Post-practice interviews on the eve of Game 7


So we’re getting closer and closer to dropping the puck on the Garden’s first Game 7 in 18 years. The Rangers held a full practice today in Greenburgh, but skated without both Ryan Callahan (finger) and Brian Boyle (concussion).

Boyle was to be expected. There’s been no further update on his status, so consider him out for Game 7. Breathe easy, though, when it comes to Callahan. The captain took the day off for maintenance, according to John Tortorella. Callahan was in the building and received treatment.

“We gave him an extra day,” the coach said. “He’ll be in the pregame skate tomorrow.”

The buildup to Game 7 dominated the conversation this morning. I’ll let you listen to the players’ comments. The coach briefly shared his feelings in what amounted to one of his more elaborate post-practice press conferences of late, though, as you could guess, he didn’t exactly wax poetic.

His did say the Rangers won’t waiver in how they play.

“That’s the biggest strength of our team is being who we are, so that’s how we’re going to approach it,” he said. “There’s no tricks here. We’re just going to go play.”

A few other notes:

The league finally announced that Game 7 will start at 7 p.m. The game will be broadcast on MSG and NBC Sports Network.

• The lines remained the same from Game 6, save John Scott skating in place of Callahan. No offense to Scott, but that’s a pretty good indication Callahan will play without issue tomorrow night. Of note: Chris Kreider remained on the second line with Derek Stepan and Artem Anisimov continued to center Mike Rupp and John Mitchell on the fourth line.

• As you’ll hear when you listen to his interview, Michael Del Zotto had no comment on Chris Neil’s threat that he would “catch him with his head down.”

“I don’t even know what he said. I’m just worried about tomorrow’s game,” Del Zotto said. “It was a huge game last game. Game 7 in our building is going to be exciting. That’s all I’m worried about.”

Henrik Lundqvist was named a finalist for the Vezina Trophy for the fourth time, joining Jonathan Quick of the Kings and Pekka Renne of the Predators. Lundqvist was a finalist from 2006-08.

“I’m really honored and proud,” he said. “I take a lot of pride in that. I worked really hard. I wanted to push my game this year. I really felt like I prepared a certain way to be ready for this year with all the things we had going on early on. I feel great about it. I feel really happy about it, but I also think the team should take some credit for it. Without them, there’s no way I’d be up there.”

• Lundqvist said he did not hear from the NHL about his comments after Game 6. He regretted not thinking it through more before speaking as harshly as he did.

“It wasn’t the best thing to do, to scream and be all that upset, but there’s a lot of emotions out there,” he said. “It’s the end of the game and there’s a lot on the line. Sometimes, you do stuff where maybe you should’ve thought it through before you say something, but I’ve moved on.”

John Tortorella:

[audio: torts.MP3]

Henrik Lundqvist, part 1:

[audio: hankpart1.MP3]

Henrik Lundqvist, part 2:

[audio: hankpart2.MP3]

Brad Richards:

[audio: richards.MP3]

Michael Del Zotto:

[audio: mdz.MP3]

Brandon Dubinsky:

[audio: dubi.MP3]

Brandon Prust:

[audio: prust.MP3]

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  1. John Scott *SKATED* in place of Callahan, Josh? Do you have a video of that? Could be entertaining, no offense to Scott of course…..

  2. Matty'"Neilbetterskatewithhisheadup"boy on

    looks like 7 pm.

    Congrats and well deserved Henrik!! Good luck!!

  3. Matty'"Neilbetterskatewithhisheadup"boy on

    Torts saying all the right things before this game. More excellent coaching and leadership.

  4. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I know that game 7 is enough to get a team pumped up to play, but Prust sure looked good in game 6. Playing for Boyler, just like that fight against Neil.

  5. Joekuh - 13 more..GBT! on

    e3, LOL @ jahrastaKREIDERfari!

    dvr’d game 6 and plan to watch it today. key to beating elliot, or any other goalie for that matter, is to go high, glove side if u have time to pick that corner out.

  6. Matty'"Neilbetterskatewithhisheadup"boy on

    Henrik saying the right things today after saying the ‘not so right’ but true things after the game. Hope they don’t ‘conspire’ against him with the deserving Vezina award.

  7. Kreider skated with Dubinski? On the second line?

    I thought the second line was: Kreider – Stepan – Callahan

  8. The word has been that McIlrath’s skating has really improved and that he’s become a stud d-man. Have to wait until Sept to see how much he’s improved and what he can be at the NHL level.

    I agree with whoever brought up Wideman and the need for an offensive defenseman.

  9. I wouldn’t want to get anyone (aside from Brooks Laich) that has been playing in that cancer of a dressing room that the Washington Capitals call a team

  10. Per Adam Rotter the lines were:

    •The Scoring Line
    •The Olympic Line (with John Scott in for Callahan)
    •Ruslan Fedotenko, Brandon Dubinsky, Brandon Prust
    •Artem Anisimov, John Mitchell, Mike Rupp

  11. The laughter coming from the reporters after Torts gave another presser in which he wouldn’t
    stop running his mouth, rambling on and on (hah) was very amusing.

  12. Is it just me or is the playoff schedule completely insane this year? Who’s doing the scheduling? The Bruins play 2 games in 2 days and then other teams get 2 day breaks between games? WTB?

  13. Joekuh - 13 more..GBT! on

    elliot, anderson, they both look the same! thnx jonny, i realized it almost as soon as i posted. i blame my iPhone….

  14. Thanks, JOSH. No problem at all … I was just hoping that the Torts clown was keeping the “Captain America” line together.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Artie, Mitch, and Rupper is the line of misfit toys.

    Good news is rupper is signed for 2 more yrs at $1.5 per. Can’t skate, can’t fight, can’t pass but he has a level of motivational speaking second only to Bobby Valentine.

  16. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, Josh, tony, and all!!

    speaking of Josh, any one get 26’d?

    I would love to see mcilrath make the team next season.

    I’m not sure (unless the d man is an absolute stud like weber) we need to add a d man. Probably should subtract one or two to get a top 3/6 forward.

    LGR and LGT!!

  17. Bet you Callahan’s maintenance day consists of trying to convince their orthopedic surgeon to put a metal plate in that finger, numb it up overnight and for tomorrow, so he can hold the stick. The surgeon:”But I don’t have an OR time scheduled for today”. Ryan :”I don’t give a flying byfuglien about the OR time. I can be there at midnight if it’s convenient for you!” Doc:”But I have a family!”. Ryan:”It’s game 7, you dumb MZA!”

  18. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I think this season of rupp’s is like last year for gabby (NO, I AM NOT COMPARING THEM AS PLAYERS, just the situation and injuries).

    Everyone was all over gabby last year (myself included at times) about “not good, why have him, yada yada yada, lobster bisque” but he fought through injuries all season.

    I think this season for rupp is the same, knee and hand/arm injuries have really put a damper on it for him. He is NOT a heavyweight fighter, (probably a light heavyweight IMHO), but can scrap pretty well and is very good 4th liner that can move up in the lines on occasion and is not over priced.

  19. Hey…not to beat a dead horse, but…

    I just saw this replay on ESPN. (Linke below.) Until I watched this, I had not seen much other than the kicking of the puck in the goal (clear acceleration of the puck through the crease) which normally isn’t allowed. (When I got home last night, my 4yr old says to me, “How did they score that goal by kicking it in? You told me that only a stick can score a goal!) I mean if my 4yr old can see it, what the heck? But forget the kicking debate for a second.

    Take a look at the replay. Look at Chris Neil’s stick lodged in Henry’s hip which pushes him 4 feet across the goalmouth out of the way. THEN the puck gets kicked in. I mean what’s the use of replay in these instances if they don’t see that? Is it because only the kicking motion can be challenged but not the entire play?

    I don’t know enough, but look at this replay and then you will all understand why the ENTIRE Rangers has Neil in his sights. I am guessing (hoping) that when he gets anywhere near the crease this team will hack the crap out of him.

  20. Agree on Rupp, wicky, he pretty much stopped fighting after that asshat Bolton broke it. Probably never properly healed. Tried once, and stopped throwing ’em almost right away. His skating has been better lately than at the beginning of the season….

  21. Newman – the best explanation I heard was that the goaltender interference which was missed by Tom Peel on the ice is not reviewable. Since he missed that the only review could be for the kicking motion. There has to be overwhelming evidence that the puck was kicked in order to overturn the call.

    Had Peel made the right call on the ice, the review would have only confirmed that it was kicked. Not overturned it.

    So we were screwed twice on that one.

  22. Let it go, GAA makes no difference in POs. 3-1, 3-2, the game is in the books. It’s not like we didn’t know what Neil has been doing before. But I agree, the Rangers, and even perhaps the refs, will pay more attention to Neil in the crease. That may have been one of the reasons for Hank’s rant the other night.

  23. Ilb – I think Newman is just trying to make sense of this crazy, crazy world that we live in through the lens of hockey. The insanity of the Senators goal being allowed, rather than disallowed, has thrown him into a spiraling black-hole of confusion. “What does it all mean? Who am I? Where did I come from?” That type of stuff.

    I am just trying to help him see the light.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – hope you are right about Rupp, but regarding Gabby comparison I was surprised to hear Torts explain on a ‘Behind the Bench’ episode that Gabby was NOT injured last season and they emphasized him needing to score in tight areas and not just on wristers from the circles.

    My frustration is that Rupp was brought in for a series just like this one and really has done nothing albeit at 5 mins per game. His one ‘big’ hit on Gonchar was brushed off like water off a ducks tail.

    IMO the Nash courting took away a bigger need for forward depth (not the circus freak John Scott) as we now have Mitch playing key minutes because we had nothing behind our top 12 forwards after Boyle got hurt. Good thing Slats signed Kreider.

  25. >>Has anyone heard about chess boxing?

    I saw a report about it on the evening news this past Monday. I like chess, but hate boxing. I won’t be a fan of this combo sport.

  26. That article by Rick Reilly is pretty funny. It’s about how some guys are better at chess and some are better at boxing but none were good enough to make it at either alone.

  27. >>>In a related note, the NHL has announced the on-ice officials for the Senators-That Other Team Game 7 matchup at Madison Square Garden. The Referees will be Morris “Moe” Howard and Lawrence “Larry Fine” and the linesmen are Jerome “Curly” Howard and Samuel “Shemp” Howard.

    NEVER HAPPEN! All four were American-born, and Moe, Curly and Shemp were born-in-Brooklyn boys. The league would *NEVER* take that chance! ;-D

    (OK, I’m ready for the onslaught of criticism!)

  28. Not sure if this got answered in the other thread I posted, but did anyone see Neil punch/shove the back of Richards head twice after he slewed/kicked/tripped him?

  29. How about someone in Toronto do the right thing for a change. As the replay reviewer I say to myself, you know what Hank was clearly interfered with….nevermind the kick…can’t let that injustice stand and it’s my call… know what, I see it as a clear kick. it’s my call, no goal. let’s move on….

  30. Shore, you’re assuming that there’s someone up there in the war room that didn’t get the memo to make sure that Ottawa gets at least a chance to tie the game up!

  31. Shore, not defending the wrong call on the goal, because it should have been disallowed on the kick … but replay has no authority on the interference, that can only be called by one of the clowns in stripes.

  32. Exactly, Tiki – they were twisting themselves into pretzels up there trying to find ways to ignore the kicked-in puck. The last thing they were thinking about was to negate the goal based on another foul that should have been called on the ice – that’s not their job; calling that goal GOOD is their job!

  33. Carp, I understand what you are saying. My point was the honorable reviewer would see the injustice of the interference not called by the officials and then rule no goal as a result of the kick whether or not that the kick actually occured. All the reviewer has to say is “I see it as a kick” and we wind up with a just result….sort of a make-up call like those we see so often on the ice…only this one happens instantly……ok lets move on…Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  34. “clowns in stripes”

    Nice one, CARP.

    Starting to speak the language of The Pimp.

  35. I am Pimp! Weak penalty for the Madrid goal, weak penalty for the Bayern goal. More disgusting refereeing.

  36. I bet this referee allows a last-second goal that’s handed-in.

    Is this the same ref from Game 6?

  37. Pimp, there’s always the same referee. None of them are different. At least FIFA, UEFA, FA doles out consequences to egregiously bad refereeing. Did you see the Barca game yesterday? They get every single cheatjob to go their way. I wish I was a fan of Barca. They get more calls than all of the 4 boston teams combined. It’s disgraceful. If you go back and look at each of their 3 CL titles, they got so many cheatjobs in their favor along the way.

  38. I did watch. They do get calls going their way 99% of the time. I can’t root for Barca or Real Madrid.

    Problem is that I also can’t root for Chelsea or Bayern.

    I’m trying to find an European team to root for … having a hard time … any suggestions?

  39. You could root for Arsenal. They never win anything, though. Lots of promise, but underachievement. People claim Manchester United get all the calls, but statistics prove otherwise. Class Either of those 2 teams. Juventus has goalie Gianluigi Buffon, Italy Keeper, that looks strikingly similar to Henrik. Those are your best choices if youre looking for a top European team.

  40. I really hate these Torts pressers. The media has a job to do and he pretty much acts like a bully. I just think he comes off as an unprofessional brute and take an unnecessary “us vs. them” mentality with the press.

    A main avenue of insight fans have into the team come from reporters trying to do their jobs.

    As a fan, it’s disappointing to listen to these standoffish farces of a media session.

  41. Karlsson shows his immaturity/Euro softness with the leg swipe at Prust after being put on his arse. Be a man, get back up, and play the game.

  42. From Spector’s Sporting News column:

    “Teams know when the momentum changes. You’re sitting on the bench, and something can happen—a break, a bounce, whatever—and you feel it on the bench. And the other team says ‘uh-oh.’ And it goes back and forth. To have it go your way for four games, for momentum to come and sit on your bench, momentum is very fickle.”

    Quotes from Mr Chico Resch. Which surely proves momentum doesn’t exist.

  43. I just heard an amazing stat: Every team that has advanced in these playoffs has had more *blocked shots* than the team that they beat.

  44. Ill be cheering Chelsea in the final, Pimp. I love the story of di Matteo. Abramovich has long coveted the CL title, and I think it’d be awesome to finally see him in all his glory.

  45. NO WAY do I ever root for an Italian team … boring and can’t stand the floppin’.

    I’ll just stick to Sao Paulo FC.

  46. Back to hockey … the only chance we have of winning tomorrow’s game is if The Kreider takes over and scores a hat trick. Which he will.

  47. Go Bayern!

    Don’t really have any special affinity for either team, but have a friend who’s an obnoxious, incessant Chelsea fan. I can’t stand listening to him any longer!

    As for hockey..


  48. Scary that all 3 teams the Rangers could have played on the last day of the season have taken their teams to the only game 7’s and all could have won their series in game 6 (2 went to OT)…parity in the East…

  49. I’m in Toronto, maybe I’ll stop by the NHL war room……..second thought I want to get back to the good old USA. Ran into some Flyers fans, they are pulling hard(Joe M. Would like that) for the Sens

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    The key to game 7 – which team shows up? – the team that shows up ready to play wins…the other ……doesnt win

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – chess/boxing has been around a bit…very strange coupling…….i prefer chess/love making as the two things that go well…..and you should see my bishop, if ya know what i mean…:)

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    i wouldn’t be surprised to see dubi break out of his funk tomorrow with a pair of goals…mark my words….

  53. I want to exact revenge upon the Caps if we advance, but a Flyer-Bruins series should severely weaken a Conference Finals opponent. So either way, as long as we keep winning, it doesn’t matter much to me.

  54. eddie eddie eddie on

    latina – i comprendo my spanish brutha….i want the craps too…they are the least physical of the teams we could face……and i hope we are able to bang them silly, given we win game 7…….but craps can score…….filthy can score too…….not sure who i want to play if i had a say in it…

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    latina – that would be a great eastern conference semi-match up

    rangers – devils


  56. That’s probably what it will be, eddie. Much more attractive than the Western matchups!

  57. With Malice toward all, except Brooklyn and "the city" on

    If the odds stay at Sens +150, it’s a gambler’s
    delight. Essentially a toss-up, just like the series,
    and they’ll give you an extra half-buck for every whole
    one you risk.
    Doesn’t mean Sens win; means you take that kind of
    exaggerated line enough times, you get to retire.
    Shore Ranger – gotcha the first time, and its what any
    common-sense, upright human bean woulda done. Nice
    I like the Jess Spector/Chico take on “mo.”
    1944: nice grab! My cousins all thought any of the
    8th seed possibilities would give this version of Rangers
    a match, right to the end.
    ilb: was Mother Theresa a hockey fan?:-)

  58. I would love to revenge the Capitals. But…..Panthers with their backup goalie? Bruins vs. Phlyers beating the snot out of each other? Seems like a dream scenario…

    That is, if we win tomorrow.

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    kings/blues ver interesting series…….i think preds beat the arizona cardinals

  60. I wouldn’t count the Coyotes out in that Nashville series. I never thought the ‘Yotes would beat the Blackhawks and they did. Nashville doesn’t have a great track record. So, who knows?

  61. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – kurt warner retired. the arizona cardinals lack that big QB. Pecker Rimmer is tough in goal….i like the tennessee titans in that matchup

  62. hey all i dont have my usual negative juice like always as this morning my father in law passed away. he was fighting cancer for 7 yrs. so btwn trips to hospital and having 14 month old i really havent been on since game 6 monday night to read comments.

    that being said my wife has to handle things in jersey tom night with her mom and sister so since i will be home with the baby is it nuts to get a baby sitter since my wife wont be home to spend time with her.

    i have been on zero sleep these past few days

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric – hang in there… condolences to your wife and her family…..not a fan of death myself….

  64. After we defeat the Senators, the referees and the clowns in the “War Room” tomorrow night (sounds like a fair fight) everyone should offer Neil their hand and then pull it away as he reaches out.

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    eric – it is not nuts to get a babysitter..whether you are at the game (obviously) or at home watching it…

  66. CraigWeather on

    So… PLEASE tell me we don’t have to listen to Hayward and Forslund tomorrow night!!! Any way to find out who’s announcing the game tomorrow night on NBC Sports network?

  67. Eric, condolences for your father-in-law’s passing. May your wife remember only the best of times of her time with her Dad.

  68. Eric, my sincere condolences to your family, and especially to your wife – losing a parent is a very tough thing to process, even though it was kinda expected. The finality of it is very mind-altering, and not in an “”Eddie3” way.

    Our boys are gonna WIN for us tomorrow night – for you, your wife, for *Tony*, and the rest of us!

  69. I’d like to have us play the Craps next, so I guess I’m pulling for them tonight, although I hate the team!

  70. CraigWeather on

    CCCP, I live in WPB so I can’t watch it on MSG. I’d much rather deal with Sam’s Mistakes then the complete douche-nozzles forslund and Hayward. Everything with them is Ottawa this, Ottawa that…. Ottawas great…..

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimbo – death is the cruelest of all ironies…….so sad when someone close passes….

  72. You’re exactly correct, Eddie3 – I don’t think any of us ever really get over losing our parents – we handle it, sure – but it leaves a welt in our hearts forever.

  73. My condolences to your wife too. . . Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday . . this year will be five years since he passed away. . .Sometimes it feels like yesterday still and sometimes it feels like longer.

  74. Jimbo, it’s difficult for me to recognize your posts since you’ve dropped the “Woodside” part of the handle!

  75. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Goof evening all! Nice to have you hear again Josh!!!!

    Condolences eric, and to mrs. eric…, I can’t believe your kid is 14 months already! Feels like yesterday you were selling tix cause you were expecting…..time flies!

    Didn’t see Tony today as expected….he wants me to come tomorrow to help him and Rose set up new iPad for game link and blog :) I love this guy!!! Rehabbing from stroke and his priorities are all good! That should teach all you Nancys a lesson!!!

  76. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Newman, team needs to concentrate on the right way and play, not be focused on Neilhartnell. If he gets carcillo’d up in the process, great, but they need to stay on target…..

  77. Oh no, the Knicks will have to be on MSG2? Oh, the horror!!

    According to Puck the Media, Doc/Eddie/Pierre are going to MSG to call the game tomorrow! Strader/Engblom on Devils, which is starting nationally on NHL Network, most likely due to the “Costco Craze” special already scheduled for CNBC.

  78. Interesting. Knicks game actually moved to My9. Does that mean everyone else in New York State doesn’t get to see it or do they have to pick a local station/MSG2 alternate. Again, the horror!

  79. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    The Taylor series expansion for the ranger series is win, lose, win, lose, lose, win…. The seventh term in this series is win. It is a mathematical certainty. Bet the farm on a ranger victory with Brandon Dubinski the hero…

  80. JimboWoodside on

    >>>According to Puck the Media, Doc/Eddie/Pierre are going to MSG to call the game tomorrow!

    Of course! They want their “A Team” at our house – they know that nobody gives a hot damn whether the Swamp Rats or the Panthers win!

  81. That Buick commercial is beyond dumb. Shaq is praising the car by saying that he is too big for hybrids, and that he’s got shoes bigger than most of them. Meantime, if you look how he fits inside of this car, he appears to be as comfortable as if he was sitting In GYN chair.

  82. Doesn’t look like Thomas will be able to get the Bruins very deep this year. Even if they beat the Caps

  83. JimboWoodside on

    ilb, you’re trying to make sense of a TV commercial? Surely you jest! (I know, don’t call you Shirley!)

  84. Guess you’re right, Jimbo…Long day. But at least they could try to make it look like he is a bit more comfortable there, since it is what they’re advertising.

  85. Jimbo, you didn’t have to change back for me, although I appreciate the dedication to our relationship!

    Hope tomorrow brings better things, ilb.

    Is it just me or is this game boring?

  86. Blogmama – I have no idea to what you are referring, but assuming it’s hating Doc, MSG is still covering the game locally with Sam & Joe.

  87. Thanks, Latona. I’m going to MSG with my son, so it’s already a better day. Imagine if they win? :-)

  88. CraigWeather on

    For those of you who want the Caps to win this series…. Uhhhhh no thanks. That’s another team we dont match up well against, and Semin ALWAYS kills us, plus Holtby looks like the real deal. Pass on the Caps… Give me the flyers next round if we take care of our OWN business tomorrow night. Thoughts?

  89. I’d want the Devils and Fatso over the Flyers, Craig.

    Awesome, ilb. There’s going to be a lot of boneheads in the house, so they better!

  90. JimboWoodside on

    You’re welcome, Latona – I intend to put back in the “Win it for TONY” tomorrow, but I went with just “Jimbo” for a little while.

    Yes, this game is *BORING* so far! B’s better pick up the pace or it’s over for them!

  91. I can’t wait until The Kreider lights up the Ottawa Clowns for a hat trick.

    The Kreider is the best.

  92. Craig, I’m tryin’ not to look ahead at all. Tomorrow’s game the Rangers are still facing elimination. They need to play 60 minutes of all-out hustle and smart play to beat Ottawa.


    Holtby scares me because he looks like the real deal for sure. We’ve already made CRAIG ANDERSON look like a world beater…imagine how Holtby would look.

    Again, don’t wanna think about it. A loss tomorrow will sting just as bad as a loss on Monday would have been.

    But you have to believe that Hagelin and Kreider just might have provided the spark our offense needed.

    And Hank is still fuming about the kicked in goal and getting interfered with. Maybe he uses that anger to make him unstoppable tomorrow night.

    Biggest game for the Rangers in years. Main key – Let Hank see the puck.

    For those who remember; It was Wade Redden in Game 7 against the Caps in 2009 that screened Hank late in the third to allow Sergei Fedorov to score the game winner.

    I also remember those Rangers only got ONE shot on goal in the third period.

  93. The Kreider is going to win the game tomorrow by himself. He’s going to have to, because our other clowns are no-talent amateurs.

  94. Oh god, I too remember that two-bit clown Redden screening the Queen. Hope he’s enjoying the Hartford nightlife.

  95. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on


    ilb at GYN chair reference……LINE OF THE YEAR!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha!

  96. The way Holtby is playing, we wouldn’t score one goal on him. He’d single-handidly win the Conn Smythe based on our series.

  97. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    condolences to you and your family!!! Get the sitter, we’d do it if we were closer

  98. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I think I have to root for the bruins just so I don’t have to deal with another whole series of ILB talking about maltby in goal for the caps….lol ;)

  99. eric, my condolences of the passing of your father-in-law. It’s never easy to deal with losing a parent. :(

  100. Good luck tommorrow…as a Caps fan, I hope you win, so we can smoke your ass again in the 2nd round. Lundqvist is great vs the Caps in the playoffs.

  101. If the Rangers win tomorrow that will do a lot for the team’s mojo. If I were the Capitals, I’d be rooting pretty hard for Ottawa.

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