Tortorella off-day conference call; Live Chat tomorrow at 2


I had a good laugh. John Tortorella talked about carrying momentum over into Game 4. So attack me.

Maybe you try to convince yourself that it exists from game to game when you win … but from what we’ve seen in Games 1-10 of these playoff so far, um, well, it hasn’t really been there, has it? Or any series, for that matter.

Tortorella also sounded like he expects this run to go for a while … he said they’ll have to play more games like that “a number of times” and that this is a “lesson for us early”

The audio is going to be a bit scratchy, because it was done off the speaker of my cell phone to my recorder.

John Tortorella:




Just got word (orders?) that we’re doing a Live Chat tomorrow at 2 p.m., which will be shortly after the Rangers get their aching bones and bloody faces back on the ice for practice.

Be there. Or else.



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  1. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    no attack from this guy.


    Man, that was a great YouTube shot of the Rangers winner last night. Sather was actually there? OMG, he left his hyacinths? Looks like Glen has put on a few, huh? He actually cheered close to when the Rangers scored, too. Good boy, Glen.

    Carp, do you know who the young fellow to our right of him was?

    Sorry, but at this point, there is NO way he is making any decisions on his own other than financial. SOmeone’s gotta be helping him. Kind of reminds me when Steinbrenner starting getting dementia and his sons stayed by his side all the time and the guy didn’t do any interviews? I just hope he lets the people that have moved this team in a better over the last few years, keep doing it and does not interfere. Hyacinths, daisys, anything…..just stay away, GLen.

  2. ilb, dont worry. I slept in for you! Went back to bed after my RR post, just woke up. So Im rested up for the both of us.

    Lev, are you Jewish?

  3. Matty, CBC showed him and George McPhee constantly. McPhee was dying. It was hilarious.

    I’ll have to view the video. I don’t know which young guy you’re talking about. But be assured, he has a load of help in the front office, but he still calls the shots.

  4. Sather employs a small Nepalese boy to place and remove the unlit cigar from his mouth when he goes to the bathroom.

  5. Scratchy my foot, Carp. On iPhone, that is.

    LW- don’t tell me it works for you on iPhone

  6. Sather is at every game. I don’t get why people seem to think he’s not. He’s been at every game since the 1st game of the season unless he was scouting someone (like Nash).

    Also, whoever said Girardi needs to hit the net from the point, completely agree. But they all do, specifically DG, Staal, and MDZ. McD usually hits the net pretty consistently and Stralman is 50/50. But if DG/Staal/MDZ could hit the net with their shots, we’d keep so much more pressure on the opposing team. That Chimera goal from game 1 was caused because of Staal and Girardi missing the net three times and having it wrap around and go the other way.

  7. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Sorry, Tiki. DIdn’ t remember if it was ALzheimers or dementia. THanks for the clarification. :)

  8. Cool, Lev. So am I!

    How classless by Del Zotto to flick off Caps fans. That ought to be a fine. I think Ference of that B team got fined for same thing.

  9. they don’t want the dman to shoot into the shin pads of the guy in front of him for a breakaway. that is why dmen often have to shoot it into the corner or try to bank it off the end boards. if the shooting lane is not open, there is nothing else they can do

  10. as for missing the net from the slot, like Staal did, that was him just trying to hit the opening as Holtby came way out to cut the angle down, and he missed the shot wide. but look at Brouwer, who missed a point blank wide open net from 5 feet that would have ended the game. it happens.

  11. Carp do you have any idea when Dubi will be back? Do you think this could be a longer term issue than we think?

  12. Carp

    I agree with you on there being no momentum from game to game, however, I think this is a different situation because of the fatigue factor. Washington just had nothing left and the Rangers pretty much had the puck the last 15 minutes of that game…

  13. Mac, not all the time. Girardi, Stahl, Stahlman, etc, they’ve all been shooting wide with clear lanes. They’re trying to pick corners and they’re missing. All they need to do is shoot low, and shoot hard, create second chance opportunities. It’s simple!

    I understand shooting wide if you’re worried aboot the shot getting blocked, resulting in a breakaway.

  14. Mac – I’m not talking about that. I know they don’t have much of a shooting lane sometimes so they usually place it wide, which makes sense so they don’t give up the breakaway the other way. However, Girardi missed a wide open net the other night because he wound up like he was trying to blast it through the net. Staal and DZ do it a bunch too.

    Plus like Orr said, they are doing it when they have wide open lanes because they are trying to pick corners by shooting high instead of shooting low and hoping for the rebound in front. They need to get those on goal when they have the lane because it’s causing the puck to wrap around and can cause odd man rushes the other way.

  15. Noah-auer-uccarello-ubinsky, 29 on


    I read somewhere that Dubi made the trip to DC and is off crutches. So I imagine that’s progress, though it is unclear what his timetable is.

  16. I agree that they should shoot low for a rebound if someone is there for the rebound.

  17. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I do, Tiki, because if his leg heals, he’s a reliable enough body that Torts trusts enough to put out there, which will more evenly distribute the ice time.

  18. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Everyone still awake?

    It’s 80 and sunny here, in case anyone was wondering. No snow!

  19. I think there might be something to a momentum carry over from Game 3 to Game 4 if the teams were playing on Friday because the emotions from Game 3 would still be raw. However, I think the extra day removes some of the emotion and takes away from having to rely on adrenalin for Game 4.

  20. Tiki May 3rd, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Do we really even want Dubi back this playoffs?



  21. I got a Vibin’ from everyone’s favorite Manny earlier! Woo! Latona, I dont really want Dubi seeing ice time unless there’s an injury that requires his services. He makes too many stupid decisions, resulting in goals against and penalties against. Would he fit on the 4th line in place of Rupp? Maybe.

  22. Does anyone doubt the Rangers go into Game 4 in a better head than the Caps? That’s momentum. Does it mean they automatically win Game 4? Of course not. Does it help if they do things to perpetuate their confidence, like score early, Hank frustrates them with saves? Of course.

  23. As a matter of interest it would be great if there were statistics on who wins next game, and series, after a double or more overtime win.

  24. Noah-auer-uccarello-ubinsky, 29 on

    I know Carp will rip my head off for saying this, but I truly believe, after the Rangers blew a 3-0 lead in Game 4 last year and lost on that brutal double overtime goal, the Capitals had all the MOMENTUM and the Rangers were dead men walking in that Game 5. While I do agree that, normally, there isn’t any momentum game-to-game, there have to be exceptions.

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    The way the rest of the series plays out hinges on game 4. If the Rangers win Saturday this series will be over in 5 games. If Washington claws out a win we could be in for 7. I agree with Matteau the Rangers have to be viewed as slight favorites in game 4 but anything can happen in playoff hockey, and Washington is a good team. SHould be fun

  26. *NOAH?* I will agree with the inverse of your assertion. I think the Rangers had admitted defeat. It’s not the same as Momentum but it might have the same result.

  27. Noah, I completely disagree. As you guessed. Game 5 was a case of Washington having way more talent. … and the result of the clowns the Rangers had to use in that game.

    also, I don’t think there’s any way to view Dubinsky being here as progress … sorry. He’s still on crutches.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

    I forgot who asked … but in the Sather video, that’s Jeff Gorton next to him.

  28. TONY from AZ on

    Triple overtime! Why is this team trying to kill me!?

    (Blogmama typing here for Tony :)

  29. Noah-auer-uccarello-ubinsky, 29 on

    Carp, I would normally say “agree to disagree,” but, quite frankly, I have no idea what that phrase means. What if I don’t want to disagree??

    And I guess I got bad information on Dubi being off crutches. My bad.

  30. TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. *NOAH* just place an *asterisk* on either side of the word you want to make *bold*

  32. i don’t want to agree to disagree either. That’s a stupid saying. If we’re agreeing, why are we disagreeing? :)

  33. I always think of the Islanders when I hear Jeff Gorton’s name, just because of Gorton’s Fish Sticks.

    The guy is a promising future GM. When he was the interim GM for the Bruins, he made that Raycroft for Rask trade and was there when they drafted Kessel, Lucic, and Marchand all in the same draft.

  34. Rewatching on the NHL network, wow I’m still tired. What a great game, right about this point on the game most of you were saying Gabby sucks.

  35. Jonny, I also think he was the B’s interim GM when they signed Chara … which wasn’t the worst UFA signing ever, was it?

  36. Why fickle? Gaborik does suck; guy hasn’t scored in 16 hours and counting.

  37. Carp – yup you are right. He was only Interim GM for like 3 months, but during that time that is who he acquired. He also signed Savard that summer too.

    So that’s Kessel (which turned into Seguin), Lucic, Marchand, Savard, and Chara all in one summer. I’d say he has an idea of what he’s doing.

  38. According to the overnight ratings, the Flyers’ Game 2 loss on NBC Sports Network on Tuesday night nearly doubled the combined local viewership of both the Sixers’ playoff win in Chicago and the Phillies’ game in Atlanta.

    guess Philly is a hockey town. of course, that won’t help them when the Rangers beat them.

  39. To all who had given up on Gaborik–this is a long series and last night was just a reminder why he is an important member of the team…it wasn’t just the goal–but he became more dangerous as the game went on…and what about Richards! It was overall agreat game by all the seasoned vets–Rupp, Feds,,,,,,also, nice to see the Ranger brass in attendance–did Dolan mention Stanley Cup in the lockeroom–which led him to getting all duck (taped) up by Torts! Great coverage—once again, Carp!


  40. I have a question for anyone with more knowledge then me.
    With the sort of ice-time Bickel is getting, why not call up a prospect? There is little downside because its not like Bickel is playing that much anyway. Someone like Dylan McIlrath who is a big physical defender could be used for the same situations as Bickel, an enforcer if things get out of hand, and potentially could help with ice time if he plays well. It can’t be much good for our defense only playing five, and worse comes to worse the person called up would be doing the same thing as Bickel and warm the bench. (I don’t know to much about any of the Rangers prospects, so don’t kill me if this comment sounds stupid)

  41. Dave, this team is built on togetherness and trust, and Bickel has earned the right to stay in the lineup. Yeah, he only plays 3-4 minutes a night. So, what would a No. 6 D-man normally play in one-goal playoff games? 7-8 minutes? So you put out one of the top defensemen in the league for those four or five minutes — Girardi, McDonagh, Staal, Del Zotto — instead of Bickel or Eminger or McIlrath or any other callup.

    What’s the big deal with that. I think way, way, way too much is being made of Bickel’s minutes.

  42. Wick, agree on the chat … not sure what to make of the other comment, nor am I sure I should even ask. Please use judgement if you feel the need to clarify (for Sally’s sake).

  43. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Carp and Sally
    I think it was the 69th comment in the thread… Or maybe 70th

  44. That seems reasonable. I guess I was thinking of his ice time as an indication of his ability, rather than a testament to the ability of the other 5.

  45. 4generations 4 cups on

    that was seriously fantastic. Thank you for posing that Carp.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Dave (if that’s you’re real name…)

    Torts would not play McIlbust in 1,000 years unless injuries occur at an alarming rate to the back line.

    I may be one of the few Bickel fans – really don’t understand why he can’t get more TOI especially in a 3OT game. He is not that bad a player. I think Torts is worried that he will get a penalty or make an errant pass leading to a 3 on 2. Need to play the kid. this second season may last for another month or so.

  47. Bickel is a project, Stranger. He’s been fine in his role, and he’s got a long way to go still. They don’t want him to be out there where he might screw up (again) and it will hurt his development … and of course, they don’t want to lose (another) playoff game on one of his mistakes.

    So, you’re in a 1-1 game in a 1-1 series, after 60, 80, 100 minutes, do you want Bickel out there, or Girardi?

    I don’t see why this is such a topic.

  48. my pick so far in the playoffs first 10 games for Rangers

    #1 star—Ryan Callahan

    #2—-Ryan McDonagh

    #3—-Henrik Lundquist

  49. I would rather have a winded Girardi/Staal/McDonagh/Del Zotto/Stralman than Bickel

  50. I think you can certainly throw in any one of the top 4 D-men (MDZ, Girardi, Staal and/or McDonaugh)

  51. Carp or anyone else out there: Any idea on what the record is for most minutes played by a skater in an NHL playoff game? only goes back to 2004 season, and in OT games that lasted longer than last night’s game, like vanc vs stars in 2007 which went to 4 OTs, only Bieksa played longer than McD did last night. And McD missed a shift or two after he was flattened by Hendricks.

    Anyone know??

  52. Alan, this is from

    *McDonagh played a game-high 53:13, the most since defensemen Brian Campbell (56:23) and Sergei Zubov (53:50) played in the quadruple overtime game between San Jose and Dallas in 2008″

  53. Orr-Thanks, man. Didn’t see that. And you’re right, probably would have surpassed them easily in the beginning of the 4th, if not the end of the 3rd.

  54. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Carp, I have not said a word on the BIckel ‘issue’/talk. I can understand both sides. I feel badly for Torts he does not have a full 6 and 12 that he feels comfortable with. Instead of blaming Sather, let’s just say this team evolved quicker than expected. If you woulda ever told me 6 months ago that a fist place ‘d’ consisted of Stralman or Bickel, I would have laughed till I cried.

    Bickel is not ready for prime time. That’s clear. Whether or not he gets there, this is not the time to test that.

    I realize Torts puts his guys through hell pre-season and regular season. They are in shape. But at some point, do the top 4/5 ‘d’ men, get exhausted? Do the top used ‘o’ men get tired? Can they play a potential rugged 28 playoff games with these many minutes? If they do make it through this year, will it have an effect on their next year’s or careers?

    I think you know that I feel that Torts is doing a great, amazing job. I just wonder/worry about this.

  55. LaTONYa from Miami on

    If you noticed, NYR, he was my number two star!


    I just finished.

  56. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Tony, wearing a Blueshirts United t-shirt btw, says thanks again to everyone for the gifts and prayers and to keep them coming….pretty sure he meant the prayers :) He’s making slow progress, but he is making progress. And is convinced he’s turned his entire unit into Rangers fans. Of that I have no doubt…..LGR! LGT! LGP!!!!

  57. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Oh, and thanks for the Jeff Gorton answer. I had asked that. Glad to see Sather’s got many front office people along with him. Surely, it’s helping.

  58. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Mama, glad there’s progress. Keep it up, Tony!! You are a driving force for this blog site!! You can do it!!

  59. I don’t usually like to make ‘predictions’, but I’m gonna say:

    Devils in 6 or 7 over Flyers

  60. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    FYI, he may join the chat tomorrow. I showed Rose how to get hooked up on iPad…..he says, “Don’t worry, I know how to do it.”

    And he wants the Flyers to be our next match-up. Prediction: Our boys will persevere for Tony, and us all!!!!!

    OK, sooooooo tired… for chow then an early niters…..til tomorrow all! TA!

  61. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Exposed as the biggest waste of contract dollars ever, Mr. Universe.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latina – me 2

    My brutha from anutha – I be breathing easy, know what I’m saying? Great new crop

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The universe is not playing like a intergalactic super noa

    Oh great – Liam the lil chi-wah-wah

  64. JimboWoodside on

    Yo, Eddie3 – I just got home – the Debbies are winning again? I guess Universe is playing lousy again, then?

  65. JimboWoodside on

    Hi, ORR – any comments on the play in this game so far? Which team is putting on more prerssure?

  66. JimboWoodside on

    OK, thanks ORR – I figured that the Debbies might come out like gangbusters in the first period.

    Flys better watch out – these Debs can definitely beat them,

  67. Have to root for NJ just can’t stand the orange. The NJ fans are the lamest though. We will handle the devils if we can get there. Hank hates Marty and won’t lose to that Fat, washed up frog.

  68. Willing to bet that whether you hate Flyers or Devils more depends on whether you became a Ranger fan before or after 1990.

  69. lets beat caps first

    however if we do advance.

    flyers have much more offense then devs but devs have better goaltending but tons.

    we beat flyers 6 times can we really beat a team with that much talent 10 times in one year also if we play devs we essentially have 7 home games.

  70. JimboWoodside on

    I *really* hate the Devils – I personally would feel *worse* losing a series to them than I would losing a series to Filthy, even though my hatred of the Flys is very deep, too – and I’ve been a Ranger fan since the 1967-68 season. It’s just that our rivalry with Philly has been less hateful than it has been with NJ for some years now.

  71. LaTONYa from Miami on

    Not for me, ORR; I’d rather lose to the Flyers. I can’t stand the thought of Marty getting the best of us, and I cannot tolerate having to listen to Devils fans. Worst fans in the league. Might just be a NJ perspective, but.

  72. ORR —

    I agree with you 110% — it would be AWEFUL to lose to the Derbils – it would be embarassing and dishonorable.

    I hate to say it, but I’d rather lose to anybody but the Derbils and Fishsticks.

  73. Rob in Beantown on

    I became a Rangers fan in the 90s and I hate the Devils more. I’m just kind of bemused by Flyers fans and how they conceive of our rivalry versus how I do

  74. JimboWoodside on

    Flyers just scored! I was going to say that they look to be in trouble, because the Debs seem to be handling them pretty well, unlike the Pen()s were able to do…

  75. JimboWoodside on

    Let’s face it, neither team is going to be a cakewalk to beat – there are *NO* easy games for our Rangers.

  76. Briere, Claude g, jags, hatnell, jvd, Simmons, plus the youth much scarier and the 6-0 thing. Go Devils

  77. ThisYearsModel on

    It would be hilarious if Kenny Albert and Pierre McGuire have to go to OT tonight with this game.

  78. The way the Devils are playing would make meeting them in the next round a war where we’re butting heads with ourselves for 7 games. The Flyers can’t handle the structured discipline of the Devils and the Rangers. In nearly every staring contest with either, the Flyers will, more frequently, blink first. The Devils are the more dangerous opponent. They’re playing tight defensively, and working pretty well as 5 man units.

  79. what is going on with the devils/flyers series?
    it’s like they think the other team has cooties
    so they don’t want to get near ’em!!!
    i’ve seen more bodychecks at a casino buffet!!

    amazing all the physical action the Rangers endure and these guys are playing as if
    they’re in the Swedish Elite League

    (alright, that’s enough…!)

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We want the Flyers to win…paybacks a biatch!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!

    TONY!!!!!! Tony rocks man!!!!

    GO TONY GO!!!!!

  81. hey Carp
    did my post get carped?
    it was from 5hole website of
    MDZ giving the cap fan the finger cause the caps fan was giving the team the finger.
    thought i hit ‘submit’

  82. Heave Ho no way are the Devils a more dangerous opponent, no home ice, old fat, tired goalie, not as physical, not as talented. I know universe sucks as well, that’s why we need to get by the Caps. Imagine if wr played the Devils though 8 seed Ottawa, 7 caps, 6 NJ finals….LA 8 th seed ….Cup

  83. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I haven’t been terribly impressed by either team in this series, Per. I think both teams have played pretty horrifically for stretches as opposed to one team playing exceptionally well.

  84. JimboWoodside on

    I do believe that *Mr.* Snider’s team may be in some trouble now…..

  85. The flyers cannot handle the Devils discipline and forecheck. Also, the PK of devils will win.

    The devils also match up well with rangers. Both teams play defensive hockey, and score off the forecheck. I like the king over Marty the beached whale, but the big stars of the devils (Parise, kovy, Elias, etc) are the difference vs the rangers.

    And yes, I am shocked at the lack of hitting in the devils-flyers series, meanwhile we have to endure the hits of Hendricks and his Craps.

  86. LaTONYa from Miami on

    The Devils looked pretty bad in the second tonight, the first period of Game 2, and stretches of Game 1. Flyers have looked worse, though.

    Not saying the Devils would be an easy series for NYR, but.

  87. Hedberg I’m with you, I’d much rather play the Devils. Also because I hate the Flyers more than anything. Schultz on Rolfe. Schultz on park. Hoyda on Johnstone. Wilson making beck look mortal. Brown on sandstrom. Berube, cochrane, richter, saleski, Bridgman, clarke, kelly. On and on. Aarrrrghh!

  88. Flyers-Rangers would be much more exciting than Devils-Rangers imo. Plus I dont want Marty to even have the smallest of a chance of getting to the finals in his potential final year.

  89. I think either flyers or devils would be equally exciting and have their own story lines

  90. LaTONYa from Miami on

    I agree, Lev, but then thinking about US knocking Fatso out makes me reconsider it all.. so difficult!

  91. JimboWoodside on

    I hate them both! I think we should be declared Eastern Division Champions based on that win last night! (just kidding – don’t anyone get ready to tear me a new one…)

  92. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Blues might get swept. Maybe LA comes out of the west. Fine by me. It would be great to see Richards and Carter again. I hate those two byfuglien turds.

  93. E3 pimp's Angel on

    I hope the Devils beat the flyers. Then, every game will be a home game for us.

  94. Rangers West on

    If all the forwards get healthy, does MZA ever see the ice? Also, I can’t believe that Phoenix and LA might play for the top spot in the West. Crazy.

  95. The Rock was actually filled with Devils fans this year when it was Rangers-Devils. It was nowhere near the Avery-Marty fatso forgot to shake my hand incident type of atmosphere. I wouldnt necessarily consider it a home game. Plus the less i hear that stupid announcer in Jersey the better. “It’s time for the PSE&G Powerplay” bleh

  96. Lloyd Braun on

    not hockey related but for a Yankee fan, this is the worst day in recent memory (yes, even worse than game 7 in 2004).

  97. Packing blows.

    So do movers who say they aren’t coming until Saturday afternoon.

    I’d have more to offer, but I’m so tired that I nearly faceplanted into my strawberry and dark chocolate shake at dinner.

  98. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Welcome back Tony! I know im a bit late. Time to tune into the Western games

  99. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    By the way you can all thank me for the win last night. The Rangers win it for me as a Birthday present ;)

  100. Lloyd, agree. But i dont think it’s as bad as first feared. Tweaked knee. Could have been worse. Unless youre talking about giving the Royals their first home win of the year. ;)

  101. Holy Carcillo. I just saw torn acl. WOW. I thought they said tweaked knee. Jesus Christ. Wow.

  102. JimboWoodside on

    >>>’d have more to offer, but I’m so tired that I nearly faceplanted into my strawberry and dark chocolate shake at dinner.

    It could have been much worse!!! ;-D

  103. JimboWoodside on

    Who tore what!?

    Wow, Blues are in BIG trouble – what happened!? I thought Eliot was pretty good, too…?

  104. Mariano Rivera torn acl. Wow this totally blows. His career cannot end this way.

  105. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Orr I just started watching but is he really playing that bad

  106. Has Chris been @ MSG all season? He is stealing, oops i meant taking $3MM to stay away? The least he can do is cheer the team on!

  107. JimboWoodside on

    Mariano Rivera!? What NHL team does he play for!? He’s not on the NYR roster, so I could give a fig about him!

  108. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Game 4 – must win for the rangers. S.nation, my Brutha. My backhand been shelved as my shoulder knowing pain, my Brutha. Plus both groins not good, know what I’m sayin?

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