No discipline expected for Chris Neil


Ottawa’s Chris Neil is not expected to face discipline for Saturday night’s open-ice hit on Brian Boyle. The NHL has not scheduled a hearing for Neil by this afternoon.

Although the league has not released a decision, a hearing would likely have been scheduled by now if Neil were to face discipline prior to Game 6.

After Game 5, John Tortorella said it was “the exact same play as Torres,” referencing Phoenix’s Raffi Torres, who was hit with a 25-game suspension for his hit on Chicago’s Marian Hossa this week. Tortorella went on to say it was a “dangerous, dangerous, cheap hit,” and that the league had a blueprint for how to respond to a hit.

The coach was tight-lipped at Sunday’s practice. He declined further comment on Neil, or the league’s apparent decision to allow him to play Game 6.

Boyle was not among the 11 Rangers who participated in today’s workout at the MSG Training Center in Greenburgh. Tortorella said Saturday night that Boyle was “concussed. He’s out.”

When asked if Boyle would fly to Ottawa with the team tonight, Tortorella said simply “don’t know.”

I’ll have post-practice interviews with Carl Hagelin and Chris Kreider and a few more nuggets posted shortly.

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  1. It’s not priceless, Izzy. Now we have to see the Phlyers’ fans smile. Ugh and be happy! UGH! AND talk Carcillo about the whole hartnelling affair! CARKNER!

  2. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah – I never stopped hating them, but I hated the Pens more, now!

  3. Also – the NHL should not get Nickelback to play the awards. What about Hank’s band!?

  4. repost: Neil hit wasn’t dirty. Boyle had his head down and skated through the middle of the ice, what would you expect? Neil didn’t leave his feet, the hit wasn’t late (12 frames according to tsn, about 1/3 a second after the puck). It was just a hard hit in a high traffic area.

  5. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks Josh, for the update – bad news, as it frees up Neil to try to do the same thing (if not worse) to Hagelin tomorrow night.

  6. I wish the Phlyers could play the Bruins next. Capitals would be hilarious. What a fun series that will be. Holtby vs. Bryzgalov

  7. I really do think that the Caps will get by the Flyers if that is the series. Holtby > Universe any day of the week. And the Flyers offense wont keep this pace up. The Pens were their biggest rival, Caps mean nothing to them pretty much. And if Ovechkin/Semin get going, Universe will be allowing 4+ goals a game. Whatever, I just want the Rangers to win tomorrow.

  8. I want to BOUDREU. I hate the Phlyer and the Pens. There is not enough Bourbon lemonade in the world to make this OK.

  9. If the Blueshirts go out, I see the Flyers easily making it to the finals. With the way the Bruins have played, I don’t think that they’d put up much resistance. Granted, Universe sucks, but Thomas hasn’t dealt with much and he’s failed.

  10. Reposting this from previous thread:

    I know this is probably going to get buried but hopefully some of you will read this…

    The Neil hit reminds me of the hit Pacioretty put on Letang earlier this season.

    I guess the NHL Player Safety committee has taken too many hits to the head, because they don’t remember this ruling?

    Pacioretty got 3 games for this hit.

    I think this is pretty much the same thing Neil did to Boyle as opposed to Torres charging and leaving his feet to hit Hossa.

  11. the rangers are done now that the pens are done too who really cares who wins the freaking cup now.

    never been so depressed in my life walking out of arena like i did last night. almost wish i hated sports

  12. OK, so GM’s that have done great things for their teams:

    Paul Holmgren (just a stupid goalie signing)

    JD (what a 5 year turnaround in St.L)

    Remember, if Dolan has a semblance of a brain, we could have had JD. Probably one of the worst moves in Ranger history.

  13. calad with the selective BS. tsn said 12 frames are 1/2 a second not a 1/3 of a second. I am sure your slight mistake was not intentional…….

    neil was watching boyle with thepuch for at keast 50 feet, he planned on blind siding him watch the replay clown…………

  14. LOL Orr . . . if he does and wins and goes to the cup Disney can make a movie about it!

  15. Even Maloney, Matt. He’s been terrific for the Yotes.

    And don’t forget Holmgren dealing Richards for Simmonds/Schenn, which turned out to be a steal. And Carter for Voracek/Couterier, another steal of a deal.

  16. Matt I agree with you about that hit


    Matt L. that is it exactly! I bet Torts comment did have an effect on the ruling.

    Anyone ever see the Movie Bang The Drum . . .the NHL justice system should be named for their favorite card game TEGWAR

  17. Did someone on the last thread really just blame Tortorella (or Mussolini, all these dead Italian fascists look the same…) for Jagr leaving?

    I know the rat-faced tyrant has a lot of power, but I never realised he was in charge long before he was actually employed by the Rangers.

  18. yep tha tbryzgalov 9 year deal is a great 1…

    now the 2nd guessers are out in force….

    the bryzgalov deal is only 5 years to long……

    holmgens other deals mainly have been great. holmgren is a good gm, he has balls and pulled the trigger and they are in the next round of the playoffs…

  19. orr. mommy make you waffles for bkfst today you moron.

    how is your basement doing? reading your daddys old playboys???

    orr is the biggest loser thsi side of cindy crosby

  20. High Desert Roberto on

    Now that the Pens are out, Bettman will again have serious erectile dysfunction

  21. Understand the like for John Davidson and this shouldn’t be interpreted as criticism of him (and definitely not a defence of Sather), but until this year, the Blues’ amazing turnaround had basically flatlined for three years.

    I just wouldn’t go overboard on how much credit he or the GM of the Blues should take, given it took them two or three attempts to luck out on their coaching hires.

  22. Obviously, the NHL is listening to its advertisers (why listen to the coaches, they don’t pay advertising dollars!) Guess the natural place to complain will be the advertisers rather than the NHL offices. If we flood them with emails, the NHL will respond. If we flood the NHL with emails, nothing happens…and so it goes.

  23. Jagr cannot face all his former teams. If the Rangers and Capitals both win, the 2 teams square off in the Eastern Semifinals.

  24. Neil won’t get suspended. Bettman and shammy want a canadian team left in. At least bettmans penguins are done.

  25. No discipline for Neil? Huge surprise there as Shillahan always does the right thing! NOT! I honestly hope Sather doesn’t get fired as he would probably get a job in Buttmans office as special envoy to screwing the Rangers!

  26. JimboWoodside on

    >>>never been so depressed in my life walking out of arena like i did last night. almost wish i hated sports

    I was wondering how you were doing after that game, eric – did you bust any ceiling tiles at the Garden last night?

    They’re not dead yet! Keep hope alive!

  27. Czechthemout!!! on

    You have to give Holmgren a lot of credit. He traded two players in Carter And Richards that many on here would have had a heart attack to lose if they were Rangers. When I suggested that the Rangers trade Gabby last year for Simmonds and Schenn ( a deal L.A. was ready to make,but Sather wanted another asset) I was crucified on here for it. As for Cotourier,he was drafted with the CBJ pick by Holmgren, another good move. And also made the team and was allowed to mature on it throughout the season with great results. The Flyers also played a lot of their Rookies without any hesitation. They draft really well, regardless of which position they pick. They have been snake bitten in goal but universe can play the position better than he has shown so far this year. If he gets hot, the Flyers will easily win the cup because they are by far the deepest and most talented team in the playoffs left.

  28. Enjoying the ONE series I was right about being over-Pens are out! Wonder how many suspensions Neil would have already had if he wore Broadway Blue ( what is he but Sean Avery north?) -Hey it’s not the end of the world- just the end of the season- if we’re lucky- if not prepare for heartbreak in Game 7. On a serious note- winning a game 6 tomorrow nite would at least be beneficial going forward for all the young guys we have (many of whom have wet themselves in this series- I blame the coach as he allowed DZ and McD to be abused without retaliation or protection) -but I just don’t see it. This series is Torts’ baby- he chose not to “fight ’em in the alleys”- this with one of the fightingest NYR teams I’ve ever seen -hard to figure. Well, that bus has left the station. Might be why he keeps stressing “how well” the team played- with one even strength goal in the last three games. Can’t wait to hear him if they lose tomorrow “No, Brooksie… I actually think we actually moved our game forward.”

  29. Love that some guy I’ve never seen on this blog before calling me out for being bias against the team I root for. The Staal hit on Spezza had almost the same exact circumstances, Spezza put himself in a vulnerable spot with his head down in a dangerous area and paid the price. Do you think Staal deserved to be suspended?

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Calad – sorry, but not the same hit, no apples to apples. Spezza was coming straight down ice toward Staal with control of puck when Staal ‘stood him up’. Staal was skating backwards in defensive position when he stopped to make contact with Speza 10 ft from net with player in position.

    Boyle was moving east-west had already fired the puck at net and was in a prone position when Neil unloaded his shoulder blindside into Boyles head. Neil had been trailing the play and had a good 20 strides of momentum prior to hit.

    Most people are bothered by subjective nature of officiating and the players involved. Rupp penalty last night was yet another example of the BS reefing we are experiencing.

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