Rangers get back to work; we do a Live Chat at 2 p.m.


Ya boys are practicing today here in D.C. so I’ll head over there and post some audio after I finish catching up on the sleep I (we all) lost Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Then we’ll have our Live Chat at 2 p.m., so be here to discuss Game 3, Game 4, or whatever.

Couple more thoughts:

1) After Game 3, after John Tortorella praised Ryan McDonagh at his press conference, I saw a couple of Canadian media types giggling. Then I heard what they were laughing about: “Scott Gomez!” Which is, you know, pretty funny.

2) I’ve spent some time in these playoffs talking up team execs, scouts and all sorts of hockey people, some of whom I haven’t seen in a long time, since I left the beat back in ’02. And you know what pretty much everyone of them, right across the board, says? That they’re unbelievable impressed with the way the Rangers play, with how hard they make it for every opponent every night. And mostly, how good a coaching job John Tortorella (and Mike Sullivan) have done in getting so much out of so many guys. And you can go right down the list of players who contribute to this Rangers team who might not contribute nearly as much, if at all, under other coaches and on other teams.

3) I also heard a good story maybe you’ve heard before, but I hadn’t. Seems NBC’s bench interviews — which are uncomfortable at best when Torts is involved — haven’t all aired. There was one during the season when the bench interviewer asked Tortorella about his team’s slow start. And Tortorella, I was told, went into an F-bomb rampage about how maybe the start had something to do with NBC forcing the start of the game to be delayed, as usual. That never made it to TV. I also wonder if that might have had something to do with the fine for his later F-bomb during his Skid Crosby-Evgeni Malkin tirade.

4) Did you see the goal Brian Elliott allowed to Mike Richards last night? Well, they’re calling it an awful goal, and it definitely was. But that goal is by design now. Goalies who go to their knees are extremely vulnerable to bad-angle shots because, by going to a knee, the goalie creates angles off of which pucks can carom, and most of those angles can only cause caroms in one direction — toward the net. I’m actually still surprised, if not shocked, that more forwards haven’t figured this out, and haven’t launched more shots from near the end line toward these butterfly goalies’ feet.

5) I think Braden Holtby would be ripe for a couple of those, if the Rangers figure it out. And maybe the TV analysts will figure it out one day, too.

6) Since some of you asked, that was Jeff Gorton seated next to Glen Sather in the skybox Wednesday night. CBC had a camera on Slats and another on George McPhee throughout the overtime(s). Some good reactions were the result.

7) Oh, I forgot to tell you, I finally watched the new DVD — “Road to Victory” — about the ’93-94 Rangers. It was outstanding, IMO. Some of you will be getting copies as prizes for the predictions contest. They got some really good stuff out of the key guys from that season, exceptional stuff from Brian Leetch and Eddie Olczyk and even Mike Keenan. And the fans they chose to play big roles were fabulous. One guy tells about how, after Game 5 against the Devils, he put all his Rangers jerseys, etc., in a cardboard box and put it on the back lawn, next to a can of lighter fluid, and he promised himself he would burn it and never root for the Rangers again if they broke his heart that time. They also found the “Now I Can Die In Peace” guys. I highly recommend it.

See youse at 2 p.m.





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  1. BroadwayRoe on

    Carp! This like getting a half of a review between games! In other words – Carp = beast!

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Finally it rains this week!

    Kings look tough. LA/NY would be a great series, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  3. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good morning all! Harrnell! No chat for me…got a carcillo assignment today. Sigh.

    BroadwayRoe = Correct!

  4. So great to wake up to Carp’s reviews and insights, today a bonus since there wasn’t even a game.

    Interesting observation about the goalies.

    Hilarious (though not at all surprising) about Torts NBC interview, good stuff!

  5. Doesnt Tortorella remind you of the ‘Most Interesting Man’ in the Dos Equis commercials?

    I was thrilled when they hired Tortorella — I have never seen a Rangers coach get this much out of his players. Accountability, discipline, a strong team system. And to think so many Rangers fans dislike him? Jealousy? Prejudice?

    F-bombs at NBC interview = Torts being Torts

  6. Holtby hasnt lost back to back games in his last 29 starts after a loss…The Caps havent lost two games in a row all playoffs…Ready to go to MSG tied 2-2? It’s coming.

  7. I wonder if the front office looks at the UFAs available and considers signing someone who’s got talent but underperforms thinking that Torts will get more out of them. Imagine someone like Semin buying into our team concept and firing one timers off of dishes from Richie and then hustling on the backcheck.

  8. little league tomorrow then straight to the game, with some excellent seats. PUMPED! I can’t work today

  9. Carp: I, of course, watch the CBC feed (being in Ontario and all) and agree it’s generally superior to the NBC broadcasts.

    However, one thing they did on that OT game that was tolerable at first, then quickly became old and finally downright annoying was pan to Holtby’s parents who were in the crowd.

    At one point I swear they were on-screen every 2nd stoppage.

    Even if they were pretty people it was over the top (the father looks too young to have a 22 year old kid – was he 7 when his boy was conceived???).

    My 22 and 18 year boys were watching and all of us by the middle of the 1st OT period wanted to throw things at the TV. My 18 year said ‘When the Rangers score, I sure hope they show those 2!’

    LOL…and they did…it was kinda sweet (not that I’m blaming the parents – I’m sure they didn’t ask to be flashed 100+ times across Canada)…

  10. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    I feel so proud and happy in knowing that we still have players like Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin, Del Zotto, McD and even Staal and Girardi that will only get better with time. Especially McD, the kid is absolutely amazing and is going to be a great defenseman for a long time. Im so proud of this team. Win or lose this series, I will be happy, overall that is.

  11. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, Tony, and all!!

    Thanks for, well, we will call it the “Mini review””

    that guy from the commercials is a huge rangers fan and posts here. He posts as ILB!

    per quota

    off to work, later aasens!!

    no text

    no gatorade

  12. Heave Ho

    Not even Tortorella could turn Semin into a solid two way player. He has loads of talent, but he’s a europansy and always will be.

  13. T w/Ms Mgill on

    I love me some Torts. I love how he just doesn’t give a Semin about all of the NBC stuff. He is a rebel LOL. HE IS THE FONZ!!!!

  14. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lol @ Torts’ NBC interview. Why am I not surprised?

    Semin? On Torts’ team? Stu Bickel’s TOI would look like an infinity comparing to his.

  15. T w/Ms Mcgill on

    This year seems to have some crazy similarities to 94. You may have a Rangers Devils Matchup in the CF’s and you have a low seeded West Coast team making a serious push in LA (94’s Vancouver).
    Though the styles of all the teams are different it would be interesting to see a Rangers/Kings Final that goes to 7 games.

  16. I know we’ve mentioned here several times, but something that shouldn’t be underestimated in this impressive PO run is the contribution from Marc Staal. I think it’s going by somewhat under-appreciated in part because of the play of others and because it’s what we ultimately expect from him.

    Of course, prior to his concussion issues, this wouldn’t have needed to be mentioned, but when you consider how off his game was until basically April and how he’s played since, it is, IMO, quite amazing.

    I thought he was a truly a beast Wednesday night – IMO, the most physical D-man for both teams. I loved it when OV knocked him down early in the game because his history with OV has been from the beginning to respond by getting angry and getting even and with his size, skating and skill, he’s very effective when he’s got that vengeance mindset on.

    You know when he nearly decapitated OV on the same shift after OV knocked him down, OV instantly realized that he’d better not cut across the middle again (it’s because of his pure skill that OV managed, at the last second, to get partially out of the way – if not, he’d be out now with a concussion, of that I’ve zero doubt).

    I think what’s happened is the sub-conscious fear of being re-concussed if/when he started to bring back to his game the physical aspect he’s so good at has vanished because he’s hitting and taking hits with no ill-effects.

    I’ve also noticed, as these POs go deeper, him carrying the puck more, something he started to bring to his game in the latter half of last season.

    Truly, this man’s confidence has re-emerged and it’s wonderful to see and crucial to the Rangers ability to continue onward….

  17. Oleo, yeah, I tend to agree. After posting I remembered Zherdev. He failed Tort’s hockey school miserably so maybe my idea is so much wishful thinking. I’m happy with the path we’re on. This season is already so much more than I had hoped for and we should be even better and still a young team next year. But I’m getting ahead of myself… we have a game to win tomorrow!!


  18. Surprised of how the Blues look in the POs so far. LA was able to elevate their intensity, the Blues couldn’t. Hard to explain, it’s not only their goaltending. They look timid and unsure if themselves. Almost like whatever worked during the regular season isn’t working now, and they have ways to adjust. Coaching? Perhaps.

    Not surprised how the Flyers-Devils series has gone so far. As it was predicted by many of us, the Flyers aren’t able to score as many against Marty, and Bryzgalov has been shaky at times. This one will go for a while.

  19. Remember when I said people were stupid for not picking the blues?

    Egg + My Face = Me Embarrassed.

  20. Miami Pimp on


    Awesome blog, made my morning. Love the anectodes. More of these would make for outstanding reading.

    See you at 2PM EST. I’ll be there with my typical, insightful questions.

  21. SCOTT GOMEZ !!!


  22. In my opinion, the Rangers should win the Stanley Cup. It doesn’t mean that the season is a waste, if they don’t or that I would be shocked if they didn’t win, but the Rangers are the best team left and their path to the finals is relatively “easy”.

    Washington is not a great team and I don’t see them beating us. New Jersey and Philly both look shaky and I don’t see them beating us either and out west, Phoenix is eh, St. Louis doesn’t have the scoring, LA is an 8 seed and Nashville also doesn’t have the scoring.

    Nothing is given, but this year the Rangers really are the team to beat right now…

  23. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    good point about staal and puck carrying, jim. its destroy or be destroyed in the playoffs, and you can see what side he’s decided to he on…

  24. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    that reminds me….carp, you still havent told us the story anout the ottawa(?) food!!!

  25. Miami Pimp on

    The only thing these clowns will win this year is a trip to the golf course.

  26. everytime i think that mcd could instead be gomez i shudder involuntarily… easily one of the best trades in the last 10 years in the nhl.

  27. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    mp u almost worried me with that earlier positive post.

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers can win the cup, but I don’t know what playoffs you have been watching if you think our path to winning it is “easy.” The teams out west honestly scare me a bit, and there is nothing even certain about us getting past Washington or the team that awaits us next. Are we good enough to beat any of them? Yes. But they’re also good enough to beat us on any given day too. Its going to be a war the rest of the way, don’t convince yourself otherwise.

  29. The Rangers have won the cup once since Franklin Roosevelt was President…Why wouldnt we win it this year? History repeats itself…

  30. Speaking of goalies…

    A short time ago this season, one of the announcers saw a goal tender do the stacked pads sideward slide, and he said ( not an exact recollection, but to the effect was ” “Did you see that stacking of the pads? Wow you don’t really see that any more”) and in my memory there was a time when that was de rigeur for all goaltenders…the “butterfly” had not yet become a

    Old Goalies Rayner, Sugar Jim Henry, Johnny Bower, Turk Broda, etc. never heard of it. And I have long maintained that the Ranger goal coach should have taught Lundqvist how to add it to his repertoir…….
    it’s not all that hard, but he’s so butterfly driven that I doubt he could bring himself to even attempt learning it. But if he ever did master it, I am convinced that many of the goals that he does flub, would be saved.

    But you know someone who uses it fairly regularly? Brodeur. And Biron would be greatly helped by it due to his opening that monster five hole that he is stuck with.

  31. I will miss the chat today as I will be on an airplane so i will ask my question now. I rolled over in bed last night and got a face wash for my efforts. Do i need to cut back her hockey viewing time?

  32. Gaborik – And the Rangers have never lost a game when they’ve played on the first Saturday afternoon of May in 2012. Undefeated they are. Stats are like politicians: They’ll say anything you want them to say as long as you spin ’em in the right direction. Bottom line is if you’re the Rangers or if you’re the Capitals, there’s only one thing you’re thinking about: Three periods of hockey. Everything else is BS.

    Carp – Any news on Zuccarello? What are the chances we see either him or Dubinsky for the rest of the series?

    ilb2001 – I think it’s two things: The Blues are very young and Elliot simply isn’t that good. Halak being out would be the equivalent to us losing Hank. Elliot is a back up goaltender. He’ll have moments when he looks like an all-star, but that’s not going to save you in the playoffs. That’s why Ottawa didn’t keep him.

  33. T w/Ms Mcgill on

    I agree with Beantown Rob. If the rangers get to the next round it will get even harder as these become rivalry games. Hatred for one another is a great equalizer

  34. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on




    That Staal hit on ovi was the best one I have seen from him since stajan

  35. Leetchhalloffame on

    Here’s hoping Torts will be drinking Dos Equis out of the Cup in a month or so.

  36. Staal’s hit on the ice after being laid out by his brother was pretty devastating as well.

  37. If Callahan got the same injury as Mariano Rivera, he’d be back on the ice in the second period. Baseball players are such pusies

  38. Fat Guy – Yesterday I was talking to my friend about the Hendricks hit on McDonagh, who came right back out, and Eric Chavez bumping his chin on the ground and getting a concussion. It’s nuts how much hockey players can take. Toughest athletes in my opinion. Second is Boxers.

  39. Staal is still inconsistent. When he’s being physical, he’s solid. When he starts reaching, he gives up chances. That’s how Carlson scored. Stralman was out of position and just kind of sitting there, Staal reached for the puck and swiped twice and barely hit it and Carlson got it, settled it, and sniped one.

    Staal has definitely gotten more comfortable though. The only thing with him is that it seems whenever he makes a mistake, it ends up in the back of the Rangers net, whereas where other guys make mistakes and it doesn’t pan out for the other team. Could be coincidence and bad luck, but it just seems to happen to him on all his mistakes.

  40. Fat Guy – Callahan had a similar injury and was out for almost 2 months. So while I’d agree with you on almost everything and know you are being sarcastic, don’t think he’d be back from a Torn ACL haha

  41. MANNY

    Please let the Rangers clowns that it’s a puck, not a ball … they sure treat it like the latter.

  42. Interesting points Carp made in # 4 and 5. In overtime, I really noticed that Holtby was dropping to the ice a lot earlier than previously and was almost stabbing at the puck rather than letting the shot come to him. It will be interesting to see if it was the actions of a tired goaltender or could it be a little kink in his armor.

  43. If I banked that kind of money and had 5 World Series rings, there’d only be one kind of shagging I did every day

  44. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Mariano Rivera is no wimp. Agree with you about baseball, football, basketball players in general being wimps, but not Rivera. He is a warrior.

  45. I’m pretty sure if the Rangers weren’t still playing I’d still be locked in the bathroom crying over Rivera.

  46. FashionForward on

    Considering the Rangers playoff push, I haven’t been spending as much time thinking about baseball as I usually do in April/May. But a quick look over at a Mets blog that I used to read every day reminded me of how well organized and written this blog is.

    Great job, Carp, for keeping it informative, readable and interesting!

  47. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    If the Blues get eliminated, the Rangers would be the favorite to win the Cup ^according to Vegas^

  48. FashionForward on

    Yeah I stole it when I delurked a few months back. Still a fan of his even though it puts me about seven months behind the times here. :)

  49. Guys – P.S. I am the biggest effin Yankee fan any of you has ever seen. I still get pissed off about pitch sequences from 35 years ago. Trust me, I am kidding, and if the Rangers were already out, I would be raging about the Yanks right now. My wife, dog and kids would be sleeping on the wet floor of the shed these days.

  50. Rob in Beantown

    Out of the 8 teams left in the playoffs right now, where is the dominant team like we’ve seen in years past?

    The Flyers are the only team I would consider to be a powerhouse offensively, but their defense and especially their goaltending is suspect. Nashville? St. Louis? LA? Phoenix?

    I’m sorry but there is no team other than the Rangers that really jumps out at me this year…

  51. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Thank god Miami is back to normal, sounded a touch positive yesterday and it scared me.

    Seems to be a year of firsts… first 3OT for NYR since ’71, first game 7 @ MSG since…, first NYR rookie to score first goals as GWG in playoffs (I may be wrong). But alot of firsts.

    This years rangers are highlighting what makes hockey such a great sport… warriors that play till its over and play as a team for each other. Not many sports have that combination.

    13.5 more hours.

  52. FashionForward – You didn’t steal it! It’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeee for the public. I love it.

  53. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    If I remember correctly, before this round, the Blues were 6 to 1 and the Rangers were 13/2. The Kings are actually the favorites, as of today. For what it’s worth, the averages look to be as follows:

    Kings 2.5 to 1
    Rangers 3 to 1
    Devils 5 to 1
    Flyers 6 to 1
    Coyotes 6 to 1
    Preds 7 to 1
    Caps 12 to 1
    Blues 33 to 1

  54. If it ends up being Rangers-Kings, do you think both teams would vote Avery a full share of the Cup money?

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    oleosmirf, I think there is a huge difference between saying we are the best remaining among a bunch of unremarkable teams and we are dominant and have nobody left who can rival us. I remind you that if a few shots off the post didn’t happen in our current series and we could be playing from behind. And we had to play 7 games to beat the number 8 seed Ottawa. You can make an argument we are the favorites of the remaining teams, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that it will be “easy” as you claimed.

  56. Alright, I’ll be the first to “go there” – where does this season’s Rangers rank among the all-time great teams?

  57. If Torts read this blog this morning, the amount of F-bombs produced by him couldn’t be counted. I’m sure he isn’t thinking anything beyond tomorrow’s game.

  58. Beer Googles on

    If we get the Cup clinching game at home, I’m taking out a HELOC and paying whatever it takes to be next to the Rangers’ bench

  59. Radulov and Kostitsyn scratched again tonight. Trotz and Nashville have some bickels…

  60. Rob in Beantown

    you misinterpreted what I said. I am not saying it is easy, i’m saying it is an easier road than usual.

    The Rangers are going to be the better team regardless of who they play and none of these remaining teams are what I would consider formidable opponents.

    What im saying is these 8 remaining teams are not in the same league as the 2011 Bruins, 2011 Canucks 2010 Blackhawks, 2009 Penguins, 2008/09 Red Wings etc.

  61. Wow. Agreed Fat Guy. His hair is horrendous. As is his horrifying face. He looks like a (sexual) predator.

  62. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Rob, also keep in mind that a few shots an inch the other way, and the Rangers could be up 3-0 too. What ifs don’t matter, they are up 2-1.

    Like a friend of mine says, if my aunt had Bickels, she’d be my uncle.

  63. Oleo, at which point did 5th place Boston become formidable last year? And if I read you correctly, if the Rangers do win this year, it’s because there are only weak opponents left. Give the Devils fans an excuse to cheer about in advance :-).
    Look, it’s the SC. Every team left is capable. That’s the beauty of hockey.

  64. Oleosmirf wrote:

    but the Rangers are the best team left and their path to the finals is relatively “easy”.

    wow!! I could not disagree more. I think both the Dev’s and Flyers would give us fits. Yes, the flyers have inconsistent D and Goaltending, but they have the BEST and deepest forward lines in the NHL in my opinion AND Danny Briere and Claude Giroux are scoring at a very high pace. They are both clutch playoff performers, especially Danny B.

    the Dev’s have played us tough this year and they are a talented bunch as well. Uncle Daddy Fatso might be a shell of his former self, but he can still pull spectacular games out of his enormous fat ass…


    I think not.

  65. There is *no* easy path to the Stanley Cup finals. Remember how that #8 seed almost beat us? It just happened so you should recall it.

  66. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    If anything, hockey has the hardest route to the championship. I think one could argue football because it’s one game that makes or breaks you. But, you can not sneak by four 7-game series.

  67. The Kings are on fire right now too. They have to be the favorite. Anything can happen in these playoffs though.

  68. 4generations 4 cups on

    I especially love the part of the Carl Hagelin ‘Mic’d Up” when they capture “f*** all of them!” after we win in 3OT….LGR!!!

  69. You guys are focusing way too much on the word easy. Obviously winning the cup is not easy.

    All i’m saying is that the teams remaining in the playoffs are weaker than years past and that there is not a single team remaining that is dominant team.

    As of right now the Rangers would avoid the #2-5 teams in the EC and might play a #8 seed in the west. How is that not an easier road?

  70. HOw does one connect with the live chats….I’d like to join but have no clue as to how to access them.

  71. Just come here and there will be a blue screen post at 2 p.m. fran. The Live Chat takes place right there.

    *new post.*

  72. Carp, have been looking in the msg store and can’t find the dvd. How do i get one?

  73. Fat Guy

    You cannot even begin to mark them among the best
    teams because they haven’t won anything yet. Just look at the Islanders of the 80;s they were deadly for four consequtive cups, and the Oilers who followed them duplicating that feat, and then several of the Wings teams…..that’s the yardstick that they measure by. I’d like to hope that they reach that area…but…first things first.

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