Rangers-Senators Game 7 in review


So we go from one nation’s capital to the other. (See previous post for the whole Conference Semifinals schedule — and p.s. to NBC, it’s not the Stanley Cup semifinals, OK?).


1) That was one great Game 7. Seriously, I thought ya boys played a great game, as I expected them to do, but throughout this series I became more impressed with Ottawa … even if Milan Michalek and Jason Spezza have a little bit of bow-wow in them at times. I was shocked at the way Ottawa competed after the Senators wilted with Paul MacLean’s pansy lineup in Game 1. But they’ve got some grind in their game, and Erik Karlsson, my God, is amazing. Did you see him chase down Carl Hagelin.

2) Sorry, got off topic there. Back to it being a great Game 7. It was one of those games where, as John Tortorella said in the presser, so many little plays were so important in the game. A Ryan McDonagh steal and clear. Dan Girardi blocking that rebound shot early. Chris Kreider’s speed creating the turnover on the 1-0 goal. Brandon Dubinsky’s corner work creating the transition on the 2-0 goal. So many hits to make plays, blocks, stolen pucks, pressure on the Ottawa D … and the Sens made a lot of little plays too. The Rangers made a few more. Great game.

3) Dan (Blockness Monster) Girardi, Marc Staal, Ryan McMonster=Three-headed beast.

4) How about your goaltender? The best player was the best player. Remarkable third period. Loved the stuff he said about his nervousness and excitement during the third, and losing focus momentarily to allow himself to think about how important it would be to win this game. He’s so honest. Yet so cool in big spots. And good for him to start shedding this ridiculous notion that he’s not a playoff performer. This is the first time he’s ever had a team capable of winning in the playoffs.

5) I thought the Rangers’ fans version of the “Alfie” chant was pretty hilarious.

6) Tortorella talked about licking his chops at having speedsters like Chris Kreider and Carl Hagelin for years to come. Imagine if the Rangers really get two top-line type of wingers out of those two. Imagine how much they will be able to pressure the opponent. What Kreider’s done here is really eye-popping.

7) Did I mention how well Girardi, Staal and McDonagh played? Oh, well, it’s worth repeating. And the other three D-men, too. I thought Anton Stralman had a very good series, and Michael Del Zotto went right at Chris Neil again. If he hadn’t broken his stick on Neil’s back (not that there’s anything wrong with that) he probably wouldn’t have gotten that penalty and maybe Lundqvist wins 2-0 and you don’t empty your antacid bottle in the third period. But he was strong and fearless.

8) How about Stu Bickel, in his limited time, hitting a post and twice chasing Chris Neil around inviting him to dance. Neil declined both times. And though I think Neil took some cheap liberties in this series, I’d still want him on my team. And I’d take Nick Foligno, too.

9) Gotta admit it, the building was pretty loud (very loud, actually) and sustained for most of the game. The nightly playing of that embarrassing R-A-N-G-E-R-S song kind of lulled the crowd into a sleep, sucked the life out of them, for a while, though. The place almost shook at the start, and I think it did shake at the end.

10) Sometimes I forget to say how important the captain was in a game like this. Looked like he dropped his stick a few times because of that finger injury. Guy was everywhere, though. Drilled a couple of Senators early (shocker) and set the tone.

11) And how about the last two-plus games for Derek Stepan? Here’s a kid who needs to find his consistency, because he carries the puck, passes the puck and shoots the puck like a star-in-waiting. Needs to do it more often. They don’t win this series without a lot of guys. They don’t win this series without Stepan, to name one, for sure.

12) Seems I’m saying the same thing about a lot of guys … I mean, who didn’t play well in Game 7?

13) Brandon Dubinsky didn’t play after he looked like he tweaked a right knee or ankle along the boards around the eight-minute mark of the third. Didn’t get an update. Maybe at practice today. That’s another reason Kreider and Hagelin were protecting the late lead, with Brian Boyle already out.

14) Wonder what Torts thought about the silly confetti flying from the rafters after the first round.

15) Why the dumb schedule, with an extra day off between Games 3 and 4, and a 12:30 Game 4? Why does the No. 1 seed have to play a day and a half after winning a Game 7, and thus practice and gameplan for the next opponent the day after a Game 7 instead of resting up? Because NBC, Comcast, Mr. Snider and the Empire State Building say so. Well, OK, the ESB has no say, but TV really is the tail wagging this dog.

16) As the Soup Nazi might say: Next!

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Dan Girardi.
3) Ryan McDonagh/Marc Staal.

AP photos, above.

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  1. “Oh when will their glory fade, the gallant charge they made, into the mouth of Hell flashed the noble brotherhood”

    And what a stroke of genius to have brought that youngster Kreider in, signed him up and turned him loose to perform his debut magic. And is there any doubt, by people anywhere, that despite that one soft goal he gave up early, the King has put an exclamation point beside his title.

    And where did Staal come from on that spectacular
    goal? It was as though he’d sprouted from the ice itself, and placed that killing shot.

    Rule Rangerville.

  2. Gotta respectfully disagree with Carp and others about not having a problem with Neil on the Rangers – we have someone like that in Hartford named Avery-know who I wanna see in the NY sweater for years to come? The Kreider!!!!

  3. GregM_section403 on

    Great review, as always, Carp.

    How did the Rangers fans ALFIE chant go? I didn’t catch it on MSG, though you could easily hear a lot of the chants directed at Neil.

  4. Five!

    Fran – the stroke of genius signing and playing the Kreider was Glen Sather.

    Educator – avery takes penalties, Chris Neil does not. Ill take Chris Neil over Avery any day,

  5. The White Plains Batman on

    Carp, about point #6….I don’t know how familiar you all are with Swedish Prospect Jesper Fasth (2010 6th Rounder) but there’s a chance in a year or two that Torts could have a trio of top 6 speedsters.

  6. I thought they gave Ottawa way to much time and space and too many shots , they collapsed very low . Is a collapsing defense supposed to be that close to their own goalie .?

    Anyway great win now let’s beat the Caps

  7. I think this Caps series will be much easier then Ottawa..Caps have sucked all year, and we have their number. Rangers in 4.

  8. Chris Kreider is no longer a ranger prospect. He is a New York Ranger. Awesome to see him out there in the critical final minutes. I think Torts is such a great coach for young players.

    It’s great to see Marc Staal back.

    Girardi has been one of our most valuable players this whole season, and I thought McDonagh was our strongest D man this series. I love his seriousness and toughness.

    All hail the King.

  9. If the Caps thought Chara was tough, wait until they get a big spoonful of Del Zotto

  10. I forgot to mention that I thought it was awesome that Sam said its been magical calling the Ranger games this season.
    It’s a shame he won’t get to call any more games if we go on a deep run.

  11. Fran, thanks for the prose. I enjoy the perspective and your artful elucidation.

    Watched the game with my soon to be (May 1st) 17 year old daughter who is learning the game quickly and has, like her Dad, fallen in love with this team. I’d love to surprise her with PO tickets. If anyone can help me out I would eternally be in your debt. Email me at rangercaptain@optonline.net.

    BTW, great write up Carp! This is my first stop after every game. Despite your denials, you certainly sound like a fan to me. Who can blame you?

  12. Nice writeup, Carp. I’m starting to believe they might win it all. I’ve said it before, amazing how the Rangers have been able to call up young substitutes that have fit right into the lineup this season when regulars have fallen to injury. I cannot every remember this since I’ve followed the rangers in the 1950s-1960s. Their coaching has been exceptional. LGR!

  13. What a great game last night, even though they had me pacing the floors! Bring on the Caps! We can take them or anybody! LGR!!!

  14. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Avery is gone, Neil would be the same as Avery. Neil can hide his Avery’ness in Ottawa, but not in NY. If he came here, Neil would get as many or more penalties and even start getting suspended by McShannahampster or whoever takes over for him.

    I think Torts would send Neil to Hartford after taken 10% of the penalties the refs missed on him these past 7 games!

  15. WOW! Reading a CARP review after a GAME 7 victory. Now that is a treat.

    Being there was so special last night. Considering how long this franchise has been in existence; it boggles the mind that this was only the 4th Game 7 in their building in history. And it is amzing that I have been lucky enough to be there for three of them.

    The team has so much heart and soul. How can you not love this group. If they win another round, this year will have been an overwhelming success! Anything after that, considering how young this group is would be gravy.

    As I looked at that team and where the players came from (as well as how young they are)…. I kept thinking about two things.

    1. The salary cap is the best thing that ever happened to this franchise.

    2. Gordie Clarke is one of the most important hires this franchise has ever made.


    I would like you to think back on all the comments you made about Kreider NEVER breaking into this line up and how Torts would NEVER trust a kid in the playoffs without regular season experience.



    Thanks for this site. It is so nice to have a site where people care about this team as much as I do.

  16. Can You Hear Us!? on

    If you look at the handshake, the Rangers players all seamed to smile when shaking Chris Neil’s hand, especially Hank. That shows me the Rangers players have at least some respect for #25.

    If you go back to the last time the Rangers played the Debbies, the year of the “Avery Rule” regarding goaltender’s vision interference, Marty the Whale would not shake Avery’s hand in the post-series handshake. That shows me Avery’s competitiveness was NOT respected by the Debbies.

    I know – you’re gonna say Marty the Whale is a sore loser, or is unlce-daddy, or whatever, but the fact he didnt shake Avery’s hand means a lot. And the fact the Rangers team all shook Chris Neil’s hand willingly is telling.

    There’s little doubt in my mind that Chris Neil plays close to the line of dirty, but like he’s old-school hockey like a poor man’s Esa Tikkananen – has some offenseive ability, and can agitate. Perhaps not as much scorihg or agitation as Tikk, but same role.

    I’ll take Chris Neil as a NY Ranger any day – and I’m sure Tortorella would too.

  17. Sioux-per-man on

    WOW what a game Seven.

    My three stars would be Lundqvist, Staal, Kreider.

    Kreider speed on the puck was a page out of Hagelins book. Forcing the turn over behind Andersons net. And how about him directing traffic waving Girardi down to drop the puck to. He’s playing like he’s been here all year, and out playing some that have. Thank Sather for not trading him for Nash.

    With Pittsburgh and Boston out makes the road to Lord Stanley a little easier. Nothing against Washington or Philly, we still have to win 12 more games.

    Starting to get flack at work for the facial hair. Life is good today!!!!

    Great day Boneheads. Have a

  18. Re: TV’s influence on the schedule.

    When the NHL was exiled to the Outdoor Network after ESPN could get better ratings showing poker games than hockey, a lot of hockey people were ticked off that their game couldn’t be found on television.

    I don’t complain about the scheduling because even though I have to suffer through listening to Emrick, Milbury and the adysmal Roenick, I think it’s great that I could watch any game of the playoffs because NBC is carrying all the games.

    I’d rather have it this way than have to try some bad online feed to watch the games.

  19. HageLinderMcCalPruBoylahan on


    what a glorious day this will be, but alas, we cannot dwell on it for too long since there’s more heavy lifting coming up starting tomorrow!

    As i’ve been saying for weeks, another series vs the Caps and yet ANOTHER of their ROOKIE goalies, although I believe our boys will slay this demon!! Different mentality with this Rangers team! Better captain too!!

    For years most of us have been ranting and raving PLAY THE KIDS!!! PLAY THE KIDS!!!!!
    well, yea, we have the right kids now, and holy hell are they making impacts!

    Love this team, love you guys, and Carp, you are the ring master of this here circus!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let up!!

  20. So many people wanted Rick Nash here!

    But after seeing him in action, wouldn’t you rather have a 21 year old kid that WE drafted?

    Can’t wait to see this kid grow and develop in front of our eyes

  21. So proud to wear my jersey today, have to finally shave tonight due to a family communion tomorrow…….Great game last night and hats off to Sather and Tortorella who put Kreider in the lineup, what a fantastic player he is……dont even get time to catch our breath and right back at it tomorrow…….LETS GO RANGERS !

  22. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    So the west all favorites (well higher seeds) go through to next round, all except #1! The east was the opposite. hmm

  23. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Well done….excellent recap….(well that does not happen to often)

  24. Where are all the so-called scouts on this blog who said they watched Kreider in the NCAA tourney and he didn’t look that good?

    Hmm, wonder what happens when you play with better players…..

  25. Good morning, boneheads! Great review, Carp. Was nice to be a part of the crowd last night with my son. The building was electric, glad we contributed.

    Was very happy to see Eric with his father. Both looked quiet and somber after their loss. Happy that the Rangers gave them something to cheer.

    Glad to tell that Tony was watching with us last night on the iPad his kids bought for him just for that occasion. He was connected to the Slingbox in Tiki’s house in Florida ( thanks, bud!), set up by mama (thanks, babs!). His wife, Rose was texting me with occasional technical difficulties during the game, but it went smoothly. Good times!

  26. Carp, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Torts and your Staff, Thank you for the plan you put on the ice all year. To all the NEW YORK RANGERS, Thank you for all your hard work you put in, both on and off the ice. …Game 7 WIN ! Game 7 WIN ! Sounds so sweet you need to repeat On to Round 2

  27. Kreider – what can you say? Kid is legit. Directing Traffic out there like he’s Brad flippin’ Richards!? I don’t want to anoint him the next coming of Gretzky but I will say the kid shows a lot of intelligence, speed and overall skill. I can’t wait to see him live. On television he just appears wherever the puck is like a superhero. (He moves pretty well without the puck as well).

    If any of you saw the Caps/Bruins game 7 then you know that this Caps team is going to be tough. I still think it’s a better matchup than the Senators, but it’s going to be tough.

    Neil – above when “Can you hear us” said that everyone shook Neil’s hand. Prust and Neil actually chatted, smiled and did some fancy handshake. People respect that guy. The same cannot be said for Sean, who is not nearly as good as Neil.

  28. I have to admit now, I thought it was going to be a short series. And Game 1 was exactly how I thought this series would unfold. So the Game 2 was really, really surprising. At the end, Ottawa showed us something. They are big, skilled and they can play tough. They played a very good series. Whatever was said about them by the media was wrong. Very impressed by their team. At the end, NY won exactly like they’ve won most of the games this season- by outhitting, out working, out willing their opponents. And by having #30. I thought Ottawa was more nervous than usual, they had more turnovers than in previous games, including on both goals, even though both turnovers were forced.

    When you are at MSG you miss certain things. I, for one, don’t remember certain things that you, guys mentioned last night, including the handshake. Was too busy high-fiving people and talking to my son. A lot of players were praised by Carp and everyone else, but I thought Prust deserves to be mentioned too. He was a beast, getting in dirty areas, hustling, and trying to get to the puck even when everyone was out of gas.

  29. Wow, the sky didn’t fall after all!


    What an interesting and entertaining and at times gut-wrenching series. Kudos to Ottawa – they went toe to toe with the Rangers throughout and deserve recognition (and have several impressive prospects in the pipeline so they likely aren’t gonna fade away soon).

    Best Ranger d-man this series was Staal and that warrants another WHEW. I don’t know if the Rangers would have won if he’d played like he did for most of his regular season. And he’s an OV nemesis when he’s on his game, something the Rangers will need starting this Saturday.

    The King was the King.

    And lots of different contributions from the forwards. I totally concur with your take on Stepan Carp – if/when he finds that consistency, the Rangers have Brad Richards II and a top 2 center for the next decade….

  30. BTW, Kreider and Hagelin – YIKES, what speed. From all the scouting reports I’ve read, even despite the bad ankle injury he suffered this season, that Swedish kid – Jasper something – is alledgedly just as fast.


  31. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Great morning all! I am running so late (as usual)! Happiness today! I can’t believe we have to turn around so quickly….dang you NBC and Snider!!!!!

    Later all!

  32. Stranger Nation on

    No one respected Neil more than the refs – this guy got away with EVERYTHING. Really was a joke. Posted before – when he sees you coming, he turtles like a wuss, when your head is turned watch out, he is a real tough guy.

    Step lit him up in Game 4 and served as the turnaround for his series. MDZ lit him up almost every game – kid should have gotten a game star just for his physical play, but it will always go the goal scorers.

    yes, the Rangers were happy during the handshake after winning. But how did the handshake go for Boyle last night – prust saying.

  33. Matty'Oviesababy'boy on

    Great review, Carp. Thanks!! Great insight and dead on.

    Personally, from my end of the ice, it was hard to see MDZ having a good game. Taped and I like to watch the tv version, will do later.

    Staal was almost like he was when he was peaking last year. How great for him to play that way and be rewarded.

    If you want a player that was relatively quiet it was Gabby. He was tentative and looks like he doesn’t like to be checked so hard. Richards, while clearly leading on the ice also made some non-veteran plays that you would not see Mess do, for sure. However, when the chips were down, he was good.

    Above all, it’s the future here. Steps last 3 games were SO good. SO good. He can be and was SO smart. I don’t care if he scores 30 a year. He is invaluable. Consider he will grow and learn more…..

    And The Kreider. Wowzo. The two of them have chemistry. He is so smart, great hands, good size, quick. No, he should not be anointed yet, but if a coach like Torts played him like that there’s a reason. Few rookies could step in as he did and play like he did. Again, scoring 30-40? We’ll see. He clearly can do a lot of everything.

    Game on! Great future for the Rangers! These next few weeks and next few years should be incredible!!!

  34. Great series.

    I LOVE Chirs Neil. He is the player I model my game after (without the out-there-to-hurt-you plays -> it’s rec after all!). Can play on any line, can get into it with anyone, can score and has a smile on his face after the game no matter what!!

    Kudos Sens!

    Go Blue!

  35. That’s great, Doodie! I am sorry that your family will be unable to eat but RANGERS baby! Dolan has to furnish his 80th residence!

  36. I am all twisted up by NBC in regards to their pregame shows. Tomorrow’s TV listing says 3:00pm Stanlety Cup Playoff….does that mean the drop is around 3:08 or will it be later? Any bonehead out there that can help?

  37. Stranger- Carp and I were talking about it last night. And both said the same thing- would live to have Neil on our team. Just think about it for a second- what would you say about the way he played this serious, his hit on Boyle including, if he played for the Rangers. And call me hockey ignorant, but I wouldn’t want Spezza and his salary in NY. Good luck, Ottawa, when it’s time to resign Karlson.

  38. Great review as always Carp! They played such a complete game last night. I am so impressed with Kreider, he already looks like one of our best players! Staal is back to being Staal. What a game defensively from him! and all I need to say about our goaltender is that he was once again, the “KING”!!!
    Ready for series 2 with the Caps! LETS GO RANGERS!!

  39. Leetchhalloffame on

    Great that Bickel asked Neil to dance a couple of times last nite when there was zero chance of that happening in a game 7. Where the heck was Stu when an out-of-control Neil took out every Ranger in sight in games 1 through 6?

  40. Manny – ridiculous right – plus I had my group’s tickets for the first game hoping for Sunday. My son’s college crew team is in NJ for a regatta tomorrow so I am obligated to support him there… it looks like I have to race home for the drop and watch on TV.

  41. Yea, it’s insanity Shore. I have a Continuing Legal Education course all day on Sunday and the minute they won last night (and before I will admit because I felt like we had it in the bag all day but was horrified to open my mouth about it) I was depressed KNOWING they would play Sunday afternoon. And then…to my supreeeeese! SATURDAY at 3PM. Absurd.

  42. Somehow didn’t manage to get in here last night after the big win!

    I can’t believe we have to root for the Flyers for the 2nd straight round!

    The Caps have a hot goalie but I think they are easier to frustrate and knock off their game than the Sens. I think the series will likely go 6 or 7 but we’ll beat them.

  43. Oh good luck to your son at his Regatta! Remember – steal other people’s wind. Use the clouds!

  44. ThisYearsModel on

    Great effort last night. I expect a letdown in game 1. The short rest does not help. However, I expect to get past the Crapitals.

  45. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    How many times did I say the Senators wouldn’t score more than 12 goals in this series!

  46. Matty'Oviesababy'boy on

    The Rangers do have some weaknesses, let us not forget. We get trapped in our zone a good deal, have been lacking offensive fire power, our PP downright sucks, but defensively all the way around we are tough to plaly against. We are not perfect.

    And this Washington team played us ok during the regular season, but let us not forget the regular season means nothing. They are a different team now and they are well coached now. The have guys like Backstrom, Ovie, Semin that can be explosive and they have a bunch of war tested guys with some size. We went into a series with them 2 years ago with our team a much lesser team. It was also against a no name goalie and they won.

    I know they’re a #7 and we are a #1, but they just beat the defending champs. Not an easy out.

  47. Why are you guys worried playing tommorrow? Havent we learned that this team cant be beat? Rangers in 4.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    ILB – Neil is a very effective checking forward who the refs allowed to take over the series – agree with a prior post who said he wouldn’t get away with half of that stuff in NY, but probably my NY bias affecting judgement.

    Hell – give me two lines full of Neils on the bottom six and we are cruising. Just can’t believe how much he got away with and then they call MDZ on the cross check last night (always the 2nd guy is caught) or Rupp on the rough the other night (with Konopka).

    BTW – Dubi did a great job on draws again last night. The downside for Sens using Konopka as dedicated draw man is he has to stay on ice and play hockey if he loses.

  49. Matty'Oviesababy'boy on

    Ottowa’s coaching staff did a great job. They got better this series. I don’t know what it felt like on tv, but at MSG, it was tense as heck out there the last 10 minutes of the game. They came in waves and hard. We didn’t give them much to shoot at. Hats off to them This won’t be the last they are heard from. Karlsson. Wow.

  50. Mrs and I will be driving upstate in a few. Will take a week off, enjoy the weather, relax, do some fishing from the deck/dock. And watch as much hockey as I can. Talk to you later. Great day to be a NYR fan!

  51. 4generations 4 cups on

    At least we’re resting at home. Our boys had a good night’s sleep last night in their own beds and can get back to work in their own building tomorrow. SO proud of the rangers, so happy my team survives. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Listening to Joe and EVAN on WFAN.

    Evan just said the following:

    “The most stunning thing about last night was that for large stretches of time, Chris Kreider was the best player on the ice”

    I dont agree with that .. It was Henrik. But as far as the forwards go.. he just might be right.

  53. Mrs. Kreider (formerly Mrs. Eminger) on

    Point #4 regarding Hank is well put and I have been yelling back at my Sirius radio listening to the Canadian hockey guys (the only place where you can find any good hockey talk over the air). While on the surface every playoffs counts towards how a players career might be judged, you can’t look at Hank’s past performance in the POs and draw any real conclusions. The Ranger teams that have barely made the PO’s in the past were just “happy to be there”, and if he was made of bricks and mortar he couldn’t have single-handedly stole any PO series.

    On the flip side, this season can definitely be used as a benchmark.

    So far so good, eh?

  54. Joekuh - 13 more..GBT! on

    prust sayin, even if carp isnt a “ranger” fan per se, he can still be a fan of a closely scored, well played game. kinda like how even though i hated the 2 super bowl teams, i still watched the 4th quarter because it was so well played by both sides.

    that saud, i wonder what the comments would be like had we NOT won last night. we’ve played close games like this all year. a couple bad bounces could have the blog looking very different this morning.

  55. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Why aren’t we talking Capitals yet? The Rangers sure as hell are. Less than 30 hours to game 1!

    Predictions? Rangers in 6.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    The posters who got on Hank last night have to get their heads examined. How many ‘real’ goals did he give up over the series –

    Game 1: (1) Alfie Tip in – alone in front; (2) Kondra one time all alone in front on pass from Foligno

    Game 2: (1) MDZ own goal, (2) Foligno alone in front off rebound, (3) Neil rebound in front over 2 rangers sprawled on ice (BB & Feds)

    Game 3: (0) Shutout by Hank

    Game 4: (1) Michalek off 2 on1, (2) gonchar slapper on PP (3) Turris wrister on Stralman screen

    Game 5: (1) Spezza’s wrister all alone in front on Mitch Defensive misplay, (2) empty net

    Game 6: (1) double screen in front, spezza slapper off Neil’s leg, (2) Neil kick

    Game 7: (1) Alfie’s slapper on PP with Stralman screen,

    12 goals and 1 EN goal in 7 games

    Long live the KING!!!!

  57. Me too. Me too. I just hope that this team has learned how to take a lead and stomp on the neck of their opponent.

  58. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Well, that was easy. Vegas is posting the rangers as the odds on favorite 7-2 to win the cup, the blues second choice at 4-1.

    Let’s hope oj breaks out of jail in the next month and steals a white ford bronco…

  59. Joekuh - 12 more..GBT! on

    one more thing. bickel’s been stapled to the bench, warranted or unwarranted, for most of the series. its not his fault that neil was running around to do his colton orr impression all series.

    ps. i’d love foligno on the team.

  60. Sioux-per-man on

    I was surprised at a Saturday AFTERNOON game. It will be alot easier being at home, not having to travel. That and you are on the high of winning a game seven. I would think it would be a quick skate, perhaps some film, and work on the Power Play.

    I think we can take McD, Hagelin, & Kreider off the prospect list. They are Rangers for a LONG time!!!

    Kreider – Cally – Stepan was the line to watch last night. Kreider’s minutes should sky rocket after the last two games. Crazy how two lines can come at you with speed and skill, and grind you into the boards – pick your pocket – and score on you before you know it.

    Game by Game, one period at a time, shift by shift this team has something special ahead of it. The road to Stanley isn’t paved but it sure looks a whole lot easier after the 1st round.

    Carp – any good news on Boyle this morning?

  61. Joekuh - 12 more..GBT! on

    the caps are battle tested after that bruins series. they are quite capable of playing a 2-1 type game. i say this series goes 7 too.

  62. 4generations 4 cups on

    It was kind of a figment of my imagination that Kreider was a fully-wrapped present with bow-on-top, but to have it really happen? Second line minutes in his third game? An integral role?

    Guess my mind wasnt wandering that far off!

  63. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Just like the Coach said, its all about the big plays. If we make a few more big plays than them this series and we will win. The one important thing I see in the coming series is having Kreider and Hagelin both in the line up. They add another dimension to our game. Less defense and more all round play with them both in. Washington and Ottawa both had the exact same PK% during the regular season. Hopefully the Rangers can keep the PP going.

  64. czechthemout!!!! on

    New York Rangers won NY ratings war!

    We peaked out at 8.5 v NFL draft peaking out at 5.4 . Even the Devils did well for them anyway, at a 3.4.
    Carton and Fransecsa hardest hit!

  65. Caps were 3-1 in Boston….but I dont think they get out of MSG with a game all series……way too tough of a place to play…

  66. When it comes to the playoffs, I always fear teams where their best goal scorer is better than ours. Ottawa played great, but Alfredsson is past his prime and Spezza and Michalek are not better than Richards and Gaborik.

    Ovechkin and Semin are different though. They can dangle and snipe and on and any given play they can rocket one top shelf. They also have better offensive defenseman and that helps counteract our shot blocking.

    The one thing Washington doesn’t have is the goaltending. Holtby isn’t bad, but he’ll give up a few softies and wont be able to match Hank like Anderson did. They also don’t have guys like Neil and Konopka…

  67. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Okay I know this is pre-mature but what happens to Dubinsky if Kreider continues this level of play into next season? I love Dubinsky but at 4 million he might not have a spot on this team anymore. Thoughts?

  68. “Let’s hope oj breaks out of jail in the next month and steals a white ford bronco…”


  69. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Oleo, Chimera is just like Neil but better IMO. Also I am not to worried about Semin. Ovechkin I am a little more worried about but our top two D lines can easily take care of him so we don’t even need to match. The Rangers had trouble with the Sends bottom 6 and role players, If that happens again with Washington which it could this could be a long series. I just want Boyler back now

  70. This team is special.

    I love that Kreider has gotten a chance here. Can you imagine that a suspension may have caused the NYR to make a move so risky, yet so crucial to the team’s success? These are the kind of events that usually happen to teams of destiny…

    …just sayin.

  71. “Miami Pimp April 27th, 2012 at 7:03 am
    And Fran comes out of his hole…….,”

    Um, I’d appreciate it if someone didn’t “steal” my name. That’s bush-league. Seriously.

    This is my first posting of the day. Ignore the previous moron.

  72. I hope that this Ottawa series is an eye opener. Do not take these games for granted. That series, and the late surge by the Pens have galvanized this team. I think the NYR have the confidence, talent, and jam to pull this off. As long as Anisimov is relegated to 4th line duties, I see nothing stopping this team.

  73. Second posting of the day:

    This lucky, no-talent team is going to get swept by the Capitals. It’s going to be ugly. Get ready for it, folks.

  74. Oleo and others: What’s really interesting to note about the Caps right now is that BEAGLE got more TOI than Ovechkin in their game 7 against the Bruins. It seems like Boudreu’s plan is being carried out by Dale Hunter. They are a much different team than we remember.

  75. Thihs one took a few yrs off my life. But was sweet. Very happy DUBI got the primary asst on the game winner. I thought it was his best game of the playoffs so far before the injury. Hoping it is not serious. If they gave a hat out (did they dispense with it?), Hank and KREIDER could share it. Kreider was the best player on the ice for both teams. He has improved exponentially each game. Excited to see how he does as we move on. Torts should lick his chops at the future possibilities with K and Hags. Oh, and by the way, Milbury who said that we made a mistake by not trading Kreider for Nash, of course now saying ho great Kreider ia and will be. MORON

  76. I think Hank should win the Hart… Stamkos’ 60 goals season couldn’t even help crappy Lightning make the playoffs and Malkin, even though he was their most talented player he wasn’t the only one who carried the Pen()s… Neal, Dupuis, Staal, and even that piece of cooke Cooke all had career years. But without Hank, Rangers are joining the Pen()s on a golf course today.


  77. We will be all over the Caps defense this series. The issue will be the Caps PP, it is lethal!

    And they have serious speed with Semin, OV, Chimera, Henricks, Johannson, Green.

    But we will hit and hit and hit all of them.

    But make no mistake, this Caps team has turned over a new leaf since their coach began stressing team and defense instead of individual players like they have in the past.

    This series will go 6 or 7. Nothing the Rangers do comes easy, that’s for sure.

    By the time the Stanley Cup finals get here, the Rangers will have played an additional 20 or 21 games. Yikes!

  78. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=35&id=174981

    the handshake line after the game for those who missed it. Like i said yesterday, Neil would be LOVED here in NY. He’s 10 times better than Avery, has his teammates respect and clearly has the opposition’s respect. Im glad the camera yesterday was focused on him during the handshakes last night. I can pretty much say that I was very impressed with the Sens. The only guy I didnt like was Anderson. Look at him during the handshakes.

  79. Round 2: The Capitals can be just as dangerous as Ottawa was. Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Green are all top notch offensive players. The wild card is the goalie. Can he play lights out like he did against Boston or will he flame out in the second round?

    I think it’ll go 7.

  80. Don’t know if it was already said but was losing Hagelin for a few games a blessing in disguise? Kreider doesn’t crack the line-up that early on if Hags doesn’t get suspended. Granted we might have wrapped it up sooner if we had Hags but in the long run it could be a blessing getting Kreider involved and helps keep Hagelin fresh.

    Do we think Torts would have just as easily put Kreider in for a Game 6 with the season on the line to replace Boyle? Probably, but who really knows. LGR!

  81. I hope Dubi is ok. He did a lot of little things last night that were key to the victory (and I’m one of his biggest critics next to Orr).

    Kreider still has a lot to learn, but the upside with this kid is amazing. The speed I knew about since I saw him at BC, but the offensive creativity. Once these guys get used to that, watch out. The spin-o-rama pass he made at the end was something I haven’t seen a Ranger do all season. Would’ve liked to have seen him shoot there, but he definitely had the right idea.

    Only thing he needs to work on is how to use his size in the defensive end. But hopefully he has years to do that since he’s so young and his speed won’t start to decline for a long time. Same with Hags.

  82. And for those who think Washington is an easy team to beat, you didn’t watch the Bruins series. They are much tougher mentally than ever before. I think we have a good shot at winning it, but it won’t be without a huge fight. The Caps play hard and they still have incredible skill up top (Johansson is turning into quite the player).

  83. Joekuh - 12 more..GBT! on

    true blue, either dubi makes it at C or he gets moved. im a big fan of his, but the writing’s on the wall…

  84. BTW, what Karlsson said to Lundqvist in Swedish is pretty funny. I’d put the translation here (my friends from Sweden told me what it was), but Carp wouldn’t allow it due to the foul language haha.

    Also, that handshake line is the best part about hockey. All the back and forth during the series, especially with Neil, and both sides show pure class after it’s all done. Neil isn’t a bad guy off the ice, he’s actually a great guy off the ice (from all accounts). On the ice he is one annoying MF though.

  85. That’s what I am saying Jonny. The Caps are much different and tougher than before. Look at the TOI for the team. It tells a new story.

    However, If the Bruins have Nathan Horton they probably win that series.

    I still think the Rangers can take this series in 5 if they put their minds to it.

  86. the funny thing is that kreider still seems a bit apprehensive sometimes. once he feel confident we’re going to have a bigtime player, i think.

  87. Jonny D

    You either say what Karlsson said (in RR language) or don’t mention that you know what was said…

    aren’t you that “source” guy? Say it or dont bring it up!

  88. Neil can still go sit on a knife as far as I’m concerned. I love agitators. I don’t love dirty players.

  89. All Karlsson said was “Isn’t it weird how people lose their (stuff) when a guy with forward skills plays as a defenseman? I’m often a liability.”

  90. First, whos gives a crap about Chris Softie Neil, I don’t want him on this team, we have enough grit and we actually have guys who will fight unlike his bitch ass.. That said..

    Next, Its amazing that in Carps 16 points, not a single reference to BR or Gabby.. I thought BR played well this series, but do we worry about gabby? His shot is soft again when he is takin them. He gets beat off the puck by everyone and his burst doesn’t seem to be as much of a punch as it was a few months back… So do we worry??

    Next, I have to admit I was wrong about CK, he is ready, he is gaining more confidence and looks impressive.. Like what Eddie O had to say, he will be a constant 30 goal scorer if he learns to go north-south and not east-west…

    Lastly, NBC sports network should be f—in embarrassed.. As soon as the game ended they lost their feed and when right into old Notre Dame football highlights or some BS like that. I didn’t even get to watch the handshake which is part of the beauty of Hockey and what seperates it from the other professional sports… They were also supposed to pick up the Devs\Panthers games and didn’t do that either, what an outrage.. Did anyone else other then the state of Florida have that issue??? I truly hate being away from NY during playoff time, I miss MSG….

    Thats all folks, bring on the caps and let’s try to make this a little eaiser on ourselves.. 12 games to go until I am afforded the right to bring my daughter home from the hospital in the NYR Onesie in August when she is born.. Come on boys….

  91. The morning after blog is HEAVEN because time yields a more rational perspective as opposed to the crazed emotions of the in-game head. With that said here are some Kreider ramblings from a 50 year veteran of Ranger hockey:
    – There has been nothing in my hockey life to match the incoming blast of light know as Comet Kreider. It must be like the awe and amazement our anscestors felt when they first viewed these celestial orbs.
    – If we go on to hoist the Cup, the Conn Smyth is already sign, sealed, delivered to Carl (MARVIN) Hagelin based on on play – his hit of Alfredsson and subsequent suspension which, of course, led to the coming of Kreider. Even if he replaced Boyle for Game 4 that would have delayed his acclamation to NHL play and who knows whether we get the Game 7 performance we all saw last night.
    – Kredier is even money to win the Calder next year. Wait . . . This just in . . . The NHL will award the 2013 Calder Trophy to Chris Kreider at the 2012 Las Vegas ceremonies.
    – I only regret missing live one game in my life, (Gretzky’s last). . . . . . until last night. I am truly not a Kreider groupie, I realize this is a team sport and all our players stepped up for the win (and we do have a goaler who’s pretteh, pretteh, pretteh good) but the Kreider bounce for this spring and beyond truly made last night’s game something very special

  92. I like the fact that they are getting started right away. and here is why Carp. in the past several years, they have had long lags of several days between series, and it diminished the interest in the SC playoffs. it went from the first round excitement to nothingness for several days and the fans interest was tamped down.

  93. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie wrote…

    “Well, that was easy. Vegas is posting the rangers as the odds on favorite 7-2 to win the cup, the blues second choice at 4-1.”

    EEE, I am proud to report that on Sept 2nd, I was in Reno on business and placed a Stanley Cup wager on our boys in blue…… at 35 to 1!


  94. Sean Avery is referenced in this week’s SI article about Dustin Brown….not in a positive light either.

  95. CARP what song are you talking about??
    The nightly playing of that embarrassing R-A-N-G-E-R-S song kind of lulled the crowd into a sleep, sucked the life out of them, for a while, though.

    Do people really need the scoreboard to tell them when and how to cheer? I was at Game 1 & 7 and don’t remember hearing it either time. Is it the song with the Irish accent?

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