Getting set for Game 7


Gonna try something … a special edition Game 7 Live Chat from the Garden Thursday afternoon. It’s going to have to be on the late side, like 2:30 or 3 p.m., I think.

Still working on the logistics. I’ll be sure to let youse know as soon as I figure it out.

It could be off the hook.

The plan today is for Josh Thomson, 26, to attend practice and fill youse in with what goes on there.

Meanwhile, and I know you guys don’t want any jinxing, but with three Game 7s upcoming, I’m looking at the possibilities. Here they are:

If ya boys win and Washington wins, it’s Rangers-Capitals next.

If ya boys win and Boston and Florida win, it’s Rangers-Flyers.

If ya boys win and Boston and the Devils win, it’s Rangers-Devils.

If ya boys lose … well, then you don’t care who it is and this place will be lit up like a Christmas tree.

I’ll update here later with my hastily-written column on this series, from The Journal News and today. It was hammered out in the Toronto airport. Not even sure if it was English.



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  1. Joekuh - 13 more..GBT! on

    thats what u have editors for, carpini… can i volunteer to do 3 stars for game 7?

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Plus I just registered for the Saskatchewan 2012 Marathon today !!! My first one ever on May 27th!!

    Im lookin forward to a Rangers vs Flyers matchup!!!!

    Carp if this game 7 don’t go right …You may have to bring out a few Shoeshine boxes!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!! Lets win this baby!!!

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Aren’t you glad you’re done traveling to Kanata, Carp? A layover in Toronto? There are no direct flights? What is this place, a third world country?

    Congrats, GregL! We’ll be cheering for you!


  4. Shift by shift just take of our own business, but since we are just fans, I’ll take the Caps as well. Selfish bonus I got second round Caps tix in me pocket, ya! Plus Boston out is a real good thing. Gotta get past game 7 and then I think we build on this series and go for along run.

  5. Give the Sens full credit for taking the Rangers to Game 7 — but I just dont see Ottawa winning game 7 at MSG.

    I could see the game being very close-checking (as the past 5 have been), with the Rangers winning based on the depth of their roster. That means a hero in the form of AA, Step, Kreider, Stralman, Feds, Mitchell… and perhaps even Dubinsky.

    Richards, Gabby, Callahan will play great. Hagelin will stir it up with his speed in the offensive zone, opening up space for the stars… LQ will be great. But the Rangers’ depth players will decide the game, I think.

  6. Carl Hagelin is quite simply the “straw that stirs the drink” on that first line.

    He creates space for Rich and Gabby by using his speed and fearlessness. He creates a bit of chaos in the offensive zone, which will be interesting to see how the (fourth-worst regular season defense Ottawa) Senators deal with him in a tense Game 7.

  7. My hope is a Ranger / Panther east final so I can see some games down here before I have to come back to NY for the cup finals :)

  8. good article today Rick. Excellent run-down of everything the monkeys in stripes and at the nhl offices missed lately. Maybe you should send a copy of it to shanahan and bettmen.

  9. Man I’d like to see Rangers a Cats down here too. THat, I could plan a trip around,….still a good 200 miles of
    driving..but I doubt TBW would want to go ( although I could drop her off at Stuart to visit an old girl friend), hmmmmmm.

  10. Not only is Hagelin the straw that stirs the first line drink, Torts has made a brilliant move by putting Kreider on the 2nd line for the same effect.

    Right now, our top 2 lines are primarily our top 2 lines for the next few years.

  11. Hammer, that would be a dream. The weakest team in these playoffs is the Panthers. Cant’ believe they are still alive in a rebuilding year. Cant believe the Debbies are this bad, to be going 7 with them. Do either of these teams “check”??????

    . Worst series

  12. Good Morning to all..

    Still want to know how I am supposed to concentrate on work with a GAME 7 looming?


    Feeling confident and excited.

    Shift by Shift….

    Period by Period…

    Game by Game….

    RANGERS IN 7!!!

  13. Great morning, Carp! I found this for YOU:

    ilb2001 April 24th, 2012 at 9:07 pm
    Forgot to tell something else, dammit. He is still not allowing anyone to shave him, lol. He said he told them: “Forget it! That’s for Sally!”


  14. Fran – we all would love to play the Panthers but, if FLA wins, Rangers get Flyers or Caps. 1 seed can’t play 2 or 3 seed until Conference Finals.

  15. bull dog line on

    you may be right, those may be the top 2 lines next season. but do not discount Zach Parise being signed. that signing, I believe, would lead to a certain Ranger favorite here being traded for a Dman.

  16. We need to get rid of Anisimov. He’s beyond useless and doesn’t fit the team’s identity.

  17. Did anyone go to the daily news and see the new video of the michalek kick? First time I was seeing it from that angle…what a bunch of horse carcillo that this guy didnt get suspended…

  18. Canadian team= a warning call
    American team=suspended for two games

    and there is no bias in this sport./….bull carcillo….will say it again…this sucks and i cant wait for the refs to blow something in game seven…if they do they are gonna need a police escort out of the garden….

  19. Stranger Nation on

    With talent coming up in pipeline, Artie will be on the outs if he does not get more physical with his approach and become better along boards. He can skate and has good size, but doesn’t do well in tight quarters and never seems to win a 50/50 puck battle along the boards. A finesse 3rd line checking winger – not too many of those in this league.

    He is a RFA in after next year and they will use that $$ on hags or step and let him go unless he pushes to the next level. that is the advantage of holding on to youth – can replace from within.

  20. Bulldog – Parise is a LW – that means getting rid of Kreider or Hagelin. I don’t see that happening with the lower hit of their entry level contracts. I think the signing of Parise is becoming less likely especially from Parise’s perspective. His hometown Wild have the need for a top player/leader and are way under the cap.

  21. What about making a trade for Jordan Staal? Bring him in to play with his brother. His time in Pittsburgh is limited and they probably might entertain the idea of moving him?

  22. OK if we take Jordan Staal we will have to give them a Center (Dubinsky) and we will have to probably give them some help on Defense in the ways of Erixon or Bickel or something like that. The thing is, the Penguins will lose Jordan Staal to somewhere like Toronto in one season so they are likely anxious to move him.

    We could unite the brothers and they could team up against their evil brother, Eric.

  23. John Scott should play on the 1st line tomorrow night. guaranteed hat trick.

    Scott >>>> Nash

  24. If Milan Michalek only gets a warning for kicking Girardi does that mean that the NHL is already assured themselves that the Senators are moving on and, should Michalek have any shenanigans in further rounds, they will address it then?

  25. Are you guys sure the NHL doesn’t want to start the game at a time more convenient for Silfverberg’s Jet Lag? Maybe he hasn’t had enough time to adjust and we should just wait a couple of days.

  26. why would the start the devs game at 8….there is no crossover audience…or broadcasters…

  27. If Ottowa does make it on I would be absolutely amazed if ANY of their players got a suspension for doing ANYTHING….it would be a national tragedy in Canada EHHH

  28. Regarding the last Ottawa “goal”, I’m amazed at the lack of attention and comment on Neil shoving his stick into LQ’s hip and pushing him across the crease before he kicks in the puck. My 17 year old daughter, who now watches the games w/ me, and I both noticed it on the first overhead replay and were amazed at Sam’s and Joe’s lack of comment as they focused entirely on the kicked puck. It wasn’t mentioned in the broadcast until Trautwig finally noticed it during the post game. I’m not surprised at the totally inept officiating but I would think that someone on the broadcast team would bring it up.

    As talented as Ottawa is, they can’t beat us without cheating and getting help from the on-ice officials (AKA Toronto’s Clown Patrol) and those in Toronto who are valiantly propping up Canada’s lone contestant for the hallowed Cup. The Senators and the league office should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior and actions during this series.

  29. National Hockey League Official Release —

    NHL Sr. VP of Player safety Brendan Shanahan has just placed Ottawa’s Milan Michalek on “double secret probation” as a result of his “muscle spasm” in his leg that inconclusively made momentary contact with Daniel Girardi. Mr. Shananigans said that the double secret probation would be lifted immediately if the Senators should beat the Rangers and advance to the second round.

    In a related note, the NHL has announced the on-ice officials for the Senators-That Other Team Game 7 matchup at Madison Square Garden. The Referees will be Morris “Moe” Howard and Lawrence “Larry Fine” and the linesmen are Jerome “Curly” Howard and Samuel “Shemp” Howard.

  30. McShanny dsp Czar on

    All those match-ups sounds fun & possibly mean. Nice. I’m selfishly hoping fkr Devils. A friend went to school w/ their coach! Chance of a ticket exists.

    How did Hank get fined?

  31. The problem is Heave Ho, is that they’re not ashamed……irrespective of that fact, I think it is a tall order for Ottawa to win 3 out of 4 at MSG.

  32. Not sure where Jordan Staal or Nash or Parise fit with our top 6 forwards. We certainly don’t want to pay them the money they will get as a top 6 player somewhere else. The only reason Staal’s name has even come up is that it’s speculated the Pens don’t want to pay him as a top 6 forward playing on the 3rd line.

    It’s nice to want these guys but there needs to be a reason for them to want to come here, too. And the bigger money will be somewhere else.

    Then with a third line of Boyle, Prust and hopefully JT Miller, now we’re only looking at 4th line depth.

    Use the resources for depth at D like Ryan Suter. I haven’t looked that the UFA list to see who else would be a bigger help.

    Anyway, that’s for another day – we have a game 7 to win!

  33. If the Rangers win tomorrow, perhaps they’ll add Dylan McIlrath whose team is about to get bounced from the playoffs. He’s been playing well and would be an upgrade over Bickel.

  34. Here is my thought for tomorrow….early plan…..

    Send Bickel out when Neil is out there. Have him engage in a fight. Bickel has played 2 mins and 4 mins (combined 6mins ice) in the last 2 games. We played the last 2 games wtih 5 d-men basically. We’ve had 2 days’ rest. Our D should be pretty refreshed. If we not going to use Bickel on D, we should at least use him to fight Chris Neil.

    What am I missing? Again, Chris Neil will not back down from a challenge.

  35. I guess the whole Suter-Bonanza may rest on Sauer. Do we really need to sign a long-term, highly expensive D-Man? I would think our need would be more scoring, unless we are all convinced that Kreider is going to put up 40+…As it stands we look like this next season:

    Rupp-Anisimov-Mitchell-JT Miller-JAM-etc….

    Del Zotto-Mcllrath-Erixon-WoyWhatever-Bickel


    Del Zaster is probably too good to play 3rd pairing and should probably be a second pairing for us but that all depends on Sauer Pauer

  36. Chris Neil backed down from Prust’s early challenge. I think it took him like three tries to get Neil to engage.

  37. I’m as excited about Kreider as anyone and see the signs of a top 6 player but can we please hold off on annointing him as such?

  38. How amazing would Nash look in that lineup? Pretty darn good right?

    I would also take IGINLA (which I think might be our best move in the offseason)

  39. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    I’ve admittedly been checking the blog less these days, but has there been any comment on how invisible Anisimov has been this entire series? I know Dubi is the whipping boy here, but at least he does other things when he’s not missing the net or shooting right into the goalie’s stomach. I have not noticed Artie at all in this series and, to be honest, I would have no problem seeing him dealt in the offseason if it helps make room for new bodies.

    And Newman, I like your Bickel/Neil idea. However, I have a feeling Paul MacLean will warn Neil not to get involved in any shenanigans considering how important he is to that team (which is absurd).


  40. >>…but I just dont see Ottawa winning game 7 at MSG.

    When you go past all the hype surrounding “Game 7”, it’s just another hockey game, played the same way as any other hockey game. So, I don’t see why Senators can’t win it, especially since they’ve already won TWO at MSG.

  41. Noah – you bet! People have been all over Anisimov, who I think had a better game in game 5. He’s my pick to move to Calgary in exchange for Iginla in the off-season. Sorry Artie-Partie.

  42. “Kreider-Stepan-Callahan
    Rupp-Anisimov-Mitchell-JT Miller-JAM-etc…”

    13th: Mitchell

    (And that’s with no forward additions, such as a certain guy from just over a certain river.)

  43. duckBill PLatypus on

    duckBill PLatypus April 25th, 2012 at 2:18 am
    so shannahan suspends Ron Artest for 7 games, but lets sens run wild on our beloved Rangers.

  44. I also fully expect the Rangers to win game 7. Ottawa is simply not defensively sound enough and when the Rangers play a complete game, Ottawa just can’t match it.

    In a deciding game, at home, I just can’t see them failing to bring the effort. The only things that can save Ottawa are Anderson and the referees…

  45. I feel confident today. Tomorrow will be a spiral of emotions that result in -puking- boudreu’ing and sweating profusely.

  46. Per Newsday:
    MSG’s production of Knicks-Bobcats game Thursday will appear on Channel 9, clearing MSG and MSG Plus for Rangers and Devils Game 7s.

  47. I’d like to see the Rangers sign a 4th line gritty Center in the offseason that can win draws, most likely at the expense of Mitchell.

  48. In all seriousness, McIlrath is nowhere near ready for the NHL. As a matter of fact, I don’t think he ever will be. I never got the hype on this kid. I get that everyone thinks he’s going to be just like Beukeboom, but a d-man like that doesn’t really help us in this new NHL.

  49. And for those that don’t know what a “todocampista” is, it translates to “jack of all trades”.

  50. “a d-man like that doesn’t really help us in this new NHL”

    yeah cuz Chara is a real bum! you’re right…

  51. as much as the Rangers desperately need a #1 d-man, I don’t think Suter is the right fit.

    I would prefer Denis Wideman as he perfectly fits what the Rangers need. Our d-men are among the worst in the league in getting shots on net and Wideman’would help there and finally give us a threat from the point on the PP.

    PK Subban would be an even better fit although I’m not sure Montreal would trade him.

  52. Webber isn’t to shabby either. If webber ever became a free agent, that would be the guy to sign.

  53. JohnyD- how did you come up with the conclusion that McIlrath will never be ready for NHL?

    And I’m not discussing any off-season moves until, you know, the off-season, but count me amongst people who do not think signing Parise for $8M per year long term is a great idea.

  54. bull dog line on

    Hagelin, and Kreider were not who I was referring to. I think if you sign Parise, Anisimov becomes unnecessary. I think you would try to deal him for help on D.

  55. Manny – I heard the NHL is secretly rescheduling the game for 4:30 pm this afternoon, alerting the Senators via conference call, e-mail, priority mail and smoke signal and then telling the Rangers via snail mail letter sent to the last address they had on hand for the Ranger GM of record…a something Smith…

  56. Important stuff: I’m trying to organize a little boneheads get together tomorrow before the game. Sounds like plenty of people are going. I’ll be able to get there early, between 4 and 5 If nyone is interested, email me at

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    cally is useless anyway…..bring up Avery and give him the C, let Cally rest up for a potential game 8

  58. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    It WAS a tall order to win 3 of 4 in NY. Now they need to win 1 of 1. Not so tall.

    That’s what makes game 7’s what they are. One game, Win or go home.

  59. tomg – Certainly, the Pens would be morons to walk away from Jordan Staal. But the question is, will Jordan Staal walk away from the Pens? He was by far the most dominant, all-around forward on that club during the post-season(only Neal came close). And he was the only one who didn’t get sucked into the BS shenanigans the rest of the team engaged in. He’s lived his whole career in the shadow of Crosby and Malkin, ludicrously playing the role of third-line center. He’s basically wasted three years of his career when he could have been putting up numbers like his brother. And yet every year, it’s the same garbage: Crosby and Malkin taking up the top-line minutes and Staal taking a back seat. On just about any other franchise, he’d be the cornerstone; the superstar; the face of the team. But in Pittsburgh, he’s just a hair above guys like Dupuis and Kennedy. If I were Jordan Staal, I’d punch Shero in the jib with my cup ring, spit a nice ‘thank you’ on the Penguins logo and take my game somewhere it will be appreciated. Such a shame a classy player like him has to be surround by such trashy team.

  60. Carp: It’s really easy to call my comment on Avery “nonsensical,” it’s far harder to explain why. So here’s your chance. Explain to all of us why Avery wouldn’t do for the Rangers what Neil has done for the Senators. And spare me all “the NHL hates Avery” stuff. That may be true, but it doesn’t make what I wrote nonsense.

    Avery can score the same garbage goals that Neil can. Avery can make the same borderline dirty hits that Neil can. Avery can crash the net like Neil can. And we all know Avery can get under the skin of an opponent like Neil can.

    Was Avery out of shape? Was he a bad teammate? Did the Rangers have a losing record with him in the lineup? Tell me: what specifically makes Prust, Fedotenko or Rupp a better option than Avery?

  61. The second national past time of Oddawa is moose rutting. Sens lose tommorrow. Tommorrow we chant at the countdown “Alfie sux!”

  62. >>>In a related note, the NHL has announced the on-ice officials for the Senators-That Other Team Game 7 matchup at Madison Square Garden. The Referees will be Morris “Moe” Howard and Lawrence “Larry Fine” and the linesmen are Jerome “Curly” Howard and Samuel “Shemp” Howard.

    NEVER HAPPEN! All three were American-born, and Moe, Curly and Shemp were born-in-Brooklyn boys. The league would NEVER take that chance! ;-D

    (OK, I’m ready for the onslaught of criticism!)

  63. Heave Ho- interestingly, I saw a replay with CBC’s announcers who:

    a.) mentioned the harpooning


    b.) said, yep that shouldn’t be a goal….

    Anyway, enough about that stupid meaningless goal by that dumb ape…let’s shut them down and shut them up.

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