Post-morning skate interviews


The news from D.C.: Brandon Dubinsky is on the trip, but did not skate. Mats Zuccarello continued to skate before practice, but left the ice when the morning skate began.

Alex Ovechkin is expected to play with Nick Backstrom tonight, which means more minutes, you would think.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Brian Boyle:



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  1. I just carped you, Carp…And fired Manny too…Except I called him Nanny… Darn iPhone.

  2. Doomed tonight. I know it. You know it. The players know it.

    Bush-league rears its head again. Caps will destroy us.

  3. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Give me money, that’s what I want

    Money don’t get everything that’s true, but what it don’t get, I can’t use.

  4. Pimp – Hope you’re doing well man. I have had a bunch of open heart surgeries (nothing like Cancer) and man, a good sense of humor goes a LONG way. Glad to see you have a good one.

    I am NANNY now.

  5. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciate the good thoughts.

    I mean, what am I going to do? $hit happens (just like NYRangers happens).

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – this is a MUST PLAY game!

    Rangers need to start truckin and beat it down the line – you know the deal…

  7. Hank can’t play in Washington, Ovie is finally awakened, Holtsby has to be confident after his game 2 performance, Boyle looks shell shocked, and still no Dubi. Nothing going right for the Rangers, Caps win easy tonight.

  8. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – my Brutha – I just dialed some serious prayer action to jah, most high, u be catching this early I be hoping?

  9. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Pimp. best of luck in your battle. I’ve had friends of friends, etc. go through and beat it. Never give up!

    Win one for the Pimp!
    Win one for the Boyler!

  10. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    S. Nation – i asked for some water and he poured me some wine – and every time jack straw from Wichita goes round he is bound to cover more ground

  11. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Let’s go pimp

    Let’s go pimp

    Let’s go pimp

    Let’s go pimp

    Beat this byfuglien disease, right the byfuglien now, mutha byfuglier

  12. ILB2001

    Thanks! From your background, I see you’re the right guy to ask.

  13. Pimp rules!

    The good news about my first treatment session was that the latina nurse who performed it was pretty hot.

  14. Damn, Miami. Stay strong, knock the hell out of whatever bush league cancer it is you have.

  15. Ilb is an OK person to ask if you want boring facts and details. If you want to talk to me then I will give you awesome encouragement and hilarious prognostications. For my money, that’s better than some VooDoo doctor.

  16. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – u r the pimp – ain’t no damn illness strong enough to knock yo assen out

    You be gotten a fine stable of babes that needs tending to, my Brutha.

    Do not get down – you will beat this mutha byfuglien – you dig?

  17. Fat Guy in a, you know the rest on

    Miami – Listen to some 2 Live Crew as extra motivation to fight.

  18. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – kick some cancer assen. Cancer be week compared to u, my Brutha. You needs to whip this mutha – you be the pimp – know what I be sayin?

    Lets go pimp

  19. I wish the NYR would win this game in my honor tonight, but fat chance.

    Those clowns will self-implode and walk into the locker room in shame.

    Probably give up 4 before the game is half-over.

  20. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Miami, you need chemo? Must’ve been watching this bush-league club that made you so sick.

    But in all seriousness I hope whatever it is isn’t serious and you get through it OK.

  21. E3 pimp's Angel on

    NYR fan – my Brutha – shoot some prayers to jah, most high, on behalf of our Brutha – the pimp- you dig?

  22. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Pimp – I got yo back, my Brutha, I be yo angel here on planet earth / you dig?

  23. Miami Pimp on

    DOODIE, I agree. This team is the one that propagated this cancer.

    Watching their bush-league ways, for what? 91 games now? That’s why I’m sick.

    I’m sick of this no-talent, two-bit farce of a team.

  24. Yo Yo ma….my brutha Pimp….prayerz for you, from the da most high….Jah

  25. Torts: “I just answered that question.”

    Non-Rangers reporter wets himself… at least, that’s what it sounded like! LOL

  26. E3 pimp's Angel on

    My bruthas and sistas on this blog:

    Before you go lay your heads down to sleep, could you all say a prayer to jah, most high, for two of our own bone head family members that sure could use some extra help –

    My Bruthas Tony and Pimp be facing some serious sit. Could you all ask that each be made better. Thank you in advance.

    Warmly and respectfully,

    Eddie Eddie Eddie

  27. Miami Pimp on

    Alright guys, unfortunately Pimp must still work / take the 2-hour conference calls / all that fun stuff.

    I’ll be back later to post my unnecesary-but-necessary-and-customary rant about how the Rangers will get absolutely annihilated in this Game 3 impending debacle.

  28. czechthemout!!!! on


    Cancer is bush league! Just like our no talent clowns!

    Hang in there brother!

  29. Also good luck Miami. Hopefully you do better than the clowns that wear white, red, and blue.

  30. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Pimp – it’s all good – u needs to be strong and fight like The PRUST – you dig?

  31. Miami Pimp on

    My comments are never sarcastic.

    They are simply true observations about this group of Mickey-Mouse actors who themselves are veiled as supposed hockey profressionals.

  32. Joekuh - 11 more..GBT! on

    pimp, they do say positive vibes are a boon to the hot nurse is a good sign!

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