Post-game(s) interviews


John Tortorella:


Marian Gaborik:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Dan Girardi:


Brian Boyle:





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  1. High Desert Roberto on

    cheers..still enjoying this one. it may even last a lifetime. or at least til saturday

  2. CTBlueshirt on

    Normally I’d say Larry Brooks’ computer is a perfect substitute for a toilet.

  3. Miami Pimp on

    lol funny stuff here late at night …

    This was complete amateur-hour … any halfway-decent team would have finished off the Caps in regulation:)

  4. Lloyd Braun May 3rd, 2012 at 12:56 am

    by the way, I’m not 26. don’t know where that came from but I’m a bit older than that



  5. Hey Miami

    Tell cancer that it was a total bush-league move on its part to infiltrate a body of a clown like yourself!

    Wishing you a healthy life ahead.

  6. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I was wondering where you were , Pimp!! I expected you to post that right after the winning goal was scored!

  7. what a friggin game. mitchell got his first 5 shots of the playoffs tonight, finally he did something.

    girardi is such a stud it is sick…
    mcdonagh 53 minutes wholy s–t.

    staal rounding into shape.

    need Dubi back… imagine if Sauer was healthy!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    You kept pretty calm tonight, Tiki – I’m proud of you! :-)

  9. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>what a friggin game. mitchell got his first 5 shots of the playoffs tonight, finally he did something.

    And don’t forget that blocked Carlson shot!!

  10. Thanks Jimbo. Either I continue to dwell on bad stuff or I put it behind me and move forward. If I always dwell on every bad thing that happens, Im going to figuratively kill myself and everyone around me.

  11. this feels like a cup team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    epic win first in a long time for the franchise…..

  12. stuart!! This definitely feels like a Cup team! They win on the road, they fight tooth and nail for every win. They dont give in, they dont quit, they have it all.

  13. Carp wit hthe first post game question for Torts, nice.

    Tiki, they have a real shot. THis team is legit. Heard RIchards been involved with about 45% of there scores, that is a scary #.

    Richards has absolutely picked it up.. need AA, or dubi, or stepan someone like that to take it to the next level. Hope dubi is back soon, don’t laugh he is better then mitchell, rupp etc……

    they defend like cup champs, the offense is the big ????????????????????????

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