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The news: Brian Boyle practiced, but there’s no way of knowing if he will return for Game 1 or Game 2 or at all in this series. Depends on how he feels after his first post-concussion skate, and tomorrow, and as we’ve seen, going forward.

Brandon Dubinsky, who injured an ankle or a knee and did not play the last 11 minutes-plus in Game 7, did not practice yesterday and is only termed day-to-day.

And because you guys have been asking, I asked Mats Zuccarello … but as you know there’s an injury-news blackout during the playoffs, so he couldn’t really say. But he’s still wearing a removable cast, though he has resumed skating the last three days, on his own.

Boyle said some cool stuff when I asked him what he thought about his roommate Brandon Prust fighting Chris Neil and saying it was “partly for Boyler.”

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Henrik Lundqvist:


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  1. Sioux-per-man on

    I feel like I just won the lottery!!!! It’s not easy, unless you work the night shift.

    Boyler what a great interview. He is always very giving, how can you not like this guy!!! I sure hope he ready for ice time tomorrow. We need him in the face off circle.


    Time for a little revenge on the Caps.

  2. Carped just a second ago.


    So the other day I shared some inside dope on Boyle, others. Now I see Boyle on the stationary bike and with the team on the ice?

    First, I would love to eat crow and be 100% wrong on my saying that he is not back for this series. Make no mistake about that. I did stake my mortgage on it, so don’t tell my wife OK?

    Second, remember the other day when Alfredsson was skating but didn’t play? Kept us all guessing and talking about it? I am sure it occupied Torts’ gameplan thoughts a little then. So my guess is there might be some gamesmanship going on with Boyle making it on the ice. Also, isn’t Dubi not on the ice? So I would think there is something chess-like to Boyle making an appearance especially after what I heard. We’ll see.

    Also btw, I mentioned I thought Bickel should take on Neil. He tried. But I also figured that Neil would not back down. He did at least 2x from what I could tell. So I give him some credit and MacLean some as well for keeping a leash on him. Loved the “Neil’s an—-hole,” chant last night btw. Did they make any mention on TV?

    There were guys talking about the lack of extra effort or the extra gear from the Sens in the final 2 games. Do we think this was a fxn of the Blueshirts being better conditioned, wanting it more, having more depth, or some combination thereof? Or did the Sens really run out of gas? I mean they played their Aasen’s off and had to in order to keep pace with our boys. Whatever the case, the deserving team won this series. Yeah boy!

    Question for the readership: I coach my 2 boys’ soccer teams (4yrs and 6yrs.) We have games tom’w AM 945 and then 1030. So I am doing family duty all AM. My 6yr old’s first teeball game of his career is tom’w at 315pm. I have been hitting him grounders, showing him how to hit off the tee, pitching a few to him for him to hit. He’s doing OK. The 6yr old teeball in my town is no outs, no strikes, everyone hits, everyone goes to first, then second, then third with each progressive hit. They field the ball and try and make a throw to first or whatever, but there are no outs. The games end in a tie.

    I have season tix to the Blueshirts. I missed games 1 and 2 vs. Ottawa as I was at Disney with the family. Do I blowoff the first game of teeball for game 1 vs the Caps tomorrow? I have taken a tally in the office and amongst friends. I know where I am leaning. What does everyone say? And if you care to answer, let me know if you have kids or not, know where I am coming from, etc. I am already way in the Chez Bow-Wow as my wife said last night, “Great, another 2 weeks of inability to make any plans with friends to go out.” C’est la vie Babe. Talk to me in mid-June.


  3. Newman – your kids always come first! Your son will get his FIRST hit tomorrow and you will miss it and NEVER be able to get that moment back. You don’t want to miss that. I’ve never regretted missing anything Rangers, Giants, etc related for my kid.

  4. Just got back from one last trip to Ottawa. Killed Neil’s cat and hopped back into a cab to the airport. Should be ready to go tomorrow.

  5. Newman – I should have noted that I am a former 20 year season ticket holder, met my wife in the Montreal Forum, the only time she left the house with a month of pre-term labor was to go to Gretzky’s last game, and our son is named Alex after Kovalev so I’m not just a casual fan telling you where I would be tomorrow.

  6. Would be a HUGE boost to get Boyler back for this round. But, there is no way Kreider should sit!!! So one of the regulars needs to take a seat.


    At the end of the game when shaking hands, Karlson said something to Lundqvist that made him crack up? Any idea what he said?

  7. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    agreed…love the boyler

    according to last thread we are now down on gabby?? seriously??

    I’m off to work, later aasens!!

  8. Newman, Sam mentioned that the crowd was letting Neil know how they feel when they were chanting Neil’s an—-hole. Or something similar to that, but it was noted.

  9. Re: Kreider and coasting:

    That’s part of what being a top offensive player is. Gaby doesn’t the same thing. So does Malkin and Crosby. You slow the game down so everything is in front of you. Zherdev did the same thing here but everyone said he was lazy.

    He coasts at times because he’s waiting for that moment to use his speed burst and blow by d-men when the puck jumps out. That’s why guys like Prust and Dubi don’t score or create that many quality scoring chances, because they are going all out on every shift just trying to get pressure.

    It’s not laziness, it’s part of what makes him a talented offensive player. Plus if he used his speed all the time, players would know to give him more space to shut him down. If he occasionally coasts, it lulls the d-men into thinking they can keep up with him and when he turns on the jets he blows right by them. It’s all strategy.

  10. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    IF (big “if”) Boyle does get healthy enough to return, and Dubinsky is okay, then I would think Mitchell would be the odd man out, right?

    Though Torts has an odd amount of trust in him. Not that he’s a bad player, but he’s really somewhat of a non-entity to me.

  11. Also Newman – as much as I love being a Rangers fan, you have to remember that your family definitely comes first. You support the team, but it’s not like the Rangers would do something for you if you needed it.

    As my friend says, he doesn’t get upset when his favorite team loses because if he lost his job, it’s not like the team would care.

  12. Mitchell would definitely be out. But he stepped it up huge last game. Won some key draws against the Konopka, but Boyle is more important due to the ice time.

  13. Yev Kassem,
    As I posted, what Karlsson said to Hank literally is:”“jävla grisbarn, jag hatar dig”. In our English, that means “byfuglien pig kid, I hate you”.

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    Newman – I was in that boat last night with my Daughters Music concert. Game and Concert same time. Too funny. I parked the car on the street, facing the easy out, walked across the parking lot, and told them both we are RUNNING back to the car, don’t be the last one. HA. Both my wife and I were in the car waiting, my girl – looking for her cell phone. Yes we were the last ones out. Funny. The whole 15 minutes extra it cost me, I was live and up to date before the second period was over.

    Now I have kids, and I’ve coached my kids, and have been to 90% of everything – unless I’m out of town or the country.

    That said – I’m probably at the game tomorrow. On T-Ball game where everyone wins, and nobody losses. Yes I feel your pain, but this is the post season, and if I were 300 miles from MSG I’m at the game. You could look at it this way, you were just in Disney with the family, you could be out of town on business, you will eventurally have to miss something in their life…… to pull an Iverson quote out ….. are we talking about T-BALL, T-BALL.

    Good luck!!! No wife is going to put you in the dog house over T-BALL. LOL

  15. Thanks Jonny – I don’t get why people get all over Mitchell. Guy does the little things that a 4th liner is expected to do. He came out to win faceoffs only and he won them!

  16. Lw thats a good question…I mean torts alluded to that the other night, but that could have been a smokescreen to get the league to act…Carp, has there ever been an “offical” word that he was concussed….

  17. and also, I am in turks and caicos next week and have a message in to the resort to ensure they have nbc sports,….

  18. Sioux-per-man on

    Now Newman – if that doesn’t work, you can always take the kid with you to the game. You’re never to young to earn your Blueshirt in life :)

  19. Boyle has a concussion. He didn’t travel. It was widely reported that he had one. If he doesn’t have a concussion he travels with the team.

  20. “Or did the Sens really run out of gas?”


    Did you see the last 5 minutes of the game? The Senators did not run out of gas. They had the pressure on until the 36 second mark.

    And, as for the t-ball game, GO SEE YOUR SON PLAY!! He will remember when he had his first t-ball game and Dad was there with him. He would also remember if he was there and Dad blew it off to go watch a hockey game.

    As hard as it is to fathom for some fans, the Rangers will not even know if you’re watching your TV or not. They won’t care. It won’t affect them in the least.

    Go watch your kid.

  21. Newman, I had to blow of playoff games for little league and music recitals. There will be other games but something hugs happens at your kid’s game, you miss out. I don’t care what someone tells you about “no matter where I am or what I miss with my kids ’cause everyone wins”, yeah, those kids will telling a therapist one day that thier old man blew them off when they hit thier first home run something they will never forget because the rangers were more important to him.
    Do what your heart tells you is right.

  22. Honestly, I can’t remember my first t-ball game. I basically remember 1 T-Ball game and that is just a mish-mosh of all my little league memories.

  23. Salty Pig Carcass on

    At the end of the game when shaking hands, Karlson said something to Lundqvist that made him crack up? Any idea what he said?


    It’s been confirmed by Swede Magazine Online that he said “I’m going to spit in your kid’s mouth when it’s born, you f’n pig carcass”…obviously just joking around with him.

  24. go see your kid…you might feel reallyreally really really bad for missing a huge huge huge huge huge game in the 2nd round of the playoffs…but there will be other games….right?….right?…right?

  25. In this case, I would be shocked if rangers let him play….we dont want Boyle to be the Staal of next yr…..

  26. Salty Pig Carcass on

    Remember, Staal hid his symptoms. I don’t think Boyle’s head hit the ice too badly, which seems to be a pretty big difference in a lot of the concussions you see in this “concussion awareness” era.

    I wouldn’t play him in Game 1 regardless.

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    Newman – your family always comes first…..except when its the rangers………

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    newman – sometimes when your kids are bothering during the game…you lock them in a closet…letting them out in between periods…then once the puck drops…back in they go…..they get used to it believe me….

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    in ’94, my daughter’s kindergarten graduation was the night of game 7 rangers/devils……i told my wife…..there will be other graduations…..

  30. I still dont understand some of the carcillo around here. Whats with the dime a dozen business?

    Im willing to give credit to Anderson on the series. Maybe he isnt a loser. I guess we’ll see next year. Seems like a nice kid. I honestly dont like any of the other Senators nor did I gain any respect for them at all for their toughness in this series. I met a few Canadians and one Senators fan this week that unprompted said to me, the Senators played against the Bruins this year like they were intimidated (I dont know their record against the Bruins this year). And here they were in this series playing with no fear, like they belonged, and trying to outmuscle us. When you show up against them is when I gain respect for you. The Capitals gained my respect. Kirk Holtby gained my respect.

  31. c. giacomo, I tried to tell my therapist about my dad, but he canceled the appointment to go to a Rangers game

  32. Sioux-per-man on

    Are we talking about T-Ball?

    Eddie to funny….. and to true at the same time.

    And look now Eddie she is gone and out of high school, perhaps college, when we had the last game 7 in the playoffs.

    Come to think about it, I can’t remember Tball either. Little league as a pitcher, and hitting my first home run. There will be more T-Ball games than Rangers vs Caps games.

  33. Newman, just gave up 4 tix to game 3 in DC to see my 9yr old little league game, but i am going to game 4 after his morning game with him. Do the right thing. I had seasons for 20 odd yrs. as well

  34. bull dog line on

    Anisimov, and Dubi are going to need to step up soon. if Boyle were to come back, I could see one of them being a scratch.

  35. Newman – My best advice is to withdraw your kid from that BS league and enroll him in an overly competitive league where the parents storm the field and argue calls. You can’t have your kid thinking that the goal in life is a tie! Get him into some competitive atmosphere where he can spend a few weeks learning to chew seeds on the bench while some other kid takes his natural position. Then your kid can win his position back, learn a lesson and dominate the world.

    Next stop? Mr. President.

  36. Carp
    sorry if this is addressed in interviews (will check out later, gotta get something done NOW!!)
    if Boyle and Dubi are day-to-day
    and Zuc isn’t ready
    and Scott ain’t playing
    did anyone ask why there hasn’t been a call to Hartford?

    will there be a call to Hartford?
    if not,
    why not?

  37. Great news on Boyler!

    Newman, go to your son’s T-Ball game, but just make sure to yell “Inexcusable!” or “You suck!” every time he swings and misses the ball by 4 inches.

  38. Tiki

    i never had a specific problem with anderson. i thought he was pretty good when he played with the avs and didn’t understand why they traded him. (don’t recall what was in the trade or why it was done so maybe overall it made sense)

    as far as sens not feeling intimidated against us, they didn’t have much reason to since they dominated play against us most games during the season and had a better record against us. maybe if we gave ’em a beatdown — physically and on scoresheet — maybe they’d have felt differently.

    as far as “dime a dozen”
    if that terms been going around
    it’s actually a sarcastic compliment
    if i recall correctly, someone must have referred to people like Boyle and Prust as dimeadozens
    and then had to eat their words due to their play in upcoming games
    so now it’s thrown out there as a compliment

  39. New Newman — Also, I’m alot older than most on this blog but, man you guys got to push for competitive sports in your communities games that always end in ties or where neither team keeps score doesn’t teach a thing — the result is kids that can’t/don’t understand rejection or that there is always someone better than you out there. Winning AND losing are valuable lessons to lean. (Gets down off soapbox).

  40. If you do the right thing and go to your kid’s game make sure you grab him a tin of Skoal.

  41. Salty Pig Carcass on

    NHLers across the league seek respect and approval from totally level-headed blog commenter “tiki”.

  42. Enjoyed the win last nite- actually felt like we were marginally outplayed- and still found a way to win a huge game. I can count the number of times that has happened on one hand over 40 years of following the team (A few against our next opponent come to mind). Everyone does realize that the game less than 24 hours from now COUNTS! It’s a big game- especially if we’re not ready. Lose the game- face an absolute must win game (already!) in game 2- let the Caps feel they are really on a roll. Just trying to stress the importance of being mentally prepared- could be the difference between a long and short series. I’m hoping the relief of not failing in the first round will provide us with a looser bunch of guys. A sobering thought looking backwards- Rangers only scored three goals after the second period in this series (none in the last four games)- Ott had 7- and, while partly this was due to the fact the Rangers were only behind once out of all those third periods- it’s certainly not a blueprint for winning series. Torts has had them ready all year- this might be his biggest challenge.

  43. Thanks jpg for the dime a dozen. And nice opinions.

    As for u, Carcass, I was responding to a number of other commenters that have discussed gaining respect for the Senators in this series. I wont be goaded into anything.

  44. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    YEA Thanks Tiki I went back & read the last post from last night ♥ to you Tiki

  45. internet was not working yesterday so I could not give my props for the Rangers win and moving on.

    Staal has been picking it up big time.

    Kreider is doing more and looking better then could have ever been expected at this stage. Holy moly is he a friggin monster…….

    they sure missed Hags, his speed is very very helpful.

    get Boyle in and take out rupp or Mitchell….

  46. Can’t help but thin about Staal and his first concussion last year… then you can debate on whether or not he came back before he should have?

    Boyler was on easy street after that Neil hit and I would be amazed if he makes it back into the lineup this soon? I know this is the playoffs and players play… but I definitely will be always wondering about him and his health if he’s out on the ice banging around and going hard like he normally does.

    I know we need him… but it’s gonna be a risk I’m sure and I worry about the man’s health.

    So if he does come back… who leaves the lineup?

    I can’t see Kreider going anywhere but on the ice. Is it Rupp? You don’t want to lose his experience and presence. It sure would seem like John Mitchell would be the one to go right? Maybe not? Torts has liked Mitchell’s game from day one and he obviously still thinks of him for placing him in the lineup every night even though he hasn’t scored since before the Superbowl.

    Before hearing of Boyle practicing and talking today (Thanks Carp) I would have guessed that we would maybe see him in the Eastern Finals as long as he was given the chance.

    I just hope whatever the team and he decides it’s because he’s really ready and not because we need him so bad.

    Let’s Go Rangers!


  47. so i was watching highlights from last night’s game on (NBC feed) and and Pierre McTalkingPenisGuire said that Kreider reminds him of a young Billy Guerin. Is this is good or a bad thing?

  48. Wouldn’t complain if you could guarantee the 400+ goals, 800+ points Guerin got, but sounds more like a lazy comparison of two players who both played for B.C. than any projection of Kreider’s career.

  49. Pierre has said that before about Kreider and Guerin…

    I think it’s mostly because they’re about the same size at the same age and they both played for BC… so to me that’s where it stems from.

    Although Guerin was a good skater, he’s not Kreider-good… Also, Guerin played the body a lot more as well…

    But all of that is mute, because Kreider hasn’t even gotten started yet… so let’s see how far the comparisons last. My guess is… not long.

    But if Kreider scores 429 Goals as a Ranger, I think we’ll all take it!


  50. Newman,
    Relationships are like building a beach one grain of sand at a time. Make a commitment to always be there for him and he’ll learn to do the same for you and others. Do that over and over and he’ll be there for you when he doesn’t “need” you anymore and you’re the one who “needs” him. Record the game and watch it with him later as you celebrate his victory and the Ranger’s!

  51. Harry Chapin on

    Well the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon
    Little boy blue and the man on the moon
    When you coming home son,
    Well I don’t when
    We’ll get together then, dad,
    You know we’ll have a good time then

  52. I think it’s pretty clear that Stahl came back to soon. He was too anxious to be a part of the Winter Classic and forced himself back.

    But, I guess we should still trade him, because apparently he’s overrated! LOL!

  53. So I ran out of the BankAtlantic center following the Panther’s double-OT loss to the dEvils, skipping the handshake line to save time (fully regretting it now), in order to get the DVR’d Ranger game in before sunrise. Anyone else appalled by NBC for the fact that I missed TWO handshake lines last night?! I kept fast-forwarding the recording afterwards hoping they’d come back to the game with commentary or SOMETHING!! NOTHING!! It looked like they were just basically airing random old sports clips. What the hell was that all about?
    I’m blaming this one on Bettman. I always feel like one of only 10 people that thinks Bettman hasn’t been a disaster for this sport. The NBC contract looked lame at first but with the “rebirth” of the VS. Network as NBC Sports it looks like a pretty good move. Then this amateur-hour presentation of the “post-game” (or lack thereof). Seriously? An important professional sports event involving a team from the broadcast capital of the world and you, what…. “post-empt” it?! Who even watches a random sports show at that time of night? Hideous. Flat-out ridiculous and cut-rate.
    My CNBC doesn’t come in at the moment (thanks Crapcast), so does anyone know if the Florida Panthers game was even broadcast last night?

    I always love hearing how hockey is dealt with in other places so I thought I’d throw out a few, quick notes on the Panthers. The organization as a whole, from top to bottom, is getting more and more respectable; Players and coaches as well as executives. But the presentation at the arena is horrendous. There’s an incredibly annoying “carnival barker” during TV timeouts directing trivia contests and random simple “minute to win it”-type physical games and horrible between-period on-ice racing/antics. They barely ever show replays and the ones they do show are horrible; Especially on their crappy screens at center ice. Whenever their own players take a penalty they blatantly make a point of not showing a replay. It’s a good thing that they don’t pay too much attention to other games around the league or I’d have to really go out of my way to not hear how the Ranger game went. LMAO All season I hated the fact that they didn’t have an “out-of-town” scoreboard posted anywhere and only spent a couple of seconds showing other scores between periods. Last night I was actually happy they went about it this way. lol A huge part of the fans are transplanted from elsewhere in the country (mostly the Northeast) and many still have other loyalties. You’d think it wouldn’t take much brains to fix this. They’ve gotta stop catering to kids and families in terms of the Panthers and start turning people on to hockey in general. However, the playoffs brought the size and passion of the fans here to an otherworldly level. Hope some of that carries over to next year. One can dream anyway….

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