Rangers-Capitals Game 2 in review



1) This from Braden Holtby, the kid goalie, who has it figured out right, better than a lot of youse who have been watching hockey for years:

You look at the difference in the two games … We hit two posts last game, and they hit two this game. That’s how close it is. … the hockey gods were on our side tonight.”

2) So, yeah. That’s all it is. That’s why I thought it would be 1-1 after two games and at least a six-game series. These teams are alike, and if they get their talented people going and play the way the Rangers play and if Holtby doesn’t completely blow it, it should be a good series.

3) Speaking of the Capitals’ talented people: Alex Ovechkin. If he was a basketball player, he’d be Carmelo Anthony. Or, a chucker. The guy has ceased to make his teammates better, ceased to create for his teammates, ceased to do anything but get the puck and try to shoot from anywhere. He once was feared for the way he recklessly threw his body around, too, and I haven’t seen any of that. Can he still beat you? Yup. He did last night. But he’s not the player he was. And I’m not sure the Ovie Sucks countdown chant — though I think it borders on brilliant — is a good idea. You know, let sleeping dogs lie and all that. Ovechkin sure celebrated his goal, with his glove by his ear, so, yeah, he heard it.

4) All that said about No. 8, Cheapshot Hunter is going to get himself to the unemployment line very quickly if he uses Ovechkin 13 minutes a night and the Capitals go down in flames, which I still think will be their fate in this series.

5) A couple of this, a couple of that. The Rangers made a couple of mistakes — the Stu Bickel play, the Henrik Lundqvist play — he did have a legit excuse with the trapezoid rule, which didn’t strike me at the time — and the two penalties in the third, questionable though they might have been. The Rangers (Michael Del Zotto) also hit that right post hard in the third, and then hit the crossbar in the final minute of the game. So, I know, if, if, if … but this game could really have gone the other way.

6) And how many times this year, and in the first round, did games that could go either way end up going the Rangers’ way? Answer: A lot.

7) How about that No. 1 line in the third period: Rookie Carl Hagelin, Richards and rookie Chris Kreider? The birthday boy had seven hits. Also loved that John Tortorella had him serve the too-many-men penalty … assuming that the idea was that he might get a breakaway out of the box. And he did. Moments before Washington scored.

8) People who were piling on Marian Gaborik in Game 1 and late in the Ottawa series, OK. No problem. He was being played hard, and he was the guy the opponents tried to shut down, and you could argue perhaps that his effort could have been better. Not so in this game, I didn’t think. He made a hell of a pass on the Richards goal, had a few chances that he created himself. There’s just no room.

9) To the conspiracy theorists who appeared as soon as the Rangers took consecutive penalties in the third: There is no possible way that the NHL and NBC do not want the Rangers playing for another six weeks. Philly-Rangers and LA-Rangers would be beyond the network’s wildest dreams. Period. End of story.

10) Good to see Brian Boyle back on the ice. Wasn’t his best playoff game, obviously. But the Rangers need him, and will need him going forward.

11) I thought two Rangers had exceptional games: Ryan Callahan and Michael Del Zotto.

12) And, hey, the power play scored!

13) That R-A-N-G-E-R-S song is just embarrassingly bad. So is NBC’s production in terms of replays and such. Too bad MSG Network and its usually outstanding production has been put to bed.

14) Told ya, 1-1 after two. Rangers in six.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Michael Del Zotto.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Dan Girardi.
Joekuh’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan McDonagh.
2) Brad Richards.
3) Michael Del Zotto.

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  1. Looking forward to watching the game, tonight. It really surprises me how suspenseful a replay, despite knowing the outcome, can be. On an unrelated story, I was having lunch today (in Tokyo) and I couldn’t help but notice the Italian restaurant I was in had a NY Rangers toy Zamboni behind the bar. I asked the bartender where it was from and he assured me it was a gift from Italy. I didn’t bother questioning him. I was just thrilled to see the Rangers are represented here (intentionally or not).

  2. Faceoff wins are the key and why I think the Rangers will prevail.

    They just have the puck A LOT in these games and my gut feels they are the better team.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Manny?! What’s up baby :)

    I’m feeling like I need a good noggin checking.

    Rangers, Flyers, Coyotes, Kings …. and I’m still sticking with those four.

  4. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Torts is in a full on shutdown defensive mode for playoff interviews. He ain’t givin up nuthin!

  5. RangerSwede on

    Great write up as usual!

    On no9, I made a little comment last night and what I meant was they want as many gms as possible before it’ll be NYR-Philthy and flyers win in 7 after 5 penalty shots in the last minute

  6. bull dog line on

    Richards got suckered on his penalty in the 3rd. the Cpas player skated right at him looking for contact so he could dive. Richards gave it to him, and the Cap player went down like he was shot. Richards should know better.

  7. Boston Bonehead on

    Well, you did call 1-1 after 2. Let’s hope your prediction for Rangers in 6 holds up as well… Also, I’, (apparently thankfully?) in the dark about this R-A-N-G-E-R-S song. What is this abomination?

  8. Carp, you nailed it exactly… No room. They clog up the offensive zone and block shots and stop anything from happening. Kreider played a great game but even he was having a tough time trying to skate around their defense… I do love that RHK line also. They used it in the first game and scored big with that line

  9. New York Creampull on

    It was Rangers in 4 before, now we all know it’s Rangers in 5. this team wont lose again..PERIOD!!!…And we sweep the next two rounds….11 wins a row..

  10. Miami Pimp on

    This team is the one that’s going to go down in flames. These clowns are doomed.

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Once the Rangers tied it at 2, I thought they had the momentum to finish off the Caps. 2 stupid penalties took that momentum away, and Ovechkin put the puck in the net. That is what the best players have to do to win a playoff game. This game has a different ending if Boyle and Richards stay out of the box.

    Interesting point On Ovie’s Leadership qualities. I think Carp is spot on. I think Ovie would be twice the player if he was a little bit more humble. Stop him and the Rangers win the series in 6. They are bound to win one at home.

    Our best line was Hags and Kreider. How much fun was that to watch?

    On Business, on the road, to busy to have this loss sting. A post either way and we win. Time to move on a prepaid for a win in Washington.

  12. Agreed, Carp. The Rangers are going to go into their barn and embarrass them. The Sens were a better team than the Caps.

  13. the batman on

    They really didn’t look good, but they weren’t outplayed by any stretch of the word. It really could have gone either way. A lot of the games are probably going to be like that.

    Does anyone know who that announcer was last night? I watched the game on mute. He wouldn’t shut up about the Caps and his voice was annoying. Say what you will about Doc Emrick (voice and all) but he calls an impartial game.

  14. Ugh, that broadcast team is miserable -no replays on penalties…etc. Makes you really appreciate the MSG production.

  15. Stanley Cup? They’ll be lucky to wind up with Coffee cup
    at this rate. They seem to be destined to be eliminated by the Capitals year after year, like Sysifus and his boulder. And they do it to themselves. Their brain dead practice of dump and chase,DUMP AND CHASE, A TECHNIQUE THAT WAS DEVISED TO DRIVE THEIR FOLLOWERS STARK STARING NUTS.

    at what point do they come to the realization that their “style” doesn’t work. Skate the puck in, set up the attack and then bang away at the goal.
    Time honored by most SC champs, but Rangers are gonna show the hockey world that THEIR style works,
    even though it doesn’t.

  16. I didn’t think the penalties were a byproduct of anti-Rangers bias. It is more of a feeling that referees feel the need to even up penalties to the point that they go out of their way to look for calls to make. This cuts across the entire NHL, not just NYC.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I sometimes think other people throw on DVR and watch old games based on how different each of our perceptions are.

    I thought the Rangers played a hell of a gme. They were MUCH better than in game 1, but still came out with an L and not the W. Oh well, carp summarized it well with Holtby’s comments.

    Four or 5 more just like this and they should be fine.

  18. Classical UnderAchieve on

    Bickel bad move.
    DelZoto Rarely puts his shots on net. One slap shot was 2 nets wide.
    Lundqvist stay in the net.
    The Rangers blew this game the caps did not win it.

  19. The real scoop on

    What makes you think this is a cake walk? You guys are out of your frickin mind…The Rangers have zero experience winning in the playoffs, and you think it is a cake walk?

  20. Fran, it wasn’t just the dump and chase, it was the constant cycling without even putting a shot on goal. When you’ve got all 3 forwards behind the net, who is going to score? Answer: NOBODY! Sooner or later you have to get in front of the net and put the puck in that direction. Of course, if there’s nobody in front to bang in a rebound or deflect the puck then it’s just an easy save for the goalie.

    This team can be very, very good, but sometimes their style of play drives me nuts.

  21. Miami Pimp on

    I agree: This team doesn’t put anyone in front. So who’s going to score?

    You can cycle for 10 minutes a period and then be down, 1-0.

    It was so obvious that we were going to give up the first goal too. Those who don’t score, get scored on.

  22. Carp, I agree with all your review points, especially 8 & 13. Gabby is being checked hard, esp in the Ottawa series. He’s gotta find a way to score but he’s got one, sometimes, 2 guys on him at all times. But he is playing physical so that’s good to see and that pass was awesome. Amazes me how these guys can make plays like that at top speed or in a split second. And #13, geez, I get the business of TV in sports but MSG is so good at their coverage, puts NBC to sleep. But, this isn’t about how they hate the Rangers or are anti-New York, they’re just bad!!

  23. Cross Check, didn’t you watch the team all year? That’s the philosophy, to play hard against the wall against their D, and wear em down and create chances. Yes, it’s frustrating when the cycle for a minute and a half but don’t get a shot but it pays off in the end. You’ll see. It got them #1 seed in the East

  24. One other thing from last night, with the Rangers trailing Torts has to find a way to get Artem Anisimov more than 4:56 in ice time – especially after Matteau-ing for the first goal in Game 1.

  25. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Oh yeah I forgot that Richards penalty was a make-up from Saturday’s 1st period! I called it then, just took them 51 hours or so

  26. What up *True Fans* !??? I am ready to bleed with/for you!

    Holtby speaks like a veteran. And he’s right. Game could have gone either way.

    Who needs OvechCan’t when you have Mikey Del Zaster? Dude was shooting .50 Cal like it was Inchon, 1950. I will give him an honorary Hat Trick for all his efforts.

    Game could have gone either way. This is true. Rangers in 5.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I’m assuming your “cake-walk” comment is directed at me?

    Who said cake-walk? Plz don’t misinterpret my confidence for saying this will be easy. After all, please re-read my post because i said “another 4 or 5” like this and they’ll be fine… that means i’m expecting at least 6 games.

    This certainly won’t be no Kings vs. Blues series (RIGH T MANNY!! :)

  28. Haha. I still think my boys, the St. Louis Blues pull something miraculous like a 2-2 tie.

    Christ though. The Kings look really, really good. Dustin Brown……….man I wish we had a guy like that…oh wait….

  29. cycle…..CYcle….CYCLE….and out of the zone

    did we raise men here or what? Someone other than Cally please grab your eggs and plant yourself in front of the net!

  30. Good game. As always, they will take a deep breath, make a few adjustments and come out strong next game. Series will go long. Rangers will play hard an win the next. That’s just the way they do it. Have faith… I’m sure they do!

    Carp…Please predict a win!


  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Good morning, *Manny*

    My question, though, is whether they (Blues) will still win the series?

  32. Blues in 7. That was my pick and I am sticking to it.

    Great to watch Backes vs. Brown though, isn’t it? Two “callahan-type” players. Backes, as I have said, is the Cadillac of Ryan Callahans.

    Someone was ripping on the blues yesterday for not having enough top flight scorers but…they have two terrific goaltenders and they really spread out their scoring.

    Back to *Rangers* : The Caps blocked more shots than us. The team that blocks more shots, wins. It’s a proven fact!

  33. blueshirts0819 on

    It is torturing watching the NBC broadcast team where they are SOOO in love with Washington especially with OVie where they both are drooling in the booth…ahh make me sick. I thought they both creamed their pants when he scored the third goal. What a shame the MSG team not doing production rest of the way.

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kings went 3-0-1 during season in the heads up series. The loss was 1-0 and one win was 1-0 shootout.

    Quick is a world-class goaltender, heck if Hank picks you early at the NHL All-Star draft you know he’s good (granted I think he picked Elliot too if i’m not mistaken, so this entire point may be somewhat moot)…
    But I can’t explain it, LA gets their game up and matches up particularly well with the Blues. Vegas will be upset.

    Coyotes vs. Kings round two. We’ll see.

  35. You could be very right. That’s a bit deeper of an analysis than my pea-sized-brain is capable of.

  36. yeah, I agree with all of you about NBC. I mean, wasn;t Eddie Olczyk one of US? What happened to that guy…Messier should come down from the sky box, give him the stare, and head back up the elevator.

  37. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp. We need to stop with conspiracy theories, it’s getting laughable, to be quite honest.
    Funny how different people see the same game differently. I thought the Rangers looked like a much better team two games in a row, more so than comparing to Ottawa. It’s the playoffs, and one bad play, or two, makes all the difference in the end.
    Speaking of Ottawa. Try to seat back and recall how you felt after game 2 against them. I was surprised and really worried. Do you have the same feeling here? I don’t, much more confident. Again, it doesn’t mean much, it’s playoffs, and it could still go both ways, but still.

    The Rangers are playing like it’ll be a long series, at least to me they don’t feel it’ll be an easy one. Don’t think they keep pounding Mike Green or Roman Hamrlik any time they can so those two wear down if this series goes to distance? They keep cycling until something is available just because? They have a plan. Enjoy it, folks.

  38. The Kings are. Legit. They are actually happy they didn’t get the 3 seed (and Phoenix did). Blues are a solid team too, but this Kings team is a lot better than people give it credit for. TOLD YOUSE that Dusty Brown is legit. Best all-around player in the league IMO.

    As for our Rangers. Glad to see all the idiots came out. I much prefer the Boneheads, but when the idiots come out and say that the season is now over after a game which could’ve gone either way (and which the Rangers dominated for much of the 2nd half), it gives me a good chuckle at work.

    Rangers played well, Caps played well. Difference was 2 posts, just like game 1 just the other way around. Just have to hope to get the bounces in game 3 and take that one.

  39. Thanks for the recap, Carp.

    To me though, the Caps had no business winning this game, and they had no business winning game one, post or no posts. They have been out-worked and out-hit and out-hustled.

    The refs gave the Caps two power plays late in the third period on two questionable calls, it’s baloney.

    During the Ottawa series was truly depressed. Depressed this team was going to have the season they did only to lose in the first round. But after winning a round in the playoffs, watching these guys work their tails off night in and night out makes me proud to be a Rangers fan.

    When I see Michel Del Zotto trying to put the team on his back like he did last night, it makes me smile to finally see a team comprised of young, hungry players want it this badly.

    The Caps are nowhere near the team the Rangers are, but that doesn’t produce wins. We have to go out there and do it.

    Gotta get one in DC boys!

  40. ilb – I’ll agree. I thought the Sens outplayed the Rangers in many of the games in the 1st round. I haven’t seen Washington truly outplay the Rangers yet in this series. It’s been close for sure, but they haven’t had too many moments of pure domination like the Sens did.

    And they cycle because they want to own puck possession and tired out the Caps. It’s well known that the Caps get really lazy when they are fatigued. So if they keep pounding their D and cycling the puck down low, they’ll tire them out and get chances in the slot (which they did last night, just couldn’t convert).

  41. I finally found that Sports Illustrated Lundqvist issue from April 18. My doctor’s office had it in great condition. I went for my check up wearing a Ranger shirt and he let me have it……and they lost….Sports Illustrated curse!

  42. vogs – how many calls did we get in that Ottawa series? Game 6 they had the two soft PP calls that turned the game around. It happened. Richards has to be smarter there.

    Plus Gaby got away with a high stick and minutes later Cally got high-sticked and we scored on that PP to tie the game up again at 2.

    Not saying you are implying this, but I know others are, so let’s cut it with the conspiracy theories.

  43. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Del Zotto had a very bad first half yesterday, and was definitely the goat on the first goal for Washington, but recovered strongly with his best work of the playoffs.

  44. And I’ll add. Nothing has come easy for this team this year, nothing. And neither will it come easy in the playoffs.

  45. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    First half of the first period I should say. After the goal he was much stronger.

  46. Johnny – no conspiracy here. It’s called poor officiating. The call on Richards was brutal, as was the one on Boyle.

    I can handle the Boyle one because it was in the offensive zone and could have led to a Rangers scoring opportunity, but the Richards one was poor. Caps were diving all night and the officials fall for it. It’s poor.

  47. Anyone who saw the Coyotes and the Preds yesterday saw two very potent teams. I thought that the Coyotes were one of the most disciplined and great passing team I’ve seen in a long while. They kept control of the puck for long periods and were a constant threat. Preds weren’t far off, and they had some weird breaks in the goal mouth. Two very good teams.

  48. fran – agreed. If the Rangers plan on having a shot at the Cup, they had better be ready for what the West is cooking out there, Phoenix looks scary good.

  49. Thank you, so so much, on point #8. Even more so than normal it seems that Gaborik is being evaluated in binary terms. If he scores, he was good. If he doesn’t score, he was bad. Thought he played his best game of the playoffs in terms of skating and finding the lanes that were there and just being active. If he plays like that the rest of the way out, he’s going to finish and we’re going to be in good shape.

  50. Doodie, didn’t get a chance yesterday. Congratulations! Great news. I kind of suspected it when you mentioned you’d be moving in with your family close to me temporarily. We’ll talk about more later. In case you don’t have it, my email ilb2001@nyp.org

  51. Salty Pig Carcass on

    I just heard about the Knicks…..WOW, what an embarrassment. Rangers don’t have to worry about getting any media attention anytime soon, thats for sure.

  52. Doodie – How was that DZ’s fault? It was the terrible turnover by Bickel that caused the odd man rush the other way and the goal. Yes DZ got spun around a bit, but Bickel has to just play that down the boards.

    vogs – that wasn’t poor officiating. They called it the way the rulebook says. That was Richards own fault for taking a dumb penalty. It was the 3rd period, he already saw some softer calls get called. He can’t go out there and interfere with someone and expect them not to call it.

  53. yeah, Salty Pig … you can always look right over there at the Knicks and be thankful. No matter how imperfect the Rangers may be, no matter what happens to them the rest of the playoffs, you can say, “Well, at least we’re not the Knicks.”

    and you can say about the Rangers players, “Well at least he’s not Amar’e or Carmelo,”

  54. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Wow, surprised that there’s not a lot of gloom and doomers around today.

    It’s always interesting to me how when one team has a great opportunity, but doesn’t score, how quickly the other team seems to score shortly after. MDZ post, Caps goal. Kreider breakaway stopped, Caps goal. If I’m not mistaken, the Kreider goal in game 1 was shortly after a Caps post or great chance.

    I wonder if there’s a bit of a mental letdown by the guys on the ice after coming close.

  55. yeah, I don’t think Del Zotto played it perfectly, and he was the last guy with a chance to prevent that goal … but you can’t put it on him. That’s a 3-on-2 that became a perfect give-and-go and then a perfeclty executed 2-on-1 at the net.

  56. More often, Gravy, the team just got a chance because it had guys deep, and thus trapped off a missed shot or a save or a post.

  57. Carp……I totally totally totally agree with your #3 point……Please dont wake that guy up. Leave well enough alone, this is not Ottowa. We dont need to copy other peoples chants. Let Girardi and McDonagh do our talking for us.

  58. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Bickel should have dumped the puck back in deep instead of going cross ice on craps first goal, but Richards threw it back to the point with a 200 mph pass…. Bickel isn’t so much to blame for that play… He never really had control of the puck and then panicked…. Partial blame on Richards.

    Rangers still sweep this series.

    Ban fetus doodie from all future games.

    Bring on the flyers

  59. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Once again, Carp with the logical analysis.

  60. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    It would have happy birthday #20, if the KREIDER would have scored on that breakaway.

  61. I’m usually not overly critical when it comes to the network/announcers but last night was B-R-U-T-A-L!!! Did anyone notice that he called the Ranger “BOSTON” at least a couple of times? Seriously? And how about the camera angles on the replays. They were showing replays that took pace in front of the Rangers goal from the OTHER end of the ice. Are you kidding me?

    So if the Rangers were to make it to the Cup we’ll never hear Sam calling the game, eh? That blows. and how about a 12:30 game on Saturday. Ridiculous! Some people do have things to do, ya know.

    As far as the Rangers go… the Caps didn’t win that game. The Rangers lost it themselves. They looked a little sluggish to me. It didn’t even feel 100% like a playoff game. I think they could use a couple of days off. They made untypical errors. They gave this game away. If Kreider scores on that breakaway… game over. I’m telling yous.

  62. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    He left Knuble wide open in front. There’s no excuse for that. He has to make a play on that pass.

  63. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Eddie, I agree. Knowing you have Bickel at the point, Richards should, at least, show some smarts. Time and time over these playoffs he has done ‘bonehead’ things that didn’t make sense. The penalty he took with about an “Ovie” (about 8 minutes) left he was goaded into and if you’re a veteran you don’t give ref’s that chance. True, it was a light call at an inappropriate time of the game, but don’t be SO stupid as to do it there.

    He gets the stats, he had a nice goal, he says nice things that are career-helpful to the young kids. He probably is deemed an absolute great player by his teammates. Sorry, I am unimpressed by his incomplete hockey logic. A Messier, he ain’t.

    That said, it was Bickel who was knows now he should have sent it deep.

    Heck, we were the better team most the night. They capitalized on a couple of STUPID mistakes, our momentum in the third was stopped by two dumb penalties…we lost. We are better. We can regroup and beat these turds.

  64. Oh, and to join yous on your Knuble goal convo.. not a goal has been scored these playoffs (unless it was a break away) where the goal scorer went untouched. It was ridiculous that DZ let Knuble just tap that in. Yeah, Bickel was definitely at fault but DZ could have made a better effort to just plain clear the crease.

  65. “Bickel isn’t so much to blame for that play… He never really had control of the puck and then panicked”

    I imagine if he dresses again, it will either be as a 12th forward in a rough series or if a defenseman gets hurt. I still really like the guy and would love to retain him as a 6th/7th D next year, but he’s just not ready to be a no-fighting, responsible playoff defenseman. Not a knock on him, just his experience level. Eminger, even at 80% or whatever, is a better choice for this year.

  66. miami pimp–

    “If you fail to score, you will be scored on (sic)”

    Probably the most zen-like and truest of all posts this post-season, and neatly summarizes the first perior of Game 2.

    I think the Rangers have the puck more this series than against the Sens, yet I think the series will be Rangers in 6 or 7 games, with LQ being the difference.


    right on about Ovie playing 13 mins a game or less. Under Boudreau, the least amount of minutes Ovie played in a playoff game was 19. But, playing Ovie sparingly allows Cheapshot Hunter to UNLEASH Ovie in power-plays and late in games, and if necessary overtime. Ovie will be well-rested.

    And I agree with your assessment of Gabby. He has played well, there just hasnt been any room – yet.

    Brilliant move by Torts to have Krieder come out of penalty box after serving for the Too-many-men — got a breakaway, and couldve been a game changer.

    FRAN — again, you’re comments are unmistakeable, and I recall your words of wisdom when we were both frequent posters on the NY Post Rangers’ blog a few years ago… But I disagree with you – i think the Rangers ‘cycling’ down low with 2 or 3 forwards allows more support to the forecheck. Yes, it would be nice to have someone in front of the net, and it would be nice to “get in the zone, set up, and shoot” quick, but thats not the NYR style. And they dont exasctly have the “Russian 5” for quick plays. This team is built for the long haul – in games, and long series – and wants to win games by Wars of Attrition. Not beauty.

    Extended periods of forechecking (1) keeps the puck out of your zone and avoids turnovers in near the blue-line (a-la Stu Bickel last night, Girardi last series) (2) forces the defending team’s defensemen to sustain physical punishment, and limits their mobility in getting the puck up ice.

  67. >>14) Told ya, 1-1 after two. Rangers in six.

    I see it more like Caps in five.

  68. Just as a general comment… I gotta say that the Sens scared me a LOT more with their style of play that the Caps do. The way that the Sens’ offense would swarm over the blue line had me sweating for the entire game. I know that this series against the Caps isn’t a given. Far from it. But I’m just not as worried by the Caps. I think the Rangers can handle them if they just play their game. The Rangers have kept the Caps in check overall. Rangers in 6.

  69. Enough with the Ovie chants.. Let sleeping dogs lie. No need to motivate the opposition’s top players. Motivate Gabby, Richards, Callahan, Krieder, Girardi, or Hank instead.

  70. Shoot the puck, Barry on


    What’s the word on Dubi? With a series this tight, he could make a difference at some point.

    A few more thoughts:

    1) I agree with everyone that this could have gone either way. I thought they would win, and indeed did think that when they tied it 2-2, but a bounce here, bounce there.

    2) MDZ will score a goal in Game 3. He hit too many posts in Game 2, so one of those is going in next time around.

    3) The Hags-Richie-Kreider combo is interesting, and I can see that he is going to use that in spots, but I like the top 2 as is and I think Torts does, too.

    4) Boyle looked like he was coming back off a layoff, but you know he is going to be a factor at some point.

    5) The Caps have some serious size, no? I noticed it on some of the ice-level shots that they had, particularly of their PP.

    6) Gaborik is going to score at least 1 this series, and I think more. Mark that down.

    7) Is there a better defensive player right now that Ryan McDonagh? The play on Ovechkin in game 1 and the stick check away last night. This guy is a future Norris winner, no?

    Looking forward to Game 3.

  71. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Matty – agreed, Richards pass back to the Bickel was more like a clearing attempt than anything. I don’t blame Bickel much at all for being unable to handle that pass…

    Doodie is correct regarding MDZ letting KaNoodle park his butt in the crease for the Tappen.

  72. At least we ain’t the knicks. But the knicks continue to block the rangers on msg during the entire year and in the papers. Ovechkin, love him or hate him, you have to admire the way he hasn’t bitched about his ice time and has been saying all the right things as far as “team, we” etc. Still say rangers in 5.
    Sorry I didn’t stop by last night Carp. Have a safe trip to DC.

  73. Doodie – Bickel stepped up so he left DZ to dry in the sense that he went to block the pass but wasn’t expecting it to come that quickly. That play had a hell of a lot more to do with Bickel than DZ.

  74. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Manny (how are you?)….yes, I have not wanted that change, but Torts has to do it now. Not only is it the smart move, but it’s the ONLY move. He made a mistake and has to pay. He needs to continue, as he did with THE KREIDER’S ice time, to show the players that their play determines their ice time. He messed up. Get outta here.

    Personally, I see Eminger as a journeyman defenseman with little to give but more weakness and some more offense. But TOrts will play him. Yes. 5 minutes a game

  75. Salty Pig Carcass on


    “If I’m one of these last teams remaining this is a golden opportunity and you had best seize it. … We had it in New York in 1994, we couldn’t beat Detroit to save our lives, we couldn’t beat Philadelphia. Philly went out in the first round, Detroit went out in the first round and we ended up with a .500 hockey club in Vancouver for the final.”

    How would you like to be a GOD in New York, Mr. Lundqvist? Go get it.

  76. When whoever the Left Wing was that had the puck had it and didn’t drop it back, Bickel is supposed to prevent the pass to the high guy and DZ takes the guy going to the net. Bix looked like he was stepping over to the LW instead of staying between him and the high guy, so DZ stepped up to take the guy up top. Bix decided to do the same thing and DZ got caught in no-man’s land trying to get back, and it was already too late.

    That was on Bickel for trying to be everywhere positionally instead of staying put. Hence why he only plays 3-5 minutes a game and DZ plays 18.

  77. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    The ‘feel’ is still not as tense as the Ottowa series. Yes, these guys check, sometimes hard. But there is no head hunting crap like series one. We are winning a realistic amount of face offs (another weakness for the ‘great’ Richards), at least better than series one. We got hemmed in a lot more against Ottowa for minutes at a time.

    This team doesn’t have the point presence to do that. They do, however, have some top flight snipers that can change the game in a minute.

  78. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Bad mistake by Bickell on the first goal. If he is having trouble with the puck there he either takes it out of the zone or throws it down the boards never ever into the middle like that or across the middle unless you are sure its going to get there. Then after that the 3-2 was finished off perfectly. The only thing that could have been done there was going straight to Ward and hoping he doesn’t get that perfect pass off. If that happened then Ward probably passes it to the slot and Hank has to make a save that he makes more often than not. Its just the little things, it happens.

  79. Yea – I am with you, Matty. I think Eminger is less of a liability and can even play more minutes than Bickel. I guess we use him in defensive situations and never expect him to take shots. Even though Torts somehow sees him as a RW?

  80. But in Stuart Bickelstein’s defense…Girardi made that same play from the Left Side a few games back.

  81. czechthemout!!!! on

    At the game last night. At times, it didn’t have the feel of a playoff game. The second period, the Rangers decided to take a break. I thought many players took a step backward in their play last night. And with all that, they still should have won the game. The Caps do nothing during the game. They put four people into the nuetural zone and one forward high on the blue line. And that’s it. They are easily beatable but the Rangers have to play smart and they didn’t. They were once again awfull on the powerplay. And this constant cycling without getting a shot on goal has to stop! There were several times in each period that the right play was to put it in front but because they are so used to going behind the net, that’s what the players wind up doing. They cycle and cycle and cycle and than nothing happens and they wind up nowhere but tired without getting a single play at the net. This must change. There were also several juicy rebounds left by Holtby but no one was in front of the net to bury the puck home so the Caps easily cleared the puck.

  82. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    And, Fran, sorry, but I disagree. Dump and chase is as much a part of these Rangers as is the logo. It was working. Obviously this team can counter quickly, so the D has to be smart about it, but we were wearing out their defensemen BIG time. Keep on dumping and hitting the d hard. It will pay dividends. Green, Hamrlik…these guys have no treads left on their tires. They are OLD and worn. Beat them to it, hit ’em against the boards. THey just got out of a hard series. This will take a toll.

    If we hadn’t committed those two penalties in the third to kill our momentum, we would have had many opportunities. This team is an imposter. We are better. Wear down the d. Keep the o away from our zone (yes, they are dangerous) in doing so.

    We will win one of two in Washington, and gain control again.

  83. sit bickell and play emminger. unde r0 minutes a game but 3 or 4 minutes is ridiculous.

    dubi back sit mitchell. they need to play AA a little more especially when he is playing well.

  84. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Czech, my thinking is that they cruised a bit in the last half of the second. Shouldn’t take that for granted, but these two teams had little turnaround and they must be tired from the last series. It was a mistake and they will learn from it. They always seem to.

    And they do have the real coach of the year, not the buffoon, Hitchcock, who can’t find a way to rally his team anymore. Torts was pissed. He will psych them up.

  85. Good points, Matty. Dump and Chase is a key to this teams offense. Grind, grind, jam.

    One thing that annoys me about the Capitals is that they seem to suck the snarl out of any team they play. We fall victim to it as well. When we cycle and grind down low (which some of you think is stupid) we wear them out and draw penalties if we stick with it. They iced the puck several times out of sheer desperation. I would have liked to build on that with some serious body checking.

  86. They have to keep it behind the net. Washington is covering the slot extremely well. By cycling, they get Washington out of position since their players are always moving. It especially helps since Washington has their wingers dropping down low instead of covering the points. One thing I thought the Rangers did very well was having their D jump up more since the Caps wingers weren’t even looking at them for a decent amount of time. They’d drop low to help on D, then when they’d step back out to the point, MDZ or McD would shoot to the far post and have an open lane the players could try to get the puck through. Then the Caps clamped down a bit and made the Rangers D be more accountable in the 2nd half of the team.

    Trust me, if the Rangers players could get it to the net they would, but it’s not that easy against a team that is as good defensively (at collapsing) as Washington is.

  87. Balcony Bob on

    Some observations:

    The Rangers body-checking in the first period was intense. Green looked like he wanted to hide in the dressing room. They let up somewhat in the second and third periods, and it cost them. “Kill the body and the head will die”.

    They have to stop putting the puck in their own net.

    They need to stop taking needless penalties.

    All in all, they did look like the better team – if they can maintain the intense body-checking for three periods, they can’t lose.

  88. As we should have learned during the Senators series, be patient. This wasn’t going to be over in 4 games. Things will be fine.

  89. Don’t forget, including the Ottowa series, they just came off of a 3 game streak. 1 game = no big deal.

  90. Rangers looked like the better, more in control team in both games. Not necessarily a good thing, isn’t that what opposing teams said about the Rangers all year. Is there a chance the Caps are out-Ranger-ing the Rangers? Blocking everything, good goaltending, opportunistic goals.

    Don’t want to sound like another poster so I will fully qualify this by saying it’s not a direct source and may be total BS, but for what it’s worth, and hopefully nothing, a friend of mine close to someone involved with the team said Gabby has a bad shoulder that is limiting him.

  91. Manny that was me about MDZ. He had a great game and I really like his effort. I think he will continue to improve and be a good player. I still trade him for Nash.

  92. Fair enough. I totally understand getting Nash I just prefer to keep cap space and worry about locking up some of our guys that are going to require ample money to keep around long-term.

  93. Oh! Speaking of *groins* does anyone (LW) know *Sestito’s* status for tonight’s game?

  94. jay reimenschneider on

    I resent being called a conspiracy theorist. I never said there was a conspiracy against the Rangers, although I’ll say it now. The NHL front office hates the Rangers because they’re a threat to their thumb of control over the smaller market teams. They do things their own way and the NHL doesn’t want ANYONE doing things their own way because it takes away their power to control the “marketing” message. It’s oh so familiar to me, I work in a marketing department and it’s typical of how a parent franchise controls the product of the franchisee. So we get every NHL website with the exact same design and content, every team with the same exact uniform and every team with the same bowl-o arena full of luxury suites and executives chatting up clients and sending text messages throughout the game. Exciting.

    In any case, as much as I love this blog and your insite, Carp, I find this situation hypocritical. I seem to recall in your post during the last series some obvious confusion over the suspensions doled out in the first round, not to mention the goal that was allowed even after video review clearly showed otherwise. Yet, now that the Rangers could play Filthadelphia in the conference finals, everything will go back on the level? That makes no sense. And besides, my ire isn’t directed toward Washington. It’s toward the officials and league management for running the sport like a cheap reality show. Making decisions that they think will create the best ratings and the most $$ for those that stand to benefit. That’s not sports. I might as well watch professional wrestling and pretend like I don’t know what’s going to happen. Perhaps I can put on The Young and the Restless and let their writers keep me guessing instead. So while this series may or may not have be 2-0 right now—the 2-2 score going into the last half of the third was a fairly contested result to that point IMO—the officials on the ice made sure to make calls that would benefit the Crapitals, and give them every possible opportunity to tie the series. I suspect the Rangers will end up winning the series in 6 or 7 because as you say, the OLN, errr I mean NBC Sportainment Company, must be foaming at the mouth for 7 games of Filthy vs. NYR. And I’d be shocked if we didn’t get that, regardless of wether the balance of the play warranted that many games or not.

  95. McDonagh will win the Norris the minute he can manage to tally 45-55 points in a season.

  96. Kreider was the guy who hopped over the boards and touched the puck when he shouldn’t have. More likely Torts was having him serve the penalty he took, with the breakaway being a cool result, rather than the reason.

    These teams are very similar, but I think the Rangers are a better, tougher version. If they keep grinding the Caps and get even a couple breaks, this goes their way.

    Gabby’s got a blanket on him at all times. He’s playing fine.

  97. Stranger Nation on

    Why was it a 3v2 anyway – we are cycling puck, they have a man on each of our players – puck goes to Stu, he makes a bad play but it did not result in a break away – Jiminy Christmas – it was their 4th line, not Ovi and Semin coming down.

    Question – with our 2 D back and there 2 forwards coming out, how does our center (Richards) not make it back to the play. Looking to blame Bicks or MDZ gets away from the point that it SHOULD NOT have been a 3 on 2 if our center gets back into play – ya know – the one who made the bad pass up the boards to Bicks.

    That is the price you pay for having guys offensively focused – only guy I saw hustling back was Hags – and so it goes… B Rich and Gabby have to produce offensively because they are liabilities defensively.

    Or and if Gabby does not score, but makes another five plays like his pass to B Rich for tappen goal, it is alright by me.

  98. Yup on Green and Hamrlik again. They are hitting those two hard every time they can. It’s a plan for thus series. Let’s see how those two respond, but I am already unimpressed. Green especially.

    On that goal- you can say it was Richards’ fault all you want, but you can’t ask your most creative guy to play like Wes Walz if you want him to, you know, create. He had 2 D-men to cover it, not blaming him.

  99. Joekuh - 12 more..GBT! on

    i know this is a hockey blog, but…..the knicks havent quit in either game in the series, and they’ve worked hard on D. will we beat miami? probly not. but we are fighting. can they at least get credit for that?

  100. speaking of being out on the ledge, someone really did just jump from the 15th floor on Madison Avenue

  101. I am also unimpressed with Green so far. But he’s dangerous and he can really, really shoot the puck. Guy is terrific on the PP. If we could only stop taking penalties……..

    I wish he would just go get on his scooter and ride off into the sunset with his flip flops and high socks.

  102. Manny MDZ is one of them. I’m sure he’s going to want 4m this summer. Cant pay that for their 4th dman. Better off letting him be no 1 at Columbus. Or Calgary.

  103. Jonny D – “By cycling, they get Washington out of position since their players are always moving.”


    But it does nothing to have them out of position if they don’t have a chance to score. Sure you can cycle, but you have to put somebody in front of the net to pass to while the opposition is out of position. It doesn’t matter if they’re out of position if all you do is stay behind the goal line. You can’t score from there.

    Cycling is fine, but sooner or later you have to attack the net.

  104. eddie eddie eddie on

    look out below….here i go…..

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SPLAT

  105. Thanks Beer Ball.

    I didn’t say it on the blog Lloyd but I did actually say, to Mrs. Manny, during the third period, “Do we actually miss Brandon Dubinsky?” Answer = WELLMAN. But the answer also is YES. Guy plays great defense and kills penalties really well. Also, sometimes he has flashes of brilliance.

  106. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ wants $4M per – too bad that money is already tied up and being used well by Dubi…

    If at all possible, keep MDZ and trade Staal if we can’t afford 4 D at $4-5M/season – cause you know McD is going to get his – no way we should let this kid go. Staal is one of my favs, would rather have him than Dan G. Prefer to keep all 4 if po$$ible.

    One of our D’s challenges is MDZ and Dan G are slower skaters. I mean, Knuble beating MDZ to puck was unbelievable and Girardi starts back skating into our zone as soon as Caps get possession leaving neutral zone wide open.

    Rangers in 6 –

  107. Lloyd Braun on

    so one loss (on basically a fluke goal within a second of a faceoff) and the Rangers need a guy who’s contributed nothing in the postseason to get them winning again? the Rangers penalty killing is fine with or without Brandon Dubinsky. the Rangers offense is fine with or without Brandon Dubinsky and his wraparound back and crummy wrist shot into the boards. the guy has been as significant as Lundqvist’s water bottle.

  108. Beer Breath on

    Carp – Is the general feeling that Boyle became more effective as the game went along, and he’ll continue to improve for the rest of the playoffs? Or do we think last night was just the best he’s got in him right now, and that Torts should consider protecting him by sitting him until October?

  109. On Gabby’s shoulder, yeah, he took a tough hit in round one that could easily be hurting him loads right now. Whatever, he still draws the oppositions top coverage which helps everyone else.

    Ottawa was much better than the Caps. Rangers should win this series but they need to continue to play their game and not make stupid mistakes. Hopefully they learn from last night.

  110. for some reason today i am not as down as i was after game 2 vs ottawa. i guess its the fact that they didnt blow a late lead or lost in ot. however now i dont think they can win this series before 7 games anymore. can gabby get on the score sheet please. 1 goal wont cut it i know he may a nice feed to richy but goals is how hes judged.

    please no more stu bickel for the 4 mins he plays per night you have to hold your breath. eminger in for bickel.

    rupp=useless. can rupp mitchell prust feds any of these guys chip in with a goal once in awhile.

    i for one think it will be harder winning in wash then ottawa so at best we come home 2-2 and then we are on pins and needles.


  111. I predicted this series would go 7 games and I don’t see any evidence to change that. In fact, if the Rangers advance I would pick them to win every series in 7.

  112. Cross Check- both are the only d-man shooters from the point. MDZ shoots L, Strålman shoots R. So they have to be used dependent upon who they play with, not number 1 or 2 unit.

  113. Lloyd Braun on

    please don’t criticize Mike Rupp. the guy is so great that you can’t even see the million things he does in his 20 seconds of ice time. he just moves impossibly slow to trick you.

  114. Healy is spot on, it really can be anybody’s yr. why not ours? First playoff game we controled the ice and lost no less go figure. Lot’s of posts for the good guys our turn, but did you see how close MDZ was, almost hit the other posts as well. 6 different stars, I like Carps better. BTW Richie Rich has been great but that is a penality and he should be smart enough to avoid it, because it was avoidable. Officials were boarderline though. Hank needs a electronic collar. He will be big the rest of the way.

  115. Did you see the PuckDaddy piece on Nash today? Hard to see how San Jose doesn’t have the inside track.

  116. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    I didn’t do this yesterday and I should have, but thank you everyone for all the congratulations and well wishes. Due date is in late September, just in time for me to not miss any of the regular season!

  117. Holtby's Groin on

    You guys realize this is a 3rd string goalie who was in Hershey all year. If he beats Henrik, is this the biggest disaster in New York Rangers franchise history? Maybe biggest disaster in NY Sports history?

  118. wow, that was a frustrating game. But, like some others here, I just have a gut feeling that we are better than Washington. I think that Ottawa was more dangerous in terms of the type of game they play.

    “THE KREIDER” all I can say is WOW! Last night, not only was the speed on display but the physical game as well. He threw Mike Green around like a rag doll. He also turned on a dime behind the net and seems to accelerate like hags in tight spaces. I didn’t think that was possible due to his different body type, but the kid can do it. too bad he did’t bury that breakaway…

    Shift by Shift..

    period by period…

    Game by Game..

    RANGERS IN 6!!

  119. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Someone quoted Glenn Healy. Here are a couple of my favorites from ’94, the first of which applies very much to this series:

    “We have to score more goals than them. If we score more goals than them, believe it or not, we win the hockey game.”

    Before game 7: “Ninety percent of New York has already dialed 9-1 and is waiting to hit the other 1.”

    After the cage on his helmet was pushed into his head from a Mike Hudson slapshot in practice: “Hudson didn’t make a mistake. The mistake was my dad when I was five years old saying ‘Glenn, you’re going to be a goalie.'”

  120. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    We have been lucky to have a healthy Gabby all year. If he is hurt, good for him that he is playing so hard. He had a number of good plays and beat others to the puck with speed. Don’t brand him as Euro-weak. He’s been pretty tough this year.

    Does a guy need to score to be important to a team? Dubie does many things other than score that don’t go onto the score sheet. I do agree, Lloyd, at $4m, we got swindled and it was another Sather blunder. That being said, he is important to the complexion of this team.

    Same with a non-scoring Gabby.

  121. Lloyd Braun on

    the problem is that the “other things than score argument” shouldn’t apply to a guy making that kind of money. Dubinsky had a terrible year and is having a lousy playoff run, too. It would be nice if he turned it around, but I don’t think it matters at this point. The team got to this point for reasons that had very little to do with Brandon Dubinsky, no matter how great a defensive player people want to claim he is. In that category, the dude is behind the Prusts and Fedotenkos of the world. Offensively, this season, he’s been behind pretty much everyone but Mitchell and Rupp. They’re fine without him.

  122. Lloyd – you really think that the team is better off with Dubinsky on the bench?

  123. Lloyd – how about this question: If Dubinsky is healthy, does Boyle come back and play 4th line minutes last night?

  124. Stranger Nation on

    One area Dubi helped out in the Sens series (with Boyler out) was Defensive zone draws – if he didn’t pick it clean, he tied up his man.

    The clean FO loss on the 3rd goal on PP was a killer. Boyle has to think – ‘tie up stick and man’, not ‘win draw’.

    Very happy to have boyler back – looked a litte rusty, but will only get better every game.

  125. Holtby's Groin on

    I think this team is much better with Dubi on the bench..no question…

  126. Doodie, that’s awesome. Quinlan was born Sept 29th last year and the timing really is perfect between MLB playoffs and the start of the NHL. Except at 3:00 AM. All games are over at 3:00 AM.

  127. Del Zotto was great last night,especially in the 3rd.Great write up Carp,like usual.Don’t buy into a conspiracy theory,I actually know alot of old timers that believe it,and you won’t convince them otherwise.I think alot of the officials don’t like Torts.Wasn’t Walkom the one from the Winter Classic.I would have accepted the Boyle penalty but then the Richards penalty.One yes but two “questionable ” calls.Not happy with the officiating.And I think the Rangers played a better game than Saturday.Sometimes the goalie is the difference.But we will never know because the refs helped decide this one.

  128. “If Dubinsky is healthy, does Boyle come back and play 4th line minutes last night?”

    Probably a 3rd line of Dubinsky-Boyle-Fedo and a 4th of Prust-Anisimov-Rupp, right?

  129. bottom line is DUbi is much better then mitchell it is not even remotely debateable.

    he is another big body, who can skate, kill penalties, cycle down low, etc.

    mitchell and rupp do almost nothing for the team.

    sit bickell add Emminger who is a little smarter with the puck. play him a little more then bickell.

    the rangers absolutely outplayed the caps yesterday, watch the tape. bottom line the only thing that matters is the scoreboard.

    henrik had a huge f up for the 2nd goal.

  130. Before game 7: “Ninety percent of New York has already dialed 9-1 and is waiting to hit the other 1.”


    That is awesome, Doodie. Thanks.

    Also – I said above that the Capitals take any snarl, jam or whatever out of the team they are playing. It seems they have done the same to the Fans! Where are all the people calling for Laich to be suspended or beaten severely for the late hit on Richards after he scored in Game 1?

  131. CTBlueshirt on

    Hey congrats Doodie.

    The Rangers baby gear is kind of slim pickings at MSG, most of it is meant for 6 mos and older too.

  132. LW – I didn’t know you had a blog. You’re blog is making me laugh pretty hard. Thanks for the link. I will not classify you as a David Klein.

    Speaking of – can we have our own awards called “Kleinies” to give out to idiots that post a lot or trolls or just horrible bloggers?

  133. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Wait, I’m supposed to buy it clothing? I thought this was going to be like a dog. Just a collar, a leash, water and food dishes, and a house outside for it to sleep in. WTB?

  134. Lloyd Braun on

    what is Brandon Dubinsky’s upside? at his absolute best, he’s a 40-something point forward. he overachieved last season, get himself a nice contract, good for him. the league is packed to the brim with 40-something point forwards. and that’s acceptable from him if it means he’s going to contribute offensively. my argument about him all season is that comparing him to the Prusts, Mitchells and Fedotenkos of the world is spurious because it asserts that he’s a primarily defensive forward. but if you’re paying Dubinsky $4 million, you should be getting more than you’re getting from the Prusts, Mitchells and Fedotenkos. Either that, or you think those guys are all worth $4 million per, too.

  135. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Carp, regarding Callahan, his performance last night is made all the more impressive by his likely broken hand.

  136. CTBlueshirt on

    Are we still talking about Nash? Worst move the Rangers could make in the offseason. And CBJ does not need another DZ type player with Wisniewski and Johnson.

    SJ would be dumb to trade any of their top young players like Pavelski and Couture, considering they’re a lot cheaper and basically just as productive.

  137. Lloyd – you realize that Dubinsky will get that payment regardless of whether or not he is on the ice. It’s not like he doesn’t get paid when he doesn’t play so let’s go with Mitchell because he’s cheap.

    I asked you whether you think the TEAM, the one playing the game, is better off with Dubinsky in the press box.

  138. “at his absolute best, he’s a 40-something point forward.”

    Dude, come the byfuglien on. When a guy is a season removed from a 54 point season, you can’t say “at his absolute best” he is less than a 54 point forward. Because, if that was his absolute best, it was still greater than 40-something.

  139. Lloyd Braun on

    Brandon Dubinsky makes no difference to this team right now. He’s a non-entity. Does that change if he suddenly starts scoring like Boyle did against Ottawa? Of course. But based on his current body of work, his presence doesn’t matter.

  140. Lloyd Braun on

    you watch Brandon Dubinsky play every game, right? you see how stupid he is with and without the puck, right? how poor his hockey sense is? he looks like like a 50+ point forward to you?

  141. If/when the Caps win the Cup, next year all teams will try to follow the Dale Hunter model, so Rupp and Mitchell will be playing 20 minutes a night, while Gaborik and Richards get to play a few PP shifts.


  143. CTBlueshirt on

    138 forwards had 40 or more points this year. If you assume that around 180 forwards roughly constitutes the realm of top 6 forwards throughout the league, *which is different than players that could be a top 6 forward on any team* then 40+ points while rather pedestrian is still your average top 6 player.

  144. Lloyd- you’re starting to annoy me. You say, “He’s a non-entity. *Does that change if he suddenly starts scoring* like Boyle did against Ottawa? Of course.” Which proves that you understand his UPSIDE. That he has the ability and potential to start ripping some goals. Christ.

  145. Lloyd Braun on

    yes use caps like and that’ll make it more convincing. you must be a poet.

  146. Lloyd Braun on


    So your definition of “upside” is going from one point to more than one point? Wow!

  147. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Well, I don’t feel as strongly as you, Lloyd, but someone called Dubinsky ‘big’? Huh?

    When you see him on the ice from my 9 rows up off it, THAT he’s not. Most other teams have many guys bigger. Because we have always been smurf-like, he always appeared ‘big’ to us NYR fans. Most other team’s centers tower over him. I believe he is listed at a laughable 6’1″ and 210.

    If that’s big, then Kreider is Andre the Giant.

  148. I don’t need caps to make a factual point, Lloyd, I just thought it might help. At someone’s absolute best, their baseline cannot be below their previously established best. It shouldn’t have to be explained.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Who is your favorite cock?

    A) Hitchcock – blues coach

    B) Babcock – red wings coach

    C) Herby Hancock – jazz player

  150. Well guys, I am done arguing with Lloyd. I am just going to hand him one of the blog’s newest awards…

    Lloyd gets a *Kleinie* for being the most annoying person today before 1PM.

    Lloyd – Speech?

  151. Lloyd Braun on

    Dubinsky’s 54-point season was an anomaly and as such isn’t a “baseline.” He’s a 40-point forward.

    That said, I hope he chips in because the team would be better served if he could put up more than, you know, one point.

  152. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Eddie, I will go with door numba three. Herbie was one hell of a musician.

  153. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, tony, and all!!

    So, still can’t believe mdz lost a footrace to knuble lol!!!!

    thanks for the review and on point #9…I agree with you a billion %. Anyone who thinks for ratings purposes alone that the NHL or NBC does NOT want the Rangers playing all the way through cup finals in NUCKING FUTS!!!

    If anyone is going to tear bickel the proverbial new one for his giveaway (it was a bad play), then they better be tearing mdz a proverbial new one as well because his lack of D later in his own zone was just as atrocious as bickel’s initial giveaway!!

  154. Lloyd Braun on


    A lot of Ranger fans by into the hype surrounding Dubinsky and I’m pretty convinced think he’s the spitting image of John Le Clair. (I’m sure some of them still think Mike Rupp will eventually round into his scouted John Le Clair form, too, but that’s another story). He’s an average sized forward with average skills. I think he has energy and when he’s engaged, helps his team, but there’s just nothing that exceptional there, particularly not when you’re paying him $4 million per.

  155. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    crazy about the preds, but good on them for following team rules and making zero exceptions…too bad the NHL does use the preds organization as their disciplinary model!

    Everyone here realizes more than any other sport that there are a lot of contributions from players that don’t make it on the stat sheet right? I mean everyone gets that right??

  156. “Dubinsky’s 54-point season was an anomaly and as such isn’t a “baseline.” He’s a 40-point forward.”

    You’re being ridiculous and you know it. Someone’s absolute best cannot be below their absolute best. So just stop. Please. For all of us.

  157. At Lloyds best, his ex-girlfriend still chooses me over him! Get over it buddy! I’ll send you an autographed jockstrap.

  158. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Wicky, I am sure it’s just me, but if you want to say that, couldn’t Hank have put his stick out to stop the cross-ice goal mouth pass? I have seen him do that many times.

  159. For ALL you Richards bashers out there:

    Before Mark Messier was deified as ‘The Captain’, he led the Rangers to a President’s trophy in 1991-92 with the Rangers posting 105 points on the season. The Rangers then got past the Devils in the first round in 7 games, and then lost to Pittsburgh in 6 in round 2.

    In Messier’s second season with the Rangers, the team failed to make the playoffs…

    Messier’s third season with the team, the Rangers won the Cup.

    …In Broadway Brad Richards’ first season with the Rangers, the Rangers amassed 109 points on the season. They missed the President’s trophy by one point, then got past the Senators in 7 games in Round 1, and now look to be in for a 6 or 7 game series in Round 2.


  160. CTBlueshirt on

    Dubinsky’s 54-point season was an anomaly and as such isn’t a “baseline.” He’s a 40-point forward.


    Prior to his 54 point season he had a pro-rated 52 point season. He missed 13 games because his hand exploded blocking a shot in Calgary. Up until this season he had increased his points per game production every year he’d been in the league. His career trend suggested he was evolving into a 50 point player, but by all means take his worst season and extrapolate it out for the remainder of his career.

  161. Lloyd Braun on

    Mister D:

    What you’re saying is akin to: Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs in 1996. That makes him a 50 home run hitter.

    I don’t have to point out why you’re wrong, do I

  162. Lloyd Braun on


    Ok, let’s back up a bit. Do you watch Brandon Dubinsky play every game? What are you seeing that suggests the guy will consistently put up 55+ points?

  163. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    indeed he could have, but if every player on the team fails to do the “right” thing because someone else should/could, we are in trouble!

  164. “What you’re saying is akin to: Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs in 1996. That makes him a 50 home run hitter.”

    At his absolute best, Brady Anderson was a 50 HR hitter. That’s a fact, dude. Its not his average and wasn’t his future expectations or anything, but it was his absolute best.

  165. CTBlueshirt on


    I think Richards has done some good things this year but there’s probably some other reasons that can explain the Rangers rise to prominence in the NHL like Lundqvist putting up a career year, Gaborik returning to 40 goal form and Girardi and McDonagh becoming absolute defensive studs.

  166. Lloyd, just say “I used the wrong terminology, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think Dubinsky will be a 50+ point forward going forward … and I’m sorry for any frustation I caused”. Copy and paste if you like.

  167. Brady Anderson’s possible ingestion of PEDs must also be taken under consideration..

  168. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I guess I could also say the forwards were just as much at fault as well for not getting back in time on the backcheck.

    guess they showed up with glitter all over them and several light sticks..lol. Call to KHL placed already I’m sure.

  169. Matty

    If it was working, why didn’t it work? Take a look at the opponents…notice how few of them employ it as a regular attack tactic. Most of them skate it in, set up and crowd the net. I admit that if performed selectively now and then it becomes a variant and can obtain results. But here you have a team that is often reluctant to fire away at goal from way out, but are content with making long long forward passes to team mates some two zones away, and ripe to be intercepted. And let’s not forget the tendency of players to try passing to a team mate with a checker
    almost in his lap, and then as an alternative try passing directly across an opponent’s stick zone, with predictable results…interception. It all happens a lot more than one might realize. Smart playing would help somewhat.

  170. Lloyd Braun on

    Mister D:

    So you’re arguing semantics now? I said Brandon Dubinsky is a 40+ point forward, which means that over the course of his career he’ll average 40+ points per season. This also means he’ll have seasons where he’s above and below 40 points. So, hypothetically, he may have a season where he scored 52 points and he may have a season where he scores 32 points. You know how averages are calculated, right

  171. CTBlueshirt on


    I’m not getting into this argument with you because your only argument is that you watch him play and purposely watch for the flaws in his game and decide that despite a modicum of empirical and historical evidence to the contrary that he’s not a 50 point player.

  172. As ive been saying the past few weeks im done waiting for dubinsky to produce. Look theres no way you can look at his play this year and call it a successful year. He is obviously a better player than prust mitchell feds boyle but the gap isnt as big as before. I remember wanted him to be captain of the nyr. If we get a high priced player in the offseason duby is gone more likely than not. But as ilb said the other day you dont trade him for the sake of trading him when he has no value which he does righg now.

  173. Lloyd Braun on

    I purposely watch for the flaws in his game? Next you’ll tell me that I’m jinxing him.

    Some of you guys are kinda dumb

  174. …Just like Brian Leetch winning the Norris in 1991-92 had a lot to do with that team’s success… Messier was a huge part of the puzzle, as is Richards. McDonuts, Danny G, Hank, etc. have been huge, but to say Richards is not deserving of credit for this team, and for the play of youngsters like the TURNAROUND of Del Zaster is folly. Brad Richards has done his part to elevate this team. He is not overpaid.

  175. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    RAJ, so nice of you to say such nice things about Richards. DO NOT compare him to a hockey god. I knew Mark Messier, Mark Messier was a friend of mine and Brad Richards is NO Mark Messier.

    Richards is great at piling up the statistics. There wasn’t a second assist that didn’t go his way. I really care about first assists, and, though I would never check, I’d be willing to bet he has many more of the latter than the former. He is below average on faceoffs. Konopka must be a nightmare for him. Singlehandedly, his loss of numerous faceoffs in series one, coupled with the Ottowa point men being great at keeping in, hemmed us in for long stretches. A ‘great’ center is better on face offs than he is. He is awesome at nurturing the young kids (listen to Hagelin credit him with everything, it’s poetic). He provides good leadership on the ice, TO A DEGREE.

    My point is that he does some obvious boneheaded things on the ice that an ‘elite pro’ should not do. Poor positioning, not getting back, defensive mistakes, Hard passes, ….when Mess would serve it up to you nice and flat;the crazy hard pass to Bickel last night, KNOWING Bickel doesn’t have soft hands;he’s ‘rushed’ in his behavior and runs ‘scared’ a lot…

    Yes, he is a very good player. He was ‘the missing link’ around here for a while. He has helped the team. Is he ‘elite’? I don’t see him as a super star or a Messier. Sorry.

  176. Lloyd Braun on


    Dubinsky has all this upside, though. I mean I’m pretty sure the guy may eventually move into Crosby/Malkin territory. When you watch him play you can see how smart a player he is. Like, that backhand wraparound he does every game that never works, that’ll start working and the dude will go up by 20 to 30 goals per season easy. A blind man could see it.

  177. Oh People, people, people…If you have not paid attention to this team this year we have the Craps right where we want them…they have hope, they are thinking hey we have a chance, look we can score when they are chanting Ovie sucks! Oh are they in for a surprise…This Rangers team feeds off this…They will NEVER win a game 4 – 0…if that happens there becomes a level of comfort that this team cannot afford to have…they need to feel down, angry, po’d, etc…their coach would not want it any other way…This team dominated those guys last night…they will split in DC and then return home to win game 5 and then clinch in game 6…Keep the faith because if this year has taught us anything, this team has nothing but.

  178. CTBlueshirt on


    I don’t think any of us are arguing that this was a successful year but rather he’s better than he was this year.

  179. “So you’re arguing semantics now? I said Brandon Dubinsky is a 40+ point forward, which means that over the course of his career he’ll average 40+ points per season …”

    No. You didn’t. See 12:27 PM.

  180. Good afternoon, Carp!

    ilb, I like your 9:16 post and I completely agree. I’m not worried.

    Wait – I should say I’m not worried about this series. I *do* worry about some of you though…

  181. Richards is going to be very good for this team until he becomes very bad for this team. Hopefully there’s an amensty in the next CBA because he’d be the perfect target. And I still think both sides had that in mind when they structured his contract.

  182. Lloyd Braun on

    oh christ. you’re right, Brandon Dubinsky is an elite forward. I was wrong. I expect he’ll put up at least 55 points for the rest of his pro career. what was I thinking.

  183. Orr, I swear my next one was saying at your absolute best you could eat 1/4 of a pint of B&Js.

  184. CTBlueshirt on


    Tell me where I would ever accuse you of having that much influence over how anybody plays.

  185. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    in closing, while just like most “bad” hockey plays, more than one player is somehow at fault, I just think the initial play was a bad one by bickel, the final result of the goal was lack of D by mdz in front of hank. I don’t think any of them are horrible players or played a bad game or should be traded, I am just saying the D pair both made mistakes that played a major part in the caps goal.

  186. Funny I am much less worried about this series than maybe I should be. I think the Rangers are just a much better team who played well last night but caught zero breaks. Bickell makes a bad turnover, goal. Hank goes out to play a puck, there’s a screw-up, goal. They take 2 bad penalties, one of them turns into a goal. They basically handed the game over. Unlike Ottawa, where they were penned in all the time and getting outshot and out-chanced, the Rangers should dominate the Caps and their soft, flaky defense, and I think they will in the next few games.

    Ottawa worried me much more.

  187. Fat Guy, you know the rest on

    Who was it last night that said Rupp moves like Tin Man from Oz?


  188. Lloyd Braun on

    again, if someone can show me how Brandon Dubinsky is responsible for winning the conference and getting to 1-1 in the second round of the playoffs, and more responsible for that than guys like Brandon Prust and Ruslan Fedotenko, I’ll be happy to listen.

  189. Lloyd Braun on

    Fat Guy:

    Any pro scout who’s watched him play for the last 10 years

  190. eddie eddie eddie on

    next year dubi score 40+. He needs to be stronger on his skates. This year he flip-flopped more than Mitt Romney arguing what he was for before he was against it.

  191. eddie eddie eddie on

    enough of this dubi this – dubi that nonsense……answer my polling cock question from above

  192. Lloyd Braun on

    I’m going with 50+. Dude has 100-point forward written all over him.

  193. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    WIcky, sounds fair. Henry makes his share of great saves. I would add, after mistakes from both defensemen, it would have been awesome if he decided to poke check.

    Washington took advantage of our mistakes. Not to worry. It sure feels like we are better than they are. We are now more determined to win game 3 and or 4. From Torts (man, what a competitor!) on down. They will be ready! I am convinced a game like this has to happen in a series. We will learn from it.

    MIke Green, Roman Hamrlik, do some extra time in the hot tub, boys!! You are gonna be real sore come Thursday!!

  194. Swizz Beatz was at the game last night and put up on the screen. What the byfuglien is a Swizz Beatz?

    Funny moment last night, right after Swizz Beatz was put up in the screen, Gabby is carrying the puck and some guy behind me yells, “please Gabby, score one for Swizz Beatz!”

  195. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    eddie x3
    my apologies, the answer is wellman

  196. Lloyd Braun on

    so anyway, back to reality, as much I’d like to think the Rangers could close those out in 5 (and I do believe they are considerably better than this Capitals team as coached by Hunter), I doubt they’ll win both games in Washington. I still think they should have won last night and have outplayed Washington in both these games and I think the Rangers look better than they did against Ottawa.

    I originally thought Rangers in 5, going to revise that to Rangers in 6.

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    fedtank has brought his A game into the playoffs, as per usual. Last year he and Avery were the only two that showed up IMO. The fed has found a 5th gear and glad he is on our team.

  198. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Peter, I feel the same way. Did Washington lull Boston into a false sense of confidence?

  199. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – no worries……serious question…

    can you imagine Kevin Hitchcock and Mike Babcock as coach and assistant?…..that is a lot of cock behind one bench…PRUST saying

  200. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I would agree on hank. Valid point, but I guess goalies just can’t stop them all. It would have been awesome to see hank make some fantastic huMAINgous save there and prevent the goal, but he played a great game nonetheless.

  201. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Eddie, Fed’s, lately, has had this George W Bush, dumbfounded look on his face all game. Other than that he sure has played great. How about his rush last night and wrister? Whew…where’d that come from????

  202. eddie eddie eddie on

    i can’t wait till i enter 6th grade….i am much to mature for elementary school

  203. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    what if mike johnson was the other assistant? I’m just saying

  204. eddie eddie eddie on

    Matty – i agree……..but, W wasnt dumb…..he was unbrilliant

  205. Am I the only one that is excited that Brady Anderson was mentioned on this blog?

  206. Coach Sean on

    Does anyone know why NBC gets the whole series? WHY cant MSG show these games?

  207. Lloyd Braun on

    Imagine Babock, Hitchock and Badger Bob Johnson. A coaching menage-a-trois

  208. Swiss(zz) Beats: I know two facts about him: (1) He is married to Alicia Keyes; and (2) He was somehow named in the federal lawsuit against the company MegaUpload

  209. Lloyd Braun on

    Coach Sean:

    Honestly, you just have to go to the games. I can’t stand having to listen to Mike Emrick do Rangers games. I’d sooner rip my ears off. I remember when MSG used to have all the games and then the league had the brilliant idea of forcing the games to be national starting with the conference finals. Now we get one round and it’s on to the network carcilloshow. Terrible.

  210. eddie eddie eddie on

    the collective johnsons as players and coaches plus the aforementioned cocks – added to Alexander Semen…… and that is some lineup

  211. CT since you asked, yes people are still talking about Nash. Professional hockey writers, GMs, and fans, and anyone who follows pro hockey seriously are still talking about Nash. Those teams out of the playoffs thinking how they would improve by adding an elite player are talking about Nash. The teams in the playoffs thinking they could use another major weapon are thinking about Nash. In 6 weeks we will all be talking even more about Nash.

  212. eddie eddie eddie on

    my favorite johnsons are from other spurts…errrrr sports…..

    you simply cannot touch a randy johnson or a Magic Johnson

  213. Lloyd Braun on

    whoever it was that made the comparison between Zach Parise and Scott Gomez a work or so ago has totally ruined Parise for me. if we’re going after someone in the off-season, I no longer want it to be a smallish former Devil.

  214. Rangers controlled the 2 games, this is nothing like Ottawa. But Caps won the way the Rangers did all season, let’s keep that in mind.

  215. Lloyd Braun on

    Caps won because Lundqvist made a stupid decision, Rangers hit multiple posts/crossbars and the Caps got some fluke power play wrist shot. I’m not worried.

  216. Lloyd I’m very leery of Parise, especially with the contract he will require. People who think it’s just a FA signing without having to trade assets are not focusing on how much payroll will have to be cleared. Will effectively be like a trade.

  217. Lloyd Braun on


    For what it’s worth, I wasn’t actually calling you stupid a few days ago, so I’m sorry it came across that way. I just hate the Devils so much – possibly even more than I like the Rangers but that’s another story.

  218. In the end, its just a game. Tony is whats important, Fetus Machetto is important. Baby Wickarella is important.

  219. Coach, it’s in their contract. NBC gets all the games after the first round. Local stations are carcillo out of luck.

  220. Sather didn’t get swindled on the Dubi contract. Based on his age and production, he was worth what he was paid. But just like most guys that get paid after putting up the best season of their career, he didn’t do much the next season.

    I’ll say this about Dubi, if he could finish, Nik Zherdev would be making about $6 mil somewhere right about now due to all the assists he would’ve had…

  221. eddie eddie eddie on

    Rangers control their own destiny…win 3 more and its bring on Filthy……I am not worried one bit…that Ottawa series was the best thing to have happened…

  222. Carp, love it that you call him “Cheapshot Hunter”, I will always remember him for that cheap shot on Turgeon in the playoffs.

  223. Lloyd Braun on

    Hunter should have been booted out of the league for what he did to Turgeon. That people even give him the time of day now is disgraceful as far as I’m concerned.

  224. Tony is watching last night’s game right now. He was too tired from a full day of PT to watch live last night.

  225. “People who think it’s just a FA signing without having to trade assets are not focusing on how much payroll will have to be cleared.”

    $16.5MM under the cap right now, at absolute “oh my god, I can’t believe they both got that much” worst, $10MM under after Prust and MDZ are signed.

  226. total blunder by Henrik, he had no business getting caught out of the net, as he is one of the weakest at handling the puck among goalies.

    bad play by Bickel, who should have just dumped it down the sideboards

    and ridiculous ref job by the worst in the nhl, Steven Walkom

    also, Boyle had a poor game, and should not have come back too soon.

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