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The news: Brian Boyle skated during an optional practice, and said he felt better. Brandon Dubinsky did not skate and is on crutches, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything in terms of the severity of his injury. Remember that Ryan Callahan was on crutches between games when he was playing with a bruised foot. It can be just to help the healing.

Anyway, the team has no update on either player.

John Tortorella:


Brian Boyle:


Brandon Prust:


Chris Kreider:



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  1. not saying Rupp is a great player by any stretch … but I doubt the players on his team believe he’s a bum …

    cgiacomo, that sounds scary, golf at MMGC with KO Fusco. Does he swing hard?

  2. I found it more interesting that poor Chris Kreider found himself mobbed by autograph seekers and unable to move last night, and was asking teammates what he could have done to politely extricate himself. He didn’t mind signing, but apparently he was trapped for a while.

  3. Poor kid! Those crowds can get overwhelming . . .I remember back when I was getting autographs several times just stepping back. . . .

  4. Orr, agree, Nash has never been on a good team, and his best linemates were just average players.

  5. Carp — Good question(s) to Torts about face-offs. I wish he had addressed the specifics
    of the first one further, ie. how and why it goes from bad to good in a game.

  6. Rupp is a bum? But he makes so much money. You would think he would have a place to live.

    Yea ORR. That is a bit ridiculous since it’s not Nash OR Kreider.

  7. Was at the game yesterday and it was an absolute amazing and electric atmosphere. I have been at some big games there, and the feeling in there was right up there. Carp was right about the fans cheering the little things. Every extra effort and shot block was rewarded with loud ovations, and when Kreider scored, the place practically bounced. I got chills from it. AMAZING!!!

    This kid is the real deal. He very well may be the fastest skater I have ever seen in person. Hags is fast, but I dare to say Kreids is faster. The acceleration from a stand still is like something I have never seen. So glad he wasn’t moved, and very very excited for his future. If this is any indication, I think we will see him in the rookie of the year race next season.

    I am already trying to find a BC Kreider jersey right now.


    On a side note, the city in general was just amazing after the game. Seemed like there was a ranger fan on every corner and people walking around high fiving each other and chanting all over the city. Just an extension to what was an already amazing day. If I was a betting man, I would say the crime rate in NYC was down last night, because everyone was in too good a mood for wrong doing.

  8. czechthemout!!!! on

    Rick Nash is a beast and very soon might make a fine addition to what could be a team that should contend for at least five more seasons.

    As for Kreider, I always knew he would be good after watching him play numerous games but I did not think he would be this good this fast. What a player!

  9. I do want to be friends. Are you mad at me for saying It’s Go [Devils] Time! ??

    There is no team I dislike more than the Phlyers/Penguins.

  10. I guess my status as Jerseyite (yay for denonyms!) makes the Devils public enemy number one on my list.

  11. Yes this post season is filled with tough choices. . . It was very confusing to urge on the Flyers (only done because I hate the penguins more) . . Now I think I need to root for the Devils . . .cause i really do hate everything out of PA (except the Pirates cause they are irrelevant)

  12. I want the Flyers next series just so MSG can erupt in a “Uniiiiiiiiverse” chant!

  13. Anybody have a link OTHER than First Row Sports . EU? The Europansy connection is choppy as hell and I am stuck in a stupid Continuing Legal Education class.

  14. manny, whats your email? i’ll send u my sn and password so u can watch on hockeystreams

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The 7 game war the rangers had with the senators certainly made them the better for it. That was as good a first round test as we could have hoped for. This series with the craps should be kinder and gentler… Not sure who we should pull for in NJ/Filthy …. Maybe just hope they beat each other senseless….

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I have to think continuing illegal education would be more interesting.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – want to hear my doc impersonation?

    Doc: “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think there is a giant turkey drumstick on top of Marty’s net and I could have sworn the camera caught him chomping on it when the puck was deep the flyer zone

  19. getting the same kind of Thornton whining from Ovechkin now.

    keep telling us about all the space you’ve got when you’re not putting up any points. we’ll be sure to keep saying how much you suck whenever the clock hits 8 minutes.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I really like the ranger chances this series. I really think the rangers will sweep. Roger Maltby, the craps goalie, will be back to golf soon enough.

  21. whats funny is that steven gionta has more playoff goals than nash too. dont get why keny would brag about that. i could see if nash had more than 4 playoff games in his career, but he doesnt. stralman also has more goals than gabby this playoff, and?? so what.

  22. lets just hope they dont put bebe neuwirth in net eddie. you know we wont score again if that happens.

  23. I don’t think we have to fear Neuvirth because he already owned us. Therefore it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – I see Kreider averaging 250-300 goals per season.

    The progressive insurance chick looks like she drinks 20 Mountain Dews a day

  25. I know we swept flyers, but i find it hard to believe thatll continue, and i wouldnt mind going nearly the samr road to the finals as 94, if if if if we sin our current series. Go devils.

  26. and guys u know we just prob will win tommorow, but caps are great at home. the can tie this up real quick. i cant get relaxed until we get the 4th win. just remember 09. up 3-1. i know different teams and stuff, but up until a few days ago, we were hanging off ledges by our pinkie toes

  27. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Hello ‘Heads!

    Looks like the Flys have a major case of rust – man, did they look lousy in that period! Phew!

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – totally. I was nervous every single game against the sens. Yesterday? Not so much. I felt they controlled much of the play and the rangers were much more physical.

  29. eddie, sean bergenheim has more playoff goals than kreider. why couldnt we trade kreider and mcdonagh,step,duby,artie and the next 5 1st rounders for him instead of bothering with mr no playoff goals rick nash!

  30. I would pay a bit of money to see PEter Lavi-eau-de-toilette’s intermission speech.

    Bergenheim is a beast. I thought he would be the Key for the -Carolina- Panthers.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – what do you think about hank for Nabokov? Could happen next year… Wish it were this year.

  32. yea me too eddie, just the way we were playing, and not being hemmed in our end for 2-3 minute stretches was huge relief. caps are not getting swept though. all we gotta do is pray hank,cally,richrds,giradi or anybody else doesnt get hurt. i dont think we’ll have to worry about that until next round a least. if we get there. dont wanna jinx it.

  33. only if we throw in a pick or 2 eddie. dont think we can get naby for that cheap, i mean, he does have more playoff wins. duh!

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – what is your illegal education class covering? I loved The Brethren. Great book.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – maybe instead hank an McD for nabby….. McD isn’t going to amount to much anyway.

  36. alright! good stuff. let me know if u need some snacks and refreshments, i’ll send my servants over.

  37. eddie, no chance,. i mean, montreal basically paid us 7 million just to get him off their roster

  38. No sweep . . .I think six . . maybe five if we are lucky! But I don’t think this series will be a sweep and frankly I don’t want it to be. . . . That leads to being rusty and over confident. . .I think five or six games is healthy.

  39. Thanks, Grabby. I could really use a Sarsparilla but it’s impossible to find in this city!

  40. look at brodeur go! maaaaaaaartyyyyyyyyyyy? haha philly fans stole our chant and blew it. u only do that when your team scores on him! not when ur goalie gets scored on.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – count me as against Gomez for McD. Sather sure wishes he could redo that one. Gomez is a sure first ballot HoF’er. What did he score this year? Something like 1 goal? That is the kind of offense the rangers need and have been without since that trade.

  42. JimboWoodside on

    Philly fans have got to be the most “un-original” fans in the world. They copy nearly everything that NY fans create.

  43. 1-1!

    Greetings, eddie.

    I was saying that before, grabby. NOW is the time to do the chant!

  44. devs takin this one. hope it goes 7 an very physical. if we do advance and get devils, brodeur might not be able to hold up for anothr long playoff round.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – agreed. Kreider may be fast, but John Scott is only slightly slower. Plus big John has more touch around the net and is a legit PP QB

  46. serenade. oops. latonya didnt see that u had already said that. but yea, theyre not the brightest knives in the toolshed

  47. Alright! Yay! We need scotts physicality over some overrated bostonian!! We should put biron in, henrik will never have as much desire to win as his boston counterparts, guy’s a loser, more interested in his and his wifes imminent arrival than winning. Jerk.

  48. Looks like this series is going to be high scoring as well. The Phlyers might move on in to the 3rd round after giving up a combine 80+ goals.

  49. JimboWoodside on

    I love seeing the Debbies get scored upon – but I don’t feel quite as benevolent towards Filthy in this series as I did when they dispatched the Pen()s….

  50. How is Peter DeBoer a hockey coach? Look at him. He and Kovalchuk look like investment bankers.

  51. Flyers-devils so much more wide open than our games! Definitely more exciting for non-fans to watch but I’ll take a 14-shot win any day :)

  52. I don’t think that was a soft call, the hook prevented him from controlling the puck and getting a shot off

  53. what would they do if by like the 8th or 9th ot nobody scores?. do they just play that game over again?

  54. >>I hope the filthy/nj series goes 7 games…. Each game 15 OTs.

    Aren’t you forgetting the injuries?

  55. I dunno I never found low scoring/low shot boring . . .because you know that just one shot will be the difference. . . . Every play means more when teams aren’t getting shots through. I had friends at a perfect game (David Wells game) and they thought it was the most boring thing they had ever been too . . .since nothing happened . .

  56. Im sort of rooting for both teams to lose all their home games so it goes to 7 and do their fans are constantly disappointed

  57. JimboWoodside on

    Like we needed to hear a Chico reference – I know, a “True Professional”…. ;-D

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think about things like the universe. It is so big. Infinity is real big number.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jbytes – ahhhhhh I thought that was what you meant…… Of course….. I even want the coaches to twist their ankles……

  60. How the hell does Millsbury know that Giroux’s parents are in Dominican Republic on vacation? CREEPY.

  61. He probably planted a tracking device in Papa Giroux’s loafer, Lev. He does have a natural affinity for loafers.

  62. bull dog line on

    Parise is going to look awfully good in a Ranger uniform next year. Devils have no good Dmen. Bryzgalov is awful.

  63. The bad news is, Universe has one more goal in him. And it probably will happen before overtime.

  64. bull dog line on

    would you rather sign Parise as a FA, or try and trade for Nash again. I wanted Nash earlier, but now the prospects are 1 year closer to helping, and all Parise will cost is money.

  65. This is the first game that Parise has been noticeable. Again, all ill say is that Parise put up 69 points this year playing on a line with Kovalchuk and Elias for most of the year. Nash put up 59 points being a one man team on the worst team in the NHL.

  66. JimboWoodside on

    Debs are emulating their regular-season selves, going to OT for a lot of points.

  67. JimboWoodside on

    Joe M. going to do color in the Blues-Yotes game! Any *GROINS* to check, Joe!? ;-D

  68. Devils-Flyers is a lot like Flyers-Penguins: best possible result is if both franchises leave the NHL.

  69. Inconclusive evidence! If Neil’s couldn’t be overturned, how could Briere’s be?

  70. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    They call that no goal but they let Neil’s goal stand. Thats ridiculous

  71. May I ask what’s Briere shaking his head at? You clearly kicked it in, and you saw it on replay on the big board.

  72. Kicked in. Good game to watch. Anytime they go in OT, it’s a good game…And the City of Brotherly Hate can chat his name all day, but even at 40 Brodeur is by far better than Bryzgalov. Now, I’m going to go clean my teeth…..

  73. On 2nd thought, if we move on, and the Flyers do, then its either us or Jaromir in the Finals. Win win. Wow, Briere got the winner anyway.

  74. JimboWoodside on

    ORR, that’s why I said that when we were “free agent shopping”, Briere would have been a better pick from Buffalo than Pizzaman turned out to be.

  75. Kovalchuk sucks. watching that game shows it very clearly. and of course fatty Brodeur loses again which is good to see.

  76. I really hate Uncle Daddy. The OT loss makes me even happier than I would usually be!

    Briere is a playoff performer, no doubt (ft. G. Stefani).

  77. JimboWoodside on

    Drury was already “damaged goods” from that vicious hit and concussion given to him by Chris Neil, the carcillo-bag!

  78. duckBill PLatypus on

    I’m rooting for Devs in this series…philly is a cesspool and center for urban decay. BYFUGLIEN PHILDAELPHIA!!

  79. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe you’re right, ORR – yeah, he did kill us that year. Well, something must have happened to him after the playoffs – maybe a gigantic bag of pizza flour fell on his head or something!

  80. OK, mrs wants to go out again….Gonna be a long week. Except she knows there is only take out for dinner option tomorrow.

  81. JimboWoodside on

    >>>If they put Milbury’s brain in a bird, it would fly backwards.

    He already *is* a bird-brain!

  82. ilb,

    I’m sure whatever meal you have this evening will taste even better due to the defeat of the Swamp Rats. I know mine will.

  83. Didn’t get to see the game but just saw highlights and JVR seemed to be everywhere. That’s what they needed was another weapon. Have to take care of business against Caps first, but I’d 100x rather see Devils than Flyers. Go Devils.

  84. bull dog line on

    is Pominville an FA? you have get past your hate of the Devils, and Parise, and look at what kind of player he has been. I wanted Nash as well, but that was during the season. all Parise is going to cost the Rangers is money. Nash is going to cost assets. I would rather save those for Dman that is badly needed.

  85. bull dog line on

    right now I think the east has opened up for the Rangers. they are going to beat the Caps, and I think they will have a real good chance at beating the Flyers. cant have anymore injuries, and need to get Boyle and Dubi back.

  86. I’m also willing to bet that those rooting for Philly either (a) like Latona live among obnoxious Devils fans, or (b) started rooting for the Rangers post 1987. :)

  87. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Devils or Flyers does not matter.
    Both of their defenses stink.
    If I had to pick I’d rather play Philly.
    Their goalie is god awful and Brodeur gets lucky when he plays us.

  88. bull dog line on

    I am not rooting for either team. but I think it is pretty obvious the Flyers are going to win this series. they may even sweep.

  89. Bull Dog if they sign Parise they will still have to shed assets because of the cap. MDZ negotiation this summer will be interesting. Nash may cost them a prospect or two but it won’t be Kreider and at some point having all the prospects in Hartford is a wasted resource.

  90. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Parise is the second coming of Gomez.

    Let him sign somewhere else.

    Is Lucic available?

  91. >>…Rangers. they are going to beat the Caps…

    Where do you see that written? Don’t count your wins until you’ve actually won.

  92. For some reason I have this image of JVR playing for the Stars and scoring a huge goal. I don’t know if I’m a prophet or a lunatic.

  93. bull dog line on

    right on Orr,
    they then can use there assets to get a the big Dman they badly need.

  94. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    How strange former Rangers Rosival and Korpokski scratched tonight…

  95. boxcareddiehospodar on


    so Gomez and Holik never competed?

    Cmon it is the system.

    Keep the small guy we have enough of them.

    Let’s get some size.

  96. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Orr, what do you think? I am really starting to think that the Rangers should pursue Suter but on the other hand I want our young D-core to be able to grow without others in the way. So based on that — Suter or no Suter?

  97. Holik was before my time, Boxcar, so I go by what Rangers fan say aboot him, but as for Gomez, yeah, he didn’t compete. Watch some Habs games, if you need more proof of that. Parise busts his ass every shift. He’s basically Callahan with better hands, and maybe a little less physical.

    True Blue, I like Suter. Especially if he can help the PP. A top four of Girardi, McDonut, Stahl, and Suter would be amazing! Then you have Sour and Del Z as the last two. But like you said, Suter would get in the way of the young D-core. I don’t know! Tough call!

    Maybe if they sign Suter, they’ll move Del Z. I’m really on the fence with all the FA scenarios.

    One thing is for sure though, Parise is not Gomez, and Suter is not Redden. So, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with either one.

  98. Just thought of this. Torts has brought in a former player of his every free agent season. Prospal his first year here, then Feds, and then Richards. Anybody know if any former Torts players will be free agents?

  99. Carp,

    Are you trying to start trouble?


    Hm. I don’t know if he’d fit in very well. Don’t want to take away ice time from our young defensemen.

  100. I’m a no on Suter just because I don’t think its a good use of cap space. With McDonagh, Girardi, Staal and MDZ, you have 45-50 minutes of the game locked up. Add in either Erixon or McIlrath making it and/or Bickel locking in as the 6th, plus the wildcard of Sauer, and it just doesn’t seem necessary. Which is awesome.

    Super hot mom behind the Phoenix bench.

  101. I missed something . . .why is trouble starting??

    I dunno I always felt Holik got a bum rap . . . I don’t think he was as bad as people say I just think that the Ranger fans of the late 90s-present always needed someone on the team to scape goat.

  102. Jorek,

    Carp launched another obvious personal attack against me, demonstrating irrefutably that he, like the rest of you “Boneheads”, are out to get me.

  103. Carp and I have many misunderstandings, Jorek. I’ve been banned several times, and probably have a worse reputation than some of the most infamous culprits around here.

  104. He could probably do that, Mister D, but VinceA’d have to let us know if any Europansies were involved.

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