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  1. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Carped, Chat, Repost:

    As long as Girardi’s toe was on the ice at some point, it is not an illegal hit, no matter where he hits him, according to Shanahan. Cause it’s a hockey play and stuff.

  2. I thought that Mitchell should have been one of the stars. 1. Richards 2. Staal 3. Mitchell

  3. Glad to see that *LW* and I both remembered, and asked about VinceA day!


  4. The questions that come through during the second half of Carp’s Chats are the funniest things I’ve ever read. “Does Francesa have to get two seats in the Garden like he does on the airplane?” I spit my coffee all over the place

  5. Orr, perhaps. I just thought him goign 4-4 on the faceoffs and winning 2 from Hendrickson who, according to NBC, is the best in the league at faceoffs, was key.

  6. During games at MSG, do any of youse guys ever find yourself glancing down to try to find Carol Alt in her old seats?

  7. 4everanger on

    Carp, thank you so much for your incredible job here and tomorrow it will be warmer in the building during the game, knowing you’ll be there. How’s that?

  8. Thank youse all.

    Lev, Orr, I’d love for you guys and others to volunteer to do stars for one of the playoff games. I’m always asking and getting the same guys over and over.

    so if you want to volunteer: rcarpini@lohud.com.

  9. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but after an icing, Fedotenko lined up to take the draw, then got tossed. Boyle wound up taking it. If this was done intentionally as a “Staal” tactic, good move.

  10. Anyone know of a watch party for tomorrow night’s Game 6…I’m on the Upper West Side…would love to watch with fellow die-hards…

  11. I’d love to do the three stars if they advance to the next round, especially since I apparently know everything…haha

    Thanks again for that Carp! Always love the live chats.

  12. That is smart, Gravy. I was impressed that the crowd was cheering guys getting bounced from the faceoff circle a lot.

  13. Hey guys – just a word of advice: If you volunteer to do the three stars thing, treat it like an honor and actually remember to send them in right after the game. Don’t get all annoyed because your team lost and have a drink and completely forget about it.

  14. Manny, so many of our guys seemed to get thrown out and faceoffs have been such a struggle all playoffs so the fans really seem to be attuned to it…

  15. Yea it’s been ridiculous. Getting tossed in the Ottawa series seemed to be the norm.

  16. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    I’m not even sure how they determine who gets tossed half the time. I’ve seen Rangers get tossed as the home team when the visitor is supposed to put his stick in position first.

  17. Yea! I saw that a few times last night, Gravy and I saw Richie pointing to the Cap’s player’s stick, like….um…..he has to get in position!

    The linesmen just shake their head like…..I have no idea what I am doing either.

  18. “Manny, so many of our guys seemed to get thrown out and faceoffs have been such a struggle all playoffs so the fans really seem to be attuned to it…”

    I’ve been whining about Richards toss percentage all year. But that seems pretty stupid right about now.

  19. So my comment, as well as Pimp’s and Mister D’s (a/k/a The Doctor) are still awaiting moderation but any sort of *LOVE* for the Caps has been approved.


  20. Hey Carp, any news on Dubinsky’s injury? Is there an expected date of return for him?

    How about Zuccarello?

    Also, if you could keep your ears open about any news regarding Mike Sauer…many fans are curious is he’ll be back next year, or if he is going to call it a career which would be a real tragedy. Thank you sir.

  21. Hey Carp – Great job as always and thanks. Is there any truth to the rumor that I heard somewhere that Dubinsky is still hobbling around with his right foot in acast an on crutches?

  22. Top euphoric MSG moments in my lifetime as I recall….am I forgetting any?

    1. well…Matteau!
    2. MacTavish wins the draw
    3. Leetch scores first goal
    4. Graves scores second goal
    5. Greschner with the go-ahead goal in game 6
    6. Game 6 ends, JD pumps both fists
    7. Richards ties it
    8. Staal wins it

    Honorable mention: Roszival OT goal vs Sabres. Stemkowski 3 OT goal in 1971 was just before i started following

  23. Thinking the list could also include Domi hanging in and cutting the monster Probert. :)

  24. Matteau, I know it wasn’t at home or in a Game 7, but Graves’ goal in 97 in OT against the Devils to get them to the ECF was bigger than either goal last night.

  25. I had a much bigger reaction when Gaborik won Game 3 than when Staal won Game 5. Not sure if it was too soon after the tying goal or if I was really that convinced we couldn’t possibly lose.

  26. Anybody feel good about this team closing things out tomorrow night? I think it’s one thing this team has really lacked, that killer instinct. They have the Caps on the brink, can they finally just close it out?

  27. But since you are doing MSG moments, the shootout in 05-06 with Weekes in net against the Flyers to clinch the Rangers first playoff spot in 8 years was pretty awesome. The scene at the arena was great once it was realized that they finally got into the playoffs.

  28. And the gap between Matteau and #2 is bigger than any other gap on there.

  29. “Anybody feel good about this team closing things out tomorrow night?”

    Sort of yes, but I’ll have a definitive yes or no within the first 5:00 of the game. A quick counterpunch of what I imagine will be an all out attack by Washington and an Ovechkin or Semen frustration penalty and its over.

  30. I hope so, The Doctor. I really do. I think, as Torts would say, this is a good test to see where this team is at. They haven’t really been in this position all year to just stomp on the neck of an opponent. Unless you count the President’s Trophy chase, in which they failed.

  31. Malik and playoff clincher are good ones! Yes just MSG. I’m thinking high five and hugging strangers in the aisles type moments…

  32. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Manny, E-MAIL.

    This series has produced two classic NYR games. Here’s hoping for more this year and in the seasons to come.

  33. By the way at the risk of sounding like one of those “well in myyyyyyy day” types, for those younger posters on here, the Garden used to shake in a way that you can’t imagine. I think Mike Lupica used to write articles about the MSG roar as the Monster or something like that. I remember in the playoffs the roar would start as soon as John Amirante (and whoever before him) started and you couldn’t hear the rest of the song, not like now where it only gets crazy at the end.

    During warm ups hundreds of fans would go down to the glass of the visiting team and assault the players with the most aggreessive, vile and sometimes embarassing abuse (getting the worst of it of course were the Isles, Flyers and Bruins).

    I do think things started to tone down a bit after 94. We got what we were desperate for and while the passion is still there it wasn’t at that same psychotic level.

    Also the Garden was always corporate. Even when I was a kid they’d never let us down into the red seats. I still get nervous they’re going to come and ask me for my tickets and then I remember they are my seats.

  34. LaTONYa from Miami on


    The corporate thing doesn’t particularly bother me too much. Those tickets are really expensive, so I’d rather them being used even if the biggest fan isn’t plopping down in them. If prices were more reasonable it might bother me. And I sure did see plenty of guys in business attire jumping up and down and clapping and whatnot last night.

  35. WhoNeedsLohan on

    Been a while since I posted here. Figured Id say hello (just so you know I’m always reading, just cant let myself get too annoyed with the negative nancys around here). Almost half way there. Just need that ever elusive 4th victory. All in all I’m not too surprised by anything we have seen so far. Its playoff hockey. I just think the NYR edge all season was their willingness to do what it took to win no matter what the cost, and now come playoff time, every team is willing and does play that way. We just have to outwork and out will the opponent. Hoping for a Game 6 victory (my heart doesnt handle elimination facing games very well).

  36. “Unless you count the President’s Trophy chase, in which they failed.”

    Eh, that was more “if we fall on their neck and that kills them, cool. If not, whatever.”

  37. Mike Smith has faced 400 SOG this playoffs. He has allowed 21 goals. Two of those were because he’s kind of psychotic and careless about playing the puck before he knows the carom will be true. Even with those two extra goals he has a 1.77 GAA and 2 Shutouts.

    That is the kind of killer instinct I am hoping our boys have. Predators are a darn good team.

  38. This is probably not in the top 50, but the Zherdev goal against the Pens was awesome to be at live. I know it was October, but the place went nuts since we were trying to get our revenge against the Pens after that disappointing playoff loss when Mara attacked Malkin for slew-footing.

    In regards to actual meaningful moment, I think you got them all. Maybe Messier’s 600 or passing Howe for point scoring?

  39. One of my highlights from last night was near the end of the 2nd period when mike green was heading toward the net and ovie skated up and tried to take the puck from him and they weren’t able to get a good shot off. Green was angry when he left the ice and the NBC announcers said things like, “well, you can’t blame anyone there.”

  40. Johnny D good catch, Zheredev goal ranks for sure.

    You know what’s sad? I can probably list 3x as many kick in the gut moments, but we’ll leave that for another day.

  41. JPG,

    The answer to your question is Kreider. I actually thought he was going to go from the bench to the ice in one glorious leap. I think there was a split second where he realizes he is caught in the middle of a very awkward situation and that’s how he ended up with one leg over wall and one still standing by bench.

    And I hate to bring it back up…but shame on the majority of the go time posted who were calling the series over when game 5 is tied 1-1 with 13 minutes left. There was one comment from a person who actually said this was the worst time he can remember as a ranger fan….REALLY??? WTB??? The rangers are fighting tooth and nail in the second round of the playoffs and you are going to say this is your worst can moment? PLEASE stop watching hockey or choose another team to cheer for. We don need you on our side.

    Can someone with more free time than me please go back to the go time thread and make a detailed list of every name that put up a comment that was negative. Suh as the guy who turned game off with 5 minutes remaining…or the guy who said hank needs to make those stops and bank is reason we will lose series. I know miami pimp is sarcastic with his posts but all others need to be shamed with having those comments reposted.

  42. LaTonya you know what’s the biggest change in my opinion? The Garden allowing season ticket holders to sell their tickets on line. Now it’s common to have groups of loud and obnoxious visiting fans because their access to MSG is easier. NEVER would fly in years past, the visiting fans wouldn’t dare and when they did it got ugly.

  43. Sorry about typos…typing fast on an iPhone tends to lead to many errors. But I think you can still get the point of my frustration.

  44. Joke sorry but that’s a joke. Any long time fan has good reason to feel impending doom and those on the blog who are offended by the expression of this I think take themselves and this blog a bit too seriously. Yes I stayed to the end of the game and had hope but I’d be lying if I said I believed that would happen.

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