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  1. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    yes I can baby sit, just don’t do diapers!! ;)

  2. I’m going to MSG. Will be at the Puck around 4:40-5. Laurel too. Anyone interested, come over.

  3. I had a dream about the game. The Rangers were flying and banging. Getting to loose pucks first and winning battles when they didn’t. They seemed to be a step ahead mentally and physically. They were absolutely fierce in their focus and determination, but they looked totally free. They executed to perfection. Hank was invincible. I didn’t see the final score, just the Rangers pouring over the boards in jubilation.

  4. Rangers West on

    With Boyle gone let’s hope Dubious and Artie show up tonight to to help fill the 6’7” gap on the ice. These two guys haven’t played awful but, for what it seems they’re capable of, they’ve been a letdown.

  5. 4:55

    Comment From Lev
    Carp whats your opinion on Rupp Beating down Neil, the way Carkner did to boyle within the first 5 minutes. He would defintnley get kicked out, but do we really need rupp for this game. Don’t you think we would win in the tradeoff, having neil off for 5 mins or more, in exchange for losing rupp.

    I DID NOT ASK THIS IN THE CHAT!!!!!!! i was impostered :(

  6. Carp, it’s hard to find the words to describe gratitude of the work you’re doing here. Cup for The Best Blogger is yours to keep! Thank you.

  7. it seems like it was the same person over and over using different names suggesting that Rupp should attack Neil. That’s just fuggin stupid in my opinion. Game 7 people! You want to play shorthanded????? And then when they lose complain about the lack of discipline? You want to take out your anger do it in the off-season or next year. Send them an angry post-card with a picture of you holding the cup or something.

  8. Lev,
    Unfortunately, I seriously suspect his right hand didn’t heal yet. At least enough for real damaging fight.

  9. I don’t do Twitter , can anybody tell me what Ward said about racism that was continued by Simmonds

  10. Oh, sorry Lev…I didn’t realize it wasn’t you. Strange, why would anyone…never mind.

  11. 4ever, ye i dont know. All the other 4 or 5 questions i asked were me though. I went away for 10 min, caught up on the chat and saw my name on this question. Then skimmed back up several of the same questions were asked under different names.

  12. Unlike ever surprising contribution from unheralded and unexpected players in Games 7, something is telling me that BRich will be again our hero tonight. But honestly, I don’t care, as long Rangers win. And the WILL, god dammed!

  13. Twitter: you know what just look at the circumstances and put your mind in the racist gutter and thats what went down. Not worth even acknowledging w abbreviations.

  14. Despicable carsillo in our time and age, how some morons take a pride openly making doormat out of 1st Amendment.

  15. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    thanks again for the chat!!

    I was confused about one thing on the chat, around 4:45 there was a Q and A about cally and I was unaware that his finger had a concussion? How long is that finger out? any ETA?

    also the part about orr writing the rangers song…gold carp, pure gold!!

  16. got a guy on with Michael Kay saying all the pressure is on the Rangers because Ottawa is in a rebuilding mode and the Rangers spent a ton of money this year. do other people buy into this notion that signing Richards meant the Rangers were gambling more on this season than most of us here believe?

  17. A couple of Ottawa fans standing outside of MSG. One has a jersey with big “O” on the front. Looks exactly like Oprah magazine cover my wife gets every month. Perhaps I should let him know?

  18. just realized it’s friggin Melrose. please completely disregard my previous question.

  19. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    hope you guys enjoy the game and bring us luck! Mrs says you lucky turds!!! ;)

    LGR and LGT!!!

  20. Hagelin chips it in past Karlsson and racism to the puck…

    should be the only way it’s heard

  21. Can You Hear Us? on

    The Big “O” for ZERO,

    for OPRAH…

    for O-BAMA…

    for bOston fans…

    …Losers, all.

  22. I feel it will be the role players, lines 3-4, who will be integral to the success of the NY Rangers:

    Del Zastero

  23. Tiki

    We are in this together. I just wish I could grab a stick and play myself. Maybe I’ll even get power play time. I can stick-handle.

  24. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    per quota

    did anyone respond about the right way tshirts a few threads ago?

  25. Can You Hear Us? on

    Amirante needs to get his hair wig re-dyed black, and swallow some lemon juice before singing the anthems.

  26. I agree with you, EddieX3 —

    Dubinsky may thrive in this close game, but I’d like to see him be able to get close to the goal mouth. He is tough to knock off the puck..

    Krieder — he may have a great game – he just came out of a hockey tournament, and has been playing pressure hockey longer than any other player on the ice this spring. (Yeah, it was college hockey, but there was still “pressure”. Furthermore, Krieder may also be more relaxed than his teamates because he did not play 82 games with this team. He doesnt have as much to lose. Much less is expected of him than is Broadway Brad, Gabby, Cally, Hank, etc.

  27. I’ve already bit my nails – bleeding – and the game aint for another hour… :(

  28. E.J. Hradek is Buttman’s personal “YES MAN!” …sitting next to Gary and saying “yes” to everything Buttman says…hilarious

  29. I don’t know why, but I have a really bad feeling about this one. Just doesn’t feel right. Something like down 3-0 after 1 or something devastating like that…

  30. LETS GO RANGERS!!!! Amirante was horrendous in Game 5, sorry to say. Id like to see the guy from the opera who sang in French and English at one of this years Rangers/Canadiens games at MSG become the permanent singer once Amirante retires. Threeormore is in tonight per Pidto which doesnt mean anything. GO RANGERS. GO PANTHERS

  31. Homemade eggplant parmesan for dinner.

    Macallan scotch waiting on the counter.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  32. Lev

    Amirante has always been terrible, but that’s why he’s so great. His singing voice is almost as horrendous as the rat on his head…

  33. Buttman just called out fans who yell at him from the distance and compared their antics to Joel Ward tweeter incident (which he called “ignorant” a minute earlier) and said that he doesn’t care what they have to say because he tuned them out long time ago lol

    this freaking guy!

  34. Per Djoos – and Kreider just played in a single elimination tournament. He has more recent experience than anyone on the team handling a game 7 mentality.

  35. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – I like DDE’s dream more than yours…

    I have a good feeling about game7.

    Rangers 3-0 after the first.

  36. We won a Cup with John Amirante – he can sing whenever he wants as long as I’m concerned.

  37. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    HOLY CRAP LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – I think buttplug has early onset parkinson’s … He has the shakes…..

  39. Lin!

    4ever, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be … but I’m bracing for the worst from the quitters. already seeing some of them.

  40. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    to hell with that Carpy! Gotta keep the vibe going! As long as the fans there are loud and proud, it should be fun!!!

  41. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I say let Hank rest for round 2, play boron tonight…. Thoughts?

  42. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Manny, Bettman does watch hockey. He has to make sure that these correct penalties are being called and that pucks are kicked in with the skates.

  43. CraigWeather on

    Had a dream that we won…. And at the end, the fans were cheering “can you hear us!!”

  44. How does Bettman say, “I know that the referees get 99% of the calls right and when they get one wrong they hear about it but I watch to make sure that the game is being played the way *I* want it to be played and it looks like *I* want it to look.”

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