Lundqvist, Malkin, Stamkos finalists for NHLPA’s Ted Lindsay Award


From the NHLPA:


Lundqvist, Malkin, & Stamkos voted by fellow members of the National Hockey League Players’ Association as finalists for the “Most Outstanding Player” award

…First-time Ted Lindsay Award recipient will be named for 2011-12

TORONTO (May 2, 2012) – The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) announced today that Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers, Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning have been selected as finalists for the 2011-12 Ted Lindsay Award. The Ted Lindsay Award is presented annually to the “Most Outstanding Player” in the NHL, as voted by fellow members of the NHLPA.

The Ted Lindsay Award is the only award voted on by the players themselves, carrying on the tradition established by the Lester B. Pearson Award since 1970-71. The Award honours Ted Lindsay, an All-Star forward known for his skill, tenacity, leadership, and for his role in establishing the original Players’ Association.

This year’s group of finalists – Lundqvist, Malkin and Stamkos – ensures that there will be a first-time recipient named when the Ted Lindsay Award is presented at the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas on June 20th.

The following players are finalists for the 2012 Ted Lindsay Award (in alphabetical order):

Henrik Lundqvist, of Are, Sweden, appeared in 62 games during the 2011-12 season, leading the New York Rangers to their best regular season record since 1993-94. He set career-best marks in save percentage (.930) and goals-against average (1.97), ranking fourth in both categories. Henrik also set a career-high in wins (39), finishing third in the category, and tied for third among goaltenders in shutouts (8). He is the only goaltender in NHL history to record at least 30 wins in each of his first seven seasons. This is Henrik’s first nomination as a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award. The four-time Vezina Trophy nominee would become just the third goaltender to receive the “Most Outstanding Player” award as voted on by the players, joining Mike Liut (1980-81) and Dominik Hasek (1996-97, 1997-98), and he is the first goaltender to be nominated since Roberto Luongo was a finalist (2006-07).

Evgeni Malkin, of Magnitogorsk, Russia appeared in 75 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2011-12 season. Evgeni led all NHL players in regular season scoring (109 points) to earn his second Art Ross Trophy (2008-09). He finished with more than 100 points in a season for the third time in his career, while finishing third in assists (59) and second in goals (a career-high 50). He also led the league in shots (339) and tied for fourth in game-winning goals (9). This is Evgeni’s third nomination by his peers as a finalist for the “Most Outstanding Player” award (2007-08, 2008-09). The former Calder Trophy recipient (2006-07) would become the fourth Penguins player to receive the “Most Outstanding Player” award as voted on by the players, following Mario Lemieux (1985-86, 1987-88, 1992-93, 1995-96), Jaromir Jagr (1998-99, 1999-00, 2005-06) and Sidney Crosby (2006-07).

Steven Stamkos, of Markham, Ontario, appeared in all 82 games in the 2011-12 season with the Tampa Bay Lightning, for the third consecutive season. For the second time in his young career, Steven led the league in goals (60) to earn the Maurice Richard Trophy, becoming only the 19th player in NHL history to record 60 goals in a season. He also finished second in points (97), tied for first with Radim Vrbata for most game-winning goals (12), and scored the most overtime-winning goals (5) – an NHL record. This is Steven’s second consecutive nomination by his peers as a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award (2010-11). He would become only the second member of the Lightning to receive the “Most Outstanding Player” award as voted on by the players, joining teammate Martin St. Louis (2003-04).

The NHLPA also launched the 2011-12 Ted Lindsay Award Contest today on Fans are encouraged to select the Ted Lindsay Award recipient, just like the players do. A random draw will take place following the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas NV, to determine the Grand Prize winner, as well as the second and third-place finishers.

Fans and media are encouraged to visit for further information on the Ted Lindsay Award, finalist profiles and contest information.

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  1. Looks like LW better update his blog.

    Miami Pimp can beat any bush-league cancer that is stupid enough to inhabit his body. He will destroy it like the cancer is a third-rate guatemalan women’s ice hockey team.

  2. Miami will win this race against that two-bit, amateur-hour, cookie-cutter, bush-league disease.

  3. Hard to know what good wishes to send out to Pimp in his time of perspective and challenge:

    If you wish him a Ranger victory you might, in his potential weakened state, kill him outright considering how it would destroy his known world.

    I certainly will not wish for him that the Rangers play like the bush-league, non-descript, non-entities masquerading as hockey players BUT I will wish him positive thoughts and attitude where, once he’s beaten this two-bit, no-account disease, he can be born-again and see the light that the Rangers are BIG-LEAGUE, and PLAY-THE-RIGHT-WAY.

    But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. One day at a time, one game at a time for Pimp and da Rangers.

  4. Miami Pimp on


    Beautiful stuff. Really.

    One of the all-time great posts on this blog.

  5. Miami Pimp 9
    Cancer -9

    Keep up the good fight! Best wishes, thoughts and prayers to you, Tony and any other bonehead who might need them – including the Rangers. Back the Blue!

  6. Curb is awesome. I love the “good kind” episode and the whole Party of Five thing….Classic.

    *Junior Seau off’d himself a little while ago.*

  7. My heart rules. It just functions backwards. Enough about me…

    Today is about Pimpster.

  8. This just in, BREAKING NEWS:
    Chris Kreider was rushed to the hosptial this morning with a severe case of lactose intolerance after spending most of last night into the wee hours of the morning on a Wash DC milk-bar hopping escapade accompanied by Michael Del Zotto. The Rangers have suspended both players for curfew violations and other various misconduct detrimental to the team including getting a lap-dance from Elsie the Cow.

    MDZ said regretfully before being sent back to the Ranger hotel. . .”they took away my fake ID and we had nowhere else to turn. I had no idea Chris couldn’t handle it”. When asked about the lap-dance all MDZ would say is “That’s udderly ridiculous”

  9. E3 pimp's Angel on

    Let’s go rangers

    Let’s go Tony

    Let’s go pimp

    Lets go Eric and mrs Eric

    Let’s go lil fetus doodie

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    Without the Cup .. as the THE WHO said in TOMMY ” YOU WHERE TO STICK THE CORK ”

    The CUP counts all the rest , no one remembers.

  11. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Hey PIMP
    both my MOM and DAD had NHL,

    NO not the Bettman disease

    but non hodgekin lymphoma and survived . The MD (oncologist ) is in Bronxville NY .
    If I can be of any help ask Carp for my email.

  12. Miami Pimp on

    Thanks ONECUP

    Yeap, there is no good cancer, but this isn’t the worse by far. I actually consider myself to be very lucky.

  13. Yev Kassem on

    Pimp: Best of luck to you brother! Healing vibes sent your way.

    I expect that you will be making me laugh here for years to come. Except when the Rangers fulfill your “BUSH LEAGUE” prophecy and then I will be crying.

    Keep the faith baby!!


  14. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    kick some aasen!!!!!

    LGR and LGT!!

  15. Ricky Bobby:

    Did you ever play at the old Sky Rink?, actually run the hockey program at the Old Sky Rink back in the mid-70’s?,

    let me know

  16. Hey Pimp,

    My boss had the “good” Hodgkins lymphoma, the “good cancer,” later stages, and he beat it, and so can you. Eventually, he went up to Tufts Medical Ctr. in Boston, which has a great program for this type of cancer, but perhaps you can use this as alternative.

    You’ll beat this two-bit disease!

  17. dubeliveau on

    Ulfie has played there many times. I have too. He had a “run in” once with Chris Nylan. Ulfie is old now, but was tough in his day.

  18. dubeliveau on

    Wishing Pimp good luck. If Mario can beat the good Hidgkins…should be a breeze for Pimp’s alter ego…POSITIVE PIMP

  19. Be strong, Miami. Thoughts and prayers with you…we need your voice of reason on this blog. ;-)

    Anybody hear the news on Junior Seau? Apparently killed himself today. Pretty sad news.

  20. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Isn’t that the guy Vancouver traded to Buffalo?

  21. Seau shot himself in chest – similar to recent NFL suicides, possibly so his head can be examined for concussion related brain trauma.

  22. Positive vibes and stoke your way Miami….

    Love this team and love our chances tonight. Looking for a PHYSICAL game top to bottom from our boys and fully expect Hank to OWN Ovie.

  23. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Hey, Pimp – just logged in to read about your situation – all our prayers for your absolute and total recovery, Man! And let’s get those Bolivian nuns with the hockey team that can put our Rangers to shame on the job of sending out some prayers, too – OK!?

  24. doubtful, Zubov.

    Good evening, Sally!

    The irony — every time the Rangers play here — it’s the Verizon Center and the wireless internet is dreadful. So I don’t know how much I’ll be able to fool around with youse guys tonight.

  25. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Manny, finally figured out how to listen to Radio feed while muting NBC!

    Pimp…keep on pimpin’ it. My best friend is a survivor of such and is still a Ranger fan – even quite a sarcastic one. His father used to bring him to the original garden local when he was a kid. Poor guys put up with alot.

  26. Waiting forever to get my oil changed. Let’s go people it’s almost GO TIME!

  27. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    lets go rangers

    lets go Tony

    Lets go PIMP

    lets go MRS ERIC

    Lets go lil fetus Doodie

  28. Did you mean to say the internet is BUSH-LEAGUE at Verizon Center, Carp?

  29. Good evening, Carp!

    Pimp, cancer better watch it’s back. Sending love and playoff beards and lucky beer your way. Stay strong.

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    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

    whoa, seems like i have some catching up to do.
    MIAMI, good thoughts and karma coming your way! You’ll kick ass, like you always do!

  31. Good evening everyone. Big night for our boys to quiet down that silly arena down there. Wonder how many Ranger fans will be there!!! Hope they do the ‘Ovie on the 8’s’ chant!!!!

  32. Carp, the way Torts has been behaving, if these guys are still scared of him when he get’s pissed, they should be checking anything that moves, ref’s and linesmen included!!!!!!

  33. Apparently the Caps fans (not sure if the real ones or the ones on tape) are planning to do an Ovi chant of their own at the 8-minutes to go mark. Decreasingly original.

  34. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan...WE ALL LOVE TONY! on

    screeeeeeeeeeeeeeching doc and tpch.. what did we do to deserve this fresh hell??

  35. Well we did sort of steal the chant from the Sens….although clearly with some revision.

  36. e3 (pimp's angel) on

    my impression of Doc “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

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