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Meeting an an optional skate this afternoon at MSG. Then ya boys board a train for D.C. and a nice stretched-out week (thank you NBC, I’m sure you only care about the fans, that’s why they’re not playing Friday, and instead they have to get up at the crack of dawn to see a noon game on Saturday).

But I digress.

The Capitals have called up goaltender Dany Sabourin, defenseman Sean Collins and forward Cody Eakin from the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League (AHL), who are out of the playoffs (the Rangers’ Whale is the only minor-league affiliate of a still-alive NHL team also still playing … is that English?).

How about those Nasvhille guys being suspended by the team for staying out at the bar all night … reportedly … holy shishkebob.

Will have interviews after the skate.

Here is my story from The Journal News and today.

Here is Josh, 26, Thomson’s story on the Great 8 (it hurt me to type that because I felt your pain):

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  1. Tony is watching last night’s game right now. He was too tired from a full day of PT to watch live last night.

  2. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Do him a favor and turn it off. Nothing like a million offsides and icings to wake you up!

  3. zucc on the ice is a good thing. get dubi and zucc in the ,ineup and that is 2 more guys who can skate with some skill.

    the 4th line has done zilch and torts plays it 5 minutes or less.

    more guys with a chance to make a good play can only help. again sit bickell and give emminger a shot. see what happens………..bickell has barely played and torts has zero confidence in him….

  4. So the Rangers are the last team alive in the NHL & AHL? Best. Franchise. Ever.

  5. I would suspend guys after they played poorly because they stayed out at the bar all night. These guys are Russian. Maybe it will help them.

  6. Is ^hobbit wizard^ in any danger of being put into this series? I would imagine he’s just trying to keep his endurance up or something.

  7. Good for Nashville suspending those guys! Im from Russia and know how most players from there see themselves. Im glad Nashville sent them a message, especially Radulov.

  8. Arent the Kostitsyn brothers both in Nashville? The non-suspended brother must be real proud.

  9. Lloyd Braun on

    Radulov has looked like a total dog in the playoffs; in other words, like a typical Russian player.

  10. Bwahaha. GREAT point, Lev. I didn’t even think about which one it was getting suspended.

    Anybody work in Midtown and check out the economic-destroying-world-changing protests going on in Bryant Park?

  11. I am not sure i’d play Zuc unless I had to. The playoffs is no place to put in a rusty player. Kreider, you remember was only a few days from playing at BC. Emminger looked rusty the other night and hardly played. Not sure what to do about Bickel. Bad play last night. Maybe he just had one of those games. I’m not a fan, but he’s at least been competent most of the time. But a rusty D man could really lead to a goal.

    Any word on Sauer? It’s like he’s fallen off the face of the earth. Sam and Joe haven’t even talked about them in months.

  12. It’s the “Occupy Wall Street” folks. At least what’s left of them. Maybe 30 protestors, 100 cops and about 75 Media-types. And infinite tourists photographing the dressed up protestors who are dressed as fairies, clown and shirtless people.

  13. Lloyd Braun on

    yeah I was just checking twitter. crowd looks to be quite a bit larger than 30.

  14. Beer Aisle on

    Why would they be out all night in Nashville anyway? Nothing good happens there after 1am. Hitting the pipe? Chatting up the local talent? Dancing the Kasatsky with Fonzie and Richie Cunningham?

  15. Lloyd Braun on

    dunno but Radulov hasn’t broken a sweat in the playoffs so I don’t think he’s earned the right to be doing anything right now

  16. Not a stereotype when it’s true, but ok. Manny, ye, i heard about it. Was going to go check it out during my break (now) but instead chose to enjoy a delicious barbecue chicken footlong sub.

  17. Holtby's Groin on

    Whats wrong with going out until 4 a.m the night before a game? Messier used to drink Red Stripe pre-game.

  18. So Amar’e punched a fire extinguisher and is now out for the series. Knicks should suspend him.

  19. Lloyd Braun on

    oh damn, didn’t realize he’s done for the series. good thing he’s not a Yankee, they’d void his contract before sundown.

  20. Don’t think it would matter, Lev. Playoffs are usually unpaid in professional sports.

  21. “oh damn, didn’t realize he’s done for the series. good thing he’s not a Yankee, they’d void his contract before sundown.”

    Brown played for them the next year.

  22. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Have to laugh at having MDZ as a star in you last post. So, he hit the pipe a couple of times. He beyond slow and looked lost on the Bickel turnover 3 on 2.

  23. Beer Aisle on

    I’m sure there are lots of guys form the ’94 team that Torts would welcome to this team anytime, but would give the 1994 Kovalev any playing time?

  24. Yea I was just outside, Lloyd. It’s a lot bigger than it was at 10AM. But they are gone now. I think they are marching to Wall Street which is a really long walk. Hope they have endurance!

  25. When a stack of North Americans dogged it in Europånsy leagues during the lockout, did that make all North American players lazy and unmotivated?

  26. Was at the game last night..the NBC TV timeouts make the game seem WAAAAYYYYYY longer than an MSG broadcast..The garden would have gone ballistic if Kreider had scored.

  27. Kevin Brown *and* Brady Anderson (a/k/a Jason Priestley) in one day!? Wow.

  28. Rangers vs. Kings would be awesome. Even in a loss, there would be that tiny little sliver of goodness that would be Richards and Carter winning a Cup and infuriating Flyers fans.

  29. Lloyd Braun on


    From what I gathered, they’re going down to Union Square. Dunno if they’re going from there to Wall St., but Union Square seems to be an intended stop.

  30. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    One of the reasons I love the game of hockey is the quality of the individuals that play it. Watching the handshakes is a very special moment. knowing these guys will do their best to include the fans, sign autographs, etc, is important for me to feel good about the sport. I had dinner with an ex-Ranger, who was nothing but a gentleman, have met other hockey pro’s over the years.

    I once went into a Nets locker room, in the 80’s. My cousin, their play by play man, brought me in. Derick Coleman said “hey, remember, everyone, no autographs for anyone” really loud to his team as we, the first into the locker room, came in. I wasn’t there for that. But it turned me off to basketball.

    Stoudamire is a spoiled, immature brat, like so many other pro basketball players, for doing what he did. I had liked him until this incident because he actually works hard out there, unlike most of those bums. Most hockey guys would think first and realize the implications. Don’t do something which would hurt cyour hances to play, thus, hurting the team.

  31. Oh….Union Square. Watch out Union Square. 20 blocks? That’s a Europansy hike.

  32. Ugh I have to be at Union Square in about 40 minutes. Hope ill be there before the rebels.

  33. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    so glad my oldest son starts his career in finance in 2 months. Great timing.

  34. Good luck, Lev. Solidarity.

    “What is it Sebastian? I’m arranging matches.”

    “It’s the Rebels, sir. They’ve Arrived”

  35. dubeliveau on

    Any definitive word on Dubi? Reading rumors but is there any facts out there? Sore knee. Broken foot. Groin tear. Anyone know????

  36. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    All I am aware of is a diagnosis of extremely low scoring and hockey IQ this year. Previosly, Dubie was fine.

  37. I think putting in a rusty d-man (Eminger) would hurt the Rangers a lot more than putting in a rusty forward (Zucc). As long as he were to get back on defense, which he does, I think he could be okay on the fourth line and on the PP.

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Please do not play Auntie Em – leave Bickel in there – he promises he won’t do it again

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