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By now you’ve heard that Brian Boyle has a concussion and is out, presumably for the series, or at least Game 6. John Tortorella compared it to the Raffi Torres hit that drew a 25-game suspension earlier today.

Not sure if it was that bad, but there’s also no doubt that it was a head-shot, delivered late and deliberately, and though I don’t think the severity of the injury should be taken into account, the NHL does. So Neil will almost surely be facing something. Then again, the NHL has made some head-scratching decisions all year.

Josh Thomson will be back with more interviews shortly.

Here’s a batch.

John Tortorella:


Dan Girardi:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Ryan Callahan:


Marc Staal:


Brad Richards:


Marian Gaborik:




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  1. the nhl will f-ck the Neil suspension. watch.

    same old story, faceoffs suck on PP..

    the rangers just do not have neough scoring depth. missing a rookie forward can hurt a team like this. philly plays without 4 forwards and can still score but not the rangers.

    bickel has been mega exposed in this series.. jeez do they miss sauer….

    mdz another bad game paying to much attention to Neil and the nonsense…. staal had numerous good opptys but offensively he was horrible, taking to long to shoot, shooting wide, no vision..

    jeez……….if they lose this series the whole season means nothing the would not have progressed….konopka and neil are much better ten the ranger tough guy roile players and that is a depressing statement. DId Anisimov play in the 3rd period? invisible………….

    stepan finally had a good game but still no points and DUbinsky the same old, no hockey iq, he cannot score without a goalie in the net……..

  2. I was glad to see Boyle pick up his play those first few games, but the Rangers have also lost three games where he played (basically) all of them. I don’t really seeing his absence making that much of a difference at this point.

  3. JimboWoodside on


    The rogue’s gallery of idiots on NBCSN basically just said that the Neil hit was clean, that they fully expect him to be in the game on Monday, and that they will be disappointed if he isn’t, and that Boyle basically “had it coming to him”….they said “the good guys came through again”!! Meaning Ottawa.

    Quite a bunch of statements from these “analysts” – no, they’re not biased against the Rangers, not at all.

    Idiot Milbury, that rat-faced Bastard Keith Jones, and little Liam Whothehelldidheblow to get that job. Very nice.

  4. 4generations 4 cups on

    Great. Go rangers. Hope for a Rangers in 7 but who knows. Hagelin could be key.


  5. boxcaareddiehospadar on

    Bickel got here because he has played well.

    But our coach is convinced we must play girardi, mcdonagh, stall the entire game.

    Our 6 defensemen got us here. why Change?

    Guess what Neil has run McDonagh the last two games and we have done $hit.

    Tonight he knocked out Boyle an guess what we will do $hit.

    Address the problem and the series changes.

  6. Czechthemout!!! on

    Eddie x 3

    MDZ is very overrated on here. I say this as a fan of his. But I also try to be objective.

    Dubi has been an abortion all season long, but I didn’t think he could play any worse and yet, he has. Oh and I have long been a supporter of his as well.

    The good news is that with Boyle’s injury, we get a chance to see more of John Mitchell’s brilliant play.

  7. boxcaareddiehospadar on

    All of the sudden our defense sucks.

    A few weeks ago no one wanted to trade MDZ for Nash.

    Stop it.

    The problem is right in our face. Fix it. we all know what it is.

  8. anyone who takes mike milbury seriously should see a shrink.

    the guy is a dope.

    chris neil is an animal….nah, he thought his hit was dirty……boyle head down or not, neil intentionally hit him in the head after he shot the puck.. guys like neil never learn, when his wife is feeding him when he is 45 and changing his diaper maybe he will get it then….

  9. they gave up 1 goal tonight…

    their defense does not suck…

    mdz still needs to play smarter and better on the PP…

  10. Gregm-section403 on

    Not 1 flugginn goal. Not 1. Made the other goalie look like Hank. 40 fluggin shots? 38 of them were from the outside.


  11. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    C3, been quoting him all night!!! OMG…his beard! and Doogie’s jacket…..this night is enough for me….overload!!! TA!!!!!

  12. Mitchell is what he is, a 4th liner. He plays five minutes a night. Who cares aboot Mitchell. What do you want, another 4th liner to come in and play those five minutes? His name shouldn’t even be brought up, cause he’s completely irrelevant. Same with Rupper. They barely play, and who ever replaces them, will barely play.

  13. Del Zotto hasn’t been good in this series. That doesn’t mean “our defense sucks.” I think the Rangers defense has been really good. It’s the complete lack of offense that some of us saw coming a mile away that’s been the problem. Del Zotto hasn’t been good in any aspect.

  14. boxcareddiehospadar on

    Guess what?

    Neil changed this series.

    he banged McDonagh the last game all game.

    We did zero!!

    Messier insides are being torn up.

    The 94 rangers and the oilers would have fixed this problem the last game.

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jimbo – Liam doesn’t discriminate…. I would bet that plenty of NBC brass has had some of that little chi-wah-wah

  16. Never said Rangers were getting Kovie, said they made offer. Jeez.

    Nor am I responding to every filthy remark made by some of you disgusting mutts.

    Now I’m getting attacked by posters I never heard of… whatever.

    The one who’s exposed here YET AGAIN is Glen Sather. His lame-ass misfit team is worn down & showing it’s true level against the No. 8 seed. Lovely.

    Great job by Rosen, btw, asking Torts on pregame what he planned to do different if they faced OT again, as it’s what, 0-for-last-7? Of course The Corporate Snozzola didn’t even ask!

    Then I have to listen to the other corporate lackey, Boomer Esiason, during every break, bastion of hockey knowledge that he is.

    They all make me sick, as do all of you (excepting Pimp. He was the only one on it).

  17. boxcareddiehospadar on

    Fix the offense by sepertating richards and gaborik.

    give kreider a regular shift

    watch the flyers PP.

    how they score with their talent is unbelievable.

  18. Neil has been running players all over the ice…not surprised it finally caused some damage…needed to be stopped before…Shananigans will be charged with dispensing justice-this is not like the Hossa hit-but definitely premeditated…Is Anisomov alive? Rangers are making a very good Anderson look gre0I expect the NHL will penalize Neil by fining Torts $10 large..I still feel good about winning in seven..just cant figure who can replace Boyle

  19. JimboWoodside on

    Eddie3, I could not believe what I was hearing those guys say – I doubted my own ears for a moment, but then I realized that those guys are all *Mr.* Snider’s employees, at least when they work for NBCSN.

    Liam – chi-wah-wah indeed! ;-D

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