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Henrik Lundqvist was really ticked off about the 3-2 goal … he’ll be getting fined $2500, no doubt, but he can afford it.

I asked Brandon Prust if he was trying to light a spark or if he felt it was something to be done when he fought Chris Neil and he said both, and “a little bit for Boyler.” He also had a good line about how hard it was to get Neil to fight.

Good quote from Kreider about the Rangers, too, on a question I asked him.

Neil, by the way, continued to be a piece of carcillo after the game, saying he will get “Del Zotto with his head down” before the series is out. What is this, the New Orleans Saints? Does the NHL even care about threats like that, or just criticism of officials and Sidney Crosby?

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  1. so does everybody still think this ill-conceived bunch of pansies who don’t try very hard and have an idiot for a coach will lose Game 7?

  2. Chris Neil scares me, he really does. He honestly seems to enjoy hurting and injuring others. He deliberately looks for oportunties to absolutely crush opponents when they’re vulnerable and looking down or the other way. And he does it while tethering the line between legal and illegal. The guy is an absolute scumbag. If Game 7 gets out of hand, watch out for him. He’ll be looking to put someone in the hospital.

  3. Carp, the NHL seems to care more about words than actions; I reckon the odds Neil gets something for the comment are greater than Neil facing any discipline if he actually follows through.

  4. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I agree TBOL, Neil is as dirty as they get. If the NHL even reviews MDZ’s hit to Neil it will be a total joke, it was a hard hit, maybe borderline high, but after not doing anything to Neil for his blindside hit to Boyle, it would make the NHL look like a total joke again.

  5. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    “Neil comment? What comment? What’s all this furor aboot anyway? – boys will be boys!”

  6. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, Oleo. I watched the clip, specifically the net cam clip. I don’t get how you can say Hank knocked it in. It’s not like he whacked the puck, he barely tipped it, if anything it would have moved a few inches, but I doubt it goes in the net. Neil must have gotten it with his skate blade.

  7. I’m as scared as Hank right now…because I’m afraid of how bad the officiating is gonna be on Thursday night.

    I’m trying to be impartial…but I’ve honestly rarely seen a clearer case of a guy kicking a puck in the net. To say NOTHING of him interfering with Hank.

    Chris Neil’s comments about Del Zotto should IMMEDIATELY lead to a suspension. But he didn’t say “sloppy seconds” afterwards, so I won’t hold my breath.

    Chris Neil crying about Del Zotto hitting him makes me hope he takes an elbow so high and hard he spends the rest of his days drooling in his soup. Classless goon. No other word for him.

    But, again, I expect the NHL to do nothing. He’s playing for a Canadian team, don’t ya know?

    As Rangers fans, we’ve seen first-hand the bias of the officials. Winter Classic ring a bell? And while the officiating might have been all around awful tonight, for NHL headquarters to rule that a goal is beyond insulting to the intelligence of a hockey fan.

    Gonna be a long wait for Game 7…

  8. Neil’s skate touched the puck just enough to push it forward while Hank was trying to cover it. His stick is on top of the puck and he NEVER pushes it. That’s my story and I am sticking to it! And you can go and watch Canadian replay as much as you want

  9. Carpy, do you think Torts let Prust go tonight? Or, was Prust holding back earlier in the series?

    One of the many sparks for the Rangers, it could be argued, was him “defending” Boyle or his on-ice players by going after Neil.

    Why did it take so long for him or anyone else to do that?

  10. I don’t think he holds Prust back … but he has to be smart enough to not get an instigator, or take a penalty … and he has taken some penalties.

    the Rangers love the guy. Absolutely love the guy.

  11. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Hank will get fined for ripping the refs. Neil will get what for threatening a player? Hmmm!

  12. Exactly, ORR. There’s no way Hank’s stick pushes that puck in! No way! As I said, anyone with two eye can see it. But I guess I’m just a biased Rangers fan

  13. Wow…4-0 ‘Yotes!

    Good for them…been a long time coming. And there go the Blackhawks fans for the exits

  14. No way Neil gets any fine. He must have relatives in the league office.

    It’s sick that he has no record dating back to 2003. Ask our past ‘captain’. He felt Neil’s wrath a couple of years ago. He is a head hunter that always sleazes away from suspensions.

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m going out and put my Chicago jersey on that guy outside hanging from the lamppost.

  16. I guess, then, Carpy, the Rangers re-sign him in the off season. (I think he’s an FA this year, right?)

    He is such a heart and should guy to me. Not that I hang out with the team or anything…but as a fan, he shows so much character. Tonight, he may have taken a few not so smart, not so clear cut penalties, but his effort and fight was huge. I resign him in a sec.

  17. The NHL is concerned about injuries in their sport. Concerned about head shots. Talk left and right about how it needs to be eliminated and they’re not kidding this time!

    And Chris Neil goes on record saying he can’t wait to catch a Rangers player with his head down.

    The same Chris Neil who has ALREADY concussed a hockey player with a hit to the head.

    I don’t expect the NHL to do anything about it, because the NHL is run by jackwagons. But God forbid Del Zotto or another Ranger end up injured because of that piece of garbage.

  18. boxcareddiehospodar on

    This is for the Ottawa trolls:

    Your tough guy Neil laid on the ice like the pu$$y he is after getting whacked with a clean beautiful check from MDZ.

    As usual the refs did not see the stick in Henrik chest by Neil or the blatant hook on Girardi’s head at the end of the game.

    I guess Neil was embarassed getting laid out by a much smaller player. Karma has a way of rearing it’s ugly head. This shmcuk will take a stupid penalty in game 7.

  19. czechthemout!!!! on

    Official NHL review booth response is that the replay was inconclusive.

    Wow! That’s the best they could come up with?

    It’s on SNY if anyone wants to look.


    With all respect, it was kicked in. Stop.

  20. Cally looked hurt by the way he shot or wouldn’t shoot at the end. Richie looked ok at the end. What do you know Carp? Also kicked or not?

  21. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Yes, Neil concussed Drury during the playoffs when he was still with Buffalo – one might say that he was never the same player after that hit and concussion.

    By the way, Drury is also American-born…Prust saying…

  22. congrats Phoenix. ye Carp I agree. if you dont start taking count of the hits by Neil he will always have a clean slate to work with

  23. Neil’ll look for a guy with his head down and then destroy him. I mean, as a player you clearly need to have your head up and be aware. But if you see a guy in a vulnerable position like that and make the choice to hit him in the head, you’re a piece of crap. See Scott Stevens (who got weepy every time he concussed someone and then went back to do it again) and Chris Neil, who HAS to be a complete sociopath. No respect anymore.

    LOVED seeing MDZ lay that guy out. And LOVED seeing him almost reduced to tears on the bench.

  24. hahah just saw the video of Hank yelling You Fuggin Suck at the ref at the end of the game. good stuff.

  25. boxcareddiehospodar on

    As crazy as it sounds I think Neil is in Mcdonagh’s head.

    I would play stall or even Bickel against Neil.

  26. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>In essence “someone wants them back in the game”. Conspiracy theory is in Hank’s thoughts, too.

    NO!! Say it ain’t so!!!

  27. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Duguay asked the Ranger fans “to let Chris Neil know how you feel.”

    Yeah – bring a rifle to the game.

  28. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Yeah – bring a rifle to the game.

    By the way, that was a JOKE, lest the Hedbergs of the world get their panties in a bunch…

  29. Stepan and Kreider have something special brewing. I hope those two stay together!

    I like Callahan on that line…but I want to see Gaby there…

    Put Richie back with Cally….

  30. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Not dropped on my head, as far as I know – but I’ll gladly drop you on yours if you like.

  31. Butt-Chin needs a kick in the ass. That guy is doing nothing. The only times I noticed him was when he took a penalty and hit Richards with a shot. I don’t get this guy. Two years in a row now, he’s a no show. I didn’t expect it this year after the season he had. Someone needs to tape a picture of Demitra & Booger on his locker.

  32. Was anyone was able to hear what Hank said into the camera as he was going off the ice after he told the refs off?

  33. Although, they could probably raise the max for Ranger players. Yea….Hank could get $10k fine.

    Neil will get nothing. He is not a repeat offender.

    Hags is now a repeat offender. Not Neil. He is a good samaritan.

  34. Jimbo sorry about the bad English I was laughing and typing at the same time. Enjoying myself, good night, good win. Worried about the Capt. hand Carp

  35. boxcareddiehospodar on


    I don’t understand why he does not get more ice time.
    Dress another forward then if he is only going to get a minute.
    He will neutralize Neil because Neil will not drop the gloves with him because Ottawa gets no advantage with a Neil and Bickel penalty.

    Neil is abusing McDonagh.

  36. One of the best pictures of the night was after Kreider’s goal, set up by a nice Stepan pass, the two of them, Staal and another young player get together to congratulate each other.

    What a future this team has. Wow.

  37. Mickey, I thought the Hags-Richie-Cally line looked pretty good during the reg season, no?

    Seems like the only time Horse-Grill does anything is when Cally is on the ice….like on the PP…

    But seriously, tonight was an epic game for Richards. A clutch performance, and one that will be remembered greatly, if the Rangers win this series…

  38. boxcareddiehospodar

    I heard it when he said refs f’ing suck but rift after that as he was skating away he looked into the cam and said something but you can barely hear it. Thought maybe someone heard it better than me

  39. As soon as Eminger is good to go I think he’ll be put in. I mean I said it last week Bickel just isnt cutting it for Torts in the playoffs.

  40. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Thanks, Lev – I’ll try to control myself a little better – I’m allergic to pansies, though. Sorry!

  41. Speaking of John Scott… did you guys hear the PA announcer call John Scott’s name instead of Prust when he was announcing his penalty… then corrected himself?

    What the hell was he drinking during the game? lol

    You catch that one Carp?


  42. Orr, I think so, too. I do worry about losing the size of Bickel. I happened to be in Eminger’s presence a few months ago. He is not a big guy. Sure he is much better offensively, but you take out Bickel, even though he barely plays and that’s one less guy to defend the other guys. I personally think it creates a size imbalance.

    However, the coach is a great coach and he knows best.

  43. duckBill PLatypus on

    MDZ has played some tough hockey…he seems to be getting stronger…really stood upto Neil, and seemed to be looking to hit him whenever he could…atta boy, MDZ! atta boy, Jeri Batsford!

  44. MDZ can’t even grow whiskers yet. (there are so many guys on this team that can’t yet grow a beard). He had a good year. Let him fill out and gain 10-20 of muscle?

    WOw, he’ll be a nice player. He had a good game tonight.

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jeez, if JR says it, I gotta rethink whether it WAS kicked in. Are you sure he wasn’t disquoted?

  46. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>LOL at the moron who said they reviewd it in Montreal!

    Priceless, LaTONYa, isn’t it? NBC sure is on top of this hockey stuff, aren’t they!? ;-D

  47. Just imagining Sean Avery saying the following: “I’m sure I’ll catch Sidney Crosby with his head down one of these times”

    Can we say lifetime suspension?

    I don’t expect the NHL to do anything…but the inconsistency of the NHL…vexes me.

    I’m terribly vexed.

  48. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you’re from Princeton, you should be able to figure it out…:)

    0 for 11 since 2000.

  49. Not that it matters but I do not think the puck was kicked in by Chris Neil. Neil did try to sweep the puck in with his skate and a kicking motion but he missed the puck. Henrik tried to grab the puck with his glove as it went towards the goal line and he pushed it in with the edge of the glove.

    On the other hand, Neil stuck the blade of his stick into Henrik’s hip region and pushed him out of the way by sliding him over……But that play was not reviewable ….only the kicking play was reviewable and there was no conclusive evidence that showed the puck went off of Neil’s skate.

    It doesn’t matter though. Rangers won.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is great on PP, 5v5 he has little push.

    Neil is in McD’s head – must be seeing another game.

    One thing about Neil, he is a classic bully; hit him straight up and he bends easy – Step lit him up last game – but when you are not expecting it or after the whistle, he is a real tough guy. Wish Prusty had landed one square to that roid freak’s face

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    CCCP Don’t be confused with the facts. Are you going to believe the League or your lying G-D D–n eyes?

  52. Hanks glove NEVER touched the puck! Jesus Christ! How BLIND can people be?! His glove goes iver Neils skate as Neil kicks it in!! I’m fugging pissed right now!

  53. Stranger Nation on

    Mitchell with over 4 1/2 mins of PP time and Kreider with under 10 seconds of PP. Can we reverse that stat next game

  54. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Stranger, funny that you mentioned that – Neil (to me) looks like a classic steroid abuser – I hesitated to say it before this, but ‘roid users get a certain look to their facial features, and Neil has that look.

    I’ll bet he has a shrunken weenie, too..

  55. to bad Neil did not get hurt… i Stated previously he is a animal and deserves to get what he gives.

    watching MDZ hit him and put him down was beautiful….

    kreider is not leaving the lineup any time soon. stepan had a big big game.

    bickel with about 4 shifts ouch……..

    that was the real Rangers tonight. they had plenty of chances and sure missed Hags. Hagelin can fly…………..

    shrewd move Ottowa coach put in the swede not because you had to but because you wanted to…………..Schmuck………

  56. To oleo or whoever doubtful.
    Now, on a serious note. I recorded all and just again did so called 12 NHL frames one by one on this episode. Conclusion – puck slowed down and went to the full stop under Hank’s glove and glove was totally still. Then, glove forcefully but slightly moved by part of Neil’s skate blade, going under it and out, and puck accelerate “all of the sudden” under and from this already still glove, visibly and obviously after applied skate’s kicking motion. NO DOUBT. I just don’t understand how and why professionals in Toronto can’t do what an amateur (not in Miami term) can?

  57. with malice toward none, and charity for some on

    The “fighting” starts when some of the usual suspects, the
    Chris Neils of this circus blog, can’t enjoy the win enough to be
    a wee bit mellow.
    They gotta come with brilliance like “bring guns to the game,” and
    then explain how funny that is, in a society with gruesome slaying
    of rafts of innocents seems every week; and call the goalie in Chicago who
    came in second to the absolute command of Mike Smith this series
    (can’t think of too many goalies in sixty years, including the current
    Local Hero, who wouldna come in second to him) a “bum.” for simply
    doin’ his best.
    Just one absolute demonstration of class after another….

    Another great effort by Derek. Did one extra day off do that much for him?
    Keep it up, and he can stay:-).
    And I sorta despise the goons, and the goon groupies, but if the powers that
    run the freak-game from Canada don’t protect the little guys, the good guys,
    then the little and good guys gotta do it, real world, themselves.
    Twenty minutes or so before it FINALLY happened (bad coaching, Bonaparte;
    even with tonite’s success, y’might have left it too late), generally pacific me
    asked what the hell Rupp was doing wasting two minutes on a love tap, and
    why couldn’t a Ranger get it goin’ with Neil, like Carkner did to Boyle.
    So great praise to Brandon and his heart, and even greater praise to MDZ, whom
    some of you rag constantly, as he struggles to learn his profession. Wonderful,
    clean hit on someone who desperately needs about a dozen more (John Scott,
    with great reluctance for putting him in that position, toughest role in sports?).
    Kid K had some nice moments; defensive positioning gonna take a while…
    But he has the rare accuracy so lacking this Sather collection.
    Hope Torts gives them at least one day off; hope they occasionally challenge
    the points next game (yes, the bunching works well; will work better if the right
    guys push the amoeba to the points every once in a surprise while).
    Win or lose this Thursday (thought the Sens had slight edge game 5; think the
    Rangers do this one – but still a lucky bounce series, as it has been, in spite of
    the presence of Torts of Valhalla).).
    And please forgive me in the midst of this win if I don’t get all choked up about
    the coaching genius: he is, after all, in charge of the one seed, and THEY are, after all,
    the eighth. R’s complete the comeback, I will be supremely happy for the troops.
    I will remain staunchly unimpressed by the general. (Pretty weak when his very
    local and vocal PR guy has to tout him coming even in game six, when same “voice”
    predicted Rangers, 4-1).
    Torts showed me some tonite; liked the line combos much better. Where was he
    end of Game 2? 4? 5? Body of work, boys and girls. Not one good period, one good
    game against F Troop. Like TC of the Giants, he’s done some very nice work, with
    very limited resources (organizational depth my sweet patootie:-) – like TC of the
    Giants, he’s got a long ways to go to get to whatever Canton is in Bizzarro-NHL-World.
    Body of work.
    Loved the Eric incarnation of the last while.
    We’ll know how good Torts really is by how he uses Manny on Thursday.
    Favorite Ranger squad, all-time, win or lose next game.
    G’nite, and be well.

  58. Should we win tomorrow nite does anybody know what day the 1st game of the next round will start? I’m assuming it’ll be Sat or Sun. subject to the possible match-ups.

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