Post-morning skate interviews


Some twidiot started a stupid wildfire that Henrik Lundqvist is sick, with IVs in his arms, etc. NOT TRUE, OK?

Daniel Alfredsson goes back into the lineup for Ottawa, and Carl Hagelin — who served his three games for the elbow that injured Alfredsson also returns. Chris Neil, however, doesn’t get a penalty, so much as a minor, for knocking Brian Boyle out of the series. Sounds fair, right? Makes a lot of sense.

Way to go, NHL. Just embarrassing.

Hagelin was kept away from the Canada media swarm today, and rightfully so. He’s going to be a major villain tonight. Boyle didn’t make the trip; can’t fly. The Sens are also considering rookie Jakob Silfverberg, right out of the Swedish Elite League playoffs, though that sure goes against the coaching manual — making a non-injury lineup change after two straight playoff wins.

Anyway, for you guys who have been clamoring for one of these at the slightest bit of adversity all season, here it finally is, in Game 88: Tonight is a Must-Win game. There, I said it.

On to the interviews. John Tortorella said nothing. At the end of Brad Richards, some jackwagon with a camera and a mic asked Brad Richards about the Senators being Canada’s last standing team … adding that aside from Richards’ parents, everybody in Canada is rooting for the Senators. My God. Richards got a couple of good laughs out of it after the guy was gone.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Brad Richards:


Ryan Callahan:




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  1. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Is Hank ok?

    Just a little…tiny….twitter-type…really bad….gotta stay positive…type not-so-good-joke.

    Sorry, to everyone.

  2. Eddie eddie Eddie on


    I am very relaxed. I would feel differently if I wasn’t so heavily sedated.

    Let’s go rangers!!!!

  3. ilb, Sally, no text.

    Good afternoon, Sally! Is it snowing there … because it snowed and sleeted like hell up here. Had to brush about two or three inches off my windshield this morning. Very happy.


    THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY YOU DREAM OF GROWING UP AS A PLAYER…. Down by a game, facing elimination…. he passes the puck, dekes once, dekes twice…. shoots, SCORES!!!!!!!!!

    If you dont think this group of players is bouncing off of the walls EXCITED, you’re nuts… Just hope Torts channels that excitement into a gameplan that…. gasp…. follows the plan that led us to 1st in the East.

    Play hard, win every personal battle, play hard, check the body and get pucks to the net. Someone said it earlier but, KISS principal is what its all about. Playing timid works in fooseball, sometimes… not Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey.

    Let’s get that W!

  5. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Hey, Eddie? Your posts never, ever, don’t make me laugh. Sedation is good. Really good.

  6. Haven’t seen the Captain yet, but he was here for 3 and 4, so I’d assume …

    doubt he’ll guarantee something over which he has no control though.

    would anybody else not be surprised if they win Game 6? I wouldn’t.

  7. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    BTW, just did an unofficial tally of the predictions contest. The serious contenders (besides myself) are:

    Headzo: Rangers, Bruins, Devils, and Coyotes remaining.

    Scott: Rangers, Bruins, Devils, and Blackhawks remaining; wins tiebreaker against Winston Wolfe with three correctly predicted series game numbers (Blues, Devils, Blackhawks).

    Dunfs: Rangers, Bruins, Panthers, and Blackhawks remaining.

    Orr: Rangers, Bruins, Panthers, and Coyotes remaining.

    tf: Rangers, Capitals, Devils, and Blackhawks remaining. May be disqualified for improper entry.

    Vitaly: Senators, Bruins, Devils, and Blackhawks remaining.

    Jonny D: Senators, Bruins, Devils, and Coyotes remaining. If the Coyotes win in 6, he gets the tiebreaker over me. If they win in 7, I get it over him.

    I’m pretty sure this is everybody left that has a shot at winning. I haven’t checked tiebreakers of the different remaining prediction combinations against each other to see who will win in the event of 7 correct, but I think Headzo, Scott, and Winston Wolfe are the only 3 left who can go 8 for 8.

  8. Find it very interesting that Boyle can’t fly, yet Alfredsson did after Hags hit. Hmm

  9. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Carp – No ticket contest for tonight, to help some lucky camper get to Game 7?

  10. Come on Rangers! A lot of people have been joking about must-wins. Well, you got one.

    I have to believe that the Rangers have it in them to tie this series up tonight.

  11. Is there a worse interview than Torts? In any sport? Can we win at least 50% of the faceoffs? From what I saw Saturday it seemed we were somewhere at 5%. Horrible all around. But if we are who we think we are then we should advance and put these Senators away starting tonight!


  12. Carp, it’s some weird rain-snow combo. I think it’s mostly rain now. Rain blizzard, maybe.

    Manny, *NO GATORADE*

  13. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp do you know who the refs are for tonight? Please don’t let it be any of the Ranger haters.

  14. Carp, I’m really expecting a big game from the boys tonight. They made their road a more difficult one, but I still (in my heart of hearts) think that they aren’t finished.

  15. The NHL brass just makes me sick the way they are sooooo inconsistent with these shots to the head and the ridiculous fighting. There is nooo doubt that Neil should have been tossed and suspended. Come on, he gives Boyle another shot when he’s down!!! I am soo disgusted with the way these playoffs have been officiated, and the way the NHL continues to think that fighting is important, that I’m seriously thinking of just giving up on the NHL as the single biggest embarrassment in all of professional sports. And I’ve been a loyal fan for over over 40 years, and a Rangers fan since moving to NY in the 80s.

  16. Manny, it should be! Did I ever tell you about my acoustic grindcore band? I can’t write our band name or any of our song names on here so, *gchat?*

  17. ljreina,

    I’m so right there with you. I’m hanging by a thread to stay with the biggest joke of a league. I’ve also been a fan for 40+ years and I’ve just about had it with the NHL. I hope Donald fehr gives it to the league but good. FFFFFFFFFFFFF Bettman and the rest of the clowns who run the NHL.

  18. Silfverberg is pretty damn good. He’s young, so I’m not sure how he’s going to do, but he has a ton of skill.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am so nervous, i have to pee every 10 minutes….either that or my prostate is as bad as the rangers PP…

  20. The NHLPA is as much to blame as anyone. They don’t support serious game or pay losses to any player, no matter what he does. The officiating and NHL brass are a joke, but the whole league needs to come to jesus — which, amazingly in a year following brain-related deaths — it has not. Pathetic. Shanny should quit before every scrap of integrity has been lost.

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!

  21. Francesa actually made a good point: The pressure is on the Senators for the first time. To win at home and avoid a game 7 at MSG. They can’t be the loose underdog again.

  22. Classical UnderAchieve on

    Rangers will not get it done tonight Ottawa has out coached Torts while the Senators have out played them. The Ottawa players have more skill and more desire sorry to say.
    Lundqvists will go down as a great regular season Goaltender but fair in the Playoffs. This may define him. Without Boyle the passion and the desire to overcome will be gone unless Dubinsky wakes up in his place.
    As Torts said Regular Season means Squat.

  23. Work stress- check
    Moving stress-check
    Rangers stress- check

    If I survive today, let alone this whole week, it will be a miracle.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Hags is back!

    If we win the next two with the little speedy swede, words will not be enough…

  25. Carp suprised at the Neil non suspension!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why? THis is the NHL morons run the lague. Weber $2500 fine that is all you need to know….

    Canadien teams always ge tthe breaks…Hags 3 game suspension none on Neil.. Neil is a scum, head hunter and the sad things is he gets away with it… No sympathy if he gets his head scrambled sometime… He is all that is wrong with hockey, caveman mentatlity……

    BTW Rangers will win tonight…..

  26. Someone should ask Torts that perhaps he should start having some remarks about how his team is being outplayed, outhit, outscored thus far. And instead of acting like some tough guy, perhaps answer some questions for once about his team.

    You know, the team we all watch night in and night out and spend all day worrying about.

    His act is starting to get tiresome.

  27. Man, I hope Hank isn’t Pat Ewing. He’s won in other leagues and for his country…

  28. Scott taking Boyle’s place as third line center—————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  29. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Im not sure if it was Carp or someone else, but i read a story the other day about how the writer said all teams play the same way during the playoffs, so the rangers havent agitated Ottawa this series. Aside from the shots, which have been meaningless bc both goalies have been stellar, the Rangers IMO have been the better team this series. We will see a change tonight!!

  30. Broadway Hat on

    Very lonely this week – got caught up in customs – man, Richards’ hair is super greasy!

  31. Doodie – you were right, it’s not worth talking about the Neil hit since everyone here just sees it one way haha.

    Chris F. – the NHLPA actually said that in the next CBA, they are going to discuss stepping in for further punishment. I think Richie actually talked about it since he’s one of the head guys in the NHLPA. They want to be more involved in the process of suspensions and fines because ultimately, the players are the ones hurting the other players, not the league.

  32. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Did someone ask about lines?? My insider source said torts is going out of character and rolling 6 lines tonight and no d….

    Lines are

    The (former) stars line
    Avery brich woywitka

    The vinceA why do you talk funny line
    AA gabby Feds

    The Orr all American line
    Cally kreider rupp

    The Minnesota mafia line
    Mcdonut step Bickel

    The Ontario line
    Prust girardi deveaux

    The hyphen line
    Mza mdz stall-Staal

    Dubi starts (can’t stay on his skates any how)

    Hags is back up (keep him off the ice so he doesn’t get suspended again)

    John John-they need a rest
    Hank-all jacked up on I.V.s
    Biron-europansy ish
    Eminger-nyr has him locked in his basement

  33. Classical, examples please of how he’s been outcoached? The other guy lost Game 1 for his team by dressing an all-pansy lineup.

    I mean, yeah, never trailing for five games, that’s a bad gameplan.

  34. FREEHageLinMcCalPruBoylahan on

    Free at last!!! free at last!! swagelin is free at last!

    And i know some peeps in Canada who want the Rangers to win… So what that asshat said was pure bunk!!

    Lets Go Rangers

  35. Put me in Coach! Better drive back to CT and get my double-bladed skates and head up to Canadia.

  36. Carp,

    A lot of fans believe being outcoached and outplayed in the playoffs are determined by one thing: wins.

    I don’t agree on the outcoached, really, but there is so much talk by the team about things being done well, handled well, etc. that it is frustrating. Stop telling your fans you’ve done a good job — you’re about to get bounced by the 8th seed. This team, historically, says the right stuff and doesn’t deliver when it matters. Holik was a good example, Dreary and Clutch even better. Enough lip service to the right way — just win, baby.

  37. Why does everyone say a coach was outcoached after the game is over? Nobody ever says it “during* the game! If Torts is getting outcoached today, can someone please say it during the game, and give some examples?

  38. If you’ll permit me to go all Europånsy for a moment…

    Probably my pet hate about the North American sports mentality is how players who haven’t been on a team good enough to win or get close to a championship lazily get pegged as “losers”, especially in hockey, which is far less reliant on the influence of a single player (even a goalie) than some other team sports.

    So presumably Ray Bourque just wasn’t “a leader”, was “just a good regular season player” and “couldn’t get it done when it counts” (insert lazy cliche here) for 20 years until he suddenly discovered what it takes.

    Or Cam Ward could miss the playoffs with below average stats for the next 15 years, but will forever be marked as a clutch goalie who “knows how to win”.

  39. Wake me up for the draft and free agency. Did we trade dubi yet.

    Must win see you all in June

  40. This team is on the brink of disaster. Bush-league is the name of the game … and the Rangers are great at it.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    The fans only know what they see, so any comments about coaching effectiveness is driven by line-up decisions, line changes during game, and playing time.

    Reality is we do not have the offensive firepower in our top 6 – there is not a hidden gem awaiting in Hartford that they aren’t playing. The Second Coming is our only new wrinkle and he has been OK on limited ice time.

    This series is youth v. experience and as of now, experience is up one game. After tonight it will be a one game series on our ice. ya gotta believe!

  42. Re Post (Sorry didn’t realize there was a new one)

    Faceoffs and chances. We can’t seem to win either. Ottawa has thoroughly outchanched us to equal their domination in the face-off circle. You can block shots all you want but the problem lies in having to block so many of them. They’ve taken an unbelievably enormous amount of shots when you take into account the blocked ones as well as the total misses. Most of our shots just happen to wind up on net… usually in Anderson’s belly. We can’t let them take so many damn shots! What happened to the deep grind in our opponent’s zone? What happened to ownership of the puck? Ours, not theirs. Ottawa has controlled the majority of this series whether they’ve led in regulation or not. We’ve got to learn to play more than just one period. And I have no clue how Torts can think that the 3rd period of the last game was their best period so far. If that’s true then we might be done already.

  43. Boyle’s concussion is probably much worse than Alfie’s was, so he ain’t flying. Total cheap shot though.

    Rangers in 7. Usually when a team is playing poorly, first they win a game they should lose (game 3) amidst several losses (games 2 and 4), then they start playing better and lose a game they should win (game 5) before going on a tear (games 6 and 7). I still like our team to win this thing.

  44. I always think that about Cam Ward. My buddy is a Canes fan and talks about him like he’s God. I just keep saying he won a cup in a transition year. It’s the same way how Nylander was a PPG player and other guys put up ridiculous numbers since it was a transition year for players and refs and we still had cones like Derian Hatcher in the league.

    I ignore those first 2 years after the lockout.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Manny crash the net, finish your checks, quick shifts, short passes tape to tape, dump and chase, bump and grind, rebounds, rebounds, rebounds – do it!!

  46. Orr — about zero. But hopefully he makes us haters eat our words. Man would I love for Dubi to blow it up.

  47. Give me a second I
    I need to get my story straight
    My friends are in the bathroom
    getting higher than the Empire State
    my lover she’s waiting for me
    just across the bar
    My seats been taken by some sunglasses
    asking ’bout a scar
    and I know I gave it to you months ago
    I know you’re trying to forget
    but between the drinks and subtle things
    the holes in my apologies
    you know I’m trying hard to take it back
    so if by the time the bar closes
    and you feel like falling down
    I’ll carry you home

    We are doomed
    So let’s set the world on fire
    We can burn brighter
    than the Senators

  48. Thanks Stranger. I will crash the net and dump and chase and bump and grind and knock the boots and other R Kelly references. YOU CAN COUNT ON ME

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi question alternatives:

    C) loses the puck in the corner on harmless slap check to his stick

    D) gets steamrolled on the side boards waiting for puck on a redirect by our D

    E) throws a gatorade cooler after getting tossed without throwing a punch

    F) plays knee-hockey in the offensive zone

    the list goes on and on…

  50. Hey Jonny D – Cam Ward was not very good this year. I would take that Cup though. 1 Cup > 0 Cups

  51. I assume Dubinsky will fall over about 7 times in this game. 5 of those will be with the puck and in the offensive zone RW corner.

  52. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Prices at Stubhub for Dev’s second series are high…really high.

    Man, if the Rangers do lose, just hypothetically speaking cause it aint happening, those prices are gonna drop faster than an anvil from a cliff, faster than a speeding bullet, faster than Hagelin on skates. Those prices are gonna drop.

  53. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Got an email from season subscriptions dept. to remember to re-up for next year’s season tickets.

    Great timing, boys.

  54. tomg, the NHLPA is easier to root for in these instances, but not much … they’re responsible for the maximum $2500 fine, for example … and for defending the perpetrators as much, or more, than the victims of the head shots.

    don’t know if you saw Larry Brooks’ column Sunday, but Brad Richards is a big guy in the PA, and he wants the union to show more force in the fight, and introspection in terms of players respecting each other and not launching themselves at each other’s heads.

  55. All you people clamoring for Manny in the lineup are the same ones who will call for his head when he inevitably makes some rookie mistake.

  56. Penguins were — remember? — not only the favorites to win the East, but the whole Cup, by a lot … and right here we, even I, were saying they were by far the best team in the East when it looked like they would never win another game.

    and though the Rangers haven’t been great, they sure haven’t embarrassed themselves in this series. They haven’t just collapsed and carcillo’d all over themselves.

  57. Miami – sry about the confusion last night – I am on EDGE!

    Anyway – if Rangers hold true to form – we WILL win tonight – then not preform so well at Game 7 – history teaches us so – so for tonight at least –


  58. The Devs are in the same boat as us right now. Only they at least get to play at home tonight. Though the jury’s still out on whether that’s a good thing or not this year.

  59. That hurts, ilb. Now you’re trying to get me out of here? I am a leader in the locker room. Like Rupp!

  60. Imagine how much Avery would be fined and suspended if NHLPA weighed in on discipline!

  61. We just have to go out there and play like its the most important thing in life. We refuse to lose, and we wont. Henrik shuts every door on them. We stand together as a team like we did all year, we stand together as one, we cripple them, we punish them, we hurt them, we destroy them, someone touches henrik, we kill them.

    And if not, i can always the try the fake bomb threat to scotia bank place.

  62. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    The ONLY thing I care about is getting the first goal. I mean, if we score, let it be the first. And another thing, let’s score one more than them. That’s all. I think that would help us to win.

  63. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    well, we got 4 more hours till we duke it out. We will win tonight. Just like Boston in Washington. We will win tonight.

  64. Ilb = my living non athlete hero
    Sally = my sister
    Manny=my hair stylist
    Carp=my bff
    Mama=my heart


  65. JimboWoodside on

    Keep your *head up*, Manny – and don’t try to rough the new kid Silferberg up, or Carkner will be on your aasen, and nobody on the team will come to your defense, and you’ll eventually get concussed.

  66. Fozzy=my 2nd mother
    Linda=my conscience
    Mrs ilb= my faith
    Rangers=my hopes and dreams
    New york=me

  67. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, Manny – and the league will ignore the hit on you, and a whole nation will cheer for the Bastard that injured you.

  68. ThisYearsModel on

    Hags will need all of his speed tonight to keep himself ahead of the goon squad.

  69. Lol, im just tired, laying in bed listening to when u feel all alone by savage garden on on my laptop

  70. So to wake a sleeping giant, would AVERY have made a difference here? Would they be chasing him around the ice losing focus? Would he be giving 110%?

    Could go either way I guess…

  71. Guys I just got back from a team meeting. Sullivan pulled me aside and told me, “Be afraid. Be very afraid. We are eternally bad in elimination games. We are eternally bad against this team. All of our players are scared for their lives. If you get into a physical confrontation just turtle. Panic shall beset you. No one on this team will defend you. That stuff you saw in the regular season, on TV, that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s every man for himself. Just try to keep the puck behind their goal and never, ever try to crash the net or get physical with the bald goalie. Good luck and may God be with you, son.”

  72. JimboWoodside on

    +1, Manny – we want to keep you alive and healthy, ole buddy!

    And for anyone who has been under a rock for the last year, who thinks that the NHL’s punishment policies are impartial and “across the board”, just consider how the league would have treated the Neil hit if it had been committed by say, *Sean Avery*? Anybody think that he would have gotten a pass?

  73. JimboWoodside on

    Manny, did Sullivan give you a Rosary and a St. Christopher Medal to wear, even though you’re Jewish?

  74. Stranger, how the heck are you considering the Sens as experienced and us as youth? The sens havent made the playoffs in years. They have like 3 guys with experience. Almost all of our guys have been there.

  75. How does this sound as a plan (I know it will never happen, BUT … )

    Put John Scott in the lineup … Have him pummel Carkner and hope that gives your team the boost. Nobody will take shots at the Rangers then (GUARANTEED).

  76. stop all this crazy talk! we win tonight and come home for game 7! and that’s all i have to say about that

  77. Can someone explain to me how you give a 110%? Isn’t that a 10% more than you have?

  78. If Avery was still playing and committed a head hit, the league would immediately draw up a new rule banning players for life for head hits by the end of that game.

  79. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Ev – but they would only *enforce* that rule if Avery ever made a head-hit again!

  80. JimboWoodside on

    >>>And only if he was still on the Rangers.

    THERE YOU GO!!! Now you’ve got it!

  81. JimboWoodside on

    Oooh! That is spooky!! Frid dies just when I’m seeing “Dark Shadows – The Movie” posters on the side of city buses – with Johnny Depp playing the Jonathan Frid role….

  82. “I can do this #therightway. I’m gonna give 110%, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 366 days a year!” – Manny

  83. JimboWoodside on

    Latona!! How can you say that? Your Bonehead buddies all love ya!

    Tiki, thank you – I hope I can keep doing my job!

  84. Guys of course you can give 110%. Why not? Why let yourself be limited by rational rules of science? You have to be clairvoyant and overcome the boundaries of the natural world, unlock your soul and combine the spiritual and natural forces.

    I just learned that from Bryzgalov who is in the Senators locker room for some reason.

  85. JimboWoodside on

    You’re so young, Manny! Dark Shadows was a big thing back in the stone ages – I guess they made a movie about it now that vampires have become all the rage.

  86. I’ll have to do it later, Doodie

    A little update on Tony. He wasn’t transferred to a Rehab Unit Friday as was planned because he had a little complication, nothing serious. He is better today, so hopefully will go to a Rehab Unit later. I am NOT going to see him anytime soon if they lose tonight. I may be crazy, but I’m not suicidal! :-)

  87. *LGBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Thanks for the update, ilb!

  88. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Silfverberg, Smilferberg. Who cares? Bring him on, too. We have you just where we want you. You are going down tonight. Plain and simple.

  89. Cut it out, tiki….Hero my foot. I help if I can. Sad that it happened to him so far away from his home. But he was here to see the Rangers. They better win for him, dammit!

  90. Stranger Nation on

    lev – Carp told me to say it, that’s why, OK?

    Seriously, we have the third youngest team in the league and while the Sens do not have a wealth of playoff experience, they have vets that have been around for a while.

    Daniel Alfredsson 39 11-Dec-72
    Craig Anderson 30 21-May-81
    Alex Auld 31 7-Jan-81
    Ben Bishop 25 21-Nov-86
    Bobby Butler 24 26-Apr-87
    Matt Carkner 31 3-Nov-80
    Erik Condra 25 6-Aug-86
    Jared Cowen 21 25-Jan-91
    Stephane Da Costa 22 11-Jul-89
    Nick Foligno 24 31-Oct-87
    Matt Gilroy 27 30-Jul-84
    Sergei Gonchar 37 13-Apr-74
    Colin Greening 25 9-Mar-86
    Erik Karlsson 21 31-May-90
    Zenon Konopka 31 2-Jan-81
    Filip Kuba 35 29-Dec-76
    Milan Michalek 27 7-Dec-84
    Chris Neil 32 18-Jun-79
    Jim O’Brien 23 29-Jan-89
    Chris Phillips 33 9-Mar-78
    Zack Smith 23 5-Apr-88
    Jason Spezza 28 13-Jun-83
    Kyle Turris 22 14-Aug-89
    Jesse Winchester 28 4-Oct-83
    Mika Zibanejad 18 18-Apr-93

    Lev – the recent call ups may bring down the mean – but they have more primary players older than ours. Alfredsson was born the year Nixon was re-elected.

    More about us being young with most only having under 10 games of PO experience counting this year

  91. Boris Badenov on

    Moose can’t fly, concussed — Squirrel free from suspension — Raskolnikov!

  92. They better win for him!! And shut up, ilb, otherwise Ill take u behind the Russian Samovar and bit? svoyu zadnitsu, haha! Seriously, though, humility is another trait of heroism.

  93. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Hey, Carpy. Thanks for having this site. Prust saying.

    You said it, Matty! *Thanks*, Carp – this is a very therapeutic site for those who are Ranger-afflicted, especially in the bad times.

  94. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out how we deal with the loss of Boyle and his size. I think our lineup is small enough to begin with, but really tiny and less balance without him. But I will say this, we have Ottowa just where we want them.

    We win tonight.

  95. Screw it, I’ll say it: Dubi with a goal…. err, big game tonight. Kids had a rough season but my Rangers-sense is tingling…

  96. Jimbo, the lies you spout about affinities towards myself are unbelievable. Fabrication, propagation, inflation, outrageous!

  97. JimboWoodside on

    Well, a goal or three from Dubi would certainly be welcomed at this point – but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting…

  98. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I taste just like chicken!

    Keep moving Bo! Never sleep in the same place twice in a row!

  99. “You don’t understand! We coulda had class. We coulda been a contender. WE could’ve been somebody, instead of a bunch of bums, which is what we are.”

    Rangers, after tonight’s loss.

  100. JimboWoodside on

    If John Scott dresses for this game, the officials will suspend him during the warmups, as soon as his skates hit the ice. There will be *NO* retribution allowed against *Canada’s Team*!

  101. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    I’m excited to see the players’ reactions on twitter tonight.

  102. “We played well. We played well this series.”

    Torts, after tonight’s loss.


    And, you know what Miami? He would be correct. The Rangers have not played badly in this series. You didn’t see any 10-3 blowouts. All of the games have been hard fought. Yes, it would be better if the Rangers win, but it’s not like they are getting blown out every game.

  103. I can’t wait to see what the no-talent clowns – sometimes called “New York Rangers” – will have up their sleeves tonight … perhaps another 40 shots from the periphery? How about a dozen-or-so neutral zone turnovers? Ah, we can’t forget the 0-for__ powerplay special … with probably a shorthanded goal-against thrown in for good measure.

  104. I think we have played well this series but if we lose (haa like thats gonna happen) and i hear Torts say we played well, i just might cut myself.

  105. Playing well is always relative. Typically, in a competitive sport, it’s relative to winning.

    We’ve lost more than we’ve won in this series, therefore we’ve played like trash-league.

  106. JimboWoodside on

    He’s hated by Canadians and the league brass – Prust sayin’!

    He could almost be American!

  107. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    So, we got 2 hours till game time. Unless we have someone we’re all not aware of like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in our farm system, we are going with a sub of Hagelin for Boyle. We only lose about a foot and 50 pounds, but, boy are we fast. I can’t imagine the bulls eye on his back, Mr. Hags, so he will need to be really fast. Really fast.

  108. Thanks, Carp. Ill be here every day no matter what. This will be my therapy. But I BELIEVE! Either way im sure youre thrilled that this is the last visit youll be making to Kanata for a while.

  109. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    LOL, Miami. I do find your posts hilarious, but I have to tell you, Eddie x 3 is the one I really laugh out loud for. I have to read his posts in private. Know what it looks like in front of others when you read a computer screen and crack up, then are asked to explain what’s so funny…..and they don’t know hockey?????

  110. JimboWoodside on

    Avery insulted a beloved Canadian film “star” (and love interest of a Maple Leaf, Dion “Concussion” Phaneuf – who also concussed an American-born player, Mike Sauer) and also insulted and ridiculed a Canadian hockey icon, Fatso Brodeur.

  111. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Lev, the score’s already 2-0. We are in the prevent defense. Already. Game started early.

  112. I give the Rangers the same chances of winning tonight as I give the Canucks of winning the Stanley Cup this year.

  113. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Take it from me ANF. THey are fired up. We win 7-2. Game 7 Thursday. Hags with 4 and he runs out of the arena quickly before anyone can catch him. Go Rangers.

  114. JimboWoodside on

    Hmm..did Phaneuf get a suspension for injuring Sauer? Why, I do believe that he didn’t! Imagine that!

  115. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp thanks for letting me know who’s in charge of dishing out the penalties tonight! Makes me sick to know its 2 JACKWAGONS who are HUGE Rangers fan oops Ranger killers!

  116. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    Someone should ask MacTavish if he would wear a helmet in today’s NHL if he was still playing. I wonder if all these cheap head shots would make him consider a piece of equipment that at one point wasn’t necessary because the players had a mutual respect for each other.

  117. JimboWoodside on

    What didn’t happen, Ria?

    Oh! I forgot – did Shea Weber (D-Canada) get suspended for smashing that annoying Swede’s head into the glass a few times? Nah!! “Damned foreigners, taking our jobs..”

  118. Here’s an idea to chew on: Boyle being out might actually be a good for the rest of the team.

    I agree that Boyle was having a great series, no doubt, but he epitomized playoff hockey – stepping his game up. What the Rangers were great at during the regular season was keeping their intensity level high. If that is your advantage, it’s somewhat minimized during the playoffs because for the most part everyone steps their game up. We’ve seen that.

    Tortorella recognized that Boyle was playing well and did what he has historically done – rode the hot player. Now think about this logically, over the long haul who is going to create more offense, Brian Boyle or Gaborik and Richards? I think most of us would side with Gaborik and Richards, yet Boyle was getting more ice time than usual at the expense of more offensively minded players.

    Now that he’s out, two things will occur; 1) the top offensive will know that they have to carry the team and 2) those players will get more ice time. I will miss Boyle’s defensive play for sure but I would never expect them to go deep in the playoffs if he’s the only one producing.

    Fingers crossed Boyle not playing is a blessing in disguise.

  119. Boyle being out means John Mitchell will get more ice time.

    Why? Because John Tortorella sees what none of us can see…

  120. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good afternoon all! Miami, I’m feeling sick enough….that video just help accelerate the boudreau…thanks!

    My presence here tonight depends on how well everything goes….just to keep my positive energy and karma in high form. Oh my heart aches for BB!!!!!!!!!

    LGR! LGT!! PLEASE!!!!

  121. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but… two possible scenarios tonite-then a question. NYR have a 4-1 lead with three minutes to go-or…Sens have big lead (think 6-1) with same time- one of the Senagoons goes after Hags- are we prepared to deal with that? Because I’m ready for pretty much any outcome – but if he gets jumped and we don’t respond that’s gonna leave a real bad taste in my mouth.

  122. Phaneuf was not suspended fo rthe Sauer hit… Did not even get a penalty..

    Mitchell will not get more ice time tonight unless he plays real good early in the game, Torts is not a moron. the rangers are a good team, they are not deep. when your choices wit han injury for a forward are; kreider (4th game), john scott (thug), or putting bickel up front, as I said they do not have much offensive depth……….

  123. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony on

    Nobody is going to run Hagelin and risk getting suspended, especially if the Senators are winning. Why take yourself out for the next series just to get payback, when you can wait 6 months and just miss a few regular season games instead?

  124. 4generations 4 cups on

    Yeah, Carp, I wouldn’t be surprised if they won tonight. That’s why today has had a cloud over my friggin head. This is the -exact- reason i did not want to play the Senators. They have a good Goalie, they have O and D, they’re also an adrenaline-rush type team, which in my world means that they feed off the crowd much moreso than other teams. Remember, Ottawa was always formidable in the past when their “BIG 3” were firing hard, now that they have 2 of those 3 guys, + Karlsson and a fantastic coach they can get whatever they want tonight.

    I just hope the Rangers have it in them to ward off what is going to be an absolutely RAUCOUS game.


  125. Got my altar set up with candles, incense, rum, & Carp’s book. Princess Dubinsky is looking over it all. I’m not nervous at all.

  126. JimboWoodside on

    A “fantastic” coach? Geez, has he been knighted already!? He hasn’t even won one playoff round yet. No offense, 4generations, but that might be going a bit far, don’t you think?

  127. I t’s getting close!

    think they are gonna score some goals tonight? I hope so because Ottowa is gonna be fired up.

    hope I get to talk to you guys tomorrow.

  128. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I’ve got candles, wine and Stanley and Cup! Keeping all other valuables away from my hands :)

    This night may be carton-worthy :)…..just kidding!!

  129. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I am not paying attention to anything negative….not a peep, not a whisper….

  130. i get the fact that many players love playing for him, to the point that join teams just to play for him (feds, richy, prospal, etc) but common let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. the guy has won one championship in how many tries? He is also a huge jackwagon to the media… I like him but to a certain extent. Like if he got fired after this season I would not cry about it. Well maybe I would, if the replacement was Melrose.

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am so medicated, i can barely see…but i am not nervous

    RANGERS WIN…and its on to Game 7

  132. Great moments are born from great opportunity.
    And that’s what you have here tonight, boys.

    That’s what you’ve earned here, tonight.

    One game.

  133. I can’t wait ’til I have kids and force them to reenact Kurt Russell movies.

    “I just wanna get up to my shack and get drunk.”

  134. CCCP with the perfect explanation of where the Rangers are and where they hope to be….

    Miami with the same four insults for the Rangers proving he’s either the most superstitious person in the world or seriously lacking creativity (Bush League for $500 Alex!)


  135. Stranger Nation on

    Biron can definitely block shots though. Play him on PK in front of Hank – the rarely tried, but often discussed, 2 goalie system. Innovation is required!

  136. High Desert Roberto on

    whats everybody drinking tonight? alcohol and othewise..i’m going with a nice local IPA..should ease the pain or help the celebration

  137. eddie eddie eddie on

    gabby shoots and score

    richards shoots and scores

    hags shoots and scores

    dubi shoots and fans on the shot

    The KREIDER shoots and scores

    MDZ goes to shoot and the puck hops over his stick and out of the zone

  138. JimboWoodside on

    Oh-oh! Trautwig just said that Ottawa is the last Canadian team left in the playoffs! Wonder why he said that?

  139. eddie eddie eddie on

    no alcohol for me…too many pills in my system…..i do have a morphine drip going tho…

  140. Rangers on the brink of elimination after their first conference title in 18 years, I decided to click on one of the so-called sports radio stations here in NYC.

    Michael Kay: talking about the Knicks likely playoff opponent then transitioned into a discussion about the Yankee game tonight, game 16 of 162.

  141. eddie eddie eddie on

    i know Doobie is going to be big tonight….a hattie and a fatty….for him

  142. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – at least its not preseason baseball……why that is mentioned EVER is beyond me….

  143. Most of us are ready to jump off the GW bridge and this is just the first round of playoffs! I can’t even imagine what Rangers fans were going through during 1994 finals! I was watching but back then I didnt care for the team the way I care for it now!

  144. that Easter Island sculpture left to do his Yankee game, so La Greca is actually talking about hockey now.

  145. Will we finally see Kreider on the PP during this desperation game or are we still going to see the likes of Del Zotto, Dubinsky, Mitchell and Fedotenko (who have 2 between them).

    Put the kid on the point with Stralman and see what happens. Using the same players over and over who have proven all season they can’t get it done, is not the way to go. Use the talent you have…

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    CCCP – TRUST ME – GAME 6 VS THE DEVILS, GAME 7 VS THE DEVILS, and game 7 in the finals WAS NERVE WRACKING…in 1994

  147. CCCP:

    this team dominated the Islanders and Capitals and I don’t think most of us got too nervous until the later stages of the Devils series. I still get palpitations thinking about the Zelepukin goal in game 7. most of us felt the Rangers had the Cup wrapped up after game 4, started getting nervous after 5 and 6, then didn’t take a breath for about three hours the night of game 7. that team was great top to bottom. no comparison to this team at all.

  148. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    “I can’t wait ‘til I have kids and force them to reenact Kurt Russell movies.” – Sally

    best comment ever!!!

    e3, have I missed something? wtb is going on with you?

  149. eddie eddie eddie on

    lloyd – absolutely…rangers won the fisrt 7 games in rds 1 and 2….needed 5 for the craps finish….then it got dicey…

  150. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    C3, I believe ’94 was when I had to start coloring my hair……:) You can’t even IMAGINE!!!!!!

  151. I love Dubi but he wont get in front of the goalie or the puck.

    I don’t know what happened to him.

  152. I was with La Greca saying that avoiding the Nash trade was a great move until he mentioned Brandon Dubinsky as one of the guys Rangers fans would regret moving. Also going on now about Rick Nash being a guy who hasn’t proven he can get it done in the postseason. Someone may want to let him know that Brandon Dubinsky’s last playoff point came over one calendar year ago.

  153. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I know, LaTONYa, I know! You wouldn’t participate in a conspiracy against Jimbo!

  154. eddie eddie eddie on

    richards and gabby – two on one…gabby passses to richards SCORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEE

    Rangers win in OT….

    its on to GAME 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    LaGreca is a longtime Devils fan. Deep inside, he’s probably rooting for the Sens tonight.

  156. The big question is whether Ottawa can handle the pressure of trying to win the series at home. I’m hoping they come out and play tight so the Rangers can bring it back to the garden, where let’s face it, we’re not losing a game 7 at the garden.

    Just gotta get it there tonight…

  157. I didn’t think there was any way in the world the Rangers would lose game 5 at home. They did. All bets are off at this point.

  158. He did pitch a shutout in his one win, ORR/eric. Not that it makes much of a difference.

  159. New York Rangers ? @thenyrangers

    based on pre-game warmups: looks like Kreider will skate with Callahan and Stepan

    I’m sure that’ll last until Dubinsky has a shift where he stares intently at an opposing player and Coach Tortorella decides “Dubi” has the fire his team needs to win.

  160. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Man, This is what valium is made for. This is what sedatives are made for. Calm down…calm down….it’ll be all right. It will be all right.

  161. Matty'"Rangersin6"boy on

    Hey Richards? Get some real teeth and stop the cliches, please. Also, some nice passes. That’s what we want, some nice passes.

  162. banned in bensonhurst on

    I hate the rough stuff, but y’gotta live in the real world.
    Why does Rupp waste a penalty with a love tap?
    Why can’t Prust engage Neil – if Neil won’t go, sadly, take the Carkner lesson from game2…

  163. banned in bensonhurst on

    Did Marc, by any chance, recognize the two behemoths blocking
    Hank’s view?

    Did NBC make any effort to get professional, unbiased announcers?

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