We’re gonna do it again … Live Game 2 Chat tomorrow at 3 p.m.


Just a heads-up. Those chats are getting so popular that we’re going to do a bunch more.

We will do a Live Game 2 Chat from MSG tomorrow at 3 p.m., then we will do another one during the week live from Washington, District of Columbia or thereabouts.

So tell ya mama, tell ya friends, we’re gonna do this. Bring your questions, comments, predictions, complaints, fears, etc. Live at 3 p.m. Monday.

Be there. Or else. Capisce?

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  1. Carp
    do you know if any Boneheads are getting together to watch wednesday’s game?
    there’s a slight chance i may be in the area, so i’m checking.

  2. These are two very talented offensive teams with two pretty good goalies. They both have the mindset of bulls. Do they ever stop coming at ya?

    Remember how we beat Phoenix? Richards, anyone??

  3. New York, LA would be cool. BUt that is so far in the future. You can dream, but then you have to be real. We have a game tomorrow night. We need to play each shift, each period and win it.

    we can dream later :)

  4. If Boyle could come back over the next game or so that’d be great. Dubi, unfortunately for him, we have other guys that don’t score, that can be almost just like him. I have always liked him and what he gives to this team. But he’s not irreplaceable any more. Sad to say.

  5. I was so surprised that the ‘feel’ of the game yesterday was not as harsh as it was against Ottowa.

    Gotta give Ottowa a ton of credit for pushing us back as far as they did. That’s one heck of a gritty, tough team.

  6. Oh ye personally I want Rangers-Kings. 2 goalies that both deserve the Vezina going at it!

  7. Mister D, it is a pretty different mentality. Our continent’s players try to be two way. It’s kind of like all they learn across the pond is to shoot and score and if you don’t do it, you sulk and don’t get back on ‘d’.

  8. What the heck, Orr, it’s some -ov type guy. Anisim-ov; Semen-ov. What’s the difference. Lol.

    Our two -ov’s have been pretty darn good at two way play, especially checking ‘d’. Our Feder-ov was amazing yesterday at it.

  9. Geez, got so carried away with the -ov thing, mistakenly called him Feder-ov. Sorry, gotta get more sleep. No, I meant Fed’s had a great, amazing game yesterday. Fed-o-ten-ko.

    I’ll have to remember that.

  10. I hit submit before I saw that. I meant the whole “snipe and pout” stereotype. Fedotenko certainly doesn’t show that. Top two way forward in the NHL is Russian. Its just a little irritating, they nailed Radulov with like 5 highlights, but one was him losing an edge and one was him chipping it away from the puck carrier, but right to someone behind the puck carrier, like that was somehow avoidable. It was the standard “conclusion first” intermission skit.

  11. The Kreider is a disaster. Scores one goal when he could have had three or four.

    Sit that clown.

  12. I do get what they are intimating. A Don Cherry believer I am not. But we do see enough of the pouty elite Russian players who can’t be tough when the tough get going. Malkin had a so-so playoffs, actually a bit below his level. Radulov is supposed to be so spectacular, but he really hasn’t had enough time to assimilate. You could argue that Kovie, who looks spectacular at times, is not playing his best (I know some say he must be hurt), and even Ovie, who is an amazing athlete is being used sparingly by his coach.

  13. Miami: “The Rangers will lose 9-1 and get eliminated in 5 games.”

    Carp: “Is that a question?”

    Miami: “Bush league.”

  14. So, you watch Phoenix and they have these white shirts on every fan. Philly has the orange shirts. Yesterday they handed out blue shirts and made it a point to have Nicky Fotiu ask all the fans to put one on so we have a sea of blue.

    Is this some new NHL initiative? How about getting some real ref’s instead, Gary?

  15. Notice, everyone, how Carp carped me right after I was discussing his contempt for me. I’m not making this stuff up!

    Crazy game in the desert. Mildly exciting though, so I’ll take it!

  16. duckBill PLatypus on

    carp, i knew you would dig that comedic line…i think archie bunker said that about Edith..i know he said it, but not sure about whom..rofl..good stuff!

  17. Pimp has the best questions too … It’s amateur-hour moderating by CARP when he doesn’t answer my genius inquisitions.

  18. Carp – I will ask you about the record tomorrow during the chat. Maybe I will ask some other REAL hockey question as well so I don’t seem like such a joke.

  19. Tiki –

    *Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress* :

    (1) the defendant (Joe M.) intended to inflict emotional
    (2) the conduct of the defendant (Joe M.) was extreme and outrageous;
    (3) the actions of the defendant (Joe M.) were the cause of the plaintiff’s distress; and
    (4) the resulting emotional distress to the plaintiff (Tiki) was severe.

  20. THe one thing I hope Torts is working on is how to get more shots on goal. If this team continues to do that to us and they put in a real goalie (well, Neuvirth beat us last time), it could be devastating.

  21. I did LaTONYa. I picked the ‘Yotes to move on! I predicted it in 7 and I think Nashville rebounds. So what’s up now!?

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Manny’s just compensating for his “anyone who doesn’t pick the Blues needs their noggins checked” comment. Silly Manny.

    Anyway, how about Smith huh? How pissed do you think TB is for not holding on to him?! They would be a legit contender.
    And do you guys remember when The Grate One (#16) flat out embarrassed him on a penalty shot? It’s hard to believe that is this guy.

  23. Carp, ya gotta stop having these chats when I’m working! How about one on Thursday? Friday? Monday through Thursday of next week when I’m hoping to have internets? LOL.

    Man, I have no idea how the Yotes are doing it, but go them! As much as I like the Preds.

  24. duckBill PLatypus on

    question for the live chat: Ok, i like bacon, but i also like salads…can i get enough protein in my diet if i put bacon bits in my salad? tia

  25. in case youse didn’t see it, The Truck is heading to Hartford:

    Dylan McIlrath ? @dylan_mcilrath

    Last night in Moose Jaw, going to miss this place and the boys.. Off to Connecticut tomorrow morning to play more hockey! #excited #gowhale

  26. I know must of you would rather watch a Blue Jackets-Islanders Stanley Cup finals than watch basketball, but the Clippers just had a crazy comeback to win a playoff game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Not a good night for Tennessee sports!

  27. …Suter is not Redden.

    Nobody is Redden. He is a force that cannot be stopped.

    Only one thing can kill Redden, and that’s Redden.

    The fact that Redden has not been called up to play 60 minutes a game shows how stupid Torts and Sather are.

  28. I am curious to see what happens with Dylan McIlrath in CT. How long will it take him to crack the big team or will he? Any predictions as to how good he’ll be? Another Beukeboom or another Kloucek?

  29. I wonder how one goes about contributing to the Chats.

    As for poor old Roszival, well, he does the best he can, but poor soul, he’s probably still looking around for
    Jagr to pass to.

    As for the odd side lights that occur, just recall a statement by Jonathan Winters ( remember him?)
    he would come out with some profound observations from time to time…like when he said, ” have you ever happened to become undressed in front of a dog?……
    ….they really stare.”

    If you missed those Mets games with Colorado you missed some fantastic happenings. ( Where did they get that Manager?) Mets had the game won,…almost,
    and the Rocks called Helton in to pinch hit and he hit a three run blast to tie it up. But Mets squeezed it out in the end, but they play great some hock…er…baseball
    ……eh? Still can’t figure out why they dumped Nick Evans.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " in-KREIDER-able!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers winning is all I care about . Thats it.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " in-KREIDER-able!!!"...says Greg L. on

    …and of course live chatt!!!!


    We are winning this game Carp !!! I know ya think we wont but im bankin we do , sweep city!!!

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