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Carp has passed along some of the Rangers already, but all the duplicate players are different sound bites. Marc Staal and Daniel Girardi both talk about the unlikelihood of them scoring. Staal scored his first goal in 30 games and just the third of his playoff career. For Girardi, it was his first goal in 39 career postseason games and just his second in the last 45 games this season.

Girardi also talked about how the Rangers slowed down Erik Karlsson. A key to this series was their effectiveness against the 21-year old. He found out today that he was a Norris Trophy finalist, but it was bittersweet. The league’s leading scorer among defensemen was held to just one point this series — a goal in Game 2 that bounced in off Michael Del Zotto. Other than that, he had nothing to show for the most shots on goal of any player this postseason.

There’s also some audio of Daniel Alfredsson, who talked about retirement and offered the line of the night, one that really sums up the Rangers:

“They do a good job in their own end, trying to block shots,” Alfredsson said. “It feels like they have three goalies at times.”

Daniel Alfredsson:

[audio: alfie.MP3]

Erik Karlsson:

[audio: karlsson.MP3]

Marc Staal:

[audio: staal.MP3]

Dan Girardi:

[audio: girardi.MP3]

Derek Stepan:

[audio: stepan.MP3]

Ryan Callahan:

[audio: callahan.MP3]

Chris Kreider:

[audio: kreider.MP3]

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  1. If we win the Stanley Cup in June of this year, and we all get together to celebrate, Ill get you each 10 rounds on me. I dont give a flying hartnell how much money it costs. Winning is everything to me.

  2. duckBill PLatypus on

    all the negative nitwits that gave up down 3-2 should post apologies and admit to being subpar human beings and eating zantacs as a source of calcium and zinc…that is all!™

  3. duckBill PLatypus on

    Tiki, i give you a big hug, bra….im glad we chased away those fictitious cats… i don’t like being negative or arguing unless it is healthy debate…xoxoxo ILY ILY

  4. Good game, tonight boys. I, too, thought The Kreider was yet another over-hyped Rangers first rounder. No. Nope. Not a chance. To think of what he did in his 5th game in a hard fought playoff game? Out there on the last shift for a coach that you have to prove yourself like Torts? OMG. The kid was shocking. He was one of our best forwards, FOR SURE.

    Wow. These Rangers have a serious future over the next few years. Thank you Gord Clark!!!!!!!

  5. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Eric!!! Congratulations!! You and ilb were praying, eh? Cool – whatever it takes!

  6. Del Zotto was great tonight. Gaborik didn’t do a damn thing after the first period.

  7. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great game to watch but tough on the fingernails.

    LQ was great tonight accept for the first goal. But hey, it’s only one goal.

    McD and Danny G were what they have been most of the season. One of the best defensive pairs in the league.

    Tough game for Gabby. Should have buried at least one of those two great chances in the first. Then he pretty much disappeared.

    BR was good, not great.

    Hags played his usual game.,what else is new?

    Staal was outstanding tonight. Vintage performance.

    I have given MdZ a lot of grief for his play but he was good tonight. Real good.

    Stepan is turning into the big game player I saw in the WJC. No coincidence he is doing it since he was paired up with his WJC running mate.

    Speaking of which, how good was Kreider tonigh? Wow! Best forward on the ice. Will only get better as this ride continues. I repeat, he will never play a game in Hartford!

    Anyway, good night all. See you Saturday!

  8. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>That chick behind Parise is sporting some pokies.

    “Pokies”!? WTB!? That’s a new one on me!

  9. Take a sweet moment to sit back and think about all of the young talent on this team. All of the young HOMEGROWN talent.

    Think of how they all shined tonight in a Game 7. Staving off elimination in Games 6 & 7.

    Now take a moment to think of those sad years. When we had one of the oldest teams in the league. A roster filled of aging has-beens playing only for a paycheck. Mercenaries who cared nothing for the sweater.

    Proud to be a Rangers fan tonight. Proud to be one all season. I made the mistake of losing faith early in Game 6. The prospect of such a special season ending early got the better of me.

    I forgot, for a moment, just how special this team is. How hard they compete. How much they want to win.

    Won’t happen again.

    Let’s get some payback on the Caps.

  10. Wow I’m blown away by Kreider. Not just big and fast but high hockey IQ. Been trying to stay level-headed and realistic about him but he is making that really difficult. Tonight he seemed like the real deal.

    Loved the way the boys stayed on Karlsson in the last 2 games, he doesn’t do well with it.

    Been defending Gabby this series but he needs to be better vs Caps.

    Have to say I was watching all the players when they met Neil during handshakes and it seemed there’s mutual respect. Would take him on Rangers in a second.

  11. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Good stuff, CJP! In total agreement – hard sometimes not to get negative, considering how many crap sandwiches we’ve had to eat over the many years – but this team is very good! I just wish we could score a few more goals.

  12. Linzo is staying up til this game is over, I bet!!

    Linzo, will you tell Orrsie to kiss and make up with me alreaady!!!!!!

  13. Matteau, cannot underscore how terrific Kreider was. Give him a couple of years, can’t imagine how good he is. Hockey sense, strong on puck (for age), good skater, great hands. He will learn how to check and battle harder along the boards. Hags did in a year.

    Kreider and Step understand each other. Their chemistry is like Hags, Richards and Gaborik.

    It’s scary. Have seen SO many bs rookies for the Rangers. This was real. This kid is good.

  14. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Tikizo, i’m hoping it’s not an all nighter! I’ve not been sleeping well all week! I just pray the debils lose!

  15. “NEERNJHIK!!!!!!!!! PEAWNAZLATY!!!!!!!!! EPNEWQAATRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those are 3 ones that me laugh!!! First one was Henrik, the 2nd and 3rd was Penalty!!!

  16. I give Torts full marks for playing him in game 6 after the goalie interference call. You see him and a lot of coaches bench a kid in a situation like he was in for something like that. He gave him more time and he scored his first goal.

    Tonight he played him, what, 20 min? or so? He was on at the game’s end? Huh? In his 5th game here?

  17. You need your sleep, Linzo, if Game 1 is on Saturday. Please go to bed. We need you well rested.

  18. Much as I hate to see Marty and Devils win we’re all rooting for them right? Flyers roll over Cats. Devils would give flyers a fight, maybe even pull off upset.

  19. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Jimbo, i think that started with the flaccid joe thornton

    Whoa!! He is a big, limp piece o’work, isn’t he!?

  20. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    No way I would EVER root for the Debbies – not even if they were playing the martians!

  21. Im jumping out of my seat at every Florida shot. I just want to see Marty’s reaction after allowing the last goal of his career.

  22. Never know, Maybe the Panthers can beat the Flyers and then roll over to us if we advance past the 2nd rd. Never know, so its better to have Panthers move on.

  23. leetchhalloffame on

    It’s almost Marty’s bed time back at the home. Will he survive a multiple OT game?

  24. If all youre gonna get is a 2 minute penalty, you may as well slash and break someone’s wrist. Def worth it to take out someone dangerous.

  25. Those who are offended by rooting for the Devils aren’t you same ones who rooted for Flyers against Pens?

  26. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Tiki, I thought that they might give Versteeg a 5 minute major – it was a wicked slash.

  27. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Matteau, I’m not offended – I just don’t agree – too much bad blood against the Debbies…

  28. Lloyd I like it in NYCjust fine and yes I’m rooting for the Devils. Only team I hate more is the Flyers and I would look forward to those 2 giving it to each other.

  29. completely irrelevant comparison

    flyers over the penguins was the lesser of two evils

    devils over the panthers just makes you an idiot

  30. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I definitely rooted against the Pens, so I guess you could say I was for the Flyers – but it was only temporary insanity! Lately, I’ve hated the Pens more.

  31. There exists a possibility of no season next year and Marty said he probably wont be back if that is the case. Still this may very well be the end of the Devils as a threat in the East. Parise is leaving and Marty is soon to follow. I dont think Hedberg will fill the shoes…

  32. This Rangers team just isn’t that strong. They’ll choke and lose to Ottawa in the first round, you’ll see.

  33. You shouldnt be allowed to root for the Derbils in any way if you’re a Rangers fan unless the outcome of the Derbils game has a direct impact on the Rangers in the standings..

    Who cares about the Derbils? As long as Parise doesnt get injured so he can maintain health and come to the Rangers healthy.

    Leave Rick Nash in Columbus – he’s plan B compared to Parise, who is plan A.

  34. Ken Daneyko just said he had no idea there were no TV timeouts in OT

    how is that even possible? is he still drunk?

  35. Im surprised somewhat how the Panthers have battled. Didnt expect that. But then again i underestimated the Sens as well. Flyers-Panthers will most definitely result in the Flyers advancing unless Universe decides to play on Mars during the series, but it wont be a sweep.

  36. Lev, you have to figure that Elias and Sykora, two of their main offensive threats, are bound to retire soon as well.

  37. Interesting, Lev. I simply am amazed the Devs have so many talented offensive players and they don’t dominate games. Some periods, I heard tonite’s second, they allow just 2 shots. Other periods they let the flood gates open. I thought they would be so much better of a team.

  38. Chico doesnt know that two line passes are ok and Daneyko doesnt know that there are no tv-timeouts during overtimes. Good crew!

  39. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I’m glad that they didn’t give him a major – but there was no doubt about Versteeg’s intentions on that play – he was out to injure.

  40. Resch I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. He really only knows that Martin Brodeur is a New Jersey Devil. Beyond that, all bets are off.

    But Daneyko played a lot of overtime playoff games. It should almost be impossible not to know that.

  41. Can You Hear Us? (Yes, they did) on

    Daneyko looks old and used up. He’s been around. These late night surges by the Puddy Tats against his Derbils are affecting his health,

  42. Latona, ye of course I forgot Elias and Sykora… I dont know how deep they are in the AHL but their time as a threat is limited. Kovalchuk may have made a huge mistake signing there for a gazillion dollars. Ok 2nd ot time. Go Kitties.

  43. By the way, was sitting 10 feet from Stephane Matteau! got to say hi, shake his hand and tell him what I did when he scored the famous goal. He signed my rangers playoff towel. Any way to post photos here?

  44. Did the announcers on tv tonight say anything about the linesmen? I have never seen such stupid officiating. Never seen so many guys kicked out throughout an entire game as with tonight. Just silly. They sure did prove a point. Horse teeth was really pissed.

  45. Daneyko has taken probably 100 thousand shots to the head. His brain has degenerated so much, no joking. Thats what head shots and concussions do. They essentially rot your brain.

  46. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Elias just keeps on rolling along…he could play a few more years. Must be something in the water over there in Czech-land, along with VERY hot women..

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, I think Cangelosi is referring to when Brodeur said it earlier in the season that he wanted to come back. That was a while ago. Let’s see what he says after the series.

  48. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    What I was saying about Neil the other night goes for Daneyko, too – his facial features have the looks of a former ‘roids abuser – overdeveloped brow-bones, over-large chin…..I don’t know, might just be a coincidence, but..

  49. I mean Cats had all opportunities to simple play puck out of zone…and to score before. Hate Debbies!!!

  50. Now I have to root for the Flyers AGAIN? Ugh.. I’m really not liking myself right now..

  51. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Crap! Well, they will have their hands full with the Flyers – as we will with the Craps. :-(

  52. Awesome. Flyers- Devils is much better for the Rangers. Cata had ZERO chance against Flyers.

  53. 19 year old rookie with double OT winner.. WOW! I think they will give more problems for the flyers than the panthers would have. .

  54. Devils are through to the next round… Flys will walk all over them, tho I think the Devils are better opposition than the Cats

  55. No, Matteau, I have to root for the Flyers. I’m from Jersey – surrounded by the obnoxious, self-righteous Devils fans. I despise them.

  56. Damn Puddy Tats!

    Chico is a terrible color commentator – wow. I’ll Joe Missed-it-already over Chico (ex-fish stick) Resch any day every day.

  57. Ugh, Im rooting for the Flyers. Tough choice, but Jagr makes me at least have some bias. Plus Universe will crack sooner rather than later. Brodeur getting outperformed by Universe would be funny too.

  58. Panthers choked.

    Not too impressed with the Debbies.

    Yev– I’ll take Kreider or Hagelin over Henrique any time.

  59. You know, you have to believe here. The #2,3,4 teams all got knocked off. in round 1 in the east. We are left standing. The champs are gone. The team most picked to go al the way is gone.

    We have home team throughout playoffs. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

  60. Honest question for you guys:

    Did any of you guys really think Kreider would make this much of a difference??

    I know I didn’t.

  61. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Chico must work for free food coupons at the Pebble – the franchise is broke, after all….

  62. Damn straight Matty!! The Cup is up in the air, and we just gotta jump higher to catch it!!!

  63. Matty–

    This is a dream. This kind of stuff never happens in Rangerland – until now, that is.

  64. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    LaTONYa, I can understand them being *obnoxious*, but what the hell do they have to be self-righteous about!?

  65. Per, I totally did not believe in Kreider. Totally.

    He played 2 periods in front of me tonight. I was beyond impressed. Torts let out the leash on him. I can’t describe how impressed I was. So smart. Such hockey sense. His hands will get better, but they are fast. He’s got good strength, He can be knocked off his feet, but he is steady. He will improve in all areas. His speed is incredible.

    OMG…..Amazing. Sather could not have picked someone this good. It had to be Clark.

  66. duckBill PLatypus on

    I want the Devils to beat Flyers so we can face them in next series if we win…would be amazing energy…i hate the Flyers nearly as much as I hate Montreal.

  67. Ill say this, I was not impressed with Kreider his first two games. Frankly I thought so many ‘heads here overrated him before he even became a pro. But the kid is obviously gifted. Noticeable on every shift, a difference maker. He’s going to be very good. He’s learned the system extremely quickly and has earned the trust of the coaches. Good job.

    I still dont get why Ottawa scratched Stone after his debut?? Scratching him and Butler may have cost them this series.

  68. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I meant the food court items that he sometimes plugs during the Devils broadcasts – I think he must be on the take for free food for good reviews… ;-D

  69. Do you guys know what it means that Torts played him the minutes he did? The last minute of this game? He deserved it and will learn so much from it. Oh, baby, I am more like Eric, but the future here is SO bright. So bright.

  70. Ive never seen the Rangers get a kid that’s made an impact like the Kreuder.. Even most free agents don’t do what this kid had done as far as make impact..

  71. Lev, scratching Butler may have saved me some years on my life. Eveyr time I heard the full name Bobby Butler, I wanted to smash something!

  72. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Kreider looked like it might be too much for him in his first few shifts – but he seemed to get much more comfortable with each shift (and game) he played.

  73. I like to think of the playoffs as a competition where the truly deserving teams advance. Flyers-Devils, I think the Flyers deserve to advance more. Theyve battled injuries all year long, had no goaltending, and yet defeated the Pens. ECF of Rangers-Flyers would be memorable.

  74. So, the big question is how what per cent of the fans at the Pru will be Devil fans and what per cent will be Philth fans? I say they put those tickets up for sale and at least 30% of the fans at the Pru are Flyer fans.

  75. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Torts had Kreider AND Hagelin on the ice at the very end – and he made a point to tell the reporters after the game that they deserved to be out there, and that some of the other guys that he would normally have out there didn’t deserve to be out there because of how the kids were playing.

  76. Yep same here, been trying to keep expectations manged with Kreider but watched him at the game tonight, even behind the play he was sound positionally, made things happen with his speed, sneaky shot, and made subtle plays on the wall. High hockey IQ. He made me a believer.

  77. Matty — ‘word’ on that Krieder playing in the
    Last Minute of a Byfuglien game 7 — holy Carcillo..

    The future is bright… I gotta wear shades…

  78. I had Panthers in 7. Fuggin Devils ruined my prediction. Mine were…

    Rangers in 5 – Score: 3-1 – GWG: Richards – Shots: 28
    Bruins in 6
    Panthers in 7
    Penguins in 6
    Kings in 7
    Blues in 4
    Coyotes in 6
    Predators in 7

  79. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Scott looked very good for the Sens – no idea why he didn’t play more, since he didn’t embarrass himself at all.

  80. He’s gonna make mistakes. He’s a kid. This is a tough spot to start your career in. However, he is the real deal. I look forward to watching him and this whole team grow, but he and Step should be a lot of fun to watch grow together.

    Step had an awesome, leader-like, last 3 games of this series. He was nowhere the first 4. Wow, did he turn it up. Again, a 21 and a 20 year old. Brilliant hockey sense.

    Is this really the Rangers?

  81. yea, for some reason they played that Swedish Elite League kid instead. I was not impressed with him. Stone had that one nice pass in game 5 (?). But he was stronger on his skates. Neither made much impact. Future Spezza’s!

  82. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Jimbo – you mean Stone?

    Absolutely, Per! The very one! I’m punchy now!

  83. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Goodnight, jpg, Matty..I need to get away from this machine for awhile myself!

  84. Gaborik has to step up in this next series. he is not giving them enough, and his line was really hemmed in their zone for long stretches a few times.

  85. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Don’t forget Hagelin, too – these kids can really move! They’re fast and shifty!

  86. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Hopefully, Gabby will be more able to shake his check in the Craps series – they had a blanket thrown over him in this one.

  87. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    And Carp, *thank you* for giving us this forum for fellowship – and for putting up with our nutty antics at times!

  88. nah, Salvador was back. returned during the first OT, basically missed around 8 total minutes. he was on the ice for the gwg, too.

  89. here is the schedule—-









  90. It’s really not a surprise that Gaborik and Richards have been shut down basically. The top D of the opposition focuses on the main threat of the Rangers and dares the secondary scorers to score. Having said that Gaborik and Richards should have a bit more room against Green than they did against Karlsson.

  91. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Saturday 4/28 3
    Monday 4/30 730
    Wednesday 5/2 730
    Saturday 5/5 1230
    Monday 5/7 730
    Wed 5/9 tbd
    Sat 5/12 tbd

  92. dunno what the point of the 12:30 saturday start time is. unless they think 7-year olds are buying hockey tickets, like, what’s the sense in starting a game that early? the players are basically asleep for the first two periods anyway.

  93. Flyers in 7
    Rangers in 6
    Kings in 7
    Preditors in 6

    Carp or anyone Is the first game of our series vs. the Caps on Sat or Sun. at the MSG??? Need to know asap to swap some tickets with my group as I’m going to two communions on Sat. just my freeken luck. I have a set of tickets in every round but I’m getting screwed with freeken conflicts. Had to swap tickets in the first round also

  94. How good has Stralman been? Offensively and defensevely! Great series for him and a great bargain for us! Only 900 grand!

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