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First this. As you saw, Alex Ovechkin claimed he was bracing himself to be hit, and that he hit Dan Girardi in the shoulder. OK. His coach — who has such a nice resume’ — backed him up, calling it “incidental contact” as both players, he said, were looking down.

Nice. I’m sure the NHL Department of Jumping Through Hoops to Not Suspend Guys will take a long look at this clear head shot by a repeat offender.

Or not.

Now, as for the Rangers, their crowded tiny lockerroom was as tense as I can ever remember it, guys grouchy, swearing, slamming doors. And coach John Tortorella went to the interview room earlier than scheduled, before the New York media arrived, answered two questions — the second of which was “No” to whether he wanted to comment on the officiating — then left. Poor performance by him.

Here are some interviews:

Dan Girardi:


Ryan Callahan:


Brad Richards:


Marc Staal:



Here is some additional audio provided by the Capitals’ media relations staff (hope this works):

Tortorella and Hunter:

Staal and Henrik Lundqvist:


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  1. LaTONYa from Miami on


    Here’s how it works.

    NHL officials are pathetic both ways. They’ve capitalized on their PPs so far and we didn’t. We had two PPs in overtime, and didn’t score.

    Dangerous hit by Ovechkin but it’s ludicrous to suggest it was the Torres hit. OV should have a hearing, but the NHL is wildly inconsistent so who knows what will happen.

    All of you saying Henrik needs to make big-time saves and also claiming that those goals were soft, which one is it? Big-time saves usually come from big-time scoring opportunities.

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    Ovechkin should be suspended for a game, but almost certainly won’t be since Girardi didn’t immediately show signs of being hurt. That doesn’t mean its a safe hit though. Concussions and brain injuries are complicated things and the NHL needs to be consistent in how it rules these hits. Just because Girardi didn’t “look” hurt doesnt mean everything is okay.With everything in the news lately about concussions the NHL has to know that. So why not do the right thing and discipline #8?

  3. I can understand the frustration by the fans and especially players. they are the one’s giving blood and sweat into this. As much as the Media would love Torts to cooperate. he obviously can’t hide his feelings, and if he does express his feelings he will get fined. So what do you wan’t him to do? Lie? Maybe he’s not a lier.

  4. Thats a clear headshot through Ranger Blue glasses. No elbow and hit shoulder first

  5. honestly wrong. your wearing ovi glasses. the elbow is not the only part of the body that can be used as a weapon.

  6. Clear head shot? That’s some serious home-cooking you have going there. It’s not a suspendable offense when a Ranger gets hit hard. The Neal hit on Boyle was viscious but within the rules. This Ovechkin hit was hardly a penatly and certainly wasn’t viscious. Girardi should just stop trying to hit Ovechkin; he’s going to get himself hurt. And Tortarella should stop whining for help from the league and focus on his team.

  7. What is hardly a penalty? It was a charge and interference since girardi did not have puck…don’t expect suspension but it was a cheap shot ….he leaves his feet on most checks anyway

  8. Ovechkin leaps 6 inches of the ground at a player without the puck. He has been suspended at least twice for high hits where he jumped off the ice..
    That is a suspension unless suspensions are being decided by brain dead monkeys..

    P.S. There are calls that are missed because it’s a high speed game and things happen away from the puck. I don’t quite think the Brooks Laich trip qualifies.

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