Tortorella on Game 7: “My thought is to win it”


Carp’s in transit home from Ottawa, with a layover in the city that brought you last night’s mystifying call on Ottawa’s second goal. I’m here in his stead, although John Tortorella was pretty short in today’s conference call.

The coach had “no comment” on Milan Michalek’s kick of Dan Girardi during the aforementioned goal. (Brendan Shanahan is investigating, according to the Ottawa Sun.) He also had “no comment” on Chris Neil’s threat that he would catch Michael Del Zotto with his head down. I guess it’s not worth sending out another check.

Tortorella did comment on a few other items: the improved play of Derek Stepan and Chris Kreider and what it means to play the first Game 7 in the Garden in 18 years. He was asked what his thoughts were on the latter and they were simple: “My thought is to win it.”

Here’s Tortorella’s thoughts in full…

John Tortorella:

[audio: torts.MP3]

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  1. REPOST: I know everyone probably hated Zherdev, but he turned Toots and Backman into Zherdev (and Fritsche, who was useless). Zherdev was our leading scorer and if he actually had some guys who could finish instead of Dubinsky, he’d have been a 70 point guy.

    Also Eddie, you are right. In the words of BizNasty, John Scott has some sick mitts.

  2. FIRST! good for Tortorella, stay the course, no distractions, work hard till Thursday, win the game!

  3. If we don’t need any toughness for game 7 as some people think. Let’s not play Scott, scratch Rupp and Bickel and throw in Tim Erixon and JAM from Hartford. DEAL?

  4. Jonny, I’m with you. A lot of fans say that was a horrible deal, but I didn’t see them complaining after that first season. The team had depth on defense and needed scoring, and Slats was able to get that without giving up too much, and spending more money. Obviously it didn’t work out, but it was still a good move at the time.

  5. eddie eddie eddie on

    repost – jonnyD

    eddie eddie eddie April 24th, 2012 at 2:14 pm
    jonnyD – when i think of pure goal scorers….there are 5 names that stand above all others…….Maurice Richard, Marcel Dionne (especially as a ranger), TGO, Mike Bossy, John scott…

  6. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor? Hell no!!!

    I’m honestly not referencing anyone specific here, but I wonder if every other NHL teams fan base whines as much as ours does about officiating or lack there of!

  7. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    IWicky “Rupp Yours”. LGT
    3 mins ago
    I also think it would be hilarious if the crowd at MSG did the same Alfie countdown but then just booooed or maybe chanted Boyle.

  8. Um…… please Rick Bers.

    We don’t need to put John Scott in because we have tough guys on the ice. Scott adds nothing. How are we still talking about this garbage? Why would we change anything? What would Scott do? Fight someone? AWESOME. Fighting totally wins games.

  9. eddie eddie eddie on

    EVERYONE – calm down….john scott can do more that just rough it up….dude is a goal scorer…and the last player any opposing goalie wants to see on a breakaway….

  10. Vintage Torts, no comments and then gets right to the point.

    I had a discussion with some people at work about the series and hockey in general. Funny how the playoffs turns people into hockey fans :-)

    Anyhow, they were asking me about Shanahan and suspensions et al when something hit me for the first time. Is it possible that Shanny doesn’t want to suspend some players for what he might term “borderline hits” because it sets those players up to be categorized as “repeat offenders” and open to stricter future suspensions? If that is the case, maybe some statute of limitations could/should be imposed – say three years of clean play?

  11. eddie eddie eddie on

    anthonyM – interesting…..not sure if shanny is that clever tho…..maybe gary buttplug….but not shanny

  12. Anthony – awesome. Me too. This guy at my work told me during the season, “how can you watch that? the fighting is so stupid!” Now, daily, he is at my cubicle asking me 800 questions about the game the night before and asking me to break down tape for him. It’s pretty fun.

    He wants a rule change allowing no players in the crease (he calls it the blue thing). His opinions are GREAT. So odd and immature.

  13. wicky, I know youre comin’ after me with that referee comment. Je vous dois une raclée! ;)

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    No Comment . . . . Just WIN it!!!

    There is no home ice advantage in the NHL Playoffs. . . . . . unless your at home in the Garden on Game 7!!!

    When Thursday is done, no Canadian Teams will be left in the playoffs. Bummer for the Boys up North.

    LET’s GO RANGERS!!!!!

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – “the blue thing” thing needs to be addressed in the off-season…all skaters should be forced to stay on the white part of the rink….and what is up with the funny blue and red lines?

  16. My favorite was that he didn’t realize there were more than 5 players on each team (not including the goalie). I think he thought it was like basketball in that guys would play for 11 minutes or more at a time.

  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – your co-worker is right…if these guys were in NBA type shape, they could easily play 20-25 minutes without rest…..

  18. czechthemout!!!! on

    John Scott is useless. No need for him. We already have one useless goin in the lineup in Rupp. I hope he at least buys dinner for Prust for doing his job for him. The other useless player on the team is Mitchell. He adds nothing to the team. The sooner he is gone the better.

  19. Malt O’Meal

    sorry about ruining your FIRST
    would rather have been putting out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

  20. ORR!!

    here’s the thing that bugs me about Sather’s deadline dealing this year
    first it sounded as if there was no discussion with Torts about it
    based on Torts’ reaction to Scott

    i could understand the desire/need for a pure and (supposedly) good fighter on this team
    but it did no good if he couldn’t play well enough to be in the lineup. same odd thinking as signing Brashear and Boogard (RIP).

    as much as i hate neil and konopka in this series both have provided more to their team than our 4th line in the grit, scoring, faceoff, fight departments.

    finally, back to subject at hand. it would have been nice if Sather got someone who was good at faceoffs or w/ grit or some scoring. and if it was going to cost too much then do nothing. besides, giving up a 5th round pick!!!! heck, we seem to find our BEST players in the middle rounds!!!!

  21. Ted Sheckler on

    Is someone really pushing for John Scott in game 7, or is this just some good ol’ fashioned trollin’?

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    ted sheckler – i also think that recalling avery is a good idea

    john Scott + sean avery = Game 7 victory

  23. Ted – I think a few people are pushing for John Scott in the game. There is only one answer


  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    if you replaced Hags and krieder with Scott and avery…you do not lose any speed…and you get 2 guys that can score and they add much needed toughness…plus both are good guys in the room

  25. Jpg, GM’s were getting greedy. I mean, look at what the Devils gave up for Zidlicky, look what the Preds gave up for Gaustad.

    In my opinion, it was a smart move for Slats to not do anything stupid like that. Honestly, if the Devils win the Cup, or the Preds win the Cup, it’s not going to be because of those guys, so it’s just not worth it to me, to give up a good prospect and/or first round pick.

    So I’m fine with the quiet deadline. But I don’t understand why he got Scott. Made no sense.

  26. Eddie etc

    I agree with you about Scott. Where did all of these
    scouts get their info concerning the ability of Scott/ He was seen on the ice for about several minutes at a time in one game ( unremarkable game), and had little to do with the woof and warp of the game, but what he did show was an ability to move the puck at an NHL level, and his skating was sufficiently adequate by NHL standards based solely on the fact that he had so little ice time. I’d be willing to bet that he shows up on ice for the first face off and you would see a very subdued cadre of white shirted performers,
    making and a very congenial behavior pattern. It sure as blazes is worth a try considering the liberties taken by OTTAWA to date, and the paternal attitude of the Refereeing squad toward them all..
    Ask the Hawks if they want him back.

  27. Torts:

    “I think we’re going to play well enough to win game 7. Whatever the coutcome, we’ll have played well enough to have come out with the win. The important thing is that we always play well enough, no matter the outcome.”

  28. eddie eddie eddie on

    fran – i also thought he cycled well down low and created some chances…..he isnt as bad as everyone is making him out to be….

  29. You might want to designate his token appearances as Prust savers. He could slide over into Dubinski’s position no and then, if for no better reason than keeping his feet from growing numb on the bench.

    Or one of the other non producing Toreros, who seem to have cramps.

  30. I think John Scott comes with a whole boatload of baggage that this team doesn’t want to open up because it’s nothing but a distraction to have him out there on the ice when dressing him (since we never use him) only sends the message that we are going out there to fight, and not to score.

  31. Ted Sheckler on

    fran – they don’t. There were a lot of thank you’s coming from Hawks fans on the various boards when we picked him up. Why would you want to experiment with whether or not a guy can play (even though the consensus on him is that he can’t) in a game 7? Who would sit if he played? I can only think of Rupp or Mitchell, and I don’t see Scott giving any upside over either of those two.

  32. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on


    I honestly wasn’t directing that at you in any way shape or form. Not to mention that you now seem to think you owe me a beating ;)

  33. Ted Sheckler on

    Plus, no one wants to fight him because they’re outsized, and they don’t gain anything by taking him out of the game for 5 minutes.

  34. Dress Scott in warmups on Thursday and when that guttersnipe Neil skates close enough Scott can haul off and Hanson Brother him with a right – and as Ross perot used to say, problem solved!

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    pimp – basically torts is saying that the outcome is based on playing well enough despite, and regardless of the fact, whatever the outcome may or may not be…in other words, if they play well enough ot not not well, than the outcome is justified by playing well…..

    .i agree…by playing well enough, the outcome is determined by both the score and how well they are playing –

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    anthonyM – that giant sucking sound?….that’s jobs…heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  37. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    I like Anthony’s idea about Scott going all Hanson brothers during warm ups

  38. I like that idea too, Wick. I just don’t know if John Scott like racing magnetic toy cars or if he has glasses.

  39. Either that or we send my wife after him. Allow me to elaborate. The following is the end of my recap of Game 6. The events you are about to read are true and no names have been changed to protect the innocent or guilty :-)

    As promised, we now we revisit Brendan Shanahan one more time. My wife Roe was a huge fan of Shanny when he was a Ranger. One of her prized possessions was a Rangers tee shirt with his name and number on it – key word WAS.

    To say she was a bit upset over his lack of disciplinary action against Chris Neil would be a major understatement. After Ottawa took the lead, she got up and grabbed her Shanahan tee shirt.

    As the first period continued, she calmly and methodically took a pair of scissors and cut the thing into neat and measured shreds. First went the sleeves and then rest of the shirt, including his name and number. The only thing she did not cut up was the “Rangers” on the front.

    She then sat down and wrote him a letter expressing her displeasure over his job as NHL Director of Player Safety. She also explained that she was mailing him back his tee shirt because he does not deserve to wear it.

    Okay, truth be told, when I am the sane Ranger fan in the house – Houston, we have a problem!

    As a result, you can see why the Rangers have to win Game 7 and vanquish the Ottawa Senators. Not so much for Roe’s sanity, but for my safety. Needless to say, I will be sleeping with my goalie equipment to protect me from Lorena, I mean, Roe.

  40. ORR!!

    yep, didn’t understand why Sather didn’t just stay pat.

    at the time i think a lot of us were pleased because we saw Scott as
    the big time fighter who would give Prust, Bickel, Rupp a break
    but then we saw, once again, opponents who needed a whoopin’
    avoid him, his one-dimensional side and Torts quickly grew dissatisfied with him.

    either Torts was the media when he said he didn’t know much about him
    or it was dumb of Sather to just dump Scott on the squad.
    you would like to think that the gm and coach are working together.

  41. Unleash the KREIDER. on

    Open the floodgates. Flee for your lives in the face of the KREIDER.

    Also, anyone have link to Michalek’s skate “push”? All the clips follow Neil kicking, interfering, scoring, then carrying on like a gap-toothed assen.


    Oh, and don’t forget to flee.

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    Anthony*Bobbit* be careful…….always sleep with all 3 eyes open



  43. well if Scott did that to neil
    he’d become a fan favorite in Rangers history
    despite playing fewer than 5 games (i’m guessing here!)

  44. That was the best interview ever!! LMAO !!!
    Torts sounds so miserable, I can just picture him steaming and tapping his foot and thinking what morons are these people (no offense Carpy and Josh)
    Oh man, that made my day, thank you ! :)

  45. “Brendan Shanahan is investigating.”

    Only the truly suicidal should hold their breath on that one…

  46. Remember when Shanahan was a Ranger and got a concussion? I wonder what his ruling on that play would be.

  47. That’s a great idea for a television series on the NHL Network – “And now, Sheriff Shanaban rules on historical instances on the ice.”

  48. Next on Historical Shanabans, the Chris Simon / Ryan Hollweg incident: “Since the principal point on contact was to Hollweg’s throat / chin area, and not the head, the Department of Player Safety would have suspended Chris Simon for 2 games.”

  49. What Shanny is “investigating” is how not to do anything that might contribute to Canada being upset with him. Didn’t he play for the Rangers? Wasn’t he all about player responsibility and making sure the rules were enforced? No, different guy? That makes more sense, because the Shanahan I remember wasn’t a total —-y.

  50. “As you can see, Dale Hunter attacks Pierre Turgeon after he scores a goal. During the celebration that ensues, Hunter launches himself like a missile sending Turgeon crashing into the boards and slamming into the ice. Although Mr. Hunter has no prior history of discipline, he has a reputation for being a player who pushes the envelope. Turgeon suffered only a separated shoulder on the play. Since the point of contact was the shoulder, and the play came after the whistle, the Department of Player Safety has decided to assess Mr. Hunter zero games, and a $2,500.00 fine which will be calculated to an appropriate amount, minus inlfation, based on the year, 1993, of the penalty.”

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Realize why Neil was not celebrating – he thought they saw his interference on Hank – using his stick like a can opener to move him out of the crease – hard to tell if it was kicked or not.

    McD should have focused solely on Neil and not worried about the puck being shot. rule #1, tie up the man, then he cannot get to the goalie. girardi knocks down Michalek and then turns to Hank, again worry about your man, let your goalie play the puck!

  52. “While Adam Graves’ slashing motion was directed at Mario Lemieux’s hands…the fact is that a player as gifted as Mario actually has a direct line from his hands to his brain to God almighty…therefore Adam Graves’ point of contact was to slash at the head of God. Therefore I am suspending him for 666 games plus one”

    Check this out from bleacher report last summer. I’ll let the laughing commence now that we’ve seen how it’s turned out:

    “It appears that the new NHL sheriff will be Brendan Shanahan, who is presently serving on the business side of league operations. As far as presentation goes, Shanahan is the antithesis of Campbell and will hopefully bring some much needed credibility to the post that Campbell has seemed to begrudgingly hold down in recent years.

    Shanahan has the poise and personal presentation that this often thankless post requires. Campbell had an ’80s like mentality to his position and quickly became defensive when his decisions were questioned.

    He was in charge, he made an executive decision and to hell with anyone who wanted an explanation.

    Hopefully, the new sheriff will learn from Colin Campbell’s mistakes and this might be the opportune time to begin to look at what many in the league have felt is long overdue—a panel of three to five people who collectively decide on supplementals instead of it falling into the lap of one person.

    Only time will tell.”

  53. Hey guys – earlier I said that Hank should be an AUTOMATIC star and thus exempted from the three-stars thing. That was originally an idea presented by LaTONYa (a/k/a Latona).

    He’s a genius. I am a moron.

  54. I did, LaTONYa. I read the e-mail and realized that I have nothing in common with Mr. Harry Truman. He liked to go for long walks. He no have the courage to demote Gen. MacArthur during Korean War. I have confidence. I would never have allowed Korea to become such a debacle.

  55. mary poopins on

    One of the reasons I was so anti-27-goal-scorer at the deadline
    was the repetitive thought that these guys needed, and had
    earned, some “pieces” for the second season; think the Glen Gang
    was way too pre-occupied, as they often are, with THE Difference-Maker,
    and not nearly enough with some lunch-pail difference makers. So put
    me with the gang that thought his deadline performance was disappointing…
    Which leads to this: probably not best for long-term mental health if you
    compare Glen’s recent work with the previous: it’s a very low bar, and for
    a handful or two of consistently successful franchises, almost laughable.
    Compare what he has done since3 object-of-scorn Paul Holmgren and Gang
    have done in the same time, for just one nearby example. I would at least
    begin an argument that the Devils would be very interesting this year and for
    some to come, IF only they had gotten over their history fetish with the goalie,
    and brought in a very good journeyman.
    The notion that the present NHL roster is deep, enhanced by the good work
    early this season of so many guys on “D” mostly, is challenged by the turmoil
    created on “O” by Hags suspension. Chris K finally looks comfortable, sometimes,
    on “O.” His score was great for me not only for its timeliness, but its placement –
    he Wee Willie Keelered it (hit ’em where they ain’t) a talent woefully lacking,
    still, on this roster. But he’s got a serious ways to go on “D.” Will he be a two-way
    asset? And will all the minor-league huzzah guys max Ranger fans’ dreams? Do
    not bet the ranch. By custom, they usually don’t.
    So, unless and until those guys get here and shine, this is still not a breadth and
    depth group, likable and admirable as they are (my all-time favs!). And Glen’s
    work is still mediocre when the proper comparisons are made, to his here-and-now
    cohorts in GM chairs everywhere.
    Anthony M: sounds like a Mastercard commercial in the making:-).
    Matteau at 2:45. I’m buyin’.
    Conspiracies don’t concern me. Bias does. It’s everywhere, all the time, in
    all of us. A slayer of goon-dragons, ashamed to admit I liked what Prust finally
    did – no other real-world alternatives – and felt way good about MDZ’s borderline
    sally, though I’d like to see a culture that would find those hits unthinkable.
    Don’t want athletes to turn vegetable for a moment of fleeting pleasure (see
    Tatum the assassin against a helpless Daryl(sp?) Stingley).
    At end of first period, one of my cousins wondered about the doom – he said he
    thought the Rangers had a period they could build on. And so they did.
    Torts the Zen-Master: so much to like about the guy. So much not.
    Thought Brad Richards was great at times (mostly late) awful others (mostly
    early). Bein’ a body of Work guy, I can see givin’ stars to others.
    How much TOI for Manny in Game 7? THE KEY for me…

  56. Stranger Nation on

    John Scott is a D-man, not a forward, but has played both. Our 6th Dman, Bickel, played just over one minute last night. So Scott cannot play for over a minute? Sorry Carkner can play over 5 minutes for the Sens but Scott can’t play for 1 measly minute.

    This really doesn’t mean impact anything in the big picture of the game, but to think he couldn’t dress because he would be taking Bickel’s place who played just over *ONE MINUTE* of the game is quite comical.

    Sorry I digress…


  57. How is 1:59 “just over” one minute? I get that he barely played, but that phrasing is as weird as possible.

  58. this team CAN NOT and will not win without sean. he was a leader on this team and is sourly missed

  59. But Manny, I no need acknowledgment for unimportant idea, yet you give anyway, embarrassing me. Now I sad.

  60. what a shocker. Holy moly no hearing for Michalek.. WHAT A SHOCKER.

    anyone who thought the league would do anything about it is a fool….

    only 1 gettting fined from game 6 is the King who questioned the integrity of these clowns.

    neil who should have had a minimum of 3 additional penalties at the minimum will be back at it on thursday, pushing the envelope as much as possible. what a great hockey player what a real credit to the game…

    the league has no clue… all the talk about the goal, henrik said neil was stick checking him in the hip. watch the replay.. old chrissy just doing his thing………..

  61. You guys understand what that means? CLEMENSON vs. Brodeur. The Backup can take out the mentor!

  62. Definitely no hearing for Michalek

    And definitely a fine for Hank??

    Yeah Neil should easily have had interference for the stick to the hip . . .. just bs on that call all around.

  63. Is there any chance Neil isn’t headhunting in the 3rd if we’re finishing them off?

  64. no michalek hearing

    no surprise.

    and in other shanny news (yes, a former Ranger who has dropped to ALL lower case letters!!)
    he did rule that at least ONE Ranger forward and ONE Ranger defenseman
    on each shift must skate minus a blade on their stick

  65. “on each shift must skate minus a blade on their stick”

    In the event something positive happens, it shall be negated due to a player skating with an illegal stick.

  66. Just saw this on the blog for the series about Alfie getting hit and throwing a tantrum on the bench . . . . .””He’s frustrated. He got hit – a little quasi-from-the-backside when he’s killing the penalty, and I think coming off the injury that he had was part of the frustration he had. You get hit in that vulnerable position after coming back (from a concussion). That kind of led to it.”

    “[Monday] was frustrating,” Alfredsson added. “I thought I had control of it, then I went out on the penalty kill and [John Mitchell] made a pretty good lick on me. I [didn’t] see him at all until the last second. Then I [lost] it pretty much. I was mad at myself for not being able to see him. I felt pretty bad for a bit. I know I have to refocus. I don’t send a good message to the team by doing that.””

    Okkkkkkk well one this makes me think Alfie is still have concussion symptoms because a tantrum like that is like mood swings . . .and they don’t get to whine about being hit what the f- is quasi from the backside .. . its the backside or not the backside . . SMH

  67. “Porque?”

    We can’t play Florida in the 2nd round. Maybe I’m alone here, but if the Caps don’t win, I’d much rather play NJ than Philadelphia. The whole regular season dominance thing doesn’t really mean all that much to me now, they’re a better team than the Devils regardless of whether its Bryzgalov or Sievegalov in net.

  68. I hope Neil and Prust get into a quasi fight and Neil quasi loses that fight ad then quasi loses his mind

  69. The Doctor: Should we be fortunate enough to advance I think the -Carolina- Panthers are a better matchup. Especially with Jose Three-or-more suffering some serious injury. Of course, we could just make Clemmensen look amazing…..

  70. Unleash the KREIDER. on

    Thanks for link to KickGate. Not surprised at no meeting for Michalek – not before a game 7, not after that debacle by the officials. All of Sens-nation (town, village, whatever) would cry out at once. Doesn’t matter.

    Whatcha gonna do …… when Kreidermania runs wild on you?!

  71. I want to play the Flyers. Those games are guaranteed to be fun stuff. Scoring 5 per game on Universe is a bonus too. Nothing like seeing the Devils out in the first, to Florida of all teams. Go Panthers!

  72. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    Talking about next round opponents before the current series ends makes me all hot and bothered.


    Let’s just please win on Thursday. Pretty please.

  73. Pretty sure my “looking ahead” (slash talking about the NHL game that will take place tonight) will have zero effect on how the Rangers play on Thursday. Possibly less than zero. And I say this knowing full well it 100% contradicts the fact that I refuse to look up what day a potential 2nd round series would start. So … whatever.

  74. Noah-auer-uccarello-minger, 29 on

    Well said Mister D.

    I just said what I said out of physical pain…I think I get an ulcer when people discuss who they want to face next round.

    I was guilty of it when the Rangers went up 3-1 on the Caps in 2009. Turns out, the next opponent for our heroes was Mr. Titleist. :-(

  75. Not worried about the next round yet. Still more work to be done. It was great to see the team come out with an edge last night that was missing previously in the series, was it facing elimination? A reaction to the Boyle hit? Who cares- Rangers had some snarl finally- even behind 1-0. As far as the officiating- its not a conspiracy- it’s incompetence. And I’m sure as much whining as goes on here goes on in EVERY BLOG for every NHL team- if the fans actually watch the games. It’s consistently horrible for all- though that doesn’t make it fair. I was actually shocked that after DZ’s hit on Neil we didn’t come back from commercial as find he’d been assessed a major while we were away. Can this team stay mean for a couple of days more?
    P.S.- You don’t get even with guys like Neil by fighting them ( although that needed badly to be done) you get even by targeting the skill players on the team and punishing them for his antics. At least that’s how I was taught.

  76. Sioux-per-man on

    No games for Michalek….. why does this not surprise me after all the calls that were made in last nights game.

    Carp – is this just because it’s the playoffs, and it’s the last team from Cananda? or do you just file it under the #Weber Rule? No injury = no penalty

  77. Nah Sioux because Boyle was concussed and there was no penalty . . .so that breaks the Weber rule its just pure incompetence and idiocy

  78. Just found this out and trust me, if I was betting on this stuff being fact, I’d mortgage my house:

    The whole team wants to kill Neil. Aside from the Boyle hit and the MDZ chatter, the Rangers have had more than enough of him cheap shotting Richie, Girardi, Hank, etc. “They all want to kill Neil….” was the quote I heard from the mole.

    Also heard Boyle has not even started any post-concussion regiments. He done for this series, likely done for next series.

    Sauer….likely done for career.

    I’d never reveal my source, but this is all fact as far as I am concerned.

  79. This is really pathetic:

    “Ottawa forward Milan Michalek will not face supplemental discipline for using his skate to shove Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi during a pile-up of players in the crease late in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals on Monday night at Scotiabank Place.

    Senior Vice President of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan issued a warning that similar behavior will not be tolerated from Michalek in a phone call to Ottawa GM Bryan Murray on Tuesday afternoon. ”

    Similar behavior will not be tolerated???????

  80. Wow, was just thinking about Sauer and what it’d be like with him in there helping.

    Do we think he is done for his career? Sad

  81. Game 6 was a big win for Rangers to force Game 7, first in the Garden in 18 years.
    Many of Rangers fans expect more from top seed team in the Eastern Conference against the eighth-seeded Ottawa Senators. The Senators have reached Game 7 by playing a style remarkably similar to the Rangers, and, at times, doing better than their heavily-favored opponents.
    I do not know how game 7 will be going, but I know that Rangers is better than 1, 2, 3… years ago and is progressing may be not so fast like some of us want, but sometime process is more important than result. Relax and enjoy Game 7.
    Neil is finally nailed, may be not enough. Last night late in the third period Michael Del Zotto caught Chris Neil with his head down behind the net, hope Del Zotto told Neil “that was for Boyle” after destroying him with that devastating hit.

  82. Al BInndy is right, target their skilled players. Surprised when we hit Karlsson that Neil didn’t try to drop the gloves with Gaborik or Konopka with McDonagh, oh wait didn’t that happen?

    We need to keep pounding Spezza/Karlsson/Alfie. Everyone chips in, team toughness.

  83. Sioux-per-man on

    Newman nobody wants you to sleep on the streets.

    You would have better luck betting the house on game 7 :)

    I might take the Rangers if I was you….

    Even though Home Ice didn’t help Chicago very much.

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    i hope Neil slips and breaks both of his legs getting of the team bus. He then cracks his head open, and the 8 brain cells that he has slowly drip out of his cranium….Finally, the coup-de-grace….. as he flails around, turdiss, accidentally steps on his throat killing him in the freakish maCABRE way…

    does this make me a bad person?

  85. I really didn’t expect Michalek to get suspended, but I still managed to get Shanahannoyed by the announcement. If you want to absolve him because he was being pinned or something, fine, whatever, but to not punish him *then* warn him … what are you saying? This is a suspendable offense that we’ve suspended players for in the past but we’re not going to suspend you now because its Game 7. Every passing decision and non-decision gets more and more ridiculous.

    And I hate that Sauer news. You knew it wasn’t good the second he got popped but not for a second did I think it could be the last time we ever saw him. Can’t imagine being 25 and dealing with that possibility.

  86. If the news of Sauer’ s career being over is true, how is that determined? No chance of ever coming back?

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    hey hey hey bop shoooo wop, talk about boys, yeah yeah, boys….hit it george

  88. eddie eddie eddie on

    come on come on come on come on….come on please please me like i please you, come on, come on, come on….

  89. Rangers West on

    Sauer’s brother left hockey with the same injury, no? The news went from positive…him working out with the team to he is not working out with the team anymore and there is no news. This is not a good sign. It would have been great if he could return for the playoffs. Now the best we can hope for is training camp.

  90. cannot reveal sources very hush, hush – sssshhhhhh don’t tell anyone

    Rangers are mad at Neil Really, I mean, REALLY!?!

    New Newman = New Rod

  91. Mary poopins- lunch-pail difference makers may have been available, but it sounds like the cost was prohibitive. Agree on MDZ hit.

    Just got back from seeing Tony. And his wife Rose. First of all, he wanted me to let you know how much he appreciates all your support and good wishes. He is in a much better spirits, and as you know was transferred to a Rehab Unit. Still ways to go, but he is ready for a hard work. Met with a couple of his doctors, and also while I was there he had 2 friends come and visit him. He told me Adam Graves called him three times, left two messages, and finally was able to talk to Tony! What a person Adam is! I took a picture of a poster made by one of his nephews that Tony has on the wall next to him. I’ll email it Carp when he is back from Ottawa, maybe he will post it here.

  92. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Here’s a better view of the kick on Girardi – just to get the blood boiling a bit in NYR land.

    Messiers grease board only needs a few links to youtube highlights like that and Neils greatest hits to get some Ottawa heads on a spike

  93. I heard this from my sources, and I’d bet one of my 28 shoes on this:

    The Kreider is The Man.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    The second coming…has arrived!!

    Cally-Step-Kreider could be a productive line in this run to glory

  95. my source tells me that the source of my source cannot be revealed to the source that my source gets all his/her (cant give away my source’s gender! sorry!) source from! But if i had to bet, i would bet my source, ORR’s source and the source of all source just so the source that i have would be the only source to get all remaining sources from!

    stay tuned for more sourcing!

  96. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    I want the Florida marlins / hate the devils

    Ilb – you are a good loyal friend ….

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    Shanahan’s three mandatory questions regarding when to suspend a player…

    Was a star player hit?
    Did a Ranger player do it?
    What’s for lunch?

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    A source is a source, of course, of course…
    And no one can talk to a source of course
    That is, of course, unless the source is the famous Mr. Ed.

  99. I don’t know. If the Rangers advance, I’d really love them to play the Devils. And embarrass them in 4 games. Same time, I want the Devils to lose tonight. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. But does it make sense?

  100. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Pierre – the master of inane trivia

    “when Gianta was in pee-wee hockey he like 2-ply toilet paper”

  101. Eddie3- you’re lucky you can listen to Pierre, trust me. We have suffer from Chico

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    I gotta go with Florida on this one. I don’t mind if they advance, and seeing Fatso shaking hands dejectedly has its charms.

  103. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Who has less hair?

    A. Pierre

    B. Darren Pang

    C. Darren Pang’s bald younger brother – the Senator’s Goalie

    D. A bowling ball

  104. so i am watching NHL Live that i DVRed earlier today. Butch Goring and Bill Pidto are hosting the show, which is a tremendous fun in itself! Anyway, Butch Goring just said the he didn’t expect Hawks to be eliminated by the *Penis* Coyotes! I KID YOU NOT! LOL! He said “Penis”!

  105. I think them losing an elimination game at home against the Panther is more humiliating than getting swept by the Rangers in the 2nd round.

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    No games for Michalek? Shanny must have looked at the Neil goal footage and ruled that kicking is a hockey play after all…

  107. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Latina – when did pat Sajak begin playing hockey.

    Ducky – that is 600 pico grams

  108. So, Michalek gets nothing, right? Any other news? I’ve been out all day. (ORR, if you’re in here, don’t even think of it!)

  109. Decent day today, Jimbo. Was very busy and hoped to settle in for a nap, but the kids next door managed to avert that! No worries, though. Yourself?

    Isn’t he the Vice President of Hockey and Business Development?

  110. Hey, E3! I’m doing OK – in a much better mood after last night’s game – things were pretty “tense” around here last night.

  111. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    JR – “the key to victory is going to be the team that scores more goals”

  112. I’m reluctant to turn on the Fatso-Panties game – I don’t want to give fatso’s team any luck.

  113. Hahaha!! Tiki, I could have used *your* help in calming me down this morning – I got kinda testy in here after the game.

  114. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – I was a nervous wreck last night. Today much better. Tomorrow a little worse. By Thursday I will be in a straight jacket.

  115. I’m gonna be OK here until Thursday when I wake up – I expect it to be a *very* tense day on Thursday.

  116. I just put on the game for a minute – Ugh! They’re leading, although only by 1….

  117. Did he get hurt in tonight’s game, E3? The other goalie was playing for them recently – I forget his name – Clemmensen?

  118. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – clemmensen started. Kevin dineen in a pre-game interview said 3 or more was hurt…

  119. Thanks, Eddie – yeah, Clemmensen was formerly with the Devils, so it would be cool if he could knock off his old club.

  120. Thanks, Tiki – I’m not proud of my behavior, though – I kinda got baited into doing and saying stuff I try not to say. Jeez, life’s too short to get into cyber-fights with nitwit strangers.

  121. I don’t know, ORR – you’ve gotten me a few times in the past – I have to be careful with you, even though we’re cool with each other! ;-D

  122. duckBill PLatypus on

    silly guys, i was referring to the SNL skit i posted with Chris Farley…how much ya bench?

    ilbster, me quedo aqui trabajando y fabricando muebles :) ..cuando termino te muestro mi

  123. Understood, Jimbo. Sometimes, I behave on here in a manner Im not proud of.

    ilba, I was just throwing letters together making fake words!

  124. Jimbo, Ive gotten Rosetta Stone for Russian, Spanish, and Italian. But the stuff I put on here I get off Google Translate haha!

  125. Hahaha!! ilb, I thought that you were tutoring Tiki, perhaps!

    Yeah, Tik – sometimes I should just not respond to some of the stuff that gets sent my way – hey, I’m an opinionated S.O.B., what do they want from me – I know I’m not always right, but so what?

  126. Ilb, I know you don’t wanna hear it, but I think you’ve been wonderful to take such a genuine interest in the condition and care of Tony No-Pants!

  127. He made sure I noticed he wasn’t wearing any, Jimbo, lol….oh, he is a character!

  128. Yes, he can converse very well. Still gets tired fast, but much better than last week. Sorry, Latona, I posted something earlier. 6:46pm

  129. Wow, that’s awesome ilb. Thanks for sharing that. What a guy Adam Graves is.. he better stick with this organization for a long, long time.

  130. So, it sounds like plenty of boneheads are going to be at the game Thursday. My son and I are going. I think we should try a little get together before the game, eh? I can try to organize it…Anyone?

  131. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Gravey with the most awesome effort!!!! Holy hell!!!!!! Gonna see Tony tomorrow……Can’t wait to here about it….LGBT!!!!! Good Adam Gravey, I love you!!!!!

  132. ThisYearsModel on

    So kicking Rangers is also permitted, as is hitting them in the head and kicking in goals. Is there a special rule book for Rangers opponents? Does 6th Avenue have any idea how foolish they look?

  133. Forgot to tell something else, dammit. He is still not allowing anyone to shave him, lol. He said he told them: “Forget it! That’s for Sally!”

  134. Ahhhh i wish I could go :-( Game 7 . . . . the Garden! Someone of legal age have a beer for me ok?

  135. Thank you for the Tony update, ilb – I got a telephone call and I was away from the computer. We all appreciate how you’ve treated Tony – you’re a “Bonehead’s Bonehead!”

  136. Jimbo, youll learn as time goes on that Im never wrong. Especially when it comes to people’s character, referees, bostonians.

  137. on the devils blog it sounds like the fans are ready to say goodbye to Marty. not happy with his play…

  138. Never thought I’d hear of the day when NYR capitalize on a 5-on-3 and the Devils fail!

  139. Wow, they can’t score with all this firepower, supposedly. Parise, Kovalchuk, Elias…Parise for $8M per? No, gracias!

  140. LOLOL Chico: “penalty will be on the devils, although im not sure it should be…….although elias isnt arguing”. # HOMER

  141. Lev, not happening. He already said he wanted to play one more year. I’m sure Lou will oblige.

  142. Something tells me Steve Cangialosi doesn’t give a flying carcillo about Devils and how they end up in this game…

  143. Never bet against a streak…

    NOBODY from the Devils ever amounted to much as a Ranger.

    Signing Parise makes fantastic hockey sense…but you just know it wouldn’t work out well at all.

  144. And signing the kid of J.P. Parise…you’re just tempting the hockey gods to be cruel to you in response.

  145. dont really think it makes fantastic hockey sense, CJP. Nash/Iginla make more sense imo.

  146. Yeah, Chico, this intermission is real advantage for the Devils….Where does he find this carcillo?

  147. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    This year, so far at least, may be one of the best and worst playoff series ever……

  148. For who, Mama? We’re winning on Thursday night – I just wonder who our next opponent will be!

  149. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    just in general Jimbo…..I know we’ll win Thursday..and beat whoever our opponent may be!!!

  150. Yeah, he totally telegraphed it – then he didn’t even put the shot on net! Pass, you ass!

  151. Well, let’s hope they get eliminated in Game 7. Although I might enjoy watching the Flyers beat the stuffing out of them if Washington advances..

  152. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Well……gotta go. Not feeling well (Devs aside) … see ya tomorrow….off to niters! TA!

    LGR! LGBT!!!!!!!

  153. I would also enjoy beating the stuffing out of them ourselves, but I want to exact revenge on the Caps, too.

  154. Ilba, father teresa, do not cheer against another team my son. Havent i taught u better? ;)

  155. 4generations 4 cups on

    Whenever you say “LGBT” i think “Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender” just saying Blogmama. Maybe a switching of the order of the words, or the diction..

  156. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    a double wicky….

    4ever, kind of not on purpose :) It’s Sally approved ….. :)

  157. Interesting reading: From Kerry Fraser (ex-NHL ref) on TSN blog:

    “I have maintained throughout the regular season in this column and on C’mon Ref with Steve Kouleas that the referee(s) require the benefit of video review to assist them in making this sometimes impossible call. Henrik Lundqvist and Chris Neil both knew that the Rangers goalie was pushed off the puck by Neil’s stick. The entire hockey world watching on television saw that Lundqvist’s ability to move freely within his goal crease had been violated and the goal should have been disallowed under Rule 69. It mattered not whether Chris Neil’s skate blade contacted the puck following his distinct kick! Goalie interference was the overriding factor why this potential goal should have been disallowed.

    Just in case anyone isn’t familiar with how Rule 69 applies to this specific play I quote: “The overriding rational of this rule is that a goalkeeper should have the ability to move freely within his goal crease without being hindered by the actions of an attacking player. If an attacking player enters the goal crease and, by his actions, impairs the goalkeeper’s ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.”

    Perhaps the only ones that didn’t observe Chris Neil’s interference on Henrik Lundqvist (and the ones that ultimately mattered most) were the low referee Tim Peel and the other three officials on the ice. Why not afford them the same benefit that the rest of the hockey world had to get this call right.

    While the missed goalie interference didn’t overtly affect the outcome of the game (other than to cause tremendous upset to Henrik perhaps) my greatest fear has once again been exposed. The potential to end a game, a series and the even the Stanley Cup presented through and obvious error on this most difficult call for the on-ice officials to make has become one game and one goal closer to reality.”

  158. Stranger Nation on

    Kerry Fraser is spot on – at least someone cares about this league – paging Shanny and Count Buttman – get you respective heads out of each others’ assens.

  159. Stranger Nation on

    His commentary on TSN has been on target – maybe have him, an objective 3rd party, be head of player safety and get rid of Shammy

  160. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    I know its ridiculous to be thinking about next year and this comment does not mean in anyway that I think the Rangers will lose game 7 but I hope they sign Ray Whitney in the off-season.


  161. 4ever, Mama didnt mean you. She meant 4generations. She’s just tired and not feeling well.

    Latona, I ♥ you, but u bought Fraser’s book!?!?! You contributed your hard earned $$ to that @#*#%?

  162. duckBill PLatypus on

    so shannahan suspends Ron Artest for 7 games, but lets sens run wild on our beloved Rangers.

  163. Even if the Rangers won, still it’s Canada, if you check there are 10 players in the Rangers team that are Canadian. So maybe you should thanks Canada for the win.

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