Coaches’ pre-game interviews


Your boy Torts did a quick one, gave out no info, was away from the podium in 12 seconds, or 19 seconds from the time I started to the time I stopped recording.

John Tortorella:


Dale Hunter:




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  1. Not often is Dale Hunter liked MORE than the opposing player/coach but in this series i think that’ll be the case.

  2. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan on

    that’s pretty interesting Lev, althought I could never like that mutt

  3. I don’t like him, Lin.

    wick, I know that trade bombed … but there was something good about having Ulfie around those years … and he was the second-best partner Leetch ever had (Leetch won Norris Trophies with Beuk and Ulf).

    Remember when he knocked the pane of glass on Janet Gretzky?

  4. “Not often is Dale Hunter liked MORE than the opposing player/coach but in this series i think that’ll be the case.”

    I don’t know. Most of my non-Rangers fan friends seem to really like Torts. Fan favorites are always the guys who are outspoken in a good way (backing up their players, taking on the league when its legit) rather than the bland coaches or the ones who are perpetually whining. I don’t think Torts is seen as the latter, when he whines, its usually with good reason.

  5. I hope the team is more up for this game than I am. Still in a bit of a Game 7 emotional hangover. Excited, but not near death like on Thursday.

  6. Oh for sure Torts doesnt care. Mister D, i dont know, on every other team’s blog that I go through they all seem to dislike Torts, call him captain whiner and some other stuff. Whatever, not important. Do you guys think this will be a physical series? More physical than against the Sens?

  7. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Hard to believe it’s game day already. I don’t feel like I’m in the mindset for another big series. That’ll probably change once the game starts. Maybe it’s because there’s a lot less pressure for a Game 1 as opposed to a 7. I’m sure the team is more prepared than I am.

    Win one for the Boyler!

  8. You will all laugh when the Rangers put up 2.83333333 dozen on the Caps in the clinching game as I predicted.

  9. There has been a disgraceful lack of *Knickerbocker updates* on the CBC coverage of the Rangers’ playoff games so far. And they don’t have a CBC150 either.

  10. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    yep on all counts including the glass on mrs gretzky.

    Speaking of gretz, didn’t Ulfie catch a flight (from detroit I think because we sadly traded him) to be at gretz’ lst game or soemthing in the garden and missed most of it but was waiting for gretz in the tunnel or something and got gretz all choked up?

  11. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I know everyone hated losing zubov (I did too), but I would have traded almost anyone for Ulfie then and would do it all over again.

  12. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carpy, if a Bonehead is out and about, but texts me their prediction, can i post it in abstentia for them?

  13. Rangers PP 0-7 and Lundqvist still lets in a couple of *absolutely atrocious* goals in that 34-2 win, right CTB?

  14. Gaborik and Anisimov will not factor in to the scoring in the 34-2 game. They will however have 20 pts between them in the first 5 games but will be called soft and invisible in clinching games.

    Lundqvist will not be given the opportunity to win another game 7 and once again fall short of Cam “never lost a game 7” Ward’s elite playoff status

  15. Lin, you can do whatever the hell you want here. Just like Sally. You have the keys to the kingdom.

    wick, I think I do remember that about Gretzky’s last game.

    I told you when I was Sports Illustrated’s Rangers correspondent and they were doing the player polls. The question was “Who is the NHL’s dirtiest player?” and Ulf said to me, “Can you vote for yourself?”

    every goal Lundqvist allows is atrocious and soft and “he’s gotta stop that one” right LW?

  16. UGHHH pet peeve alert.

    jpap407 April 28th, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Torts isn’t losing any sleep wondering if people like him. He COULDN’T CARE less.

  17. billybleedsblue on

    I like Tortles!

    Been so busy I didn’t make the time to say it ’til now: Bye-bye, Sens — Good riddance to bad rubbish!


  18. I have the same pet peeve, Lev! Couldnt care less!!! You hear it all the time on TV too.

    BFF, thanks for bearing w me the other night. Great guy! Love ya!

  19. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan on

    lol thanks Carpy!! just texted the ‘Head in question to see if they want in. I know we only have a short time remaining!!

    LMAO Can you vote for yourself, that’s just comedy gold. He was awesome with my daughter! him, Kevin Lowe and the Little Ball of Hate! Those were the days before her turn to the dark side.

  20. For all intensive purposes, you guys are being rediculous worrying about grammer today.

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    Payback’s a BItch!!

    We owe these clowns for the last two playoffs baby! Time to take care of business!

  22. i do too, billy. the thing that makes me nuts about people who hate him because of those short pressers … bring some intelligent questions and he’ll answer them. You know there are questions he won’t answer, especially pregame. Don’t ask those.

    I also like that he drove the Canadian media nuts with those terse answers up in Ottawa.

  23. … and just tell yourself, there are going to be calls or non calls with which I don’t agree … it’s not necessarily a conspiracy or cheating, rather perhaps just complete incompetence.

  24. Eh My altar rituals are getting kinda weird. I grabbed a red lighter on my way to light the incense and then thought, “OH no. That WON’T work.” And went and found a blue lighter instead.

  25. I don’t particularly like the repeated no-information pressers, but it’s still amusing to see a few more national writers and broadcasters who have been covering other teams so far in the playoffs suddenly act with surprised indignation, like they couldn’t have seen it coming.

  26. “it’s not necessarily a conspiracy or cheating, rather perhaps just complete incompetence.”

    Bingo. And the incompetent would probably cheat wrong anyway.

  27. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan on

    frozen fruit for me! and nothing but water and gum from 2 until the game ends lol

  28. Sally: I’m wearing my jersey, grey sweatpants and royal hat (royal on royal isn’t a pretty combo but its winning) for the 3rd time in 6 days. Keep going with whatever rituals are working.

    (I also kicked my wife, who was simply coming over to give me a hug, off my lap during the 2nd to last stoppage on Thursday night out of fear the new seating arrangement would screw something up. It was her birthday. We are still together.)

  29. If there are any beer fans, I have a 4 pack of Heady Topper in the fridge for the game. Can’t lose with that.

  30. HageLinDerMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Carp, here are Mickey’s predictions for this round

    Rangers in 7
    Flyers in 6
    Blues in 6
    Preds in 7

    GWG Stepan
    Saves 32

  31. And I will now go walk the dog for the last 0:40 before faceoff. Like I did for Game 7. Because that’s not the reason they won, but not doing it would be the reason they lose.

  32. Thanks, Carp. Excellent work Mister D. Always stick with whats working, no matter what. Hope youre doing ok eric. Im thinking of you Tony. I love you Blogmama, Sally, Linda. Youre my hero, ilb.

  33. For all intensive purposes, I’m going to go watch warmups.

    will tweet if Boyle or Dubinsky are out there, or not.

  34. Pregame questions? Most of us casual fans are so nervous we tend to forget whether we already ate lunch or dinner. The coach has to get his team ready to go. I understand the notion that the media gets upset with him, but, on the other hand, the most verbal and “media friendly” coach in his longest pregame interview usually says absolutely nothing anyway.

  35. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Exactly Mr. D. That’s why I will always have a beer with me and be wearing my white Graves jersey.

  36. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Finally getting the knot in my stomach…must be GO TIME.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS , Start this Thang already!!!!!

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    The Craps are perty defensive…that should work right into our plan!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

  39. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Be nice if any network in the area was running some type of pre-game show.

  40. Carp, thanks for that link. Prusty’s little bulldog face is too cute! LMAO @ “intensive purposes”.

    Mister D, that’s hilarious!

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