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After nearly 60 minutes of regulation, Brad Richards and Carl Hagelin provided contributions that lifted the Rangers into OT. Neither was pretty, but the result was sweet nonetheless for their team.

Richards followed up his nine game-winning goals this season with an even bigger one, tying the game with 7.6 seconds left in regulation. It was his fifth of the playoffs and took advantage Joel Ward’s double-minor with 21.3 seconds left and the Rangers down 2-1.

Ward’s high stick had split open Hagelin’s lower lip with the net empty, giving the Rangers a 6-on-4 advantage.

The wound was certainly worth it from the rookie’s point of view.

“For sure,” Hagelin said. “Anything’s worth it when you win.”

Here’s audio from Richards and Hagelin, as well as John Mitchell, who won the face-off that led to Marc Staal’s winning goal…

Brad Richards:

[audio: richards.MP3]

Carl Hagelin:

[audio: hagelin.MP3]

John Mitchell:

[audio: mitchell.MP3]

Brian Boyle:

[audio: boyle.MP3]

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  1. * EPIC WIN!!*

    They pretty much SURVIVED this series with this win! Woulda been extremely difficult to win going to their building down 3-2… Better fuggin finish this up in Washington!

    I didn’t read the game thread yet but I can only imagine the level of siluicidal thoughts that were floating through the Rangers hemisphere! LOL I gotta be honest…I didn’t feel good about this game when they went up a goal and I was practically crying before the faceoff that led to a gwg!


  2. Not going to lie, I turned the game off with about 5 minutes left. Then I said “you know what, maybe it’ll be different…”

    I run it on with :50 left and man did that work out well. There is something about this team. They don’t win pretty, they don’t play pretty, but they just seem to get the job done. Hope they lock this up next game.

  3. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    That was the best hockey game I’ve ever been to and I’ve seen plenty in my 43 years.

    I can’t believe ER finally win one of these.

    HUGE. Bigger than the building, baby.

    Whose year? Our year!!!!

  4. They really pulled this one out of the hat. Who knows what would have happened without Ward’s penalty? I have to admit with one minute to go I was thinking maybe it would be better if they lost then I wouldn’t have to stress out about them anymore. And the amazing happens. They have to finish this series on Wednesday. There’s only so many rabbits they can pull out of that hat.

  5. CA, if you listen to Hank’s post game interview, even he was beginning to focus on the next game, when there was still time left in regulation!!

    i don’t think too many people, except the alcoholic loudmouth behind me, thought they could do it when the clock was ticking down.

    They find a way to win. They just find a way.

  6. E3 pimp's angel on

    I would give Biron the start in game 6 – it’s not must win and hank needs the rest

  7. I will swallow my pride:

    Richards=BIG TIME PLAYER

    He’s not a legend around here, yet, but this was almost a legendary win.

  8. Eddie, just you don’t take a rest. Your spot on humor is the reason hoards of people across the country tune in here every day every hour.

  9. Great story by Duker earlier. But shame for leaving early ;)

    You said it Mattyboy, this team just finds a way to win. Against all odds.

  10. Rangers West on

    Wow. I did not get to watch this one. I wish I had. May use the 48hr replay on and watch this one even though I know the score and have seen the highlights. I checked the score in the second and thought, “Oh no.” Man what an exciting ending to the game. Stoked for Wednesday and get to watch the game too! This team is great.

    Who’s this Nash guy we need?

  11. I cant help but get chills reading stories about tonight and looking at pictures. Wow!

  12. Matty, yeah I heard that from Hank. Even Torts was jumping up and down after Staal’s winner. Unbelievable comeback victory.

    E3, Hunter will call it “incidental contact” on his wife.

  13. E3 pimp's angel on

    Matty – I was screaming like a woman when they tied it and pulled my hamstring jumping around after staal won it

    Rangers will not be denied. That was so byfuglien clutch

  14. Mickey, I didn’t see too many seats empty, that’s for sure. Most everyone around me was glued, despite the test ahead.

    The crowd was pretty quiet till about 3 minutes to go.

    The greatest chants EVER, are the spontaneous (not from the stupid scoreboard “make some noise” crap) LETS GO RANGERS, when the fans, one by one start standing and cheating for the team.

    One of those happened with one minute to go. Cheering them on. Letting them know, if this was the last period of hockey at home this year, that it was great! Maybe, saying, you guys can do it, keep trying!

  15. Joh nMitchell stil lstinks. he finally has a point. 4 for 4 on faceoffs, have him take the faceoff and then exit the ice please.

    huge huge win. staal gives them 3 mega stud d men……

    they outplayed the caps and deserved to win……..

    hope philty and the debbies kill each other and go 7…..

  16. Lol, no suspension for Hunter, is it? I guess only if he leaves his feet, toe and all, and if she is concussed and stays down like a sack of potatoes for at least a few minutes.

  17. E3

    Not just any cross check but a blindside cross check when she tries to serve him some cold beans and stale beer from the night before!

    RE: Richards,

    He has been everything I expected him to be when he signed. I don’t think it’s a matter of swallowing pride but a matter of realizing that he was brought here to do exactly what he has been the entire year – CLUTCH! So far his contract looks like money well spent!

  18. E3 pimp's angel on

    Ca ranger – and no intent to injure—- just sending the lil lady a message

  19. Rangers West on

    Wow. Some folks on other sites are calling the Rangers the most boring team to watch. Really? Every series they’ve played in reminds me of the Ducks/Flames series the year the Ducks won the cup–hard hitting, battle for every inch of the ice type hockey. Those types of 1-0, 3-2, etc type of games seem a lot more exciting intense than a 9-8 type game.

  20. stuart, i really respect your opinions, but Mitchell has been a solid player for us recently. I remember a game in the past few weeks that he cost us a couple goals with stupid plays, but in the past several games, he’s made smart decisions, very nice plays. Rather have him out there than Dubinsky and his common mindlessness.

  21. Must have watched those 2 goals on my laptop on the train ride home 15 times each! It is like a drug.. Just want to keep getting another hit. What game.. What a night!

    See ya tomorrow boneheads!

  22. Hey, Stuart, most people around me were puzzled as to why Mitchell was on the ice for the PP. The linesmen were punting guys out of the circle left and right. I was thinking it was to have 2 guys that could take face-offs at all times. But he did help on some plays down the stretch. And the last play.

    Had a few good solid checks right in front of me, too.

  23. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Craps are going to hit hard on Wednesday. No doubt about it.

    Maybe..probably – but they also might be thinking, “maybe we just weren’t meant to win this series”…who knows? It probably looks to them like destiny is against them.

  24. JIMBO!!!!!!!

    I always feel like Mike Tyson, the rage that is!! Id like to bite some people’s ears off! hahahaha!

  25. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>just sending the lil lady a message..

    Kinda like the message that Girardi sent to that other little lady, Green…

  26. Eddie, Hunter has “no previous record”***. So, what he does is ok.

    ***He, just like Neil, was always able to talk his way out of suspensions for a variety of reasons, which means, despite all the headhunting, cheap shots and the like during his entire career, he was clean, with “no prior record”. BTW, Carl Hagelin is a “dirty” player, with “a prior record”, now.

  27. Honestly I don’t dislike the Caps as a team. Hendricks and Chimera are beasts. It’s that Hunter is such a tool behind the bench.

    Also I’m quite envious of all you guys who go to the MSG games. It must of been awesome.

  28. “eckthstatic”

    Mitchell was pretty solid tonight. Rupp had some good shifts, too. Even though everyone was yelling at him for the PP score, it was a tough call. I was happy to see some fourth line action tonight. I do worry about our main guys wearing down.

  29. CA, Hunter is an asshole. But, Hunter has done a fabulous job with this team. I was surprised we saw Ovie at all in the late third period. Who else could get away with that?????

  30. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Maybe Nashville can re-acquire Joel Ward in the offseason..??

  31. Feels good for another hour, Jimbo! Cant believe Roszival is 2 seconds away from the West Finals.

  32. E3 pimp's angel on

    The rangers are far from boring. This team is dedicated, unified, team oriented, hungry, driven and the best team left in the post season.

  33. Rangers West on

    Hunter is proving to be a good coach. He’s really likable in his interviews too. I just can’t shake the images of all his dirty, cheap-shot plays as a player. Also, I’m with CA Ranger. I really hated Ottawa during that series but do not have the same animosity toward the Caps.

  34. New York Mickey!!!!!!! Glad youre back where you belong, in the greatest place on earth!!!!

  35. What’s up with Hunter and his Rodney Dangerfield look with black suit and red tie every game? Can nobody buy him a new look or something?

  36. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    You got it, Tiki – yeah, Rozi and Korpi and Morris, (and whoever else on that team used to be Rangers) too!

  37. They are the best REGULAR season team left. The competition gets pretty stiff from here. But they are as together as a team can be. I believe!!!

  38. Rangers West on

    Dang. I had the Preds for the finals. L.A. or Phoenix just seems wrong. I’m not a big fan of either team–but at least i don’t hate either team, yet.

  39. I love that howl! It’s hilarious!

    I can see it now, NYR vs Yotes in the Cup final! Labarbera with the shutout, Morris, Roszival, and Korpedo with the goals. Special appearance by Hollweg in the crowd.

  40. Rangers West on

    What’s up with Hunter and his Rodney Dangerfield look…

    Ha! If he can’t buy no respect…what makes us think he can afford a new suit?

  41. Are you guys pulling for the Coyotes over the Kings? Both our good stories. I’m going to have to go with the local Kings here. It would great for the L.A. hockey area.

    R West and Matty, yes I agree Hunter has proven to be a decent coach. I just didn’t like his comment on Ovechkin’s hit on Girardi. At least say he didn’t see it or it looked clean not “incidental contact”. Someone said he’s looking more and more like Claude Lemieux in his old age and it’s true.

  42. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>New York Mickey!!!!!!! Glad youre back where you belong, in the greatest place on earth!!!!

    Tiki, here’s the scoop – Mickey came back to NY around the holidays, and she made a quick stop in Manhattan while traveling, and I treated her to a corned-beef sandwich during her train layover. She enjoyed it a lot, and I told her that if she came back to New York permanently that I would take her to Katz’s Deli on the lower east side.

    And there you go – she decided to move back to The Empire State! ;-)

  43. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Someone said he’s looking more and more like Claude Lemieux in his old age and it’s true.

    A *DAMNING* indictment!! Horrors!

  44. CA, couldn’t care less who wins. Just hope it’s 7 games and they beat each other to a pulp.

    On Hunter, what do you expect? He was cheap when he played and he is as a coach.

  45. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Yes, Tiki- that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it! I did join her and treat her to a sandwich, and I did promise her a Katz’s visit. I’m sure that made her mind up to come back!

  46. Wasn’t the best but was certainly the most exciting game I have been to all year.

  47. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I want the Debs-Flys series to go 7, too – I know it means that Filthy’s gonna have to man-up, but I hope they can get it done!

  48. Jimbo, Katz’s Deli…is like a nuclear weapon. That’s just not fair. No doubt you have to move to NY to be near it!!!

  49. Phoenix and LA both deserve to be there. Dont really mind who wins. Im happy that a guy like Doan finally gets a chance. I guess I want LA to win because Quick has been good for a while while Smith has been unreal only recently. Phoenix maybe next year. If Duby comes back he actually may be useful in the finals and go at it with Richards.

  50. A little off topic here, but what in the world is Melrose wearing:

    A few thoughts that ran across my mind:

    1. Somewhere a pimp is suitless
    2. I bet he spent more time selecting this outfit than he did coaching Tampa
    3. Must be good to be an “NHL analyst” on a network with no NHL coverage…if a tree falls…
    4. I’ve heard of “dress for the job you would like to have.” Had no idea ‘thrift store mannequin’ was an option
    5. Would a mugshot look better or worse? debatable.
    6. Way to make Milbury look ‘credible’

  51. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    You got it, Matty! I know how to bring out “the big guns”! I’ve been around for awhile.

    I would have offered to take her to Wo Hop too, but I don’t know if she likes American-Chinese food like I do!

  52. I just hope we can finish the Caps on Wednesday. I like our chances against the Devils or the Flyers.

    TrueBlue, Melrose always reminded me of Gordon Gekko as an 80’s guido wearing Z. Cavariccis.

  53. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I didn’t want to be fair, Matty – I wanted to WIN!! ;-P

  54. hahahaha a pimp suitless!

    I went back and watched the GWG, and Ive gotta say that Rooster Emrick actually sounded excited.

  55. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    After all, I only had an hour to “close the sale”, so I came out with my best first!

    Not as excited as Kenny Albert sounded on the radio feed, though – he was pretty amped!

  56. Emerick always sounds excited, he’s like Howdy Doodie…except for I think Howdy Doodie made less words up and didn’t try to fit a joke into every play by play…

    I think Melrose is edgy, quite honestly; not many have tried to merge “Miami Vice” with “Deadliest Catch” in the fashion world…

    He’s also challenging the notion that high definition television is always better…

  57. True, Not true. Usually when something favors the Rangers, he sounds dead inside, like the Rangers killed his dog.

  58. Kenny ALbert was pretty good.

    At least he didn’t use that Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night crap the Washington announcer uses. I believe he’s a volunteer.

  59. Fair enough. But what do you expect from the Devils announcer?

    I miss JD- guy was knowledgable, fair and smart. It’s a shame the national broadcasts have such bad announcers- and when does Olcyzk finally slip and pummel Pierre McGuire for continuing calling him “EdZo”…?

  60. True Blue, I think that was his nickname when he played. So he probably doesn’t mind.

    Doctor Emrick = True Professional! Enough said! I don’t hate Pierre as much as I used to. I’d much rather hear him than Joe Mich or Englblom. That being said, I don’t see the point of having Pierre there. He’s always cutting off Edzo and doing *his* job. It’s pretty annoying. Two guys is enough. If anything, put Edzo between the benches.

  61. Just read that Dustin Brown story, well actually primarily the Avery part of it. So glad that piece of garbage is off this team and out of the league. I cant believe I actually stood behind him at one point.

  62. Lol, Tiki, i hope she wont see it. But still, Laperrierre said it best, it was like high school bullying of Brown by Avery. Ridiculous. And then to demean his at the time gf, and current wife. I dont know, I just dont associate with people like that and find them poor excuses of…ill leave it there. Good night :)

  63. mitchell has been better the last 2 or 3 games. for the first 9 playoff games the guy did not even have a shot.

    dubi comes back sit rupp if you are not going to sit mitchell. kreider needs to get his 2nd wind.

    great great win. the rangers will play the kings in the finals.. henrik needs to pick it up a bit on weds. hagelin has done everything but he cannot scorea goal………..

  64. Do you know what Chimera is?

    In Greek mythology, a fire breathing she monster

    Common usage …an impossible, or foolish fantasy.

    I’ve gotta fault Hank for those two both he moved first and they both went in on his left side after he’d moved to the right.

    And did you notice how they nearly got burned by passing the puck back and forth at the Caps blue line, with attackers within reach of them……..brrrr.

  65. I respect Eddie O, but he is really lowering himself when he gives that phony chuckle every time idiot Emrick makes some lame attempt at humor, and I mean lame, those snarky asides that Emrick mumbles that go into moronic territory.

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