Rangers-Capitals Game 3 in review



1) Holy shishkebob. I’d been covering this team since 1978, and had never seen one of these triple-overtimes. Saw them with the Islanders, saw them with the Devils. Never with the Rangers. And in my lifetime, there had only been one — the Pete Stemkowski game in 1971 — and I’m pretty sure I heard that one on the radio, though I’ve seen the replay so many times that I feel like I saw it. But this was a first for me … and the longest Rangers game any of you who weren’t born before 1939 have ever seen. Quite an experience.

2) And the Rangers made it an experience. The Capitals, too (they’re 0-4 in games of three OTs or longer, and have lost all four series in which those games were played). But you forget the loser of a game like this for two reasons: A) they lost, B) the Rangers deserved it, as Henrik Lundqvist said. They won it not on skill, but as Marian Gaborik said, on will. And this is the way they play. They changed nothing, through 114:41 of play, that stretched into their day off (and isn’t that extra day between Games 3 and 4 looking good now?) They played the way they play, blocking shots, physical, grinding it out, patient — how many times did they forecheck and come up empty, only to go right back to the forecheck the next shift? — sacrificing blood, bones, facial configurations right on through the third overtime.

3) I completely believe John Tortorella was right because I said so during that third OT — the Rangers looked fresher, like they weren’t going to let fatigue beat them. And while the Capitals sacrificed too, and you could see it in Mike Knuble’s busted-up face, it looked a little bit like they were out of gas toward the end.

4) Marian Gaborik. Give the guy this. He’s been shut down at times, he’s been partly at fault for that, he wasn’t having his best game, even with the assist early and the goalpost he hit about three minutes before the winner. But he kept going, kept plugging. And he got the kind of goal he’s supposed to get, the kind the Rangers need from him.

5) Ryan McDonagh, Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, Brian Boyle, Marc Staal, Michael Del Zotto = Beast Brigade. If we were any one of them, we’d be in a hospital this morning, and hoping to stay there for about a week. In addition to the blood loss and whatever else they suffered during that 114:41, some stats: McDonagh a game high 53:21 played (Girardi didn’t get there because he was off being “sutured” for a while: “It’s just a couple of flesh wounds”) with eight blocked shots. Callahan was only listed for four hits and five blocked shots and I don’t believe either is even close to what he actually had in 41:52, which is not believable for a forward (he also had a goal way way back in the second period. Girardi had six hits and six blocks. Boyle had nine hits and a couple of blocks (one with his chin, which was split open) … (he also blocked one by Mike Rupp). Staal played 49:30, nearly killed one of the Caps cleanly, had six hits and three blocks. Del Zotto 43:37. Just sick numbers. I could go on. Big as the building.

6) Did I mention the goalkeeper yet? Henrik Lundqvist, who had lost seven consecutive playoff OT games since 2007 (and his team was one off  the NHL record) wouldn’t let them lose. Yeah, he had some breaks, like Alex Ovechkin’s shot off the post in one of the OTs, I forget which. How about the 3-on-1 save on Brooks Laich in regulation? So many saves. Sometimes just getting enough of the puck to keep it out. Just a remarkable performance. Listen to Tortorella’s post-gamer talking about his goalie.

7) This was the best game of the whole season, 92 games in, for the fourth line, and that includes the Winter Classic. Mike Rupp was a force (Boyle blocked his shot, too, a winner into an empty side). Brandon Prust … well, he’s had a lot of good games, and he was really strong in this one. And John Mitchell probably had his best game as a Ranger. Get this. The guy had gone the entire playoffs, nine games, without a shot on goal. He had five shots in this one. Nearly won it a couple of times.

8) Brad Richards. I was joking that his contract was only going to have six years left by the time this game ended (and that Prust didn’t have a beard when it began). Seriously, the guy’s been money in big moments, and he was again in this game. Looked for a few moments in the third OT that he couldn’t move his legs. Then all of a sudden, he got a second wind. And he made so many good plays, I lost count, including the winning pass.

9) Geez, I’m starting to feel bad about guys I didn’t mention, because the effort really was top to bottom.

10) I thought Callahan’s hand looked to really be bothering him when he got run over by Matt Hendricks and couldn’t break his fall with his right hand. But, well, what else can you say?

11) When did Hendricks become a clean version of Chris Neil?

12) The Countdown Guy played some game, too, didn’t he?

13) They put the arena camera on Ted Leonsis during the game, so he can be cheered like some dictator … or Trump.

14) I was noticing that the replays were better and much more plentiful, and that the cameras were zooming in on the right guys at the right times. Then I realized I was watching the CBC feed, and not the NBC feed.

15) Saw The Captain after the game. I asked Mess if he was glad he wasn’t playing. He said it’s tougher to watch a game like that than it is to play one.

16) Whatever high you’re feeling about this game, no matter how devastating it must have been for the Capitals, or how uplifting for the Rangers, remember this. Game 4 will start fresh, as every game does. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Washington wins that game. Not in the least. As Lundqvist said, and I paraphrase, all this one means is they’ve won two, and they need four.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Ryan McDonagh/Dan Girardi.
Latona’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Ryan Callahan.

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  1. Malt O'Meal on

    First!!! Meh.

    Carp, as always, thank you.

    Also should point out that I was having a spirited conversation at lunch with a few colleagues who aren’t fans that Gabby needs to be a hero tonight. They said of course he should be every night. We all know the playoffs are different and my long winded point is that I actually willed Gabby and the hockey gods for him to be the hero tonight – all the way from Redwood City, CA. Please let him know at your leisure and thank him for proving my wisdom.

    Anyway, you’re right, Gabby had a mediocre game but he kept at it and, while I think they certainly played a stronger Game 2, champions are able to persevere even when not at their best so good so far.

    Go Rangers!

  2. True fans bleed rw&b on


    You put in something special here. Wow.

    Great game. Ridiculously impressive post.

    How can you not love this team?!
    …I’m just glad you didn’t finish with ‘2-2 after game 4’

    Have a great day, BHeads.

  3. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Morning boys!!!!

    A win is a win. And then there is a WIN like this. This will give the Rangers that confidence to never give up. That the training in the beginning of the year paid off. The Rangers were the faster team on the 3OT.

    6 Down – 10 to Go.

    Have a GREAT day Boneheads!!!

  4. Torts MUST keep Gabby with Brad & Hags. Gabby is only effective when he finds some space, and the only way he does that is if he has those two creating for him. Let the Americans play together on the 2nd line, and whoever after that.

    And I am looking forward to seeing Arty in a Columbus sweater.

  5. What a hockey game. I too wouldn’t be surprised if the caps win game four but I also think the rangers have just as good a chance to take it as well. How many goals would the universe have given up against the rangers yesterday?

  6. Yev Kassem on

    I always look forward to Carp’s review! But man, today is something special..

    Our boys were unreal last night… What heart and soul..

    I am mentally and physically exhausted from the game… and I didn’t play! Can’t imagine what those guys feel like today…





  7. Miami Pimp on

    Two options here for Saturday:

    1) NYR are still “coming off the high ” of winning such a grueling match and come out making stupid mistakes and lose. In this case, the clowns have taken one road game and at least have have home advantage. Not that it means much, except lots of pressure to win Game Five.

    2) The Caps come out flat due to lingering-devastating feelings and the NYR finish the job by taking Game Four and full control of the series.

  8. Great review by the way carp. Wow that brad Richards comes up big even in games you get frustrated with him. My basketball loving father in law watched the whole game with me. He was just as frustrated with him during the previous power play but then the play behind the net……just wow.

  9. Great read Carp, as always. Quite the game last night. Our team persevered. So proud of them. LGR!!!!

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Not just behind the net, PBR, but BRich split 4 defenders when he broke into the zone (solo) without any support until Girardi stepped up on his right boards.

    BRich was pretty Big most of this game.

  11. Kool-Aid Drinkers on

    Alot of folks on here pre-series saying the rangers were too good, Rangers in 4, Rangers in 5. I think it’s time to give the Caps some credit…this is a battle…odds are it goes 7. Buckle up, and dont get too high after a win like that…one clank off the post from Ovie in OT is why we are here. Oh, and dont forget 2 power plays for the Rangers in OT WHICH WE COULD NOT SCORE helps as well…you wonder why the Caps were tired..

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Odds are it goes 7?”

    What does that mean. If I were a betting man, I would say “odds are it goes at least 5.”
    Beyond that, how would one calculate the odds?

  13. Kool-Aid Drinkers on

    Yes, Odds..”a gamble”…the series going 5 isnt much of a gamble to me…but I’ll take that bet if your willing to wager.

  14. wildplaces on

    Great article about the game in the sports pages, Carp. Thank you! Great review here in the blog, also! I think one of the most exciting games of the year…and though Ovechkin hits the post, Lundquist makes his luck with incredible play. I think Lundquist and Holtby should have been the first two stars of the game. The Caps have found a replacement for Vokoun next year. What a goal tending battle! These two teams earned a day off (or as you point out, half a day!) LGR!!

  15. GregM_section403 on

    Wow. Awesome game.

    Awesome post, Carp! Job well done.

    Is this game up there with the Game 7 vs the Devils on 1994? Well, that was a Game 7. This was only a Game 3, but depending on how the Rangers do in this series, and hopefully 2 more series after this one, that will be how this game is judged in Rangers history.

    But for now, that was one of the greatest games i’ve watched in a long, long time. Just wow.

    Or as Carp wrote:

    Holy shishkebob.

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey Kool,
    I predicted Rangers in 6. I’m comfortable with that still.

    I think the series is 2-1, but the Rangers have been the better team for most of 3.9 games worth of playing time.

  17. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan on


    wow, 5 1/2 hours sleep, thankfully my boss starts his vacation at 5pm, the day shouldn’t be too crazy.

    GREAT REVIEW CARP!!! Our kids are getting massive doses of experience, with a 7 game series/2 elimination games vs. the Sens, and now this nearly 2 for the price of 1 game 3.

    What more can you say about this team, their will and desire, and their conditioning.

    MOUNT BEASTMORE = McD, Girardi, Cally, Boyle, Staal and MDZ

  18. This game was gut wrenching & epic to watch! This team is something special!

    Carp, thanks for doing such a great job w this site. I visit several times a day. Gives me a little piece of happiness daily!

  19. GregM_section403 on

    Oh, and guys, take note. We’ve got something special here with Carp. He’s been covering the Rangers on and off since 1978!

    Holy shishkebob.

    Carp’s bringing some great perspective to us. You can’t find it on any other site….seriously.

    Thanks Carp!

  20. Wow. One hell of a game. Great write up, Carp. I believe this game doesn’t mean much when the puck drops on Saturday. It’s significance goes beyond one game. The poise, confidence and determination displayed had me marveling at my team. MY TEAM! From the players to the coaches to the training staff, this was a victory that infuses confidence from top to bottom. On the other (losing) side, it’s a little chink in the armor which allows hesitation and doubt to creep in.

    If anyone had any doubt about our boys having what it takes to play in June, this game should have vanquished those thoughts. Not only do I love this team, I believe in them.

  21. That was about as mentally a draining game as I’ve watched since Game 7 of the 1994 Semis. Wow. I can’t say enough about how the team played as a whole. After about the first 5 minutes just not too many mistakes, great offense by the D keeping the puck in time and time again and rarely out of position. I’m just amazed, playing five D that the defense was able to hang in the WHOLE game. I thought Del Zotto’s game got overlooked, but he was really special last night, keeping plays alive and even taking the body. As my grandma used to say, I “kvel” thinking about this young D going forward. If healthy they are only going to get better if you can imagine And it’s nice to have Staal playing like Staal again.

    Speaking of 5 D, I’m wondering what happens with Bickel now. He didn’t play from the third period on, despite, I’m sure, having fresh legs. Do we see Eminger? Would you throw Erixon in there? It’s a waste of a roster spot if they are dressing Bickel. Still, one thought I had last night in the OTs was why not throw him out there as a forward? He’s played forward before and he had to be fresh. Even for a couple of shifts to give guys a blow?

    Anyway, back to my coffee….I need it this morning!!

  22. Why was Bickel benched? Torts didn’t even have enough faith in him to give him a shift in triple OT when he’d played fewer than 4 minutes the whole game

  23. I can’t believe I was able to sit through my three hour class, commute an hour home and STILL be able to see the end of the game. Amazing.

  24. 2 hours of sleep and a crying 14 month old at 430 am and it doesnt matter today after last night. THEY WON THIS ON WILL NOT SKILL.

    4th line best game played all year.(can we just get one goal from you guys) damn boyle.

    2 down 2 to go

    too bad this win doesnt count for 2 wins since they played two games

    im exhausted check back later

  25. Rob, Torts said after having “iced” Bickel for so much of the game, it was a hard decision to put him in the game since he hadn’t played for so long.

  26. Miami Pimp on

    Cause Bickel throwns pucks cross-ice at the most inopportune times (refer to Game-2, Period-1)

  27. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Awesome game. Nice recap Carp…..

    -Blood, stitches, skating in mud from playing 50 minutes, great goaltending, posts, deep into a 3rd OT, and a win for the good guys with a GWG by their top goal scorer who happened to be in a slump, exactly what more could a bonehead possibly want ?

    just wondering why Bickell was glued to the bench….is it just because he is only our 6th best D dressed, or did he make a bad play ?

    -the whole team plays better (especially the forwards) when everyone gets some ice. Mitchell/Rupp earned their minutes, and everyone benefitted from that

    -the whole time Gabby was slumping from scoring goals, he was making defensive plays, assists, throwing some body checks, playing the “right way”

    -Rangers in 5 or 6

  28. A special group of guys.. We’ve seen it all year.

    Brad Richards = impact player. (And worth every penny)

  29. I had a feeling that Gaborik might do something spectacular because he put me to sleep during most of the game. He looked to shy away from contact for most of the game and got out-muscled for the puck more than a few times. Yet, he came through when it mattered.

    Now, regarding yesterday’s discussion of cycling. THAT play was the way cycling should work. You play it around the boards, center to a guy in the slot and he bangs it home.

    I also noticed that Del Zotto played just about the entire time when on the power play. Maybe Torts reads the blog and was taking notes? lol

    The defense crew all played great last night, but I thought McDonaugh and Staal were the best two. It took a while, but Staal looks to be all the way back and playing like before the concussion.

    The only negative I thought was Rupp. He didn’t play a very physical game for a guy that is supposed to be a physical player. Everybody else on that line played probably their best game of the season except him. And, please don’t try to shoot the puck up Boyle’s assen.

  30. nyrmessier011 on

    Was a marathon to sit thru esp with caps fans. I went so crazy I barely got out of the Verizon center with my life. Definitely a game ill remember I was at forever

  31. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Shouldn’t Boyler and Rupper be suspended for making us all miss curfew last night! If that went to 4th OT I’d already decided to fall asleep and read about the game instead.

  32. Isn’t this the type of game that last year, the longer the OT goes on, the lower the chances of winning get for the Rangers? This time, not so much. I remember last year, that double OT game against the Caps and thinking, “they have horses, we don’t.” What a complete reversal. As the OT’s went on and on and on I thought the Rangers ability to control the puck and pin the Caps in their zone was increasing. Really incredible to see.

    One question. And I am completely serious about this. Why not throw Bickel out there as a Forward during one of those OT’s? He’s fresh, and if all you’re asking him to do is cycle and hit people, wouldn’t that be a benefit to have fresh legs? Because our ability to knock guys over, when everyone was so fatigued was adysmal.

    *Malt O’Meal* – Had the SAME discussion yesterday when someone in my office referred to our Coach as, “that Tortuga guy” and then said, “Man that player, Gabo-something, he’s got to pick it up.” Then he stared wide eyed as I talked about taking space away from players and defensive structures and collapsing. Sigh……………

  33. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Carp, point 2 is Boyler still a bit soft from concussion…only block opponents shots please going forward.

  34. New Newman on

    WOW! Still digesting it all, taking it all in, and having a coffee.

    McDonagh for Gomez…..hahahahahahahahahaha. McD is our #1 d-man all-around, no question. The way he gets into the play, gets caught just slightly out of position, and is back to make the play is just incredible. He’s tough, quick, smart, and shifty. #1 star of the game in my eyes.

    That is not a slight to anyone else in the D-corps. But the kid is the real deal. Girardi is a beast. MDZ gets better with each game. Staal does too.

    Why is Bickel in the line-up? Put Eminger in. At least Emmy has some playoff experience to rely on. Skating 5 D is going to hurt as we go deeper into the playoffs, esp as some of our guys played nearly 1 hour last night.

    Like one of the analysts said, “It’s like playing a double header with no rest in between.” WOW.

    The good news is that it is the same for the Caps as it is for us. And I would think we are at least as fit, if not more, than the Caps.

    I thought Rupp played awesome last night. Cross Check Charlie I am not sure why you disagree. For a 4th liner, I have 100% confidence in Rupp in these spots. He nearly scored the winner but for Boyle’s offensive blocked shot!

    Anisimov was the worst forward. He was barely noticeable.

    Kreider played quite well again. He has to shoot that puck instead of passing to his Stepan. But Kreider makes it happen.

    Hagelin had his best game of the year maybe. He and Kreider have an extra gear that not many others can keep up with. And Hags has an awesome hockey sense. Just knows where to go, where the puck is going, and the most direct path to get his job done. Outstanding.

    Slowly my serious confidence is building in this team. It would be nice to win game 4. I gotta think the Caps are slight favorites though.

    Rest up boys. Well deserved. But no rest for the wicked. 1230 Saturday is just 50-ish hours away.

  35. Yev Kassem on

    Amazing how two people can watch the game and see completely different things! Cross Check Charlie had some negative words about Rupper. I thought Rupper had his best game as a Ranger this year! Jump in his game, Jam and a physical snarl.

    Also, but for Brian Boyles big ass, I think Rupp would have scored on that shot in OT and been the hero… ;-)

    I am sitting here reading this blog and every article I can access. Amazing how the difference in a few inches when Caps pucks clanged off the post can change everybody’s mood. Man, I would have been DESPONDENT today if they had lost that game..

  36. Pimp, I hope you get better soon, pal.

    Manny, I like that idea of using Bickel as a F in the late OTs. Also, 100% agreed on possession. In the 2nd and 3rd OT, we completely dominated the action because we had the superior fitness. I remember when Torts took over, he said one of his main *strategies* was to have his team well conditioned and prepared for any situation. Well done, Coach.

    I bet ilb is sleeping in today, haha!

  37. I didn’t see any physical snarl to Rupp’s game. That’s what I was looking for! Just because he almost scored on one play doesn’t mask the lousy play for the rest of the game.

    Now, Prust, I thought he played like he didn’t know he was supposed to be a checker and pk specialist. Talk about jump in his game, Prust had it last night.

  38. GregM_section403 on

    New Newman:

    I completely agree about McDonagh. The kid can flat out skate. He’s got an unbelievable 1st step. He goes from standing still to full speed in about 3 strides. He’s got hockey smarts too and he knows when to jump into the play. I love watching him.

    And we got him for Gomer! LOLOLOLOLOLOL Rangers fans will be laughing about this one for YEARS to come, long after Gomez is retired!!!

  39. Carp – love reading the analysis of these games. You really do an awesome job. To me, first star was Callahan. The guy looked fresh in the 3rd OT and was all over the ice. He blocks shots, hits, takes hits, sticks up for teammates, kills penalties and does it all at FULL SPEED. The kid has a motor like no other I’ve seen.

    And he’s doing it all hurt (I know many others are banged up).

    My 10 yr old is mad at me as I had to send him to bed after the 2nd OT. I’ll let him stay up in the next round. ; )


  40. I think it’s safe to say we have the best defense and goaltending in the league, by a mile.

  41. Want to hear something a little sad, but true? Richards is the best playmaking center we’ve had since Gretzky retired. Nylander doesn’t count.

  42. Mrs. Kreider (formerly Mrs. Eminger) on

    I think I heard the ghost of Bob Murphy say: “The Rangers win! The win the damn thing 2-1!”

  43. Maybe one of you can enlighten me as to why the Rangers refuse to go to the net. Their forwards spend all their time and energy on the boards. And even when they control the puck they rarely get a shot on net. And even if they DO get a shot on net, they don’t get to a lot of rebounds. Send someone to the front!

    They did send someone to the front? Who? Gaborik? Oh right. And what happened when he went to the net? He scored in triple OT.

    It’s frustrating to see the Rangers put so much energy into controlling the boards, keeping the pick in the opposition’s zone for 30 seconds or so, and not even getting a shot on goal because everyone is stuck in the corner, cycling the puck.

  44. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    what more can be said about this game that hasnt been said…if you wanted to show someone what playoff hockey is all about, this is the type of game to watch.

  45. Joekuh - 10 more.....GBTaMP! on

    cross check, in drury’s defense, he never was a big passer. he just found a way to make clutch plays at clutch times, because he was so…………clutch.

  46. Good morning, boneheads!

    Tiki, ilb was fishing early, I don’t know how to sleep in.

    Carp, that was an emotional write up, buddy. Are you turning into one of us? :-)

    Anyway, a lot was already covered this morning. I want to repeat what I said last night: if you couldnt enjoy the game last night, you shouldn’t be a hockey fan. This was hockey at it’s best.
    All heart and will.

    Washington played the best game last night out of three, the Rangers matched them. Ovechkin isn’t done as some predicted, except now he has to deal with Staal, Girardi AND McDonagh.

    The first OT Washington looked better and could’ve finished it if it wasn’t for Hank and some ridiculous shot blocking. Then the 2 and 3 OT, the Rangers looked fresher, with more jump. Could it be the age? Possible. Remember, by then it’s all heart, right? Except your heart and brain can tell whatever, but if your legs are not moving, it doesn’t matter. My point? All this discussion and suggestions that their grinding game created by Torts during the season would be detrimental in April and June doesn’t really look to be the case now, does it. Fatigue? Washington looked fatigued, and they coasted right until Hunter took over.

  47. Hey Carp! Didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that you and Barry Melrose think alike. He was recapping game 2 of Devils-Flyers when he had a message for the Devils thinking they have momentum for game 3. He said that if the Devils have momentum now then they wouldn’t have won game 2 after the Flyers won game 1.

  48. Ill say this about Ovechkin: every “power scorer” player like him in the past (Tkachuk, LeClair, Kevin Stevens, Cam Neely, Lindros) can not sustain that level of performance throughout their entire career, they burn out eventually, and while Ovechkin put up better single season numbers than any of them, he is burning out faster than them.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    We can now agree that Staal is back to his old self – love the massive check to OV – amazing how OV seems to shrug these off, but a great effort by Staal after OV decked on the previous play.

    Hags may not have gotten a point on the GWG, but his play, along with The Kreider was a HUGE factor in deciding the outcome. Those two, along with Artie, had the freshest legs out there in the 2nd and 3rd OT.

    It was a war of wills and we were victorious in this battle. I’ve read somewhere that momentum doesn’t exist or carry over from game to game. However, if the Rangers sweep the next 2, everyone will be talking or writing about this game as the turning point in the series.

    While there it was not a pretty game to watch given the lack of space out there to operate, it will be remembered as a test of fortitude we passed.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

  50. @ Scott…I heard a radio story about Hunter’s funny looking suits. Apparently he owns like 20 of the same suit and wears one to every game. Apparently it’s a superstition thing. I’m surprised more people weren’t in their pajamas!

  51. E3 pimp's Angel on

    That was beyond nerve wracking. So happy they won. Hopefully, they all hydrated and got some nourishment. The body doesn’t like games that long. Be it the bodies that play or watch.

    At the start of the 2nd OT, I said it’s either gabby or Bickel that gets the GWG….

  52. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Wow, wow, wow. That was some game, and couldn’t wait to see the write up this morning by Carp. I ditto everyone’s kudos on it, Carp.

    A few thoughts I’d like to share:

    1) I was really impressed by Hagelin– in the 3rd OT, the guy was steaming around like it was the first period. I was really watching him– and Kreider– because I thought these young guys with the fresh legs might be the difference. (OK, Richards was the key to the GWG, but Hags was on the ice.)

    2) I am so glad Callahan is getting his due by the hockey “minds” nationally– like Millbury, etc. No matter what happens, how can we not be proud as heck to have this guy as our Captain. Unreal– grandma must be proud.

    3) Boyle sure looked a whole lot better this game than last. If he had any rust left, that puck to the chin surely knocked it off.

    4) Count me in to the group that wants Eminger in for Bickel. I heard was Torts said postgame about not rolling out “Bick” after he has sat for so long, but 5 D in 3 OTs? C’mon. Also, Stralman had a pretty lousy game with some giveaways but the kid is going to be good and he hung in there (did anyone see how Sullivan was ripping into him on the bench?)

    5) McDonagh– oh my. 50+ minutes, and after being leveled by that check… I thought for sure he had a concusssion after that one. I know we don’t have a Chara or Weber or other giant D-man, but I’ll take this group any day (OK, maybe adding a healthy Sauer, how good would that be?)

    6) Finally, no matter what happens, this team makes me proud to watch as a fan. They play the game so “right”– and all the time. At this point, they are not going to get outworked– if they go down, it’s going to be some bad bounces or pure skill by the opposition. But I don’t see them going down so fast– I think these boys are onto something here, but one game at a time!

  53. Rupp didn’t need to be physical. Most of the shifts he was out there, his line had the puck. He protected it and kept cycling down low. He did exactly what you’d want out of your fourth liners offensively. Also his shot got blocked by Wideman first, then hit Boyle.

    And Carp, one thing you missed in regards to Gaby, he didn’t start to get it going until Torts moved him on the 3rd line with Boyle. Then he had more open space since he wasn’t playing head to head with the Chimera line. I think he was a bit more motivated too since he was pissed he got taken off the top line for two shifts, but it also helped him get free of the tight checking he was getting playing on the 1st line. It was actually the one time where I can say Torts’ line juggling worked. Got Gaby going and screwed up Dale Hunter’s matchup strategy so when Gaby got put back with the Richards line, the Caps didn’t have their usual shut down group out there thanks to the long change.

  54. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Historically, the team that wins a long OT game wins the series. Rangers sweep. Bring on Filthy or the dumb-vils.

  55. It’s fitting that Gaborik got the winner…he was saving his energy by avoiding the tough battles and floating around all game. It really paid off.

  56. E3 pimp's Angel on

    I think torts was using some kind of random generator to choose lines after regulation. It looked like every forward played some minutes with every other forward especially as the game wore on…. Glad we won it.

  57. If we had lost this game, which we didn’t, how many people would be calling for Boyle to slim down his backside? Or at least trade it to some other team so it can block our own shots.

  58. I feel bad for Artie. He makes some good “small” defensive plays, and does some things well. However, you see flashes of some real offensive skill, but it never really sticks around. Since Dubi plays a better grinding game than Artie, I think Artie may be the odd man out in any trades. He also has a smaller contract. I really like him and think there is something there that hasn’t been tapped yet.

  59. Fourth line gave them very good, solid quality minutes in OT. Can’t be overlooked. And almost won it. They’ll need them to do just that. Washington doesn’t have similar depth on their fourth line as Ottawa did, I’m sure Torts took a notice. Good coaching. The game last night wasn’t a confidence builder for Bickel. But in his post game interview Torts sounded like he intends to have Bickel play in this series. He’d better find the right words to talk to Stu this morning.

    Again, may have been overlooked a bit this morning because we are used to it.. But Hank was the difference. Everyone contributed, but Washngton played their best game and Hank stopped everything but one.

  60. I think Arty plays better with Dubi actually. Dubi frees up space (even though he apparently forgot how to stickhandle) and it leaves Arty with room to stickhandle in the middle. I personally don’t see either of them going anywhere.

    And Bickel knows his roll. This guy was on track to be a career AHLer. I’m sure he wants to get more minutes, but he understands the situation and what he needs to do to earn more ice time.

  61. ThisYearsModel on

    Great write up again CARP. You package these games up better than anyone. These guys on both teams were in gladiator mode last night. Amazing stuff.

  62. Ironic how people throw gabby under the bus. Then they completely act like they never said anything when he scores. Teams make it a high priority to shut him down. Especially now in the second round. Shallow hockey minds just prey on humble players with big contracts.

    And no he’s not a grinder. You can’t win a cup with just grinders. He’s a find an open spot on the ice and bury it, and use his speed to create chances guy. So when teams well defend against speed and skill. Grinders stand out, and they should, but look what happens when skill gets 1 second to operate. Gabby bury’s it.

    So while grinders will sacrifice themselves into oblivion and look like thier trying so much harder. You need a hockey mind to read a play and gabby is one of the best at doing that.

  63. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    About Artie: I actually thought he was one of the better players in the OTs. He’s big and strong and was hard to get off of the puck. He was one of my candidates for scoring the game winner, likely on a wraparound.

    I think he’s still finding it, but when (or if) he gets it together, he could be something.

  64. Steve Tractenberg on

    wow, what a game. I have no fingernails left! First I just want to say (like others) that I wait eagerly for game reviews on this site. I love the perspective and always pick up things from Carp that I didn’t see or figure out myself. Last night was SO emotionally draining and I just sat on a sofa all night! These guys are amazing. As excited as I was last night, watching all the video reviews/summaries on the web this morning, all I can feel is pride. I am so proud of these guys and what they did last night. They have worked their ass off all season long and grinded like no others, but wow, what a special team. Thanks Rangers. Congrats, get some rest and ice, and we’ll see you on Saturday.

  65. I honestly thought that Mitchell was going to score the OT winner. So much so that I put my TV volume onto “34.”

    The other day I was in the elevator and the floors lit up: 18, 19, 24, 32 and I thought – “that’s a pretty good 4-on-4 unit! Let’s go with it.” Am I losing it?

  66. “I think Arty plays better with Dubi actually. Dubi frees up space (even though he apparently forgot how to stickhandle) and it leaves Arty with room to stickhandle in the middle. I personally don’t see either of them going anywhere.”

    Completely agree. If they could find a solid garbage man on the other wing, they could have a nice line there.

  67. czechthemout!!!! on

    Getting McD for Gomez is the hockey gods paying us back for Middleton for Hodge after all these years.

  68. Does anyone think that Gaborik could be hurting? It’s not just that he’s been without goals. He looks sluggish. Not at all like the Gaborik we saw jetting up the ice all year long. I realize there isn’t a lot of room for him out there in the offensive zone, but even when he has the puck in the neutral zone with some space he just sort of looks, well, less than himself.

  69. I am so tired but so happy. The same discipline and stamina that will prevail in a series showed itself in full force last night. The Rangers just got better in the 3rd OT while the Caps faded. I’ve never seen so much blood..and all over those white jerseys…they battled for themselves, each other, and us. What a tremendous game, win or lose. But, ohh how I was hoping a stupid bounce wouldn’t end the game because the boys were amazing.

    Carp, thanks for the thoughtful write-up. It’s fun to have a place to celebrate a game like this (and good to have a place to face the music/suck the poison out of a loss too).

  70. I half thought Torts would roll bickel out as a forward in 2nd and 3rd OT just to get some fresh legs in. Doing it vs OV’s line or something makes it almost like having a 3rd d man.

  71. Mister D – they used to play with Callahan back in Hartford and had a ton of success there. I wouldn’t be opposed to having that as the 2nd/3rd line for next year.

    Hagelin – Richards – Gaborik
    FA Winger – Stepan – Kreider
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Callahan
    Feds/Rupp – Boyle – Prust

    Add a skill winger for Steps and Kreider or even for the first line and move Hags back to the 2nd line (or swap him with Cally) and that’s a pretty damn good set of forwards for the system Torts runs.

  72. Tony F – It’s possible that Gaborik is hurting. I made remarks all season how he was playing a physical game and battling in the corners and I didn’t see that last night. I thought he played passively for most of the game. Maybe he is injured.

    Regarding Ovechkin burning out, that’s also a possibility also. Went a 2009 playoff game in DC and my daughter even said that she tought Ovi was playing at a different speed than everyone else. He was incredible. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a dangerous player, but doesn’t look quite as dangerous as he did a couple of years ago.

  73. You gotta feel for Bickel. Despite some poor play, it’s got to be rough not to be contributing as your team guts it out into triple OT. If he doesn’t get crushed or bitter from this, he’s a truly great teammate.

    I think Stralman has been okay on defense, and has contributed more than we have the right to expect on O. The guy was an afterthought and yet I think he’s pitched in.

    And, hey, Rangers have the momentum now, right? Right?

  74. I don’t think Gabby is hurting — I just think he’s being swamped. That’s the strategy against him and it’s working (for the most part).

    To me, the Gabby hurting thing is like an e5.

  75. A guys that makes this team go and hasnt been mentioned that much including last night is HAGS! He is so fast and so smart and grittier than you think, changes the game……another warrior. Good for Gabby now lay off of him folks.

  76. Jonny: Last year too, and it seemed to work well. Even though Callahan has been elevated above them, he probably is the perfect guy for that line. Once we win the Cup and Parise is here, rolling 3 scoring lines is going to be a piece of cake.

  77. Chris – I saw Bickel on the bench a couple minutes before the goal and I told Mrs. Manny to look at the utter sickness, sadness, depression and embarrassment you could see on his face. He was a few seats away from the others completely alone save for Pierre McGuire.

    But then, when Gaborik scored? He was one of the first ones off the bench, over the boards and celebrating (probably because he had fresh legs).

  78. Jonny D – why would you drop Cally to the 3rd line? He was the #2 goal scorer on the team? He should be playing with offensive players, too.

  79. Gaborik’s injury is called #21- Brooks Laich. Sometimes I think they’re married.

    Momentum? The only way this had any momentum was it it were to continue in early Saturday morning. This isn’t 2009, and Washington knows if they go down 3-1 this year, it’s over. Expect them to come out flying. Unless, of course, they’re still fatigued :-)

  80. Would be shocked if Eminger isnt in for Bickel next game. Glad they won for you last night Pimp.

  81. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good late morning all! Wow, am I happy I don’t have to work today!!!!

    Carp, that was one stellar review, dang near perfect….until the very, very end…..!

    That game was the hockey experience of I don’t know what…I’m wordless.

  82. All kidding aside, it’s hard not to notice tgat Gaborik is avoiding most of tge physical contact in the corners this series. He used to initiate it. Not sure how to explain it, don’t want to speculate. But sometimes even when he is first to the puck against the boards, he is willing to relinquish it, and then join the battle. Who knows, it’s playoffs. And who cares, as long as he does what he did at the end last night.

  83. Ive been defending Gabby like crazy here and I was thrilled about that goal last night but I have to be fair. At the end of the 2nd OT Gabby avoided all contact on the boards. He did it on about 3 shifts in a row. That really ticked me off. It looked just like he was playing in the All Star Game, avoiding every bit of contact. Still, I am one of his biggest suppoters. Wearing his jersey right now at work.

  84. And for all his “bad manners” when it comes to interviews, you gotta love Torts for knowing when to say important things. He doesn’t rip into his team when they lose and don’t play well, nor he lets anyone else do it. On the other hand, he doesn’t let them get too high. Even after such an emotional, hard fought, long game. “So what does that win mean to you and your team?” “Well, it means we have to win two, they have to win three”

  85. game of inches….caps could have won it on that ovechkin shot in OT, or on that deflection in the 3rd ot, or on that wide open net in the first ot. still i have to say, i was more terrified of the sens. obviously going to 3 ots shows that the caps have some fight in them as well but im just not as scared.

  86. Does anyone think that Bickel playing forward in the third OT would have been acceptable? Or would people have bashed Torts for it?

  87. btw that Gabby goal was because he got opened up a bit, plus Richards’ beauty of a pass. that’s what i’ve been saying, gabby is defended so close that he has no room. caps got tired in 3rd ot, gabby got some room, and put it in.

  88. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Agreed that Gabby looked like he was avoiding contact, and when he didn’t was pushed off the puck easier than in previous games. But, he definitely gets a pass. Hopefully this goal gets him going because they will be tough to beat if if is on top of his game.

  89. I wouldnt mind Bickel as a forward i guess but i do worry that he’d be a bit of a liability after being iced for so long. But who knows.

  90. bull dog line on

    last night was not some random regular season game. you don’t just throw Bickel on the wing for the heck of it. they had 12 healthy forwards playing. Bickel certainly was not going to be better than any of them.

  91. Guys – Gaborik scored because the game was entering the 114th minute of play and the Caps just didn’t have the defensive edge they have had all series. They turned their back and allowed Gaborik to get in a great position in the center of the ice in front of the net.

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

  92. “Chris – I saw Bickel on the bench a couple minutes before the goal and I told Mrs. Manny to look at the utter sickness, sadness, depression and embarrassment you could see on his face. He was a few seats away from the others completely alone save for Pierre McGuire.

    But then, when Gaborik scored? He was one of the first ones off the bench, over the boards and celebrating (probably because he had fresh legs)”

    And that’s Bickel. As a player, he’s a great teammate. But you know what? You need players to be MORE than just great teammates. I have never been a fan of his, but I thought he played better toward the end of the season and early in the Ottawa series. Then (I can’t remember which game or goal) he had a giveaway that cost the Rangers a goal and since then, he seems lost. He looks like the AHLer he is. I think it’s time to put Eminger back in, who was pretty good before he was hurt), or, call Erixon back up and just go with it. He has more talent in his pinky than Bickel has in his whole body. It might turn into a Kreider situation, where you give the guy some latitude and he blossoms.

  93. bull dog – I am just wondering. Does his lack of skill balance out by his fresh legs? Or is he even more tired and out of it than the other players since he hasn’t moved in 60 minutes.

  94. “And for all his “bad manners” when it comes to interviews”

    Was I dreaming or did Torts say after one of those Pierre McGuire interviews during the game after Pierre thanked him he said, “My pleasure.”

  95. Gosh, I hope I don’t regret saying it, but has anyone noticed that the last time we saw our usual suspects, annoying trolls who pretend to be Rangers fans and post only to prove they were right and anyone was wrong, was right after the Rangers went 2-3 against Ottawa? Coincidence? Don’t think so.

  96. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Manny, not sure there was a need to. Torts was rolling 4 lines, and Rupp and Prust were playing well. Only place would have been a shift on D.

  97. bull dog line on

    it is time to put Emminger in the lineup. if not Emminger, than call up Erixon. gonna need more than 5 D going forward.

  98. It’s crazy to be second guessing Gabby’s effort. He was physical for a lot of the game, then spent some time not trying to get locked up in corners. So he could be free to…score. Which, it might be pointed out, he did. Dramatically.

    Whoever said they were more afraid of the Sens, I don’t know, but I do know there isn’t a player on the Caps, including Ovie, who I think is an awesome force, that makes me as nervous when he gets the puck as Karlsson did. Or however you spell that.

  99. Awesome review Carp, what a great morning to wake up and be a Ranger fan.

    When McD gets named an AllStar next year (any doubt?) the Rangers will have 3 All Star defensemen- and all home grown. Not that we didn’t know that already but it will be validated for the rest of the league to suck on.

  100. Really happy Gabby got the winner, it shows that he has the great skill to contribute even when he is playing hurt or poorly. Because it is definitely one or the other.

    I don’t buy this tight checking or being marked theory, Gabby is far from the first 40 goal scorer to get marked closely in the playoffs but those scorers don’t go 8 games without a goal, they still find a way to get through. Glad he did when it counts but I don’t think he’s right.

  101. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    I kinda get the point that if Bickel isn’t playing, put in Eminger, etc. But, keep in mind that Eminger hasn’t really played a game in weeks, with one exception. I don’t think Tortarella wants to put him in as a D-man for the same reasons he didn’t get Bickel a shift from the 2nd on.

  102. Chris, agree. Ovechkin didnt even play that much in OT. I actually wanted Semin to come here this offseason, but he’s taken 3 horrible penalties this series. No thanks. Really the only time im seriously scared in these games is when the announcer says Carlsson with the puck. I keep remembering Karlsson of the Sens.

  103. czechthemout!!!! May 3rd, 2012 at 10:24 am
    Getting McD for Gomez is the hockey gods paying us back for Middleton for Hodge after all these years.

    SO TRUE!!

    I think this will turn out to be the best and most important trade in NY Rangers History. (You can’t count Messier because that was a total salary dump/giving in to Messier’s wishes)

  104. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Brought up Ovechkin’s OT playing time last night. I really don’t remember seeing him much in the 3rd OT. Anyone have his ice time by period?

  105. Yea Gravy is right. Eminger can’t just hop in and play 20+ minutes on Defense given the shape he is in. Erixon is probably the only answer. Of John Scott! (joke). But we all know the answer is actually *WELLMAN*

  106. bull dog line on

    Emminger is a better player than Bickel. so based on that he should play. they have gotten more out of Bickel this season than anybody could have expected. there would be no shame in Bickel being scratched at this point. he has done a real good job this season.

  107. The first thing I did heading into double OT last night was put the volume on the tv to 32.

  108. Meanwhile I usually chuckle when posters complain of NBC bias for other teams and against Rangers but after last night count me in as a believer. I cannot believe how many things about the Caps were presented in a positive light and other than Hank and Cally the opposite about the Rangers. And the tone, the excitement for everything Caps and ho-hum about anything Rangers. I’m sure part of it was fatigue but it sounded like they were all depressed the Rangers won.

  109. bull dog line on

    don’t think Eminger is going to asked to play 20 minutes. but he could give them 10 to 12.

  110. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    I don’t know about conspiracies when the Rangers get two PP’s in OT. Unless you think that they have more chance of being scored upon than scoring.

  111. The high stick penalty in OT they have to call, but Semin’s penalty on Cally i thought was somewhat weak. He did get the stick in the feet but Cally was going down already and then kind of dove to draw it. I mean regular season that’s a penalty but i dont think that shouldve been called. High sticks are another story.

  112. Amen, Lev. You HAVE to call that high stick. It’s a no brainer. The Semin penalty I think was a reputation call because Semin is an idiot and does that stuff all the time.

  113. The two Rangers power plays made me more nervous than anything, since I was sure they were going to give Washington a makeup PP (never happened, I know). I just wanted the game to be 5 on 5, we looked better than them, didn’t want them to have an eventual man advantage

  114. I thought the ref’s were letting both teams get away with damn near murder. I thought the 2 calls they did make were no doubters that happened directly in front of them, they couldn’t go ignored. But there were plenty of times throughout the OT’s when I said “Wow, they didn’t call that? Fine. They better not make any ticky-tack calls the rest of the way.” And I don’t think they did. Semin’s trip maybe if it was away from the play a little bit but all eyes were on that play.

  115. NBC wanst the Rangers to win, but the casual viewer does not want to tune in and hear NY getting talked up. They want viewers plain and simple. Pierre sounds less than enthuisiatic probably because he got passed over for the Habs job and nothing else.

    Love Bickel but frankly I think he has looked somewhat overmatched here at playoff speed since Game #1 Ottawa. Eminger might not be getting put back in because he would have the same problem but at least Bickel is used to it and should the Rangers open up a bit of a lead, he can play Bickel more minutes and get other guys a breather.

  116. Worst nightmare–

    Bettman pressuring for the shootout (Bettman Skills Competition) to decide games after 2 OT’s due to lack of TV commercial revenue…

  117. Oh good point Per Djoos. I meant to say this. Not counting this game the average OT lasts 8 minutes and 42 seconds in the playoffs. That’s less than 4 minutes longer than a regular 4-on-4 5 minutes OT. Can the league learn that it might be better to just play a 5-on-5 OT instead of the god awful shootout?

  118. Gaborik showed last night why the few elite scorers get paid top salaries. And even when he didn’t score between game 1 and 10, he required the best d-men and back checkers to cover him. Richards showed why he was the highest sought after free agent last summer- he creates and is very difficult to predict. The best Rangers player remains #30.

  119. Peter to clarify I didn’t mean NBC as a network, of course they want NY. I mean Emerick and co. The tone was subtly but so unmistakenly pro-Caps it was ridiculous. Maybe you’re right and it’s because they don’t want to appear pro-NY, but it’s wrong regardless.

  120. Just to be clear, I do understand that Gaborik has been absolutely blanketed in the offensive zone. I get that. But that’s not the only thing I’m talking about with regard to him possibly being hurt. Like people have mentioned, he has definitely been avoiding contact as compared to the way he played the rest of the season. And when he IS free to skate, typically in the neutral zone, he just seems slower. The dude is typically a rocket on skates! He appears either hurt or just plain tired to me. He doesn’t have that jump that he always has (see Hagelin for a comparison). So I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think he probably has something nagging at him in the form of an injury. I can’t remember which game it was but I remember him getting hit pretty hard, staying down for a bit, and then continuing on. Since then he has just seemed a little less than Gabby. That is all.

  121. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Good point, ilb. I think we tend to forget the the players that have been used to contain Gaborik have freed up space for our other lines. And they have been the ones producing for the most part.

  122. Just read on twitter that #30 has a 83:31 shutout streak going. So there’s that!

  123. I say 4 on 4 ten minutes, and NO Bettman Skills Competition..

    The shootout is a travesty. Last night’s Masterpiece of Human Will and Instinct is the example why.

    Just let the games end in ties in the reg season after a 10 min 4 on 4.

  124. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    I know there’s not a lot of love for Emerick here, but I don’t think he’s biased. However, I do feel like Eddie O seems almost uncomfortable when saying something positive about the Rangers.

  125. Even though the teams in the playoffs are usually very evenly matched, I think broadcasters have the tendency to get wrapped up in the seedings. Maybe because the games are nationally televised and they are aiming at the more casual viewer, but Ottawa and now Washington sure do seem be portrayed as huge underdogs and that just isn’t the case….. Or maybe its just me.

  126. No second guessing of Gabby’s effort here, actually admiring what he’s able to do given that I’m convinced he’s got something going on. He seems weak on the puck even when no one on him, that was never the case before.

  127. Per Djoos I agree with you, I was just operating under the assumption the shootout isn’t going away. But I think after 10 minutes of 4 on 4 a lot of games will end naturally. No shootout needed

  128. Who cares, they all hate us! Except the suits at NBC who are salivating at the thought of Rangers vs. Mr. snider’s Filth in the ECF, and then Rangers-LA Queens for the finals.

    The average blow-hard in the US automatically roots against cosmopolitan NY. Especially the Rangers, Knocks, and most especially, the Yankees.

  129. I respect Doc and I love that he gets excited about hockey. He just doesn’t seem as excited when Rangers do things vs when the Caps do.

  130. And I must include the NY Mets as well on the “most reviled” list by American blow-hards

  131. Matteau!

    Doc prob doesn’t care about the Rangers and Caps either way, but he has to tailor his broadcast to his target audience — the average US blow-hard.

  132. Thats because the Rangers don’t have a player named Crosby or Oveckin……what ever will NBC/NHL without those guys. Although to be fair they have hopped on the “Ryan Callahan Can Do No Wrong Train.”

  133. Also, in fairness, NBC has been playing up Henrik Lundqvist as a superhuman all playoffs. Well deserved, obviously, but they’re doing it. You could argue though it is partially to discredit the rest of the team

  134. Scott – Cally gets the best out of Dubi and Dubi gets the best out of Arty. That’s why those three have played so well together.

    I’d only put Cally on the 3rd line because of his chemistry with those guys. They’d still play a ton of minutes. That lineup is one where we can just roll 4 lines. If you shorten the bench, then Cally obviously gets more minutes. He still plays PP and PK. It’s not a third line really, just another scoring line.

  135. Hilarious, Rob – “You could argue though it is partially to discredit the rest of the team.”

  136. All I know is that Emerick is about a thousand times better than that ass clown who announced the game on Monday. I’ll never listen to that dude again. If he does another game I’m turning down the sound on my tv and turning on ESPN radio. He called the Rangers “Boston” at least twice during Monday’s game and he said so many things that made no sense. That guy was god awful.

  137. Yeah, that was awful. I actually thought that NBC just picked up Washington’s home feed.

  138. Stranger Nation on

    Tony – Gabby just looks slow compared to Hags!

    Do we not remember Gabby had the primary assist on Richards ‘tappen goal in Game 1 on a beauty of a feed. Does he need to *score* to be effective offensively. Hey, I killed him last night for floating at times, but he is not Boyle or Feds – which is OK – you need both kinds.

    He is a high skill guy – do we want him slamming bodies in the corner and mucking it up in front of the crease? It is not his game, never was. With Washington playing Ranger hockey the middle is tied up so less room to maneuver, that being said – he had 7 SOGs last night?

    Got to take the good (hands, speed, skill) with the bad (not physical, not great outlet passer) we have enough skill guys who don’t score (AA, Dubi, Mitch) and even Hags who is more than due given his water-bug like quickness and amazing skill at puck retention.

  139. Rob you nailed it, often when they praise Hank it is a swipe at the team, implication being he’s the only reason they’re any good.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    Emrick is a real professional – a professional buffoon. Seriously, this guy needs to be taken off his meds because his style is grating (at best). My son was wondering why he was referring to breakfast (waffle board) and farming (pitchfork).

    Last night had radio feed going which was anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds off the live action – how do you get a half minute behind? Work around – just paused the TV on DVR and would synch up audio to NBC feed and listen to Kenny and Dave, who were absolutely fantastic. Great stuff.

  141. Stranger agree on Gabby’s role but to me it is more than that, it seems he is easily moved off the puck, no strength. Wasn’t the case before.

  142. Absolutely, a back handed compliment. What they don’t seem to understand is any team worth a damn, almost always has a great goalie or at least one that is playing greta at the time. Sometimes they do make it seem as if the Rangers are the only team to ever benefit from solid goaltending.

  143. Just tried the season subscriber’s presale. Just wanted 1 ticket to home game three in the next round. They only offered $500 and $600 tickets. Good luck to anyone trying to get tickets when they go on sale to the general public on monday. What a crock of S#%t.

  144. Great write up, Carp.

    That it took almost two full games for a winner to prevail goes to show how close these two teams are. Ecstatic that the Rangers won and got the Verizon Center/playoff OT drought over and will enjoy this the next two days; however I don’t think this roller coaster of a series is over.

    NBC caught Mike Sullivan yelling and dropping f — bombs at Anton Stralman after a give-away. That was some good T.V. coverage.

    The NHL needs to change the OT rule of play stoppage at the first whistle after the 10 min mark. It was ridiculous that the Caps got a stoppage after they iced the puck.

  145. “change the OT rule of play stoppage at the first whistle after the 10 min mark”
    That happened at least 3 times last night.

  146. Anybody hear anything about whether Ryan McDonagh is concussed or whether he can play on Saturday?

  147. Emrick is so annoying that I have recently begun to look forward to listening to him just to see how aggravated he can make me. Is that weird?

  148. If an icing is the first whistle after the 10 min mark in OT the play should continue to the next whistle.

  149. Eddie O loves the Rangers. In fact sometimes he goes overboard in my opinion thats why the next Rangers game he announces he tries to balance it out by hating on them. But i think it’s pretty clear he’s probably our biggest fan at NBC.

  150. I am pretty sure McDonagh doesn’t have a concussion since he finished he next 25 periods of hockey that it took to end this one.

    It’s old school hockey! 8-game playoffs!

  151. There’s absolutely no way McD is concussed. If he is then the medical staff needs to be fired on the spot. First they let Boyle skate 3 shifts with a concussion and then they let McD play 2 OTs. Im sure if McD felt awkward he wouldve gone to the quiet room. He seemed ok. Boyle you could just tell didnt look right after he got hit.

  152. Lesson to all at playoff time: if you’re recording a game, make sure your DVR has enough space. I ran out of space just after the third OT began. Can you say AAAAAAARGH! But what a great game. This is real hockey, hard hitting, pretty clean, and our boys winning! Go Rangers.

  153. BTW anyone watch the Yankee game last night? Eric Chavez stepped into the box, got dizzy, and was taken out. Later got confirmed for a concussion. Scary!

  154. OH my god, Lev. I wish I could post my convo this morning. I sent an e-mail to a friend with a video of the Hendricks hit on McDonagh and said, “McDonah played another 2 periods of Hockey after this. Chavez scrapes his chin and leaves the game? Chavez being Chavez.”

  155. Noah-auer-uccarello-ubinsky, 29 on

    Maybe I’m delusional from lack of sleep, but I really don’t understand the backlash against the broadcasting team last night. I feel I am coherent enough to recognize when there’s a bias one way or the other, and last night’s broadcast seemed pretty down the middle to me.

    How about focusing on what the actual team did and less on the callers of the game? It’s not about them anyway!

    As for Emrick’s call on the GWG, I legitimately don’t think he saw it at first. I say that because I had no idea what happened until I saw Gabby jump.

  156. OV post was too many men on the ice. he stepped of the bench into the play before the other guy was off the ice. Smart move by the Caps, too bad it didn’t end up in the back of the net for them. oh well!

    OV is a cheap shot artist in my book. Always looking to run somebody instead of playing the puck.

    McD is lucky he still has his marbles after a clean hit by Hendricks… Neil, Cooke, etc. would have went for the head. Kudos to Hendricks for keeping it clean.

  157. Stranger Nation on

    Matteau – when the D is allowed to interfere and almost tackle the forwards as the enter the zone, I’m sure Gabby is not seeing any win in wrestling his way into the zone or along the boards.

  158. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Yeah, I was so delusional that it took me a second to realize they had scored. I didn’t even hear the words from the TV, but I saw Gabby start to jump, which caused me to jump and fistpump around the living room….by myself.

  159. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Anyone else hear “hard day’s night” as the rangers celebrated on the ice?

  160. bull dog line, the voice of reason today. unbelievable, isn’t it, with the picking on Gaborik?

    some of you guys with your nitpicking after a game like that — Bickel for Eminger, Gaborik avoiding contact — sounds like idiots.

    and one of the reasons this team is so tight is the loyalty the coach shows. Bickel is his No. 6 defenseman. He’s a project. He understands he’s not going to get major minutes, and if he’s not getting third-period minutes how would you expect him to play fourth period, fifth period, sixth period? If he puts Eminger in and Eminger makes a mistake, you guys are killing him. If he puts Bicke out in the sixth period and Bickel screws up, you’re killing him.

    and if Ovechkin’s shot didn’t hit the post, but went in, a lot of you would be singing a totally different song today … and a lot of our clowns who root against their team would be here.

  161. E3 pimp's Angel on

    I could have sworn that just has gabby’s shot went in – he screamed “that one is for Tony and the pimp, muthabyfugliers”

  162. Carp – great write-up as always. Real proud of da boys. The lasting image from the game will be the blood-stained jerseys. Rangers = BEASTS!!!

  163. Miami Pimp on

    Pimp, positive post? You guys are dreaming.

    You think that I enjoyed that exemplary show of complete and utter bush-league that I had to endure last night?

    First, I’m trying to recover from cancer … and how do the Rangers help me? By preventing me from grabbing an extra 4 hours of much-needed sleep, that’s how.

    Those no-talent clowns should have won in regulation. Any other halfway-decent team would have taken care of the “mighty” Caps in regulation. But noooo, we decided to show off and finish them in slowmo-fashion in 3 overtimes.

    If I’m Torts, I rip them a new one for this jackass-show of ineptitude. I would have each and every one of the clowns skating this morning at 8am sharp. They need to learn to respect their fans.

  164. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Carp – did you hear “A Hard day’s Night” after the game?

  165. Blame it on Boyle’s enormous, tree trunk of a leg. If not for him you could have gotten to sleep earlier.

  166. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    Maybe avoiding contact is not the best description, but he seemed more easily separated from the puck. He did battle. Maybe it’s tighter checking, confidence/slump, thinking about Kate Upton doing the cat daddy, etc.

  167. Gaborik was clutch in the end. For the team to be successful in the playoffs different guys have to step it up each game and score. Callahan, Boyle, Richards, Kreider, Staal, Girardi, and now Gaborik. It’s looking good.

  168. Gravy, Not Scored Upon on

    ORR, better delete that pic. I sense a 7 game suspension because bad words and flipping the bird are worse than hits to the head.

  169. too bad no rangers rewind on msg today.

    wow what a win. im emotionally drained i could imagine what they feel like

  170. What’s weird for me is when the rangers played the sens I always felt like there was a possibility the rangers could lose but the first three games in this series I felt like the rangers were going to win. Hopefully with the rangers victory last night has weakened the caps mental state and the rangers win saturday and have a chance to end it at the garden. Before the series started I had the rangers in 6.

  171. Emrick wasn’t excited because he didn’t know the puck went into the net. I didn’t even know until I saw Gaby lose his sh*t. I can’t believe people actually think he has some bias against the Rangers. Even when he did Devils broadcasts, he routinely would yell and shout whenever the away team scored, especially the Rangers. Same when he used to do Flyers broadcasts.

    I feel like people here just hate him because he used to announce the Devils. How many times does Sam react late to something that happens on the ice and everyone here says “one of the best in the business”? If you don’t like his style? Fine, but he is a well known voice by the casual viewer and his analogies and comments make sense to the non-hardcore hockey fan, hence why he’s perfect for national TV (Strader is the 2nd best guy they have, Forsland (FSN Canes) and Daniels (FSN Detroit) are terrible for national TV).

    It’s almost like because the Rangers won, some people here are trying to find something to complain about since they can’t complain about the team.

  172. One man’s opinion, Orr. Don’t get me wrong, he can skate and shoot… but i think he likes to hit guys who aren’t looking for it.

  173. Can anybody explain me please why Bickel played only little over 3 minutes in 115 minute game???

  174. actually it was Girardi doing the flippin… all I can say is WOW about Caps fans. I was there last night all the way up top. what a bunch of animals they were last night. like wwiii up there with Rangers fans.

  175. STF, my interpretation of what Torts said is that by the time Torts would have used him again (i.e. maybe the start of the 2nd OT), he’d been sitting for 2.5 periods already and they ultimately made the decision that to insert him back into the rotation at that point would be an unfair and disadvantageous spot to but Bickel back in and expect him to perform so Torts and Sully made the decision to go with 5 D the rest of the way.

  176. Jonny D,

    For what its worth, here’s one diehard Ranger fan who loves listening to Doc call a game. I think he’s the best, I love his use of language and I love how genuinely excited he is when he calls a game.

  177. Exactly, Jonny D. Emrick is 100% unbiased. It’s dumb to hate someone just because he uses a few different words. But I could understand not liking Chico. He’s one of the worst homers in the league.

  178. Stf- Torts hates Bickel :-)

    In all seriousness, watch them resign him next year as #6-7.

  179. I second that Chico is horrendous…reminds me of listening to Chicago Cubs games on WGN with his homerism

  180. Going to the game on Sat. so much better up 2-1 then down. I think their fans are better than the Devils, but that’s not saying a lot. Rest up boys

  181. I don’t think Emrick is biased nor do I hate him. That being said, I’m not a huge fan. I’d personally rather listen to someone else.

  182. That’s funny, eric. Could you imagine seeing this game as a “Rangers in 60”?

  183. E3 pimp's Angel on

    If Montoya was in goal for the rangers last night, we won 1/0 in regulation. Time to sit Hank and play Marty Biron.

  184. Anyone think Sam has begun the downside of his career since JD left? Seems to be he’s lost a proverbial step in his calls.

    I’m also not a Joe Mic fan at all…a bit of a homer and tends to describe non-consequential events as the greatest plays of careers all the time.

  185. This OT game brought me flashbacks to a couple of memorableones I have watched in the past:
    1) I was at the 1971 3-OT Stemmer game. All I remember was, being 19 with school the next day, hoping the game would go on forever. I barely got back to my seat before the bang-bang finish at the start of the third OT.
    2) in, I believe, 1999 I was working for IBM and they sent my to Arlington, VA (Xerox Campus) for some outside vendor training. It was truly a campus atmosphere with dorm rooms, great athletic facilities and even a kareoke bar. After a fairly long night of drinking and singing that started early with my eye on the Penguin – Flyer game, I settled in my room to watch the ‘end’ of a game I really thought would never end (think it was 4-5 OTs) but Keith Primeau snapped me out of my OT noddings, completely drained but feeling quite satified, although I was really hoping Kovalev would end it.

    Hockey Playoffs are truly the bestthat professional sports can offer fans, especially the first 2 rounds before attrition seems to impact the overall quality of the later rounds. The last 2 rounds now accentuate the latest buzz words ‘will and mental toughness’. Early round OT is the best of both worlds where the quality is still high, the physical exhaustion of multiple OT adds an ‘other world’ dimension, and finally the anticipation that almost any play could be the last, leading to complete exhiliration or, thank goodness not last night, deflation.

    I’ll be ready for another long one Saturday (actually want one selfishly since I’m opening my summer home upstate and the cable company is scheduled to come between 2-5, I know bad scheduling). I hope both teams are ready to bring their best . . . .again . . . . for as long as it takes.

  186. is Gaborik softer than Semin? or Johansson? Or Green? Or Hamrlik?

    Hey, guys, scorers don’t usually like to get hit. But he takes some hits to make plays, and he’s not avoiding contact.

    Stop it with the Bickel stuff. Do you even remotely understand what was happening in this game? And how the five D-men who played won the game. THOSE FIVE GUYS AND THE GOALIE WON THE GAME!

  187. Rob in Beantown on

    How good is Braden Holtby? The kid played most of the season in Hershey, PA. Do we just have a way of making mediocre goaltenders look like Vezina candidates?

    At least his mom and dad seemed proud of him.

  188. ulfie, if we get another one Saturday, you’d better have cable because NBC will be kicking the game over to cable to go to the Kentucky Derby preview coverage.

    that’s why it’s 12:30.

  189. Say what you want, Holtby’s been good. Very good. This notion that they make him look good might have some meat to it, but he’s also made some big saves.

    It’s just that the guy on the other end is amazing. That’s how slim the margin is in this series.

  190. One of the few things I actually like about the job Joe Mich. does, is that he takes the time to highlight the small plays, the little things that lead up to the big plays.

  191. from Bob McKenzie——–

    Keep in mind that Mcdonagh’s 53 minutes were more than 12 minutes more than what Wideman played.

    Mcdonagh played heroically, so did Girardi. But the Capitals also had 59 hits in this game and many of those were delivered on Ranger defencemen.

    Obviously there is going to be sore bodies for both teams after this game and the two days of rest in between games is absolutely huge for both sides.

    But you have to wonder how the Ranger defencemen are going to respond to the minutes logged, the hits taken and the number of shots they blocked in Game 3.”


    I agree with Bob M. that it will be interesting to see how the Ranger dmen are able to recover, rejuvenate and how they will do down the road in these playoffs, after such a draining and body wearing-down experience.

  192. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Carp – any truth to the rumor that mcD and girardi play the entire game 4? They showed they can go the distance.

    Also, is it true that the KREIDER is running in the Kentucky derby right after game 4?

  193. Very much like the idea of Dave M with Sam…not sure Joe M has ever done radio…

    Carp, you seem exasperated but I agree with you totaly!

    Also have completely come to agree with you that there is no game to game momentum. Rangers have won two games in a row once in the first 10 games of the playoffs

  194. Miami Pimp on


    Were Hagelin and Kreider both faster than anyone else on the ice in the OTs?

  195. Yea this game, like the two before it, could have gone either way. We even hit an equal number of posts in this game. The difference was Hank and the Defensive push at the end there.

  196. Agree that Joe Mc does highlight the little plays that allow big plays to happen but I wish he had more perspective…sometimes there is no difference in how he reacts to a face off win at center in the 1st versus a backcheck that saves an OT goal.

  197. Ulfie – that was 2000.

    Carp – I really think people just want something to complain about since there wasn’t a loss. That’s the only possible reason.

  198. Kreider should win the Triple Crown — and add that to his Frozen Four championship and his Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy.

  199. Miami Pimp on

    CARP, maybe you can confirm …

    For those of you wondering why everyone cleared out of the arena so fast, apparently it was because Metro service only got extended to 1AM.

    My brother was at the game and he said that about 3K-or-so fans actually left the game after the end of the 2nd OT. aka, Caps fans are morons.

  200. Miami – they usually close at 12 AM during the week, 3 AM on Friday/Saturday. So yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me.

  201. I think Holtby’s the real deal. Not saying he’s the next “big thing”. But, he looks like a solid goalie.

    Last season, Holtby was 10-2-2 with two shutouts. This past season, he was 4-2-1 with one shutout. Pretty decent numbers.

    Could be a potential top candidate for the Calder next season.

  202. E3 pimp's Angel on

    The KREIDER amazes me every shift. He sure has overcome all that natural nervousness from his debut game.

  203. Carp, thanks for the heads up,.I think I have basic cable which ‘may’ include both NBCSN and CNBC, but I should have no worries since I recall from last year TWC upstate opens their entire spectrum of channels, including premium, for the first 24 hours after install.

    That means I can, for a little while get the ‘Bryz’ channel which airs classic quotes and musings from the intergalactically renowned impresario who’s hobby is playing mostly mediocre goal for a Hartnell’d-up semi-pro organization.

  204. Kreider won the Calder next season, Voice.

    Not a fan, CCCP, and this is how I know … when my deadline was approaching, I wanted a goal, and I didn’t care which team got it …

  205. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Current odds for the KREIDER to win the Derby are 8-1, I might have to box him in a $5 exacta bet.

  206. Miami Pimp on


    If the game goes into OT, any word on whether NBC will pass it over to Telemundo and broadcast the rest of the match in Spanish?

  207. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Carp – take your post back…. Please delete it….please delete those horrible words

  208. Metro actually extended their hours last night to 1am because of the game…guess that it either wasn’t announced in the arena or lots of kids have tests today and it was a school night!

  209. Sure Carp. You were listening to the Ranger playoff game as a youth growing up in Westchester County in 1971 because you are not a fan of any team and for whatever reason could not watch the game on television. Not buyin it brother.

  210. Beer Belly on

    At 2am last night, I spraypainted number 10 on my neighbor’s house and called the police to say I saw two kids running away

  211. Leetchhalloffame on

    Beantown Rob – The Bruins did a pretty good job of making Holtby look like a Vezina candidate also. Fact is the kid is having a pretty nice Stanley Cup playoff run.

  212. Beer Belly on

    I know Girardi is a gutsy guy and all, but can someone please send him a pair of the Hanson Brothers’ glasses so he can hit the net more often?

    Who wins in an MMA match – Dan Girardi or Joe Girardi?

  213. Someone needs to remind McKenzie that the Rangers wasn’t the only team played last night. And that Green, Hamrlik and Co. had to endure plenty of hard hits during these three games. I hope he watched late last night because he should’ve noticed that Washington didn’t look as fresh as a daisy either.

  214. It’s OK Carp, I would never want to compromise your journalistic integrity especially since you are far and away my favorite sports journalist. You know, incidentally, I initially wanted to be a sportswirter in this lifetime, and I was working on a story (never printed) for SI about goalie tapping and was given press passes for a couple Ranger games. Got to go into a bunch of locker rooms and interview a bunch of guys at MSG. Just from those two evenings I have great stories (and will share either in a guest post or just here sometime). But as I tried to be totally professional, and was, the kid inside me was going “WOW, BRIAN LEETCH!!!”

  215. Joekuh - 16 More... on

    MP, if they pass it to Telemundo, maybe you can watch it with that hot nurse you were talking about…

  216. A couple of Kreider comments:
    – There were times last night that he should have been a little more unselfish. Right now he’s passing, although very well, when a shot on goal with his shooting skill, would possibly be more effective. i think that will be his hardest adjustment to the NHL. I don’t mean turn into a Guerin, or at times an Ovechkin, although the ‘8th minute man’ did dish effectively only to be let down by maybe his unsuspecting teammates. I mean to be able to settle at the Gabby level of making the opposition confused on where he’s going with the puck.
    – Kreider is no Bo Jackson, so he’s not going to win the kentucky Derby (maybe in the money) or the Tour de Fance. My biggest fear is that he runs out of goals at the highest level of the game he plays (Cups, scoring titles, etc) and gets bored . . . . . . and then decides to cure cancer and end world hunger.

  217. Beer Belly on


    If this was an MMA match, we’d be the guy constantly kicking you in the shins, until you prayed to be choked out and never wanted to fight us again. Callahan is nutjob Nick Diaz!

  218. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Great feeling waking up today. Great review, Carp. Seems a bit emotional, as I guess it should be. So many good comments from everyone today. Great thoughts.
    If I have one it’s this….those of us that have been around a long time (26 years of seasons, but 45 as a fan) have been through the mill with respect to teams the Rangers put on the ice that flat out didn’t care about representing the institution that is the Ranger organization. The Dave Gagner’s, Willy Huber’s, Alex Daigle, wastes of FA’s like Gomez, Drury, and oh, draft picks galore that were putrid, but highly touted, like Lundmark, Ortmeyer, Sanguinetti, Montoya, Brendl, Jessiman, Baranka, …oh, let’s not go there.

    BUT, what IS different, is that THIS team wants to be here. THIS team is blood and guts. THIS team is enjoying winning and developing from within. THIS team is just getting better and better and WANTS TO WIN and is willing to do what it takes to do so.

    Every night some other bunch of guys steps up. They are the real deal!

    Thank you, Torts and players for having the guts and will to win an epic like last night. They showed us and the Caps and the hockey world what they are made of. Substance, Mr. Holmes. Guts, work ethic, hockey sense, defense-first mentality, team first attitude.

    Rangerland should be real proud with this group. And it just gets better from here.

  219. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Afternoon ILB, tony, and all!!

    Was there a game last night?

    Great review as per the norm.

    We need to answer Hendricks like we did Neil.

    The mrs said right after gabby scored the winner that Bickel should be the first one off the bench to celebrate because he had the most energy left.

    I was really hoping only using 4.5 d men wasn’t going to bite us in the aasen.

  220. Beer Belly on

    Matty’KeepHoltbyinNet’Boy – When I finished reading your last post, I ran into Times Square and enlisted in the Marines. Please look after my family if I never come back.

  221. anyone questioning why Bickel isn’t playing in the 3rd and OT only needs to look at game 2. He’s barely an NHL player, but he’s not a nice job as the 6th d-man.

    Put him on a defensively challenged team like Philly and he looks awful…

  222. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Thanks, Beer!

    IWicky, I do worry, too about him not rolling out all his players. As you go deeper into these games, it can bite you. Look, if he doesn’t feel good about some of the players his GM has given him, what can he do? Play them and lose? Or, not play them?

    I kind of thought AA, Mitchell(can’t believe I am saying that), and Rupp could have had more ice time. But, heck, he’s the coach and he knows.

    Next year, this team will add some depth, he will feel better about rolling more lines, and we will be better off. These guys just have to be so tired.

  223. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Man, that was a great YouTube shot of the Rangers winner last night. Sather was actually there? OMG, he left his hyacinths? Looks like Glen has put on a few, huh? He actually cheered close to when the Rangers scored, too. Good boy, Glen.

    Carp, do you know who the young fellow to our right of him was?

    Sorry, but at this point, there is NO way he is making any decisions on his own other than financial. SOmeone’s gotta be helping him. Kind of reminds me when Steinbrenner starting getting dementia and his sons stayed by his side all the time and the guy didn’t do any interviews? I just hope he lets the people that have moved this team in a better over the last few years, keep doing it and does not interfere. Hyacinths, daisys, anything…..just stay away, GLen.

  224. ilb, dont worry. I slept in for you! Went back to bed after my RR post, just woke up. So Im rested up for the both of us.

  225. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Stepan tends to pass more than shoot. No need for deference – as Nike says “just shoot it”

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