Lundqvist, Malkin, Stamkos are Hart finalists


FYI: Last goalie to win Hart Trophy (MVP): Jose Theodore in ’02; before that: Dominik Hasek in ’97 & ’98; before that: Jacques Plante in ’62.


From the NHL:



NEW YORK (April 27, 2012) — Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist of the New
York Rangers, center Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins and center
Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning are the three finalists for the
2011-12 Hart Memorial Trophy, awarded ” to the player adjudged to be the
most valuable to his team,” the National Hockey League announced today.

Members of the Professional Hockey Writers Association submitted
ballots for the Hart Trophy at the conclusion of the regular season, with
the top three vote-getters designated as finalists. The winner will be
announced Wednesday, June 20, during the 2012 NHL Awards from Encore
Theater at Wynn Las Vegas. The 2012 NHL Awards will be broadcast by NBC
Sports Network in the United States and CBC in Canada.

Following are the finalists for the Hart Trophy, in alphabetical

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

Lundqvist was the anchor of a Rangers club that posted its best
regular-season record since the Stanley Cup season of 1993-94 and captured
first place in the Eastern Conference. He went 39-18-5 in 62 appearances,
setting a career high in wins. He placed near the top in all major
goaltending categories: third in wins, tied for third in shutouts (eight),
fourth in goals-against average (1.97) and fourth in save percentage
(.930). Also voted a finalist for the Vezina Trophy, Lundqvist is the first
goaltender to vie for Hart Trophy honors since 2007, when Vancouver’s
Roberto Luongo and New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur were second and third,

Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins

Malkin captured his second career Art Ross Trophy by leading the NHL
with 109 points (50 goals, 59 assists). He registered points in 60 of the
75 games he played in (80%) and became the first player since 1995-96 to
record five or more points at least four times in one season. Malkin also
finished second in the NHL with a career-high 50 goals and led the League
with 339 shots on goal. He is the first scoring champion to win by a
double-digit margin since Pittsburgh’s Jaromir Jagr finished 20 points
ahead of Anaheim’s Teemu Selanne in 1998-99. Malkin is a Hart Finalist for
the third time; he finished second to Washington’s Alex Ovechkin in 2008
and 2009.

Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning

Stamkos scored a League-leading 60 goals to capture his second
Maurice Richard Trophy in the past three seasons. He notched his 60th goal
in Tampa Bay’s season finale at Winnipeg, becoming the first player to
reach the milestone since 2007-08 (Alex Ovechkin, 65); before Ovechkin, the
last time a player hit 60 was 1995-96 (Mario Lemieux, 69; Jaromir Jagr,
62). Stamkos tied for the League lead with Phoenix’s Radim Vrbata in
game-winning goals (12), scored an NHL-record five overtime goals and
notched 48 even-strength scores, the most of any player since 1992-93. The
22-year-old is an NHL Trophy finalist for the first time.


The Hart Memorial Trophy was presented by the National Hockey League
in 1960 after the original Hart Trophy was retired to the Hockey Hall of
Fame. The original Hart Trophy was donated to the NHL in 1924 by Dr. David
A. Hart, father of Cecil Hart, former manager-coach of the Montreal

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  1. Jonny D

    You either say what Karlsson said (in RR language) or don’t mention that you know what was said…

    aren’t you that “source” guy? Say it or dont bring it up!

  2. I mean….Hank is the only person that carried his team past a first round playoff appearance.

  3. As I said, I’m not the source guy. That’s Rod, isn’t it?

    What he said, my buddy told me translates to “you f-in pig carcass, I hate you”, with some other words that are Swedish curses. Was all in good fun obviously as they were joking around, I just thought that was funny.

  4. I think Malkin wins Hart, but does this mean Hank is a lock for the Vezina? How can you be a finalist fo the MVP and NOT be the best goalie?

  5. again, Malkin wasn’t the only one carrying the Pen()s… they’re core players ALL had career year! I don’t think he should win! Hank on the other hand Single-handedly took us to first in the East and to the second round of playoffs! Where is Malkin? where is Stamkos?

    Scoring points shouldn’t be the only reason for winning Hart trophy! freaking NHL is all screwed up!

  6. Carp,
    Great work as always, your stars look a whole like mine after the game last night buddy. Just kidding. I do think Chris K. got to be in there or atleast add as a HM per my request, amazin watching him before our eyes.

  7. Malkin had a huge help in those guys having career years though. James Neal had a 40 goal season strictly because he was playing with Malkin. Yes Neal has skill, but Malkin opened up a ton of ice for him.

    Also playoffs mean nothing. This is all voted on before the playoffs start.

  8. Ahahahaha did you guys see the pic of shanahan Posing with a ranger fan who has a “Hey Shanahan, you suck.” sign? Adam Rotter tweeted it lol.

  9. Stamkos had a great year, but if I can rephrase an old quote: “We could have missed the playoffs without you, too”

    Malkin will get it, although it is silly how the Hart Trophy should be determined by points…much like the Norris Trophy joke winners of the past.

    Hank was the best goalie on the #1 team in the East. They finish out of the playoffs without him.

    Hank is a strong case for MVP…but at the very least he should get the Vezina. Quick had a monster year but who’s to say he’s not another Olaf Kolzig or Jim Carey?

  10. Hank for the Hart.


    This Queen has no heart … or skill. And they put him in contention for most valuable player. Demonstrates how pitiful and shortsighted this league is.

    With a few exceptions, Hank comes up small In big games … flashing his glove, typically late, as the winning goal whizzes by … fully extending his pad, only to see any borderline NHLer lift the puck and slam it home … closing his five-hole, slow as molasses, giving even a rookie defenseman more than enough time to shoot a puck (or two or three) into the back of the net.


    This clown deserves nothing more than a one-way ticket to the Norwegian B-league.

  11. CCCP: Having good teammates shouldn’t preclude a player from winning the MVP (any more than having bad teammates should). Best player, best performer, to me atleast, was Malkin. No shame in finishing 2nd or 3rd.

  12. I say “the player most valuable to his team” for the regular season was Henrik Lundqvist. He was consistently great and led his team to first place in the East.

  13. Last goalie to win Hart Trophy (MVP): Jose Theodore in ’02; before that: Dominik Hasek in ’97 & ’98; before that: Jacques Plante in ’62.

  14. Mister D

    and having good teammates should guarantee MVP either. Hank was/is is the backbone of the Rangers. Without him we’re are a lottery team…

    without Malkin Pen()s are still a dangerous and extremely talented team. One player doesn’t make that team but one player (Hank) makes our team.

  15. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    i feel really bad for bickel. His ice time against the Senators was on avg about 5 min. Hopefully that increases in round 2.

  16. Malkin will win it, as he should. He had a phenomenal year especially considering how long the chosen one was out.

    I think Stamkos being nominated is a joke though. Sure he had 60 goals, but the description clearly states “to the player adjudged to be the most valuable to his team,”. How can valuable can you be if your team was the 10th worst in hockey.

    Should have been Rinne or Quick as neither team is in the playoffs without them…

  17. We all know who is going to win the Hart…because the NHL has a love affair with his organization. Coach Tortorella spoke about this to the press a few weeks ago…

  18. I know the Hart supposedly isn’t based on playoffs performance (or lack therepf), but…

    DJK + Manny = vibin’.

  19. What a huge addition it would be if Boyle came back.

    WOW! Played like champions!

    If its alright with the rest of u, Im going to continue insulting Henrik through the middle of June!

  20. Bickel’s ice time was around 5 minutes for a reason…

    And you could make the same argument that without Malkin, the Penguins wouldn’t have made the playoffs. They aren’t that deep of a team when you take Crosby and Staal out of the lineup (which is what happened this year).

  21. Logic would dictate that since Henrik is a Hart finalist and the only goalie in the group, that would by default make him the best goalie in the league. Somehow I think that will be botched since different groups vote on the different categories.

  22. Henrik won’t win the Hart, there’s no marketing a goalie to “casual fans.” I do agree with the idea from before, that if you’re the only goalie nominated for MVP, how can you not be the best goalie? Cool to see him nominated at least.

  23. “and having good teammates should guarantee MVP either. Hank was/is is the backbone of the Rangers. Without him we’re are a lottery team…”

    We were still 12-6-2 (prorated > 100 points) with Biron in net and he’s not a starting caliber NHL goalie. This was a playoff team without Lundqvist, a top seed with him.

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    MAF should win the best goalie award….especially if playoffs are considered…..he practically stood on his head and single handedly lost that opening round….

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    it wont be long yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    it wont be long yeah yeah yeah yeah,

    till we win rd. 2, yeah yeah yeah yeah….

  26. well, all your theories on the Hart and the conspiracies are wrong … the writers vote on the Hart and they don’t give a crap about who the league favors or marketing advantages or whatever. I don’t know if Lundqvist got enough votes to beat out Malkin, but he obviously got a lot of votes. So theories hold no water.

    now, the Vezina is voted upon by GMs. There could be some ridiculous reasoning there.

    and as Blast said, the separate voting parties don’t guarantee that the most valuable goalie will be named the best goalie.

  27. I’ll be at a game at Verizon if I can get in for a reasonable price. I wonder if fans have started buying jerseys other than the great 8 being that he barely plays anymore.

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    oleo – the chosen one coming back may have made the pens a worse team….strange as that sounds, i think that the turd crosby ruined the chemistry that they had built up during his absence

    pens are #1 on my hate list

  29. ps, it’s also not accurate to say Lundqvist was nominated. He’s a finalist, which means he was top three in the voting. … and the voting is done and tabulated, so somebody knows who won.

  30. must sell my pair for tom game 1 vs wash section 330 aisle seats. my father in law passed away and I cannot make it. i am asking for $180 per tix which is a lot cheaper then stubhub.

    2 tix section 330 aisle seats

    email me and make an offer

  31. I am going to predict that Hank only gives up 4 goals the entire series vs Washington. He is too good.

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – can you explain how MAF wasn’t one of the top 3? talk about injustice…..and how does the skid not get named for Hart?….or at least sausage king?…..jimmy dean has nothing on crosby

  33. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp EXCELLENT review as always !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOV this team & i’ve believed in them all season. Thank you Shanny for suspending Hags if not for that would we have seen Krieder? I &heart& this team

  34. Carp – do you get a vote? Are you a member of the NHL Writers Association or whatever it’s called?

  35. writers decide who wins Hart = biggest joke ever!


    Agree… Jagr losing out to Thornton that year showed what a sham that award really is.

  36. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    I think its good IMO that they have to play tomorrow. They’ll have plenty of time to rest over the summer -;))

  37. Well, Salty, they had good reason to vote Thornton over Jagr. If Jagr was Hart winner, his contract would have automatically extended by a year. So writers did what they had to do.

  38. Jonny, my family from Sweden said that Karlsson told Hank “You fuggin awhole (tried to censor as much as i can carp…), i hate you”. Whatever it was, it was funny. Both shared a laugh. So weird how Game 1 is tomorrow afternoon already.

  39. The Stamkos nomination is a joke. Kudos for 60 goals but not playing any defense doesn’t make you an MVP.

    Stamkos was on the ice for 87 even-strength goals…..second only to Marty St. Louis at 90. Obviously your defense and goalie play into this but by way of comparison Gaborik was on the ice for 51 even strength goals.

  40. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, Tony, and all!!

    Thanks for the review! Does anyone have any idea what, if anything, MDZ and neil said in the handshake line?

    ILB, Mama, And Tiki
    Thanks to all of you for what you guys do and are doing for Tony (and the rest of us when needed)!!

    Marc Andre Flower. You watch any 2 broke girls yet?

    thanks for bringing up Prust, he was an absolute beast!!

    I thought Neil (this is just a couch observation) looked very sincere in the hand shake line and seemed to spend a couple extra seconds with the appropriate guys (just didn’t see him and mdz).

    I’d take him any day on my team!

    Anyone know if the rangers have a guy named pushkarev in our system?

  41. How can Brooks pick Chara for the Norris? Given the selections and the omission of Alex Pietrangelo it’s got to be Shea Weber’s year.

  42. You all know how I love my conspiracy theories but I think Malkin gets the Hart and deservedly so.

    As for the Vezina…I’d love to see Hank win it but I think it’s going to Quick. If you look at the Kings total lack of offense and his GAA then you have to say he is the most deserving.

    Let’s not kid ourselves…if the Rangers win The Cup no one will care about the Vezina or the Hart anyway.

    And if we do with The Cup…Hank will likely be the Conn Smythe winner and for my money…THAT is the most important individual award.

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    recall avery – the stage is set for one of the greatest clutch performers in all of sports…


  44. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on


    I think wweber should win it as well, turnbuckle be damned!

  45. Jayhup April 27th, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    You all know how I love my conspiracy theories


    no we don’t! and frankly, we see you here for the first time! :)

  46. JayHup – I think Quick deserves the Vezina. So I agree there. I just think that Hank will win it this year.

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    Jayhup – i strongly disagree….Crosby wins conn smythe this year…MAF a close second…you need to remove your ranger bias and see things objectively….

  48. I really hate that word *conspiracy.*

    Its a very frustrating word.

    Its used to to summarily dismiss ideas supported by evidence! ARGH!!!!

  49. Manny…don’t get me wrong…I’d love to see Hank finally win it but I could live with Quick getting it.

    Having thought about it some more though I can’t understand why Stamkos is one of the finalists. Yes, 60 goals in this day and age is an achievement but if your team doesn’t make the playoffs then how valuable are you?

    Malkin kept that team among the league’s best while missing a lot of important players (Flipper Lips for one) so that’s why I think he’ll get it.

    But I’m still focused on The Cups…

  50. The one thing that has me amazed about this entire series, is the absolute disappearance of the Gaborik that we used to know.

  51. Tiki…and that’s why Carp says I’m crazy…because the NHL hates facts and therefore since facts play no part in the NHL Front Office then it must be a conspiracy.

  52. fran

    i agree… Gaborik is soft. Regular season means nothing if he plays like pansy in playoffs. His puck handling ability is pretty bad

  53. “Well, Salty, they had good reason to vote Thornton over Jagr. If Jagr was Hart winner, his contract would have automatically extended by a year. So writers did what they had to do.”

    I don’t care about the contract. Do you objectively believe Thornton was more valuable to SJS than Jagr was to NYR that year? Any hockey person worth their salt knows Thornton was voted out of spite for Jagr.

  54. Salty, I was only giving my *conspiracy*. They didnt vote Jagr because that meant he wouldve been a Ranger for an extra year. That was their motive. IMO.

    Without Jagr that year, we were nothing. And with loser Joe T, the Bruins were nothing, and the Sharks continue to be nothing. The guy is a dreg.

  55. Thornton’s Hart Trophy is as legitimate as the Patrick Ewing lottery.

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY thought he should have won over Jagr. That was the writers showing their obvious North American bias. Putting aside the fact that Thornton dogged it in Boston and got traded that season…yeah, real MVP.

    And I like that Thornton has shown his MVP abilities since then…never taking his team anywhere.

  56. Im sure Carp doesnt call u crazy, Jayhup. If anyone’s crazy here, its me. And Carp doesnt call me crazy.

  57. fran and CCCP – I’m with you on Gaborik. He talked about wanting to make a difference in Game 7 and instead muffed two chances that a guy of his talent should have buried.

    The 2 on 1 he should have just fired the puck…but instead he hesitated and allowed Anderson plenty of time to get over and make the save.

    Then on his semi-breakaway you could see from the slow-mo replay that he shot it right into Anderson. Almost as if he was aiming for the goalie.

    Gaborik needs to step it up…maybe look at kids like Kreider and Hagelin and realize how one has to play come playoff time.

  58. Hey kids, anyone have suggestions on good bars in Manhattan to watch the game at tomorrow? My roommate is a Knicks fan and I don’t feel like fighting over the big TV with him. My priorities are a good view of the game and a lot of Ranger fans, of course. Thanks!

  59. that is the question…gaborik. He was not good last year vs Wash either. so, if he does not step up this year, you gotta wonder about him ever doing so.

  60. “I lick my chops for the future with those two kids, how they can skate and the speed they bring.”- Tortorella

    Hell if I could lick my chops I’d never leave home. ;)

  61. He didnt score, but I thought Gaborik played well last night, used his speed to create chances.

  62. Stranger Nation on

    Jon v – try the Flying puck on 30 st/7th A – (it’s Noah’s favorite place!)

    they will have a bunch of big screens, game audio piped in and, depending on the weather, a large number of ranger fans

  63. I thought gaborik played poorly in the defensive end, as his man, the point man on that side at the blueline, had numerous shots with gaborik way too far away from him, and their line was pinned in to their end for long stretches.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby played well in 1st period and when he didn’t bury either of the THREE scoring chances he had, looked like carcillo. Holding Hags and Richie back – they should move Mitchell up to the line.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby and Bucky on the same line is a defensive nightmare – Gabby plays horribly position and Richards cannot win a board battle. but hey, we won, so who’s complaining

  66. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Agreed with those who say Stamkos should be taken out of the equation. Not to take anything away from his individual season, but he led his team to missing the playoffs. It’s between Hank and Malkin, and I think Malkin gets it, but hopefully Hank picks up the Vezina.

  67. A Thought about Chris Kreider:

    When his games at BC were on TV, some here were complaining that he didn’t look all that special. There were a lot of complaints about “gliding”.

    There were others here who said that his game seems to be more suited to the NHL than to college.

    The latter were clearly correct. I think some of his problems in College were related to the fact that there was a VERY limited amount of players who could play the game at the speed that Chris seems to be able to play at.

    His game is clearly better suited to being played at the break neck pace of the NHL.

    Thoughts on Fatcessa:

    Got to give him props today. He was at the game last night. Started out the show with the Rangers and is having Pierre McGuire and Lou Lamoriello back to back coming up. Also he said that “I readily admit that I am not a hockey guy, but I love the NHL playoffs, they are really exciting”

    Kind of makes me happy when non Hockey people realize what a GREAT GAME this is.

  68. How Giroux didn’t get picked over Stamkos is pretty ridiculous. I know Philly has offensive weapons, but what Giroux does on both sides of the ice and the season he had, he should’ve been the obvious choice as a finalist.

    Also, Chara was a total beast this year. Weber or him would be a good choice. It’s really a toss-up.

    And Quick should win the Vezina. But just like Henke could’ve won it a few years ago, they’ll give it to Henke this year and Quick will get one later.

  69. duckBill PLatypus on

    If Carp doesn’t mind I’d like to do my own Senators-Rangers review right here.

    1. Get better Tony…you the man!
    2. Carp=monster aka blogfather aka carpfather
    3. Latonya is the best thing since sliced bread.
    4. That is all!™

  70. Looks like i am going to the game tomorrow! My two little nephews brought me a ticket! Gonna go to the game with them! WOOOHOOOO!!! Section 111!

  71. Salty Pig Carcass on

    Oct 14, 2009
    *Almost forgot—or did forget—to tell you this scene from Monday night. The guitarist from Phish was at the game and afterwards Avery had him and a couple of his buddies in the lockerroom. And Avery told them, very seriously, not to step on the logo. And so these rock-band types were tip-toe-ing around laundry and equipment, practically falling over, trying to avoid stepping on the logo.*

    Love this blurb.

  72. looks like Boyle will play tomorrow because he is on the ice practicing. They will need Boyle to play since it appears Dubi has a knee injury, hopefully nothing serious. I don’t think it is, probably a sprain knee.

  73. Salty Pig Carcass on

    Gaborik is definitely hurting. I certainly don’t think he’s cut from “playoff cloth” like a lot of the rest of the core of the team, but I don’t doubt he’s giving 100%.

  74. Which idiot scheduled Game 4 to coincide with the FA Anglosoccerpånsyball final? Apart from the idiots on this side of the Atpånsylantic, I mean.

  75. Salty Pig Carcass on

    Why ZERO comments from reporters on whether Boyle is taking contact or not? No comment makes me assume he IS taking contact. Great news if so.

  76. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    This second round series is a MUST NOOGIE!!

  77. duckBill PLatypus on

    Yev, kreider does glide too much..he did that during the series too. doesn’t mean he didn’t play an insane series..unreal how he went from being so tepid at first to scoring a goal…great stuff.

  78. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    KREIDER glides alright – but he does it at the speed of sound. Pierre said yesterday that KREIDER is the fastest player in the league..


  79. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Game 1 = must win

    Recall Avery and play John Scott – rest Hank start Marty Biron in game 1

  80. oh my mymy my my….
    caught up on sleep from the past several days
    and with the game 7 win in there too and no sinus pressure


  81. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Boyle should sit – he has not done anything this playoff season … What? Score 2 GWG?

    Big wow

  82. btw,
    to go back to something Carp said in his review
    i WANTED neil on our team when he was available as a ufa.
    yeah, he bred a lot of Ranger fan hate but you saw how quickly
    hockey players can forgive each other ala him and Hank in handshake line
    cause they know that (in general)
    it’s nothing personal just a desire to win.
    he’s more than a one-dimensional play that Sather keeps getting
    ala Brashear Boogard (rip) and Scott (no offense dude)

  83. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Sitting in on a colloquia on code theory – in the back row blogging – I am a very bad boy

  84. jpg,

    totally agree with your 2:30pm post. I wanted them to sign Neil also but Neil wanted to stay in Ottawa.

  85. premature celebration! turns out my nephew WAS gonna buy a ticket for me but changed his mind and decided to watch the game at home! bastard!

    LW – i blame YOU for jinxing it! :P

  86. I think Karlsson had much to do with Gaborik’s lack of production. Also Hagelin was gone for 3 games and Stepan was useless until game 6.

  87. To whom it is still a topic of interest:
    What Karlsson said to Hank literally is:””jävla grisbarn, jag hatar dig”. In our English, that means “byfuglien pig kid, I hate you”.

  88. Gaborik ain’t a one man show. We see that he needs line-mates that clique with him. He will be fine. He did score a goal. Maybe he will score a few in the next round. WHO KNOWS.

  89. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Gabby needs time and space and didn’t have much at all really, until game 7…

    Gabby hopefully steps it up.

    MDZ certainly improved his play the last 2 games…..

    Hank is the weak link / we should traded him for Nabokov when we had the chance

  90. Gaborik’s been MIA since game one. And blaming others for Gaborik’s lack of appearance isn’t fair. If anything he should have raised his game more when Hagelin got Shanahaned!

  91. by the way, Neil only signed a 1 year deal and will be a UFA at the end of this year but he probably will sign again with the Sens.

  92. Listen, for conspiracy theories lovers: maybe Shanahan is still mad on Rangers that he didn’t get new contract from them than and was kind of forced to retire to get finally his current filthy but powerful job, with Jesuit’s tools for punishment? Just Prust asking…

  93. How is it not fair? The only legitimate consistent scoring threat on this team is Gaborik, Richards, and Callahan to an extent. If the top D of the other team focuses on the main offensive threat of course they will be shut down. Just like we shut down Spezza and Michalek this series. Ottawa’s secondary scoring came through. The playoffs are more about the secondary players than they are relying on your best players. Playoffs really check how deep your team really is.

  94. in regards to Kreider, He absolutely did glide in college and his production lagged behind players that will never play in the AHL, let alone the NHL. He should have dominated the NCAA, but he didn’t

    The thing I worried about was his compete level. Would he be like Dubinsky who can disappear for games at a time or Callahan who brings it every shift?

    Then again there is a big difference between playing the Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup playoffs and a weekend game against Merrimack.

  95. Yea What LEV said up there ^

    He’s right. It’s all about the lower lines scoring during the playoffs.

  96. Outsider: will and testament on

    Re: the review, and before checking today’s chock-full
    1)Many of us, who were payin’ attention as the regular season wound down, (regular season absolutely teeming with useful data) were not at all
    shocked at what Ottawa brought. Nor Washington.
    Great game – too bad the NHL muckie-mucks can’t find a way to do this games 1 thru 6 as well,
    and that enough fans don’t demand it.
    And here’s a toast (Ovaltine?) to the will and testament of these kids. Wow!
    3)He’s “your” goaltender, not mine. Yet:-). In spite of the ridiculously hyperbolic and undisciplined use of “ridiculous, the non-believers among us (even those of us whose Hank shrines are allowed to share candlelight 24/7 with our Donnie Maloney one), what most non-
    believers say is yeah he’s been world-class at times – in the brief circus, the sprint, that is World Cup, or Olympics, and even patches, sometimes long and gratifying, of the regular season.
    But he has not been anything like that in brief chances in Cup rounds. He’s had three-one leads
    twice and been part of their slip-slidin’ away; in last year’s 3-0 lead in Game 4, he flopped like a
    fish after McD’s awful giveaway, and the tide was turned.
    I, too, love his honesty, and his SOMETIMES cool under pressure. He’s high on my fav list.
    That doesn’t tempt me to make him somethin’ he yet ain’t.
    The Cup chase is perhaps the most grueling in all of sports. It takes a special set of tools, circumstances, fortune and here-and-now grace. It is not a Thursday-afternoon six furlongs
    for cheap claimers the end of April. It’s the Belmont, All one-and-a-half absolutely punishing
    miles. Show me….
    6)A thorough pleasure to see that speed added to the mix. Missing too long under Glen.
    7)Michael was stout, a high compliment comin’ from old coots. Anton played as well as he
    can with some mistakes contributes, but no more noticeable than the ones of the “stars.”
    Great to see Marc and Dan get the goals.
    10) Put me with the group that sees the Captain a little off his best.
    11)Player of the Round for me. He needs chances to get outside the shot-blockin’ grinder’s
    shell that is so much a part of the team game. The extra days off seemed to give him some
    of his early-season wind.
    12)Gabby? Guy gave it all, on tougher parts of the ice, from September to April, 82 stages.
    He’s outta gas, as honorably as you can get that way, and he’s Playoff Super-Target Number
    One. No surprises here. Maybe Derek can show him where the Second Wind closet is:-).
    15)One more disgrace added to the list. Number one seed rushed back to battle; numbers five and seven continue the cruise.
    16)As the Old Coots say: stay the giddiness. It was a torturous round one. Stifle yourself.
    Number one squeezed a win versus number eight (Rangers in five, remember? Crowin’ after the
    first-game win, baiting those who said it would be a tough and worthy round, remember?) Some of us do, for sure.
    17)Get thru the fog, Brian. And you follow him, Mike. We’re thinkin’ of you, all the time.

    Adieu for a while. To all the good and great fans here (and you know who you are) Bon Chance!

  97. Yea Stepan was great in game 5 which was probably the second best game they played in this series.


  98. Salty Pig Carcass on

    “byfuglien pig kid, I hate you”.

    “pig carcass” is infinitely funnier…especially coming from Karlsson who looks more like a meth smoking tilt a whirl operator from Florida than an elite hockey player.

  99. Karlsson who looks more like a meth smoking tilt a whirl operator from Florida than an elite hockey player.


    AMEN! Genius. I expect to see him on some Paintball reality TV show.

  100. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Outsider – that is why Hank for Montoya will be slats’ worst non trade – al Montoya in goal and we easily win the east and earn # 1 seed

  101. So the other day I shared some inside dope on Boyle, others. Now I see Boyle on the stationary bike and with the team on the ice?

    First, I would love to eat crow and be 100% wrong on my saying that he is not back for this series. Make no mistake about that. I did stake my mortgage on it, so don’t tell my wife OK?

    Second, remember the other day when Alfredsson was skating but didn’t play? Kept us all guessing and talking about it? I am sure it occupied Torts’ gameplan thoughts a little then. So my guess is there might be some gamesmanship going on with Boyle making it on the ice. Also, isn’t Dubi not on the ice? So I would think there is something chess-like to Boyle making an appearance especially after what I heard. We’ll see.

    Also btw, I mentioned I thought Bickel should take on Neil. He tried. But I also figured that Neil would not back down. He did at least 2x from what I could tell. So I give him some credit and MacLean some as well for keeping a leash on him. Loved the “Neil’s an —hole,” chant last night btw. Did they make any mention on TV?

    There were guys talking about the lack of extra effort or the extra gear from the Sens in the final 2 games. Do we think this was a fxn of the Blueshirts being better conditioned, wanting it more, having more depth, or some combination thereof? Or did the Sens really run out of gas? I mean they played their Aasen’s off and had to in order to keep pace with our boys. Whatever the case, the deserving team won this series. Yeah boy!

    Question for the readership: I coach my 2 boys’ soccer teams (4yrs and 6yrs.) We have games tom’w AM 945 and then 1030. So I am doing family duty all AM. My 6yr old’s first teeball game of his career is tom’w at 315pm. I have been hitting him grounders, showing him how to hit off the tee, pitching a few to him for him to hit. He’s doing OK. The 6yr old teeball in my town is no outs, no strikes, everyone hits, everyone goes to first, then second, then third with each progressive hit. They field the ball and try and make a throw to first or whatever, but there are no outs. The games end in a tie.

    I have season tix to the Blueshirts. I missed games 1 and 2 vs. Ottawa as I was at Disney with the family. Do I blowoff the first game of teeball for game 1 vs the Caps tomorrow? I have taken a tally in the office and amongst friends. I know where I am leaning. What does everyone say? And if you care to answer, let me know if you have kids or not, know where I am coming from, etc. I am already way in the Chez Bow-Wow as my wife said last night, “Great, another 2 weeks of inability to make any plans with friends to go out.” C’est la vie Babe. Talk to me in mid-June.


  102. un-believable. first, it was Gaborik needs a center like Richards. then, when he gets that, it is he needs a LW like Hagelin. what’s next, he needs a dman like Bobby Orr?? un-believable.

    it just proves that he is not nearly as good as his backers pretend. and their pining for someone else to bail him out all the time proves it.

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