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  1. it won't fly on

    Emrick is aw-ful. how many times in the last game did he mis-identify Ranger players??

    He was especially clueless in confusing 3 guys whose number ends in a 2, Boyle , AA, and Hagelin.

    He is the favorite of the non-hockey fan who does not know one player from another.

  2. Rangers West on

    No matter what you think of Erick, you have to admit that his salsa routine with Madeleine Albright on Dancing With the Stars, was beyond hot.

  3. LaTONYa from Miami on


    I think you need to stop requesting Carp cater to the Apple crowd.. :)

  4. Ha! Sue me, Latona. Well, it’s catered to Windows crowd. Just want it to be fair :-)

  5. Rob in Beantown on

    Regardless of whether you hate Apple or love it, flash is bad web standards. No reason to use it when there are other technologies

  6. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Rob, while true, it’s stupid of Apple not to carry it since it is so widely used.

  7. TONY from AZ on

    Getting ready to make plans to go home. Can not wait, miss my family

  8. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Tony, I’m sure they miss you too. We all miss you too. Get completely better my friend.

  9. Miami Pimp on

    I wish we still had Anson Carter on this team … he was the real-deal

  10. corytrevor on

    You spoke to having to be impartial to do your job. That’s why I can’t stand seeing Wyshinski tweets in the box on the side. Guy is such an obvious Devils homer. It makes me sick.

  11. Carp bringing my boy to the game all dressed in blue, we will be loving it. Only time in Philly I wore the colors was the WC and believe it or not that scummy city was alright for that day. I expect a lot of blue tomorrow

  12. cup94
    i was just talking about the “sadly” remark from Carp
    wondering why
    and turns out to be exactly what i thought!

    storm finally came through and i napped
    and feeling much much better.

    gonna take my stressed out mrs. jpg to see Avengers
    so Yoga Woman can get her action movie on

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