First-round predictions contest winners determined (we think)


Before we get to Game 4, we have two winners of the first-round predictions contest (apologies for the delay).

I found two entries with seven out of eight series correctly predicted.

Headzo appears to be our winner, having correctly predicted seven series, including the Rangers. Our runnerup, tf, also predicted seven series, including the Rangers. Neither predicted the correct number of games or the score of the final game nor the game-winning goal, so we went to a saves tiebreaker, and Headzo had 32, tf had 33 and the actual number was 28. So Headzo is declared the winner.

If anybody has reason to believe they did better than those two, you have 24 hours to contact me at Otherwise, Headzo and tf will be declared our winners (don’t worry, tf, the first- and second-place prizes are the same: The new DVD “Road to Victory” about the ’94 Rangers — which is outstanding, I might add).

Headzo and tf, I need you to please send me your mailing addresses to

I was a sparkling 3-5, by the way. Which is almost looking as good as my preseason picks of Tampa Bay to win the East during the regular season, and Pittsburgh to beat Anaheim for the Cup. Thank you very much.

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  1. carped again!

    i was just talking about the “sadly” remark from Carp
    wondering why
    and turns out to be exactly what i thought!

    storm finally came through and i napped
    and feeling much much better.

    gonna take my stressed out mrs. jpg to see Avengers
    so Yoga Woman can get her action movie on

  2. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    What do I get for not predicting the length of any series correct??

  3. Does anyone know the link to the thread where we made our predictions? I can’t find it.

  4. it was in the thread with my predictions, and the photo of the Stanley Cup … before Game 1 vs. Ottawa, obviously …

    I didn’t mention the contest in the main part of the thread because I didn’t want all the freeloaders coming out of the woodwork and causing me the usual headaches such as checking ip addresses and multiple entries, etc.

  5. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good evening all! Congrats Headzo!!!!!!!! (and tf.)

    Hartnell….long on-the-road work day today…..what did I miss?

    Fyi, work called and asked me to take a shift tomorrow. I could use the dough but said, not quite this way, hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!

  6. Whoops! Just noticed that! My mistake!

    Yotes do look really good. As long as Smith keeps playing the way he has, they definitely have a shot at the Cup.

    Pretty cool that which ever team comes out of the West, it’s a team that has never won the Cup.

  7. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I think winning the next 2 games would be just huge for the Rangers, long-term in these playoffs. They’d get the extra rest needed to battle the Devils then Kings…

    I’m sorry I don’t think Phyllee has what it takes to match the Devils defensively. They left it all on the table in the run-and-gun first round win over the Pengweens. I don’t know if they can adapt to the defensive style played by the other 7 remaining teams to advance.

    The Rangers would do well to get the extra rest if they can take the next 2 games.. They will surely need it against the Devils.

  8. Rangers West on

    Can the Rangers call take-backs on Wolski or was that covered in the trade?

  9. From 0 playoff series victories in team history to 1 game away for CF! Go Yotes!

    Hopefully our own team could win tomorrow and come back home with 3-1 series lead!

  10. Rangers West on


    Very possible. Even if they don’t I am really starting to let go of the ghosts of Rangers past. These guys make most teams work harder for longer than they would like. This team really is a good group.

  11. JimboWoodside on

    I was out all day today, Carp – I made two “Hey, Tony” posts via WiFi from an Android Tablet I’ve been fooling around with recently, but typing on it is a misery that I wouldn’t wish on a Washington Crapital….

  12. Evening gang.

    My last check in before the trek to Callahan’s hometown. And just my luck that the movers aren’t coming til 5-8 PM tomorrow. Hartnelling asshats!! Luckily, I found someone who will housesit for me so I can get on the road ASAP in the morning. It’s costing me $200 cash, but what else could I do?

    Anyways, good luck to the boys tomorrow. I’m praying for a win, of course and will definitely check in tomorrow night at the hotel.

    LGR!!!! LGR!!!

  13. JimboWoodside on

    Mickey!! Good luck with your trip tomorrow! How are you traveling up here?

    Hey, how about those Knicks, eh!? ;-D

  14. I’m feeling pretty rested thanks to a few days of last week. We can do it, people. I might even score one more goal. Gabby and me, team playoff scoring leaders. I like that!

  15. Good evening….was just wondering…..has anyone heard back from those two Pittsburgh trolls from a few weeks ago? ‘CrosbyisGod’, and I forget the other one…….wonder how their gold game is right about now…

  16. Yes, Lev. So soon. My new job wanted me to start today and I was all, ‘uhh, no can do, how about next week’. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

    Thanks guys!! Appreciate the kind words! I will be here in spirit with you crazy ‘heads.

  17. JimboWoodside on

    Happy Motoring, Mickey!!Now that you’ll be a “New Yorker” again, maybe we’ll get you down to Katz’s someday in the future!

  18. Just watching a tape of Gabby’s goal. I have been pretty negative towards Richards. He did a lot of good things with some more room in the third OT. His set up was very clutch, especially the way he broke into the zone. His pass to Girardi was excellent. Gabby also set up like a pro for the one timer. Nicely done. Men playing with boys.

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