Rangers-Senators Game 6 in review



1) Yeah, it’s great to be at the game. But sometimes when you’re at the game, you’re writing on deadline and blogging and tweeting and getting e-mails and text messages from the office, and looking up teams’ all-time Game 7 records (Rangers 3-5, but 3-0 at home and 3-1 since 1974; Ottawa 0-4, 0-3 on the road) and so you miss stuff. Like I completely missed Daniel Alfredsson’s tantrums on the bench after he was sat down by Paul MacLean, along with Jason Spezza, for a power play. Holy Franklin Delano Roosevelt, did Alfie lose it. Three times.

2) Sometimes I just think this whole game of hockey is a matter of if the puck goes in the net or it doesn’t. I know, that’s the bottom line. But it’s also how we tend to judge teams and games and play. I mean, if the Rangers had scored a couple in Game 5 playing the exact same game they played, would everybody have been ripping into their effort, or their heart, or their physical presence? Because I thought they played their best game of the series to that point in Game 5, and lost because they didn’t score. And in Game 6, as much character as they showed — and they did — what if they didn’t score all those goals in the second period? Would we be looking today at that performance as a clunker? Because I don’t think we’d be lauding them today if they played the exact same game and lost if the puck hadn’t gone in. You know what I’m saying?

3) And on that note, I said at the time, when the goals started going in, that the Brandon Prust-Chris Neil fight was now going to be seen as the turning point. Well, yeah, it fired up the Rangers … but it also fired up the home crowd, especially since Neil got in a few good ones and then played to the crowd. And, again, if they have that same fight and the puck doesn’t go in, are we even talking about that fight. Or maybe we’re talking about how it helped Ottawa? You know?

4) The Rangers power play came up enormous for them in this game … after failing awfully in the first period, with John (no goals since Jan. 24) Mitchell, for God’s sake, on the second unit. And no matter what happens in Game 7 or any subsequent series, the Rangers MUST address the power play this summer in terms of personnel and plan. ‘Cause they were thisclose to being done for the season because of that PP in this series.

5) Anybody else think it’s a joke (I know a lot of you do, because you said it last night), that you can drive-by, blind-side, late, head-shot somebody without so much as a minor penalty, and with the league’s approval, but if you shove a legit NHL tough guy in front of the bench it’s roughing. I know that’s not a smart penalty by Mike Rupp, by any means, but shouldn’t the really ugly stuff be called if you’re calling that? Dave Maloney was right on the radio last night, that it’s aasen-backwards. That they call every little ticky-tack hook or hold, or mild stick-whack or a little facewash after the whistle — all the old-time stuff through which, once upon a time, you had to battle in the postseason — and they let all the dangerous crap go. Aasen-backwards.

6) And, seriously, could they get more calls (on both sides) wrong? The Nick Foligno goalie interference? The final goal? Please.

7) Speaking of cheap shots and artists of said cheap shots, Chris Neil should not have been playing in this game in the first place because he should have been suspended. But then the referees just let him do all his garbage, like he always does. He cheap-shotted Carl Hagelin. He got Marian Gaborik three times (cleanly) on his first shift. He got Henrik Lundqvist and Marc Staal (not cleanly). He got a free shot at Brad Richards after a whistle right in front of the referee. He clearly interfered with Lundqvist on the 3-2 goal that should not have been allowed (inconclusive evidence, did they say?). And he threatened to get Michael Del Zotto after Del Zotto lit him up behind the net (Neil stayed down, but didn’t miss a shift).  But the referees never see any of the stuff he pulls in a game, and don’t forget, he has no prior suspension record. So as long as the NHL refuses to suspend him, he will never have a record, so then they can’t suspend him. Or something like that. I have a lot more to say about Neil, who should be hearing from the NHL about his threat on Del Zotto (but won’t).

8) The result won’t show it, but it sure looked simple to me, when they killed penalties (and didn’t kill one) and when they were protecting leads, and when they were looking for some forecheck shifts in the Ottawa end: Man, do they miss Brian Boyle.

9) Gotta say, it took a couple of games, but Derek Stepan sure showed up. And Brad Richards had an enormous game.

10) Did you hear/read the Chris Kreider quotes about loving this team? Good for that kid. Showed some of that scoring touch, got the game-winner in a crucial Game 6 as his first NHL goal … and more important, we got a look at how he uses those wheels the way Carl Hagelin uses his.

11) Two more wins for the road teams last night. Home-ice advantage? Try this: Home teams are 16-28 in these playoffs.

12) All three Rangers game-winning goals in this series have now been scored by Boston College products (Boyle-2, Kreider). Which could be a good omen since, in 1994 the Conn Smythe winner who had four game-winning goals in the playoffs was also a kid from B.C.

13) I still don’t get how some of you guys absolutely quit on your team down 1-0 in the first period (again), absolutely tear them a new one, top to bottom, crucify players as uncaring, untrying pansies who need to be traded immediately, talk about the coach as an idiot, and even bring up the Sean Avery thing all over again … then go back to being die-hard fans the minute they tie the game, or go ahead, or win the game, as if nothing happened. I don’t really give a rat’s tail how you feel or what you go through. I just don’t get it.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brad Richads.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Derek Stepan.
Dore33’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist (is there really a question here?).
2) Derek Stepan (FINALLY!!!).
3) Chris Kreider (first career goal).

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  1. First? hah, never done that in my life. Thank God for bar time.

    Carp, first off, thanks for all the reporting and for supporting a committed, if not “committable”, fan base.

    On your 2nd point…couldn’t agree more but still feel it supports some of the frustrations. For all the feel good stories of the season, it really does come down to finish. If you can’t finish, then it really doesn’t matter how much of your heart you poured into it — it really matters if the puck went in. I guess its why I love hockey and why it frustrates me so much as a fan. That said, if they play like they played tonight — Game 5 effort + Game 6 finish — then we have ourselves a second round series.

    Pt 3 – also agree, cuz i know you were waiting for my approval – Prusty got handled a bit and Neil’s crowd showboating made me think this was a bad idea. If OTT scores the next goal then we’re all saying it hurt us because i think it jacked up the crowd more than the NY bench. But hopefully people saw the effort and said “hey, we should go out there and step up like our teammate did”. I definitely saw more of NY do that tonight than previous games. But someone had to handle Neil — in bizarro twilight zone fashion, he was becoming the series — still worry about him and Konopka were becoming the darlings of the series…really? Well no doubt they’ve pretty much had their way with every Ranger so good to see Prusty step in and great to see MDZ get a little Neil-esque hit in. I mean, what a hypocrite talking about headhunting after declaring that people should keep their heads up.

    Anyway, thanks. Go Rangers

  2. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Carp, you keep bringing up the non-home ice advantage. And to an extent I agree, it doesn’t make much of a difference….until game 7.

    To me, that is what home ice advantage is all about. If you are playing a game 7, you want it to be on home ice, no question.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I never complain when we were down in the game.

  4. bull dog line on

    on the Foligno goalie interference. i seem to remember the same sort of call going against the Rangers against the Devs. Gabby pushed into Brodeur. I said it then, and I will say it now. yes Foligno was pushed in (as was Gabby against devs), but it is a call the refs must make every time to protect the goalies.

  5. Hey I thought there was no tweeting?!?!?! Gabby and Richards whats up with that??? —–>

  6. Gregm-section403 on

    Absolutley LOVE Hank’s comments after the game. He was POed. And he should be. The entire ranger team should be POed after the carcillo the sens pulled (Neil) and the atrocious officiating.

    I hope some of hank’s anger carries over to game 7. The entire team should come into the game with a chip on their shoulders. Kinda like “we’ve had enough of this garbage. Here’s how a #1 seed plays.” then go out and put the game away early.

  7. Foligno made no attempt to brace himself and used the contact as a way to fall on the goalie. If you call Kreider for getting picked off by the goalie, you have to call Foligno. The precedent was set

  8. How is Neil above the rules? Is it a canadian bias? I just don’t get it.

    There was one play the Rangers had and the whistle blew and the opposite side of the zone Neil just nailed a player after the whistle and it wasn’t even noticed. I don’t recall if it was Gaborik or Staal or someone else? But it was one of our top guys, just for no reason.

    The officiating is just awful both ways, I can’t stand when they take over a game.

  9. So what if Prust lost the bout, Neil has been their # 1 player and spark, putting him in the sin bin for 5 helped out.

  10. Looks like they decided to get rid of the twitter ban. I think that’s a good diea – another charateristic of this team that probably helped keep them a bit looser all season.

  11. Wish I didn’t have to miss the game last night. Thank goodness for the boneheads keeping me updated while I worked.

    Made the mistake of watching the highlights on nhl.com. Couldn’t even tell the Rangers played a game based on the video they showed, really only show things Ottawa did. What a joke (by the NHL, not the blueshirts).

  12. Soo much for the teams twitter silence…

    Michalek being looked at by Shammy….should get the same as Neil.

  13. Just read NYTimes review of the game by Jeff Klein, what the hell. Is this guy looking for a job with the NHL or Senators? Totally biased assesment against NYRangers!

  14. Yes the officiating was terrible last night, but the important thing is the Rangers got through it and won the game. So frustrating to watch though-all the non calls. A complete joke.

  15. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    morning ILB, Tony, and all!!

    Whew, one more game …..come on boys.

    Predictably, I think the Prust fight had a lot to do with the ranger win. While it did fire up the home crowd, I have zero doubt in my small pea sized brain that it absolutely fired up the rangers with Prust giving a bit larger and very annoying neil a go.

    re point 12….was that B.C. guy from ’94 edzo??? ;)

  16. Carp,
    I dont understand what you mean in number 13 ” I don’t really give a rat’s tail how you feel or what you go through. ” It seemed so out of character to me after reading this blog for awhile. Please clarify

  17. Carp, couple of comments….first, I get what your saying how one play, the same play, could be construed to be either positive or negative depending on the outcome of the game….its a fair point, secondly, you need to understand that we are some of the most passionate fans around and that is how we air our frustration for our squad, …..i honestly dont think most of the guys really mean it when they say trade this guy, or fire that guy(except for Sather)….lastly, the one thing I do know is that as much as you say the NHL is salivating at an NYR final…I dont agree one bit of that….after what happened in the winter classic and last night, the NHL has Torts and Sather as public enemy number one, since they damn the man and speak against the league/refs….PLUS the kicker in this series is that Ottowa is the last Canadian team in the playoffs….also wonder is Hank will get fined for his postgame comments….would you agree I am right if he gets fined and Neil does not!!

  18. HageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Thanks for the ‘happy’ recap Carp! as always

    GOOD MORNIN’ ‘HEADS! Hope youse guys have a great day! The sun is shining, the breeze is slight and warm, and our boys live to see GAME SEVEN! I fully expect NO disciplinary action taken agains the waste of sperm and egg Neil or anyone on the sens. FULLY EXPECT a fine for Hank and his truth telling!

  19. and Shore, totally agree…wtf did we get Rupper for if he cant handle Neil…honestly I think they should start game 7with a scrap(worked with the devil game)…it will get the entire crowd going and fire up the bench

  20. Nice write up Carp.

    Random thoughts:
    Despite their best efforts (color me an optimist) the NHL “War Room” should be moved to an off-shore location to eliminate the all too obvious Canadian bias. And Shanahan’s office should be down the hall.

    Why wasn’t it Rupper fighting Neil? Clear evidence he’s got hurtin’ hammers?

    Kreider has gotten better each game and I hope he’s given more minutes on Thursday. I loved his composed reaction to his very first NHL goal, it showed his focus and emotional control.

    McD is a freakin’ warrior!

  21. Carp trying to write, blog, tweet, text at the same time watch the game. Maybe that’s what the refs were doing every time Neil was on the ice!!!!

  22. sooooo nice waking up after a big win….

    CK looks like he belongs out there…..Prust standing up for the little guys and that one big guy who we all know he is bf with…..and don’t, for a second, ever, forget when this game was tied the HUGE saves Hank made, especially stoning right out in front, mano a mano, right before we scored goal 3. Don’t forget what he gave to this team amongst all the great efforts…and there were many….

    I, too, have no prior record…

  23. Funny or sad? The one time he gets tapped up high, he sack-of-potatoes falls and plays it up for 3 minutes, not missing a shift.

    The opposition should take note. It almost looked like he should have gotten a call. Yea, Chris, MDZ should get a 3 gamer because of your acting job…..not.

    But, I have NO prior record.

  24. Great review as always Carp! It was a slow start for the boys last night, but we have seen that a lot this year too. They did pick it up and started to play a game that was like we saw them play all year after the Prust fight. Gotta love the way Hagelin and Kreider play the game. Was that a real Derek Stepan sighting last night? the kid was really good.
    I would love to see Rupp be able to get after that piece of carcillo Neil. How could he be complaining about rough hits? Did DZ even get him with the elbow, it was hard to tell on the replays. But i do like that we stopped taking crap from this team last night.
    The officiating is a joke right now. That penalty on Rupp was ridiculous, Knopka thrust his head into his body, WTF? Lundquist will get a nice fat fine but in the end he was right!
    If they play this way Thursday (cant believe we have to wait 3 days!), they should win, period!!

  25. It’s absolutely hysterical how the Ottawa fans can be screaming about the officiating and the “brutal” hit on Chris Neil. What a joke.

    Big question, Carp. Read this in the NYPOST this morning:

    “Senators’ first-line winger Milan Michalek may be facing a suspension for Game 7 as a result of kicking Dan Girardi twice in the midsection with his skate blade.
    The play was part of the scrum in front of Lundqvist that resulted in the second goal, and Canadian television outlet CBC has numerous angles of the altercation.”

    I didn’t see anything about this last night, but if it’s true I haven’t yet seen it. The NHL has shown beyond a shadow of all doubt that the Senators can do ANYTHING they want without fear of suspensions or disciplinary actions.

    You’ve got a guy threatening to go head-hunting and now a guy using his SKATE BLADE as a weapon?

    If ever there was a case to make a statement to supposedly “clean up” your sport…

    But this is Gary Bettman/Colin Campbell/Brendan Shanahan NHL…I fully expect nothing to be done.

    Huge win, and I’ll openly admit I thought they were done. Honestly in the first part of the second period I saw a lethargic team. My frustration came from six months of watching a Rangers team perform above and beyond only to face the prospect of losing to a team that should have never had a chance against them.

    It’s crushing for a fan to think your team will once again fall short. Seeing so many players perform below expectations. Seeing a coach make such head-scratching decisions (Mitchell on the PP…’nuff said…is there an alternate universe where Mitchell is a goal scorer?)

    It’s beyond frustrating. Because the Rangers are my passion and my distraction from my professional and personal life. Always have been. No other sport comes close. So when you see your team about to lose to the SENATORS of all teams…it can only trigger enormous frustration.

    I’ve been a fan for a long time. My thoughts last night early on were “The best regular season we’ve had since the Cup year and they’re gonna lose in the first round? Really? REALLY?”

    I’m glad I was wrong…and watched the game from the secondary tv where my laundry was (my brother was in the car and said he’d have to stay in said car once the Rangers came back to take the lead)

    Game 7…winner take all…I’m hoping Hank’s volcanic hatred of the officiating and justified belief that the powers-that-be are against him lead him to a shutout Thursday. That would be the sweetest revenge.

    Two days without a game…Ugh….

  26. And the Foligno goalie interference was the right call because he made no attempt to stop and brace himself for the hit from Girardi (?). Plus, it was payback for the time he skated through the crease and kicked the back of Hank’s right skate. Totally gets called if that was Avery!!!

  27. I bring up Sean Avery because for as long as I live I will believe he’s a more effective player than Prust (whose girlfriend is hot, apropos of nothing), Rupp and Fedotenko. I can see your point that it’s too late to be worrying about Avery now, and it’s a valid point. But if the Rangers lose this series it will be because of a lack of Neil/Avery type player that allowed the Sens to run roughshod over the Rangers and disrupt their game. Say what you want About Avery, but he would not have let that happen without some serious payback.

  28. Press release:The NHL will be reviewing the play of one Michael Del Zotto. He may have hit our boy upside the head causing emotional and not physical stress to our boy. He has no prior record, you know.

    Takes one to know one.

  29. Any suggestions for a more appropriate name for the Dept that Shanahan heads? “Player Safety” is just wrong…

  30. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Carp- I truly believed that would, and will, win this in 7. I was a nervous Nellie after the sens scored … But their intensity was so much better in this game compared to game 5.

    Game 7 is going to be a lot like game 1 – rangers will be up 3-0 in the first 15 minutes….

    Love KREIDER – love mcd – love cally and PRUST … We want this show to be extended…

  31. The second Ottawa goal – how in the world was that not kicked in? I would really like to see an explanation of how they thought it did not go in from a distinct kicking motion. I mean…….COME ON!

    As for the rest of it, the reason why I don’t participate in the blog during games, is that I get wrapped up in the action and don’t want to get bogged down with reading and writing posts and I hate reading the posts of extremists. A guy has one bad shift and he’s got no heart. They give up a goal and Lundqvist is over rated and should be traded. It goes on and on and I just can’t deal with it.

  32. JoeShmoe99, Avery might possess the sandpaper that Neil has, but he also eventually goes over the edge & takes stupid penalties. And for some reason, the refs watch his every stride when he’s on the ice and apparently, Neil can do whatever he pleases out there. But c’mon, Avery is history & he was a liability (altho I’d also like to know what Mitchell has on Torts?)

  33. I think the Foligno goalie interference call was a makeup for the Kreider goalie intereference goal. Yes, Krieder skated through the blue but would not have made contact with Craig Anderson had the Ottawa goalie not turned his body to initiate contact.

    All in all Carp was right – that was one of the most brutally refereed game from start to finish. They clamp down to the point of a ticky7-tack call on Rupp and then swallow their whistles before they reinstate the conga line to the penalty box.

    My advice to the Rangers is not to leave anything to chance in Game 7. It is hard not to believe in the “keep the lone remaining Canadian team alive” theory when Carl Hagelin gets suspended, Chris Neil doesn’t get suspended, Chris Neil gets to run around like a lunatic, and the on-ice officials and the NHL War room both miss a distinct kicking and the on-ice officials miss Neil harpooning Lundqvist as he Pele’d the puck into the net. You do have to love the way everyone covered up the second Ottawa goal by crediting it to Jason Spezza – thus removing any talk or concern of Neil punting the puck into the net.

  34. IMO the reason why this is going to a 7th game is because of the NHL. They let Neil do whatever he wants, takes out boyle and yet hagelin gets a 3 game suspension for his hit. A rookie who has never had any history of a dirty player. By suspending Hagelin obviously screwed up the rangers lines and chemistry. Hageling doesn’t miss any games and this series is over already and the rangers move on. There is no doubt in my mind this league is truly corrupted.

  35. Instead if chanting “these refs suck” on thursday…the appropriate chant should be “this league sucks” OR Shanahan sucks

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Special props to Dubi who played his best game of the series – had some effective cycles in offensive zone, was 11 for 21 on FOs – many won cleanly back setting up a break out and did not play knee hockey. Maybe Center responsibilities keep him more focused.

    John Mitchell – sorry I just don’t get it – nothing against the guy, but with Boyle out would rather have Rupp taking an extra shift or two at center 5v5 and Kreider on PP instead of him. He can stick handle, but usually never goes anywhere with puck.

    PP – at one point we had feds, mitch and Dan G on the PP – nough said – dept of goal prevention…

    Game 7 at home – Oh Baby!!

  37. HockeymanRangers on

    Does any one know if Krieder got the puck for his first goal???

    And can’t the NY Rangers organization make a formal complaint against the Neil hit on Boyle and explain why he wasn’t he suspended. I understand it is not going to make any diiference at this point. But you would think if they had enough formal complaints through out the league maybe they would discover their system is serioulsy flawed.
    Who can explain any reason why he was not suspended????
    The boys have to focus in on this last game, CAN NOT LOOK FORWARD. Like I siad in the first game _alls to the walls. GO Rangers.

  38. I have not read all of the posts from last night but how was the video on the Ottawa goal inconclusive but the score sheet has it as Neil’s goal? I watched the replay a few times and he either touched it with his skate (while making a distinct kicking motion) or he didn’t touch it and it should be awarded to someone else.

    Anyway LGR!!!

  39. CARP: I have said this before, and I am not blowing smoke up your Carcillo. But, there is nothing better than firing up the computer after a Ranger win and reading your review. You are so on target.

    I think the passion here is what makes people a bit nuts. Because you are correct, there was not much difference between the way they played in game 5 and game 6. As a matter of fact, I thought that in Game 5 they put consistent pressure on in all three periods. In game 6, I thought there was not enough offensive pressure in period 1. The margin of difference is being able to put it in the net. And that can be determined by a split second difference in positioning skating, or stick placement.


    1. It is MIND BLOWING that Carl Hagelin, a late round draft choice has become such an impactful player on this team! His speed adds a dimension that makes it difficult for other teams to defend that top line.

    2. It is for the very same reason that I think Chris Kreider is going to be a BIG player for the rangers. Not only does he have Hagelin type speed. BUT, he is the FINISHER that Hagelin is not. So Excited about this kid. For his 3rd NHL game, he was impressive.

    3. There are guys in this league that you hate with a passion; but you know if they were on your team you would love them. Scott Hartnell comes to mind! On the other hand, Chris Neil is a total piece of CARCILLO and I would not want him on the Rangers even if he paid us to play! His comments about MDZ after the game were despicable and deserving of attention from Shanny. But, of course, that is a pipe dream.

    4. Love Derek Stepan and so glad he snapped out of his funk! If he plays his game, the Rangers are exponentially better.

    5. Artie had an excellent bounce back game as well! Involved, using his legs, driving towards the net. Wish we saw more consistency from him.

    6. MDZ: He is young and inconsistent as well, but this year, he has shown that he can play with a physical snarl that I never thought possible. I will forever love the guy for laying out that piece of carcillo Neil!

    7. HANK!!! (There are no words)

    9. Mac Truck and Girardi: Their efforts made me so proud to be a Rangers fan. To think of the teams between 97 and the lock out where no one seemed to give a Carcillo. These guys bleed Ranger blue and put it out there on the line NIGHTLY. I also think that there is a TREMENDOUS upside to McDonagh. I think he has the skills to make an impact as an offensive defenseman.

    I am already nervous about Game 7. So excited to be going to the game. I was lucky enough to be in the building for both Game 7’s in 1994. I will now have been at 3 of the 4 Game 7’s in the building in Franchise History!




    RANGERS IN 7!!

  40. Carp, I’m sure in person, John Gianonne is a nice guy but as fans, all we see is his work on TV and he is so maddening to listen to and watch!!! His locker-room questions are the same for every player he interviews. He never switches it up, regardless of who he is talking too & it drives me nuts!! Anyone else? But of course, he’s probably a nice guy, right Carp?

  41. Also, I agree with everyone about John Mitchell. What in gods name is he doing on the second unit PP????????

  42. The rangers have to win game 7 thursday, if not for themselves or there fans, than please do it to shut up all the canandien fans because reading there nonsense on TSN is driving me crazy.

  43. Hank = $15K fine.


    The officiating was horrible *both* ways. The NHL has to be ashamed.

    It’s clear that the video-review was only for the kicking motion. To be honest, when I saw the first replay I asked my wife, Mrs. Manny, if she thought the skate touched the puck. Regardless, they should have noticed the stick in Hank’s face shoving him away. But, hey, it’s Neil. He gets away with everything and anything. Like motioning to the crowd in the middle of a fight. What a Piece of Carcillo.

    Kreider is really something. Who wants to bet this kid never plays 1 game in the AHL. The speed and effectiveness with which he has learned and progressed in a matter of 3 games (I know he has played 4 but we don’t yet know what he learned from game 4) is remarkable. Glad we didn’t trade him. Thanks, Glen!

    Richards deserves a hardy slap on the back today. He really took over this game and acted like the guy that we signed. He was flat out terrific on both ends. He even took some punishment. But in the end he backed up his pre-game comments.

    Did anyone notice that John Mitchell pulled a Zenon Konopka a few times? Won the faceoff and went STRAIGHT to the bench on the PK. Of course the broadcast team missed that, as well as they missed Richards skating off with his arm in a makeshift sling.

    I agree with Anthony. When the Foligno thing got called i immediately said, “that’s a makeup call.” Then again, bet Kreider never does _that_ again.

  44. Two more wins for the road teams last night. Home-ice advantage? Try this: Home teams are 16-28 in these playoffs.

    I think the home teams are over thinking the matchups. Remember when Torts was NOT trying to matchup during the regular season? The NYR went straight up the standings.

    I think the Achilles Heel of this team will be Torts over thinking the line combinations.

  45. TOMG…just went to tsn…wow cant stay on there too long…talk about anti-american…

  46. Kreider scores that goal with natural goal scoring panache. How in God’s name is Mitchell on the PP after Kreider scores? Mitchell should have been replaced right then and there. I would also suggest Haglin in on the PP. The NYR PP is effective when guys are moving. Who moves better than those two?!?

  47. And…..*Mazel Tov* to the Phoenix Coyotes. Pretty interesting story out there in the desert. Maybe they are playing for Tony as well!

    *L* et’s
    *G* o
    *B* oyle and
    *T* ony

  48. cw – Richards does. All his holding the puck and finding lanes sure paid off last night. Guy was a golden god.

  49. As a family with roots in Newfoundland, even I am getting sick of America’s hat. Watching the replays and commentary of Canadian TV, the Canadian bias is sickening.

    Can only imagine how they feel about American kids burying a couple last night.

  50. Two items:

    1. Andrew Gross speculates that Cally’s hand may be injured from – you guessed it – blocking a shot though Cally didn’t miss a shift. He was unavailable to the media.

    2. Dug this up somewhere:

    Senators’ first-line winger Milan Michalek may be facing a suspension for Game 7 as a result of kicking Dan Girardi twice in the midsection with his skate blade.

    The play was part of the scrum in front of Lundqvist that resulted in the second goal, and Canadian television outlet CBC has numerous angles of the altercation.

  51. If you didn’t feel like this team gave up at the end of the first period, then you weren’t watching the game, and probably haven’t been watching the series. This team has no finesse, and they haven’t had any all season. They are a grit team. When they play without that grit, they lose and that grit has been largely missing from their game this series. Maybe they are afraid to get Shanabanned again, I don’t know. But something has been lacking, and luckily they found enough of it to get through the 2nd half of game 6.

  52. Gotta say, I don’t get Bickel with 2 minutes and Rupp with 4. Why bother? Sit one and dress Scott and put him out a few times against Neil.

    Neil will be afraid.

    I watched him in several Sens/Leafs games do his best to avoid Colton Orr.

  53. I think the best Ranger d-man this series has been Marc Staal, which is very encouraging, both for game 7 and next year.

    Finally, he seems to be rounding into form.


  54. Michalek kicked Girardi?

    Of course Callahan is hurt. That looked brutal. I doubt he takes a game off, though. If Girardi can play through a series with a broken hand (in the OHL) then Callahan can as well.

  55. I was absolutely infuriated by the play of Del Zotto Stepan and Staal in game 5, but man did all three step their game up last night. Del Zotto played Neil like a beast …BRAVF@*#ING O

  56. Chris Neil in response to a question asking about Del Zotto’s hit on him after which he stayed on the ice writing in pain and agony:

    “I’m sure I’ll catch him with his head down one of these times,” Neil said.

  57. Gritty performance. I have never questioned their heart, just their shooting ability. The officiating has been horrible all year long. Torres never even got a penalty for his cheap shot. That Sharks player never got a penalty for interfering with the puck from the bench, all while the puck is usually the center of attention.

    The NHL leaders are extremely inconsistent. Shea Weber, no suspension. Raffi Torres, 25 games. Carl Hagelin, 3 games. Chris Neal, no penalty for Boyle, allowed to interfere with a goalie while kicking in the puck, and make threats against players. Yes, he kicked it in. The puck was going to be covered by Hank and was fairly stationary, then Neal did his thing and the puck started moving.

    I watched the game on an internet feed last night. Sens broadcasters. Some of the worst commentary I have ever heard. Complete homers. “Lundqvist knocked it in with his stick.” “Neal has no idea that it might have hit his skate.” On and on and on. It was beyond awful. No integrity whatsoever!! Glenn Healy was the color guy. Apparently he and the play-by-play guy have been tasked with the job of protecting all of Canada’s “honour.” Lost any and all respect for Healy.

    Got to give Maloney props for having broadcasting integrity and saying the truth.

  58. Great posting Carp!!! That piece of Clarke Neil was faking it behind the net. I am glad MDZ hit him. Prust is a warrior. Will fight anyone. It doesn’t matter that the decision went to Neil. Prust handled himself well!. If and when Boyle comes back. We sit Mitchell. KREIDER (Messiah) is here to stay. Kudos to Torts for seeing the obvious with Kreider. Big time minutes even late in the 3rd.

  59. Not only did MDZ level Neil, but his plays on the Richards goals in keeping the puck in and feeding it to Richards were superb!


  60. 1 more thing. Please stop with the Scott nonsense. He can’t play. We are tough enough.

  61. oh yea, I’ve been raving about kreider since the day he was drafted by the rangers. I remwember some posters saying negative things about kreider but I bet you there won’t be anymore doubters. Kreider could be the spark the rangers needed to get them going. Time will tell.

  62. According to Bryan Hayward, Goaltender interference, like Chris Neil mopping the crease with Hank while kicking in a puck, isn’t reviewable. Only the kicking motion is reviewable.

    As they say at Puck Daddy – inconclusive evidence means that the call on the ice stands. If that byfuglien Carkner head Tim Peel gets the call on the ice right, inconclusive evidence means it’s *NO GOAL* not that the bad call stands.

  63. Carp – I agree. It’s because while you are objective for the most part, fans are always going to be subjective. It’s one reason why I try not to listen to most Rangers’ fans opinions since a lot of them are biased.

    However I want to touch on point #7 that you make. I know we differ on whether or not Neil should’ve been suspended. You believe he should’ve.

    If you think that, do you think Del Zotto should be suspended for his hit on Neil last night? It was essentially the same hit. I know there wasn’t an injury (it did rattle Neil a bit), but the hit itself was the same with the only difference being that it came from the complete blind side.

    I personally don’t, but I also didn’t think Neil should’ve been suspended either.

  64. Jonny – No chance that Del Zaster playing a puck against the boards and hitting Neil BEHIND THE NET has any relation to an open-ice bashing on Boyle’s head. Boyle was blind-sided by Neil. Boyle is a Left-Hand shot while Chris Neil is a right-hand shot. Neil and Del Zaster were both going towards a puck, it wasn’t like Neil had just released the puck and got blindsided in the head.

    Because of their positioning on the ice they really have no comparison.

  65. Play the Right Way (Per Djoos) on

    Carp —

    Regarding your point #13 — Rangers fans are amongst the most passionate fans of hockey in the entire sport. They tirelessly follow the “fourth tier” sport (after football, baseball, basketball) in the largest market in the world. That said, the Rangers have had only 1 champioship in 72 years and counting. This is despite existing in 6 team league for much of those 72 years. This is despite having many ‘stars’ play here, and the money to spend to get more. This is despite playing in the “world’s most famous arena.” They have watched rival franchises sprout up on Long Island and New Jersey who have won a combined SEVEN (7) championships to the Rangers’ ONE (1) since 1980! And these are teams with smaller, less passionate fan bases than the Rangers. The tickets to a Rangers game have consistently been amongst the most expensive in all of sports.

    The expectations (and pressure) on the Rangers therefore are great. Nearly as great as on the Canadiens or Leafs. The Rangers fans (much like Red Sox and Cubs fans) are jaded from the team’s history. Near misses’, key injuries to stars at bad times, bad luck, bad ice, bad bounces, poor effort from overpriced stars (in the past)…

    We Rangers fans have seen much more failure than success in our history. We are tired of it. This team deserves better, its fans deserve better. We are passionate (sometimes delirious), knowledgabe fans that live in a bottom-line, results-driven city.

    The team this season has been a lunch-pail team all-for-one, one-for-all — something we’ve never seen much of before in the Blueshirts. I’d say if we need to give some tough love to someone like dubinsky, or Hank, or Gabby, or MDZ, or Staal, or Girardi, or Richie-Rich — we will give tough love.. But if and when any of these guys and the team is successful, there’s no better place to win than in NY.


  66. I really thought Neil still had the puck but he had released it and Anisimov reversed it. Thus, Neil didn’t have the puck and was blind-sided high by Del Zaster.

    I obviously hope Del Zotto gets the same non-discipline as Neil. Especially since Neil is suggesting taking vigilante justice into his own hands.

  67. Avery is BYE BYE, Thank God, move on…if most of you are serious about your love for Avery you would ALL love Neal on this team…Don’t kid yourselves.

    BTW Scott is NOT playing people get over it.

    Great call Chopper on the Neal thing…I didnt even think of that…if he didnt kick the puck why did he get credit for the goal? I do not remember him touching it prior…

    Staal still has to take the body more…too much stick work…

    I think they need to start the Captain and play like he did in game 1…hit everything that moves and lead the way.

  68. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    I woke up to a cache of empty Sam Adams Winter, an empty pizza box (although there was some in the fridge), and my wife shaking her head in disappointment. Gross and ashamed as I may feel, all is well for at least another 58 hours or so until puck drop Thursday.

    Something that I haven’t seen mentioned too much is that I thought yesterday was easily Del Zotto’s best game of the series, which means it was also his career best playoff game.

  69. Usually not a conspiracy theorist, but Ottawa is the only Canadian team left and those goal decisions do originate in Toronto.

  70. I think you have to play Kreider with Stepan and Callahan permanently. Dubinsky has no business being anything than a 3rd or 4th line center and Anisimov is not a top 6 forward either.

  71. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Is there an official worse than Tim Peel? I don’t think so. And the worst part is he’s pretty young, so he can terrorize the NHL with his rancid calls for at least another decade.

  72. The NHL never reviews penalties during a game, so you’re right – the review was whether or not Neil kicked the puck in.

  73. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Am I the only one who has no problem with what Neil said? He said he’s going to catch Del Zotto with his head down, not that he’s going to illegally hit Del Zotto. Since when is taking a guy’s number and getting even a problem? Isn’t that what makes the playoffs great?

  74. I don’t. He shouldn’t be fined. If he does something in game 7? Well then the book should be thrown at him.

    Also Tim Peel is a horrible ref, but that decision last night was taken out of his hands the minute they went to review. Goalie Interference calls (which is what should’ve been called) are not reviewable. Kicking the puck in the net is. How they didn’t have conclusive evidence is beyond me, because on the NBC broadcast, they showed a view of Neil just barely grazing the puck.

    Apparently on CBC they didn’t show the same angle. However even from the goal view, the puck is barely moving until Neil kicks it and it accelerates rapidly towards the net. Even if it was because Neil kicked Lundqvist’s stick, it’s still no goal. I’m no physics major, but I’m pretty sure unless Neil had Jet Dryers under his skates, he had to make some sort of contact with the puck to get that kind of reaction of the puck going into the net.

  75. I don’t have a problem with what Neil said. I wasn’t too excited about him trying to pump up the crowd DURING a fight but whatever. He’s a jackwagon and I think everything he said plays INTO the Rangers team chemistry.

  76. The rangers should pull a Charlestown Chiefs as soon as the puck drops thursday night. Drop the gloves and pummel the closest guy to you. Then play the game. The officiating has at least been consistant, consistantly terrible. Same goes for the league discipline people. The rangers need to play nasty and aggressive.

  77. fans are fans, carp. they live and die with every game, and there’s nothing rational about it. is it completely stupid and annoying at times? of course. but it’s also what sells tickets and beer and jerseys and brings people to your fantastic blog, so i guess it’s one of those ‘gotta take the good with the bad’ type situations.

    my 2/5th of a nickel: don’t take it personal, and keep up the great work. even those of us who don’t get out on the ledge really appreciate what you do.

  78. Good morning, boneheads!

    Too busy at work to comment for now. But I did read the review, thanks Carp!

    Gutsy win last night, fueled by emotions and an excellent PK- they looked more dangerous at times than Ottawa was on PP. Hagelin’s return can not be underestimated, his speed and desire helped a lot in retrieving the puck and keeping the forecheck go. Kreider’s speed, along with Hagelin’s all of a sudden make our team look very fast, something Ottawa isn’t used to dealing with.

  79. Yes, let’s give Ottawa work PP chances to score. They did that in the 1st period last night and they were losing. Once they cut the crap and started to actually focus on their game, they started winning.

    This team all year has been about their own team and not catering to their opponents. Why change that now? Just so we can try to fight some guys to prove a meaningless point?

  80. Also Manny, thanks for posting that link btw. I hadn’t seen another good replay of the hit. But you can see why I ask for the people calling for Neil’s head and wanting him to be suspended, shouldn’t they be saying the same thing about DZ for his hit on Neil?

  81. And, the most important part- Tony was finally transferred to the Rehab Unit last night. Yay! I am planning to visit him later today, providing my work situation calms down. Heck, I’ll go anyway, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind even if my Russian face shows up very late :-)

  82. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Please explain to me HOW the Toronto NHL let that last goal count. The puck had lost momentum and was sitting there until Neil skate in clear “kicking motion” gets a piece of it and kicks it in. Even the Senators anouncers on NBC (PUKE) went so far as to say they that that this will be reviewed, but would go on a limb and make a call themselves.

    Boy was Hank pissed!!! He was still yelling at the refs at the end of the game. Not only was he getting pushed away from the puck, the let it get kicked in, and let the goal stand????? UNF’N BELIEVABLE.

    So will Hank get fined $30,000K (like the coach) for calling out the refs? For adding “someone” wanted the Sens back in the game.

    I’m starting to think there really IS a conspiracy theory agains the Rangers. Torts fine $30,000K for the “Whiners” statement vs Chicago Quenniville only 10K, for ripping the refs for not calling the Hossa Hit, as one watches it happen 10′ feet away. 25 game suspension from the NHL but not a penaltly on the ice. (Really – when can we ever question the REFS when they make a mistake, and a HUGE mistake at that)

    Hags get 3 games – vs- eveyone getting none to one. We’ve already covered the hypocrisy on this ruling.

    I love Torts as a coach, and he wears his emotions on his sleeve. I like that, it fires up the bench, and gets the players going. But I don’t blame him for not TALKING, how can he? If he speaks his mind is a fine by Bettman……. the Boooooo’s should be so loud if that “commissioner” ever has to walk out on the Garden ice. Remember last year, when he walked out on the ice to hand Boston the Stanley Cup?

    Carp – how does this happen at NHL Headquarters? How does that goal count?

  83. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    “Also Tim Peel is a horrible ref, but that decision last night was taken out of his hands the minute they went to review. Goalie Interference calls (which is what should’ve been called) are not reviewable. ”

    But if Peel doesn’t blow the very obvious interference call, then they don’t even need to get to the review.

  84. I hope Neil goes headhunting. Let him get distracted from playing hockey and drag the rest of the team down with him. That is fine by me. It will make it that much easier for the Rangers to take game 7. As Kreider gets more and more comfortable, and now that Hagelin is back, this is a different team. Stepan’s pass was one of the few times he did that in the series where it wasn’t over-passing.

    It was also good to see the Rangers still attacking (safely) instead of going into a defensive shell. Major change from game 4. I told my son, “Ottowa is starting to get reckless. They will either score the next goal or give up a bunch of odd man rushes to the Rangers.” The Rangers got a few rushes out of it. Not fantastic quality rushes, but enough to be threatening.

  85. Amen, Jonny: We can’t give the Ottawa PP a bunch of opportunities and we can’t go and get involved in trashing it up. That is their mistake.

    I think the Neil hit is borderline as is the Del Zaster hit. Therefore, let them work it out and don’t punish one and not the other. If Neil spends the entire Game 7 trying to injure Del Zaster, that’s great. Let him focus on anything other than screening Hank and cherry picking goals.

  86. If you threaten anyone with bodily harm anywhere you can be arrested for menacing. why isn’t that goon being suspended?the league wants the rangers out so bad they will let just about anything against them go, while fining and suspending them for any minor infraction. It couldn’t be more obvious. Now that the darlings in pittsburgh are out, it seems to be “anyone but New York.” for the nhl heads.

  87. Sioux-per-man on

    Great Goal by Stepan and Kreider!!! Torts should keep them together. They’ve had success in the past, and they clearly had chemistry last night. Once the goals start going in, the confidence will sky rocket for the kid. He was so focused last night, I don’t think he even smiled after the goal. Good call getting him into the fold THIS year for the playoffs. Game winning goal to boot!!!

  88. on the Mitchell front no shots on goal thru 6 games…. The guy has zero shots on gaol… Nice guy, try’s hard, zero offensive presence…………..

    neil did so many illegal things last night it is hard to cunt, got 15 minute fighting penalty………

  89. Why would the NHL want New York out of the playoffs? Do you know how much money they would bring in and how high the TV ratings would be?

    Some of these conspiracy theories make me laugh.

  90. Thanks for the recap Carp and for always keeping things in perspective. I agree with pretty much all your points, though with a slightly different take on your 2nd point. My view is that we often we focus (obsess?) on one or two factors and point to them as the reason for a win or loss when in fact there are several variables that play into the difference between a win and a loss. That doesn’t mean the one or two we focus on don’t matter, and in fact the variables we focus on can sometimes carry enough weight to influence an outcome. But what it all means is we need to keep things in perspective. And yes, sometimes it is just about a lucky bounce going one way or the other.

  91. Am I the ONLY person that saw Mitchell on the ice to win faceoffs on the PK and then head straight to the bench for a better PK guy?

  92. hard to count sorry.(oops)

    1 5 minute penalty.

    neil has run roughshod of the refs and calling penalties on him in game 7 now is impossible…

    he has his own rules……

  93. Stuart – Mitchell is also averaging a whopping 5:53 of TOI per game, most of which is standing in front on the PP or blocking shots.

    He played really well last night in Boyle’s absence. Forechecked hard, kept the puck deep, and was pretty responsible. Not great, but not bad at all.

  94. i am not sure of conspiracy if not that then total incompetence.

    watch the last 45 seconds. watch girardi fall behind the net, watch it close. Neil with a stick to girardi’s face….

  95. Manny – I saw that. Same thing the Sens have been doing with Konopka. That’s where having Boyle out hurts us.

  96. disagree on mitchell…..

    last night he did play his best game but he has no cofidence offensively and could not score if the goalie was pulled. again playing him and the amount they did last night shows the rangers only real weakness, lack of offensive depth.

    zucc or boyle would be a big upgrade.. jsut nned more bodies with some skill ….

    great win and now we got a game 7….should be fun.. alot of hype before thursday…

  97. Yea. Mitchell played well in Boyle’s absence and took over some of his role. Boyle is a big loss. Hopefully a loss we rally around.

  98. Joekuh - 14 more...LGBT! on

    sioux , carp once posted this muckler quote:

    there’s two things you’ll never know: whats really in a hot dog, and whats going on at nhl hq.

    that said, i was glad to see the rangers counter attacking last night when there was a chance to. if prust converts that breakaway…

    with THAT being said, glad i recorded game 6 so i watch all the neil shenanigans. he hits richards well after the whistle. this guy is a clown.

    i really dont see the difference with the way we’ve played the last 2 games. only difference is the puck went in last night.

    ottawa’s pp has been most effective when neil and konopka have been in the King’s face. i think thats mitchell’s role on the pp. if you cant beat em, join em.

  99. I was concerned that we had not taken Neil to task, that Stepan, Dubi, Anisimov, and even Prust had not done their share. Most of those things got sorted out last night.

    Kreider is the real dea. Did anyone notice that no one on the ice could keep up with Hagelin or Kreider. Those two give us a real element of speed that not many people can handle. We need more of that.

    Brad Richards showed up. MDZ had his best game of the series. Chris Neil can eat S and die for all I am concerned. The guy runs around with impunity and then gets caught with the EXACT kind of hit that he has administered his whole career and then has the guts to say the crap he does. Screw him. And who saw him mouth the words, “Do you want me to start playing like that?” I mean he plays like that all the time. When he was on the ice, I texted a friend, “I hope he is maimed.” In Prust we trust.

    I am loathe to beat a dead horse on the officiating, so I will just add a few things. Someone pointed it out above, if Chris Neil didn’t touch the puck, how did he get credit for the goal. Clearly every replay shows the puck accelerating after his foot slides over it. What the heck? And then calling a penalty on Rupp for pushing after an exchange with Konopka? Really. Shame on the NHL, shame on Bettman, shame on Shanahan. They have made the postseason about the refs and the off-ice officals, not about the hockey. Sorry to say.

    Game 7 here we come. More of the speed, more of the physicality, and more of hammering guys like Karlsson at every turn.

    Please, enough of the John Scott talk. It’s a waste of time to even mention that tripod.

    See youse at MSG on Thursday.

  100. Man, I cannot stop watching the replay of MDZ laying out Neil and his whining afterward.

    I’m so proud of DZ after how Neil has been all over him all series. Not sure if the broadcast picks this up but at the MSG games Neil is constantly giving MDZ nasty cheap shots behind the play. No help from the refs (or his teammates).

    I go back and forth on MDZ (as is my prerogative as a Ranger fan) and today is one of those days I have to remind myself he is only 21.

  101. That’s fine stuart, but what about Foligno’s goalie interference penalty to negate the Sens PP? Or the 5-on-3 that got the Rangers into the game?

    The Sens fans have just as much of an argument, if not more, after last night in thinking that it’s a conspiracy against them.

    There were terrible calls both ways.

  102. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Great news on tony….LGT!!! Thanks

    Thanks again for the review

    No golf

    Per quota

  103. JoeSchmoe, re: Avery. Hahahahahahaha! That’s one of the most nonsensical, hilarious posts in a long time …

    Jim, of course I’d still want Neil. He’s been the focus of this whole series, he’s scored big goals, been distracting, put out one of the Rangers’ best players with a clean (according to the NHL) hit, and is untouchable by the referees. And he won his fight.

    ps, the Rangers wanted him too, but he decided to stay in Ottawa as a UFA. So they went out and got Brashear. How’d that work out?

  104. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    ilb, that’s great news on Tony. Way better than anything that happened in the game last night.

  105. Dore33, How could you not make Richards one of the 3 stars? He was awesome. Agree on Stepan and King. The only ice Scott will see will be in his drink from the player’s box.

  106. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    I can’t believe Avery’s good 50 games still have people so totally brainwashed.

  107. Thanks to Prust for taking on the villain and rallying the team! Winning this fight didn’t matter, it was taking it for the team that mattered. And it woke everyone the h-e-double hockey sticks UP. I guess we were not watching the same game 5. I felt that with the sound muted and the score blocked, anyone still could have guessed who would win that game. The Rangers were never first on the puck, didn’t hold it when it slid right to them but instead flung it to anywhere else on the ice whether or not a NYR was there to get the pass. And, they played that way until the second period of game 6. When, again, with the sound muted and the score blocked, I would have picked the Rangers to win because suddenly, miraculously, without a doubt, they wanted the puck, got to it first, passed it well and loandbehold started scoring.

    Now we wait until Thursday :-((


  108. On the Neil-Prust fight, it doesn’t matter that Neil won or fired up the crowd they already had the swagger and psychological edge. What matters to Prust’s teammates is that he showed up and took him on. I would say that fight, the speed of Hagelin and Kreider, and MDZ’s hit on Neil, has affected the series’…um….momentum. Again it doesn’t mean the Rangers automatically win Game 7. But they go in with a psychological edge.

  109. Yeah the JoeSchmoe comment purely assinine. And I was an Avery fan too. But he’d do nothing out there relative to anyone else we have. He’d get his butt kicked by Neil, btw.

    Here’s the question: If our hero #22 can make it back for Thursday, who do you sit? I think it’s Rupp. Mitchell been helping on PP, had his best game last game. Someone said maybe Feds, but I don’t think so. I think Rupp would sit. Anyone?

  110. Joekuh - 14 more...LGBT! on

    now that i think about it, anisimov looked his best when he had 2 “big uglies” next to him. lets see what he can do with this 4th line. if he can provide a spark there, it will be SORELY needed.

  111. Feds adds too much on the defensive end to take him out over Rupp. If Boyle couldn’t travel to Ottawa, I don’t see him playing in Game 7.

  112. Carp, review was right on. Good for MDZ for that hit on Neil. Seems like he can dish it out but can’t take it. Game 7, that’s what we hoped for yesterday. It would be great for the Rangers to score early and keep the crowd going. Wish I was going but work calls. Thank God for DVR, and beer.

  113. No chance Boyle comes back. None. He might come back for Round 3 should we be fortunate enough to make it there. I don’t see anything sooner.

  114. Carp – can you touch on why DZ’s hit on Neil was any different than Neil’s on Boyle?

  115. Sioux-per-man on

    there’s two things you’ll never know: whats really in a hot dog, and whats going on at nhl hq.

    Best line of the Day!!!

    I was always told, it was everything thats left over including the “lips and a**holes”….. and that pretty much sums up NHL HQ!!!!

    Carp what was the ruling from the press box on the “kicked in” goal? You all have tv’s for replay correct?

  116. Hope those who shamed themselves on this board last night when the game was hardly fifteen minutes old —- and you know who you are —- learned something. Pathetic display of front-running and heartlessness.

  117. Believe me I went back and forth on Kreider – Richards but I went with the kid. This is all new to him and he scored a huge goal in the biggest game of the year for this team. Plus after he reads that I gave him a star it will just boost his confidence! ; )

    Richards was my 3.1 star

  118. It was a fine job dore33! The whole point of having a poster do three stars is so we can get a different perspective. Kreider scoring his first NHL goal and having it be a GWG is pretty spectacular. Sometimes I think Hank shouldn’t be included in the three stars, he should just be a given.

  119. one foot back on the ledge on

    If anyone happened to listen to Kenny and Dave last night how awesome was Dave Maloney’s near meltdown over the officiating. He was going bat carcillo crazy!! I like Dave because he calls the game fair, is not scared to tell it how it is, and is not shy of criticizing our beloved Rangers when they are playing like crap. I have never heard him that upset as I did last night. He was pretty much ready to jump out on the ice and strangle the officials himself…I was waiting for him to come on MSG’s postgame, but they must have warned him to tone it down cause he was totally benign.

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dregger on Michalek possibly being suspended game 7:
    “Its hard to take a guy out of gm 7 tho”

    My response:
    Neil had no problem doing that to the Rangers series leading scorer!!

  121. Stranger Nation on

    About the Sens PP set up called “2 goons in crease”. This set up negates their man advantage and our forwards need to press the points and other forward. We want Neil and Konopka handling the puck away from the goal on the PP not gonchar and karlsson whipping shots on a totally screened hank.

  122. when did the michalek incident occur? what period and time?

    the nhl is just acting like they care and want to be fair. michalek will be in game 7.. shanahan and the league are morons.

    again 45 seconds or so left watch what misses neil does t ogirardi’s face. nice little stick jab.. BTW nothing called not even a whiff of a penalty.

    but hey let’s call a .5 second hook at center ice of no consequence…

    neil stick checked lundqvist hip on the goal with 38 seconds left but the brain surgeons on espn keep on talking about the skate…..

  123. Stranger Nation on

    one foot – didn’t listen to Dave last night – love his calling of game. What you related is the reason Dave will never be MSG color guy, not a corp stooge like Joe ‘wonky groin’ Missaplenty.

  124. Stranger Nation on

    Mitchell was 1 of 5 on FOs – wouldn’t use him in that capacity the Sens use Konopka – let Dubi take some draws –

  125. Jonny D … the predatory nature, the puck not being there, the blind-side, who did it and to whom, and the extra shot to the back of Boyle’s head after the hit ..

    Del Zotto’s was a pure hockey play, two guys going head-on toward each other, one didn’t see the other coming, elbows down, puck there.

  126. The Michalek incident occurred during the last reviewed goal with 30 seconds left in the game. Haven’t been able to find a great look at it but you can kinda see it here


    around the 15 sec part of the video watch Girardi down in front you can see his leg get kicked out while they are down on the ice and he gets up complaining, like wtf? immediately.

  127. Might have to restart that video as is was set to start at the 11 sec mark…….just start it from the beginning and don’t take your eyes off of Girardi.

  128. Carp – I can see that a little, but how was Del Zotto’s not predatory? He came from a decent distance to hit Neil and the puck wasn’t even really there as Neil had chipped it up the boards. It was from the blindside (even more so than Neil’s hit).

    Neil’s elbow didn’t come up either. The extra shot to the back of the head was more of a push and not really a hit, but I can’t disagree with you on that part since it wasn’t really necessary.

    I just don’t see how you can call Neil’s hit a “blind-side” hit when you don’t see it that way for DZ when it was even more-so IMO.

  129. jonny d supporting Neil. really did you root for the Germans in WW2…

    the guy is friggin animal. just read his post game comments………

    get a life…….watch the bread richards cheap shot he did yesterday, throw in the girarid stick to the face behind the net with less then a minute left and the henrik stick to the hip.

    the guy is a ANIMAL THUG……….

  130. Hey stuart – easy, man. easy. Jonny is just trying to be objective here. If Prust said the same thing we would all be all, “Go Get him Pruster! Prust Boxing Club 4-Eva!”

    I doubt Jonny was alive in WWII so I doubt he rooted for the Germans. Maybe he did root for them while watching Band of Brothers but I doubt it.

  131. What ever happened to the rule about an opposing player being in the crease before the puck gets there. I’ve seen many a goal disallowed for that reason, but the Sens are constantly entering the crease without the puck, but it is never called.

    Just add this to the long list of Officials incompetence.

  132. High Desert Roberto on

    Carp you can pretty much cut and paste points #2 and #13 in every recap after a win…

    I believe one of the beautiful parts of being a fan of any team is that the relationship with said team is on each fan’s personal terms. you can be the kind of person that loses their spit every time your team fails or maybe you keep your cool and look on the bright side. a lot of us live vicariously through the team and when they fail, it can be cathartic to let out the anger, criticism, and vitriol regardless of how rational or productive it is. this method doesn’t work for everybody but certainly each fan has the right to root for/hate on their respective team on their terms. people invest a lot of time and emotion in professional sports so knee-jerk emotional reactions are to be expected. you’ve been doing this a long time, this is not a new phenomenon. you don’t have to understand it and you don’t have to like it but it is how a lot of fans are. especially in new york. furthermore if these guys go out and take a giant spit at the garden game 7, I will lose my mind and call them a bunch of susans as will a lot people. that’s just the way it is. there are no moral victories here. i am not concerned with how well they played, I am concerned with the final score. they lose=they suck.

    rant over.

    thank you for your continued great work and everything you do on the blog

  133. Stuart – I can’t stand Neil, trust me. I hate the guy and would love nothing more than to see him suspended for awhile, but like Manny said, I’m just trying to be objective.

    And I never cheer for the Germans. After Torsten Frings handball in the 2002 World Cup that eliminated the US, I never cheer for them in anything haha.

    Bob – they got rid of that rule after the 1999-2000 season. The new rule is just that you can’t impede the goaltender when he is trying to make a save.

  134. I didn’t think Del Zotto blind sided him. He took a bee-line right to the center of his chest. You could argue it was late or that he didn’t have the puck, I just would not use blind-sided at all. Neil’s hit was more lateral and he started from behind. Both tough calls to make either way, as both players were in vulnerable positions. Neil’s being worse, imo as an objective Rangers fan…..haha.

  135. 1940 – Blind-side means he didn’t see it. Neil didn’t see the hit since his head was turned as he was looking for the puck. Boyle didn’t see it because his head was turned and he was looking at his shot.

    They were both “blind-side” by definition.

  136. manny just fooling..

    i am joking around. my point is neil is a thug and has crossed the line numerous times…

    the richards cross check to the back was done 4o feet away from the goalie, who just made a save, in the middle of the ice and he got bupkis…no penalty. the guy is a friggin animal and if he was on the rangers I would not applaud that at all. I like toughness within reason.

    neil has no thoughts on right and wrong and therefore sooner or later he will cross the line with a ugly ugly action watch.. he has been walking the tight rope for years, sooner or later it will get real ugly.

  137. I do agree that they are tough calls since both were in vulnerable positions. I’m just saying that if someone thinks Neil should be suspended, I don’t see how they can’t say the same thing about DZ.

    And like I said, neither should be suspended.

  138. I’m really curious to see what they have to say about Michalek. There is clear precedence on this one. I cannot wait to see how Brenda talks his way around this one.

  139. jonny the boyle hit was a suspendable hit for 1 main reason he targeted the head and it was premeditated. he watched boyle like a heat seeking missile for at least 40 feet if not more and boom once boyle shot it he hit a defenseless player. after you shoot the puck and you are following thru you are defensless for a period of time and the thug knew it and planeed on it. he said that. the guy trolls the blueline looking for prey like an animal…….

    the MDZ hot on Neil was my favorite non goal play of the playoffs….

  140. The Senators losing Michalek would be a huge loss for them. I would applaud it in my Ranger-Fan Heart but, so far the team that has lost a player has rallied around that player and then won.

    How scary is this Jewish/Swede Silverberg? Kid looks really explosive.

    Stuart: I know. Just teasing back.

  141. Stuart – that cross check on Richards was ridiculous. I was pissed they didn’t call that.

    1940 – Me too. I’m assuming they have the other angles that we didn’t see. It’s hard to tell intent based on the TV broadcast since you could barely see anything happening there, just a quick movement and Girardi getting up like “WTF?”.

    However if they look at the other cameras they used for the goal review and keep them rolling, I think they’ll have the necessary evidence to say it was intentional.

  142. again Michalek will not be suspended this of course is the NHL.

    Rangers get screwed all the time…….

    on the foligno goalie interference call, I do think it was a bad call but the guy never ever makes an attempt not to go into the blue and he did that again on the play….

    he made no attempt to brake, none…foligno plays on the edge also…….

  143. MDZ’s hit on Neil and Neil’s on Boyle are substantially the same, either both or neither are illegal. I say leave them in as long as the head is not intentionally targeted. Yes it leaves room for aggressive hits to result in concussions but if you take the standard beyond that then you get into all the shades of grey and inconsistent rulings. The test should be simple so players, refs, fans and even Shanny, can understand.

  144. You can say the same thing about MDZ lining up Neil. The play behind the net like that has to be one of the easiest places to see where a player is going to be before he gets there, we see it all the time. The hits are very different imo but again imo, they both had their targets lined up in advance.

  145. Stuart – that’s true, but open ice hits on guys following through isn’t against the rules. It should be IMO because that’s how a bunch of concussions happen.

    Also if you go back, Neil doesn’t target the head. Yes he makes contact, but once he sees Boyle’s head start to go down, he actually turns a bit and tries to lessen the impact. The main point of contact is the chest.

    I’m not going to lie though, the Rangers fan in me last night immediately said “that’s justice” when MDZ flattened him. That’s actually the 2nd time this season he’s decked Neil too.

  146. Yeah all you need is the over camera and you’ll see it plain as day. If you look at the Skinner play where he got 2 games for kicking, it doesn’t take much.

  147. good 1 manny..

    the thing with Silvferberg is he should not have played. Torts used Kreider out of neccessity it was Kreider or Scott. Ottowa did not need to use him. I actually think the Sens were a little cocky going into last nights game. That was Macleans fault… Silvferberg(or whatever his name is) sounds like he is going to be a real good player but really playing him last night was a bad idea…..

  148. Yea I agree that SilFverberg should not have played and it was MacLean trying to pull a Torts and pop-in Kreider in a situation. The Sens are down Winchester still but I thought Mark Stone showed enough to stay in. Whatever, better for us. I just thouht Silfverberg showed that he could be a problem. Hopefully he doesn’t have enough time to learn.

  149. Brenda Shanaban’s statement on Michalek. “It is very common for a player to attempt to get back on their feet by using this backward, horse-like kicking motion directly into the nearest player. We will have no further comment on this incident.”

  150. Great summary, Carp. I think I was closer to disagreeing with your numbering sequence than I was with any points. Especially the last one. The whole “if we’re losing, I either have to destroy the team or I have to accuse the refs/league of cheating” thing is getting so tiring.

  151. Agree Mister D. That is why as much as I love it here, I have to stay away sometimes after losses.

  152. Any video of Alfie losing it?

    I don’t believe in NHL conspiracies, but if MDZ gets suspended and neither Neil nor Michalek do, it will be a sign of something…

    Of course, when members of the media (was it Dreger?) say “it’s hard to take a guy out of a game 7,” they only reinforce the notion that justice is to be dealt only when convenient. Pathetic.

  153. Can any of the physics experts on this board answer a question I’ve been curious about? When I was a young player I was taught when delvering a check not to leave your feet- but not for the reasons we now discuss. I was taught that you actually lose some the inertia of your weight by not being grounded on the ice and that by leaving your feet you are lighter and your hit has less impact. Granted this was a very different era and no one talked about hits to the head or concussions, but I am curious about the physics of it since the league uses leaving the feet as a factor in determining a suspendable hit. Anyone?

  154. Carp,

    Isn’t it a little obvious that judgements are made based on the results of an action? History dictates the winners and then the interpretation of their prior actions. Every victory ever could be analyzed with “but what if it had gone the other way?” If a guy in a military unit that is pinned down gets up and goes berserk and his unit is saved, he’s a hero. If they aren’t, he’s just the idiot that died sooner.

  155. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    F- Chris Neil!!!

    Del Zotto’s hit was a hockey play – OLD TIME HOCKEY!!!!

  156. I should mention that my friend from Nova Scotia sent me a Rangers banner/mini cup set late last week. Finally arrived at my parent’s house in Jersey last night. When our Rags were down 1-0 after 1, my dad texted me to let me know the box game (he didn’t know what it was). I told him to open it, he said I could just wait until I go back to visit them on Saturday.

    I told him he needed to open it and put it together just so I could see it, and it might even be good luck. As soon as he opened it? Rangers score. He puts it together? Rangers score again.

    So while it is a complete coincidence, I thought it was funny and would like to still say that it was good luck haha.

  157. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    When you leave your feet you actually carry more inertia! You not only have the impact you are going to apply in X-Y dimension (latitude, parallel with the ice surface), but you also add a force that is now either you launching upwards and/or gravity driving you downwards. You also eliminate the friction that was the ice slowing you down at all and make the ONLY point of contact the other player.

    When you launch and your only point of contact is the other player, well, a comparison of heights shows you that the main POC becomes the head (with a shoulder). Its a vicious blow and much much more violent that skating into a guy completely parallel to the ice and dissipating a hit across his shoulder pads.

  158. Matteau – that’s true, but it leaves you out of balance, that’s why. And you don’t have the ice to propel you through the check.

    The part where concussions come into play is that despite you not having as much power through the check, you are launching yourself at a smaller target (the head). It’s like when you pinch only a small area of skin, it hurts a lot more than when you pinch a large area of skin because the impact isn’t spread out over a greater surface area.

    Throw in the fact that your brain gets rattled around your skull too (which after a direct blow to the head, will be much worse for the same reason of the impact not being spread out around a larger surface area) and the result is a worse concussion than if someone was hit square in the chest.

  159. The velocity is higher since you are traveling up, but you don’t have that base (mass) behind it, so it’s not as powerful as when you dig your skates into the ice and push through using the ice as your base.

  160. Jonny D– Before you do anything else have your dad take that appart and re-box it for Thursday. We may need 2 additional goals Thursday.

  161. Gotta love the first icture! Staal, 25, Stepan, 21, Kreider, 20. And the guy behind the glass looks like he just underwent a 30 min-long rectal exam.

  162. Why is Joffrey Lupul nominated for the Masterton? Is being on the Leafs enough of a challenge to overcome?

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It won’t be long yeah yeah yeah yeah
    It won’t be long yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Till we are on home ice yeah yeah yeah yeah
    And we win game 7 yeah yeah yeah yeah

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – someone should give Neil a 30 minute rectal exam with the koho of your choice.

  165. Chris F. I posted a link of Alfie losing his temper on the last thread. Im on my iphone now so itd be hard to post again. Its one of the last post on the last thread, check it out.

  166. Jonny D, not to contribute more to these crazy conspiracy theories, but MSG and the Rangers take care of themselves financially. Meaning, that the NHL doesn’t need to reach this market to develop-the fans spend plenty of time and money. The smaller markets need the attention. A perfect example actually is Pittsburgh, because despite being a “large market”realistically, it still is a small one all things considered. I am guilty of sometimes thinking that something is up with officiating and the like when it comes to the Rangers. Case in point from this playoff series alone is Hags and that nonsense goal last night. I could not have been scripted better. With Hags in the lineup for an extra two games we might have wrapped this series up earlier.

  167. I said before the game yesterday that having Butler and Stone out yesterday and Silferberg in was probably in our favor. The guy had a game 2 days ago and flew in from Sweden. Jet lag + never playing in an NHL rink, probably not a good idea to throw him in. He had a tough game. I dont get why Stone was scratched….

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The goalie interference call on kreider was horrid – Darren pang’s bald younger brother should been whistled for interference – he practically jumped into the kreider..

    NHL refs are the best umpires of any sport. Rarely do they miss a single call and replays often show the calls that do make are spot on.

    Their collective job approval rating is hovering at 5%, which really means that 95% of hockey fans approve of the job they are not doing….

    Kreider with the hat trick and it’s on to round 2 and let’s win there…

  169. 1994 – That’s true, but when New York/Chicago/Los Angeles are in the playoffs, it brings in big time business for the league. If it was a New York/LA Cup final, the NHL would be losing their sh*t about how awesome it would be for business. It would be all over every sports channel, front page news.

    Why do you think everyone remembers the 1994 Rangers and why ESPN still makes a big deal about them? Nobody cares about the 95 Devils, but those 94 Rangers are a huge deal in the US because of them being NYC’s team and the NYC/Chicago/LA media bias.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was hoping turdiss broke his leg when he took that shot in the first period.

    Game 7

    Rangers 25

    Sens 0

    GWG : The Kreider

  171. Manny – Lupul was almost out of the league a few years ago. He was diagnosed with a spinal cord contusion in 08, but even worse was in 09-10 when he only played 23 games due to a blood infection after he had another back surgery. It was a really bad infection as well and he finally made it back later on in the next season.

    So the fact he was a top scorer this year (a PPG player at that) is incredible impressive. I hope he wins it.

  172. Wow. That’s pretty incredible Jonny. Don’t know how I missed all that. I did notice him being a flipping BEAST on the ice.

  173. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    1940 – Hank was actually referring to the appetizer menu at the Warren. Apparently, some of hank’s French fries got up and crawled off his plate. It absolutely terrified him.

  174. Stranger Nation on

    Eddie – Sens have miraculous healing powers – their medical staff is top notch – Neil lies on the ice as if hit by a Tyson left hook after MDZ’s hit only to play the next shift. Spezza goes down when hit by Staal and barely makes it off the ice at end of period, but somehow returns and plays the rest of game.

    With extra day of rest, McD and Dan G prob over 30 mins in Game 7

  175. Stranger: Don’t forget about Turris being hit in the leg, carried off the ice by two people and returning about 1 minute later.

  176. There werent terrible calls both ways last night. There were terrible calls one way. Anti-Rangers. You guys come up with a new conspiracy every other day. It’s a Pittsburgh consp, its a Canadian consp, its an Avery consp. Please please please please please please please please please, for my health, understand, its not a conspiracy at all. Its just a league that is anti-New York. We are always going to have to suffer at the hands of the referees and the leagues. We are always going to have to play against 3 teams, the team on the ice and the team of officials and the team in Toronto (not the Leaves). Its never going to change. But real champions respond, and thats what the Rangers did last night. We responded like the champions we were all season long. And Im excited, thrilled, overjoyed that Henrik finally said something and opened his mouth. Because it may scare him now, but its always scared me. These leagues are capable of screwing us in a million different ways, and nothing they do will ever surprise me. I just hope that whatever referee crew in Game 7 doesnt screw us extra hardcore for Henrik’s comments, but I certainly wont blame him if they do.

    Again, Im sorry for last night Lev. *VIRTUAL HUG*

  177. nhl already getting their excuses together for no penalty to michalek. the convulsion excuse coming….really these guys are clowns…

    again watch the neil whack to girardi’s face behind the net with less then 1 minute left, i think after the Snes goal.

    hey maybe EInstein Maclean can call up another rookie from Binghamton for game 7… SIlvferberg in hte lineup, Stupid arrogant move…………

    btw Hagelin is a definite catlayst for this team, goal score or not.. his speed pressures the other team on the forecheck and stretches the d on offense…

  178. enough on the conspiracy theory, Tiki. the Rangers got a 5-on-3 and scored on it because of a very questionable call. and there were a bunch of calls that went both ways that were questionable, if not completely wrong.

    Chris, but my point is there seems to be a lack of understanding of the way the game is played, and when it’s 1-0 Ottawa in the first period people are already quitting and talking about how everybody stinks and should be traded and nobody’s giving any effort or passion. … and when they go ahead 2-1, just the opposite. They’re winning this series and the next and the Cup and everybody is going to the Hall of Fame.

    it’s ridiculous.

  179. DarrenDreger Considering both incidents again. To be fair, Skinner wasn’t trapped when he kicked Nichol. Michalek looks like he’s trying to get free.

    LOL! So it’s to kick someone in order to get free?? Idiot!

  180. *Carp* – People *hate* middle ground. People *hate* being objective and most of all people *hate* thinking before they post.

    Can’t blame them though. Twitter and the internet has really changed people’s ability to spit out the first thing they think of and has destroyed the ability to *think critically*

  181. Get free from what? What? Other then another player would he be getting free from? What a dynamite defense.

  182. I think Michalek was attempting to get free to celebrate the illegal goal that was initially credited to Neil but when it was realized that if he scored the goal it was illegal credit was given to Spezza.

  183. I don’t typically post anything “serious” on this blog, but what the hey …

    That second goal given to Ottawa was absurd. I understand why it’s so (ref called it a goal, Toronto needs conclusive evidence to overturn it), but it’s absurd that the refs called it a good goal to begin with.

    I like what the Rodent wrote about it: “Therefore, the official nomenclature is “Jason Spezza” goal, for he was the Senator who provided the requisite inertia for the ball to magically speed up after changing direction due to refraction and swamp gas, n’ est-ce pas? Yeah. Right.”

    This Neil clown needs to be taken out back and put down. What was that he said about catching MDZ with his head down? And the league’s not going to do anything about that comment?

    The NHL is complete bush-league. Example after example of amateur-hour by that other clown, Shanahan.

    I’m going to be so pissed if the Rangers lose the series to this farce of a team.

  184. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – i have predicted victory all along….i was terribly depressed by game 5……but i hope you aren’t referring to me….

    S.nation – spezza, actually lost both of his eyes in the staal altercation…the Sens’ medical staff were jason on the spot with 2 new eyes that they surgically sewed in…..truly a miracle

    As for the MDZ hit on Neil – slightly different case…Neil thought for a moment or two that he WAS concussed….but then he remembered that if you dont have a brain in your head, it cannot possible be jarred inside the ‘ole noodle

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – should the rangers win game 7, i have to like their prospects about getting into rd. 2….are we vibin?

  186. We are, eddie. I just had Martha crunch those stats and she tells me that most teams that win 4/7 games in the first round move on to Round 2.

  187. Ok, Carp. I disagree, but Ill let it go.

    PIMP!! *IF* we lose to this farce of a team in Gm 7, we can take extra pleasure next round when the Bruins stomp on them and their loser goalie to the tune of a million goals, take Karlsson and Alfredsson and ship them to a hospital back in Sweden, and take Chris Neil and stick him 6 feet under.

  188. Wow – embarrassing people it really is. This is playoff hockey. Yes I get as mad as the next guy when calls dont go the Rangers way and the inconsistancies that is the NHL and yes I think Phillips and Neil should have been suspended and last nights kick in was not a goal and I think Hagelin got what he deserved as well but to think that there is some kind of conspirecy is ridiculous. I do believe the officiating is terrible but it is in every game for every team…relax and I dont care if the Rangers get down 3 goals tomorrow in the first period that 18,200 better be behind them every second of the game…this has been one heck of a ride and hopefully it ain’t over yet.

  189. Wow, I just read that Neil is a father. Some people shouldnt be fathers. What a role model he must be. At least I recognize Im not cut out to be one!

  190. KEEP THE PEDAL TO THE METAL Boys. Its 106 miles to Chicago we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, its dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it ! …. LGR . Bleed BLUE Today and ever day. See you Thur.

  191. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good afternoon all! Me so happy today!

    There aren’t enough real or bonehead bad words in the world to describe how I feel about Neil. I don’t like to wish ill on people (well, generally) but if there’s a NYC with failing brakes out there, I hope it finds its way to that complete hartneller.

  192. If the Rangers lose this series, this season is a disaster.

    I don’t see how anyone can paint it aany other way.

    If we had finished as the 4th seed and we lost this series, it also could be described as a disaster.

    This team needs to make it AT LEAST to the second round, otherwise it’s a disaster.

    Results matter.

  193. There is a one big difference in the Neil-on-Boyle and Del Zotto-on-Neil hits – and it is one that Brendan Shanahanigans has used to justify suspending a player or justify not suspending a player. The Neil hit caused an injury while Del Zotto’s didn’t. For Neil to be concussed, someone would have to kick him in the arse :-)

  194. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – have martha look up the percentages of winning that 7th game and how it relates to winning the series….i would assume that there is a high likelihood that by winning game 7, you very nearly clinch the series, and potentially move on, perhaps, to the second round….

  195. I despise Neil, nearly pulled a muscle cheering when MDZ laid him out, but let’s all be real we’d love him if he was a Ranger.

  196. Eddie – brilliant idea. I never thought of it myself but I had Martha look it up and you are correct. 100% of teams that win Game 7 move on to the next round. Shocking.

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    not one to believe in conspiracies, but there is video footage that places the NHL higher ups, in dallas at the grassy knoll…..

  198. The next game is the last game for these clowns. Neil is going to score a hat trick. Either him or Michalek.

    The Rangers are done. It’s a home game, and you know how bush we are at home.

    I can’t wait ’till we’re down 9-0 and the boos are pouring down like the Niagara.

  199. Not trying to scare everyone, but when you listen to Kreider in interviews, doesn’t he sound just like Drury? I don’t mean in what he says, I mean just his voice. I used to think that about Nigel Dawes and Mike Richter. :lol:

  200. eddie eddie eddie on

    manny – perhaps even more amazing is the fact that by winning game 7, they invariably wont lose game 7….its as if you cannot have it both ways…you cannot have your cake and not eat it too…

  201. Carp makes a good point on the Rangers getting a 5 on 3. But the thing I wonder is if, no check that, when do they decide to give makeup calls. Because you know they do. It’s human nature. “Oops, that call on Rupp for pushing Konopka’s gloves and chest, maybe that was over the top. Oops, Prust just decked Karlsson after the whistle but we screwed the Rangers about 10 mins ago.”

    The inconsistency is what is the worst. Also, I wonder how many Candians and how many Americans (and how many non-North Americans) are in the official replay booth in Toronto? I mean is it impossible to think that Canadians want a team from Canada to still be alive in the playoffs? Read the Hockey Rodent’s review of last night. I mean, just because I am paranoid DOESN’T mean they AREN’T after me.

    Don’t expect this inconsistent BS to change on Thursday. In fact, I would almost bet they will swallow their whistles. That means we have to expect clutching and grabbing and chippiness. The young speedsters need to keep their legs moving when the Sens put their sticks or mitts on them.

    Is it Thursday yet?

  202. That’s right, Newman. I was wondering the same thing last night because the inconsistency seemed a la baseball with the makeup calls.

    Inconsistency is THE worst. Can’t we just know what will draw a penalty and what won’t?

  203. jiiim, good point. Take out Bickel or Rupp, those mins go to Scott, he takes the 1 shift and is there to get Neil’s attention away from the game.

    jiiim for coach!

  204. No. Del Zaster did a fine job handling Neil as did Prust. That’s enough. Let’s focus on WINNING the game and then we can tweet mean stuff about Neil while we are living large in Round 2.

  205. Johnny D and True Blue thanks for the response on the physics of leaving your feet to check. I think we all agree leaving your feet to hit makes it more dangerous when targeting the head. But too often we see analysts talking about leaving the feet as demonstrating the general intensity of the impact and it seems that’s a bit misplaced since there is actually more impact when you have the ice as grounding and can drive through, rather than bounce off.

  206. The amount of idiotic comments that come from this blog never cease to amaze me.

    Yes, let’s put John Scott out there in game 7 of a playoff game to play 1 shift and “try” to get in someones head. That’ll definitely be the key to success in order for the Rangers to win the game…

  207. The ultimate payback to Neil is to *win* and move on to the next round while he heads home to get a buzzcut, bleach his hair and get some new teeth.

  208. anyone have a link to the Prust hit on Karlsson? I missed the game last night out to dinner with the in-laws.


    And glad to see the Rangers got the message last night. IF they can win game 7, perhaps they can carry that into the next round.

    A BIG IF however!

  209. Neil and Avery are definitely brothers. Neil is the older one who is less fashion conscious and more of a tough guy (missing teeth and all). Avery is the younger little one who is more annoying but a pretty boy.

  210. Carp, for the record-

    -Still think Sather blew it at trade deadline (and for most of the last 10 years)
    -Still think Torts gets major credit for how he got this team playing over its heads this year, but that he erred in not confronting Neil and Carkner in Game 3 and 4
    -Still think the boys as a group are worthy of our pride, admiration, respect

    No changes here.

  211. Did anyone else notice Neil give Richards two shots to the back of the head after the kick-trip? Only saw one replay, but it sure looked like he did.

    Oh, and win another one for the Boyler!

  212. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Orr, great minds think a like? Or was it really just a stupid comment in the first place?

  213. For stretches of the last two games, McDonagh looked like he was trying to put the team on his back and carry them to a win. He has just looked that determined at times.

    Regardless of what happens Thursday, I love this team.

  214. eddie eddie eddie on

    put john scott in game 7 to beat up the entire senator team – at the same time…..our pk has been great so we can afford the penalty minutes…..game 7 is time to put it all on the table

  215. eddie eddie eddie on

    winston – earlier this season, WW put the entire team on *his* back – and he got a sports hernia on both groins

  216. eddie eddie eddie on

    sather should have traded hank for montoya for starters….we need an elite G

  217. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    No Eddie^3 that is a bad idea.

    Winston I have been thinking the same exact thing. McD is going to be a special player. Brian Rafalski with more shutdown capabilities is a good comparison for McD.

  218. -Still think Sather blew it at trade deadline (and for most of the last 10 years)

    He blew it for the first 7 or so years but has, along with the scouting dept, been pretty outstanding since. You can’t just pretend he hasn’t overseen the building of a very good, very young roster.

  219. eddie eddie eddie on

    re: sather – Avery for nash was also on the table….but sather wanted more….Tutin/nash for avery

  220. eddie eddie eddie on

    true blue mike – john scott wins game 7 if he plays…..he is tough, fast, great hands, and has that goal scoring instinct that we need…..

  221. Just remember…

    We could STILL be saddled with Gomez and Drury right now.

    Annoying moment for me this weekend:

    I spend weekends in Pompton Lakes, NJ with my bride-to-be (I live and work in Amityville). We’re shopping and I pop into a Sports Authority looking for a new pair of running shoes. I usually only see Devils stuff in these stores, so I was shocked, SHOCKED to see a couple of Rangers jerseys high up on the rack.

    I run over and tell my fiancee “Hey, that’s got a “C” on it. A Callahan jersey…I think I just might pick that up”

    So I find one of those long poles and fish the jersey down.

    Drury # 24.

    Figures. Why wasn’t this in the bargain rack for 90% off???

    What’s the over/under on Uncle Daddy having a bad game tonight?

    And what’s anyone’s thinking on the Boston/Caps Game 7?

  222. Miami,

    I think fans have to realize the need to evaluate a season as two parts: The regular season and the playoffs The regular season was fantistic with great moments that eclipsed any of our expectations by far. If the Rangers lose in the first round it will be a tremendous letdown. So the playoffs will be a failure but the overall season has seen great strides.

    With that being said, let’s just pray they win on Thursday cause I don’t think any Ranger fan can deal with the season ending in this fashion.

  223. Number 13 is exactly why I dont read the comments too often anymore, its ridiculous how many people can be fair-weather fans and its not worth arguing with them. Way to go for the Rangers though, this is what that regular season did for us, gave us the chance to play at home incase there were any game 7s, lets capitalize

  224. eddie eddie eddie on

    Old man down, way down down, down by the docks of the city.
    Blind and dirty, asked me for a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee.
    I got no dime but I got some time to hear his story.
    My name is august west, and I love my pearly baker best more than my wine.

  225. I know everyone probably hated Zherdev, but he turned Toots and Backman into Zherdev (and Fritsche, who was useless). Zherdev was our leading scorer and if he actually had some guys who could finish instead of Dubinsky, he’d have been a 70 point guy.

    Also Eddie, you are right. In the words of BizNasty, John Scott has some sick mitts.

  226. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor? Hell no!!!

    I’m honestly not referencing anyone specific here, but I wonder if every other NHL teams fan base whines as much as ours does about officiating or lack there of!

  227. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    I also think it would be hilarious if the crowd at MSG did the same Alfie countdown but then just booooed or maybe chanted Boyle.

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    jonnyD – when i think of pure goal scorers….there are 5 names that stand above all others…….Maurice Richard, Marcel Dionne (especially as a ranger), TGO, Mike Bossy, John scott…

  229. Malt O’Meal

    sorry about ruining your FIRST
    would rather have been putting out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

  230. ORR!!

    here’s the thing that bugs me about Sather’s deadline dealing this year
    first it sounded as if there was no discussion with Torts about it
    based on Torts’ reaction to Scott

    i could understand the desire/need for a pure and (supposedly) good fighter on this team
    but it did no good if he couldn’t play well enough to be in the lineup. same odd thinking as signing Brashear and Boogard (RIP).

    as much as i hate neil and konopka in this series both have provided more to their team than our 4th line in the grit, scoring, faceoff, fight departments.

    finally, back to subject at hand. it would have been nice if Sather got someone who was good at faceoffs or w/ grit or some scoring. and if it was going to cost too much then do nothing. besides, giving up a 5th round pick!!!! heck, we seem to find our BEST players in the middle rounds!!!!

  231. this team CAN NOT and will not win without sean. he was a leader on this team and is sourly missed

  232. John Scott –

    I feel he was hired to deal with real size teams like Pittsburgh, Philly, and Boston.

  233. cjp

    Boston Washington is one of those, ” it should go to Boston easy…now this is probably based on a couple of eatures:

    Tim Thomas BIG REASON. But the Caps have shown that they are capable of suddenly turning Tigerous. the
    human pin ball suddenly discovers his long neglected
    ferocity , and his D man Green comes alive unless his old hurts are hurting again, and finally….the BIG factor…the goal tender….can he sustain enough to eke out a win? Stranger things have happened….but I wouldn’t put money on a Boston loss.

  234. artie art – there are 2 ways you can fall forwards. One is by putting your hands up to mitigate the force of the fall. The other is by falling flat on your face like a tree being cut down in a forest, which is what Foligno did. If you don’t make an attempt to avoid the goalie or you purposely fall with all of your might on him, its a call.

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