Post-game notes


Courtesy of the Rangers:

Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 4
Verizon Center – Washington, DC

(Series tied 2-2)                 1st     2nd    3rd    T
New York Rangers          0        2        0        2
Washington Capitals      1        1        1        3

Team Notes:

– The Rangers were defeated by the Washington Capitals, 3-2, today at Verizon Center in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal series.  The series is now tied at two games apiece.

– New York is now 205-221-8 overall in postseason action, including a 91-135-6 mark on the road.

– The Rangers out-hit the Capitals, 33-24, led by Ryan Callahan’s game-high, five hits, and Ruslan Fedotenko’s four hits.  New York had 17 of 18 skaters record at least one hit in the contest.

Player Notes:

– Artem Anisimov led all skaters with two points, including one goal and one assist, in 18:48 of ice time to earn third star honors.  He has now tallied three points (two goals, one assist) in the series.

– Marian Gaborik notched a goal at 16:43 of the second period to extend his point streak to four games (two goals, three assists over the span).  He is now tied for second on the team with three goals, and ranks second on the Rangers in scoring with eight points in 11 playoff contests.

– Dan Girardi tallied the primary assist on Anisimov’s goal and was credited with three hits in 22:46 of ice time.  He has recorded an assist in each of the last two contests, and is now tied for second among NHL defensemen with five assists and six points in the playoffs.

– Marc Staal recorded an assist, was credited with three hits and logged a game-high, 24:20 of ice time.  He has now tallied three points (one goal, two assists) in the last six games.

– Brian Boyle registered his first career NHL playoff assist, and logged 18:57 of ice time.  He is now tied for eighth on the team in playoff scoring with four points in eight games.

– Henrik Lundqvist made 23 saves and is now 21-25 overall in postseason action, including a 10-14 mark on the road.

Team Schedule:

– The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, May 6, is 12:00 p.m. at MSG Training Center.

– The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Washington Capitals on Monday, May 7, at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m.), in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup.  The game will be televised live on NBC Sports Network, and can be heard on ESPN New York 98.7 FM.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    It is clear that the department of player safety has succeeded in instructing players and coaches what to say by making excuses for them on the Shanahan videos. Protecting himself. LOL.

  2. Lloyd Braun on

    Still shaking my head at that Green goal, a pretty nice shot, sure, but one Lundqvist absolutely has to stop. Terrible way to lose a game.

  3. So the players and coach were grouchy after the game because of the officiating? Umm….on other teams’ blogs ive been reading stuff about torts being a whiner and hypocrite etc….i didnt get it….now i kinda see it. Poor job by him.

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    Maybe they’re just bummed cause they lost and don’t want to talk about it. I’m bummed they lost and probably kind of grouchy too.

  5. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    See Girardi was only credited with 3 hits so that one on Ovie doesn’t count!

  6. Jeff in CT on

    They shouldn’t be grouchy — they got beat, plain and simple. Now true professionals will suck it up and go play the next game — get back at ’em on the ice win one! Lets get the next one. Go Rangers!

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    No problem with them being irritated about losing. It is a game of mistakes, and a couple less and they win this game. Getting called for an identical penalty that was overlooked against the opponent a couple minutes before has to be frustrating. The gloved puck into the crowd was seen by everyone but 4 refs. This is well after the attempt to injure hit by Ovechkin on Girardi.

  8. Torts throws media calls when they win and storms out when they lose. First ballot hall of fame a-hole.

  9. Game 2 and Game 4 are lost on a late power play goal off a long high shot from the point after a bad penalty.

    No pointing, no blaming, those are the facts.

  10. Jeff in CT on

    Why can’t people sing the National Anthem the way it was written? Too much to ask?

  11. Seriously…you Rangers fans are starting to sound like Penguin fans…stop it…stop it right now…

  12. Guys get used to it this Ranger team is amazingly resilient, but they persevere, they don’t dominate. This and all series involving the Rangers will go 7 games.

  13. yev kassem on

    Ovie hit DESERVES a suspension. PERIOD!!!

    Sad fact is that it will never happen. I bet he doesn’t even get fined.

    Glad the players were pissed off. They squandered 20 minutes of hockey in that first period being out shot 14-3! But for The King, could have been down 4 or 5 Zip.

    Wish it was Monday at 7, want to wipe the bad taste out of my mouth from that one.

  14. Debbie Downer on

    Rangers win the cup in game #28 on MSG ice. a long winding road but it will be worth gold at the end.

  15. yev kassem on


    KatieStrangESPN #NYR Multiple sources indicate that Ovechkin will not have a hearing on hit. Wouldn’t blame Rangers for being upset on this one

  16. Debbie Downer on

    of course he won’t. Shea Weber and Gumbo are above the law. Klesla, though, will pay the price.

  17. ok no hearing is a joke. i dont think he should be suspended but this is just absurd.

  18. The refs sucked but that’s not why they lost. They lost because they are playng a good team which played a bit more desperate and took advantage of mistakes.

    This series in general is mirroring the triple OT in that it will come down to a battle of will. I still think our guys win in the end.

  19. If we had good officiating, the Ranger would of closed this series out already…FACT

  20. he is a repeat offender, so they can’t have a hearing, otherwise he would have to be suspended. see? Jones explained how they had to contort it to keep him playing.

  21. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    If Ovie gets suspended then shouldn’t hank for whacking Girardi in the forehead with his stick last game?

    Anyway if someone targeting a rangers head does get suspended it would be so odd that the team might not know how to respond.

  22. Its a loss. Nothing more, nothing less… same as the Sens series. OV hit was cheap, why should we expect anything less? he’s a cheap player. puck knocked over the glass with a glove, oh well. slash on Boyle,trip on Cally, oh well.

    Fact is the Rangers had their PP opportunities and didn’t cash in.

    I’ll go back to OV. He’s cheap. Always plays the body instead of the puck, looks to hit guys when they are playing the puck, and his hit on Girardi is suspendable for leaving his feet.

    Rangers got beat though today and looked tired.

    Back to NYC for game 5.

  23. ovie not getting hearing not a real shock. if u call hags u need to call boyle play that bothers me two hours later

  24. It’s the NHL playoffs and there are NO matches on a Saturday night. Thanks, NBC!

  25. Vogs, seriously? Alfredsson had a concussion, and missed, what, three games? Everyone’s using some piss poor comparisons. It was a cheap shot, but it wasn’t that bad. Given his history, he should get one game, at least. Either way, I wont complain.

  26. vogs May 5th, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    If Hags gets 3 games for hitting Alfredsson, then OV deserves more.

    that’s absurd beyond belief. hits were nothing alike.

  27. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Agree with you, ORR, but injury shouldn’t matter at all. It should be about intent.

  28. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    eric, im with you. thats the only officiating complaint i’d have about the game.

  29. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Sigh. Just scooped carcillo out of the box….typical of this day, eh…..

  30. Rollin Dubious on

    Ov hit bad but not worthy of suspension…..we just don’t get enough pressure on their goalie, if we did it would be over already. Get shots ON net, make him work.

    “Cycle, cycle,cycle…clear” come on…..

  31. I don’t understand the two feet on the ice thing . . .both feet left the ice .. before or after the hit what’s the difference. . .he jumped into him and hit his head. . .his timing was off so he hit before both feet left the ice but that is still what he was doing . . his other foot didn’t come off the ice by accident because of the force of hitting Girardi. If a player launches himself at someone and happens to hit him before both feet leave the ice does that somehow lessen the hit?

  32. tim, you are delusional. the NBC replays clearly showed both of his feet off the ice, and the refs agreed, calling it charging.

  33. now get a pic of torres hit and you will see same exact thing. Nobody jumps and while in mid air hits ppl that would look wierd.

    The pic actually show ovies shoulder heading right for his head, and he’s in the process of leaving his feet. Its called springing yourself up to get up high. since when does high launching hits mean both skates have to be off ice before contact.

  34. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    why blame the refs and ovetchkin.. ?
    I blame the rangers who were out of position all game around the net,notice the off hand/backhand shots with little zip. and they got bounced of the walls all game long, kreider made a forced error and I believe he was benched.. this is nothing new if you’re a ranger fan, they never make it easy like the other teams seem to do.

  35. Every team has problems with the officiating it is sadly part of the game. . .in a perfect world every call would be made and even for all teams . . . the fact is the Rangers missed opportunities. They gotta help themselves by capitalizing on chances and shooting at the net . . .and you want to avoid bad and uneven calls in the third . . . don’t slash and don’t commit penalties. . .at no time in life is “he did it and got away with it” a viable defense. Just because Washington got away with it doesn’t mean you would so don’t do it.

  36. that has nothing to do with the flaws in league discipline . if Rupp make that same hit on Ov, I guarantee you he has a hearing, but switch it around and you get crickets. see the problem??

  37. Not saying it wasn’t charging, said it wasn’t suspension worthy because it satisfied none of the required criteria (off the ice, hit to the head, no indication of intent to injure like leading with elbow, targeting the head etc).

    not quite sure why you think i’m delusional when the linked photo irrefutably shows OV with skate on the ice and contact with the shoulder. here it is again if you don’t believe me:

  38. 100% Kpled . . .star power and injury result should have no place in suspension decisions

  39. The picture also shows it was a hit from behind . . . not a good thing at all. . . But again what does it matter if one foot was on the ground . . both feet left with his follow through. . he was jumping just hit a moment before his other foot left the ice. Its not like he was surprised by the hit and in shock took his other foot off the ice.

  40. “They never make it easy like the other teams seem to do.”

    Which teams have been making it easy this playoffs? Maybe the Kings (who have steamrollered the #1 and #2 in the West like everybody predicted…) and er, that’s it.

  41. the refs called it charging because he left his feet, so you already are wrong.

  42. Blogmama Go Tony!!! on

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Who said I’ll have another……jpg….wish I had bet…..awesome ride

  43. Orr

    It’s time for dinner. Get your butt upstairs and eat your food or else you are going to bed hungry tonight.

  44. That photo was doctored. Ovie should go to prison. Rangers in 5….believe

  45. tim

    You have shown the Kennedy assassination, before the fatal shot. PPoC is the head, even if OV’s body happened to brush Girardi’s jersey on the way. At point of impact, both feet were off the ice.

    I couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether OV gets suspended; let him play. But don’t come here and tell
    people that his feet never left the ice. Have a nice day.

  46. Orr

    Don’t you get rude with your mother. I thought I taught you better than that.

  47. Someone posted a photo showing Ovechkin’s skate on the ice when he made contact with shoulder of the poor Ranger that got crumpled, and the response from several of you was “The refs called it so that proves his skates were in the air.” Ha. That argument is so dumb it drools.

  48. By the way if anyone hasn’t heard at 11:30 pm (eastern time) the moon is supposed to be at its closest point to the earth and should look very impressive . . . .

    OK LGR! Next game they gotta play like they want it from start to finish!

  49. Some interesting trolls showed up after a loss, eh?

    I’ll tell you what, I don’t want him to get suspended, regardless whether it was a dirty hit or not. The last thing we need is Washington to find a reason to get pumped for Monday. On the other hand, knowing our boys, I expect them to come out in a foul mood and hit the heck out of their soft defense.
    And we’ll see you trolls on Monday. Yeah, right.

  50. Yeah, the same asshat posted a dumb post on previous thread one hour after it was over. I suppose that disqualifies him from a “fast learner” category.

  51. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Another game decided by the refs. About 4 or 5 penalties not called on Caps in last 10 minutes, including a trip of Callahan during pk that directly led to third goal. The league is a complete joke. Both caps wins needed referee help in the second half of third period. Pathetic

  52. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Broken stick of Boyle, holding/takedown of Boyle, swatting puck over glass for delay of game, trip of Cally on PK, and I’m pretty sure there was another trip in there.

    Not even sure if Hagelin actually broke the guys stick, or he just dropped it.

  53. rangersreport … With signs that say “9/11 was a good thing.” Sick to my stomach.
    about 1 hour ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    rangersreport Can’t believe i just saw protesters outside Verizon Center holding photos of burning Twin Towers …



    what do you mean by this? What was the rally about and where?

  54. Jeff in CT on

    Watch the movement of the head, back and to the right, back and to the right, back and to the right — proving once again that there was another skater on the grassey knoll.

  55. That goon Hagelin. Repeat offender, too.

    To cheer you up, here’s a line from Shanahan’s announcement of Ovechkin’s last suspension:

    “One key note in Shanahan’s explanation:
    “The moment Ovechkin launches himself into the air prior to the hit he becomes
    responsible for any contact to the head.” “

  56. You guys are adorable. Ovechkin’s shoulder hits the Ranger in the shoulder. Yes, the poor guy crumpled from a check by a much stronger player, and his head was hit, but the initial contact was on the shoulder. Tortarella will whine about the non-suspension for days because he’s a classless guy. I’m surprised he didn’t whine when Hendricks crushed whatever that other guy’s name is.

  57. Right across the street from the arena on 6th. I was going past it in a cab, so I couldn’t figure out who they were or what their point was … and also couldn’t spit or piss on them.

  58. Tony, Tortorella didn’t comment on it at all. Cheapshot Hunter said it was incidental contact.


  59. 4generations 4 cups on

    Whatever that guys name is? Ryan McDonagh? One of our top 4 defenseman?

    Who is this guy?

  60. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Anyone who has watched most of the Rangers games this season knows how badly we get screwed by the refs night in and night out. Getting even worse in the playoffs. With how last 10 min of the thud were called the arrangers have every right to be pissed

  61. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Those of you with NHL Net might want to watch/record the program airing at 8PM. “Road to Victory: The New York Rangers.” I have no idea what it’s about but.

  62. LaTONYa, that’s the video I’ve been telling you about (the prize for our contests). It’s really good.

  63. To cheer you up, here’s a line from Shanahan’s announcement of Ovechkin’s last suspension:

    “One key note in Shanahan’s explanation:
    “The moment Ovechkin launches himself into the air prior to the hit he becomes
    responsible for any contact to the head.” ”

    excellent post, Carp. Shanny will contort himself into a pretzel trying to ‘splain away that one. but he will.

  64. Carp
    i replied via twitter that the people with the 9/11 signs are more than likely
    folks from the “wunnerful” Westboro Baptist Church
    who are know for doing such protests at “events”
    such as soldiers’ funerals (soldier who perished in Iraq and Afghanistan)
    and holding up signs such as God Hate Fags

    it’s what they do. a real horrible bunch of hate mongers.

  65. Seriously JPG!!!! If I ever saw those people I would punch one (and I’m not a violent person)

  66. i’m not going on and on about the refs and ovechkin hit
    as for that instagram photo
    that’s a load of carcillo

    first, it shows his left skate coming off the ice. so, he was leaping.
    second, the angle of that photo is a load of crap because it’s taken from
    behind ovechkin. so you have NO idea of the distance between him and Girardi
    at that moment.

    here are replays of the hit. shows more of the leaping motion and it looks like his arm,
    above the elbow, hit Girardi in the head.

  67. Ilb are you asking if they are serious about the protestors? I would say they are . . I have heard about WBC numerous times. . .they are disgusting and make me ashamed to share the same religion as them.

  68. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Thank you Dolanvision….NOT! Can’t see the Road without paying extra for NHL…..fug….would rather buy it and have forvever….tell me all who watch it…how is Carp??!!!

  69. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Fug NHL….huh? we’re talking about WBC? I am outta here….Ta! mama love…..

  70. WBC tried to pull something like that in western PA
    with the funeral of a fallen soldier (from Iraq or Afghanistan)
    area bikers and others made it known that they would be prepared for
    them and be in attendance. i believe they backed down.

  71. Yes, I was, Jorek. I just looked WBC up. Nauseating. But what do they have to do with DC?

  72. They protest in random places and at the funerals of fallen soldiers. . . They will go anywhere that gets attention ilb.

  73. Carp saw people holding signs in regards to 9/11
    found tweets:

    Rangers Report ? @rangersreport
    Can’t believe i just saw protesters outside Verizon Center holding photos of burning Twin Towers …

    Rangers Report ? @rangersreport
    … With signs that say “9/11 was a good thing.” Sick to my stomach.

  74. Oh and their location may have something to do with right to gather permits (as in wherever they were may have been the closest they could get to where they really wanted to be)

  75. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Fug, I missed a lot….didn’t mean to engage with asshat….also missed moon by my house…..carcillo day :) Ta!

  76. Thanks for the link to the Ovy hit- I was at work and (fortunately) missed the game. Hit looked clean to me- I mean…that looked like virtually every hit that guy takes. Seriously… if he wasn’t a star- it’s suspendable…but you can’t suspend Ovy…he’s in all the commercials! Maybe he’d get a suspension if he was hitting a Penguin…oh, yeah…he already did. No sense bellyaching about the refs….I’m sure the worst is yet to come.

  77. They are probably protesting because earlier this week was the year anniversary of the death of Bin Laden . . .hence them protesting saying 9/11 was our fault. . . they were probably all over DC all week.

  78. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Jo… a triple wicky…..thought it was earlier here….thanks. probably won’t make it :)

    Hartnell chicken….hartnell NHL….hatrtnell……Monday = winning!!!

    LGR! LGT! LGP! Good early evening all!!!

  79. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    BANJ….if you see this….idiot!!! Go to sleep!!! mama love…..

  80. CraigWeather on

    Let’s not even MENTION Westboro Baptist Church to me …. One of my gigs as a TV Meteorologist was in Topeka, KS which is where they’re based out of. Every weekend I’d see those douche-nuggets “protest” on the corner of the road coming home from work. It took a lot of restraint to not “accidentally swirve” into them…. Sick people that need help.

  81. Slide it back on

    So for all the genius that picked Rangers in 4 or 5, whats your guess now? 6,7, or dare you switch and pick the Caps in 6, 7? Bunch of people thought it would be a cake walk.

  82. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Slide it back,

    Have you seen the poll results on the right hand side of the page? Slide the scroll bar back up a bit, maybe you can then reconsider your post.

  83. I dont think many picked Rangers in 4….It’s been Rangers in 6 or 7 and there’s absolutely no reason to change our minds about that. The Sens were 5x the team the Caps are. Im still not one bit scared of them. I actually thought we could score with the goalie pulled today. Against the Sens I thought we had no shot.

  84. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I agree, Lev. To this point, the Sens have terrified me much more than the Caps have.

  85. These inbred jackwagons from Westboro are the same people who hold up signs at soldier’s funerals saying, “God hates the US..and God Hates Fags” They are protesting becuase of society’s acceptance of homosexuality. Groups of bikers go to these “protests” to drown out their noise with their pipes–just so the family that is mourning their loss of their son who just died a chance not to hear these cretins yell their vitriolic nonsense.

    By the way, I am so sick right now thinking about a series of non calls in the third period, and then the call on Hags. They’ll come back though.

  86. Well I am on my 16th pibber since the game ended. Still thinking rangers in six. I know. I am a jackwagon pollyana. Rangers in SIX!!!!

  87. It’s one game. We didn’t show up for the first period. Ya, the refs missed some calls, but it’s ONE game.

    We are the better team. We’ve bounced back all year after losses.

    I have no doubt that we will be ready to play monday at MSG.

    Everybody relax – it will be ok.

  88. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Geez this place gets nutty after a loss…
    Might come back around tomorrow AM, hopefully saner thoughts prevail.

    Goodnight heads.

  89. Anyone see me toss the puck back on the ice with a min left? I was aiming for a ref.

  90. Carp, I was right on the blue line where AO hit Danny, left his feet, but not suspend able IMO . Also right in front of me was the backhanded glove over the glass WTF. Refs were bad, the worst was Cally getting tripped about 20sec before that queer hockey players goal. Bettman was sitting 2 rows in front of me and people where taking pix with him, idiots. It took all my power not to ask him about the officials this yr. Then I was going to say how did Chris Neil not get a 2min. Penalty in 7 games, but I thought he would have me thrown out of the arena. Anyway we did not deliver anywhere near the offense to win a playoff game, so it’s on us. BTW I’m 0-2 game 5 Ottawa and today, turning down game 7 if were playing.

  91. Matt me and my buddy saw you, it was ripped in the stands. Lol my other buddy was sitting by 2 NYR fans and backstrom threw a puck over to his 7 yr old and the ranger fan maybe 23 grabbed and didn’t give it up. Oh well

  92. Not suspendable? Guy jumped and was airborne with successful intend “shoulder to head”. Feet ½ ft. above the ice, first contact – head. Guilty as sin! Next.
    What that? Moratorium on star’s suspension? Oh, OK keep going and complain…

  93. I was the most po’ed by no call for Cally tripping second before 3 rd goal. Travesty!!!!!

  94. My only satisfaction will be if in the next game Rangers will tear them apart, like my dog did his rug (in humiliating pieces, like 4:0 or something).

  95. Reginald Dunlop on

    Department of Player Safety has issued a really, really, really strong warning to Ovechkin and if he does it 5 more times he could, might face a suspension………..for now he is on double secret probation—-

  96. Oh, I got it. NHL implemented curfew after 11:18 PM, but forgot to send me cable pronto.

  97. Sorrry to be the close to last but that it is with my work schedule, sorry.
    The Rangers are playing the closest game against ANYBODY, period. The forechecking and backboard hitting works as long as the physical stamina holds up Then you have possibly an odd man rush against you… The king Henry is not what we would like him to be, let’s face it. Against the better shooters, he is on his knees and the high shots elude him.
    The defense is increasingly more tired – less and less physical – that leeds to more “running around” and the trouble for Lundquist. How can we win the next game in the Garden ? I really don’t know, except it is a “must win” game.

  98. Just watched the DVR after working all night. Rangers made a nice rebound in the 2nd. I don’t know how the call is made to change the game after Boyle had the same thing happen, moments earlier. The Cally trip and the non call on Knuble? I don’t know. The Caps can thanks the refs for changing the game. Disgusted!

  99. newbear,
    good post, but I’m afraid that nobody are appreciating it right now, except me and my fellow bear, who just opened lid of my garbage bin.

  100. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    Though I better stop by and make sure the place was still standing…

    I am going to love to see shanny worm his way out of this one after his comments on the last ovi suspension.

    Tied series with home ice advantage, so…no worries.

    I thought at any point and time after the rangers tied the game each time, if they could have scored one more they would have taken the life out of the caps.

    It does bother me a bit though to see the rangers out ranger’d and certainly not as physical as they should have been.

    I hate maltby’s neckish beard!!

  101. Hello, late night’s working moths.
    I just realized that I made before hattrick of hattricks.

  102. 4everanger on

    All I know, that I don’t want to repete Ottawa series – have no more nails.

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