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Nothing much here, except that Henrik Lundqvist had a decent explanation for his turnover against Chimera … he was at the edge of the trapezoid and couldn’t play the puck until it came to him.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Marc Staal:


Ryan Callahan:



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  1. again AA should have had more minutes tonight.. mitchell 0 shots on goal in the playoffs…..

    as is the 4th line could not score if the other team pulled there goalie….

  2. I’m not talking anybody off any ledges today or tomorrow. Jump.

    Some of you sound like Grade A jackwagons on the previous thread, throwing players overboard, pointing fingers, predicting doom.

    Sound like complete morons who’ve never seen a hockey game, never watched this team, all year. You know who you are.

  3. On the Chimera goal … Lundqvist was at the edge of the trapezoid and had to wait for the puck, which had slowed down. Chimera beared down on him. If he plays it, he gets a penalty. So he waited, and got burned. Bad play? Tough to say on a split-second decision like that. If he doesn’t play it and Chimera chases it down and centers to Hendricks, who scores, you’re second-guessing the other way — why didn’t he go behind the net and play it?

  4. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Carp, mama love….I take back blaming you (kinda)….positive energy all!!!

    and that’s a wicky!

  5. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    best Carp line ever….

    I’m not talking anybody off any ledges today or tomorrow. Jump.

    double wicky

  6. I just saw Pat Leonard’s (sp?) tweet and Torts said he wont talk about it, so Im not sure what he wont talk about, if he’s ok or if he liked/didnt like his play.

  7. Are we allowed to say both games could have gone either way but that one player’s play helped the second game go a certain way? But say that without saying “I quit” or “he sucks”, just simply an analysis of a single play?

  8. The guy on the ledge should be the ‘cock’ that coaches st louis. down 2 games to 0, looks like going to LA. Coach of the Year Hitchcock can’t rally his troops.

    Is there a ledge in St. Louis?

  9. Stranger Nation on

    interesting article today about face-offs…(esp. during PP in 3rd period of tied game)

    MDZ played really well offensively

    Gabby with great play on B Rich goal.

    The announcers (Eddie No-check) talk about how ‘big’ the Caps forwards are, but they seem to fall down easily

    Highlight(s) of game is/are Cally’s hits on Green in 1st period.

  10. Caps rang the posts in game 1, series tied. Bring on game 3! This team has always stepped it up after a loss, don’t see a reason why they wont on wednesday.

  11. Jay Riemenschneider on

    This game could have gone either way but the refs sure made sure it went one way in the third–right when it looked like the Crapitals were folding. So when it came down to madison avenue manipulation time, the refs had their perfect opportunity to ensure this series wasn’t as short as it could (or should) have been if not for two terrible plays by Bickel and mistake by Henrik. So congrats NBC, you get a few extra games and I get even closer to giving up on Biggest National Puck Fighting Entertainment Federation Games.

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