Rangers-Capitals Game 4 in review



1) I’m not going into a gigantic rant about the Alex Ovechkin cheapshot on Dan Girardi because it’s a distraction and the Rangers don’t deserve a distraction with the way they played Game 4. … And I don’t want to call for a suspension because Brendan Shanahan and  the NHL Department of Jumping Through Hoops to Not Suspend Guys for Intentional Head Shots have set the bar so unbelievably, sadly low (see Chris Neil, Shea WWEber, et al).

2) Still, this was a leaving-your-feet, charging, ignoring-the-puck, shoulder directly aimed at the head by a repeat offender. One whose last suspension (for leaving his feet to hit an opponent in the head) announcement included this line from the NHL Department of Pretending We’re Trying To Remove Head Shots From the Game But Really Not Actually Trying:

One key note in Shanahan’s explanation:
“The moment Ovechkin launches himself into the air prior to the hit he becomes
responsible for any contact to the head.”

3) And finally, I just stopped laughing over hearing Cheapshot (Head) Hunter’s explanation that it was incidental contact. Cut it out, Dale. You’re killing us. You mean, like that incidental contact with Pierre Turgeon?

4) Wow. Nice time to use your worst period of the playoffs, by far. Henrik Lundqvist bailed them out with that sick save on Ovechkin among many others.

5) Yes the Rangers overcame that start and battled and grinded (is that a word?) and got it tied up with opportunistic goals. But once again the power play let them down, once again they got some head-scratching calls (or non-calls). Once again, they had trouble creating offense.

6) That all said, I fully expect them to come out completely unaffected Monday night. And probably win.

7) I mentioned this last night, but that was a really poor performance by John Tortorella after the game last night. I personally don’t give a crap if he talks to us (or me) …. but there seem to be several hundred thousand of people deeply invested in this team, who pay his salary (and his fines) who want to know what the head coach thinks of the game they just witnessed. Wants to know what happened and why. He’s got to answer.

8) Couple of mistakes by the kid Chris Kreider. The blind giveaway to Ovechkin. Then, I’m not completely sure who was supposed to pick up Nicklas Backstrom, if it was Kreider or Anton Stralman or whomever. Maybe the coach knows. Oh, wait. Never mind.

9) Despite the awful start for the Rangers and the optimal start for the Capitals, I thought the Caps’ D-men were spinning and doing whatever, while coughing up the puck, to avoid hits. I felt the Rangers got away from that constant pressuring those D-men. And while I always question the home-cooking on the stat sheet, the Capitals were credited with 26 blocked shots to the Rangers’ seven. Very un-Ranger-like.

10) On a good note: The Caps do a lot  — A LOT — of salutes to servicemen during stoppages. And for every one, Tortorella and his staff take time to applaud and all the Rangers stand up and bang their sticks on the boards. Nice touch.

11) Watching these playoffs I just can’t believe how big the equipment on these goalies has gotten. How did it get so out of hand? How did all these scrawny athletes come to look like Refrigerator Perry? I mean, there are some great goalies out there, but sometimes, often, they just get hit in the equipment.

12) The 1987 Flyers and the 2004 Calgary Flames each played 26 playoff games, which is the record (that’s two seven-game series and two six-game series). Why do I think these Rangers will play 28 games if they survive this series?

13) One more thing: Was the Carl Hagelin elbow on Daniel Alfredsson really, really, really more heinous than the Neil or Ovechkin head shots? Really? Speaking of which, was that Hagelin slash really a penalty, right after Brian Boyle had his stick knocked from his hands? On the Mike Knuble uncalled delay-of-game … well, I felt at that point the Rangers were probably better off 5-on-5 than 5-on-4.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Artem Anisimov.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Marc Staal.
True Fans Bleed RW&B’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Artem Anisimov.
2) Dan Girardi.
3) Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. Look at the facts
    1. Girardi is coming in to hit, Ovie fumbles puck and looks to counterhit like always
    2. One foot on the ice at point of contact
    3. Photo evidence of shoulder impact first
    4. No elbow thrust

    Playoffs are fast, and hits happen. This is not worth crying over, and Staal Girardi and Torts tantrums dont help. Im not happy here and now pick Caps in 6.

  2. I didn’t see the game, couldn’t find it on the TV after looking for hours. When do they play in the Garden again…really?

    I still insist that they are wedded to that dump and chase, and they are going to be the ones who get dumped if they keep it up.

  3. And yes Fran, this is that same team that has eliminated them from the playoffs for several years now.

  4. Oh, and btw………how can a team generate a PP when they dump and chase, instead of bringing the puck into
    Indian country and set it up? The answer is that they cannot, for they spend too much of the PP time just trying to collect the puck.

  5. Does anyone (other than myself) think that the two guys that scored for the Rangers had horrible games? I hope we are watching the last of AA’s games in NY (Hello Columbus). And GAbby? WTF didn’t he shoot on that 2-on-1?!? Torts was gonna KILL him. And maybe he should have. Grow a pair Gabby!!!

  6. The book is out on the Ranger PP: Just pressure the puck. The NYR are gonna have to win this cup by plastering the opposing D and getting ugly scores. The NYR lose every game that they let the opposing D make plays without taking hits.

  7. Sam from Bronx on

    Girardi’s mother is at mass this morning for sure thankful her sons head didnt end up in the Club Seats. Ovechkin is a force…we dont have anyone trying to score goals, and plow through the D like him…

  8. The NYR better wake up and take charge of these playoffs. Everything is falling into place for them, and they are letting it slip away.

  9. And Shannahan has an interesting dilemma: Suspend an All-Star for an illegal hit on an All-Star.

  10. They will be fine..must overcome the refs, the craps and everything else…time for a shutdown game Monday…this team is angry \upset and they seem to respond very well when they are PO’d…

  11. And another thing that bugs me: All these Canadian reporters on Twitter bantering: “.. well, in slo-mo it appears to be incidental..” “..blah,blah,blah..” Bulls*it. If Girardi was a diving pansy like Crosby, Spezza, or Alfie, OV would have got a major penalty. Shannahan is no better than Colin Campbell was. And this whole player safety thing is nothing more than a preemptive folly to dissuade huge lawsuits down the road a la the NFL.

  12. And the NYR can NOT blame the refs/calls in this playoffs. If the NYR took care of business, these calls wouldn’t make a bit of difference. If Torts still has to get in the ear of Arty & Gabby at game #93 this season, the NYR are in a world of trouble.

  13. If Dale Hunter still has to get in the ear of Semin and Ovechkin at game #93 this season, the Caps are in a world of trouble.

  14. Sam from Bronx on

    So Carp,

    During Torts press conference, we writers trying to show him up by not asking him any questions? I agree he is looking like a first ballot a-hole here. He is a professional, and needs to do interview’s. What really ticks me off is the 13 minute conference call after a win, and nothing after a loss…why does he think he can just pick and choose when to talk? If this team melts down here, I will blame him for not being able to keep the boys calm..because he sure isnt.

  15. Worst fans in the league the Caps fans. Absolutely a bunch of minor league hacks. Try sitting up in the nose bleeds with these mutants for 6 periods of hockey, or even one for that matter.

    I’m talking about grown men telling females to “Shut the F up!” and much much worse. Very disturbing.

    Just look at the picture above of the two Cap fan behind the Rangers bench pointing and carrying on like a bunch of punks. Sickens me that this is what kind of fan this league has.

    Yeah, you won a hockey game, got your money’s worth now? Oh that’s right, now I have to carry like an a-hole.

  16. I’ll maintain that Tortorella’s conduct with the media does him no favours at all, but extrapolating to suggest it is a reason for the players being panicky or “melting down” (which is a hell of a subjective assessment in itself) is more than a streeeeeetch.

  17. Carp
    understand the press frustration with Torts but he knows he would get another $20,000 fine if he answered your questions as he would want to….but he can’t control himself….unlike many other sports coaches
    That $20,000 really stung him! He is already plenty pissed off.

  18. In the real world, the first time OV steps on the ice at MSG next game, a guy names Rupp or Prust will challenge him to a fight. But OV would never ever oblige, and the Rangers have shown that they won’t do it… which is disappointing.

    This is why I have ZERO respect for OV. He wears his face shield, he takes runs at unsuspecting players and then he slinks away and hides behind his “All Star” status.

    But you can’t complain you lost. which I am glad we aren’t, because the fact is the PP was horrendous and they were outplayed yesterday.

  19. There will be fans like it from every single team on the league, so not just a Caps thing, but what (other than alcohol) possesses that fan in the pic above to do what he did (which included gesturing in front of Tortorella all the way along his walk down the bench)?

    And would he be so brave if the glass wasn’t there?

  20. LW3H – exactly, take away the glass and those fans would be acting like angels.

    I’ve been to plenty of Caps games in the past, but in recent years have stayed away because of the behavior of these people at the games.

  21. #11) here we go again. Playoff time and lets talk about the fact that all you need is big f’n pads.

    #7) no he doesn’t… there will be plenty of time after the series.

    A couple of let down moments,but that will make the series winning game that much sweeter!

  22. I think torts should do what you’ve been suggesting for years. On the power play, just roll out whatever his next line would have been.

    The only bright light in the rangers getting eliminated is that i wouldn’t need to listen or watch this garbage nbc broadcast any more

  23. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Cliffhangers are all back. As I’ve said in the past, this team has shown me enough times this year that they bounce back after losses. I fully believe that they will continue to win until they actually lose a series (or win the Cup).

    From December through February, or was it March, the same bunch of people came on preaching the sky is falling after every loss. Problem is, they never lost back to back games during that stretch.

    They faced adversity during the Ottawa series and prevailed. Most seem to agree that Ottawa was tougher to play against than Washington, so why are they in trouble at 2-2? Do they make it easy on the fans? No, but how often do teams just cruise through winning every series in 4-5 games by 5-0 scores? Even the ’94 team that was dominant most of the year had to go 7 games twice, and I think we all agree that there was a wider skill gap with that team and the 2012 one.

    For what it’s worth, I picked the Rangers in 6 and see no reason why that’s not the outcome. I realize this will mostly fall on deaf ears of those who think the worst. I’m a pessimist by nature, but this team has met every challenge this season.

  24. Agree Carp, Rangers are resilient and they don’t dominate, they persevere- all their series (however many) will go 7.

  25. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Rangers in 6

    The press (Carp included), just like the fans, completely over react to everything and make mountains out of mole hills. But they have to in order to get readers attention to whatever they are reporting. No harm, no foul.

    The truth is, sometimes you can get away with only playing two good periods, and they almost did in this game, but they didn’t. Play the right way for the entire game, 60 minutes. Henrik make the great saves he made, but also not allowing the one or two soft goals he did, and they will be fine.

  26. Good review as usual, Carp. Two points:

    I agree that Torts looks really disrespectful to the fans whose investment of time, money, and emotion allow him to make such a good living. It used to be an occasional blowup or short interview that could serve as an exclamation point after a tough game, but now it seems to be part of his routine. I hope someone – the NHL or the NYR – can step in during the off-season and change this behavior.

    I dont see Ovechkin’s hit the same as the Neil and Hagelin hits, but if the league is going to take a hard stance on head shots, he should be suspended. Ovechkin had Girardi lined up and could’ve thrown a clean hit, but instead chose to move his body upward towards Girardi’s head. These incidents where players choose to play dirty when a clean play is available are most troubling to me. I don’t think Shanahan has the guts to suspend a superstar (despite his repeat offender status) in such a close series, though. And I really think the league should stop taking player statements into account; Ovechkin saying he was defending himself and Hunter saying it was incidental contact are laughable and it is foolish for the league to even consider those kinds of statements.

  27. I’ve been saying for years now that the reason for the decrease in scoring is the humongous goalie pads. Even the catching glove is gigantic. You could catch a basketball in that thing.

    Gretzky wouldn’t have ever scored 92 goals in today’s NHL. What makes me shake my head in disgust is that they’ve messed with the game – moved the goal forward, inserted the trapezoid, eliminated the red line, etc. and none of the them have even thought of limiting the size of goalie pads.

    They ought to go back and measure the goalie equipment from the late 60s and make that the norm. Hell, Eddie Giacomin would have had a GAA for 0.50 if he had today’s equipment on.

  28. Gravy, difference this time is the opponent has an equally impressive ability to bounce back after a loss. And hit, play d,block shots. I said it after game 2 when they won after Rangers outplayed them, and people were saying we beat ourselves etc, same thing other teams had been saying about the Rangers all year- they seem to be capable of out-Ranger-ing the Rangers.

  29. Good morning, boneheads!

    #9 remains a key to this series. Alzner was the only one who was still willing to compete physically. Make it a long night for them on Monday.

    Gravy, it’s not cliffhangers this morning. It’s some new ( or rather old) jackwagons who only appear ( or reappear under different names) after NY’s loss.

    Hey, Sam from the Bronx and “honest”, are you twin brothers?

    honest May 5th, 2012 at 5:17 pm
    Torts throws media calls when they win and storms out when they lose. First ballot hall of fame a-hole.
    And now, take a look at Sam’s post from 7:19 am

  30. The Torts presser and Ovie-Girardi issues are interesting but they will have no bearing on game 5.

    What is potentially concerning is the report that the room was unusually tense after the game.

    Pissed at themselves? Refs? Each other? Finger pointing? Frustrated by the opponent?

    Carp any insight here?

  31. Matteau- I didn’t get that sense the room was unusually tense. They get pretty peed off after any loss, no? Either way, I doubt it’ll have any bearing in game 5.

  32. I don’t know why people get their feathers ruffled because the Coach doesnt give a press confrence after a frustrating loss. I dont wake up the next moring after a Ranger loss and say to myself, “man I’m angry the Rangers lost, but I’m REALLY pissed Tortorella had nothing to say about it.” Who cares! ..only the media, because they’re mad they stayed around and he left them with nothing to print. But they still win out because now they get to criticize him as immature, give me a freakin break.

  33. Ilb reports were that the room was unusually tense. If it’s about the reffing ok. On the other hand if there’s finger pointing it absolutely has bearing.

  34. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    like ilb said, jackwagons are coming out the woodworks after a loss. not much to pay attention to. carp, completely agree about pounding the caps d-men continuing to be the key to the series. green ESPECIALLY doesnt want to be touched at all – he looked like a spinning top anytime he had to go get the puck behind his net and we brushed up against him. in game 1 McGuire ( who im starting to find respect for because of his impressive player bio knowledge ) said that we wanted to play behind the caps goal line because they ALL have heavy skates, other than carlson and green. we need to get back to that.

  35. Where were the NY reporters for Hunter’s post game. On the MSG post game all the questions came from Washington writers.

    Josh in Rangers dressing room? Nope, just a Tweet about 911 protesters and a train ride home with Phillies fans.

    Carp (or any other NY beat writer) at Tortorella’s post game a little earlier so they can get their “no comment” answers. You guys know that’s coming. So did the deeply invested.

  36. That line about how the fans pay Tortorella’s salary gets old. You can say that about just aboot everybody. The Boneheads that frequent the blog and those that buy The Journal News pay Carp’s salary. Therefore, we should expect him to be a Rangers fan…. since we pay his salary. See my point? My sister works in government and she hears that (I pay your salary) b.s. about 12 times a week… and it’s always negative…. when the “offended” person doesn’t get the answer or results they wanted.

    We know Torts has a short fuse (and when he calls it like he sees it (Crosby and Co.) we think he’s the greatest). I don’t get the questions the media ask him anyhow. I really think some media types try to provoke him … hoping he’ll lose it. That makes a good story.

    Kudos to Torts for skipping the circus.

    LGR & LGT!

  37. Dont you think it would of been better that Torts just not show up to the Press Conference yesterday if he doesnt have to say anything? Well, guess what, the NHL needs to make money, and the press covers it as a major form of advertising…players, coaches, GM’s owners all need to feed the media for that marketing. If every coach did a 28 secodn rant, what type of league would we have?

    Dont give him a pass, he needs to talk, good times or bad…if he is too hot headed to do so game after game, maybe he is in the wrong job.

  38. The media had access to the players after the game. All the NY writers knew Torts would be upset and they were hoping he’d say something to warrant another fine. The players are the ones who have to account for their performance. Ask them the questions.

  39. Carpy, I always love your reviews here. They seem like a ‘private’ synopsis from an experienced vet of the game. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I, too, am offended by the more than double standard used by Shenanigans. Ovie disregarded the puck and went for Girardi high. Period. What’s he doing? Thankfully it wasn’t against the boards. If there is absolutely no mention of a review by the league, that is absolute BS. And we have seen others.

    I do agree with the poster above who said that if Girardi, one of the toughest, most understated players in the game, falls like a sack of potatoes for effect, here, and stays down for minutes, Ovie gets 5 and probably reviewed. The whole scenario is BS. Total BS. The moral of the story is to fake the injury? Huh?

    The reff’ing has been arbitrary all over the league. It always feels its against us. But remember, we had 2 PP’s in the OT of the 3OT game. They had none. We didn’t convert. We had the 5 on 3 in game 6 in Ottowa. They didn’t. Let’s not forget the moments when the BS calls help us, too.

    We HAVE had the opportunities on PP. Our PP is so below average and it is hurting us. I realize the calls could be better, but our locker room, while it may feel upset after a game like this one, has to go back to other ‘questionable calls’ we were fortunate to be the recipients of, too.

    Bottom line: we can’t focus on this crap or you forget the reality. You can’t change the outcome. You may be able to make the league more aware of how outlandish the calls are. BUT, you have to go out there and focus and win on the ice. Period.

  40. About the PP, I don’t understand what the concept is here. I agree with Fran, the dump and chase thing ON THE PP, is old and other teams know what we will do already. Can we change things up a bit?

    How about putting a big body in front of this kid? A distraction, maybe? How about putting one of our best offensive players who is big and fairly strong down low? I understand why Kreider, who really made one definitely amateurish play, but arguably, a second, was ‘benched’. But don’t hurt your team in game 5 of round two for it when you already are paper thin deep.

    How about putting him on the PP? He was good there a couple of games ago.

    Something needs to change with the way it is handled and that is the coach’s job. Period.

  41. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Marji I agree with everything you said . Those were my thoughts exactly. Whoever asked the *dumb question about the officiating was trying to provoke Torts we’ve seen it & heard it before. I guess Buttman will now set a time limit for press conferences in the future. Carp don’t get me wrong I know you have a job to do but as far as i’m concerned Torts is $20,000.00 richer today!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  42. Minus 7 shots for them on the PP in the first period, and we outshot them. We were in this game. We didn’t get blown out. It is a series. Chill out people. Man, you can not win every game. I am not going to blame the officials. Yes, they screwed up a lot yesterday, but they have flat out sucked the whole season and playoffs. Consistently inconsistent. The officiating and defartment of player safety sucks as well.

    We will win on monday night, and I would love to finish this out in 6 in their barn. I want a freeze frame of Holtby’s parents when the final buzzer sounds and we are victorious.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  43. True fans bleed rw&b on

    This place was, ahh, ‘nutty’ last night. Never seen it that wacky.

    That said, I am just not as confident as I was starting the series. I’m also not as confident as I was game 6 & 7 last round (having predicted wins for both).

    I think the only difference is this Caps team, our history with them, and the fear that this Holtby kid is an actual goaltender. He could steal another or (gulp) two.

    I hope I’m wrong… My head and heart say I’m wrong, but my gut is a little unsettled. Have a good day heads.

    Going to love having a full day of hockey

  44. Marji, yes, there are limits to how far the “we pay Torts’ salary” logic goes. That doesn’t make Torts our slave; it just gives us the right to demand that he does his job properly. If the media were interrupting dinners with his family with questions then I’d say he is entitled to be mad and not answer questions. Whether by regulation or tradition (I’d like to know which, actually), coaches in professional sports give post game press conferences. And if it is part of a coach’s job to give press conferences, then the fans who pay for his job have a right to be upset by him not doing his job, just like we do when our players put in less than 100%.

    And re: your sister and government employees who I’m sure do hear the “we pay your salary logic”, there are times when it is unfounded (like trying to talk your way out of a valid parking ticket) and times when it is valid (like failing to investigate a corrupt authority figure), so I don’t know how applicable that anecdote is here.

  45. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Also don’t forget Ovie is the only so called “stupid star” left.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Torts’ financial adviser informed him that responding to questions was not good for his fiscal well being. How many times does he face questions about the officiating and more importantly, how player safety does not pertain to this team. How many hockey related questions would there have been? How many questions about his ‘feelings’ about OV hit or reffing, etc., etc.,…

    Caps are really wussies. Their strategy is to draw penalties and have been dropping like flies or turning their back to the player every time they are about to get hit. It really is cowardly, but considering who their coach is, not surprising. Hunter was King of the Cheap shot but would never answer the bell to fight players his size.

    The Cally trip, the Boyle slash, the Stralman interference (1st P) – these calls and non-calls are really starting to get annoying. Incompetence yes, but feels only one sided – in my very biased view…

    Prust and Boyle played great in Game 3, both looked tired this game.

    Bickel played well – you have to play that guy, he has a much better O game than people give him credit for (Passing, clearing, shooting).

  47. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Torts MAIN job is to coach this team first & foremost . I also look forward to the after game pressers but not at the expense of Torts or the players being fined.

  48. I also don’t understand why, in this game, their old defensemen were not hit hard and often. Did we forget our game plan? Obviously, our d was getting banged like crazy, even high and hard, at times. How did we ‘forget’ to do this? This will not only hurt us for game 4, but it could have an effect on the series.

    Ranger hockey all year has been to pummel the other team with checking to soften them up. We looked the softer team yesterday.

    Does that mean we wavered from our game plan for a game? Or, does that mean our guys are gassed? Is it possible that, though younger and in better shape, our boys are tired because of the overplaying all year of certain players? Is it possible our lack of depth is catching up to us? Or was this just game 4. They looked tired. More tired than the Craps. If this is, in any way the case, not only are we cooked, but there is blame here to be placed on the coach. Other teams even the time out more. In these long playoff series, does he think, on top of a very full year, that these key guys won’t get exhausted? If it is just one game, so be it. He is the only one who can truly judge.

    On Monday, they have to get back to their game plan. Check and check hard. Cycle low. Bang the d. If not, I don’t’ want to think of the outcome. We surely cannot match this team, finesse vs. finesse.

  49. The better team won last night, pure and simple. I didn’t see the first but have read enough to know that the Rangers sucked, but in periods 2 and 3 I didn’t see a single tough save made by Holtby.


    Because there wasn’t a single tough save to be made, save for those 2 goals, which he really had no chance on anyways.

    Meanwhile, Lundvqist made at least a 1/2 dozen.

    The Rangers PP was, as has been the case almost the ENTIRE SEASON, inept.

    On to game 6…(and I hope someone drills that piece of crap OV)…

  50. If the league is going to smack down Tortorella if he speaks his mind (and they have) then I don’t blame Torts a bit.

    Buck up campers, there’s always today’s presser.

  51. Points to make here …

    1. Is Ovechkin borderline dirty? Yes. As a repeat offender, did he deserve a one-game suspension for this hit on Girardi? Yes. More importantly, did we ALL know that no suspension was ever going to come out of this? Yes.

    2. Were the non-calls on Callahan and Boyle bush-league? Yes. Was the subsequent call on Hagelin ridiculous? Yes. But is there a conspiracy against the Rangers?. No … it just doesn’t make sense that the NHL would want its largest market OUT of the playoffs.

    3. Is Torts “wrong” to ignore the media? Yes. But is he paid to answer the reporters’ questions just as equally as he is paid to coach the team? Eh, questionable … we are all recognizant of Torts’ attitude at this point and while that doesn’t make his actions correct, we just have to accept them.

    4. Does the NYR need to up the ante? Absolutely – I mean, what the heck was that first-period garbage that we all witnessed? You’re not going to win any playoff games playing 1/3 of the game that way, much less one in which you only score two goals. Rangers lost this game because they didn’t play well and deserved to lose.

    Slam those doors … just don’t punch out any fire extinguishers.

  52. How about this for a question for Hunter.

    Maybe Geraldo Brooksie could have asked.

    “Dale, being a former cheap shot artist yourself, what did you think of Ovechkin’s hit?”

    Think he may become a bit irritated?

    We’ll never know because the NY writers weren’t there.

  53. Monday night we have to come out pissed off but controlled. Like game 3.

    Sadly, this team is close to as good as us. There is a ton of parody in the league, which is great for the sport. If we fail, let’s go down playing our game. Hit hard, play smart, find a way.

    If we do win, do we have gas left in the tank to proceed? Why, oh why, does it seem the Deb’s/Filth series, they have stopped hitting and in our two series we continue to have our opposition try to knock our heads, arms, and legs off? I have zero question as to which series winner, from the east, will emerge with less injuries and less wear in this marathon. And that scares me!

    Let’s win this series first.

  54. #9: This is my big fear with the Capitals. They suck the Jam and Snarl out of their opponent. Always.

  55. Pimp, great points. And it becomes time to focus on your final point. Really, how few, aside from the two goals, times did they emerge in front of the net to pepper the kid? It takes hard work against the Caps to do that. Why wasn’t anyone interested in working that hard? Maybe this was an off game. Maybe we didn’t HAVE to be that desperate, just like every time we didn’t have to be in the first series, we lost.

    Slam the door. Be pissed. Channel the focus the right way.

    IT IS best of 3. We ARE the home team.

  56. I also expect a bounce back performance on Monday where they dominate and win the game handily. How about Torts yelling at Gaborik, “Make a difference!” That was awesome. I can’t understand why he didn’t shoot. Everyone was actually in good position for a rebound for once.

    “Monkeys brains, although popular in Cantonese cuisine are not often to be found in Washington D.C.”

  57. Pimp – maybe it’s the medication (mine or yours) but you are ON POINT on this fine Sunday.

  58. This quote from -Ovechkin- Peggy is ridiculous:

    “I just missed the puck. I tried to kick the puck and I saw he was coming, so I just *got to protect myself* ,” he told reporters.

  59. lol MANNY, thank you

    It must be the medication because, as it wears down, I already feel my “no-talent clowns are going to utterly stink up the joint tomorrow night” juices returning.

  60. Hey PIMP – remember that time you told me to “Get a Life” ? That literally still makes me chuckle daily. Good one.

  61. in PHX. saw the game yesterday. of course ova will not be suspended after all that would be fair.

    the refs got the knuble delay of game non call, the boyle did not get slashed, then the hagelin slash calls all wrong.

    WHO IS REALLY SUPRISED? the officiating is comical and sad . why would ova get 1 game after all girardi did not get hurt and that is how the morons decide.

    shanahan is a joke and the nhl is a joke.

  62. meant ovi not ova of course..

    rangers will win game 5 tomorrow and close it out in wash on weds.

    they are the better team. oh i forgot they missed the callahan getting tripped by laic on the pk goal scored by green also.

    so the officials got 4 huge alls all wrong but hey the officiating is great and shanahan is not a moron of the highest degree and all ranger fans are paranoid……..

  63. Nessier, I understand your point about people in government jobs being accountable. Absolutely. My point is that people are quick to say “I pay your salary” when they don’t get what they want. My sister is simply a clerk who deals with the public F2F and on the phone. When they miss the filing deadline or don’t like the rules and want her to accept applications anyhow, it suddenly becomes “I pay your salary” stuff. I grant you that that’s not related to hockey. My point is simply that this “we pay your salary” mentality always comes when folks aren’t happy.

    By now, after a very long season, the media knows what Torts expects from his team and what “playing the right way” means. To ask him “what happened?” and “what do you think about the play of ….” is a waste of time. I bet he would like the answer to the same question from his players. Now, if the players were not made accessible to the press, I would have a major problem with that. They have to account for their game. Hammering away at Torts at a post game presser is a waste of time UNLESS your motive is to get him to say something in anger.

  64. laich tripped rally with his stick before he could clear the puck on the winning green shot. rally looked back at the ref immediately…….

    again the officiating is laughable because it is so incompetent and in many ways so bias. but carp will say I am delusional because after all the nhl would want the big market rangers in as long as possible so economically speaking I am totally wrong

  65. LaTONYa from Miami on


    Have you ever worked with the pecan? And is it considered a nut? I know the cashew is a legume.

  66. About two weeks back I reckon. Don’t remember the context but it was hilarious. So simple yet so cutting.

  67. “I used to be able to name every nut that there was. And it used to drive my mother crazy, because she used to say, “Harlan Pepper, if you don’t stop naming nuts,” and the joke was that we lived in Pine Nut, and I think that’s what put it in my mind at that point. So she would hear me in the other room, and she’d just start yelling. I’d say, “Peanut. Hazelnut. Cashew nut. Macadamia nut.” That was the one that would send her into going crazy. She’d say, “Would you stop naming nuts!” And Hubert used to be able to make the sound, he couldn’t talk, but he’d go “rrrawr rrawr” and that sounded like Macadamia nut. Pine nut, which is a nut, but it’s also the name of a town. Pistachio nut. Red pistachio nut. Natural, all natural white pistachio nut.” – Harlan Pepper

  68. Shanahan should step down to avoid further embarrassment. He is a disgrace. The longer he remains at the helm, the longer the game remains in danger. This could have a huge effect on player/league negotiations in the new CBA.

    Hunter should be suspended for encouraging “incidental contact”. Idiot. Made his name being a cheap-shot artist.

  69. jay riemenschneider on

    “2. Were the non-calls on Callahan and Boyle bush-league? Yes. Was the subsequent call on Hagelin ridiculous? Yes. But is there a conspiracy against the Rangers?. No … it just doesn’t make sense that the NHL would want its largest market OUT of the playoffs.”

    What you’re forgetting is Ovechkin is a superstar. That’s pretty easy to “market” (the National Federation of Hockey Competition Sport League’s hot new buzz word) to casual fans. So I don’t think they give two Craps (would that be Ovy and Semin perhaps?) who “wins.” What they will guarantee though, is that the team that is behind, will get the benefit of the calls to try and even things up. I can’t imaginable the “league” is too happy with St Louis for taking a dump in their pants and letting LA run up the scores so much—it gives them no chance to allow the refs the even upper calls. But then again, an 8 seed sweeping a one seed sure makes for a pretty good story in the sportstainment follow up programming outlets.

  70. E3 pimp's Angel on

    S.nation – agree totally on Bickel. He passes very well coming out of the zone. I like the kid a lot. Tremendous future.

    Rangers will sweep this series – bank on it.

  71. “Dan Rosen ? @drosennhl
    NYR scored 4 goals in Game 1 against Ottawa. Since then, they’ve scored 2 or fewer in eight of their last 10 games, and never more than 3.”

    *Absolutely atrocious*

  72. Anyone catch vaccaros comment that the caps will surely have the momentum in game 5 and the rangers can be forgiven if the just tell the caps that “its yours”. I’m boiling over at that one.

  73. Bickel has been a pleasant surprise. He’s improved throughout the year and he can make an outlet pass. Kid has bickels, too…

  74. E3, WTF? You crack me up.

    … and for a reason I can’t fathom, the word “nut” is depressing. However, “nuts” makes me feel better.

  75. The bottom-line is that this team is going to lose to a #7 seed that is of the mediocre-at-best variety.

    And it’s embarrassing to witness this garbage.

  76. Lloyd Braun on

    you go back 10 or so years, and I’d not think twice about a hit like this. penalty called on the ice, end of story. but with the b.s. over-officiating we’ve seen in recent years, and now with Shanahan’s brand of “selective” discipline, well, we all know that if a Ranger hit Ovechkin like, this, he’d be gone for at least the next game. that nothing will be done to Ovechkin because he’s a star in a playoff game – and make no mistake, the lack of action has nothing to do with the severity of the hit – is further proof of the running gag the National Hockey League has become.

  77. Has Ovechkin been suspended yet? Maybe Girardi will get suspended for being in his way?

  78. Damn….that video of the Kazakstan player getting hit on Puck Daddy’s site is brutal….wow…

    Does that French guy think he’s tough? Boy, I hope not. That was the cheapest elbow in hockey history.

  79. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good afternoon all! Impossibly bad singing outside my windows for a cherry blossom festival, even though all the cherry blossoms are gone. This is going to be a long day…..must leave house soon….

    LGR!!! Too tied to engage in all the back and forth…..We still have tomorrow.

  80. Whoah, NYR. Thanks for the note. I hadn’t seen that yet. They might want to institute the Death Penalty on that one. Wow.

  81. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    Game 6

    Rangers 4
    Members of Parliament 0


    Rangers sweep the series in 6 games

  82. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Hagelin’s suspension was justifying Shanny’s and his cronies jobs… that’s all !

  83. Hagelin’s suspension was reasonable given Rule 54.7(a)(2), Supplement 1:13(b) which stats, “any player hitting someone they previously idolized will be suspended immediately. Any injury to said idolized player will compound the suspension.”

  84. Lloyd Braun is correct on the issue of player safety and star player treatment.

    The vast majority of the players in the League and the NHLPA also think the system of discipline is a circus with Shanny the Clown leading the way. This will be an issue in the new CBA negotiations.

  85. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    rangers need to pound the Ovetch-hit-the head , Backstreet Boy, Semen, and Moe Green into submission

  86. 1. Lotta people on the ledge today. Disheartening to see because in both losses the Rangers didn’t perform to their capabilities and lost. When they play hard all the way through they win.

    2. Caps are a #7 seed but playing by far their best hockey of the year and are also now fully healthy for the first time all year. Let’s not forget they did knock off the defending Cup champs. They may have been a 7 seed but does anyone really believe that Florida was a better team?

    3. Let’s also try to remember how young our own team is. 2 of our top 6 forwards are rookies and sort of “young rookies” as Hagelin was called up mid year and Kreider is as much of a rookie as you can get. Frankly despite his defensive gaffes I think Tortorella was foolish to not put Kreider back out there because offensively he can make things happen but whatever.

    4. The Rangers success derives much more from their work ethic than their talent at this stage. They play their best when their backs are against the wall and still don’t really know how to step on the other team’s throat. They need to learn that and I think that is why they were frustrated yesterday.

    5. As opposed to some of the beat writers, I actually find it encouraging that they are frustrated and pissed off. They should be and enough already with the imld mannered “it’s OK it’s a long series” – get mad and put the Caps away.

    6. I’m going tomorrow night and was frustrated myself because I hoped to watch them end the series. But as the guy I am taking pointed out, no way are they gettin rid of the Caps in 5. So if they had won yesterday, very likely they’d lose tomorrow anyway. Now I expect full throttle Rangers and I expect a win.

  87. I have been saying it since before the series started…

    Shift by Shift…

    Period by Period…

    Game by Game…

    RANGERS IN 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I think you guys forgot to mention that the refs missed a holding call that Boyle drew also. Maybe someone did.

  89. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    i want Rangers-Kangs in the final…that way…i be headin south to catch me a game

  90. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    let the words be yours, i am done with mine (amazing jerry solo then commences)

  91. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    we can share the women, we can share the wine, we can share what we got of yours, cause we done shared all of mine

  92. Alex Ovechkin on

    Hi Ranger fan,

    Is me, Alex…sorry for hit yesterday, but NHL no suspend. I suspend myself one game so you feel better. OK? Bye-Bye.

  93. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    hold that shackle ball and chain, listen to the whistle of the evenin train.

  94. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    drink all day and rock all night, the law come to get ya if ya dont walk right

  95. E3 –

    Its Jack Straw from Wichita, CUT HIS BUDDY DOWN. That’s why he dug for him a shallow grave and laid his body down.

  96. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    blacked my eye and kicked my dog
    my dog, he turned to me and said,
    lets head back to tennessee Jed

  97. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    peter – i never know the words…always sung what i thought i heard

  98. This is the email I received from a friend (that Im urging to join RR)…

    “I know.. it was terrible officiating.

    It almost feels like they want to extend the series for ratings!”

    Oy hartnelling vey!!! I dont understand!! Why do people make ludicrous claims of TV ratings or star players or Crosby, or yadda yadda yadda.

    There’s only ever been one reason. And nobody seems to get it.

  99. OK, before I get through all the comments let me first explain the Torts thing from yesterday. This wasn’t a matter of him not liking a question or refusing to answer.

    All the NY writers were in the lockerroom waiting for Girardi for obvious reasons. At this stage of playoffs they hold two press conferences for the coaches. They’re timed. Torts was supposed to go at 3:25. It was announced in the lockerroom as we waited for Girardi that Torts would “head down” at 3:25. The interview area is 20 seconds away.

    At 3:23, it was announced that Torts would be “heading down” to the interview area in two minutes. Immediately all the NY writers went to the interview area. Before we got there, Torts was already leaving the room, done, and he refused to take any questions, as if we were late.

    That’s a poor performance by him. That reflects poorly on the organization. That’s crapping on the logo.

  100. I Hate Tabloids on


    torts does NOT have to answer. I’d rather have a coach that wins, than one who is a good talker.

    First, he is SMART not to answer right after the game when his emotions are high. He knows that you guys are just going to ask stupid questions and then hang him out to dry when he says anything that can be taken out of it’s proper context. It’s his ass on the line not yours.

    And, Carp, of all people, I would think you understand this. As a NYR beat-writer you have some stake in the success of the organization, but you should know that many of your blood-sucking journalistic brethren do not–in fact, they have a stake in the destruction of the team.

    Second, everyone keeps saying that we are paying his salary and stuff. (Actually not “everyone” is saying it, just worthless journalists and foes of the NYR). But torts is doing EXACTLY what he is supposed to do: bringing a stanley cup to NY. And that means avoiding saying anything stupid that will cause a distraction, especially after a tough loss.

    He is better to wait a day, get his thoughts together, and then answer questions before practice the next day. His answers will be clearer and better. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t get the best answers in a high-emotion situation. Most of the time people say stuff that they don’t even mean and then, of course, journalists report it as fact.

    Give him a day to get his thoughts together.

  101. Maybe next time before Michael Del Zotto flips off an opposing crowd, he’ll actually think about stepping his game up first.

  102. As for the tension in the lockerroom, I’m pretty sure it was all about the way they played. I don’t think anybody was blaming officials or pointing fingers. I just think they hate to lose, hate that they played that way in such a big game, and were really, exceptionally angry about it … much more than I’ve seen as long as I can remember.

    Which is a good thing.

  103. for joey poo

    yeah i’m late on responding today but this is a repost from yesterday
    in regards to the same subject — ovie’s hit on Girardi

    i’m not going on and on about the refs and ovechkin hit
    as for that instagram photo
    that’s a load of carcillo

    first, it shows his left skate coming off the ice. so, he was leaping.
    second, the angle of that photo is a load of crap because it’s taken from
    behind ovechkin. so you have NO idea of the distance between him and Girardi
    at that moment.

    here are replays of the hit. shows more of the leaping motion and it looks like his arm,
    above the elbow, hit Girardi in the head.


    and to add to it
    at the 10 second mark you can see that he leaping up and his point of contact is Girardi’s head.
    the defense that he was protecting himself is pure carcillo.

  104. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    ovetchkin was protecting himself like george zimmerman was protecting his silly self

    pure and utter bull carcillo

  105. jpg, that was a Raffi Torres on Marian Hossa hit without the injury. League is a biased joke. Shanahan is trash.

    Yeah, Carp, the last thing the players need to do is make excuses or place blame. It is a great thing that they accept responsibility for defeat (even if there were mitigating factors). It all starts with the leadership, Callahan.

  106. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    Ummm, not sure I’m on the right blog here…people talking PPs and nuts??

    morning ILB, Tony, and all!!

    thank you for the review and the torts presser explanation!

    How the hell is sallycrepes typing while she is tied up? and why is she tied up for some festival?? What the hell is going on in buffalo?

  107. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    wont you try just a little bit harde, wont you try just a little bit more

  108. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    you guys are wasting braincells if you think sybilahan is going to do any suspending. Once WWEber got zippo games for a complete NON-HOCKEY play, intent to injure, head on turnbuckle move, all credibility was lost IMHO!

  109. Carp
    did you see the explanation of who was probably holding up
    the 9/11 signs?
    if not look at posts starting at 8 p.m.

  110. I need 6 teams to win today, Bulls, Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Kings, Devils. I wonder how many I can get to go my way.

  111. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    asked him for a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee….got no dime, but i got some time to hear his story
    my name is august west….

  112. LaTONYa from Miami on

    NHLPA should make it a stipulation that Shanaban step down before they accept the new CBA.

  113. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    half of my life, i spent doin time for some mutha byfuglien’s crime, the other half found myself stumblin round drunk on Burgundy wine….

  114. ah, i see you’re having a Grateful afternoon.

    i think i need to do that to spice up the day

    my dog Owlsey is just moping around cuz mrs. jpg
    isn’t around

  115. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    that spring 77 tour was some their best stuff (outside of the killer ’68 shows)

  116. I’m with you Carp,
    Tortorella’s lack of professionalism with the media is startling. We, as fans, all gloss over it when the Rangers are winning but in ‘tougher’ times it looks absurd. I’ve always had a problem with his attitude in this matter and frankly it started when he first took the reins making comments like ‘I don’t know, I’ve never seen him’. It borders on ridiculous that he’s not willing to be a professional about his job then demands close to perfection from his players. Dealing with the media is part of the job description and part of what he gets paid for.

    I would also add that in your review no where did you mention that Lundqvist should have saved two of those goals. Did he have some amazing saves, yes, but in the playoffs you can’t let in the soft, unscreened goals from above the circles that you can see. Lundqvist is still their most important player but lets call a spade a spade here. Two soft goals in a critical game, he needs to be better than that.

  117. ya know i always get confused by that line or Jerry just changes it up
    sounds like
    mother byfuglien sometimes
    other times
    other byfuglien

  118. i did, jpg, thank you. i was wishing in retrospect that I asked the cabbie to stop so I could go to something to them … not sure what I could have done that wouldn’t have landed me in a D.C. courtroom at best.

  119. … unless you’re referring to the Ovechkin rocket off the tip of his glove, the uncontested perfect shot inside the post by Backstrom or the 100-mph uncontested by Green.

  120. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    but i get back on my feet some day, the good lord willing……….if he says i may……

  121. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    Hank will steal this series and we will sweep…….bring on the Devils

  122. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    i said to him, i said to him, i am sure she’s been, i said to him, i am sure she;s been true to him

  123. Owsley whipping up another batch
    would surely make watching games
    a much less stressful experience

    (unless mrs. jpg messed with me and would be turning the lights off and on and off and on….)

  124. Miami Pimp on


    Has anyone ever challenged Torts to an arm-wrestling contest after a press conference?

  125. i might have that 5/7/77 show…maybe.
    did a trade years ago and i think i got 5/7 and possibly
    Cornell along with another date right afterwards (buffalo?)

  126. as terrible as it is for writers
    i think Torts didn’t want to get fined again yesterday

  127. Carp,
    I’m pretty sure the general consensus it that as a NHL goalie you should stop anything above the circles that you can see, end of story. Commentators and coaches discuss it ad nauseam. Were they great shots by Ovechkin and Green? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t stop them.

    Also you’re giving him a pass because it’s Ovechkin, Joel Ward makes that shot and everyone says just what I’m saying – you saw it, you weren’t screened, you should have stopped it….rewatch the video – see how high Ovechkin is, he had plenty of time to set up and he was deep in his crease.

    If you don’t think it was soft, that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion but I’ll contest that it was.

  128. e3 and jpg all great stuff. Just now enjoying the new Dave’s Picks and the bonus disc from summer 74. sweetness. Ranger content – the Dead played a ton of shows at MSG

  129. Mrs. Manny and I just returned from an adventure (Ricky’s) and she purchased a new comb that says, on the handle, *NO FRIZZ*

    So add that to the list.

  130. got my Dave’s Picks but i haven’t played it yet.
    was gonna blare it today to put me in a good mood!

    ran into Dave at the Rock Hall during the opening of the Grateful Dead Exhibit
    it’s a good show, should check it out
    runs through december

  131. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Peter – absolutely,,,, I don’t have any of those (2?) dave’s picks – but the first 25 dick’s picks plus a ton of Betty board shows – especially killer shows from 68 and 69…. I left the dead in 81…. Stopped seeing them except for my last show July 26 or 27 in 87 at oakland coliseum

  132. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Jpg / the real dead exhibit is out here at UC Santa Cruz – they loaned it to the hall in Cleveland

  133. I have to agree with Carp – would I rather have a coach who wins than one who is more media friendly? Sure, I guess. But the media have a job to do, it is an important job for a multitude of reasons. In the world of professional sports, answering questions in post-game interviews is part of the job. Tortorella may not like it, but hey, I’ll bet Marian Gaborik doesn’t like backchecking either, but it is part of his job and Torts certainly would never give him a pass on that part of his job.

    And for a guy who strives to respect service professionals and keep “war” terms out of the locker room, you’d think that would imbue a certain sense of perspective. It is still just a hockey game played for enjoyment and entertainment. It won’t kill you to answer a few questions. And if for strategic reasons you want to be secretive, hey, fine. Doesn’t give you the right to be rude and insulting to other people who have a job to do that involves you. Torts is perfectly capable of being polite like everyone else is, and if he feels too upset or frustrated to face the media, he can say to the media people at MSG “I need 20 minutes to regain my composure so please schedule me a little later.” It’s called respect for your fellow human beings. What Tortorella does is no more important than what anyone else does, If the media wants to rip him for the way he is acting they have every right to right now.

    Dont get me wrong the guy is a great coach and I’m happy we have him and personally it doesnt realy affect me. But also, having at some point been a member of the media, it’s tough enough to have to interview someone about the kind of day they had at work every single day, (and Im sure tough to be interviewed too) but that is part of why you are paid so much money to coach in the NHL. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of youth hockey programs, high schools and colleges where the attention is far less demanding.

  134. wow e3 – I actually started seeing them in 87 through 94. There are literally tons of great shows available in high quality formats online if you know how to use torrents and etree. All completely legal. Would love to see the exhibit.

  135. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Me and my uncle from 5/21/77 …

    Never a big fan of bobby’s cowboy songs… I swear Jerry used to laugh at bobby with his short shorts and pulled up tube socks

  136. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Peter – most of my stuff was on shinns that I decompressed into Cd’s

  137. yeah the lossless stuff is great, I have a hard drive that I have hundreds of lossless shows on. Great stuff.

  138. oh yeah i know that UCSC hooked ’em up with lots of stuff.
    i interviewed the Rock Hall’s curator for the exhibit and he explained
    that it’s mainly from Santa Cruz, GD Productions and from the musicians
    the SC one may open later this year.

  139. i’m like you Peter
    got on the Bus
    at the same time
    paying critical attention at the time and listening to earlier shows
    i realize that it wasn’t quality time musically all the time
    but i went on a lot of great adventures!!

  140. you can still get a lot of good audience at archive.org to download
    and there’s usually a combo of aud, sbd, matrix at bt.etree.org

    my big problem is organizing everything.
    i used to change files from shn or flac to wav and put ’em on discs
    but lately due to time, organizing and rethinking everything
    i’ve left the files unchanged and putting them on an external hard drive

    there’s also a GREAT site for live shows at dimeadozen.org
    and thetradersden.org
    and shnflac.net

  141. Carp
    there wasn’t any mention in the review of the Kreider’s benching.
    don’t have minutes on hand but heard he barely played in 3rd.
    i could see if Torts sat him down after the “pass” to ovi
    or some other offense earlier
    but at the end of the game when we needed to get a goal
    seemed like not the right time

    (btw, was Kreider on for caps goal number 3? maybe that’s why he sat)

  142. Yeah I have one of those Sonos systems that streams music from a hard drive to anywhere in your house so I can literally open my ipad, pick a show, and listen to it wherever I am, its pretty amazing. Not all that pricey either.

    I hear some of the rangers have these in their homes. ;)

  143. Kreider was not on for goal#3. And honestly when you need offense badly that guy’s wheels are huge. Plus from what we know of him he’d be out there trying like crazy to atone for his mistakes – certainly the effort would be there.

  144. E3 pimp's Angel on

    I used have everything organized and labeled and the then one day my little one took about 100 CDs out of the sleeves and after fainting waking up and fainting again – I never re organized

  145. E3 pimp's Angel on

    I mostly listen to the Beatles these days… I have their entire catalog on a hard drive

  146. How come every game the Rangers lose in the playoffs they’re gassed? Do they fill up before winning the next one? The other team has played just as many games as the Rangers. The Rangers outplayed the Capitals in the 3rd freakin’ overtime, but now that they lost a one-goal game the team is gassed because of the way Torts uses his players. Amazing.

    Contrary to popular belief public relations is part of the coach’s job. Therefore putting up with interviews is part of the job. It’ll bite him in the butt when this team has a bad year and the writers and broadcasters start calling for his ouster every day. Look at the way they treated Tom Coughlin, even after the first Super Bowl win. And, Coughlin is a blabbermouth compared to Torts.

    I get a kick out of people who only think the outcome of a game is dependent on what their team does or doesn’t do. You know what? There are guys on the other team that are paid a lot of money to play the game too. Sometimes they make good plays. It’s not always about your team’s failings, but the other team just making good plays.

    And, please stop with the conspiracies about officiating. Incompetance on the part of the refs is not a conspiracy. It’s a damned shame, but not a conspiracy.

  147. This team is about to be the UNGrateful Dead if they don’t step on the gas. No more slacking off in the 1st period.

    Is Ovechkin Suspended yet?

  148. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Wait, Cross Check. Did the guys on the other team make good plays yesterday? I thought we lost because of the way Torts uses his players.

  149. Could you guys imagine how miserable our lives would be with an Eastern Conf. Finals of Devils and Capitals?

  150. No, LaTONYa. They didn’t do anything. I don’t even remember seeing any Capital players on the ice (except for the Ovechkin hit on Girardi, of course). I think the Ranger beat themselves because Torts didn’t yell at Gaborik enough. He should have told him to make a difference MUCH earlier on.

  151. Honestly, how is Gaborik supposed to know that he is supposed to score, a/k/a make a difference, if Torts doesn’t tell him?

  152. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I mean think about it! Didn’t he score AFTER Torts yelled at him? You’re onto something there, Manny.

  153. JimboWoodside on

    WTB!? I figured that the Flys-Debs game would be on at 3 today. Western conference games should be on later than eastern games!

  154. Miami Pimp on

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

    This team is bush-league and will collapse in 8. Book it.

  155. loneranger on

    What’s the sense of benching Kreider for the whole 3rd period nothwithstanding one shift. This type of punishment doesn’t make sense. particulary in the playoffs. Kind of playing not to lose.

  156. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Oy vey…..It’s a Jerry fest….don’t get me started……

    Miami, I say Rangers in 9.

  157. lone, jpg, he was on, and directly responsible for the first goal, partially responsible for the second. I don’t think it was punishment as much as the kid might have been shaken by those two plays … and they couldn’t risk another one.

    and Green’s and Backstrom’s shots were not above the circles.

  158. just to add … I don’t think — and Tortorella has said — that there are no messages at this time of year. you don’t punish a guy. but you sit him if you don’t think he’s getting the job done.

  159. JimboWoodside on

    I need a nurse – a hot female one that looks (and bounces) like Kate Upton!!

  160. loneranger on

    Makes sense Carp Still like to see more of him. He can make things happen but I guess his time has to be tempered

  161. Why is Pierre LeBrun live-tweeting a game that is on television? Does anyone have access to Twitter but NOT the game?

  162. “I’m pretty sure the general consensus it that as a NHL goalie you should stop anything above the circles that you can see, end of story.”

    It’s this I don’t get. Besides the fact that Lundqvist said he didn’t see Green’s shot (and there’s not much in his past to suggest he’s a liar or makes excuses for himself), I still think this is a ridiculous standard to hold any goalie to.

    Yes, most goalies still save a very high percentage of those, but to expect a heavy shot from a player with time to wind up and drift in to the top of the circles to be stopped _every_ time is expecting a goalie to basically be perfect.

    Sounds like Quick got beaten from distance today too. In a one goal game too. As a Vezina candidate, he simply *has* to stop them…

  163. Many goalies stop many shots they don’t see because they simply have good positioning. If they are expecting the shot from one angle then they can probably stop that shot blindfolded. That is, if the shot is directed directly at their pads, chest, head, etc. Even if Hank has perfect positioning, which he did, a shot over his shoulder and under the crossbar can beat him because he is down and to make that reaction, or react to something you _can’t_ see, is unrealistic.

  164. But, ORR. If you were working, and you had enough time to check twitter every 49 seconds to see what LeBrun is putting out there, couldn’t you just watch the gamecast, a live feed, or listen to the game?

  165. Do any of youse guyses know if there is a rivalry between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings because of proximity? Would that series have any *juice* ?

  166. Rollin Dubious on

    Someone mentioned this a few games back, if hagelin doesn’t think of himself as a scoring threat neither will the caps. Shoot the puck kid.

  167. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Kings are very effective at making passes off the boards. Seems like they generate a lot of chances that way.

  168. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Dont we all, Jimbo… Im not a breast man, but wow!!

    She is an amazing example of divine young female pulchritude!

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kate upton gave me 2 detached retinas and a minor concussion – boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing….

  170. JimboWoodside on

    Eddie3, me too – but I loved every minute of it! “Hurts so good!”

  171. True fans bleed rw&b on

    You’re too polite responding to the jackwagons.

    The fact that Lundqvist said ‘I didn’t see the last two and I can’t stop what I can’t see’ and then even went so far to say he would like to have gotten the ovie goal, but just didn’t have a ‘stiff’ glove… Well from the best goalie IN THE WORLD, and the most open and sincere player on the team, that just says it all.

  172. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Hey Orr!

    How’s things working out for you, Manny, and the blues? Almost silly you came to Manny’s defense now?

  173. True Fans, it was never aboot who wins this series. It’s aboot not jumping to conclusions based on one game, which is “silly”

    Sort of like how after game one, everyone said the Devils were going to lose, now after the next two games, everyone says the Flyers will lose.

  174. I was serious with my question: Is there any rivalry with the LA Kings and the PHX ‘Yotes?

  175. Kate Upton on

    True Fans

    Pay no attention to Orr, as most ladies with my prowess would. Orr enjoys instigating trouble while acting like he rides a moral high horse. Realistically, Orr rides a pony.

  176. True fans bleed rw&b on

    we spoke about it being a sweep and I joked that I wasn’t so convicted with my kings prediction that it would be a sweep, just that the kings are a formidable opponent and worthy picking as I did.

    Boy, was I wrong about the sweep part though. Ha

  177. Remember when we all thought that Dustin Brown was possibly coming to the NY RANGERS!?

  178. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Orr, Kate,

    Orr’s an absolute gentleman. A hockey scholar, never wrong. Apparently me and the 4 websites he’s been banned from have completely misjudged him. My apologies.

  179. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I agree with Manny who agrees with LaTONYa when he agreed with LW.

  180. Kate Upton on

    It stuns me that Orr has been banned from 4 websites. Children will be children.

  181. JimboWoodside on

    Bad series for JD’s boys – they sure looked good at the end of the regular season, though. Never would have thought that they would get swept by any team in this league.

  182. LaTONYa from Miami on

    NBC are truly buffoons. Marty’s been GREAT? Have they SEEN the goals he’s allowed this series?

  183. According to anybody who has ever had a job in hockey broadcasting (and the man himself), Marty has never conceded a bad goal.

  184. True fans bleed rw&b on

    I tried to apologize. Weinmann was probably confused when he threatened to ban you twice as well! Again, I was wrong. Keep up the goo work kiddo.

  185. Kate Upton on

    Weinman did threaten to ban Orr twice. Weinman had to be in the wrong.

  186. Yev Kassem on

    “I spent doin time for some other byfuglien’s crime”


  187. Yev Kassem on

    Carp Wrote:

    I just think they hate to lose, hate that they played that way in such a big game, and were really, exceptionally angry about it … much more than I’ve seen as long as I can remember.

    Which is a good thing.

    I agree Carp. They played poorly (especially in the first period) in a big game. I have amazing faith in this bunch. They have EARNED that faith all year. I expect a MUCH better effort tomorrow night.

    I will be there again and can’t wait to wipe the taste of that performance away!

    And if that game doesn’t prove there is no such thing as momentum in the NHL Playoffs; then nothing will!

  188. Yev Kassem on

    I think we miss Dubi. I know the guy has taken a lot of heat here, but I for one think the team is stronger with him! Hope he can get back to playing.

  189. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yev and West,
    The way the organization has addressed Dubi’s situation, and the fact that he’s wearing hard casts into the press both makes me think he’s got more stress fractures (ref: last year) or a new break. I’d bet he’s doubtful for a while.

  190. What’s up gang??

    I am here, back in NY finally! My stuff isn’t (and man, is that a story and a half about the movers I hired!), but I made it.

    Heard from Linda that the game yesterday was pretty bad, as was the officiating. Kinda glad I missed it then.

  191. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Glad you’ve joined my annoying next-state neighbors, Mick. Makes New Yorkers a bit more tolerable!

  192. True Fans Bleed RW&B on



    With the “Predators” on the brink of extinction, and the Flyers trying to stave off a potential series commanding lead by NJ, the Rangers are the only team decently positioned amongst the top 9 of TSN’s final reg season Power Rankings.

  193. JimboWoodside on

    Glad to have you back, Mickey! Look what your leaving the St. Louis area did to the Blues! You broke their hearts and they fell apart! ;-D

  194. JimboWoodside on

    This game tonight for the Flyers is similar to Washington’s game against us the other night – if the Flys don’t win, they’re down 3 games to 1, and facing elimination – I expect Filthy to come out guns blazing, looking to even their series.

  195. JimboWoodside on

    >>>LOL, Jimbo!!! I think it was more than that…

    No way!! You broke their hearts!

  196. Rob in Beantown on

    Because I know you all hang on his every word: Barry Melrose just called our series for Washington in seven games. Along with the Devils-Flyers series in 5 games. So I guess that’s it!

  197. Have to admit that the Rock was rocking tonight. Loud as hell. Very surprised that the Flyers are playing so poorly. Bryzgalov, you can argue, is their best player so far this series. I had a nice 5 minute laugh when, after the game, the NBC crew said Happy Birthday to Marty and followed that up with a Weight Watchers ad.

  198. Rangers West on

    It’s interesting that the two NYR series have been the best two series of the playoffs so far. This team keeps each other and their opponents honest. Even if they don’t make it out of this round I’ll be excited for next season and proud of this one.

  199. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was broke WHEW

  200. I am neither a ‘worthless journalist’ nor a ‘foe of the NYR’. I realize that dealing with the media is not the most important part of Torts’ job, but it is is a part of his job. All that is expected of him is what’s expected of any other head coach. I’m pretty sure that history shows us it’s possible for a head coach to talk to the media and still coach his team to the Stanley Cup.

  201. TONY from AZ on

    I can’t wait to go home to Arizona to watch my Rangers. Lgr”…….

  202. jpg's sister on

    duker, nice story about you and your pops.

    Sounds like jpg and my Dad only, he wanted to leave to beat traffic when we were at a concert. He had to be at work at 7am. I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just enjoy himself. Now I understand.


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