Rangers-Senators Game 5 in review



1) On the Chris Neil assault on Brian Boyle … not only did he drive-by, blind-side, head-target him, but after Boyle went down, Neil gave him another shot in the back of the head. I don’t think John Tortorella was correct in saying it’s the same as Raffi Torres … he didn’t leave his feet, and while it was dirty and dangerous, as Tortorella said, I don’t think it was as dirty. But it was dirty, and he should absolutely be suspended. Do I have faith in Brendan Shanahan to get that done? Nope.

2) Does anybody know, for sure, if Neil is a repeat offender? Because I don’t. I know he plays way over the edge a lot, and he has a reputation as a dirty player, but it’s 2 a.m. and I don’t know that he’s been suspended before, and I don’t have time to look.

3) Here’s the thing, whether he’s suspended for two or three games, or if he’s sent away for life, the Rangers are going to miss Boyle terribly in Game 6, and any and all subsequent games they survive to play without him. They are awful on faceoffs, and without him they’re worse. Their top two lines are terribly inconsistent and he gives them consistent minutes. Never mind the three goals and the fact that he scored their only two game-winners. He’s also become their best penalty killer, or second to Ryan Callahan, perhaps. And their penalty kill has been huge in this series.

4) The shame of Game 5 is the wasted performance by Henrik Lundqvist. And that was one of the league’s truly skilled players scoring 5-hole on him, where he rarely gives one up. And it was a woeful d-zone play by John Mitchell and Ryan McDonagh chasing the puck that allowed Jason Spezza to pop wide open like that.

5) Well, Carl Hagelin comes back for Game 6. I am certain that his absence hurt in the sense that it broke up the No. 1 line … which was going pretty well for a pretty long time, including Game 1. I do wonder if any of the Senators will go after him, now, too. I wouldn’t be surprised.

6) It sounded as if Chris Kreider may have earned a chance to stay in the lineup with his limited minutes anyway, but now, with offense so desperate, and especially with Boyle out, he’s got to stay in.

7) I thought the first power play was decent. Then I thought they got progressively worse, to the point of pathetic. Wow, we never saw that coming this year, did we? Still, booing your team off the ice, down 1-0 after one period of a pivotal Game 5? I don’t get that.

8) I know a lot of you are laying a lot of blame on Marian Gaborik, and to a point that’s fair. It’s a bottom-line sport, and his bottom line is puck-in-net or not. But I thought he stood in there and took some big hits from Carkner and Greening, and handed a few out. And I thought he was really trying. Erik Karlsson got smacked a few times, too, by Brandon Prust and Mike Rupp and a few others, and kept on going. He’s some kind of player.

9) When Ryan Callahan took the penalty against Greening for the hit on Gaborik, well, let’s just say we haven’t seen as much of that all-for-one stuff in this series since Brandon Dubinsky got tossed in Game 2.

10) Michael Del Zotto, hasn’t had a great series by any stretch, and hasn’t done much at all with Neil in his grill for five games. I will give him this, too. He’s gone at it with Neil, physically, sneaky-dirty … even ticked off Neil a few times.

11) I’m not even going to try to dissect faceoffs … except to say that I think part of it is focus, attention and effort.

12) When Spezza went to the penalty box, one of the Ottawa guys in the pressbox said it was the first roughing penalty of his life.

13) My Rangers in 5 pick is long gone. My Rangers in 6 amendment is shot. I will say this. Based on what they’ve shown all year, and only on that, I don’t necessarily think they’re done.

14) All that said, plenty of people thought this was a bad matchup because of Ottawa’s speed and skill and special teams. Plenty thought the other way because of the Rangers grind and their goalie. Well, can everybody be wrong? Because Ottawa has sure proved otherwise on all counts. I don’t think they’ve outplayed the Rangers overall to any great degree. But almost all the parts of this series — other than the Rangers’ struggles scoring, on the power play, and on faceoffs — are surprising. To me, anyway.

15) I’m also not buying any of the Matt Carkner-Boyle, Hagelin-Daniel Alfredsson, etc., turning point theories, because the Rangers could easily have won Game 2 and Game 4 and been done with this, and they could have won Game 5 and been up 3-2. I know, coulda, coulda, coulda. But a turning point suggests the series turned there, and this one really hadn’t turned to where it is until somebody won Game 5, and it was Ottawa.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Marc Staal.
3) Derek Stepan.
True Blue Mike’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan McDonagh.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Anton Stralman.

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  1. JimboWoodside on

    You said it Carp – as I have been saying – they were “all for one” all season long – but in this playoffs, it’s every man for himself, and I just cannot understand why…

  2. agree with most of the post Carp per usual.

    gabby had a few good chances just did not score.

    man dubi is inept with the puck. he does not receive passes well and mostly makes slow and or bad decisions with it, whta happened to him? Did not expect Crosby but 20 + goal guy he should be.

    Bickel has been exposed in the series. Rangers will figure out a way to win on Monday but their faceoff issues are a big negative and no Boyle on Monday will not help.

    i think mdz actually has been a big dissapointment. makes bad decisions accross the board. and dicking around with Neil is 1 of his many bad decisions. you will laugh at this critic but the Ranger 4th line being so bad has actually hurt them a bunch in this series. ottawa’s 4th line has been much better and because the ranger 4th line(mitchell and RUpp) have sucked so bad they are playing the other 3 too many minutes. Anisimov played less then 9 minutes tonight, another blog said he is a coward and will not go to high traffic tough areas, that critic may have some credence. Anisimov needs to man up or go to the KHL……………..

  3. If and when we go down in these playoffs, we need to take a long hard look at some of the dead weight on our roster and see what can be done! At this point a few of these guys won’t bring back much in return! I know it’s just my opinion but our D hasn’t looked as good since Sauer got hurt! Playing some teams it doesn’t show but there are other teams that can pin us in our own end for far too long. It’s hard to put pressure on the other team from your own end! I’m still proud of what they accomplished so far this year though!

  4. BTW The only thing I could find on Chris Neil was a $1000 fine. Hard to believe after all his head hunting! Chris Drury was never the same after Neil’s head shot!

  5. JimboWoodside on

    Neil has never faced a suspension – as such, he won’t be considered a repeat offender, even though he plays a pretty nasty game.

  6. I can’t believe this team is going out like this. And even if they did advance…they’re not going anywhere. This team in the playoffs has been drastically different than the regular season. They’ve been bossed around, game after game, like bitches.

    I think they are going to get smoked back in Ottawa. Tonight was just demoralizing. To not be able to get a goal on a no name goalie, and then you lose your ONE guy who actually showed up for the playoffs to a concussion.

    Win or lose the series…this is not the Rangers team we have watched all year and I don’t envision them reappearing with their backs now against the wall after what I’ve seen in this series. If they couldn’t get it done tonight…it ain’t getting done.

  7. I think they played a better game in Game 5, just didnt get the results. Torts had em ready to play and they finally got into the forecheck groove but Anderson was fabulous. Its the playoffs and these are the types of situations all good teams face. Its not over by any means….. I do hope Boyle is ok.He probably wont be back this season which definitely hurts but it just means someone else is gonna have to step up. I truly have all the faith in the world in this team that they will come back together and get the job done

  8. Agree on #14. For all the over-dramatic “nightmare matchup” stuff we heard from some before the series, I’m not sure how things have turned out so far has validated much of that at all, since those opinions were based on how the Senators’ speed and offense would trouble the Rangers.

    Instead, it’s been physical play (to a degree) and more importantly, vanishing offense (again) against a team where nobody made the case that goaltending and defense was a strength, that have been the main problems. Which is the biggest disappointment to me, given how well the Rangers thrived in tight, defensive games during the season.

  9. Not tp smart to second guess at this juncture because they still could come back but I think Sather made a huge error in not replenishing the reserves when he moved Wolski (healthy scratch at Florida so no loss), and Christensen and ran out Avery. In every playoffs guys get hurt or lost as in the case of Hagelin or perform poorly as in the case of Anisimov and you need guys ready to step in, Compounding our problem is that Tortorella is going with a short bench especially bad for a sixth defenceman since in playoffs you have to be ready for overtimes and sometimes long overtimes. This is only the first series. It just gets worse. They just didn’t seem to prepare for the second and more important season at all. Check out the depth at St. Louis and Nashville by contrast. But they might come back and Erixon is available although who else at forward I don’t know.

  10. Hate to say this but this team is done. Nobody expected them to achieve what they’ve achieved this season. Playoffs are a different animal and they’ve truly been exposed in all their areas of weakness that was glossed over in the regular season.

    Ottawa wasn’t ready in game one and Hank stole game 3. if the theft hadn’t happened this series would be over. Rangers just can’t beat the Senators. Anderson has been his usual self against the Rangers. The underlying problem is that the Rangers have been able to out physical their opponents in the regular season and have not been able to do so in their series. Whether its the refs or Shanahans bafoonery is not relevant. Series is over.

  11. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    Meanwhile JD ,John Davidson’s team rolls along.. Oh but sather has 100 cups from edmonton from the last century.

  12. Not firing anyone. Bring everyone back and build on what you did this year. Look at the Bruins, they didn’t win overnight. It took them a couple of years. We headed in the right direction, just need to add parts to the existing core. Scoring, physical D, depth would be some of the parts we need.

  13. Great Review Carp! There is no quit in this team. Yes, the PP STINKS, but I thought the offensive effort at even strength was so much better. Anderson had one of those games.

    I am heartbroken about Boyle. The guy has been the MAN this series.

    And for all the Nay sayers about Kreider, you can tell that this kid will be very good for us. Can’t wait to see him play for the Rangers next year.

    Maybe we need Kreider, Parise AND Nash?

    Prust Sayin…..

    Neil is a huge pile of steaming carcillo. In my opinion there was INTENT! If Shanny doesn’t give him at LEAST the same suspension as HAGS got, I will lose my Carcillo!

    It is wild that the consensus favorites in EVERY series in the East are down 3-2.

    The Playoff’s are a different animal.





    RANGERS IN 7!!!

  14. I absolutely love what JD is doing in St. Louis. Wish we had him as the GM but that’s neither here nor there. The players he has on the team are the same ones he praised when he was on the air. A lot of respect for what he has done. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

  15. Onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    I thought Prust was one of the players who played last night’s game with a lot of heart.

    Its also disconcerting when Callahan seems to be the only ranger consistently crashing and going to the net.. its a basic tenet in hockey..

  16. Chris Neil wont even have a hearing. He is not getting suspended, IMO.
    Sucks Boyle is hurt but a few others need step up.. Very disappointing to see how the team has changed, i believe since game 2.
    I dont see the mean in this team anymore. No one is getting in the dirty places and sacrificing. Didn’t expect a cup this year but NEVER expected a first round exit. Still 2 games left potentially but we need some “jam”.

  17. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Boyle comes out, so maybe we have something along the lines of this for tomorrow.



    They should just work on getting the power play setup. There better be some shots from the point tomorrow night and traffic in front of anderson.

  18. Is it just me, or is Artie Anisimov the softest, most useless player come playoff time? He shys away from EVERY hit, avoids high-traffic areas, and I have Never seen him come off a one-on-one battle with the puck. I mean, for his size, he’s just an absolute pansy.
    hey, if we can win Game 6 someow, it becomes a one-game series. and we’re good on the road. OTT prob feels they have this one fairly wrapped up, and opefully someone will step up for us.
    Our mistakes are the same ones we’ve made all year, just with an alarming increase in frequency, especially those boneheaded lateral passes by D-men. This was also Girardi’s worst game of the season–and that’s what happens when you perhaps ride a guy like that all year, every game.
    the mental mistakes, the lack of Avery grit, the propensity for passing instead of shooting from the high points or slot–we just refuse to do it.
    and Dubi, well, he is just a 3rd or 4 th liner. Paying him what we do is just not warranted.
    basically, our lack of depth on defense and our lack of skilled or tough goal scorers is why we’re losing this series. and don’t tell me having Avery in there wouldn’t make a difference. we have no one to counter Neil, who has just eaten us up physically. Now, he’s taken away perhaps our most spirited player on the playoff roster. amaze us NYR and win game 6 instead of turning it into a stupid revenge plot on Neil that will surely derail our game focus. Could get very ugly if we don’t keep our cool and just play to win up in OTT

  19. I’m not surprised. i posted the rangers were done after game four. if neil doesn’t get at least a 3 game suspension I’m done with the NHL.

  20. True Blue
    Switch Dubinsky and Prust, because Dubinsky is truly performing like a fourth line player

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Say what you will about “regular season being different than playoffs,” but in my 12-15 years of intense hockey watching the regular season has born a similar resemblance with the rare exceptions when a) teams’ change health status (healthy -> non-healthy or vice versa) and b) when goaltenders change or slump. Ottawa took the season series 3/4 and in these playoffs they have been the better team now 4/5 games. The stats bear a striking resemblance.

    This matchup is bad for a number of reasons. With Greening, Foligno, and Neil, the Sens have a tough core that won’t back down easily. Add meat heads Carkner and Konopka (faceoff extraordinaire) and you have a team that’s just as tough with as much “push-back” as the rangers. And what those 4 forwards are doing is going to the net and making life miserable for the rangers D and Hank.

    The sens are also skilled and fast … with the latter of those serving as a major stumbling block for the Rangers all season.

    This was one prediction that I wish I was wrong about, but it was a bad draw for the Rangers from the start. I have no doubt that the Rangers would be in the second round by now if they drew Wash and let someone else take care of Ottawa.

  22. A Sad Quick Exit- Underachiement? on

    This is why Torts said winning the regular season meant nothing. This is a perfect ending for those who are not Ranger fans. Lundqvist almost the vezina winner dominated the regular season and then goes down first round. It will define him as a net minder if it continues.
    The horses needed to win the Cup are not yet collected on this team. Each game a battle each battle one game closer to winning or losing the war.
    It takes a hot goaltender a bench full of Boyles and desire to win every battle.
    This year will be defined by suspensions.
    Playing in fear of suspensions drains the passion and desire to win no matter.
    I believe the Rangers are done, Sadly they are mentally not ready-are too much in fear of Torts and will be defined by this first round loss. Its over next game Ottawa although not the better team has some of the ingredients missing from the Rangers line up.

  23. If Artie stays outof high traffic areas…it from a season ofngetting hos bell rung on a consistent basis…he os not built for playoff hockey. Hey Dubi…wakeup! This series exposes some key faults…IMO…faceoffs #1…correctible in the off season. I have tp guess there is nobody on the farm bettr than Mitchell….

  24. Is it me or does anyone else thinks Torts looks like what the hell just happened ?

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Was that a whisper or the scoring chances of Stepan, Anisimov, Dubinsky and the ‘sound’ defensive play of MDZ added together and blasted through a megaphone at volume 10?

  26. Did Arty even play in the 2nd and 3rd? I was at the game, front row. Arty looked scared sh**less out there. I turned to my buddy and said as much, then I never saw AA again. Kreider looks overwhelmed. He had a chance to chase a puck and battle for possesion, and he just turned tail for the bench. Like if he made a mistake, Torts would send him to the ECHL. Dubi is a disaster out there.

    And Torts keeps saying he is happy with the teams play is B.S. These guys are losing all the battles, have no consistency, and are pi**ing themselves out there.

    Not good.

  27. The Rangers defense and goalie are awesome. The offense has been stymied by constant line changes and very different style players. Gaborik Richards Hagelin are skilled players, quick hands, quick releases. Callahan Dubinsky Boyle Prust Fedetenko are grinders, north-south, forecheck, score around the net (theoretically). With lines switched around so much, the players don’t know what their linemates are going to do. When Callahan dumps the puck in on the power play..Gaborik coasts in and blocks the boards 10 feet away from the puck. When Richards stickhandles in Boyle stands there. The power play is terrible because of entry, once they are set up they are fine.

    The Senatores are winning a lot of faces, at least partially, because they are positioned illegally almost all the time (especially Konapka) and the linesmen do nothing. I’m surprised Bettman doesn’t demand the removal of the red lines painted at the faceoff circles which allow us to see how his “consummate professional” linesemen fail constantly.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Torts has been outclassed and outcoached since game 2 of this series. Its a travesty. The guy spends the whole season juggling lines like the bearded lady working overtime at her friend’s booth but last night, when pretty much NOBODY is doing anything, he wont make smash line (Prust-Boyle-Rupp) to go out there and wreak havoc. He has refused to give Kreider any time.

    This would be a different series with Hags and maybe even the Hobbit (for the PP), but even without those guys Torts SHOULD have been able to get this series closed out (in his favor) by 6. I pray he can do it in 7.

  29. Agree CW…Kreder looks overwhelmed…hesitates..he obviously did not watch Haglin drive right into traffic…throw hits…etc…jusy sayin’

  30. I thought they played pretty well yesterday. They had plenty of chances. Anderson stood on his head. What can ya do? Rangers in 7; keep the faith.

  31. I think the day or “those are not boo’s, but rather chants of Dubi” maybe coming to an end. Still time for that to change…it is almost midnight for this cinderalla saeson!

  32. No reason to quit on this team until Ottawa has their 4th win…and probably not even then…they have given us so much this season…it it too difficult for us to support them until whatever end they come to?

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B….Kurt Russell playing Herb Brooks would be better than Torts right now…….

  34. You know somethings wrong when your lead post game interview is the opposing teams goalie…..plus, is it fair to say that if we traded for Nash we would not be in this position? I mean, look at what the folks named in that potential trade have done, Dubi, Artie….blah blah blah….soft….this just sucks….my a!@hole islander fan friends are going to build a shrine outside the mausoleaum to ottowa and anderson….could be the only thing in Uniondale thats not asbestos ridden….

  35. Sather decided he didn’t care whether we won the Cup this season or not by passing on Rick Nash.

  36. Jimbo: Wrong – Neil blindsided Tomas Karable several years back – hitting him from the side (Karable didn’t see him) after Karable had passed off the puck.

    It was cheap and dirty and predatory and that’s how Neil plays. And in case anyone forgets, one of the things I said the Rangers needed to be concerned with about the Sens was exactly that.

    And lo and behold, it’s come to be. Surely I cannot be the only person who posts here that’s surprised?

    I must admit that I forgot about Konopka and Carkner because I don’t know if either were playing much for the Sens down the stretch (Carkner hardly played the entire season due to injury).

    The single biggest difference for me in this series has been those 3 – they have punched, pushed, face-washed and pummelled their way through the series and the Rangers have not addressed it, either through their crappy PP (no surprise there – their PP was something like 29th overall in the league through the reg season) or via similar pushback from the likes of Prust, Rupp and Bickell.

    The latter is the real surprise. It seems to me that Tortorella likes tough, but honourable tough, meaning you hit hard but clean and answer unruly tactics in an NHL permitted way – fighting. Well guess what Torts – there’s basically no fighting in the POs, so you respond to that via doing the same thing back.

    Scott should have been dressed and should have done to a Sen what Carkner did to BB.

    The Rangers have been out-coached in this series. And alas, as with so many recent seasons, when they have made the POs, they’ll once again be one and done.

    Sure sucks to be a Ranger sometimes (actually a lot of the time, if you look back over history).

  37. Id have to see it again, but Neil’s hit looked clean to me. It looked like the injured was cause from Greening (I think it was him) coming from behind and getting involved in the collision.

    I had no issue with the Neil hit.

  38. BTW, I am certain Neil had to go in front of that nob Campbell for that Karble hit – what I cannot recall is if he got suspended.

  39. Jonny: Neil’s hit was clean if you consider those Scott Stevens’ hits clean. It was late and he targeted BB’s head.

    What bothers me is that of course, no Ranger went after Neil. Shame on them. And the coach.

  40. Holy crap, do people not remember that Columbus would not take Dubinsky and Anisimov for Nash? It was McDonough or DelZotto and Stepan or Kreider, and so on and so on.

  41. It wasn’t that late and I didnt think he targeted or made contact with the head. Id have to see it again to be sure, but from what I saw last night, I didn’t think it was dirty.

    Also I know everyone is disappointed in this team since its going to be another first round exit, but nobody thought they were winning the cup this year. They spoiled us with the 1st place finish.

    It’s not time to dismantle, it’s time to keep building on. They made that next step in not barely making the playoffs. Maybe next year is the year they get passed a round or two. They got valuable playoffs experience though. If they don’t do anything next year, I’ll be disappointed.

  42. BTW, this bad match-up stuff IMO is silly. If the Rangers cannot beat the 8th place Senators they aren’t going far in the POs.

    The bottom line is this team is a work in progress and desperately requires a skill upgrade on the top 6.

    I totally get why Sather was bent on getting Nash and it’s all words of course, but I believe his presence would be a difference maker in this series, in large part because with him on the wing, the Rangers PP would be better. Their PP ineptness was a huge factor in the game 2 loss, contributed to the game 4 loss and yesterday 0 for 3 in the first period alone?


    And 4 goals in the past 5 games – reminds me off what happened the last few PO years….NO OFFENSE…

  43. Rick Nash wasn’t helping this team get to the second round.

    As I said, this was a bad matchup for the Rangers. They were losing no matter what. Bruins are in the same boat and they pretty much have the same team that won the cup. They really wanted to play Ottawa.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Joni Mitchell has to sit – that brain fart on covering Spezza was a back breaker. Would take No-berries jam over Joni’s strumming at this juncture. Play Scott, suit up Devo, if this is what the league wants let’s put up a good show and start playing the way the game is being called.

    Artie, Dubi, and Mitchell have to sit. It’s now or never…

  45. I know the Sens were in 8th place, but they were fighting with the Bruins for 2nd until Anderson got hurt. Then they went a little downhill for awhile since they were starting Lehner and another rookie I believe along with Bishop. They are a very good team.

  46. Gravy: Rumours had it that Miller, Dubi, this year’s first and one of MDZ/McDonagh would have done it. They wanted 2 young regulars, a top prospect and a first. Sather apparently offered the first 4 but instead of one of the current starting D, put Erixon in the mix.

    Hindsight in 20/20 of course, but I wonder if he could do it now, if he’d agree to MDZ.

    I know how I feel now (because I was glad he wouldn’t go it at the time)….

  47. Also, if the Rangers were good enough, it wouldn’t matter if it was a bad matchup. They would’ve handled their business. They are a very good young team that is growing. I can’t be too disappointed just yet as long as they keep on improving every year.

  48. just wow.

    Good morning, Sally!

    I’m not going to get into it much with those who find glee in the blame game, etc. … but would you have given up Kreider, a first, Dubinsky and McDonagh or Del Zotto for Nash? Really?

  49. Callahan’s a non-factor now? Yikes.

    oh, and BTW, Sather is farther from being fired than he has been at any time in his tenure. There’s not a chance in hell.

  50. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    Morning ILB, TONY, and all!!

    thanks for the review, great as always!

    I am a little shocked that there hasn’t been more head calling for mitchell (I’m not calling for it, but he did make a mistake)? While I honestly think he is a 4th liner and has done an ok job in his role, I have to wonder if he is the guy torts was referring to in the post game presser about making a change or two.

    I also think they will force a game 7.

    The thing about Nash is (and I would rather have him over parise personally) if we had traded for him and addressed the “lack” of scoring, what area would have been weakened? I know the deal was a lot of prospects, but c’mon imagine if we had traded and we were still down 3-2 in the series, a lot of folks here would be calling for sather’s head for making the deal…not just olga ;)!

    While I don’t think the neil hit was all that bad from the “dirty and cheap” aspect, we really are going to miss boyle and I would love to see neil suspended for a couple of games just to get him out of the sens line up.

    BTW, wouldn’t mind having neil on my team.

    Lastly, was chatting with the mrs after the game last night and couldn’t really think of anyone in CT that would help if called up. I mean I remember the bahama bomba playing a decent game or two against the sens in the regular season, but not sure how much his 3 minutes a game would help lol!!

    off to work, later aasens!!!

  51. Carp – if you asked people before the season started if they’d be happy with finishing in 1st but going out in the first round, I’m sure most would’ve been satisfied.

    You don’t build a cup contender over night.

  52. Hagelin’s suspension is just an excuse. It’s not the reason why the Rangers are losing this series. You don’t hear Ottawa crying about not having Alfredsson available and he’s a much better player than Hagelin.

    It’s painfully obvious, and it has been all season, that this team does not have enough offensive skill players. When Chicago won the Cup they had Toews, Kane, Sharp, et al and still went out and got Marian Hossa. People expect Gaborik to do everything by himself. Well, having one goal-scoring player on the team is not enough. You can complain about the defense all you want, but they aren’t winning unless they can score a few.

  53. Nash would have had to score 45+ to make that deal work. He scored 30. They’d have no depth at all, and they’d have tossed away three big pieces of their future. For what? Maybe win one of the games in this series? Maybe win this series?

    Still shaking my head over Callahan. I mean, anybody else? Yeah, that Girardi’s a slacker, too. Lundqvist stinks. Maybe they should deal those three guys, too, and start over again.

  54. Whats funny about Neil is that the Rangers threw him a ton of money to come to NY and he took less money to stay with Ottawa. The Sens are definitely happy with that one.

  55. The league is just too wildly inconsistent. They call it Rupps blindside but dont when Boyle and Gaborik get it. Maybe a guy Avery-esque could be helpful but I think Torts is trying to conduct this team play the way “the right way” and not result to thuggery. The bottom line is you have to score to win after game 1 the sens have scored 8 and our heros have scored 5.

  56. Scored in Game 4. Blocked a bunch of shots. Led the team on the forecheck.

    Did you want him to get a hat trick every game?

  57. Don’t think they should move any of thier core grinders. But last night, they didn’t seem to play with any sense of uegency at all. a couple of times there were clear shots at the net and they passed, again. Shoot the puck barry! I didn’t boo last night, but was pretty disgusted. I have faith. BTW Carp, I have two tickets to thursday’s game 7. There is a chance I can’t use them, I think the boy has baseball. You know any boneheads who may want them? Face value. Let me know.

  58. Look Carp, I understand you have to be careful about being too critical – I know players and coaches will be less receptive to media people who them out; it’s human nature.

    I also realize plenty of media people get to know the players personally – at least to a certain extent and of course way beyond what the average fan gets to experience – so some loyalty builds up, too.

    Tell me why you think this team is now posed to experience yet another 1 and done. In the past few years, it was almost expected – when you make the 8th spot on the last day of the regular season you’re simply not very good.

    The Rangers finished 1st in the conference and 2nd overall in the league. They are being out-played, out-intimidated and out-coached by a team that finished 18 points behind them.

    Why do you think that’s happening??

  59. OK, so maybe I’m being a tad harsh on Callahan cuz he wears the C. I’d still like to know why this team is about repeat their 1 and done scenario…

  60. Carpy, great review. I am not pissed with Gaborik. He has taken some pretty big hits well, been fairly tough for him. He has no one to play with. He connected well with Hags’ speed. He and Richards, on the big stage, just don’t work well together due to contrasting styles.

    Richards is underperforming. His lack of size is all too apparent and he is not quick or quick thinking enough. He gets statistics to look in his favor, but for a marquee player, he looks rushed, deer in headlights scared, and unable to lead or pass to Gabby.

  61. Stranger Nation on

    McD in any deal is a no-go and that would be almost anyone in the league coming this way – he is their best player on the team by a factor of 10. Putting blame on him for not getting Spezza on the goal is completely asinine.

    Stralman has been a revelation in this series. Agree MDZ has been good in his own end but the lack of offense hurts this team. We cannot play 3v5 and expect to score, D has to get involved which opens up the game but that is where Hank will earn his keep.

    Ask Gabby and B Rich how valuable Hags is.

    Thought Pruster had a great game. Rupp is being outplayed by Konopka with what each of them is asked to do.

  62. Whatever the result. This team needs to bring in some vets who have experience with winning cups and who are not 4th line players…..

  63. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Guys – In case we don’t make it p[ast Monday alive, I just want you all to know that it’s been an honor serving with you.

  64. Giacomo, they’ve been doing that all season – passing up shots. I made a remark yesterday that they had a clear shots at the net, but sent the puck around the boards instead. It drives me nuts.

    BTW, I didn’t mean in my previous post that the team should have gone out and gotten Nash and that’s the whole problem. The problem is that this team as now constructed is not skilled enough to win in the playoffs. They need more skilled players. Kreider might become one with an off season and training camp. Maybe they can pick up somebody in the off season. But, even if they pull out this series somehow, I don’t expect them to go much farther.

    And finally, Carp is right (as usual) to call out people ragging on Callahan, Lundqvist and Girardi. Yeah, trade them all or send them down to the AHL. Lundqvist gives up one goal and he’s the reason why they lost. Gimme a break.

  65. is there some other angle of the Neil hit on Boyle where it’s clear that Neil didn’t hit Boyle’s head? because if there isn’t, I don’t see how he escapes suspension

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Callahan has been just fine!! Great? NO! Awful, NO! Mediocre, no (?). My assessment, better than the average captain playoff performance we’ve seen in years. He’s gone out on nearly every shift and hit, setup chances, and wreaked some havoc. He is NOT the problem.

    I said during the weeks leading up to the deadline that I could part with Dubi, Stepan, and Kreider. For me, the sticking point were MDZ/MacD. Given what we know now, you could have parted with MDZ in order to get thsi round, but you’re right that may have set you up for a worse performance in future rounds (maybe). There’s no doubt that they’re losing on poor offensive production though and Nash would certainly have changed that up PLUS livened up their PP.

  67. I agree with Jim 1000%. The playoffs are about scoring, goaltending, defense, and finesse. They, however, need to be supported, if needed, by toughness. Our members of the 4 categories above have not been. Torts has a tough decision to make that he should have made earlier (and I doubt he will): Do you do it in game 6, this far along, and risk suspensions, 5 minute majors, or do you finish the game playing scared and hope Hank can beat them?

    There has not been a sense the the unabashed and reckless punishing given to our players has been countered. The players that cannot defend themselves (and we have a boatload) are shying away or at least not feeling comfortable because of that. It doesn’t explain our pitiful PP or face-off losses but it does everything else. Of course, we are a team in rebuild and getting there, but our weaknesses are quite apparent, now aren’t they? We will progress and be better over the next few years, especially if the GM is fired or gets some help from others with key decisions (because he doesn’t know the current game well enough to do it himself).

    Shea Webber does his ridiculous Zetterberg hit and Detroit, a non-physical team, retaliate’s immediately. Hossa gets struck and Chicago is right on top of it. Boyle does his little Karlsson thing and IN OUR HOUSE, Carkner does what he did to retaliate FOR THAT with little retribution. Want to set a tone? Yes , we will not retaliate and, thus, we are playing scared.

    In my eyes, while they may be hurt, from our Captain (who is either ‘worried’ or playing hurt), Richards, AA, Dubi (finding out he can play big against some teams but in reality he is not that talented OR big??), i.e. the team’s core, have not found the comfort level where they’re not feeling like they’re gonna get wrapped into tomorrow wherever they go on the ice.

    No retribution doesn’t work in hockey.

  68. Hey, I’ve already admitted I’m being too harsh on Cally – I guess it’s more a case of he’s trying and his mates aren’t following.

    I’m still waiting, however, for Carp’s theories on why the Rangers are posed to go 1 and done.

  69. if you want to put fingers, how about that lump of crap in the 17 jersey who hasn’t done a damn thing since last season

  70. Czechthemout!!! on


    4) really? McD caught chasing the puck? When a dman pinches in deep, he is supposed to be covered for by one of the forwards. Mitchell blew the coverage on that play and Hank should have stopped it. McD was a beast last night. He has become by far the best dman on the team. This playoff series proves.

    I also agree with most here that Girardi had a poor game. That said, He has been over used and under assault in this series and regular season.

    This team really misses the grit that Sauer and Avery provided . They have not played as well as when those two were in the lineup. Yes they did play with some grit during the stretch both were gone but it hasn’t been the same since just after the winter classic.

    Torts has been repeatedly out coached by McLean and that too is obvious. Even how Stone has been used vs the way Kreider has been misused. The failure all year to execute an NHL quality power play is troubling.

    MdZ has been awful! He is not an Elite offensive talent. And his defense stinks! I hope he was not the reason that the Nash trade wasn’t made. He had maybe 8-10 more points than McD but had the most pp time of any dman. Does anyone doubt that McD would have had more points had their power play roles been reversed?

    As a long time supporter of his it pains me to say this, but Dubi is stealing money from the Rangers. He was brutal in the regular season and is even more brutal in the playoffs.
    Perhaps he can be moved in the off season for something.

    Brian Boyle to me has been a revelation in these playoffs. His grit,passion,sacrifice and fearlessness should be rewarded with an A on his sweater next year.

    This series can still be salvaged but it is not looking very good.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lloyd, i’m going to play Devil’s advocate here and say he did a pretty fine ass job during arbitration after the season. Just saying.

  72. I think there is all the chance in the world that this team can be resilient and bump out two back-to-back wins. Of course, I feel like it is not going to happen and we are done in 6, but maybe that is me being a Sadistic Sarah.

    Stepan was very, very good last night and that, to me, proves that playoff experience is key. He took a few games to get his feet wet and he looked good last night. A lot more confident.

    Kreider better get big and good, fast. If Boyle is really gone……..ugh

  73. Matt: Yep. What bothers me is that, I figure, is on the coach. I am convinced he likes tough, but honourable tough.

    What Carkner did to BB wasn’t that.

    What Neil did to BB wasn’t that.

    Like it or not, but hockey remains mired in the eye for an eye mentality (because the league cannot police itself properly – ie 1 game suspension for Carkner pummelling BB). If you don’t subscribe to that, then when you face a team like the Sens (or the Bruins, Flyers and Pens), you’ll end up playing scared. And you’re right, that’s how too many Rangers have played since that Carkner beat-down of BB.

    Of course it’s not the only factor in play here – a strong PP is for me perhaps the best way to address mindless intimidation penalties, but the Rangers PP is the opposite of strong (probably reason number 2 for the 3-2 series lead for Ottawa).

    It will be interesting to see how these are addressed (if they are addressed) in the off-season.

  74. Czech: You cannot compare Kreider to Stone. Kreider has never played above college and Stone just had an award winning season in the WHL.

  75. Carp, I agree with what you said on Boyle. Not only does he appear to be a good guy in the locker room that his teammates enjoy (which needs to be a rallying cry as opposed to a source of upset) but he has risen to do so many specialized things on the ice that he is tough to replace. In hockey, they always say the loss of a player makes opportunity for someone else. While that is true, because of his size (we are so much smaller without him) and special play, this is a tough, tough loss.

    On another note, I never thought I’d be saying that a year ago. Credit to him for working so hard and becoming the player he is. The three goals early in the series are not really his game. That was cherry on top. He does so many other things well enough and his size matters for this otherwise relatively small team. Good for Boyle. We will miss him. Get well soon!!

  76. Boyle is a beast. He is a core player on this team. It is his success, and his success alone, that made the Maple Leafs call up Barb Underhill.

  77. Hey some good news: The Whale are up 2 games to 0 over the Islander farm team with their goalie, Cam Talbot, stopping over 80 shots for 2 consecutive SOs.

    Game 3 (of the 5 game series) is today in Hartford.

    Go WHALE Go!

  78. michael del kill yourself on

    “But I thought he stood in there and took some big hits from Carkner and Greening, and handed a few out. And I thought he was really trying.”

    thanks for trying, Gabby. and thanks for sucking, Carp. Pathetic.

    that said, no one is worse than MDZ.

  79. Oh also – I take solace in watching that punk Joe Thornton get eliminated once again. I don’t like to pile on people’s sadness but…ya know.

  80. Callahan had a horrible game yesterday, Carp. I dont see how anyone can defend that goalie interference penalty and then that retaliation penalty. If it was Richards that did that youd be ripping him all over. Yesterday imo was probably Callahan’s worst game in the NHL. He was noticeable, but not in a good way.

  81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Unless Dubi comes out like jordan Staal games 6 and 7, steals two wins, earns a paycheck, hits a guy in the head with a leaping shoulder to the face and takes him out CLEANLY like Neil did, then I’m done with him. He can take his smug, arrogant, juvenile demeanor to Long Island and join Parenteau for another chance to stay in the league.

    Biggest waste of money and ice, well, since last year (Drury).

  82. Everything would have been different in this season and playoffs with even an average power play. That negates the bullying. All we have needed was average, not top flight and we would have been fine. What’s our percentage in this series? We were 29th all year?

    As Carp said, in relation to this, it comes as “no surprise”. Agreed.

    Perhaps if our GM was studying his teams weakness before the trade deadline, he would have noticed this more than obvious deficit and brought in some help before trading was closed.

    But, as the NY Post reported yesterday, he was probably planning his garden and getting a start on his tan instead. How wonderful to rely on your past, a quarter of a century ago and have tenure in a position with a buffoon owner who pretends he knows the game and knows how to hold you accountable.

  83. I would not be surprised one bit if we came back to win this series, but I also would not be surprised if we’re done come Monday night. And if we are done on Monday night something needs to get done. They cannot start next season without having either Parise, Nash, or Iginla on their roster. And btw, yes, as I said at the time, I would have traded Kreider, Dubinsky (this dude is gone either way this offseason), and MDZ for Nash.

  84. Carp, Zipay tweeted yesterday post game that the reporters were discussing in the press box whether the Rangers should have traded for Nash. What was the consensus?

  85. Neil isnt being suspended according to the widget ————–> and wont even have a hearing. Honestly the hit was not that bad, although we all know the intent was there for what was going on earlier in the series. Boyle had a target on his back. Im not shocked there wont be any discipline.

  86. Lev: Carp’s busy right now writing his theories on why the Rangers are posed to do another 1 and done!


  87. Hyacinths versus power play help
    begonias versus a big, strong, stay at home defenseman
    forsythias versus adding some scoring depth
    roses versus building the farm system with more depth.

    “Uh, I’ll take the ones on the left and accept my salary with no accountability, James. Further, I promise, in 20 years, if you get people to help me, I may possibly be able to build you Stanley Cup second round team. Maybe. But, pay me first and include a lot of vacation time.”
    **** statement from Glen Sather to James Dolan, 2003

  88. RealKyper #SNPlayoffs. #Sens Neil will not face any supplemental discipline for his hit on #Rangers Brian Boyle and will be in the line up for game 6

    I am sorry guys, that hit by Neil was every bit as bad as the HAGS hit! I see no difference and am just disgusted with this! DIGUSTED!!!!

  89. since it’s now officially more than a calendar year since Dubinsky registered a playoff point, the guy may want to consider doing something on Monday night

  90. Lev, you were one of the few who said that. I know Carpy likes Parise. He scares me. I tend to want toughness to come along with the size and talent. And, almost every ex-devil we have taken has failed for us.

    I am also concerned about loading our salary cap with 4 or 5 guys (you already have Hank, Gabby, and Richards)

    That being said, if Nash or Iginla is available for the right price, that’s the way I would hope to go, provided our wonderful Gm agrees.

  91. And there you have it – no supplemental discipline (or discipline at all) for Chris Neil.

    Time to dress John Scott?

  92. No supplemental hearing = why should they, it’s a Canadian team.

    why should they? head shots are ok, sometimes.

    why should they? this way Neil, the headhunter, keeps his perfect record in tact. No, he’s a clean player, isn’t he?

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lloyd Braun April 22nd, 2012 at 10:43 am

    since it’s now officially more than a calendar year since Dubinsky registered a playoff point, the guy may want to consider doing something on Monday night

    Like what? Rockband? Complain about not getting cable MSG in his highrise luxury apartment? It’s not football season yet so he doesn’t have many options…

  94. give him a gun and let him do whatever he’s got to do to Chris Neil. worst case scenario, we lose Dubinsky for the rest of his contract. big deal.

  95. Matty, ive been watching some Devils games this year…i agree about Parise. He’s really not THAT good. Like most games I can actually see Kovalchuk on every single shift, Parise not so much. Agree about the physicality part too. Id go with Nash/Iginla as well. Especially if the organization decides to get rid of Dubinsky, which I think they must. It’s been pathetic the way he’s played for over a year.

  96. Rangers should recall Christian Thomas for tomorrow night in the hopes they can maybe score a frickin’ PP goal, but they won’t.

    Just like someone need to cracked Carkner’s head open, or Neil’s last night, and they didn’t.
    Nice goin’ Rupper! And Prustie! and Bickel!

    All their nonsense about how they’re a blood n guts team, and they let Boyle be viciously attacked twice, when he was OWNING this series early on.

    Now we’re left with Sather’s scraps for a team – and 8 more years of Brad Richards! Wonderful!

    Telling you right now, next year the following must all be gone;
    Fedotenko, Anisimov, Rupp, Dubinsky, Mitchell.

    In; Shultz, maybe Parise, and they badly need a monster Top 6 physical forward.
    Time to send Gaborik to LA, next year will be a 20-goal bust as is his M.O.

    And if Derek Stepan cannot quit dissapearing for extended stretches – which now include the playoffs, he’s deadline tradebait too.

    I’ve given up on sather getting canned long ago, but it sure would be great if he stepped aside and let Mess finish building this thing.

    And yes, Torts is on the hotseat, IMO. He fried his own team!

  97. AND the player on the other end was hurt. Wasn’t that the big reason for all the suspensions to begin with? Didn’t Hags get time BECAUSE ALfie was concussed?

    Please explain.

  98. This “not a repeat offender” thing is also ridiculous. Everyone in the league knows who Chris Neil is and what kind of game he plays. So just because on paper it doesnt say that he delivers dirty hits, we all know he does. And it’s a known fact that he’s delivered questionable hits before that have injured players, but of course with no suspension. So does repeatedly injuring players not constitute being a repeat offender?

  99. Good point, Lev. If you don’t suspend him now, the next time he does it he’s not a repeat offender either. Gotta get something on the books.

  100. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Callahan has been great. The king has been great. Let’s not bury this team yet. They have to much heart. The new York rangers will win game 6. I guarantee it.

    Mind you, I am as depressed as any of you. But Ottawa is not going to win game 6, nor this series. We control our destiny and fate. Win out and we move on.

  101. Hagelin got time because he put an elbow into Alfredsson’s face that resulted in a concussion. I believe there is some doubt here that Neil actually hit Boyle’s head and thus the concussion resulted from his head being jarred rather than from Neil striking it. At least that’s the only way I can make sense of the NHL not suspending Neil.

  102. Yes, Lev, we took in their garbage just like this once. His name was Scott Gomes. It was a great Sather signing.

    He was small, and had hands. In some ways similar to Parise.

    The best thing about him was that we could dump him (could not believe it) for, ultimately, McD, one of our best and brightest.

    I vote for size and toughness

  103. Czechthemout!!! on


    Stop! Kreider played against every kid who was either 18 or older. Many were 20 and older. Stone played against mostly 17-19 year olds. Kreider as a 19 year old played against pros in the WC. He outplayed many of the great Canadian kids the same age as him in his first WJC, including Taylor Hall and arguably,Jordan Eberle. There is no doubt that Kreider would have been a star in Canadian junior hockey had he chosen that route instead of college.

    You can defend many things Torts has done this season. This series, not so much.

  104. Lev: Neil’s delivered hits like last night’s (and worse) throughout his career. If the NHL actually legistrated hits to the head like they say they want to do, his value would go way down.

    Part of his effectiveness is that these hits are unpredictable and for the victim, basically defenseless so when he’s on the ice, everyone on the opposing team needs to be aware. If/when they are, they aren’t as effective.

    BB should have known better than to cut through the middle for a shot with Neil out there, especially considering the fact that the Sens have been targetting him and the Rangers weren’t responding in kind.

    Guys like Neil thrive on the ineptitude and wishy-washy nature of NHL justice.

    I maintain until/unless the NHL finally get it right and legistrate these type of players out of the game, the only response is to do precisely back to the team playing the Neil type players.

    As I said earlier, eye for an eye.

  105. I’m with ya Jim. Just like inside Iran. You steal, we cut off your hand. You hit a Ranger, we blast you.

    Of course, we have to have the tools to blast with. They have to be willing to do it, too.

  106. dressing John Scott is pointless. but, you’ve got Brandon Prust out there. He’s not Steve Larmer. The guy is a penalty killer and nothing more. Let him start whatever fights he wants to . What are you saving him for exactly? His minimal offensive contribution doesn’t justify putting a leash on him and at least you can have a guy who somewhat contributes to the team hurting the other team’s players.

  107. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp.

    Good thing I’ve been on the blog for many years, otherwise I’d be throwing things around my house right now. Callahan stinks? Girardi is regressing, Avery would help, Torts is being out coached? Hank is underperforming? C’mon guys, hockey sense anyone? We all knew Ottawa had much more potent offense, what they showed that they can match our physicality and grit. And their goaltender could hold them long enough for their offensive guys to score a couple.
    It will take a few experienced guys to step in and calm this team down by sharing their knowledge, and by stepping up their game on the ice. Boyle will be missed, but Hagelin is coming back. The last thing they need is a drastic change. Gooning Neil up isn’t the way to go. Ottawa can match our physicality, that much is known.
    Where I can credit their coach is what he’s done in order to exploit our weak PP. He allows his D- men clutch and grab, play bordering on penalty game as much as they can, almost challenging officials to call it. And if they do, they know our PP can be stopped.

    Jim- from what you hear? About that trade? Unless you’re close to either of GMs, I highly doubt you’d know what Columbus demanded and what Sather was willing to give up. Sounded like the demands were prohibitive.

  108. I could make the same case for Dubinsky but Dubinsky’s actually made himself less valuable than Brandon Prust.

  109. Rick Nash had 59 points this year basically being a one man show in Columbus, on one of the worst teams this year. Parise had 69 points playing with Kovalchuk and Elias.

  110. Ilb – you forgot that it’s Torts’ fault that Kreider isn’t more experienced and isn’t performing like Mark Stone.

  111. I guess I sort of wonder if the pollyanna contingent of the board ever feels the Rangers or John Tortorella are to blame for anything, or is it just a liftetime free pass because they chose to grace you with their presence at a hockey arena?

  112. I think the two teams cancel each other out in regards to the PP. Both stink. Where they have killed us, and mostly with Konopka of all people, is faceoffs. That’s just been atrocious.

  113. Well, the lack of info on the NHL site this morning about the hit is conclusive evidence as to how the league feels about the Neil hit on Boyle. Let’s just shove it under the carpet and not be transparent. Let’s not say a word about it because it makes our officials, all four on the ice and Bettman in the stands, look bad if we say something, because somehow, someway, they didn’t see it. Let’s hope it just blows over.

    Then again, if anyone touches the head of Cyndy or Evelyn, or any favored player of any favored team, called on the ice or not, we’ll be back to enforce it.

    Spin the wheel.

  114. Here I was hoping that we’d be discussing Amirante’s terrible rendition of the anthem last night, but we have more important things to worry about today :(.

  115. Agree on the face-offs, Lev. Putrid. Boyle AND Richards, to a lesser degree.

    Disagree on the PP. It can be a deterrent if working well. They commit a penalty, we look good and score, they’re gonna stop doing stupid things. It’s a Pavlovian response.

  116. How many times we get jailed in our own zone last night, or miss offensive zone pressure by losing face-offs. We got creamed in that area.

    Remember in ’94, you had Messier and MacT that won so many. ALso had a damn solid PP.

  117. Matty: Neutral Zone turnovers (Girardi! I never see him do that) and Faceoffs *kill* this team. That is why we lose to a team like the Senators with skill, speed and role players (Zenon Konopka)

  118. Lev, your stats on Nash and Parise are very interesting. Similarly, I can guarantee Richards has been aided by his teammates. He is not a creator. Put him on Columbus alone and he’d be lower in stats than Nash.

    I am not impressed by Richards. Not for the money. Not for the hype.

  119. wow the insane are out in force on the blog today..

    rangers sportsfans are a young team, younger then the so called young senators. the sens have 3 d men who are well into there 30’s and there captain is 39 or so.

    kreider has looked good. the kid is 20 and just joined the team from college.
    the nash trade would have hurt the organization long term not helped it.

    if the greening and neil hits did not deserve penalties then the NHL is insane. the arbitrary bullsh-t on their rulings shows this league is insane. if or when the rangers lose in the playoffs my tv goes off…

    do the rangers get screwed on calls? watch the games, no doubt about it…if mcdonagh did the neil hit he is out 3 to 5 games…………call me paranoid but the Rangers get screwed all the time. Hagelin a first time offender gets 3 games…………….

    RANBGERS will win the series…….THey have not been domianted not even close.

  120. Count me among those who would rather not see Dubinsky in a Rangers uniform again. His immaturity and lack of any hockey sense makes him useless beyond belief.

    I don’t see how anyone can think we win Monday. Rangers look like a scared and timid team with minimal talent in the offensive zone. Anisimov? Dump the coward. He’s beyond useless.

    A disgusting way to end their season. And Hank has to live with the fact that he has never done anything of merit in the playoffs. Maybe not entirely his fault but the record is there. He’s about to get outplayed by Craig Anderson.

    That is what they call tragedy

  121. Gaborik's Stool on

    8 beats 1…Rangers are regular season cream-puffs…Fire Torts…what a loser organization. Even taking out the Captain and best player, we still get skunked in 6.

  122. you’re right, Manny. I think that’s the ‘afraid of being hit’ series build up that has happened over these five games. You get plastered enough without retribution and no one defending you and eventually you run scared.

    I can’t blame Girardi for anything, though. He has played way to many, or a lot of minutes and been a bull despite his average size. If he makes a mistake or two, he’s excused.

    But, yes, we had trouble moving the puck out AND their D did has done a great job all series keeping it in the zone at the points, as well. Our D has not been good at that at all.

  123. Time to start trading some defense for offense. Sick of trying to win 2-1 games. Been doing that since the Renney days. It doesn’t work. And I would trade Dubinsky for a Zamboni tire if someone would take his contract.

  124. High Desert Roberto on

    breaking out my tiger woods golf on ps3..maybe I will create Dubinsky and get a head start on the 2nd season

  125. The faceoffs, as well as PP has been a problem all year long. Hasn’t been addressed, it is coming back to haunt us now. The team used OT be able to overcome that by grinding and retrieving the puck in the corners, winning most of the battles. Ottawa has been able to match it so far.
    Needless to say, the most important game of the season is coming up. Will the young, unexperienced core show they need more time, or will the experienced guys step in when it counts? Too late for drastic personnel change, too late to talk about what would or wouldn’t happen if had so-and-so. This is the team that most of us were willing to take and see what they can do this year, the way it was structured. We will see it tomorrow, for sure.

  126. Yeah, the biggest thing for Monday, aside from replacing Boyle, is Hank being clutch. The crowd will be loud. We need to score first. We did that game 4 and it did nothing anyway.

    His playoff record is not impressive. True, he has not had a good team in front of him. Remember the Washington series? He held us in there. So, let’s be fair.

    Given a choice, I might want to recall Richter who was MR. Clutch. But, let’s see what Hanky can do. He has won big games before. Just not really any big playoff games. Yet.

  127. The biggest sin of all here was Sather wasting the season of Henrik Lundqvist’s life by not putting the right team around him!

    Good Goin’, Glen!

  128. Sorry but the Carkner beat down of Boyle, with no response, changed everything.

    I said it after Game 2, and repeated it throughout the series to some derision which amazingly still persists in the face of all evidence including a performance last night that was impotent and pathetic. No cup winning team or coach lets that happen. Poster today put it perfectly, it made everyone play smaller, which has as much to do with scoring less as a weak power play.

    Boston won the cup last year with a weak power play but man there is not a chance in hell they would have allowed themselves to get turned into bitches, they were the ones doing that to others. Ottawa coaching staff paid attention to that lesson, Rangers not so much.

    Game 1 we banged Karlsson, and he looked uncomfortable. After the beat down, barely touched him. In contrast they banged Gaby, MDZ, Boyle, in Henrik’s face all series. They took it to us and deserve to be where they are. Why was this team coached to treatOttawa differnt than the Devils, Bruins, or Flyers in the regular season? Why?

    And no I’m not advocating responding now its too late and you can’t take those chances in Game 6. That’s what the first 3-4 games are for.

  129. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Matty – it may be just wishful thinking on my part. I havent felt this bad since after game 4 last year. Even if they lose on Monday – at least they made it to a game 6… Next year they lose the first round in 7…. It is progress

  130. the rangers have been a bad faceoff team all year this is not new.

    the hysteria of the uninformed is pathetic.

    this team lost 2 games in OT and last nights game. they are not being dominated. that is BULL….

    even before last nights game the scoring chances were basically even.


    the rangers are younger then the Sens look at the roster. The Sens d is much much older then the rangers and the rangers have been schooled in 1 thing, in the playoffs the league let’s more stuff go so you need to be like neil, konopka, and their coach and test the line.

    the nhl officiating is a joke. as larry brooks said who will be the first to condone the Neil hit, if no one will that shows you what kind of league nad officiating you have. I expect the likes of moron milbury, and under 30 year old cave man dopes to approve the hit and call for john scott to be in the game and other cave man nonsense but the hit deserved a penalty and a suspension and that is clear as could be. i am sure if dan girardi did that hit on jason spezza or sidney crosby we would be seeing dan girardi in about 5 games……

    chris neil is an animal, cave man dirty scum. rangers should teach him a lesson by beating their asses and winning the series.

    this team was not a mirage…………..you will see.

  131. Rod, to be fair, the team is going in the right direction. We had a good, if not over achieving regular season. And we are not done yet.

    There are weaknesses. He did not give away the farm. There’s some positive. We are taking steps in the right directions.

    Despite what you heard all over the place, after they won the east, I did not think they had the depth or completeness to win more than 2 rounds. Perhaps they will. Perhaps they won’t.

    I thought Torts did an amazing job with what he had during the regular season. He has been out coached in this series.

    I thought Sather gave him a skeleton of a team, lacking any real depth. It is showing now.

    We are getting better. At this rate, Sather will be here 13-14 years and we may have a contender. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  132. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    The NHL deemed this hit to NOT be one where the “head is the principle point of contact (PPOC)”. I challenge any breathing human who has intact central vision (corrected by any means necessary, peripheral NOT required) and reason to point out to me which non-head body part was the principle point of contact in this image. I will accept any written language that can be translated through Google or Babelfish. I will accept any spoken language for which we can find an English translator

  133. I cant believe im defending Sather BUT if youre going to blame Sather for not doing anything at the deadline (although most of you here were thrilled about him not doing anything at the time, you cant have it both ways folks) then you also have to blame Torts. All year long he’s been singing the same tune “im happy with what we got” “im happy with the room” blah blah… and he and Sather have been talking about roster moves it’s not as if Sather just picks up the phone and trades whoever he wants, he talks with the coaches. If the coach says there’s no problem, why is Sather the only one blamed?

  134. nah chris neil was going for Boyles hip and he just missed by 24 inches or more.

    nah chris neil who was lining him up like a missile for about 90 feet wanted a nice hip check>>>

    of course chris neil the animal was going for his head…

    shanahan is a joke and os is the league nad bettman. if or when the rangers lose turn off the tv’s and stop watching this garbage……….

    what a joke…..shanahan has to make this shit up.

  135. Stranger Nation on

    Lev – great point on JPP’s kid. Driver, Holik, Gomez etc., etc., etc

    Would rather focus on Monday night than July right now.

    Hags for MVP? Not so far fetched? Game 1 – we scored 4 goals with him in line up. Without him, we scored 4 in 4 games…

  136. I think Kreider could make a difference if he got ice time. I think last game we saw him open up a bit but with Rupp and Mitchell on his line he isn’t going to get offensive chances. And yeah I think he is playing scared . .why? because he had less ice time in the first period then anyone else in the game. WHat does that say. . . .it says the coach doesn’t have confidence in you. And what does that do .. . it makes you question your own confidence. I didn’t know anything about Krieder before he stepped on the ice in game three. But if they didn’t think he was ready to really play and they didn’t have confidence in him then they shouldn’t have put him in because this sin’t doing him or the team any good. I saw some good from him yesterday. Also Gaborik surprised me by giving a few hard hits. Richards has not impressed and Dubinsky has been less then useless. I think next game Callahan will come back strong (not necessarily a point in the game but a good hard game). I think Hagelin will be a little intimidated at first because he will be worried about getting another penalty- now that he would be a repeat offender. I also feel like the Rangers might get a shorthanded goal because that seems to produce more offense then our power play.

    Face offs and elevating shots should be non-stop practice until Monday

  137. Stranger Nation on

    Uncle Glennie could have gotten some bottom 6 experience, size and insurance to help on a PO run. Instead he acquired a circus freak who would be in Hawks line up but is not good enough for our deep team.

    No berries is good on FOs – prust saying

  138. Stuart, no disagreement with the teams D being young. MDZ had a turnaround year and needs to put on serious muscle in the off season. He can barely grow a beard!! Staal has played ‘better’ the last two games and, hopefully, will be better next year, further away from his serious injury.

    We miss Sauer, hopefully, he will be back. Girardi and Mcd have been awesome. McD could truly be a start in the league. He is awesome, but needs to put on 20 lbs., too.

    Problem is this: not the age, its the height and size. Sather has needed to being in a big, hulking, stay at home, Beukeboom-like defenseman. He has not as yet. Do you go to the games? Cowen, Phillips, even Gonchar, are bigger and taller than our guys and our offense is having a hard time getting through them and last night was great evidence with our lack of getting to the few rebounds Anderson left, that we are noticeably smaller than them.

    Cowen 6’5″ 230
    Carkner 6;4″ 221
    Gonchar 6’2″ 212
    Phillips 6’3″ 221
    Kuba 6;4″ 225

    Take a look at the lack of size on our d.

  139. I think we are done too. We really lost one playoff series already and that was the one to clinch the league. Instead, we were blown out at the end of the year. If we won the President’s trophy, then we would have decided our fate and played Washington. Instead, we pissed away every opportunity and ended up here. Playing a team we could not beat all season long. My prediction is Ottawa wins in game 6 by a score of 4-2. I just do not think the guys really want it this year (except for Lundqvist). One also has to start wondering if Lundqvist will stick with the Rangers as he is getting old and probably wants a ring more than anyone else.

  140. the rangers are set up to be real good for a while morons.

    say they lost tommorrow. this can or should be a version of the roster for next season without even talking about FA or trades at all;

    team as is but replace; mitchell, feds, stralman(possibly) bickell, and possibly 1 addtl forward (Prust contract done)with; kreider fulltime, and possbily michael st croix, christian thomas, or jt miller.. michael sauer may be back on d(he is a legit top 6 D man). the young guys who stay stepan, aa, hags, bickel, mdz, and mcdonut to name a few should get better.

    if they sign Parise they are loaded….if they do not sign Parise maybe they can get an addtl 30 goal type player and will still be in great shape… this is a process. this approach acan and has worked. getting crosby’s is impossible unless you are Edmonten and suck every year and suck the right year….

    if the rangers package some d depth to get a top talent forward who is young that is a possbility also. defense works look at who made the playoffs…the rangers offense was middle of the pack…………

  141. Lev, you made a great point that I was going to make myself last night. A lot of the people who bemoan the offense now are the one who cried lunacy when the trade proposals leaked through. You can’t have it both ways.

  142. Stranger- not far fetched at all. What Ottawa had to do with Hagelin opinion the lineup is deploy Karlson to match his speed, the rest of their defense isn’t very swift on their feet. And that meant burning Karlson’s time against our first unit.

    Jorek- I agree that it maybe time to give Kreider some more offensive responsibilities. He’s shown he belongs. With Boyle out, they may have no choice. Because Scott isn’t dressing on Monday.

  143. Every losing team has.. what ifs ,could haves and even some tomorrows.but two blown leads, then lose those games in two OTs . When you win.. its great comebacks , they never give up. All we have now is …. ITS NOT OVER TILL ITS OVER !! see you at the Garden on Thur.

  144. Look these guys are making the same mistakes that they have made all year and they spend a lot more time defending their zone than they do in opponents ( which is a routine situation for them no matter what team they play against. And one other thing that stands out like a

    And do they make mistakes… kept seeing all those saves that they kept posting for the Sens goal tender, and didn’t see them. I believe that they were counting as saves, the pileups in front of him and nearby to him, whether a shot on goal was made or not.

    They should all apologize to one gallant player who did his best to give them a win, but it came of naught due to the total team ineptness in front of him. Yeah Lundvist. ( And yes, he should have gotten that first goal that skipped right into his five hole.)

    Look for next season for Rangers…this one is over.

    And I hope to heavens they get someone there that can teach them how to put pressure on a goal with SHOTS. not screwing around with the puck til stripped of it by a defender.

    In pure Brooklynese………See ya next year.

  145. ottawas d may be big but it is also slow and not that good. the problem is the rangers forecheck. no hags has killed the forecheck and that is a indictment on the rangers forward depth.

    kuba skates like lilja and a pylon..gonchar if pressured is a turnover machine. same with carkner…

    rangers need more team speed and that is why kreider and hags are important. kredier needs to play 11 minutes more or less not 3. mitchell should play 3 minutes along with rupp.

    ottawas d is not close to the rangers defensively. the rangers offense comes off turnovers they are not creative and skilled.. watch dubi nad prust handle the puck it is ugly to watch. sauer is a good size d man, who they are missing. this team is not tiny. they have a good mix, of size, speed, and experience.. the yhave missed Hags and that is a indictment on their lack of forward depth, that is true…hags and ZUcc, missing for the rangers is a problem…this is the area where sather has failed but it is not a fatal mistake….kreider will help with depth and they have a bunch of forwards on the way………..

    we have not seen any issue that knowledgable ranger fans were not aware of, thsi team has flaws but they are fixable and they have a lot more upside.

  146. Time to dress Scott and start the line of Scott, Rupp, and Prust with the express instructions to start punching whoever Ottawa lines up against them as soon as the puck hits the ice.

    The boys have played their best this year in the mean gritty games, I say start a game with the intent to make it one of those types of games. Plus, Carkner only got a game for his jumping Boyle, so worst case scenario each one should only get a game, right? Right?

  147. Everyone always talks about Howsons crazy demands but no one knows what he would have settled for if Sather came off his ridiculous offer. Stepan, MDZ, and Dubi would have got it done. And it would have been a great trade, especially with the opportunity to get Suter this offseason.

  148. –I don’t know who is doing the stats, but the Rangers lost a huge number of faceoffs last night (& all series long.) The first thing I would do is bring up anyone from within the organization who can win faceoffs regularly & play them on Monday, particularly if Boyle is out.

    –The Rangers are working as hard as ever, they are simply being neutralized by Ottawa’s very similar to the Rangers work ethic, team defense & goaltending. The fact that we have several soft, ‘non-Playoff’ type players among our stars (led by Gaborik) is not helping anything.

    –This has been mentioned before, but Anisimov & Mitchell must be scratched for the next game. To call Anisimov invisible in this series would be a compliment. For a guy his size with his natural abilities, he should be ashamed of himself. Mitchell has been trying hard, but he has been a defensive liability all series. His defensive failures in G-4 on the Sens first goal & last night have likely cost the Rangers a chance to advance to the next round.

    –It’s simply a shame the Rangers don’t have one more scorer on this team, because if they did, you could pencil them into the Cup Finals right now. Look around at who is left… if the Rangers got by this series, there isn’t anyone like Ottawa– who can play the kind of defense the Rangers & the Sens both play. Perhaps the price for Nash was too high, but for Sather to let a team with this amount of talent & intangibles go into the Playoffs without adding one more veteran scorer was a huge mistake. And many of us knew that back in March, so I know Sather must have understood it himself. How close were we to getting Dustin Brown? What would he have cost?

    –This series is far from done. Think of it this way, one or two bounces & either of these teams could have won this series already, that’s how close the first five games have been. Let’s GO RANGERS!!!

  149. I watched the Neil hits many times on Youtube and it was absolutely late and by the NHLs own rules you must avoid a vulnerable player with a dangerous injury potential hit. Neil had plenty of time to change the hit when the shot was taken.

    If this goes un-punished then I am fine with whatever happens this post-season (win or loose this series doesn’t matter). As Richards said the NHLPA will become more involved. I believe they should be the governing body not NHL and Collie or Shanny for discipline. They don’t have an agenda to get Pitt into next round or…

    This Ranger team is one for the future, lets not let that future go the way of Staal and Cindy last year with serious head injuries.

    Chris Neil: 2003/03/05 Fined $1,000 by the NHL.

    Hagelin no fines, suspensions and never in front of discipline Czar – now has an ugly record. Hagelin was an overreaction to Shanny mistakes prior as is the Torres suspension. Totally agree with a suspension there, but 25! Overreaction. If he gets 25, Hags 3, Neil should get inbetween the two.

  150. I am not getting into a pissing match with you, Stuart. Some of the things you say have merit. Some do not. One thing I will not do is call you ignorant or any names.

    Lev, showed stats of Parise, full season, with a great support cast vs. Nash, exposed and buy himself in Columbus. I’ll take a shot on a guy playing with nobody with serious size. I do not know if he is a ‘winner’. That’s to be seen.

    We had a small Devil reject already named Gomez. We have also brought in other small free agents like Drury and Richards for our offense. If our GM picks Parise and front loads, good luck to him and us. I prefer to see more size up front.

  151. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lev and LaTONYa if you want to dig up my posts, they were ALL 100% in support of the trade.

    Just as I also said this series would go 6 or 7 and would be a dog-fight struggle because it’s a non-favorable matchup (regardless of their seedings).

    Nonetheless, I don’t think this series is over AND I don’t know if i’m being blinded by fandom, but I actually believe the Rangers will be moving on to the second round. Let’s see.

  152. BTW, I have no idea why some of my post is crossed out. If anyone can fix that, I’d appreciate it.

  153. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The hit wasn’t late. By clock timing less than 12 frames which is less than .5 s (legal). Neil, to my surprise actually doesn’t leave his feet either.

    However, if you look at my tinyurl photo posted (above), there’s NO DENYING that the PPOC is Boyle’s head with Neil’s shoulder. That’s undeniable fact.

  154. Will the real New York Rangers please stand up!! I have no sunshine to spew today…nobody wanted the puck and it hurt to watch.

    How would people like to be booed at their job? Every time you slack or mess up, there’s the ones who are supposed to be supporting you, booing. Ohh but I bet every single one of them give 100% effort 100% of the time they’re on the clock.

  155. Agree – it was not late necessarilly – but it sure was dirty, cheap, and a shot that specifically was aimed at the head. NHL better step up and fine this SOB –

    If not, Scott should be in the lineup and beat the snot outta this guy – he has a history of cheap, dirty, head hunting hits –

    Dont believe me – youtube Buffaol v Ottowa and watch the late hit on Drury by Neil – DB

  156. Ottowa has 4 stay at home d-men. 2 that move their offense. We try to get all six involved.

    Yes, their 4 do not move much, but it is still causing fits for our smaller offensive players, except for Boyle in the first 3 games. Gee, I wonder why? And it’s not his speed (hint, hint)

    Please do not talk about a border line NHL’er like Zucc mattering here. He is depth to the extreme and may not appear again in our uniform. If he does play again he needs to go to a big team where he can be an accessory.

    I look forward to seeing Hags return. We have missed him. He is a terrific rookie and does make other players around him better with his speed and hockey sense.

  157. It’s not about tone setting at this point, it’s about intimidation pure and simple. The Rangers have looked like the ones on the run through the majority of the series (first and part of the second game exempted). Time to change that.

    Plus, Torts hasn’t used the fourth line all that much, so you wouldn’t lose much there – you’d only lose Prust, which I think is survivable for a game.


    “the rangers are set up to be real good for a while morons…”

    It’s this sort of condescending attitude that’s prevalent on this board from the rose-coloured glasses brigade that while not overtly led by the Godfather, certainly is enabled that from where I sit is the biggest reason for the sometimes nasty word-fights that occur in here.

    stuart a: What’s your problem with folks posting opinions that opposes yours??

    And I’ll ask once again: For you, the Godfather and the rest of the rose-coloured glasses brigade, can you please try to explain intelligently (and preferably without the silly add-ons) why this team is behind 3 games to 2 and on the brink of another first round elimination by a team that they are so superior to.

    That would be interesting, as opposed to trying to insult those you disagree with and rather than provide insightful analysis/thoughts, blindly maintain that all is right in the Ranger wold and they will win.

    That’s as easy and about as effective from an argument perspective as me saying ‘the Rangers suck and they won’t win.’

    Or is that too challenging perhaps???

  159. for a team like the rangers offensivley challenged not having hags and zucc hurt.

    on the nash trade i would have done it but not for 5 nice assets he is not mark messier.

    a trade of jt miller, dubi, erixon, another 2nd tier prospect , and their first I would have done for Nash. that is giving up a lot…that is what the rangers proposed….anything more then that is a joke. remember Nash’s contract is huge…….

    again the rangers are not being dominated not even close they should have won the series already in my opinion. people whine the rangers had 41 shots last night from outside the prime scoring areas but do not say that when Ottawa does the same…

    Ottawas defense is not that good.. forecheck them hard and you will see………..

  160. “again the rangers are not being dominated not even close they should have won the series already in my opinion”

    Huh? I mean, HUH?

  161. This blog is a wonderful resource for discussion. Carpy, if I have not thanked you enough, please accept my thanks once again. This place is great!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  162. Jim posed a question. Stuart, you seem to have a differing opinion. Opinions are just that and everyone is entitled to them without being beaten down for having them.

    Stuart, Are you able to answer his question?

  163. Jim you cannot give up the farm for a guy who has a huge contract. this was resolved about 8 weeks ago and most of the bloggers thought not trrading half the team for Nash was a good move.

    Now that they are down in the series all the people who thought not trading the farm for Nash was a good thing now act as if they should have traded for Nash. COme on be real.. Nash would be the rangers first or 2nd best forward that is a fact but at what cost??????management and most fans have decided already the cost was to high……

    yes the ranges are lacking top end scoring talent and there top end scoring talent is a minimum of a year away in the minors that is true, but the only way around that is if; the players they have who are young accelerate there development, they trade a ton of assets for a proven scorer or 2, or they sign a FA.

    Zach Parise is not Scot GOmez. Zach parise is a great player, wit ha great motor. he is small but has be a great player for years at all levels against any competition. Zach Parise day 1 is the ranges best all around forward no doubt about it.. is he worth a 7 year deal for a fortune, that is another question…………he is small and had 1 significant injury already.. what happens is all the fans clamor for this signing and 3 years into a 7 year deal the guy does not perform and all the fns who clanored for the move now whine how could management make such a move, you cnanot have it both ways………..

  164. 13)” My Rangers in 5 pick is long gone. My Rangers in 6 amendment is shot. I will say this. Based on what they’ve shown all year, and only on that, I don’t necessarily think they’re done.”
    Carp, How can you be so stuborn/naive re above, what they did all year has nothing to do what they’re doing now. Throw all the stats out the window it’s a brand new season. As I’ve said many times, playing a team during the regular season is quite different than in the playoffs when you have the opportunity to play the same team for a prolonged period of time enabling you to exploit their faults. This series was over during the 3rd period of the 1st Game when we gave them hope and compounded that with our allowing the Senators to out -Bully us. Tort’s is going to be 0 for 3. What a shame.

  165. The hit was shoulder to head. Clearly the NHL doesn’t care about eliminating head shots and concussions. This hit wasnt as dir as Torres’ hit, but it was dirty monetheless. It wasn’t late and he didn’t leave his feet, but he saw Boyle’s head was lowered and could have avoided contact with his head but chose not to. The NHL under this current regime is incapable of deterring headshots.

    If no one challenges Neil to a fight or somehow retaliates for this early in game 6, this team will lose. It was the Rangers togetherness that made them so good during the regular season, and that sense of togetherness has been lost in this series.

  166. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Interesting take, Stuart.

    And what would you say to a fan, say like myself, who was a proponent of the trade from the start because I thought the team “lacked top end talent” and now I come back and say “see I told you.”

    Well, A) I said to make the trade
    B) I did not agree with the masses and you must know your history because, use WWII for example, sometimes following the masses isn’t always “right.”
    C) It looks like, for the cost of Dubi, MDZ, Kreider and a first or second rounder that I was probably right.

    Your counter argument.

  167. In my opinion neither team is dominating . . .and both teams could point to moments in this series and say they should have finished this already. Both teams have what 10 or 11 goals in the entire series?

    The only place where the Rangers have been dominated is on faceoffs.

  168. Well stated, Nessier. It should have been done last night. All we had was Rupp and Bickel to do it but they played 15 minutes between them? And after the hit, they didn’t see the ice. It was also 5 minutes left in a close game we were losing, but Monday is a different story.

    It’s a tough call to take a major and it could really backfire in game 6. If Scott is in uniform, he will have that old Fox TV halo around him (that glowing thing around the puck) at the arena. If he lifts his arm, he’ll be suspended.

  169. This team needs to improve some basic skill sets in order to compete for the Cup. They don’t finish nearly enough checks. Passing skills are woefully average. They don’t put the puck on net enough. They turn the puck over voluntarily way too much.

  170. look at the stas on the ranger series they are even…

    that is a bad thing since the rangers are a 1 seed and ottawa an 8 but that is the truth the rangers could have won the series already with a few breaks…..

    when i complai nabout bloggers and morons etc. if I do not mentione your name which I almost never do I am not talking about you specifically so I would not be to concerned about it.

    I am just giving my opinion like everyone else and if you disagree with it that is fine. hopefully we all want the rangers to do well just on occassion have different analysis and prescriptions for that success.

    the 1 thing that is ridiculous is the panic and mega negativty, they win tommorrow and you have a game 7 at home. i will take that and I would have taken that before the series started the world is not coming to the end. monday gabby, cally, henrik, etc need to play the way they can and this team will be fine. no boyle hurts, the officiating in the league is a joke and that is not changing anytime soon.

  171. If the Rangers where going to make two changes in the offseason here is what I want

    1. big huge defenseman who can quarterback the powerplay and give a good hard slapshoot to the goal

    2. Someone who will stand in front of the net (not behind it) and fight for rebounds on particularly on the power play.

    The last thing I would love to see is a vast improvment on face-offs (I keep saying that over and over) . .. . someone said before Konepka and the Senators are setting up illegally on faceoffs. . . . I dont’ know positioning well enough to see that but if it is true then they need to figure out how to combat it.

  172. people who think the rangers hould have traded for Nash also are not wrong to think the rangers needed top end talent the problem is they did not do it. the problem is they also under any objective standard offered a lot and the problem is it did not happen so you need to move on……

    how things would be with Nash is pure speculation and to waste time on what did not happen to me is a waste of time…they did not get Nash and probably will not in the of season so to me I rather move on. I believe in building fro mthe draft, with a smart FA signing on occassion , and trying to be competitive for the long term…

    Most FA signings do not work in any sport, the contracts are almost always to high for to long and the contract become a albatross and teams that build from within with a identity usually in my opinion are successful for a long term….

  173. stuart: Re your argument against acquiring Nash. It’s valid but unfortunately more complex than what both of us are saying.

    I understand the concern about stripping away a chunk of the youth. I agree you don’t do that when:

    1) You don’t believe the player coming back will make much of a difference
    2) You believe you still have some significant building to do and therefore, feel you need at least 2 or 3 of those assets you’d move otherwise in the future.

    The key for me is the latter – when is the future?

    If they cannot get out of round 1 and return with basically the same team next year (minus the removal of bottom 6 guys like Mitchell), can you really do better? Sure, but how much better when you’re not addressing the true problem (which is a lack of top end skill)?

    I understand the argument that you keep the assets and pursue Parise, but to me that’s poses risks equal to giving up assets to get Nash. There’s no guarantee Parise will even be available, let alone agree to sign with the Rangers. And yes his heart is big, but he’s another small bodied forward – for me, that Rangers already have enough of them.

    Nash is exactly what this team is missing and has been missing for what seems like a billion years.

  174. True, Stuart and we have to hope we can. And believe!!

    Most important is that we all are fans of the same team. We might feel differently but we can agree to disagree. We all want to see a winner!!!
    In the meantime, just got my statement last month for next season, and after the 55% increase from last to this year, they are ‘only’ raising the tix 2.5% this upcoming year. I am receiving pestering emails to “not forget to place a deposit on next year”. When I think back to how much I have spent on these seats over 26 years, it is probably over…well, I won’t say here. But to have only one championship to show for it as well as many non-playoff teams or ‘one and outs’ is truly upsetting.

  175. McSnobbelier Shanny Czar on

    I agree with Nessier on the hit. Ranger never hit like that in that situation cause they are blocking the shot not hunting a head.

  176. Jorek: To address your first requirement, who do you suggest they acquire? You’re talking a top 2 D-men. They don’t exactly grow on trees.

    Your point 2 is valid, but the answer isn’t via UFA or trading – it’s via a philsophy change from the coach re PP style.

    BB can do that. So can Rupp for the matter. Notice how Neil is out for plenty of PP duty for the Sens? He aint there to lug the puck up the ice, that’s for sure.

  177. I love that our entire season rests on Chris Kreider playing more minutes!

    *MUST WIN* that is finally a fact!

  178. Matt- I don’t want them shying away from hits true. . they did a lot better in the regular season of going for the puck . . .now they are dumping and not chasing. But I know the team can do it . . I just don’t know why they aren’t doing it right now. I mean its sad when Gaborik is the player who stands out in the game for chasing the puck and giving hits (with what maybe three times he gave a hard hit. Actually I just looked at the box score and the Rangers were credited with 41 hits. . . . .I don’t remember those.

  179. Jim, there could well be some guys out there. The key is for whoever the GM is to talk to the coach and get his input. The coach needs to be confident in his players.

  180. Matt: Such as? Besides, that still won’t address the lack of top end skill on the forward lines. That problem is equally significant.

  181. Jorek, if every time you stick your hand out it gets slapped, don’t you get scared and tired of doing it? If one of your players is openly targeted and gets a beating and no one steps up to defend him, don’t you get scared you’ll be next?

    You kind of led yourself to an answer. Hope this helps.

  182. As someone who was firmly in the get Nash camp and who thinks at 6m he is actually a bargain, I find it beyond comical to think that Dubi (6 goals and 4m), a minor league defenseman, and a late first round draft pick was a fair offer. It was an offer made by an arrogant has-been GM who mistakenly thought he held all the cards.

  183. Last night – down by one goal in the third period – may not have been the time to address Neil. There have been plenty of other times to do that this series, and they haven’t. I wouldn’t mind seeing Scott dressed, but I don’t think it is necessary. We have the guns in our current lineup,but those guns have seemed uninterested. Really disappointing to see after we have been such a tough team all season.

  184. Jim, I believe we can us current guys, with strategy, to point the PP and just get a big stay at home d man. They are not too tough to find.

    I don’t think our d needs much. They are a talented young crew. Sauer loss hurts. They need some size.

    Center ability is key for a fourth line player like MacT was in 1994. He was a trading deadline deal (from Sather, thank you, jerk). Gaustad is both big and a statistically good center. We missed him because we stood pat, but someone like him is most always available.

    For standing in front of the net, Knuble will be available from Wash, Rupp can do that, IF the coach is supportive of the player. That is the key. There will be more guest like this.

  185. matt and others I know the rangers owner is a greedy dick. so are every other owner in sports. they live on a different planet then the fans.

    nothing i can say about that. all we can hope and expect is a organization that wants to win, try’s to win, and learns from their mistakes.. don’t laugh at me I think at present that is the case with the Rangers. Panic moves do not work.

    I think Torts is a very good coach. is he a bully and a idiot with the media? yes but he knows what he is doing.. they are moving in the right direction and will win tommorrow…………………

  186. Jim I know BB does it. . . .and he needs help. I don’t understand how year after year the Rangers have the same problems . .. players change and coaches change yet nothing gets fixed so what is the real problem?

    As for the d-man . . .i don’t know who is available but I know that is the type we need :-) either draft or sign.

    As for the Nash trade. . . .I love my Yankees and I love watching them win. But then when they don’t win you realize that they have no real way to rebuild because they traded the farm to get the big time players who were mostly already at the end of their career. The Yankees best years where when they developed a strong core from the farm. For that reason (I don’t know who was offered for Nash and I am not saying he is by any means at the end of his career) I think a teams future needs to come from the farm and scouting. If the trade for a player is going to wipe out everything you have then it is not a good trade imo. Because then you have nothing to build with and you will end up with Nash alone because you 1. traded the farm so don’t have the NHL caliber players to bring up and 2. can’t trade for anyone else because you already lost your trade pieces.

  187. The time to have dressed Scott was game 3. They won the battle that game but lost the overall war. Carkner wasn’t playing but you send Scott after Neil. Make him fight no matter what even if you get a penalty. Scott gets in some time so he’s not as nervous for game 4. Game 4 Scott goes after Carkner. Bickel or Rupp or Prust go for Neil, Everyone bang Karlsson every opportunity. Whole complection changes. That’s howwe won in regular season against the rivals. Why didn’t we do that against this team? It is too late now, can’t afford to take penalties or play scott in Game 6 and besides Ottawa would laugh now anyway as they did last night.

  188. mateau you mischaracterized the trade blatantly. it was dubi, jt miller(a first who looks good), tim erixon( afirst who looks good and can play for cbj today), another first for 2012, and an addtl player.

    3 first and 2 players but undersell it all you want…

  189. Yes Matt . . .I would get scared. .. unless my job as to stick my hand out and get slapped. .. .then I would expect it and do it. Their job is to chase the puck in the corner and if they get hit they get hit. Because it is the job of the guy on the other team to hit them.

  190. Stuart miller is a so-so prospect. Every team has a couple of jt millers. Again ranger fans over valuing what they have. Erixon is a minor league prospect, already let go by one organization. Not saying these guys won’t be decent nhlers just saying it is ridiculous to offer them plus a 6 goal 3 rd liner who makes 4 m for a world class player.

  191. High Desert Roberto on

    call me crazy but i’d sign up for old #68 on our squad, looking pretty strong after all these years

  192. The Rangers have been evenly matched by Ottawa in this series. Both in goal and between the whisltles. It’s been a tight series. Rangers can still win this thing.

    Last night in the 1st period was the first game where Ottawa held a lead during regulation in the series….

    Boyle had his head down. And, Chris Neil took no mercy on him. It was predatory and dirty. He should get suspended for at least a game. I don’t think it was late and I am not sure the head was the principal target. It wasn’t the Rafi Torres hit. Torts is wrong about that….

    Bottom line: Neil and Konopka have out -played our 4th line guys….

  193. Duckbill Platypus on

    I think the one thing that we can extrapolate from this whole playoff thingy is that Rod was 1. always lurking 2. a nitwit 3. has incredibly insight to the future, but only after the future is now the past. 4. that is all!™

  194. Duckbill Platypus on

    Isn’t the Boyle hit about laying into a defenseless player? I can see hitting on impact of puck leaving Boyle’s stick, but this was well after. And Neil’s comments that he was skating with his head down is moronic. Boyle’s head was down by simple mechanics of follow-thru.

    To think the Rangers have rolled over or been dominated is folly. Maybe not Seward’s folly, but folly nonetheless. LGR!! overcome that adversity and let us hope devils win too, so we can see some really fun hockey!!

  195. Duckbill Platypus on

    Manny, I have to hold my end of the enigmatic line of duckbill-Latona-manny…the DLM line-Destructive Lascivious & malevolent line! CHOOO CHOO!

  196. I could not agree more, NYR. That move actually surprised me. He was essentially FREE. Same cap hit as Erixon! And we could use a player of his caliber.

  197. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    As depressed as I am, let’s at least play game 6 before we address next season. One game – Ottawa vs NYR – how do we not win the next game? Their goalie is do for some softies…

    One game – their season – our season – on the line – how do we not win the next game?

    Rangers 3
    Senators 0

    GWG Carl Haglin

  198. Carp 3 stars need to be corrected to
    1. McMonster
    2. Hank
    3. Stepan
    Two out of three ain’t bad, buddy. Staal not so much.

  199. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    There’s a lot of one-dimensional thinkers here today. I’ve seen everyone and everything blamed here but the $17 Prime Rib Sandwich. You sound like a bunch of death row inmates blaming the “System”. And the series is not even over yet…

    Meanwhile, Philly leads Pitt 2-0 in the second.

  200. Chris Neil is a guy that pretty much all 29 other teams would want on their team. He’s a real agitator and he can play with a little skill. He’s better and tougher than Avery….and, even though he plays on the edge, he’s not Matt Cooke….just sayin’….

    Slats wanted him more than Brashyte or Booger and offered him more money to come to NY….Neil wanted to stay in Ottawa….

    Doesn’t excuse him from the play last night. At the very least, he should have gotten a penalty….

  201. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Latona – I am slightly depressed. You?

    The bookies in Vegas have the rangers as a slight money line favorite

    Rangers -115

    Sens – 105. Slight favorite as you must best 115 on the rangers to win 100, and you must bet 105 on sens to win 100

    Some oddsmakers have rangers -115. Senators +100

  202. NYR, I’m doing okay. Wish the Rangers were doing better, but I still have confidence they can pull through?

    Hope whatever’s troubling you is soon in the past, eddie.

  203. Just remember this is the Stanley Cup Playoffs…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. As fans we need to believe instead of give up. This Ranger team I’m sure is going hard at practice today and knows what they need to do and they put the loss behind them and go to work tomorrow night. Aren’t we just as good on the road? We put the dreadful loss behind us and get amped for our team tomorrow.

    People can’t ever hate on Callahan, might as well blame Hank

  204. Fact is everyone had a horrible game but the main point is people are packing it up already.

  205. So no punishment for Neil, eh? Disgusting! Who runs the NHL? Fifth grade girls? So annoyed right now!

    So the last and the only time Rangers came back from a 3-2 down was in 1994. Sigh…Monday will be a day to remember

  206. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Latona / mostly it’s a ton of exams I have to grade and I am not in the mood…. Ranger losses don’t help – I know it’s pathetic that a game played by others should have some affect on my emotional state – but it is what it is – all in all, I am in rather good spirits except for some slight depression :)

  207. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I found myself enjoying that last Philly goal. I feel dirty now. I hope they have at least one more brawl in them before this game is over.

  208. With apologies to Slapshot

    Reggie Dunlop: Goddamn lard-ass Chris Neil, I’m tellin’ you he jumped us!
    Steve Hanson: [nodding head] Mm huh.
    Reggie Dunlop: Gloves off, stick down, no warning, he challenged the Chiefs!
    Steve Hanson: Called us names!
    Reggie Dunlop: Called us names! But Boyle was there.
    Steve Hanson: Boyle’s a killer!
    Johnny Upton: Boyle’s a mess.
    Reggie Dunlop: But Boyle’s out. Who’s gonna take his place?
    Ned Braden: Is the answer Jesus?
    Reggie Dunlop: [looks at the Hanson brothers] Ok guys. Show us what you got.
    RangerJHW: OK Rangers–show us what you got!


  209. JimboWoodside on

    I agree with you, Izzy! When our guys were doing well, favoring the Flyers to beat Pitt was less offensive an endeavor – but now, where we are sitting in our series, it doesn’t feel as good.

  210. eddie, it bothers us all – that’s what being a fan is about!

    Jimbo, watching the Penguins getting beat down is helping me a little bit while simultaneously increasing my guilt.

  211. it kind of pisses me off that the leaders of this team are not practicing today. what, they think their game is perfect? no need to practice the PP?

  212. BTW, if you want to feel better about your team, just watch this Pitt debacle and this performance by Mr. Vezina.

  213. The Hockey Night Live crew said last night that Neil is not a repeat offender but nonetheless a player was concussed on a hit, it should be an automatic review and he should be suspended 1-3 games. If you suspend Hagelin for an elbow to the head for 3, you have to suspend Neil for a targeted shoulder to the head for the same. What you do to 1, you have to do to the other.

    Personally, after this series and season nobody is untouchable. It’s time for a major overhaul of this roster. 60% of the roster is absolutely useless. The Rangers are making Anderson look like Patrick Roy even though all they do is shoot at his chest. All the realistic fans knew this team was overrated and that the trade deadline hurt them badly. They also knew the Rangers would be in a lot of trouble if they did have to play Ottawa because they’re simply better than us.

    Anderson was giving up rebound after rebound last night and there were very few opportunities to cash in. There is no traffic in front, they can’t deflect a shot on goal if their lives depended on it and Ottawa is dominating this series by far.

    It’s great that our homegrown farm players are getting opportunities to play with the big boys, but let’s face it… out of all of them down there how many will ever actually play in the NHL?

  214. BTW–I consider myself a good luck charm…so if the Garden wants to comp some tix for game 7….I am ready! OK–not seriously–but there will be a game 7–so why not ask? Right? Today-I quote the Reg Dunlop…tomorrow…I quote the other Bickle..not Bickel..you know..Travis Bickle!

  215. Czechthemout!!! on

    After making several critical comments both last night and this morning, comments that I completely stand by. I believe the team will rally around the fact that they lost Boyle and Hagelin returns. I think we will win tomorrow and the players who will be instrumental in the win are people we don’t normally expect much from. AA ( if torts doesn’t scratch ), Dubi, Stepan and Kreider.

  216. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    It’s hard to be objective when you hate both teams. One team will be eliminated, but one will move on with (gasp) momentum. It’s like watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your brand new car.

    I hate Crosby the most. Until I see Hartnell out there.

  217. Lev who isn’t practicing today?
    Nothing really for Neil? Maybe they will announce a meeting later today . . .or did they officially announce no review?

  218. Flyers wearing out Pen’s. Opening 5 seconds creaming of Crosby by Giroux. Flyers lead series 3-2. Flyers lead game 4-1.

    Can’t tell me that team toughness doesn’t matter.

    We are getting beaten up by Ottowa.

  219. JimboWoodside on

    Latona, doesn’t it, though? After what has gone on with our team in the last few games, it just doesn’t feel the same to favor the Flys, for some reason. Can’t explain why, because the Pens are still the worst of the rat-byfuglien teams, but what has happened to the NYR in our series has brought back the Rangers-Flyers playoff series of 1976 into my consciousness, and that isn’t good.

  220. I thought AA had a great first few games of the series. Sit Dubi or even Stepan before AA sits.

  221. BTW Carp…I did select which bridge I will need to visit….Verrazano has good height…just can’t decide which Senator(s) to toss off it…Neil…Zonopka…or Carkner…I think with EZ pass I get to toss all three!

  222. LOL Izzy

    Czech I agree. I think AA and Stepan will have a good game. I think Hagelin will have a slow start and then pick it up. . . .and I think given more ice time Kreider might get his first point. . . .

  223. rangersreport Biron, Rupp, Bickel, Mitchell, Kreider, Hagelin, Anisimov, Scott, Eminger, Woywitka, Stralman are at today’s practice.

    that means no Stepan, no Gaborik, no Richards, no Dubinsky (this probably pisses me off the most), no captain Cally, and no Hank. only guy who i can understand being off is Hank…. and Boyle of course.

  224. Czechthemout!!! on

    Oh yes and scratch Mitchell for John Scott. Send him out to beat down Neil and if he hasn’t been thrown out, do the same to Konopka and Carkner. But wait, isn’t the great ” rupper” supposed to do just that? Oh, I forgot, he gets paid to be ” good in the lockeroom” got it!

  225. Next game will look like this:

    Gaborik – Richards – Hagelin
    Callahan – Stepan – Kreider
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Fedotenko
    Rupp – Mitchell – Prust

  226. What are we? A goon squad now? Christ. Calm down people. We are not going to go out and Sean Payton it up. I would be fine with Scott playing over Mitchell because Mitchell was responsible (partly) for the goal last night and hasn’t been great. But let’s not just try and hurt people please.

  227. JimboWoodside on

    Uhhh – based on everything that has happened so far, what will the Sens be afraid of if one of them decides to try to end Hags’ season and career in the next game? So far, they’ve gotten off very lightly for all that has gone on.

  228. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think what will come out if and when the Rangers are eliminated on Monday is that Stepan has been playing on a bad wheel suffered at the hands of that prick,oops sorry Orpik.

  229. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Matty – I hear ya – what we need, what we need, are goals…….goals…….. Goals

    What we need,,,,, is some goals

  230. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Hedberg – make it ’75 then – do you have some kind of problem with me?

  231. Izzy..I take the Ed Koch approach…when he said I dont get ulcers…I give em! As for Pitt/Philly…same of S#&!T…you just would like them to implode on each other–that being said…that is some piss-poor goaltending–both sides…and you got to enjoy that!

    Old Time Hockey! Go Rangers! SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!

  232. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Do you think Torts flapping his gums after the game had anything to do with the Neil decision?

  233. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Hedberg – jimbo is referring tongue 73-74 playoff semis where flyers won in 7 home team winning every game – with about 6 fights every game.

  234. JimboWoodside on

    Izzy, I had thought of that possibility not too long ago – Torts basically challenged the league to treat Chris Neil like Hags, and the league seems to be saying “byfuglien you, Torts”.

  235. well Orpik basically scored in his own net on the Flyers 4th goal today, possibly the goal that eliminates the Pens, so that’s somewhat of sweet justice.

  236. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – I got your back

    Liam the lil chi-wah-wah is on between periods…

  237. Rangers West on

    Wow. A little bummed after yesterday’s game but still believe. I don’t know what was possible but right now a first rounder for Gaustad or if Buffalo would have done it a first rounder and Dubi for Stafford might have been good for us. I really thought Dubi would come around in the playoffs. Now I don’t know if they could acquire Hugh Jessiman for Dubi. Interesting to see Thomas and Miller playing in CT but Yogan did not make the playoff roster for the Whale. Lastly Kreider does look hesitant. One, poor dude can you blame him? Two, he has had a few flashes, let’s hope he can become a little more aggressive. He is noticeably big out there and has had one or two Sens bounce off him the past few games. Let’s hope he can step it up, however, if he can’t I would not stress too much. The team is asking a lot of him right now.

  238. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Eddie3 – the Dale Rolfe playoff series, for those who can remember it. Hedberg seems to have some issues with me, for some reason.

  239. btw during the season Sam and Joe said on several occasions that Torts is well-respected by officials on the ice because he treats them with respect and doesnt usually argue….honestly i havent seen them treat him with respect but he isnt exactly an angel to them. There definitely are coaches who are more liked by the refs.

  240. JimboWoodside on

    Eddie, Where did that little chi-wah-wah come from, really? I never heard of him before the NBC deal, and all of a sudden he’s “Mr. Hockey”!?

  241. JimboWoodside on

    Lev, the on-ice officials may respect Torts, but the league office seems to think otherwise. Every time he opens his mouth, they’re ready to put their foot down his throat.

  242. I know this is probably going to get buried but hopefully some of you will read this…

    The Neil hit reminds me of the hit Pacioretty put on Letang earlier this season.

    I guess the NHL Player Safety committee has taken too many hits to the head, because they don’t remember this ruling?


    Pacioretty got 3 games for this hit.

    I think this is pretty much the same thing Neil did to Boyle as opposed to Torres charging and leaving his feet to hit Hossa.

  243. The Rangers will lose this series. Why? Two words: “Sean Avery”, and not necessarily the Sean Avery, but lack of a player like him. However, speaking of the Sean Avery, who would you rather have in this series, him or Mike Rupp (invisible)? Him or Ruslan Fedotenko (invisible)? Him or Brandon Dubinsky (invisible)?

    Basically, Ottawa out-Rangered the Rangers. After Game 1, Ottawa made the adjustment and has beaten the Rangers in the same way the Rangers beat teams all year: hustle, winning battles for the puck, and mental toughness. Also, the Rangers’ lack of scoring has been exposed. How many games throughout the season did the Rangers win by a goal, or by two goals but only scoring an empty netter? Once you take out Gaborik, the Rangers don’t have a pure scoring threat. They have players who are opportunistic scorers, but no one else who’s a threat every single time he’s out on the ice. Rick Nash would’ve helped, but it was just too much to give up for him.

    Oh well… there’s always next season.

  244. No, the Rangers won’t have the Sean Avery next season either, but they desperately need “Sean Avery.”

  245. Also food for thought: At the trade deadline, the Nashville Predators picked up Paul Gaustad and a 4th rounder for 1st rounder. With the way the Rangers are getting manhandled on faceoffs and time of possession, don’t you think that might have been worth the 29th overall pick in 2012?

    Instead, we got John Scott.

  246. Hahaha….kinda like the Avery theory above….actually true, I think Ottawa has shown way more “Avery” style snarl and nastiness around our goalie than the Rangers produced — pretty much every game. NYR may be one of the biggest teams and may have built a reputation as a grinding team due to their solid regular season play but they certainly have not found a way to turn it up to “11” when the playoffs hit.

    While the PHI-PIT series was borderline ridiculous, I kept thinking to myself that NYR is in big trouble when they reach one of them just because the intensity and snarl those teams were exhibiting….something the Rangers were not. I know they played hard last night and in other games and played tough…overall, I think Neil, Greening, Zenopka all had their way with the Rangers…..MDZ looked alone and beat up when fighting against Neil in the crease. I think NYR got “out toughed” by OTT which no none thought was going to happen.

    I also think that it’s shown guys like Mitchell – who i thought were great additions in the regular season – aren’t the kinda clutch guys who are going to step up in the playoffs…he’s been invisible as have been many other Rangers. Gabby – well every superstar can get muted in a series and when you seemingly only have one that can score big goals – then its pretty easy to silence your offense but putting your best D minded players on him. He’s been quiet but as Carp said, I’ve seen him compete and be active….just not with goals. And we should have other scoring so OTT had to rethink their strategy.

    Disappointing run but not done. If they can find some juice then I can see them taking this series back but I don’t think they’ve looked that good in any game….playing solid like last night is great but finishing goals and taking advantage of your PPs is much better.

    And yes, I would have preferred to have Avery or someone like him in the lineup besides Mitchell….Rupp has actually had some good shifts but again, we can’t score

  247. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Hedberg – I was off on the year. And last night, I was only reporting the idiocy that I heard on NBC Sports Network – I did not say that Boyle basically “deserved what he got”, but that was the opinion of the nitwits on the NBC kangaroo court. They also said that the Neil hit was perfectly legal, so..

  248. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Hanky can’t “come up big” while the Rangers are being shut out. Unless he starts scoring goals, too…

  249. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo, any gardening questions can go to:

    No gardening questions, Matt – unless one asks Slats when his Rangers are going to grow some “onions” in this series!

  250. Matt L. that is it exactly! I bet Torts comment did have an effect on the ruling.

    Anyone ever see the Movie Bang The Drum . . .the NHL justice system should be named for their favorite card game TEGWAR

  251. JimboWoodside on

    I looked at it, Matt – and I think I may have watched that game – it looks very much like the same type of hit. There is NO consistency in the league’s rulings – they have gotten themselves in an unsupportable position now – they *say* they want to end head shots, but their own rules seem to condone “incidental” head shots if another part of the victim’s body also gets hit.

  252. High Desert Roberto on

    Love Jags..guy was an absolute beast with us and shows he could still bring it..wouldn’t work on this squad though because john mussolini is too much of a stubborn fool..

  253. Very happy for Jagr even if its in a Flyers uni…..woulda love to have him back and bummed he ever left but I understand how he didn’t fit into our plans. That said, I’ve watched him play with young guys on Flyers pretty well and while maybe not in line with Torts style completely, I think he coulda fit in. But anyway, I’m glad he’s come back and had success….he was a great Ranger!

  254. if the series hold up Panthers-Senators might be the worst playoff series in a long time. I can see the Caps getting past the Flyers.

  255. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Bruins or Capitals?

    Do you want Worstershire Sauce or Balsamic Vinegar on your ice cream?

  256. I want the Bruins to win today and force a game 7. Two of my friends are Caps fans so I, of course, want them to suffer.


  257. Neil hit wasn’t dirty. Boyle had his head down and skated through the middle of the ice, what would you expect? Neil didn’t leave his feet, the hit wasn’t late (12 frames according to tsn, about 1/3 a second after the puck). It was just a hard hit in a high traffic area.

  258. I’m really trying to not be biased, but the Neil hit IS the Pacioretty hit from earlier this season.

    I don’t want to come across as whiney, crybaby, etc. I’ve said Hagelin deserved a suspension. Neil concussing Boyle isn’t what has us down 3-2 in the series.

    It just bothers me that with the Winter classic crap, the fines the Rangers have received for speaking out about officiating, and now the no review on the hit by Neil, it really does seem like the NHL has it out for the Rangers organization. Perhaps we are the arrogant ones in the eyes of the league?

    I mentioned this the other night – Joel Q got a 10k fine for criticizing the officiating. Torts gets 30k for doing the same at the winter classic.


    Still, none of this caused them to play prevent D in game 4, and it’s not the reason they can’t win faceoffs or get in the zone and setup the powerplay. That’s on the players, and it’s on the coach.

    41 shots with very few coming from high quality scoring areas. No consistent pressure on the goalie or guys in position to bury juicy rebounds. That’s not the league’s fault!

  259. JimboWoodside on

    I remember when Drury was hit by Neil in that playoff series some years ago – and the uproar it caused up in Buffalo, with Golisano (then the Sabres owner) publicly petitioning the league to do something about the head-shots and Chris Neil in particular – and he was totally ignored.

    Neil must be part of the Canadian “Good Old Boy” network – he seems to be judged differently than lots of other players.

  260. I disagree Orr. This isn’t shaping up to be a deep draft, so giving up a pick that late isn’t losing much especialy when you’ve got as good a chance to step in poop in the 2nd or later.

    In Game 5 the Rangers had no answer for… Zenon Kenopka? Yup. The guy neutralized the Rangers threat in virtually every important offensive zone faceoff, then got off. Gaustad is huge, adds a physical presence, can chip in a few goals, and can win faceoffs. Worth every bit of his small cap hit if it yields you an extra 5 minutes of offensive zone time

  261. I can’t watch the end of this. I know I wanted Pittsburgh to be eliminated but Philly moving on makes me want to Boudreu.

  262. Well, Neil has “no prior record”.

    Yea, and a frogs ass is not watertight.

    Let’s be serious this guy has been a head hunter for the last decade. Just because the league penal system is arbitrary and biased he has no record. Is he a head hunter? That’s a different question.

  263. my hate for the Flyers suddenly returned. They chanted you cant beat us. They realize they lost 2 games to them right?

  264. Seems like everyone always says “it’s not a deep draft” then it turns out to be a pretty good draft class.

    Gaustad would be *one* good faceoff guy. Unless he’s a great teacher, it wont make an overall difference.

  265. bull dog line on

    after reading this, I feel embarrassed to be a Ranger fan. Ranger fans used to be considered the most knowledgeable in hockey. I don’t think to many of you can make that claim today. embarrassing.

  266. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    3 things here

    I think this team spoiled us (I don’t mean this in a bad way) but I for one figured around 5 or 6 spot in the east at the beginning of the year. They end up being the 1st seed in the east so perhaps the majority of us have unrealistic expectations on our team. I want them to win the cup just like everyone else does, but a first round exit isn’t horrible for a 6 seed that is young and inexperienced.

    Next, I think holik gets a bad rap. He produced well for being a 3rd line centre payed and played like a 1st line centre! But I agree on the no more former devils stance, that includes cally c2.0

    Lastly, I remember a ton of people here just destroying drury’s post game comments routinely, but no one here seems to have a problem with any of the current players saying pretty much the same thing he did… They are not going to let the previous loss ruin their blah blah blah, going to move on yada yada yada

  267. McSnobbelier Shanny Czar on

    OK so how is that Boyle keeps getting hammered for skating with his head-down? How many post keep saying that crap? He’s not skating he’s shooting and when he gets hit he’s already shot and following through – it’s not physically possible to protect your head at that moment.

    Thank you Matt L for posting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj5Ghou0i0c

    I am very worried about Hagelin in upcoming game, it is very obvious that he will be targeted by Ottawa and the NHL seems that’s just fine and dandy.

    If Richards is correct that next year the NHLPA gets involved in discipline (very much needed), things will change and I wouldn’t want to be a player like Avery in the league that is hated and dirty.

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