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  1. 12:50
    Comment From Miami Pimp
    CARP, can we grab a burger if the Rangers meet the Panthers in a later round? My treat.


    Pimp considering the fact that the Rangers may advance!?!?!?!?

  2. From the Rangers’ Twitter feed:

    Ryan McDonagh: “I believe in momentum during games, not from game to game, especially with a day off yesterday and practice today…”

    Uh oh. Somebody needs to find a *strategy* and quickly…

  3. No, it was just McDonagh being quoted on the Rangers’ feed (or Jim Cerny’s).

    I think that’s allowed. Until Screamorella bans that too.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    We must NOT tolerate security breaches – this is worse than hookers in South America!!

  5. Stranger Nation on

    that MDZ shot was closer than most – can he hit the net once?

    Looks like he needs a diaper change the way he moseys on up the ice on the PP break out – he will get picked for a break away sooner than later.

  6. McDonagh is right about momentum being a within game factor and not a game-to-game factor – especially in the series with the teams swapping wins. I wouldn’t mind that continuing because it means the Blueshirts would advance in seven.

  7. CARP:

    when I mentioned loving the Rupp Salute in the winter classic, you rightly mentioned how GREAT it was that Boyle told Giroux and Hartnell to shut up! Loved it!

    Also, don’t forget when they are lining up for the face off, Giroux mentions how he can’t believe that Rupp did the Jagr salute to Boyle. Boyle’s response?



  8. Many of you pointed out that I seem to be “considering” Rangers advancement to the next round.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. My burger comment was a mere joke to break up the chat and amuse you.

    This team isn’t even sniffing the next round. It’s been done since Game 1 and the next game will prove how talentless these clowns are … the Rangers will lose by at least 5 and only because the Queen will get lucky on some shots and actually make some saves.

    Less than 28 hours until the gutless scoundrels get one game closer to elimination.

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