gary Smith and I was hooked forever. He wasn’t at the final game with me in ’94, but he was with me for game 7 vs the Devils. Maybe that’s why that OT win holds the top spot for me among all time Ranger moments, just as special as the actual cup game. Last night ranks up there.

  6. 4everanger 4 Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I’m sure Carp still in his sweet dreams after such a hard and great work, so it is too early to start discussion and too long drive ahead. Will see ya later good people…

  7. True fans bleed rw&b on

    The ‘Red Rage’ 4ever?! Ha.

    Is this a gender dependent sorta deal?

  8. Awesome review Carp. That MDZ interference penalty was just a bad call, especially when a Cap made the same play earlier to hold up a Ranger. In fact the Caps make that play regularly. It’s hard to know what’s a penalty and what isn’t, what’s suspendable and what isn’t. Game’s integrity is in a really bad place now.

    Richie doesn’t always look pretty doing it but yeah he is money. I was in Tampa for some of the games in 2004 and he was amazing.

    Even though Rangers had edge in territorial play they had very few real good chances. Caps had much better chances. I was actually thinking up until 6.6 that the better team was going to win. Win or lose this year I will love this team, but they absolutely have to address the offense in the summer. Not a top six fwd, but a top 3. Kreider may be special but they can’t rely on him to be the answer just yet.

    Stralman definitely has been an important player. He made a great play on his goal, doing what they need to do more of against all the sliding shot blocking- fake the shot and go around.

  9. Forgive if someone has already noted this, but the ending was pretty identical to the
    fifth game in Buffalo five years ago when Drury tied it for the Sabres (because Renney
    had the wrong guys on the ice, of course) and then Afinogenov won it early in OT.

    Let us hope that it saps the Caps as much as it did the NYR in Game 6.

  10. How is it possible that Hunter appears to be the saner of the two coaches? How can u get no shot on the pp all game and then gett three in three secs and score? How can tne Rangers beat Holtby two in a row? I need answers Carp!

  11. Dale Hunter really makes it clear in his post game interview that the game we were watching is “hockey.”

  12. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp!
    Too bad there is no momentum from game to game, otherwise Washington would be done. It won’t be easy tomorrow.

    Have a great time with your kids, 4ever.

  13. RangerSwede on

    Hardly objective, but man has Hagelin been a spark for these old guys Gabby and Richie. He doesn’t get the points but he creates so much and how would this team look without him?? Well, we saw that in the Sens series…

    The issue now is how to create scoring chances with the Craps collapsing so much…

  14. Know what a Chimera is?

    OK: in Greek mythology it’s a fire breathing she monster..composite of a Lion.Goat and
    Serpent…. commonly, an impossible or foolish fantasy.

  15. Hospodar – That was the first thing that came to mind right after the game. It was so similar to that Buffalo game, it was eerie.

    re: Brad Richards – When the Rangers were bidding for his services I said he was the type of skilled player the Rangers needed. I rest my case. This is the definition of clutch. And, I don’t think he ever pitched in the Little League World Series!

    So, now that momentum is on the side of the Rangers you have to like their chances of finishing this tomorrow. :)

  16. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Wow. What a game!! I’m still flying high from that huge win!!! And I reviewed it on google this morning… And Crosby spelled backwards is still Diver. Weird. Hello all my friends in here, sorry I’ve been a ghost!

  17. Three guys that have been saying this team has that ‘special quality” all year:

    1. Carp — thanks, keeps all of us afloat

    2. Torts — all year, but he has to, he is the coach
    3. Boomer — actually gives hockey some air time. thanks!

  18. Great job as usual Carp on the game review. How great has Broadway Brad been in tight situations all season ? Richards goal was microcosim of the whole season, keep fighting keep battling

    How great is it to have Marc Staal back ?

    It would have been a kick in McNugets to lose that game last night as NYR outplayed the Caps from end to end. If this team could ever get an average PP, they’d be unbeatable.

    Agree with Carp about this team, other than the ’94 Cup winners, I’ve never felt more pride in a NYR team like I do with this one, who knows where this ride ends no matter what this team makes you proud to be a Rangers fan

  19. Welcome back, Gift!

    RangerSwede- objective here, and I said it during the last PP that Hagelin became as important to this team as anyone else. And it isn’t only his speed.

  20. Great game. Great win. Freakin awesome! I’m surprised how there was not more negative feedback on the NBC broadcast. Ya there bad ALWAYS but yesterday they were particularly awful. Kreider who played probably 8-10 shifts was on the ice for about 30 according to Emerick. He kept calling Fedotenko and Gaborik Kreider because he was too stupid to know otherwise. Saw 10 and thought it was 20 and saw 26 and thought it was 20. THEY ALL LOOK NOTHING ALIKE ON THE ICE AS WELL Good thing you have a blind man calling the games NBC. It was extremely frustrating. Is there a reason Joe can’t call the games due to conflict of interest?

  21. Carpy, I can only imagine you must be taking a deserved, but not so long rest, but there are 2 things I think of in addition to your review:

    1. Callie’s shift in the third period — I’m not a reporter, so I don’t remember exactly when it was, but later in the 3rd it was feeling pretty hopeless. Quiet in the Garden, etc. He comes out (might have been on a kill), and he bangs anything in site. I mean, if his Mom was out there, look out, he has hitting anything. The Garden took it in and got rallied. Captain Callie. Leads in so many ways.

    2. Standing ovation with 55 seconds left — after too much tense, quiet time, there was a stoppage of play. Time out. It was quiet for a bit. Look, most people in the Garden were ‘thinking’ the worst, not saying, but thinking (heck, even Hank admitted it in his post game remarks!). Before the puck was dropped, no freaking scoreboard fake noise, nothing fake, the fans almost one by one, got up and gave the team a driving standing ovation with those stupid towels waving.
    Realize, some of that was the realization it could have been the last time we see them this year, and it has been a TREMENDOUS year. Some of it was ‘ok, we lost this one, but do well in game 6 and bring it back’. And some of it was ‘c’mon guys you can do this!!”.

    I’m glad it ultimately was the latter.

    Special moment. Special team. You called it.

  22. duckbill platypus on

    fran, a chimera sounds an awful lot like a shemale…jus sayin’

  23. duckbill platypus on

    mattyboy, does not being a reporter preclude some sort of memory loss or lapse?? tia

  24. Nice review Carp – as always. I have to be honest, if the Rangers lost that game last night – I was thinking this is the kind of team that could go win 2 straight. I cannot see anyone leaving that game early. This team has too much “never say die in them”.

    I thought Gabby played a more inspired game last night. Good to see and hopefully it continues.

    I can’t tell you how much I miss Dubi out there though. I think he would be clutch out there now.

  25. Carp immediately change your stars and put in HAGS, Dore got it right. That kid was unbelievable and I said a week or two ago he makes this team go. His speed backs people up. And boy oh boy is he ever tough on the boards. Change it now. Lol

  26. Miami Pimp on

    The only thing special about the game was that the clowns had to go to OT to win a game they should have easily won in regulation.


  27. Stranger Nation on

    Hags is the *BEST* Ranger at puck possession in the O zone – his board work is a testament to his skill and fortitude. Torts told Kredier to watch Hags, heck, Gabby (everyone!) should watch Hags because his knees *NEVER* stop pumping and his knees *NEVER* stop moving. He also has the ability to cut and/or stop on a dime. Initiates contact, plays team D, the only thing missing from his game is the ability to snipe. Very impressive watching him keep control of the puck (thus control ‘flow’, thus control the game). We are fairly pedestrian team 5v5 except when he is on the ice.

    Thank you Torts for playing Bickels more. 7 mins TOI and some huge hits. Mentioned earlier in week after 3OT that he has to play more, because this team may need to play all 28 games to get a visit from Lord Stanley. Those who think Em is better should watch tape of Em from this year. A year older, a year slower and with injuries really hampered skating wise. Love the guys’ heart, but Bickel gives us more now.

    Kreider making some rookie mistakes out there. tough to learn on the fly in the conf semi’s.

    Boyle looking a stride of two slow – hope he is all right and not playing through unreported symptoms.

    Wow – said last night after they tied it only one other team in their history had us believing like this. Well, most of us anyway…

  28. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy, huh Miami? Your posts crack me up.

    Anyway though, what pimp drives anything less than a range rover?! Clearly you havent capitalized on Yankees third basemen or Obama’s secret service yet. Hashtag: bad marketing!!

  29. RyanfromNJ on

    I agree Girardi left his feet, I though more so than Ovechkin did last game….but like Carp said he was owed one of those.

    Carp you said Shanny should spin the wheel…..you can do it for yourself:


  30. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers Swede – the King, HAGS and now, Stralman –

    ‘För Sverige i tiden’

  31. WE -LOST- WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The interference call on Del Zaster has to be called. The guy that plays that play borderline and doesn’t get called is Strahlman with his tripod style hip check.

    I thought Girardi left his feet _after_ contact whereas Alex left his feet before contact. That hit on Green was clean and epic.

    This PP really scores ’em in bunches, eh? We either score 2 or none.

  32. Mattaeu! .. That’s pretty awesome to share that with the ol man.

    Great night of hockey, despite the fact I keep waiting for the 4-0 win, so I can back off the meds for a little bit. These games are killing me!

  33. as most of you know i am the biggest pessimist when it comes to this team. after the carlson goal sitting in my seat i basically buried my head in that really towel peaking out the corner of my eye. to watch this team really not generate any offense until the final min i was almost in tears. and then the hockey gods gave us payback from the drury goal for buff in game 5 few years back. it was our turn now but still people said to me during ot break why arent u pumped. my response THEY ARE JUST DELAYING THE INEVITABLE. then staal scores and i swear i almost fainted. walking down the stairs to the car my legs were wobbly. and to think this is the second round. i dont know how much more of the twist and turns i could take.

    3 down 1 to go. just wow

  34. Stranger Nation on

    You know it’s hard out here for a *pimp*
    (you ain’t knowin)
    When he tryin to get this money for the rent
    (you ain’t knowin)
    For the Cadillacs and gas money spent
    (you ain’t knowin)
    Because a whole lot of b*tches talkin carcillo
    (you ain’t knowin)

  35. could i make a suggestion to sully and torts does del zaster need to continue to play all 2 mins of pp. we need a bigger shot from the point back there. why not staal and mcdonagh who have a much harder shot and seem to get it through more..

    4th line gives you decent mins just once can we get one from them.

    feds prust mitch rupp scoreless in 12 games
    hags scoreless in nine games
    boyle scoreless in last 6 games
    stepan scoreless in last 6 games
    cally 1 goal in last 8 games

    we need to generate more. holtby made tons of saves but to me a lot were from the outside

  36. True fans bleed rw&b on

    No way Girardi left the ice, I’ll post a photo shortly.

    They hit skates first, actually, an then girardi comes off the ice.

  37. I have taken to listening to the radio broadcast of Albert and Maloney so I don’t have to listen to the lame NBC announcers. Bad enough their replays and overall coverage is terrible compared to the MSG work.
    I saw the Empire State Building was Orange and I can only guess it’s for the Knicks. People still want to get all ga-ga over them getting nearly swept by the Heat.

    The streamers and fireworks at the end of the game at the world’s most famous arena were an embarrassment to real ranger hockey fans. That’s the kind of crap they do in Phoenix to get the sunbelt hicks to go to hockey games. Get rid of it – leave it for the Knicks please!

  38. Quoting the Empire State Building’s twitter account (@empirestatebldg):

    “Empire State Building lit orange & yellow in honor of James Beard Foundation Awards tonight at Lincoln Center!”

  39. Girardi left the ice. It was a charging. Refs couldve called penalty and takne away our PP. Thanks to refs for being fair.

  40. The Girardi hit was *NOT* a penalty! They showed it twice on NBC and marveled at how clean it was and I completely agree. His momentum took him upwards but it’s NOT charging. Please.

  41. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The toes of their skates actually ‘clank’, Girardi’s right skate rides up Greens skate and legs, but there is no jump.

    Follow-through of a hit ALLOWS for a guy to come off the ice secondary to momentum (carp :) after a collision.

    This is a situation where the latter occurs.

    This is CLEARLY not charging.

  42. Further proof that this is a special year. Team amazes me at times. And even Carp has sounded excited lately. Wish I had more time to be here w you guys -_-

  43. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    sometimes there are no words to adequately describe what happens. you just had to be there, or you just had to be glued to the tube and praying/hoping/begging for all that to happen.

    random thoughts that are not part of the recap:
    -the refs STINK! where is the “embellishment” calls? Our guys are playing the right way, and the other guys continue to dive, fake stuff, and then pretend to have been shot in the nose when they are not even touched (Wideman on the Kreider phantom high stick).
    -Ward should get a game (but he won’t)
    -Henrik makes some great saves, but gives up some soft goals
    -How does the ref not see the Cap player take his hand and cover the puck and pull it under himself which is a penalty (and depending on crease area a penalty shot !) The Ref was standing right there watching !!
    -Staal is definitely playing at a top level now. Not because of the goal. Because of active stick breaking up plays and not getting beat to the sides at all
    -Gabby was flying. The team plays well when Gabby has energy
    -I like the way 17 of our 18 skaters are playing. I like Rupp, and I think he can play. But I think he can play better that he has been playing in these playoffs
    -Capt Cally is clutch. He was not having a great game, but then he helps make the game tying play at the end

    just sayin…..

  44. Haven’t we been talking around here about that bad angle shot (the one Strahlman took)? Bad angle, throw it at the goalies feet and it will deflect in off himself. I think we invented that theory during a live chat.

  45. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Greg Devorski is the worst lineman in the NHL. Everytime he is dropping the puck on a faceoff, someone gets tossed because Devorski pump fakes or something. Keep an eye out for when #54 is dropping the puck.

  46. Doodie – have you ever seen the James Beard house? I walked by it once and looked in the window (I think it was in the West Village or maybe in Gramercy) and was so jealous. There was a nice bevy of food critics eating what must have been one of the best meals ever.

  47. Lifetime, the caps did that twice last night, pull the puck into their body with their hands, which is a penalty. And theyve done it 4 times this series. 0 called. I take back my thanks refs.

    We got 2 penalty shots against this year for doing that in crease. We’re lucky the ward high stick was so obvious or it wouldnt have been called. And then id be b*tching and moaning and people on here wouldve said U CANT BLAME THE REFEREES, and THEY WOULDNT HAVE SCORED ON PP ANYWAY.

  48. People are still ripping on Henke and saying that Doc Emrick hates the Rangers. Doesn’t surprise me…haha

  49. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Manny, I’ve never been past there. I’m off for now. Great job by our boys, even if they did have to get away with one with Girardi’s charge on Mike Green just before the winner. Good on them for actually capitalizing. No pun intended.

  50. Tiki – those penalty shots were because McDonagh, both times, wrapped his hand around the puck. If you close your fist on the puck then it’s a penalty.

  51. manny

    sully said keep the faith its coming about pp. i said sully before u go more puck movement work caps down low since they come out high. he laughed and said u want my job. i said i do it for free

  52. That’s great, eric. Thanks for the advice you gave Sully. It worked!

    eric for Jack Adams!

  53. Also maybe it’s me, but I don’t think Ward hit Hagelin in the face on purpose. I don’t get how you can even come close to comparing Aaron Asham to Joel Ward. Asham went halfway across the rink with full intent of cross-checking Schenn in the face. Joel Ward looked like he tried to push Hagelin out of the way with his arm (which was dumb with two hands on the stick) so he could get to the point and because he kept his stick on his bottom hand, he just came up and whacked him in the face.

    I think you are making it a huge stretch by assuming that was done on purpose. He’s not that type of player and I think only an idiot goon like Asham, Carkner, or the likes of Chris Simon would do that on purpose.

  54. Re: Girardi

    The hit itself was clean (kind of left his feet), but it was technically a charge by rule. He took a ton of steps to step up on that one, more than two strides, and hit his man.

  55. But I’m not complaining about it because I thought that high stick on Kreider was BS. Dennis Wideman got hit in the helmet by his stick (which again, by rule is a penalty), but he sold that like he was one of my fellow Italians playing in the world cup. One of the biggest flops I’ve ever seen, especially considering he fell down like he was cut, then looked at the ref, saw he got the call and got up like nothing happened.

  56. Nice *Borsalino* Jonny.

    I agree on the Ward high stick. I was surprised it was even called. Blood or no blood. It was clearly not on purpose and he was just trying to position himself. Hagelin drew that penalty because he, regardless of size, is a monster to deal with when jockeying for position and puck possession.

    I am not one for bias and conspiracy but the Puck Daddy articles regarding the Rangers are getting truly annoying.

  57. Good morning everyone! What a nail biter of a game with an awesome finish! Let’s wrap this up tomorrow night guys!

  58. yev kassem on

    Carp: and inspired victory and an INSPIRED REVIEW! Totally dug what you are saying. I do think you get too down on the crazy’s here. You have told us many times you are not a fan and are not emotionally invested in this team. Many here are and that does NOT breed rationality!

    Personally, I wasn’t ready for the ledge, but I was in the depths of despair.. I have LOVED this season so much, that the thought of it ending in Washington on Wed was bumming me out. This has been such a magic ride… The unexpected nature of this season has made it all the more special.


    1. I am a lucky man. As a ranger fan since I was about 8 or 9 years of age (when my favorite Ranger was Jean Rattelle) I have been fortunate to see some classic games live. I was at Game 6 V. The Isles in 1979, Game 6 at the Meadowlands in 94 (There were tickets available on game day.. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT??), Game 7 V. The Devs in 94, Game 7 when they won the cup and now last night… Blessed!

    2. You have GOT to give the Caps a ton of credit. They are a carbon copy of us and they do a good job of it. When they got that lead in the third, they clogged the neutral zone, blocked shots and did everything that we have been doing all year to drive other teams nuts.

    3. GIRARDI=BEAST… I have not seen a video of it, so I don’t know if he left his feet.. But what a hit on Green! Wow… Girardi is the epitome of a “heart and soul” guy.

    4. The people lauding HAGS are RIGHT ON! I wish he would shoot more and chip in with some goals, but I have never seen a player so good in tight spaces and so good behind the net. I also think he is deceptively strong and has very powerful legs. Much larger guys have a hard time moving him off the puck.

    5. THE KREIDER: We need offense and I really wish that Torts would consider putting that Cally-Step-Kreids line together. When a team is as offensively challenged as we seem to be at times, how can you play a kid with his skill set on the 4th line?

    6. Hank came up HUGE to hold the score at 2-1. He made a couple of great saves.

    7. As game 4 showed after that crushing loss in triple OT for the caps, THERE IS NO MOMENTUM in these playoffs. I would not be surprised in the least to see a game 7.

    8. All year long, I have said that I thought it was important for the Rangers to win a couple of rounds. But man, considering how many great teams got knocked out in the first round (including the cup champs); you just never know what will happen next year and when and if you can get back.. Maybe THIS is our year???????

    9. I love this BLOG! PROPS to JIMBO who IMHO had the funniest line ever when he wrote:


    10. CARP: Thanks again for this wacky site and getting together a great group of fans who are funny, nuts and happen to have some pretty good insight into the game of hockey.




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  59. Stranger Nation on

    High sticks don’t have to be ‘on purpose’ The player must control his stick. Draw blood and you should get a double minor. Knock out a tooth, might get a 5 min major.

  60. Adam from Chicago on

    I’d like to thank my signal for going out during 3rd intermission, costing me the chance to see OT. Freaking ATT U-Verse. Made last night very bittersweet.

  61. Bad choice of words, Stranger. I am just saying the high stick was incidental contact. I know it’s a penalty by the rules, but I thought, last ten seconds of a game, Rangers goalie already pulled, no way the Refs call that because it could completely change the outcome of the game (which, to our credit, it did).

  62. I went to the James Beard House one yr. My neighbor brother actually won the award, big name chef and it was unbelievably great, only problem was the average age was 83yrs.& 5 months. Lots of wine, a cab, and a train I think to get home. Yummy. We don’t need no stinking lights….

  63. *OH* I forgot to give credit to Anton Strahlman and make a funny about Stahl’s GWG.

    Strahlman gets a ton of credit since Stahl said that it was Strahlman that called for the switch of sides on Defense so Stahl could get on his strong side to shoot (Left-Handed Shot). and KUDOS to Mitchell, who everyone hates for no reason, for coming out specifically to win the faceoff and WINNING it.

    The funny part is that when Stahl was asked about the goal he said, “Richie had a great faceoff and won it back to me….” Even Stahl doesn’t give Mitchell the respect. He just assumed it was Richie.

  64. FiveFootZero on

    What a great win! Just have a few comments:

    My nephew played hockey with Johnny Carlson…nice kid from Colonia. Tonight he was the enemy!

    My husband and I were both talking about the Drury 7.7 second similarities in this game as well.

    Has anyone noticed that the Cap’s players have their stick blades taped with WHITE tape? It’s odd…and makes the stick blades disappear on the ice. I can’t see why they would do this, because to me it would hinder their own players from making tape-to-tape passes since the blade pretty much disappears…wouldn’t it?

  65. re: Ward – I agree that it was no on purpose, but it had to be called because it was an obvious penalty. It doens’t matter if it was on purpose or not. In fact, most high sticking penalties are not on purpose.

  66. Rob in Beantown on

    Why would Joel Ward be suspended? Double minor was the right call, but is there a precedent of a guy getting a game for a high stick when the recipient of the stick isn’t even injured?

    My favorite part of the GWG is the screen in front of Holtby by AA (I think it was AA). DO THAT MORE!!

  67. Carp, I thought Mitchell looked pretty good on the pp, sorta taking Dubinsky’s spot. With that said, HOLY COW, what a game! What a comeback!

  68. “My husband and I were both talking about the Drury 7.7 second similarities in this game as well.”

    Its really unbelieveable. About the only differences were that we were a 6 seed / Caps a 7 and that the Drury goal wasn’t on the PP. Everything else (Game 5, 2nd round, home team down despite tons of shots, punch in goal in the last ~0:07, early OT winner on a PP) was the same. Rare to know pretty much exactly how it feels to win and to lose the exact same game.

    (Winning is better. By a lot. You don’t end up with your head down on the bar in disbelief in Portland, OR.)

  69. Morning gang!

    It’s a great morning despite having to be up early for the cable tech and it being all rainy and blah today.

    Most excellent review, Carp! I thought the same about the ledge jumpers yesterday. If this team has taught us anything over the years, it’s to keep the faith, always.

  70. Anyone interested in 4 Bruce Springsteen tix, 2 for 9/19 and 2 for 9/21. General admission standing only for Metlife Giants Stadium, i only want face for them. Let me know if interested

  71. Wow. People were leaving that game early? You would have needed the Jaws of Life to cut me from the Garden during a regular season game like this. But the playoffs? You pay $150 for a ticket and you’re going to leave early? That says a lot about who is going to these games now.

    I went to the second game in Ottawa and there was a weird vibe. Kind of like half the arena didn’t even follow the Rangers. It seemed like there were lots of fair-weather fans. No where near the level of banter in the stands I had expected at a playoff game. It was actually kind of depressing. But I guess that’s what you get when tickets hit the stratosphere in price and are all co-opted by these feckless second-sale vendors. Used to be able to buy a pair of blue seats for $30 from the scalpers outside. Now you can’t even get two beers for that price.

  72. >>8) …the pressure the Capitals PK applies.

    Every team in the league applies the same pressure. That’s what happens when your power play is not feared or respected.

  73. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Walk in the park. There was never any doubt that the rangers were going to win game 5. Next, they go for the sweep.

  74. Yeah wtb is with the streamers and fireworks? As torts would say if we could get him to talk: what we have done so far means nothing. We need to win tomorrow. One shift. One period one game. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  75. Carp bored and waiting for a plane and happy. Going to hit the ball around, but the blogosphere demands that HAGS gets a star. Correct this injustice or we are out of here and taking the true believers with us. Leaving you with the ledge folk

  76. carp . usual great analysis.

    girardi hit was totally clean. mdz interference was a penalty.

    mitchell on PP is a joke. staal playing much much better gives them 3 horses on D.

    rangers outplayed the caps and won a game they outplayed their opponent.

    rupp should sit when dubi comes back……..

  77. CTBlueshirt on

    So team to score first has won every game of the series.

    Last night’s game wasn’t how any coach would have drawn it up but how good does it feel to be on the other side of a last gasp goal?


    Great review as always, Carp!

    one thing pissed me off last night – that talking foreskin McGuire! When Ward took the penalty at the end of the third period that piece of carcillo McGuire said “It doesn’t matter if it is 2 or 4 minutes” basically implying that the Rangers are finished! How fugging unprofessional is that?! That entire NBC production is a bunch of bush-league buffoons!

  79. Tiki excellent tour and show, saw him at Verizon 3 hr 10 real real good. Da Boss

  80. Stuart – I don’t know about sitting Rupper, although I would for Dubinsky but man, that penalty he took last night, the hook on J. Ward or whoever, that was a lazy penalty. He looked resigned to taking it from the moment he was beaten. Despite our Defense being back.

  81. >>… Blood or no blood. It was clearly not on purpose…

    Intent plays no role in whether or not fouls get called.

  82. >>Bruce Springsteen is still alive? :)

    He is, but I heard his relevance has been dead for decades now.

  83. I didn’t mean to start a whole _Mens Rea_ debate about intent. That was a poor choice of words on my part.

  84. Whats with this underlying anti or waiting for Hank not to stand on his head,I just don’t get it. Every game he is stopping stuff that is coming from every direction. Geez

  85. Hey Carp, Several people areond us left last night before the game was over. Had an extra ticket and took Jay Yasek. Remember him? Any how, been a while since the place shook like that. I was in the city and saw the Empire State Building. The boy couldn’t figure it out either. Can’t Chat today, have to go to a wake down in Mamaroneck. Have fun in Washington!

  86. FiveFootZero – it actually helps with passing since you can see the puck easier. Guys who have white tape are usually passers/playmakers. When they make passes, they want their teammates to be able to see the pass in tight spaces, so when you pass it with a white background, it’s easier to pick up the pick.

    Scorers usually have black tape (not as much of the case anymore, but usually was) so they can hide the puck from the goalie. It’s harder to pick up since it’s black on black and it takes a little longer to pick it up. It’s the same reason goalies love to wear white pads, since when a guy is in traffic and aiming at the net, he see’s white and thinks it’s the ice or the boards and will just put it on goal.

    The white tape thing hasn’t had too much of a different in regards to shooting since guys like Semin, Ovi, Malkin, Zherdev, Nash, Kessel, and a bunch of others have white tape and still score a ton of goals. That is because they use the toe drag and screens though. Gaby for example scores based on deception and the black tape definitely helps with it.

  87. @CCCP@ :

    *pKleck* May 8th, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Quoting the Empire State Building’s twitter account (@empirestatebldg):

    “Empire State Building lit orange & yellow in honor of James Beard Foundation Awards tonight at Lincoln Center!”

  88. “Every game he is stopping stuff that is coming from every direction.”

    I’ve wondered this too and I’m pretty sure its just an age thing. In the past 3 decades, its basically been just Beezer then Richter then a small gap then Lundqvist. Above average to great goaltending is the norm for anyone under 40 and a lot of people seem to not recognize this is very much the anti-norm. I was fortunate enough, from a schadenfraude standpoint, to go to school in Philadelphia and have a lot of Flyers fans friends so I’ve gotten to see the polar opposite of what we’ve had. Probably a big reason why Hank could catch the puck, turn around and throw it into the net and I’d come up with some excuse for why he did it and it wasn’t that bad.

  89. FiveFootZero on

    Thanks for the explanation Jonny D. Makes sense…but it’s weird I never noticed, my husband as well, and he’s a hockey player (played since he was a kid through college). We just noticed it last night…since we saw Ovi checking the tape on his stick.

  90. the empire state building was orange last night In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the James Beard Foundation and the 22nd Annual James Beard Awards. taken from http://www.esbnyc.com, “what color is the empire state building tonight?”

  91. “The James Beard Foundation awards, often dubbed the Oscars of the culinary industry”

    REALLY?! I guess your Regular Season Eastern Conference Champions and second round playoff team NYR doesn’t matter… it’s all about who pays more… i get it!

  92. CCCP: James Beard awards are a huge deal. Objectively far bigger than a 2nd round Game 5.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    “that talking foreskin McGuire”

    spitting coffee out on that one…thanks 3CP

  94. James Beard awards are really, really important in the Culinary world. Stop being such a @Caveman@

  95. I admit that with about 4 minutes left in regulation, I thought last night’s game was going to end in a loss, which made me sad. But even at that point, I thought about what a season it has been and how much I love this team.

    They are something special. We saw it on the HBO series, and it has become more clear as the season and playoffs have gone on…these players are a TEAM. They aren’t a bunch of skilled players to be managed, but are a TEAM, with each player playing for the one beside him because he knows that’s what the other is playing for, too. It is awesome to see.

    Because everyone here is so passionate about this team, it is easy to react with extreme negative emotion when they are down. Last night was a great reminder about why, win or lose, we should put things in perspective and appreciate what this Ranger TEAM has shown us this season.

  96. Page 67 of the Post, last paragraph “blue shirts had a 261-0 advantage in shots” lmao

  97. Stranger Nation on

    Winston – they would have been down 2-3 in series, not out of it by any stretch given recent history

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Never had such a good time in my life before
    I’d like to have it one time more,

    One good ride from start to end
    I’d like to take that ride again


  99. Not out, but a massive shift in odds. Calling every game even from the start and washing out home ice, the difference between losing last night versus coming back is going from a 25% chance of winning the series to a 75% chance. Impossible to understate how huge that comeback was.

  100. Phil, My kids sat in my seats last night ($168) and I got two from the presale ($175). I was down lower and surrounded by scumbag corproate types, in suits and ties and rangers caps which they didn’y have on in the beginning of the game, which means they just bought them, and sipping mixed drinks throughout. They got up and left with about 5 minutes to go. Makes me sick. My seats from last year don’t exist lanymore, ripped out to remodel and raise the price so these non-fans can go down on thier bosses to grab the company’s tickets to say they were there.

  101. Stranger Nation on

    But I can’t deny that times have gone by
    When I never had doubts or thoughts of regret
    And I was a man when all this began
    Who wouldn’t think twice about being there yet.

  102. This is why hockey is amazing. We got to go through all the emotions of a devastating loss followed by all the emotions of an improbable win. Worst of both worlds.

    We -Lost- Won!

  103. nyrmessier011 on

    Haha I noticed the empire state building. Was lit in orange for a few day straight I think.

  104. Stranger Nation on

    Some come to laugh their past away
    Some come to make it just one more day

  105. Pimp – I am on it. I will muster all I can. Lead us into battle Corporal Pimp.

  106. “James Beard awards are really, really important in the Culinary world.”

    maybe Latona would care more for this award since he is self appointed lunch master! Screw culinary world! ;)

  107. I love that the article criticizes the Garden for having fireworks and being loud. This from an arena that pipes in music to make their crowd seem larger, louder and generally more interested in (not confused by) the game than they are.

  108. Here you go Pimp – this is my comment with extra hyphenation added for your benefit.

    *Manny* on May 8, 2012 at 10:49 AM said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Have the Washington Capitals not started pushing their (L)Eastern Conference Finals tickets yet? That’s a shame. A real loss in a huge chance for marketing for your small market team. It is odd to me that the Caps would not be pushing their tickets already, especially to their season ticket holders, given the excessive amount of Blackberries and “Hockey-sweaters-over-business-shirts” I see in that “New-Jersey-Devils-Red-Sound-Enhanced” arena that the Capitals play in.

  109. I posted one too. Pointed out that the Rangers are undefeated since selling tickets for the next round and suggested Ted’s lack of confidence cost his team Game 5.

    I imagine none of us will get posted.

  110. http://tinyurl.com/79u6sh5

    1. Louis CK (and Charlie Day, not pictured)

    Hockey would appear to be the perfect sport for the intelligence and cynicism that fuels the best standup comedian on the planet at this moment. From reader Doodie Machetto Peter Plevritis:

    On April 30, I was at game 2 of Rangers-Capitals. First, they showed Will Arnett on the big screen. Two seats over from Will was Louis CK and then the MSG showed him on the big screen as well. In between them was Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, fist clenched, nervously shaking his leg, saying “Come on! Come on!” But alas, he still wasn’t shown on the screen as someone famous.

  111. Carp,

    What about the job of Mitchell to win the draw and get it back to Staal? Nice screen by Anisimov on the goal. He had a solid game.

    Liked that they were trying to put shots on Holtby from bad angles. The D men have to be a little more careful with handing the puck and pinching. They gave away too many pucks at the Caps blue line and in the neutral zone.

    I was furious that Washington did not get a delay of game for diving on top of the puck, but then the REFS came around and gave the Rangers the 4-minute PP.

    Richards is just so clutch and Staal with the monster blast!!

  112. c giacomo – That’s such a bummer, but I guess a sad reality that nothing is going to change. The Garden just seems so uptight now compared to even five or six years ago. Or maybe I’m just getting older and less tolerant of fans that could care less about the game.

    A buddy of mine from Rhode Island brought me the TD Garden in Boston during the Bruins’ cup run and the atmosphere in the building was what I expected to see at the Garden this year. Just an overall-amped crowd. But it just seemed to be lacking. Another thing I got to give them credit for in Boston: If there are seats open halfway through the first in the lower bowl section, the ushers don’t seem to really care about people wandering down there. It gave the whole experience a more blue collar feel. At MSG, it seems like they always have ushers waiting to pounce on you if you try to move down. Again, probably just nostalgia on my part. But it seemed like a funner place to be back in the dark days of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now it’s starting to seem real corporate. Even the blueseats are a lot tamer now. And the irony is that this is a blue collar team. Oh well. I’ll still sell my left kidney to get a ticket if they go to the conference finals.

  113. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    My friends cam over right before the faceoff before the goal by mitchell. They entered the door and I said Staal is playing great tonight and boom he scores! Staal is returning to elite form.

  114. “I’ll still sell my left kidney to get a ticket if they go to the conference finals.”

    I don’t currently need a kidney, but I’d have to think if I were able to get yours for the price of a pair of tickets, I could parlay that into something even more valuable. Let’s talk.

  115. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    lol i knew someone was gonna talk carcillo about including zherdev in that goal scoring list. great review carp. so glad i dvr playoff games, definitely watching this one again!!!

  116. Maybe if you can get Cally to sign the kidney, it will be twice as valuable and your seats twice as good!

  117. Matty'WeWinTonight'Boy on

    Hey, Phil and C G, it is so true. I sit in the 115 section, about 10 rows up. It is so freaking quiet there it’s sickening. It’s almost as if you let your hair down and do a LGR chant, people look at you sideways. Last week I gave my kids these seats and bought some 341’s or something like that. So much better watching from up there!! The chants originate there. You can be yourself!!

    Sadly, it’s all about money in all of sports. I heard Callie’s comment that the garden hasn’t rocked like this since he’s been here. Two reasons, one being the ‘corporate types’ that are the majority of the low down fans. The lower seats carry the noise level and it is far too quiet. Of course, the second is until this year there hasn’t been anything to chant about. That’s different now.

    So, in my section, a guy had about a dozen beers. With about 5 minutes to go it was real quiet in the arena, at least by us. He stands up and starts yelling. “You $*$%*%ing fans need to stand up and cheer for our team. Get the (*$**$ up everyone. $*$*$ing yell and scream…..LGR, LGR, LGR!”

    People looked at him like he was crazed.

    If the garden wants it to be loud, you either lower seat prices (ha!) or let people come down. You can’t pipe in noise. Although they seem to be trying that at every turn.

  118. I’ve sat in (old) section 208 a bunch of times over the past 5-10 years, and after one game I walked over to speak with Dave Maloney in his radio perch. We talked about the old days, and even he was sorry the MSG vibe has changed so much since as recently as the late 90’s. For you young guns on this blog, you will never have any idea how the place would literally explode for even an empty net goal against the hapless Winnepeg Jets in 1980, let alone for some of the playoff wars with the Islanders from 79-84. Or even 1994. The place went absolutely beserk. We really were the 7th man on the ice. A epsctre on the backs of any team foolish enough to try to win at MSG. Unfortunately alot of those teams managed to do just that because we always seemed to be a goalie short until Beezer begat Richter. (my apologies to Eddie Mio)

  119. I love that line of thinking: Refs should affect the outcome of the game (in my team’s favor) by selective late penalty calling. I’m willing to bet that same guy would have lost his mind if the Rangers had tied it seconds after a high stick by Hagelin on Ward went uncalled.

  120. Matty –

    I hear where you are coming from to some degree. I have seasons in 110. I yelled, screamed, shouted, cursed and did it all last night. I do sit near the back part of the section, about 15 rows up, but everyone around me was doing the same. I think the quiet in the Garden after the Caps made it 2-1 had nothing to do with corporate types – it had to do with the level of anxiety in the place because people felt it slipping away. That everyone was on their feet for the last minute or two going nuts was actually impressive. Again though, I don’t think it had anything to do with who sits where. I have friends who are just as diehard as anyone on this board and they sit in the 3rd row because they can afford to, and they are as crazy as anyone. Just because someone can afford good seats doesn’t mean they are not a real fan or less of a fan.

  121. “That everyone was on their feet for the last minute or two going nuts was actually impressive.”

    Should be noted that this was very apparent when watching the game too. Impressive indeed.

  122. Cross Check Charlie – yes I did. Zherdev was known to have one of the best wrist shots in the league (when he actually shot it). Just look at the goal he scored with the Rangers against Pittsburgh with 8.1 a few years back. There are only a handful of guys who can do that. He’s one of them. And he’s doing it regularly in Russia now haha

  123. Johny D- the only way Zherdev could use his nice wrist shot on Torts’ team would be to wipe the bench clean from under the other guys butts….

  124. Carp – Maybe this question is better for the Chat, but any idea if beady eyed Hunter plans to release the Kraken in game 6, by playing Ovie 25+ minutes out of desperation? Or will the Caps instead keep trying to mimic us by again “playing their (new) game”?

  125. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    eric, I think I saw you in the bathroom during the 1st intermission. I didn’t call out to you though because I have a strict eyes-forward, no talking policy in the men’s room.

  126. “Yeah the high stick was stoopid but what’s even more stoopider is the refs making the call.”

    The stoopidest thing about that stoopid remark was not that they guy doesn’t know how to spell stupid. It’s the fact that he thinks the refs shouldn’t call an obvious penalty. So, if the Rangers are up by a goal can they start tripping, cross checking (my favorite) and high sticking in the last minute because the refs shouldn’t call the penalties?

    Talk about stupid!

  127. funny how you can pretty much name the guys who would have been here today had the exact same game produced a different result, eh, ilb?

    especially the guy who hates everybody but Richards.

  128. Remember the time the Rangers scored with seconds left on the clock and then won on a PP goal in OT?

  129. Oh, they are waiting, Carp. Patiently. Here is hoping the Rangers don’t give them any chance to show up.

    Will try to see Tony today….

  130. czechthemout!!!! on

    Great win last night.

    Hate to bring up some negatives but here it goes.

    Torts line last night were awfull! He made an offensivly challenged team team worse with those dumb lines.

    Mdz was brutal on offense which is his strong suit. Good on defense. The kid just cannot get his shot to the net. Caps players dropped to their knees in front of him and instead of going around them and shooting, he just shoots it right at them. His passing has not been good either.

    Rupp absolutely sucks! He is also lazy. That was a lazy penalty be took simply because he stopped skating. He brings nothing to the table and I can’t wait for Dubi to return so that Torts sits thus clown.

    Yes, Mitchell won a faceoff. Although Hendricks actually won it and it bounced off of his foot when to his credit ,Mitchell stayed with it and picked up and passed it to Staal. That said, he has no buissness on the PP.

    On the positive side of things:

    Hags was one of the best players all game,even though he went pointless. He is what makes that first line go.

    Richards is a big time money player. Great signing.

    Staal is almost back to him self. Great game last night.

    Strahlman was once again outstanding and should be on the PP regularly.

    Once again, huge win!!!!!!

  131. Carp – You don’t actually think Ward should be suspended, right? Total hockey play.

    ESB lights: “In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the James Beard Foundation and the 22nd Annual James Beard Awards” (orange/orange/yellow)

  132. thankfully there are some penalties that are so automatic that even the numbskull refs get it right … most of the time.

    Live Chat in :03.

  133. OH BABY !! Do you BELIEVE in Miracle’s ? This one will last a life time !! Its time to put the pedal to the metal and end this on Wednesday. Sorry J.D. I know your singing the Blues.

  134. Czech, which lines didn’t make sense to you?

    also, the Rupp penalty … that was all Staal’s fault. Rupp didn’t have to take the penalty, I agree … but Staal’s cough-up caused the whole thing.

  135. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I am still freakin’ pumped!!!

    Light the ESB ALL ORANGE!

    I woke up at 4:30am, amped, and listened to the Kenny Albert audio feed and then watched the god-awful, but no less than goose-bump inducing NBC feed! Twice!

    I follow alot of hockey. I use to watch over 200-250 games a year, certain professional obligations have limited that more recently, but I haven’t felt this way about a Rangers since I was 12 years young. Oh man. LGR!

  136. That stoopid guy is just like the thousands of stupid people in the verizon center that moan and complain when Ov’ry gets called for a drive, or god forbid, trying to injure somebody… or that scream when the scoreboard tells them to. Do you know what gets everyone so loud 9 times out of 10? Some jackwagon holds a decibel meter up and the jumbotron camera pans to it and everyone starts to yell.

  137. Rob in Beantown on

    I know hindsight is 20/20, but I like Hank’s chances on that rush instead of Rupp taking the penalty that leads to the 2nd Caps goal

  138. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    As long as Girardi’s toe was on the ice at some point, it is not an illegal hit, no matter where he hits him, according to Shanahan. Cause it’s a hockey play and stuff.

  139. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    There was also 3-5 seconds of indecision on Staal’s part. He just kinda floated in the neutral zone, and that’s even more of an egregious error because he’s not helping offensively, not committing to anyone defensively, and has no speed to get into a play on either side of the puck.

    He found a creative way to make up for it though

  140. Can’t do live chat…sorry.

    A few things:

    Mattieboy is right. Cally got the sparks flying on the PK when he laid out a few guys, played some awesome forecheck.

    Also, Girardi rocked Green’s world with that hit. It was clean, though I have not checked the replays. But like Carp said, “Who cares? They owed Girardi one.” I still think it was clean. Girardi doesn’t play like that.

    Hagelin…wow…just fast, all over the place, shifty, and sneaky. Fed Gabby beautifully in the 2nd, can’t believe Gabs didn’t bury that on the finish. But he makes Richie and Gabby better because other teams need to mark him closely.

    Gabby played a great game. Was intense, had a different gear, was tough to knock off the puck. He played great, I thought.

    When the Ward got the double minor my brother said, “Oh it’s great now we can get a PPG to end the period and then have a PP in the OT.” I was like, “Sure dude. We haven’t scored a PPG in 10 years and now you expect 2 in the next few minutes. Sure.” Yumm…that crow was delicious. I will have more please.

    Driving out of the city home with my Dad and he was like, “You know with 45 secs left in the game, you could feel the heaviness of MSG. Everyone was lamenting the season and could not believe it was going to go down like this.”

    I said to my Dad, “That is EXACTLY what I was thinking.”

    He said, “I think the whole Garden was thinking that.”

    What a sick turn of events.

    As the guy sitting next to us said when people were leaving w 45 seconds to go, “Those people should be shot.” I could not agree more with that.

    One of the sickest games I ever saw live. This team has something going on.

    They need to close out Washington tomorrow.


  141. NOw do you see why I go freak face when they keep screwing around with the puck on the opponent’s blue line and those short dippy passes to each other ALL WHILE OPPONENTS ARE WITHIN STICK REACH OF THEM?

    Several times they came eyelash close to springing a solo or two on one against Lundqvist

    And one cannot overlook the fact that their first two goals were almost identical in nature and directly
    attributed to Lundqvist anticipating where the shot was coming from, and both times guessed wrong..he moved right and they shot in left.

  142. c giacomo – What on earth does “surrounded by scumbag corproate types, in suits and ties” supposed to mean?

    What because I wear a suit and tie I am a scumbag? What a ridiculous thing to say about someone.

    I wear a suit and tie each day, I work with corporate types, Torts wears a suit and tie too and works for the MSG company, does that make him a scumbag?

  143. If they changed the offical time of the Richards goal to 7.7 seconds it would be deja vu. Hopefully history repeats itself with the Rangers on the giving end instead

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