Post-practice interviews


A few quick items before the interviews:

Daniel Alfredsson skated for over an hour at the Senators’ optional practice in Ottawa today. It was the second straight day he skated, although this time someone was there to see it.

“We’re encouraged and optimistic about Alfie,” Paul MacLean told “We’ll see how he is tomorrow.”

• Also, nothing new from Ottawa on Jesse Winchester, who missed Game 5 with an “upper-body injury” that ruled out at least half his body. Doesn’t sound like the other half has made any improvements though.

• Eleven Rangers skated at today’s practice: Carl Hagelin, Artem Anisimov, Martin Biron, Stu Bickel, Anton Stralman, Chris Kreider, John Mitchell, Mike Rupp, John Scott, Steve Eminger and Jeff Woywitka. John Tortorella was not actually on the ice with the players, who were just there for a workout. A few others were seen around the dressing room, but only Brad Richards was made available to reporters.

• Hagelin easily amounted to today’s biggest story. He returns tomorrow night for Game 6 after serving his three-game suspension.

As you can hear below in the interview, Hagelin doesn’t expect he’ll be rusty after the absence. He said he’ll play the same style of game and doesn’t fear that it will take him over the edge like in Game 2 (according to Shanny).

Carl Hagelin:

[audio: hagelin.MP3]

• The only other player who faced a crowd around his locker was Kreider. The rookie basically doubled his ice time from Game 4 to Game 5 and picked up a couple key shifts late Saturday night with the Rangers desperate for the equalizer. Tortorella called Kreider “an interesting cat” after the game and said the rookie could play more minutes in Game 6.

Tortorella appeared set on keeping Kreider in the lineup despite the return of Hagelin. When asked today if Kreider’s increased minutes were the result of his improved play or the failures of others, Tortorella said “both.”

Here’s what Kreider had to say about his improved confidence, his one great chance in Game 5 and more…

Chris Kreider:

[audio: kreider.MP3]

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  1. iWicky "Rupp yours". LGT on

    Wow, a double carping….


    3 things here

    I think this team spoiled us (I don’t mean this in a bad way) but I for one figured around 5 or 6 spot in the east at the beginning of the year. They end up being the 1st seed in the east so perhaps the majority of us have unrealistic expectations on our team. I want them to win the cup just like everyone else does, but a first round exit isn’t horrible for a 6 seed that is young and inexperienced.

    Next, I think holik gets a bad rap. He produced well for being a 3rd line centre payed and played like a 1st line centre! But I agree on the no more former devils stance, that includes cally c2.0

    Lastly, I remember a ton of people here just destroying drury’s post game comments routinely, but no one here seems to have a problem with any of the current players saying pretty much the same thing he did… They are not going to let the previous loss ruin their blah blah blah, going to move on yada yada yada

  2. JimboWoodside on

    I hope Hags keeps his head up and on a swivel tomorrow night – league doesn’t care if a NYR player gets murdered on the ice.

  3. Czechthemout!!! on

    You have to give Holmgren a lot of credit. He traded two players in Carter And Richards that many on here would have had a heart attack to lose if they were Rangers. When I suggested that the Rangers trade Gabby last year for Simmonds and Schenn ( a deal L.A. was ready to make,but Sather wanted another asset) I was crucified on here for it. As for Cotourier,he was drafted with the CBJ pick by Holmgren, another good move. And also made the team and was allowed to mature on it throughout the season with great results. The Flyers also played a lot of their Rookies without any hesitation. They draft really well, regardless of which position they pick. They have been snake bitten in goal but universe can play the position better than he has shown so far this year. If he gets hot, the Flyers will easily win the cup because they are by far the deepest and most talented team in the playoffs left.

  4. If Rupper, Mitchell, or Bickel have a chance to throw their shoulder into Neil’s head at the end of game 6, then they should do it. If they get away with it, great, if not then I wont mind losing them for a few games. No big deal!

  5. High Desert Roberto on

    Manny, I wish I could remember what the NYR siren sounds like for comparison

  6. Czechthemout!!! on


    I don’t agree. I think the Flyers have the size and skill to easily take the Blues. They just disposed of a team that many thought were as good or complete as any in the NHL. They can match skill if not outright out skill the Blackhawks if they even survive their series. And the Kings are too slow and not that good at the skill part of the game as strange as that may sound given what they have on their team. The Canucks, should they survive, are a three player Hockey team with a choke artist in goal. So the Flyers have a great chance unless Boston finds some way to win their series.

  7. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Czech – I still think “Mr Universe” is very weak in goal, though – if the Flys can’t keep up their torrid scoring pace in future series, they could be in trouble, because their defense isn’t so great either – Pens defense and goaltending was atrocious in this series.

  8. JimboWoodside on

    ORR, I’ll bet Vokoun is gone from the Craps after this playoffs is done – he was a MAJOR disappointment to them this past season. The only question is, how will they rid themselves of him?

  9. JimboWoodside on

    I hate the Craps worse than I hate the Bruins – my past playoff wounds are still sore with Washington, I guess..

  10. Czechthemout!!! on

    CT Whale up in their series 2-0 against baby Islanders. Good game by J.T. Miller and JAM last night. Someone here posted that Yogan was no good because he didn’t make playoff roster. Of course if he actually bothered to look, Yogan got an injury to his foot which is why he is not playing.

  11. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Manny! It’s probably because the Bruins haven’t really beaten our boys at anything since 1972, while our failures against the Craps are all-too-fresh in our memories.

  12. Not sure if this has been brought up or not; but is it a given that John Scott SHOULD be in the lineup tomorrow and SHOULD immediately try to bludgeon Neil a la Carkner?

    If that’s the bar that has been set (i.e. no discipline on Neil), we’ve got to play some old time hockey tomorrow; no holds barred etc. just be all over Neil ready to have Scott fight him, fight him and fight him again (yes, I know three fights results in an ejection). But we’ve been losing the physical battles, in general, as is and Boyle being out doesn’t help.

    PS. Principal point of contact = head, check. Late hit, check. Injury, check….consistency in discipline = ?

  13. Joekuh - 14 more...LGBT! on

    like carp said on friday, last night was full of bridgejumpers. sad. anyway, glad to hear kreider’s getting more time. hope he does something with it.

  14. eddie eddie eddie on

    lots of playoff disaster with the craps….especially in OT, going back to the late 80’s….i think 86 and 94 are the only two times we have beaten them…

  15. Hmmmmm……Boston the the 2 seed playing against the 7 seed. Away game 6 after having lost game 5 at home in a highly contested, relatively even series. Boston looks like it has control of the game, a must win for both teams. If they win, they go back home for game 7.

    Hmmmm… away game 6 win converting a home game 7 to a victory in the series.

    Food for thought….


  16. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of adopting that as my new life philosophy. Win game 6 away, game 7 home and win the series. Has a kind of ‘ring’ to it.

  17. True, the problem with that is the 5 minute major that may come with it. It probably should have been a game 3 or 4 tactic. If Scott even smells the arena from outside of it, Shenanigans may suspend him. If he plays? He will have the worlds largest microscope on his every move. Don’t think he can ‘sneak in’ a hit on Carkner, Neil, or any of their players.

    What’s a coach to do?

  18. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good afternoon all!

    That is utter BULLCARCILLO on Neil!!!!!!!

    I’m thrilled the birds are out, but don’t know if I can live in a world where Philthy advances and we don’t. See you on the ledge…..

  19. So Boyle does everything in this series to get Rangers some wins and now everyone on these boards are blaming him for skating with his head down. STOP IT.

    please get some understanding of the game.

    Boyle skates in and shoots, his head has to go down at some point to shoot and follow through. Puck is gone and everyone knows it will be gone before he even strikes the puck (except Shanny and Dirty Neil). This lack of any kind of fine or anything sends Ottawa a message and I worry about Hagelins head in game 6.

    Matt L found this illustration of the exact same hit getting a suspension:
    oops I can see the Czar has no clothes.

  20. Even though that shot was going wide, theres a real vezina winner tim thomas. Not henrik

  21. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Did tiki just compliment a Boston player? And at the expense of a Ranger? Have my eyes gone totally to carcillo or is the world really falling off its axis??????

  22. Come on mama, u already know the stuff we believe. Basically, tim thomas will risk life and limb to help his team win. Henrik wont

  23. Look at how Tim Thomas dove to try and stop that. It was a 99% certain goal, but there’s Thomas throwing his 50 year old body around without fear of injury. I wish Henrik had that kind of desire and urgency.

  24. I totally disagree Tiki. I think Henrik would have made that save, mostly because Henrik wouldn’t have terribly over-committed to Backstrom like Thomas did.

  25. JimboWoodside on

    Well, B’s have a big period coming up – will they rally, or will they be eliminated from defending their Cup championship?

  26. It will be kind of amusing when at the end of Henrik’s Ranger career, Thomas has more Cups and Vezinas than him, with half the skill and a million times the desire.

  27. I like you, Jimbo! Trust me, the only thing Im ever sure of in life is that theyll always find a way to win with their backs against the wall.

  28. We each got a Senator. They got Chara, a guy thatll lie, cheat, steal, and murder to win. We got Rade Wedden.

  29. I hope the Kings knock out the Canucks tonight. I cant stand the Sedins.. Both are garbage.

  30. The Flyers disposed of the only team I thought had a chance against us, but no, we can’t score on Craig Anderson and none of that will matter.

    I hope the Rangers come out the next 2 games with the fury of 1,000,000 supernovas.

  31. I think we will, DJK. We wont be beaten by another loser goalie Anderson. Henrik will play 2 excellent games, giving up at most a combined 3 goals. If we cant win 2 games by scoring at least 2 goals in one and 3 goals in the other, then so be it.

  32. JimboWoodside on

    Thank you, Tiki! I’m rooting for the Canucks to be eliminated tonight, too – one more of Canada’s “favorite sons” team to go down & out!

  33. Hopefully one day Henrik will put his desire to win in the playoffs above his desire to keep his face perfect.

  34. I’m almost positive he was, ORR. That was before they all blossomed into ultimate pieces of carcillo, and Kesler and Burrows became somewhat useful.

  35. DJK, I think Henrik needs to decide to step up and keep the game tied at 0 this time until his team can get on the board, rather than giving up a cheapo.

  36. I know, I know. I get on Henrik because I keep forgetting the real culprits, the NHL that stole away Hagelin and wont discipline that Senator loser for his hit on Boyle. Im just so angry. We couldve been up 3-1 in this series prior to last night, being 2-1 in games without Hagelin, but Henrik decided he was going to allow the NHL to laugh at us some more, rather than step up, and spit in the face of the NHL with at least 2 wins.

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    Pittsburgh out, Philly in. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    I gotta go with Boston here.

  38. That easy. Simple as donuts. Goodbye Capitals. We’ll be seein’ ya win a playoff series again when you next face the Rangers in the playoffs! BOOM!

  39. In other words, there is a precedent for Neil’s hit, and what it merits as a sanction. And of course, due to the participants involved, it will be ignored. Nurse!!

  40. The Capitals are the total package. Beat New York, lose to Boston. There’s no greater combination than that.

  41. 6 teams since the lockout have come back from 3-2 after losing Game 5 in a tie series to win the series. We can officially make that 7, for the Bruins.

  42. Whats the most devastating outcome to me personally? Okay, got it. PP for the Capitals in OT (I know, unlikely given the Bruins never commit penalties), I get my hopes up, and Rich Peverley nets a shortie to win it.

  43. Crossbar hit the net Ovie and it’s in on this fish. Shouldn’t have dissed the POTUS bad karma

  44. JimboWoodside on

    A Canadian-born player on a Canadian team concusses an American-born player on an American team – I wonder if the league call this play differently if the situations were reversed?

  45. Hos . . .someone posted that video before too. i don’t see the difference in the two hits but we already know the league is inconsistent.

  46. JimboWoodside on

    Hedberg, if you’ve been listening to the small-minded Canadian hockey media throughout this series, you might not be so dismissing of the possibility – Canadian hockey-types are some of the most provincial, nationalistic and inferiority-complexed people I’ve ever heard.

    Hedberg just seems to hang around here to sound all-knowing and dismissive of other people’s opinions. In that respect, he seems very similar to another sometimes-poster.

  47. Rangers West on

    “Of course if he actually bothered to look, Yogan got an injury to his foot which is why he is not playing.”

    That was me. That is good and bad. Glad he was doing well…too bad he’s hurt. Glad Miller played well too. Anybody know how Thomas is doing? If one or two of these guys can make the team next year between October and December, this team will be looking even better. just hope Sauer can make it back, but if you look at what happened to his brother…

  48. Rangers West on

    Also, Kreider has been okay considering the situation. Even if it takes him some time at the Whale next year to get his pro game going, I am not too worried. I remember when Hags first played some games in pre-season he looked like he was allergic to taking the body. No problems there anymore. Confident Kreider can make the same turn around.

  49. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ranger West

    Didn’t mean for that to read as adig at you. If it did, sorry.

  50. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ranger West

    There is zero chance Kreider plays with the whale next season. Preseason and the regular season will seem like pee wee hockey to him after this series. Not a single Ranger rookie player has gone back to play for the whale after appearing in the playoffs except for MdZ.

  51. JimboWoodside on

    Why don’t you go byfuglien off, Hedberg – kiss my ass, you nitwit.

    Is there something wrong with the USA in your opinion? When Canadians cheer for Canada, what are they?

  52. No surprise. That was the easiest goal in NHL history, even easier than an EN. There’s Tim Thomas keeping his team alive in OT, unlike that goaltender that most here revere. And there’s Kirk Holtby! Thanks Kirk, we’ll be seein’ ya in the AHL next year!

  53. JimboWoodside on

    Anything is possible – bring it back to New York for a 7th game – we’ll take our chances!

  54. We’re not Boston. We never will be.

    Henrik is no Tim Thomas. He never will be.

    This series for Boston was never in doubt.

  55. Anybody else wanna bet if a Ranger came in alone like that and had the goalie beat that he’d either

    A) Shoot it right into the goalie

    B) Try to pass it to someone not expecting a pass (rightfully so)

    C) Shoot it wide or over the net

  56. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nice job by the Bruins. Will now take the series I believe. Maybe we can come out and take care of business as well tomorrow night?

  57. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, Hank has let in a few sub-standard goals (for him) – but you can’t win a series single-handedly if you’re a goalie – your team needs to give you some help, and last night’s game was just a total team failure.

    I can be as critical as anybody, and I do think that Hank was not playing at his best in the previous games we lost, but not last night. He let in a weak one, but our guys got *none*!

  58. Czechthemout!!! on


    You as I was posting that, I was not certain about MDZ. But thanks for clearing that up.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    Unfortunately, the outcome of this game has no bearing on the next Rangers-Ottawa game.

    Except for wishful thinking.

  60. Rangers West on

    Czechthemout!!!: No worries.

    If Kreider can start finishing his hits on every shift and create a little more havoc, look out!

    I hope Neil gets two games but will be surprised if he gets one.

  61. If not for Lundqvist I doubt the Rangers even make the playoffs after all the games he kept us in this season.

  62. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ranger west

    I don’t think Kreider is that type of player. Sure he needs to finish checks if in position to do so. But what makes him uniques is that he is huge kid with great speed and a great shot as well as good passing ability. He should be creating havoc in fron of the net and in the slot simply because he is big fast and strong enough to impose his will there. What I hope Torts doesnt do with him is try to make him a shot blocker and puck chaser. That is a waste of what he can and should be. First mistake is to try and make him into Hagelin. Dumb move! He is more of a Jeff Carter without the baggage that Carter carries. He also is a lot more sound defensively than Carter will ever be.

    Let’s hope he is deployed that way.

  63. Czechthemout!!! on


    I think you are being a little to tough on LQ. He has not played lights out as many of us hoped but certainly more than well enough to beat the Sens if given any kind of offensive support. In fact, I thought he played really well last night even though he gave up a weak first goal. But it is only a goal. Surely, one would expect his team to score more than zero goals, no?

  64. I disagree with all of you that last night’s goal is weak.

    That is a save that Hank usually makes. But why the hell is Jason Spezza allowed to receive the puck in that position with that much space? That bothers me way more than Hank not making a save. If Hank didn’t ever make that save, I wouldn’t really complain. But he often does, so I can see where you’re coming from to a degree.

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    NHL hates Torts
    Campbell hates Rangers
    Bettman hates Sather
    Shananhan hates Rangers
    Canadians hate Americans
    Hags got hosed
    Niel got away with murder
    Bickel incompetent
    MDZ makes bad decisions
    Sauer not playing
    dead weight on roster
    Erixon not playing
    Staal not 100%
    facing a hot goaltender
    Torts outcoached
    Lundquist lets in softies
    Gaborik no goals
    Richards overpaid
    Avery benched
    Should have traded for Nash
    Dubinsky stinks
    Scott not playing
    Bad mismatch against Ottawa
    Kreider not Superman
    Should have got Kovalchek
    Anti Ranger conspiracy
    Anderson over achieving
    Carkner got away with mugging
    Anisimov is chicken
    Refs incompetent
    Refs biased
    Refs blind
    didn’t trade Gabby last year for Simmonds and Schenn
    Power play stinks

    Any others?


  66. CJP April 22nd, 2012 at 6:27 pm
    Anybody else wanna bet if a Ranger came in alone like that and had the goalie beat that he’d either

    A) Shoot it right into the goalie

    B) Try to pass it to someone not expecting a pass (rightfully so)

    C) Shoot it wide or over the net



  67. I’ve never seen the Rangers lose so many battles in the faceoff circle, as well as on the boards as they did in game 5 – they absolutely must even up faceoffs and boardwork in order to sniff a chance at game 7.

    Furthermore, Hagelin’d return will add a great dimension of speed back to the lineup – hopefully like a shot in the arm – just as he did when he was called up around Thanksgiving. Hopefully, it is not too late.

    If Officer ShaNOban is kosher with Chris Neil concussing Brian Beatlemania Boyle, then the Rangers players (re: Rupp) must step up to the task. Boyle would be the guy to do it for them, and they know it.

  68. Spezza’s goal was not weak. But whatever lets you sleep better at night. Blame it on Hank.

  69. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    No ruling for Neil, huh? Blindsides a guy in the head and nothing. The league is a joke. Done watching hockey

  70. I agree with Lev – Spezza’s goal was a goal-scorer’s goal. The defending by John Mitchell in particular on the play was weak.

  71. There is no way we go after Neil or anyone unless the game is out of reach one way or the other. Too much at stake to put our fate in the hands of the refs. The window to change course, alter momentum, has passed. At this point torts has no choice but to stay the course.

  72. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Why shoot the puck and score when you can pass into a players skate that results in a turnover?

  73. Matt, fair point…

    maybe just dress Scott and have him rough up Karlsson for real after the whistle- heck, if they can jump Boyle, eject Dubinsky and then concuss Boyle- why not just injure Karlsson and get our $’s worth….

    (I don’t honestly subscribe to this, but if we can’t score- might as well dress the Hanson’s and make it look mean- who knows, might be enough to get us some more rebound attempts)…

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    The effective use of John Scott is long gone. If he was to be used it was the game Carkner came back from his one game suspension.

    That ship has sailed. Rangers need to win, not seek payback/revenge/justice.

  75. The narrative of this series, Ottawa wining all the battles, playing relentless nasty hockey, rangers without answer, will not change in game 6. Doesn’t mean we can’t win- we always stand a chance to win with Henrik and a good bounce.

  76. Manny:


    Thomas: 3

    Lundqvist: 2

    Stanley Cups:

    Thomas: 1

    Lundqvist: 0

    (just sayin!)

  77. Not to be a trouble maker but anyone got stats for Hank vs. Tim for O.T. ? You know when the game hangs in the balance on every shot? Just bustin em – Thomas has actually had a pretty ordainary first round.

  78. Btw, Neil’s wiki page lists him as a devout Christian… if so;

    “You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”

    Since he doesn’t have many teeth left- shouldn’t he just voluntarily sit out for causing an injury- just seems right to me….

  79. Do you send John Scott after Chris Neil and take the five minute major? And hope one of their guys gets a 3rd man in ejection? Or maybe have him attack karlsson. I think I would. Momentum. And because the sens already proved it works.

    I think the sens figured out early in game 5 that they could risk taking penalties because the rangers play worse a man up.

  80. TrueBlue – I think Rupper is a born again as well. Maybe they can have a bible off? Or just fight.

  81. Ha, I see in the time it took me to write that it was already debated. No, it hasn’t sailed. Do it early and all will be fine.

  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    shouldn’t he just voluntarily sit out for causing an injury-

    Neil might be a born again christian, but he wasn’t born again yesterday…

  83. Manny- awesome…a center ice “bible off” (a la Zoolander break-dance fighting). As is, I think Rupp has actually played well this series.

    Seriously, have Scott hit everything that moves early in the game- take a penalty or two- even bump Andersson if need be…

    and see if Neil bites on a fight… + he’s there if Hags takes one in the kisser early on…

  84. Im just venting. Im angry. Yes, Henrik had a Vezina season, probably his 4th Vezina season. Do it on the big stage, do it when the lights shine the brightest.

    Who else is there to blame it on? The rest of the team makes due with inferior skill, sans Gabby, Richards. I am happy with the production of Gabby, Richards. Am I going to blame Dubinsky for being a complete and utter loser? Mitchell? These guys do the best with the little talent they have. Torts does the best with the talent he has. The player that has more talent than anyone else in hockey is Henrik. I hold him to the highest standard, he is the leader of this team, how he goes, so go the Rangers. If your team doesnt score, keep the game scoreless until your team does score. If your team gives you a 2-0 lead on 2 rare PP goals, you hold that lead. Show some desire, when you lose an OT game, slam your stick over the cross bar, slam your stick into the glass like both Tim Thomas and Tuuka Rask do, show some anger, dont go into your postgame interview and blame the offense for not scoring any goals. What happened Henrik when your team scored you 2 rare PP goals the game before?

    You can say Henrik kept the team in game 5 with a strong performance following the first goal, and you’d be accurate in saying that. *BUT* what if he doesnt give up that cheapo first goal? Who knows how many goals the Rangers score in the game… Nobody. Because the entire game is different.

    However, my anger is derived from blowing a 2 goal Game 4 lead in which his team scored 2 rare PP goals for him.

    Yeah, so I criticized the almighty King Lundqvist. Ill be behind him 100% tomorrow night just like I always am, expecting and cheering for him to be our saving grace.

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    And who do you think the refs will be giving a pre-emptive penalty to as soon as he goes over the boards?

  86. Olga, I was kidding- I know he won’t voluntarily sit out…I just find his religious zealousness not quite in keeping with his actions…

    bottom line, and more importantly- don’t want us going down because he’s been darn effective against us…

  87. bull dog line on

    its great that Hank has outplayed Thomas. its to bad that he has not outplayed Anderson. Hank has been good. Anderson has been better.

  88. At this stage a simple challenge to Neil is what is in order. The time to make a real statement – a statement we should have made – is passed and we are now in a must-win scenarioo. We need to do SOMETHING to let the Senators know we’re willing to push back, but if we take a major and lose the game in retaliation then Neil would win.

  89. eddie eddie eddie on

    true-blue …there are a subset of those claiming born again status that is the belief, not the deeds that gain you into stanley cup heaven….those deeds can be naughty or nice, sadly

    i dont care what dead men know, i dont care what dead men do…jesus is just allright with me doo doo doo do doo…

  90. Neil’s hit was clean. He is the superlative example of the ultimate hockey player: gritty, with some scoring touch, a real series-changer

    We wish we had Neil.

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Brashear would have been right with Scott. Pushing a wheelbarrow in Sather’s garden.

  92. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Richards wasn’t behind Karlsson maybe he’d score on some of those… :)

  93. Neil’s hit should be youth instructional videos in the “How to hit cleanly” section.

    I wish we had a player with even half the skill, grit, and heart as Neil.

    He is a hockey player brought down from the the heavens.

  94. Olga Folkyerself April 22nd, 2012 at 7:31 pm
    shouldn’t he just voluntarily sit out for causing an injury-

    Neil might be a born again christian, but he wasn’t born again yesterday…

    Thank you Olga that was awesome!!! :-)

  95. dubi del zaster jt miller thomas to columbus for nash. get it done. its not that we cant win tom night i just dont think we are mentally strong enough to go on the road in an elimination game and get it done aka bruins( dont get flustered in these type of games) last year and today.

    just wait too tom night once i start killing them about 930 down 4-1 late 3rd.

  96. eric, pointing out the facts isnt a bad thing. Anderson has outplayed Henrik. Henrik has 2 blown leads leading to 2 losses, 2 OT losses. The only lead Anderson has owned this series, a 1-0 lead, he held for more than three quarters of the game. Fact is, Anderson has outplayed Henrik.

  97. Look I agree it would be nice to see Hank steal more games. And that at some point you have to give more than passing thought to 7 straight OT losses. But the fact is each game Hank has made outstanding saves that prevented Sens for beating our asses even worse. Anderson has not been tested in nearly the same way. To say Anderson outplaying Hank means you don’t grasp just how badly Sens are kicking our asses.

    And Cally didn’t have his best game but for people to get on him is ridiculous- at least he had the balls to go after they guy who headhunted Gabby. Neil stands in between and laughs in his face, Bickell on the ice does nothing. Which is very unlike him. Clearly Torts has had the leash on these guys and if you want to blame someone for how this series is going, for the lack of preparedness, lack of a power play, failure to make adjustments, keep it where it belongs, not on Hank or Cally or Girardi.

  98. Ted Sheckler on

    Tiki – why is it that guys like you can only look at hard stats and not what’s in front of your eyes? Anderson hasn’t had to face anything close to the quality of the shots that Lundqvist has. Lundqvist is outplaying him by a mile. How many breakaways did Anderson face yesterday? I counted none against him, and two clean ones and Spezza’s partial against Hank. How many tough rebounds did Anderson face? For an NHL caliber goalie, perimeter shots are fairly easy, and desperate teams that can’t get into the middle (like the Rangers right now) tend to throw a lot of them on net in the hopes that something will bounce in. It inflates the shot statistics and usually ups the opposing goalie’s confidence, which is what you’re seeing.

  99. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on


    that link is priceless

    did milbury call jones a dick during the intermission of the ranger game last night?

    Go nucks!!!

  100. Ted right on and let me repeat for those who only read short posts: to say Anderson is outplaying Hank means you don’t grasp how badly Sens are kicking our asses.

  101. Ted Sheckler on

    Eric – why do you want Nash so badly? He’s not even a point-per-game player, and never really has been one. If you were to trade Dubi and DZ for him straight up, you’d give up a total of 75 points this season for Nash’s 59. That already puts you at negative. Then you figure in that Nash is older than both players, and has a monstrous contract that makes him more difficult to move than either of the other two if he busts. Then you also figure in that you have to throw in a prospect and a draft pick. That reads to me like a huge loss on the Rangers’ side. It’s like when everyone clamored for Gomez and Drury because they seemed oh so special. Then they came here and underwhelmed, and only then did people seem to look at their career stats and realize that they were never anything that special to begin with.

  102. I gotta support Ted as well. Should we be unable to defeat the Senators in the next two games we will see how good Anderson is, meaning how good he was all year for his team to cling to an 8 seed. These other teams with all the offensive fire power will eat him up.

  103. Expecting more from Hank is crazy. He has done everything he has needed to. The problem is the offense and their inability to create dangerous chances. I am shocked and Anderson still has the Ottowa logo on his jersey after getting hit there so often by Rangers shots. Few chances by the O and then most end up being right into his chest. Lots of grind on this team, but not enough skill. We have all known that. This is still a work in progress and should be viewed as such. The biggest disappointment to me has been the lack of consistency in guys like Step and AA. Dubi has been a disappointment all year, so his lack of impact hasn’t been as shocking.

    However, this team can still easily win the next two games. Hagelin will help a tremendous amount and allow others to shift down into better positions. So, tomorrow is 50/50 at best, but I won’t count these guys out. They lack the high-end skill, but not the heart.

  104. Ted, Im not going by statistics. Of course statistics are very useful, but theyre not the end all. Im going simply off of Games 4 and 5, *what my eyes* saw. In Game 4, down 2-0, the Senators peppered us with shot after and shot, and Henrik couldnt hold the lead for 20 minutes. Down 1-0 in Game 5, the Rangers peppered Anderson with numerous shots, quality shots, and Anderson held that lead for three quarters of the game.

    Manny, that’s not the point at all. Of course Anderson is a loser goalie, and *IF* his team advances to the next round, and *IF* he faces the Bruins or any team for that matter, he’ll get beaten like the b;;tch loser that he is. *BUT* Anderson is outplaying Henrik. I expect that to change tomorrow night.

  105. Yes, Dan. Henrik has done everything he needed to, by blowing the a 2-0 lead in Game 4 after his team provided him with 2 rare power plays.

  106. Ok, Im off this subject now. I expect tomorrow to be a better day, and I expect a win tomorrow night, led by Henrik. Time for *The Good Wife*

  107. Tiki,

    I think the problem with looking at just the shot numbers is that it doesn’t take into account the quality of shots.

    Even though the rangers had some good Spurts in Game 5, how many difficult through traffic saves did Anderson really have to make?

    Contrast that to Game 4, where the Senators were consistently shooting from in close, in the slot, etc.

    I really felt that the majority of the Rangers shots were from the outside. So, it makes the goalie look better.

    I think in order for us to force a game 7, we have to shoot from the point and get those Tim Kerr / Phil Esposito style garbage goals from 2-3 feet in front of the net. We just aren’t getting enough shots on net and not enough garbage / rebound goals.

  108. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Tiki, your blaming Lundqvist reminds me of pantsless Tony.

    Because, I see you’re nuts.

  109. Ted we were on same page on Hank vs Anderson but on Nash we need to apply your same logic and not look only at numbers. Nash is a 27 yeard old world class player, scoring 30-40 goals each year with zero support. At 7.8m for 6 years that’s actually not bad. Will lbe better than the 8-9m for 10 years someone will pay Parise this summer. Dubi is a liability at 4m. MDZ can be replaced and in fact upgraded with Suter this offseason. There is a reason every GM wanted Nash.

  110. I have not been in the mood to come post til now but here it is:

    My theory is this: The Rangers played with more playoff urgency throughout the season to get to 1st in the East (blocking shots, VERY physical w most hits, fights, etc.) Let’s say they were in in “semi-playoff” mode for a lot of the regular season. Other teams were in “regular” mode most of the regular season.

    In the playoffs, other teams have kicked it up to playoff mode while the Rangers only kicked it up half-a-notch more than they were in the regular season. So we block a few more shots, give a few more hits, and then what? If you told me 2 weeks ago that five games into the series the physical edge would be with the Sentators, I’d have laughed. But the Sens have done more of that top-to-bottom in the line-up than the Rangers.

    We have had no answer for Chris Neil. That surprises me. Rupp, Prust, Bickel have not taken on Chris Neil. We have a good enough PK. You could easily engage that P of S in any of a few scenarios on the ice witout getting an instigator. He’s not going to back away from a challenge either.

    How bad are we on faceoffs? One word: Konopka. That guy goes on for the draw, the win, the move over the red line, and then he goes off. Like 7x in a period and then I stopped counting.

    There have been some other pigs who have gotten away with stuff. The Rangers are playing playoff hockey and it’s only half a click above where they were playing in the first 82 games. The rest of the league has turned it up 1 full click. See Philly, see Washington, see LA, see Nashville.

    Also: Brandon Dubinsky who? Stepan finally showed something in game 5, maybe he gets better each game? Couldn’t get much worse. Prust could be a little more facewash-y too.

    Let’s see how Hagelin does coming back. I would also like to see Kreider get even more ice time. Our offense cannot get much worse.

    And the PP. What the Fog? Shoot the puck Barry. It worked 2x in game 4 in 5 minutes. Since then we have been playing pass the hot potato. Annoying. I am guessing the Sens don’t care if they take too many penalties. We are not making it cost anything.

    Last thing, why do we shoot for Anderson’s stomach? I get wanting to put pucks on the net, but if the goalie doesn’t have to move it’s not going in either.

    We have been a good road team. But I shaved my full beard down to a goatee because I had to change up the playoff beard. That’s how p.o.’d I am.


  111. Every Ranger fan is frustrated with the way this series has gone.

    When they’ve gotten the lead they haven’t continued to play the same way that got them here this year.

    The track record of this team in closeout games is not so good. I’m hoping they really respond positively tomorrow night and pour it on. Right now, they are lacking confidence. Maybe Rupper or Prust needs to throw down and get this team going.

  112. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Everybody wanted Nash. Nobody wanted to pay the asking price for Nash. Not even Sather.

  113. Many, many good points, Newman.

    Anderson has good positioning. We have to get him to move. He also gives up a lot of rebounds but no one is there to smash them home (i.e. put the biscuit in the basket).

    The PP is a god-awful embarrassment. The Bruins are worst. The Phlyers are the best. We are in the bottom half.

    Neil has completely owned us. He’s not that good. Not at all. It’s saddening.

    I was working on a new playoff beard today as well. Gotta make changes.

  114. When they’ve gotten the lead they haven’t continued to play the same way that got them here this year.


    Well put. Matt L.

  115. I buy into the Rangers playing playoff hockey all year theory, and it’s why I stand behind the players and their courage.

    Some of them are not able to take it up a notch and in fact may have lost a bit. I won’t get on these guys, they’ve been playing over their heads all year.

    Being down 3-2 to the 8th seed is squarely on Coach and GM.

  116. Ted Sheckler on

    Matteau – I hear ya on Nash. Personally, I’ve been nervous about betting on what a player can do with a more offensive system ever since Gomez and to an extent, Gaborik. I mean, look at Gabby, he’s a world-class scorer, but the focus of last off-season was finding him someone to play with. Would hate to see a repeat with Nash. Also, I mistakenly thought he was 29 and not 27. That does make a difference as well.

  117. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    I am very interested to see how this whole nash/parise thing plays (or doesn’t play) out. I mean if Parise is plan A (he’s about plan D in my book) for the club, how can we even be interested in anyone that is plan B on down that could be potentially had at the draft?

    If parise (big IF) becomes an UFA, then he isn’t available until 01JUL. Nash (my plan B) or Iggy (my plan A) will more than likely (speculation) be dealt at the draft in June or shortly there after (before the opening of free agency though).

    If parise is the rangers plan “A” ,then there is not really any plan after “A” because the rest of the potential rangers (speculation on my part again) are not going to be available when he is.

    Parise in my opinion, should be plan C in order to take a shot at another potential future ranger first (if it is a smart deal obviously).

    Why close the door on someone else to just wait for a guy you might or might not get in free agency?

  118. Look I have full confidence that the team will give it 100% tomorrow because no matter what, for once, this team has given us its all every game. I havent been able to say that the past few years. We may not win, but we will try. I still think we will win. And if we do get by this team I think we’ll be fine. We didnt expect the Sens to match us physically but they have and even have outmuscled us. I dont think playing the Devils, Flyers, or Bruins will be as difficult. It will just be more natural to get up for those games.

  119. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    did you see tootoo might be a free agent this summer?

  120. Thisyearsmodel on

    I would put Gabby-Richards-Hagelin back together and have Cally-Stepan-Kreider for #2. Let Dubinsky-Anisimov-Fedotenko play checking line and leave Rupp-Mitchell-Prust as the 4th. Prust can take on Neil early in the game. I would also bring in Eminger unless Torts is willing to let Bickel play for 10 minutes. If we lose this series, we will have blown a golden opportunity to go far. Pittsburgh is out and there is no guarantee that Boston will remain. Everything has broken in our favor, except we are choking to the 8th seed.

  121. I agree that Parise should be Plan C. Nash and Iggy im still not sure. Id go with Nash because he’s younger but I can go with Iggy because he’s a true natural leader, Ive always admired him, his physicality, and I think he’s a Torts guy. Id be thrilled with either Nash or Iggy. Iggy may be cheaper too.

  122. Izzy that’s true no one wanted to pay the “asking” price. What we’ll never know is what the “actual” price was, because our offer was so ridiculous there was no opportunity to settle on something.

  123. Lev why should it be more natural to get up for anyone other than who your opponent is in the playoffs? Doesn’t that indict the coach?

  124. Re Czecthemont post re Kreider we should be renamed the Shot Blockers or Puck Chasers. Can’t play the Sens the same way. Need to attack, kick ass even play Scott in place of Mitchell. Could you imagine that Torts and Carp thought Mitchell was better than Avery. Give me a break. What a freeken waste. the Avery factor could of played a very important part in this series. The party’s over. Tort’s is now 0-3 in critical playoff games. But we played well all season BIG FREEKEN DEAL. Now we play golf. The short and tall of this whole series is that the Sens played Ranger hockey better than we did. I rest my case.

  125. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    What was “our offer” for Nash? I never heard it from anyone associated with the team. Sather isn’t known for loose lips.

  126. Matteau, It just is more natural to get up for your natural rival. The Rangers really had no hate for the Sens, and going over to the Sens blog before the series, the fans were trying to find a way for disliking us. (They have a reason now: Boyle) Flyers would not have the same series if they were playing the Panthers instead of the Pens. Rangers-Devils would be different animal than Rangers-Sens. Sens-Toronto would be insane.

  127. But yes it is the coaches job to make sure the team is ready to play no matter the opponent.

  128. Hello, boys. Hey, I was just thinking. At this time tomorrow night we will be sitting back and have a 5-1 lead ready to go back home for game 7.

    sounds nice, huh?

    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Just a question but why was Boyle allowed to take three shifts after the Neil hit? What happened to concussion protocol?

  130. saying Boyle shouldn’t have been in mid-ice with his head down is like saying Zetterberg shouldn’t have had his head near Shea Webber and the glass.

    Shame on both of them. I mean, really.

  131. Who are the amateurs on this blog who say that the Neil hit was clean and that it should be taught in youth instruction? My God – have you ever played hockey? Ever gone over the boards in a tight situation? Ever had your teammate run over on a dirty hit or had to protect your fellow teammate from a blind-sided hit? We wish we had Neil? For what, cleaning up the balloons after a bad game? Seriously? The guy is a cheap piece of Carcillo – a DB who should have had the snot beat outta him in game 1.

    Neil is a DB – pure and simple. He has been getting away with dirty, over the edge play for quite some time. We don’t need the likes of him on this squad. That is not the answer. Sometimes games and series don’t go the way we would have liked – that’s hockey. Two OT wins and this discussion is about round two.

    We need players who can win a face off. We also need someone on the offense who can really put the puck in the net – like Spezza. THAT is a hockey player. He can win the draw, play offensive or defensive hockey, and is a good teammate. I wish we had a player like HIM – not that piece of Carcillo.

    We need to send a message on the very first shift – with a goal shoved down their Bufglein necks. They need to control the puck and crash that net – hard. Draw a penalty – so what – we kill it. We need players to get in the face of the goaltender. Several of the Ottawa D men are not too adept at handling the puck – so exploit that. And if Neil or Carkner raises an issue, have Scott beat the Carcillo out of them – plain and simple.

    Expect the Captain and the real captain to have great game tomorrow. Don’t know if we are gonna come out of it with a win, but I expect some scoring tomorrow by the NYR! And I am not gonna waste my time dissecting it – as long as we are still in it, I am gonna cheer for this team – the team we cheered for all year.


  132. we need representation up there. none of this Alfie crap, Izzy. He’s better now. I would go. But, damn, I have to work. We need hoards to go. B-O-Y-L-E!!!

    When we come back to MSG for game 7, that is our chant.

  133. Sean, I hope the captain, soaking wet at 180 lbs, another giant amongst men selected by our wonderful GM, can knock someone, anyone down to send a message. If not a player, go after the trainer, or that human walrus, MacLean. Anyone, Callie. Send a message.

  134. But, Lev, I must be wrong. You always know this stuff. I thought the hit was at the 5 min mark. i remember one. I also remember the look on his face wondering where to go. Almost went to the Zamboni entrance. How heroic he was to even get up from that crap. I was amazed he came back on for one shift. I apologize. I am mistaken.

    I couldn’t even see 1 shift. 3 is ridiculous. Against protocol. And torts must have known his bell was rung, too. Not smart

  135. Matt – no worries – that Captain will play a hard game – and so will pruster – he has kinda been quiet but he really needs to step up here and get them all riled up !!

  136. lol, COACH SEAN is classic.

    He can’t see that Neil would immediately be the best player on this team.

  137. Remember the Chara hit on Paccioretti? It was Max’s fault. The Webber head-into the -glass turnbuckle hit- that was all Zetterberg. Quite frankly, what was he thinking? You know Webber is a start and he gets the calls. Lastly, Boyle? You kidding me? Man, wake up. Shouldn’t have been near Neil. He’s the cleanest hitter of the decade and you ‘taunt’ him into possibly hitting you? Why would you do such a thing, Brian. Well, it serves you right you got clobbered. I mean, rally.

    There you have it Paccioretti, Zetterberg and Boyle doing the wrong thing. What lousy players.

  138. Coach sean, I hope they bring in some recruits, like The huckster, Jon cent and even John Scott. Not too sure we have the fire power as it stands.

    Hey , the world is great. Life is great. Alfiei will be back, too. He’s th best, only hurt for a while with his next concussion. Gotta love our Alfie.

    Actually, I don’t want him you can have him.

  139. Miami – you have NEVER played the game –

    C. Neil – 2011-12 OTTAWA 72 13 15 28 -10 178 2 0 0 127 0.39

    J. Spezza – 2011-12 OTTAWA 80 34 50 84 11 36 10 0 2 232 1.05

    Nugh said – Spezza is the player we need – not Neil.

    Closest player in Stats to Neil: Try Girardi – 10. D. Girardi D 27 82 5 24 29 13 20 1 0 2 122 0.35

    As a D man, G has better +/- than Neil – dude – do some homework

    BTW – there are 10 NYR ahead of Girardi in these stats –

  140. what I do know is Hanky will pull no Panky. He will be the REAL dEal. He can win around Ottowa. Then he will only get better. He is the best. Hankster. Hankypanky. The best.

  141. This game need Carkner. He can come out an start beatingheads of anyone you know. for free. NHL approved. It’s all good stuff. Kids’ the best. Absoulut best. THen we come out and destroy him with rec7ruitsjkllkjl;jj;.

  142. Hello Fellow Rangers fans!

    These have been some weird playoffs……Any Rangers fan for the last 20-40 years expects the worst tomorrow night. But this series aint over yet….Let’s win it and then its back to MSG where i like our chances in a game 7…..

  143. Liquid, you da man. I’m talking the same language. Used to this after 26 years. we will to it. we can and lets do it tomorrow!!!!

    Fight on, mes amigos. Fight on. LETSGO RANGERS!!!!!

  144. I read alot here about Rangers team toughness, etc. Obviously it is lacking this series big time….I would say that some of the players are scared to do something that costs the team a penalty and then feel the wrath of Torts……Plus if u noticed, a bunch of these teams who do well in the playoffs have the type of player who causes havoc on the ice because these player(s) go out and try to injure…..

    Forget having an enforcer in the playoffs….guys like Neil, Lucic, Marchard and a few others are on the ice and they intimidate the opponent more knowing they arent afraid to put you on a stretcher…..

    Rangers do not have that….they have guys like Prust and Rupp and Mitchell…..Rupp and Prust are not instagators or shizzle stirrers……

    The back line has no one scary either……..

    Maybe guys like JT Miller and Dylan McIlrath will fill the void in the future……I can see them both being pieces of the puzzle in the future…..Hopefully it is when Henrik is still on top of his game

  145. I still cant believe the Rangers are down 3-2 in this series… I really cant!

    John Scott must be dressed for the final game. If not, WHY DID SATHER EVEN TRADE A BAG OF PUCKS FOR HIM???

    And… if John Scott is not used, can someone tell me why the Rangers’ management has an infatuation with one-dimensional goons over the past few seasons that amount to nothing?? (At least a Chris Neil can score some goals)

  146. The HBO line (hollweg, betts, ortemeyer) was effective playing big minutes against the opponents top lines……Plus the opposition was usually scared of the proverbial hollweg board from behind that sends the players asss into their helmet……lol…….We need a good 4th line faceoff guy and defensive forward like Betts and a nutcase like hollweg but with a few ounces of actual hockey talent.

    Obviously the paid hired guns like Gabby and Richards not scoring is the biggest reason this series is 3-2 OTT.

  147. Sorry Per Juice…John Scott is (unfortunately) not the answer at this stage of the series. John Scott is as useless as a white crayon….Root for Gabby , Richards, Cally instead tomorrow

  148. True LIQUID — under Torts the Rangers have become tough, play hard, but are very “clean”.. Very rare are the dirty plays, and the undisciplined plays… thats why Avery was ran out of town..

    Hollweg would never have made it into November under Tortorella. Hollweg played with a lot of jam, but his lack of discipline hurt the Rangers more than it helped, I think.

  149. Amazingly…the Rangers led the NHL in regular season with around 65 fighting majors…..Alot of those fights were because the opponent was trying to knock the Rangers off their game plan and the Rangers were always willing to answer the bell by dropping the mitts.

    In the playoffs, it is alot different. I put some of the blame on Torts. He is def. a good coach and had this team overachieving in the regular season….but the playoffs are a whole different animal.

    I am not saying that a skilled goon type woulda made a difference but a skilled 4th line that logs minutes woulda given the top 2-3 lines some rest and put the Sens on their heels.

    oh btw, goodbye vancouver!

  150. OK LIQUID — at least refer to my name as “Pear Juice” ;-)

    Yep – ultimately, our best players must play — that means Callahan, Gaborik, and Richards.

    Interestingly, bloggers here are focusing on Hank, Gabby, and Callahan, but not much on Richards. Richards took a big paycheck to come here, and he came here to reunite with Tortorella and win the Stanley Cup. I’d like to see him of all those guys have a big game…

    Callahan, Richie, and Gabby — all real nice players, but to me have not proven they can carry the team in a pivotal playoff game the way Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, and Adam Graves have in the past. I want to see more from Callahan, Richards, and Gaborik. Its time for these players to STEP UP!!

  151. Yeah!!!! I hope Vancouver is burning!!! You got what u deserved for not trying against Boston!!!!!!


    …Liquid — you are quite right, there is no “functional” fourth line on this Rangers team. And this is something Sather will address over the summer between shifts in the Banff Rose Garden…

  153. I guess comparing Mess, Leetch, and Gravy to Cally, Richards and gabby is like comparing a Lambo to a Honda Civic!

    Meanwhile, with the Pens and canucks and wings out of it…..there is no team the Rangers couldnt atleast have a chance to beat…

    Unfortunately this is not evident in the 1st round vs a team like the Sens…….

    what a shame!

  154. washington had hamrlik turnover in the neutral zone /offensive zone and the vancouver d man di the same and boom, over.

    vancouver goes down again. turnovers i nthe neutral zone will burn you all the time. beutiful goals do not happen ver yoften unless clause giroux has the puck.

    grind goals and tough d win in the playoffs….

  155. i would not be surprised if the Nucks make some big changes this offseason. Dubinsky for the Sedins!!!!!!!!

  156. Pear Juice…

    I think the biggest dissapointment is def. #17 , Brandon Dubinsky……$4MM bucks and his output just does not cut it…..Maybe he shuts me up with 2 great games to win this series…..

  157. LA have some experienced guys, which I didn’t necessarily realize. Richards, Carter, Stoll, Greene, Scuderi, Fraser, Penner, and Williams have all reached the finals or won Cups.

  158. …and then after the Lamborghini of Mess, Leetch, and Graves you could have Tikkanen, Larmer, Anderson, Kovalev, Kevin Lowe, Zubov (the 1994 reg. season scoring leader)…

    …then role players like Nemchinov, Noonan, Matteau… goons like Joey “Kosher” (Kocur), and Kypreos…

    …defensemen that could clear the crease like Beukeboom, Jay Wells…

    and the Black Aces like Olczyk, Karpovsev, Doug Lidster…

    oh yeah — and a guy who could win a faceoff named MacTavish.

    Compare that squad to this years’ version, and you can why the season is on the brink so soon!

  159. Stranger Nation on

    Umm…the aren’t a lot of fighting majors in POs. The rough stuff is usually one way with the hope of extracting a major out of the infraction so the team can score a goal.

    PP – the team needs to consider another break out, because the MDZ sashaying down the middle to a drop pass to bucky is not getting it down. Need Stralman or McD to motor down the boards at warp speed force the Sens to get wider.

    Wish McIlbeast was on this team now – how can Bickel not go after Neil. We look like a Brownie Troop when the pushing starts. Where is the jam, bite, grit, b@lls of this team?

    Just weird after the first 82 games to be left with this performance if Game 7 doesn’t happen. Did not expect them to turn the other cheek so much – must have been a directive from above. Heck, Hags, all 150 lbs of him, is the only player to dole out some punishment – the smallest guy on the team now the Hobbit is hurt.

  160. Interesting that the Rangers didnt work out a contract with Prust during the season…..but they give Rupp 1.5MM last summer……

    I wonder if the Rangers will make a bid towards Dman Justin Schultz from Wisconsin….I am guessing that they will.

  161. Lev,

    I think the two best trades of the season have been for Jeff Carter. And the loser, both times, has been Columbus!

  162. Yep —

    Brandon Dubinky has been a failure this season. And to me, more so in the playoffs. He usually excels in tight-checking low scoring games by taking the puck to the net (RE: his GWG in Game 3 last season at MSG vs the Craps). But Dubumsky, while grossly overpaid by Glen and Dolan has been a bust this season, Gabby, Cally, and Richards (especially Richards) must come through, because thats their job.

    And please, no soft Euro players for the Rangers.. The heck with the Byfuglien Sedins… I’d rather have Byfuglien himself and Hartnell over them.

  163. folks here now I’m no fan of Brandon Prust, but if Mike Rupp is worth $1.5 million per, Prust should be getting Rick Nash money.

  164. I have watched Dylan McIlraths fights from this year on you tube…and he doesnt exactly win them with a ton of authority as everyone thinks he may….

    But when he steps up to the pro’s ….he better realize that Rangers fans will want him to be what we have needed since the departure of a Beuk type…..

  165. Stranger Nation on

    If Nucks shopping Kesler – we should listen – need a #2 center – not sure Step is the answer – though like the guy and his game. Artie, Dubi and Thomas for Kesler – USA USA.

    Would have Richards, Kesler and Boyle down the middle if that happened – never would but, ah 0 just win tomorrow night *PLEASE*.

  166. The 2012 NY Rangers black aces are John Scott and Norman “The Driller” Miller……..

    Hey carp, is norman still the Rangers team dentist? lol

  167. Hahahah, poor Columbus. Cant catch a break! Im a bit concerned about Ottawa being Canada’s only team now, but WE WILL WIN TOMORROW!

  168. Stranger Nation on

    Mike Rupp is the locker room presence this teams needs. Doesn’t matter if he can’t skate, stick handle or fight – he is a combo of Knute Rockne, John Wooden, Mark Messier and George S. Patton behind the closed doors.

    Extend his contract now!!!

  169. Jimbo — I would never forget Mike Richter’s performance! Now HE was a competitor, and a winner. He stood on his head in the ’94 playoffs, also won the ’94 all-star game mvp, and was World Cup Champion in ’96 for Team USA.

    Much like Fatso, Hank will have amazing numbers, because the team is constructed around him – placing defence first, the goalie is the focal point. Mike Richter never had that. Mike Richter excelled in BIG GAMES, and never played for a team with the defense first mentality. That said, I’d take Mike Richter in goal in a big game or big series over Hank or Marty the Whale without blinking an eye.

  170. Hey Jimbo, I wanna apologize to you for being a jerk that one night a month ago… you probably wont even remember.

  171. Stranger Nation on

    jimbo – paid my tax bill to Uncle Sam so I will chant USA whenever I want – HA!

    Is this series torture of what? Was at game last night – holy carp – that was painful.

  172. Girardi – McDonagh – Del Zotto – Sauer (without the cobwebs) – Staal (without the cobwebs) – Stralman – Erixon – McIlrarth – Justin Schultz

    Let those 9 battle it out for the top 6 spots in 2012-13.

    Get rid of Woywitka and Emmiger.

  173. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now: put Richter on the Devils from 95-05, and they’ve got 5 cups.

  174. Stranger Nation on

    Don’t care if McIlrath is a great fighter – reports from farm say his game has steadily improved. Need a big D man can skate and clear the crease – don’t really care if he wins his fights – we are learning that fighting in the regular season has no impact on the second season.

  175. Take the top 6 ….keep 1 as rotation player….and trade 2 away for some forwards who can win a freakin face off!

  176. John Scott being the Black Ace is exactly the problem. There is NO depth to this squad. Players like John Mitchell, Artem Anisimov, and Bickel should be Black Aces. But, again, no depth.

  177. Reginald Dunlop on

    Department of Player Safety has Suspended Dale Rolfe, D NY Rangers, 5 games for using his face to stop Dave Schultz’s fists………

    How is Dubinsky NOT on the ice this afternoon???????????

    Wow, in almost all the games I watched today…….teams played their 4th line decent minutes and then their first and second lines had jump in the third period……what a concept

    Best scoring chance in 1st period last night, Kreider down the left wing with speed… sit on the bench son, next to Rupp because he forechecks down low and makes things happen in the offensive zone, and enjoy your 1:40 of ice time…………….

    puck recovery on pp is horrific……………..get 2 or 3 guys hunting down the puck……….decline faceoff in opponents end to start pp, just start with a “take-out” with puck behind NYR net, will save pp time

    guessing blind side lateral shots vs. unsuspecting opponent means something different to the Department of Player Safety???

    paging Mr. Anisimov………………..MR PW Anisimov

  178. Richter didnt have the skill that Henrik has. But Richter had the desire, he got it done when it mattered the most.

  179. Konopka is a UFA this summer….Sather will go out and sign another Ranger killer like him….And then the guy will turn out to be Rupp2.0

  180. Yep Lloyd — I’ve always felt that Mike Richter is the ultimate big game or big tournament goalie. Debbies would have had at least 5 with Richter in nets.

  181. Tiki:

    You’re going to have to clarify what you mean by Richter not having the “skill” Lundqvist has

  182. you didn’t clarify what you meant by skill. you simply repeated what you already said.

  183. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi was not at practice, but was seen in Soho shopping with his girlfriend for turtlenecks.

  184. Stranger, really??

    Dubumsky, Rupp, and Anisimov are the three biggest disappointments of this playoffs.

  185. LaTONYa

    Mike Dunsmore ? @CanadianMike101 Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    I know who Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa are! I’d be happy to book a tee time for them tomorrow. BC has beautiful courses. #NoCupForVancouver

    LOLOLOL. Thats the reporter who was fooler by Bieksa hahahah.

  186. 2012-13 Training camp (maybe i am missing a few)

    Let’s hear from Armchair Sathers out there………….


    Gabby , Richards , Hags, Cally, Dubi, Anisimov, Boyle, Rupp

    Possible Fringe players= Kreider, C. Thomas, Zuccarello, JT Miller

    UFAs= Fedotenko, Prust, Mitchell, John Scott



    Girardi, Del Zotto, Mcdonut, Staal, Sauer, Stralman

    McIlrarth, Erixon , Justin Schultz (potential signing)

    UFA = Emminger, Bickel, Woywitka

  187. Lev,

    Easier to address me as Latona; I’ve gone LaTONYa while Tony recovers. That’s hilarious, though. What a fail.

  188. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – richter was better than Hank … Richter was as flexible as you got …. Great glove hand and he was better with the puck than Hank. Richter had moe skill than the Hank of today

  189. Eddie eddie Eddie on

    Tiki – Hank also wears 20 times as much equipment . Goalie of yesterday looks naked compared to the size of today ‘s goalie equipment.

  190. Ok, eddie. Ill take your opinion under advisement.

    tick, tick, tick…

    Youre right, eddie!! Richter was a real champion!!! A real man’s man. He always wanted to get better and never rested on his laurels!!!

  191. Wicky© Where have all the NOOGIES gone?? LGT!!! on

    you are cracking me up!! gold miami, pure gold!!

    You cracked like an egg, how could you? It was getting sooooo funny!

  192. ok, one last reason why the Rangers are down in the series 3-2….

    because they miss being able to “tweet” since the team disallowed it for the playoffs….

    bring back to the tweets!

  193. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, no apologies necessary – I don’t remember the incident, and I’m completely cool with you! Thanks!

    Stranger, I feel the same way as you do regarding “USA, USA” – yeah, it’s not really cool for our fans to chant that during a Ranger game, when half of our players are Canadians (kinda silly), but if anyone thinks that there isn’t a modicum of “anti-USA hockey” sentiment in Canada, I direct you to look back at how the Canadian media coverage of the Crosby Olympics was handled. They’re deathly afraid up there that the USA will surpass their country in producing great hockey players, and that they won’t always have “A Golden Boy” Canadian to be the face of the NHL.

  194. Here’s my take on this series- except for the 1st game…. the others could’ve gone EITHER way. It’s anyones game tomorrow night, but… I firmly believe it’s tougher to close out your opponent… especially when one of those teams doesn’t have “quit” in them. I’m telling you right now… tomorrow night is the night we see this team finally turn on the boosters. Oh, lets not underestimate Hagelin’s speed backing off Ottawa’s D and making room for Gabby & Richard$. Prediction= We win…. and set up an all important game 7 on crappy Garden Ice. Want further proof? EJ Hradek said we’d win… ;)

  195. JimboWoodside on

    Per, I wish we had a healthy Mike Richter right now – I’d trade Hank for him in a minute.

  196. duckbill platypus on

    I love Tiki’s hate for all things Boston…BYFUGLIEN BOSTON!!! DUmbest accent i did ever hear!! GOd bless the Tiki and BYFUGLIEN those fictitious cats that tried to dislodge our friendship!

  197. duckbill platypus on

    When you don the NY Rangers jersey you don the colors of the Stars and Stripes, as such, Canada becomes the enemy, and USA USA chants are status quo…that is all!™

  198. duckbill platypus on

    paul, my dad’s blod sugar was 301…i thusly gave him 3 units of insulin..ty for reminder…that is all!™

  199. lol, All you guys are PURE GOLD in my book.

    The Rangers, meanwhile, are pure Bush-League.

  200. JimboWoodside on

    Another possible reason why the NHL “brain trust” is so willing to punish Torts for his comments all the time? Torts is an *American Born* coach of an NHL team – and exactly how many of those are currently employed in this league? Perhaps the good old boys in the league office (and don’t bring up Gary Bettman – those Canadian “NHL State Department” guys hate him with a passion, too) don’t like an ethnic, mouthy American criticizing their beloved officials and their judgments…?

  201. Well, you hurt my friends, and you hurt my pride, I gotta be a man; I can’t let it slide!!!!

    I am a real American, Fight for the rights of every man!

    I am a real American, fight for what’s right, fight for your life!

    Chris Neil! I’m coming for yooou!! Whatcha gonna dooo, when Scottmania runs wild on YOUUUUU!!!

  202. JimboWoodside on

    I have no idea if John Scott is an American – but I would gladly watch him pummel Chris Neil into an early retirement – alas, it is not to be, at least not in this series.

  203. Just got done watching “Road To Victory” – Story of the ’94 New York Rangers. The new DVD Carp posted about.

    It’s VERY well done. Obviously we all know the stories a thousand times over. But interspersed with new interviews with both players and fans (including Boomer Esiason and the fan who held the sign “NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE”)

    It doesn’t go into heavy, heavy detail (if you want that, get your Oh Baby! VHS tape on eBay) but it offers new insights into how some things went. It especially says how much the Cup meant to us: the fans.

    One fan on the video talks of wanting to burn all of his Rangers’ gear if they lost Game 6 to the Devils. Says plainly “I wanted to be done with. It’s not worth it to be this miserable. I’ll start rooting for an English football team”

    Of course I’m watching the video and thinking of this current team…and I think these Rangers are more like the ’90-’91 Rangers. Good regular season team but not able to elevate their game for the playoffs.

    I think we have a good, young team. But we also are missing more than a few key elements to truly be a contender. And we are hampered by players who aren’t even coming close to performing up to snuff (DUBI of course).

    I’ll try and remain optimistic and see what happens tomorrow night. But I, unfortunately, think we might see a lopsided defeat tomorrow night.

  204. Yeah!!!!! Me and the duckbill are back!!!! Byfuglien Boston!!!! I just had a bad day today. I felt dead inside, I apologize henrik for attacking u, i got my fire back!!! We’re winning this damn series and we’re gonna beat the piss out of that chumpstain anderson and that worthless moustached mclean!!!1!!!!! Henrik baby!!!!

  205. JimboWoodside on

    CJP, I remember those days so very well – when the Rangers finally won that Stanley Cup, I felt like a ten-ton weight was lifted off of my shoulders – finally, after suffering with the team since 1967, we had a team that finally got some respect – and that didn’t have to settle for “moral victories” along the way, because we won it all!

    Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived – within a few weeks, we lost our coach, and many players from our winning roster were gone. And we could not repeat.

  206. Jobi-Wan Kenobi on

    Imagine if the refs make up a phantom penalty or two that lead to Ottawa goals that cost us the game. Might drive to Toronto and cause some damage, lol.

  207. Smartporpoise on

    Neil wouldn’t get away with his mayhem with any other franchise. If the Rangers were up 3 games to 2, you can bet John Scott would be dressing and Neil would spend Monday night searching the yellow pages for a dental surgeon.

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