Tortorella, Hitchcock and MacLean finalists for Adams Award


From the NHL:



NEW YORK (April 30, 2012) — Ken Hitchcock of the St. Louis Blues,

Paul MacLean of the Ottawa Senators and John Tortorella of the New York

Rangers are the three finalists for the 2011-12 Jack Adams Award, presented

to the head coach who has “contributed the most to his team’s success,” the

National Hockey League announced today.

Members of the NHL Broadcasters’ Association submitted ballots for

the Jack Adams Award at the conclusion of the regular season, with the top

three vote-getters designated as finalists. The winner will be announced

Wednesday, June 20, during the 2012 NHL Awards from Encore Theater at Wynn

Las Vegas. The 2012 NHL Awards will be broadcast by NBC Sports Network in

the United States and CBC in Canada.

Following are the finalists for the Jack Adams Award, in alphabetical


Ken Hitchcock, St. Louis Blues

Hitchcock made his debut behind the St. Louis bench Nov. 8 with the

club at 6-7-0 and posted a 43-15-11 record the rest of the way; the

109-point season was the Blues’ best since capturing the Presidents’ Trophy

in 1999-2000. The club broke or tied 13 franchise records, including a

21-game home points streak and 30 home wins overall. The Blues allowed the

NHL’s fewest goals against by a wide margin (165), the fewest shots per

game (26.7) and posted the most shutouts (15). Hitchcock earned his fourth

career nomination as a Jack Adams finalist and the first in 13 years; he

finished second in 1997 and third in 1998 and 1999, all with Dallas.

Paul MacLean, Ottawa Senators

MacLean made his NHL debut as head coach after spending six seasons

as an assistant with the Detroit Red Wings and led the Senators (41-31-10,

92 points) to a Stanley Cup Playoff berth and an 18-point improvement over

last season’s 13th-place East finish. The biggest change was on offense,

where Ottawa jumped from 26th to fourth in the League in goals per game.

MacLean is the third rookie head coach in the past four years to earn a

Jack Adams finalist berth: Washington’s Bruce Boudreau captured the award

in 2008, followed by third-place finishes by San Jose’s Todd McLellan in

2009 and Colorado’s Joe Sacco in 2010.

John Tortorella, New York Rangers

Tortorella guided the Rangers to first place in the Eastern

Conference with a 51-24-7 record, their best regular-season performance

since the Stanley Cup season of 1993-94. The club’s goals-against figure

(187) was tops in the East, third in the NHL overall and was the fewest by

a Rangers club over a full season since 1970-71. The Rangers led all clubs

in hits (2,419) and ranked fourth in blocked shots (1,338). Tortorella is a

Jack Adams finalist for the third time; he finished second in the voting in

2003 and captured the award in 2004, the season in which he guided the

Tampa Bay Lightning to the Stanley Cup.


The award was presented by the NHL Broadcasters’ Association in 1974

in honor of the late Jack Adams, longtime coach and general manager of the

Detroit Red Wings.



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  1. After seeing Ottawa in the playoffs, I think the Senators underachieved in the regular season … and therefore think the MacLean nomination is a joke.

  2. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on


    Win one for the Boyler!

    Go Torts! Although Hitchcock probably gets it.

  3. I think Hitchcock gets it. Talk about doing a turn-around! Torts is deserving, as well. However, Tippett over McLean any day of the week.

  4. Repost:
    Carp, I’d be careful calling Dubinsky a 25 goal scorer. He scored 24 that one year and 5 of those were empty net, which is a testament to his defensive ability not his ability to score. I like him but for $4m and 16mins/game he needs to score more than 10 goals in a season…..


    Wowee zowee, Torts actually made top three in Jack Adams. I thought he had lost some momentum with all these johnny-come-latelys at the end of the season. I’m kinda surprised Tippett isn’t there, especially when the Coyotes won the division, barely. Screw Ottawa and MacLean. Coyotes were supposed to be out of the playoffs and finished higher than the Senators.

    In addition:

    I hate how everyone (not Carp!) is saying these three were “nominated” for the Jack Adams Award (and this goes for every other NHL award). That would imply that there is another round of voting, like the Oscars. Every coach that’s voted for was nominated. These are the three finalists, or the top three, as the release says.

  6. Hitchcock wins this hands down. Hard to argue that he didn’t go over there and COMPLETELY turn that team’s season around.

    Torts is well-deserving of the nod, though. As for McLean…the Senators were picked dead last, so I suppose he deserves a nod.

    I’d love to see Boyle back tonight and pick up where he left off. Big game tonight…and one thing I noticed:

    On NHL on the Fly they showed the recap of Game 1 and just prior to stepping onto the ice I saw Holtby take a deep breath and lower his mask before stepping out. I also saw Ovie speaking with him after the game.

    Is it possible that after beating the Bruins in the first round that Holtby just might be feeling the pressure now? He had nothing to lose in Round 1 against the defending champs.

    Just a thought, something I noticed. If he shuts us out tonight it’s a moo point. (Like a cow’s opinion. It just doesn’t matter)

    And I’m with Carp…I’d be worried about a goalie change. Last time that worked out well for us was ’94 when Hextall got pulled for Game 2 in the Isles/Rangers series.

    GO RANGERS!!! Hard to keep my mind on work today…

  7. Hitchcock wins it hands down. As far as keeping Dubinsky if Parise comes here more likely than not Dubinsky is gone. Im really sick and tired of him. It’s gotten to an absurd point. He’s lost a ton of value across the league so if we do want something in return i guess we do have to keep him but keeping him simply for the sake of hoping that he puts up 25 goals is absurd. He’s the prime example of a fan overrating their own player. Remember when Dubinsky > Callahan? Ye, right.

  8. Lev – so if Parise comes, we get rid of Dubi and put Parise on the 3rd line for the type of money he will get as a UFA? Need to find a place on top 2 lines for Parise.

    I’ve been saying for a few days here that the Rangers are not a destination for Parise or Nash unless we move someone off the top 2 lines. I’d rather have every one of our top 6 over Parise or Nash.

  9. Duby being moved if a parise nash or iginla is coming would be primarily for financial reasons. But i agree theres no way parise is your third line player.

  10. If Tortorella has won (though I don’t think he has and I can’t argue the other finalists aren’t deserving), they should ask the people who created the Avery banner from the home opener to present the award.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    torts should get executive of the year for having Sather buy into his vision of building with youth and not sending draft picks away for aging vets with great pasts but questionable futures.

    If you look at their drafting expertise and how relatively quickly these picks are coming up and producing on the big stage, the current crop of forwards (dubi, artie) that are under-performing or could be replaced by similar productivity at the a lower $$ rate will be moved.

    BTW – Lori Korpikoski – 5 pts in 24 career PO games

  12. Does anyone know of a place to watch Rangers games near Palm Beach Florida? I’m going on a little vacation and I can’t miss a game…that would be blasphemy!

  13. I miss the “Korpedo.” He had a cool nickname. Granted, he didn’t really do anything here, but I just liked saying, “Korpedo.” Either way, Hagelin is much better… and Jesper Fasth is waiting in the wings. This team is going to be super fast in the future.

  14. Staal Wart

    I would suggest going to a buffalo wild wings, applebees, fridays kind of place…

  15. Hey Carp, what did Chris Neil say to Lundqvist in the handshake line?
    I didn’t see it reported anywhere -do you know, or could you ask?

  16. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Afternoon ILB, Tony, and all!!

    carp (or anyone for that matter)

    Did MDZ and neil say anything in the handshake line?

    LGT and LGR!!

  17. Torts for the Adams award.

    What a joke. Almost as big of a joke as Lundqvist in the running for the Vezina and the Hart.

    All this clown has done this year is led us to a 2nd place overall finish (aka 1st place loser) and a 7-game nail-biter against the 8th seed.

    Congrats Torts.

  18. Hitchcock wins this for two reasons:

    1. He’s not John Tortorella.
    2. He didn’t have Henrik Lundqvist.

  19. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    CONGRATULATIONS, Torts!! Despite all of the political voting and how obvious it is you won’t be selected, and probably fined another $50k, you have done an absolutely amazing job!!! No way, NO WAY, this team plays like this for anyone else. To be at this level at this time of the year with what you started the year off with? This was a 6-10th place team you were handed by the ‘GM’, and you made it a first place club.

    Amazing!! Great job!! (And I am sure you couldn’t give a damn, anyway!)

  20. Hitchcock wins this for two reasons:

    1. He’s not John Tortorella.
    2. He didn’t have Henrik Lundqvist.


    Right because Hitchock has always left his teams on good terms and doesn’t eventually wear on his players.

    And he didn’t have two goalies play well above what they previous track record had ever suggested they were capable of….or did he?

  21. czechthemout!!!! on

    Going to the game with my brother tonight! They better win because I dropped 4 bills for two tickets.
    A couple of goals from Kreider would be a nice birthday.

    Maybe Gabby gets one too?

  22. No, it’s because these moron reporters or whatever they call themselves will pick Hitchock over Tortorella. If you’ve paid any attention for the last decade or so, I’m sure you can figure out why.

  23. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Lloyd, I agree with you. Torts hasn’t been a good boy also. Don’t you have to be a good boy to get a gift from Bettman?

    Sadly, there ain’t no way Torts had even close to the team that Hitchcock has. What was Brian Boyle 5 months ago? Last year, before Torts got to him? What has he done for Step’s game and confidence? Who got a total offensive player like Gabby to buy in? You could go on and on. Most everyone has elevated their game all season long.

    St Louis has some excellent chips. Individual for individual, they have a better team. Hitchcock came in at a great time to look good. But he doesn’t speak out. He will win this.

    Let’s not even get into the question of which team has the better GM….. Torts, since he has been here has had to bear the weight of his GM.

  24. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Czech, have a great time!!! Hope the crowd is as good as it was Saturday.

  25. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Did everyone here that was not at the game Saturday hear of the “Ovie’ chant? Only in New York!!1

  26. Got two tix from the Hub, section 306. Taking my daughter to her first PO game. Psyched to give her this experience for her 17th B’day!! Praying to the Hockey Gods to give our boys and her a win!! Would also be great if her favorite player (Hags) would score or set up a goal or two!

  27. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Have fun, Heave Ho. Great experience, especially if they can eke out a win.

  28. You mean the Ovie chant that was a modification of the Alfie chant that was started in Ottawa?

  29. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    I fully expect a round of happy birthday to be sung for CK. A matter of when.

  30. someone just offered me a pair of Knicks tickets for games 3 and 4… for $800 for each pair

    anyone interested? LOL

  31. Matty- St. Louis’ leading goal scorer scored 24 goals, their leading assist man had 39.

  32. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    Now there’s a waste of time and money. Unless Stern wants more revenue by series extension, that series is over before it began. Will there REALLY be a game 4?

    Aside from the classless behavior of many NBA crybabies, one of the biggest differences between their sport and ours is if you are 7 playing 2, you can pretty much mail it in. It would be nice to see Lin get back in, but last he played Miami, he was an on the court bystander anyway.

    I would rather buy tickets to two Ranger playoff games than one Knicks!

  33. Matty'KeepHoltbyinNet'Boy on

    ilb, (how are you, mate??)…they have more depth, on paper, than we do. They are just not names we know.

  34. in regards to Elliot or Halak, I think they are more a product of the team game. I wonder what Biron’s numbers would be if he got 35 starts on that team…

  35. Hank is also a product of the team game. I think having every on your team playing goalie helps…..

  36. Thanks all. No doubt MSG will be electric tonight.

    How does the Ovie chant go so I can look like I know what’s going’ on in front of my daughter?

  37. Fat Guy In A Little Coat on

    my posts don’t go thru anymore – have I been banned for being too handsome?

  38. Lloyd, it’s the people who make inaccurate comments who are morons.

    speaking of which, Adams is voted on by broadcasters.


  39. Fat Guy In A Little Coat on

    In my mind, the most impressive season about what our Boys have accomplished so far is that they’ve doen it without getting the majority of the calls, with a target on Torts/Slats/Doalns’ backs and with no luck whatsoever. I mean, I’m still waiting for that Devils-bounce-off-of -the-end-boards to be made up to us (maybe next round of the Devs make it?). Even the Caps’ lone goal on Saturday had alot of elements of bad luck – none of our guys hit the net or had their shots deflected, puck strays right to a Cap with surprising room to run, Girardi lets up only a hair (or runs out of steam) and then the luckiest saucer-pass in the history of saucer-passes! At some point the hockey gods have to smile at us too

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